A. Klyosov: “Southern Siberia is the birthplace of future Slavs and Western Europeans”


The hypothesis about the appearance of a man in Africa is wrong, the scientist believes

The leading representative of the research area “DNA Genealogy”, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor of Moscow State University and Harvard University Anatoly Klyosov, in an exclusive interview with KM.RU, refuted the hypothesis of the appearance of man in Africa.

The eminent scientist is convinced that Southern Siberia was the cradle of the Slavs and Western Europeans.

The hypothesis of the "African man" was a mistake, which soon turned into a dogma

- The question of where the first person appeared was the most controversial and debatable. More than 20 years, we will not be afraid to say this, brainwashed that humanity originated in Africa. Of course, this hypothesis did not arise out of nowhere and was not quackery. In my opinion, this approach was an “internal political order” or an unconscious mistake that began to deepen and then turned into a dogma.

The concept of the origin of a person from Africa appeared at the end of the 1980s. If you open an article where the authors have set it up, it will be said that, “presumably”, the person came out of Africa, “presumably” 200 000 years ago. The words “presumably” are instantly out of circulation, although they are of key importance.

When you begin to understand this hypothesis, you understand how much there are ambiguities. At one time I believed in this concept myself, because in articles and books on the origin of man, it was presented as completely proven. Well, at first I believed, until I understood it myself in a few years.

Caucasian race is not derived from the Negroid

However, in us, the peoples of Eurasia, there are no African mutations. If humanity is represented as a tree, then the branches will be haplogroups (of the genus). Total of these basic branches 20, which are called in the order of the letters of the Latin alphabet. True, scientists recently revealed two more haplogroups, whose representatives live in South Africa, and they were also called the letter A, with additional indices. How else? After all, this is Africa: it means that the first means the letter A ... The dogma continues to live.

For Eastern Europe, the main group is R1a, for Western Europe - R1b. Haplogroup R was formed in Siberia, and it was 35-40 thousands of years ago. This is a Caucasoid race whose parent was the haplogroup P. As a result of mutations, two haplogroups were formed: R and Q. Now the direct descendants of the haplogroup P are scattered in different regions. In particular, they are found in Siberia and the Caucasus.

There is a common approach, according to which there was originally a Negroid race, and then Caucasians appeared from it. I can definitely say that Caucasians did not originate from Africans.

To prove this, let me begin by saying that the human branch appeared about 5 a million years ago and was based on the common ancestor of man and chimpanzee. And now, every person and every chimpanzee has thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of identical irreversible mutations inherited from that common ancestor. With each new generation, they are exactly copied into our DNA.

Approximately 400 000 years ago, Neanderthals appeared. It is important to know who they were. It is known that the Neanderthal man was red and blond: this is again confirmed by mutations in the DNA responsible for the color of the skin and hair.

Neanderthal was definitely not a Negroid and a Mongoloid. He was closer to the Caucasoid race, but to say that he was a 100% Caucasian, still it is impossible: there are clear differences in anthropology, in the structure of the skull and body, in basic foodstuffs.

The place of appearance of the Neanderthal is not known for certain. In Africa, his remains were not found, which means that it can be argued that our common ancestor did not live there.

This is a very serious argument, which supporters of the above hypothesis of “the exit of mankind from Africa” never mention. He is immediately "swept under the carpet," because he puts them in almost a stalemate.

The migration of the ancestors of modern Slavs and Europeans from Southern Siberia began 20 000 years ago

Roughly 160 000 years ago formed a "fork" when the Africans and the rest of the race diverged. Where it happened, we also do not know. One group of people began to settle in Africa, while the other remained or left for Eurasia. I am often asked: where was this "fork"? I can’t say exactly, but considering the totality of the existing factors, I assume that this happened in the Europe-Urals-Middle East triangle. More precisely, there is no data. If someone declares that he knows and names places (including Africa), this is absolutely wrong. Bluffing.

As I said before, Caucasians have no common mutations with Africans, besides those that were inherited earlier by 160 000 years ago, from the same common ancestor with chimpanzees. Therefore, genetics "filter out" these common mutations, otherwise they clog subsequent mutations that formed later, up to our time.

This filtering is done using complex computer programs and leads to multiple errors. Filter only those mutations that are found in the only modern chimpanzee, for which a genomic analysis was performed, and there were many of them, “good and different”, moreover millions of years ago.

Therefore, an excess or shortage of mutations is always formed in the balance of a modern person. The excess is attributed to a Neanderthal or a Denis man, hence the “percentage of Neanderthals” or “percentage of Denis’s people” in modern humans ... In general, there is still that nightmare. People pay money for it, and get, in fact, fake. Ignore the shortage or appropriate mutations are withdrawn. They also "prove" and "the exit of people from Africa."

In short, along the chain of migrants from the above-mentioned triangle, which were accompanied by the emergence of new mutations in their DNA, a series of haplogroups was formed, that is, genera, which led to haplogroup P, whose carriers (or their ancestors) went to Siberia. A haplogroup Q appeared from it, whose representatives left for America (and continue to live there now, both in North and South America; in the latter, among the Aborigines, about 90% are carriers of the Q haplogroup), and R carriers settled in Eurasia. Our direct ancestor from the haplogroup R1a lived in Southern Siberia about 20 000 years ago.

Until very recently, many scientists were convinced that the carriers of the R group lived in Europe even 30 000 years ago. This statement still exists today, despite the fact that last fall, Danish experts made a DNA analysis of the bones of a boy who lived 24 000 years ago. They were found in the village of Malta, Irkutsk Region, near Baikal.

The results showed that he has a haplogroup R. This means that in those days, the ancestors of today's Europeans lived in southern Siberia. This was also shown by the DNA genealogy data that I published many times in the last five years, including in the English-language scientific press. But then it was so unexpected for science, and not everyone believed in the calculations, perceived them with skepticism; nevertheless, articles on this topic have been downloaded thousands of times. Now it is confirmed by direct data analysis of ancient DNA. Now it’s ridiculous to read the statements of specialists like “who would have thought that this is Siberia?” And “we are in shock.”

The migration of haplogroups R1a and R1b to Europe began about 20 000 years ago. She walked in different ways. The route R1a lay south - through Hindustan, the Iranian plateau, Anatolia and the Balkans. Then they settled in Europe and became known as arias. But 5000 years ago under the pressure of some factors, they went to the Russian Plain and eventually became Scythians and Slavs. And the ancient Aryans, and Scythians, and up to two thirds of the Slavs belong to the same genus - R1a.

South Siberia can be called a kind of cradle of humanity

Currently, the share of R1a carriers in the Belgorod, Kursk and Oryol regions reaches 67%. But on average in Russia, their 48%, because in the north of our country dominate haplogroup I (22% of the total number of ethnic Russians) and N (14%).

In my opinion, South Siberia can be called a kind of cradle of humanity. After all, it was there that our common ancestor with Europeans appeared, although R1a and R1b did not overlap for thousands of years.

R1b followed the "northern arc" through the Kazakh steppes, Bashkiria and the Middle Volga. Also from Southern Siberia to Europe arrived carriers of the haplogroup N - Balts and Finno-Ugrians, who went north from the Altai region counter-clockwise, then across the Northern Urals and diverged from the middle Urals to the Baltic states. Reaching the Baltic states, they split up: one part became Finns, and the other - Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, and residents of the north-east of the European part of Russia.
For details of the research of Anatoly Klyosov, see the KM.RU material “Scrape Russian, You Will Get Aria”:
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  1. +11
    1 August 2014 10: 19
    If the Balts read this article, then for the rest of their lives they will feel sick because Slavic blood flows in their veins ...
    1. 0
      2 August 2014 10: 08
      Quote: kostik1301
      If the Balts read this article, then for the rest of their lives they will feel sick because Slavic blood flows in their veins ...

      Hmm ... it seems that "inclusiveism" is highly contagious.
    2. +1
      4 August 2014 08: 03
      probaltov, deutsche and kaklov will feel sick after they read the Avesta and Vedas (those that are Indian), and there they clearly wrote that the Aryan expanse is now where it is 10 months winter and two months summer, and even those two months are cold for plants and constant floods of rivers (those who were in the North of the Urals know that there until the end of July all the rivers are full of melting snow from the mountains). and that there the North Star is right above you. that is, neither Germany, nor the Outskirts, nor other countries of Russia's aroma are suitable for this business.
      1. Beast
        6 August 2014 20: 17
        The British were the first to "discover" the Aryan texts and Sanskrit, surprisingly similar to European languages. After that, an intensive study of languages ​​and their connections began. So, purely for reference.
    3. 0
      6 August 2014 08: 49
      Quote: kostik1301
      Slavic blood flows in their veins ...

      ... Siberian! :)

      - wellcome home :)
    4. Beast
      6 August 2014 20: 09
      Latvians and Lithuanians are the closest relatives of the Slavs. I will say more, all of central Russia was inhabited by their ancestors until the Slavs ousted / assimilated them.
  2. +1
    1 August 2014 10: 28
    Very informative video, watched from start to finish with interest. However, a few questions arise.
    1. Unfortunately, they did not illuminate the question of how stable DNA segments differ from constantly changing ones (at least as I understood Klesov’s phrases).
    2. If representatives of one halogen group can be not only different nations (which is generally understandable), but also representatives of different races, then is the methodology of determining ancestors ONLY on the male line correct.
    1. Beast
      6 August 2014 20: 13
      Because the male chromosome (from the biological father) is in both boys and girls. Maternity is detected in very rare cases.
  3. -5
    1 August 2014 10: 48
    When will the editors stop skipping any pseudoscientific heresy ???
    About the author http://haplogroup.narod.ru/no-klyos.html
    If someone is really interested to read about evolution, I recommend A. Markov
    or at least wander through anthropogenesis.ru
    1. +17
      1 August 2014 15: 13
      Quote: rkka
      About the author http://haplogroup.narod.ru/no-klyos.html

      rkka! An insulting article about Klyosov that you recommended was written by someone Mikhail Podgainy, senior researcher at the Nature Department of the Kherson Regional Museum of Local Lore (Ukraine). Podgainy especially doesn’t like that "Quite often Klesov calls" Slavs "and" Aryans "the ancestors of people who now speak the Baltic, Romance, Armenian, Arabic, Kirghiz languages ​​and have a corresponding by no means Slavic and, moreover, not Aryan, ethnic identity".
      That is, Klyosov scientifically proves that all these peoples have the same ancestors. Hence the relationship of these peoples as with a "blood brother" follows. And Podgainy does not like this terribly, they say, they have already shared "ethnic self-consciousness", they have suggested that these peoples are not relatives. And this Klyosov ...
      Well, it is clear that Klyosov's conclusion about migration from Siberia to Europe breaks the theory of "great ukrov", from whose territory the Slavs, including the Russians, allegedly came out. Ukra Podgainy just brings it to the marketplace: "And the complete inability of the doctor of sciences to study, to receive the simplest information in a new field of knowledge, at least with the help of Wikipedia, is also striking.
      And Podgayny recommends a Wikipedia article that starts with the following passage: "Around the XNUMXth century, Slavic expansion began, as it is believed, from the territory of the Carpathian region, the upper reaches of the Dniester, as well as the right bank of the middle Dnieper region, to the west, south and northeast."
      Terribly scientific! "Approximately" and "as it is believed" are for "senior researcher" Podgainy - admissible scientific arguments that should be drawn from Wikipedia. And the conclusions of the geneticist Klyosov are, it turns out, not an argument.

      We are now being strongly convinced that the ancestral home of the Russians is the territory of modern Ukraine. This is an information war and Wikipedia articles, for the content of which no one is personally responsible - the ideal weapon of this war. That's how they should be considered.
      1. 0
        6 August 2014 08: 55
        Quote: Svateev
        We are now being strongly convinced that the ancestral home of the Russians is the territory of modern Ukraine.

        15 years ago, the Kyrgyz fully proved to the world scientific community that man originated from them in Kyrgyzstan :)
        Our local Kuzbass scientists are absolutely sure that the local natives of South Siberia have no anthropological relation to the subsequent Scythians and Slavs when I tried to talk with our luminaries (having gathered here on the website of the mind and mind :)) they were offended :( :)
        The only thing that can be accurately stated is that Siberia is the birthplace of elephants :) That is, their ancestors - we just dug up one mammoth right here in Kemerovo :)
      2. Beast
        6 August 2014 20: 24
        Poher on Podgainy, but linguists (some) argue that the Slavic language (common) originated in about Ukrainian-Belarusian woodland. Which, incidentally, does not contradict Klesov in any way, since he did not say a word about languages ​​in the article.
  4. -3
    1 August 2014 11: 08
    Do not read this nonsense!
    All this shnyaga with gallogroups and a bunch of numbers is an attempt to simply confuse consciousness and distract from the essence.
    The Y chromosome itself is mercilessly small and carries a minimum of information, and if simplified, it simply shows the presence of a penis and eggs.
    And on the basis of only this, an oversimplified - limited amount of material, Klyosov draws such global conclusions, we discard the most significant and basic part of the DNA structure.
    Yes, we have a "set" of precise, proven "letters and numbers", but it says almost nothing or says very little. We can simply define partially "individuals" of one genus, but we cannot determine which one, since we do not have the source code of the forerunner of this genus. Of course, this set of "letters and numbers" has nothing to do with the definition of ethnicity, nationality.
    In many ways, Klyosov's statements simply contradict archaeological research and the theory of evolution, which has not yet been "replaced" by anyone.
    And I add that, as Klesov himself says, DNA Geneology has nothing to do with genetics.
    But then what is geneology for ?!
    Yes, everything is simple.
    After the analysis done for the frantic loot, Klyosov gives a beautiful piece of paper with a rich description of your family tree and a description of your kind from those who ..... passed such an analysis.
    This method is especially popular with one, indefinite group of people who want to be indicated as belonging to the Abraham clan. But Abraham certainly did not pass such an analysis.
    A fictional story.
    An ordinary, average Muscovite marries a girl from the most "Europeanized" African Masai tribe and they have a boy, who also then marries a girl from the same tribe and they also have a boy, so on ... Klyosov's theory grandfather Muscovite is the full ancestor of these African toddlers. Yes it is. But what do they have to do with ...... Moscow?
    I agree!
    They can live there!
    1. +4
      1 August 2014 15: 33
      Quote: 2sila
      The Y chromosome itself is mercilessly small and carries a minimum of information

      Do not recall how many bases the Y chromosome contains? After all, enough to distinguish one haplogroup from another?
      Quote: 2sila
      We can simply define partially "individuals" of one genus, but we cannot determine which one, since we do not have the source code of the forerunner of this genus.

      That is, you think that the Y chromosome allows you to identify individuals within a genus, but to determine the genus itself - no ?! Do you think that on the Y chromosome it is impossible to distinguish a person from a monkey ?! Please provide a link to the source of such allegations! Because haplogroups that allow to distinguish a person not only from a monkey, but also to distinguish groups of people by their ancestors, are recognized by the entire scientific community.
      Quote: 2sila
      In many ways, Klyosov's statements simply contradict ... the theory of evolution, which has not yet been "replaced" by anyone.

      Please explain what exactly? It is very interesting!
      Quote: 2sila
      And I add that, as Klesov himself says, DNA Geneology has nothing to do with genetics.

      He just said so ?! Where and when? Please give a link.
      1. -2
        2 August 2014 21: 27
        I will not remind ....
        I don’t think ....
        I will not explain .....
        And I won’t give a link .....
        Let us express at least your opinion, a couple of theses ... so that there is a topic for conversation and an exchange of opinions, and not the option of primitive citation of the text you pulled out by you.
      2. -1
        2 August 2014 21: 30
        I will add. I will not cheapen with minus.
  5. -2
    1 August 2014 11: 11
    Looking at Klyosov, I now understand how true Aryans should look.
    Oh sorry. ARII.
    1. +2
      1 August 2014 21: 59
      The author did not discover any "america". These facts have been known for about five years, no less. And nothing surprising. There were several centers, that's all. And why a little ... that's the subject of study. To what extent the DNA from different centers coincides, it has not been compared. Maybe people were specially delivered to the ball? Or maybe the population was recovering after the last suicide of mankind?
      1. Shur
        3 August 2014 13: 08
        It's even more complicated. In experiments, people in deep hypnosis gave information that we ourselves had settled the earth. Here is such a text "A man, moving in a loop of time, noticed that the land was not inhabited and populated it"
  6. 0
    1 August 2014 11: 19
    Professor of Moscow State University and Harvard University Anatoly Klyosov

    I would like to note right away that a professor at Moscow State University and a professor at Harvard University are not the same thing!
    In the United States (as in most Anglo-Saxon educational institutions), a professor position is a teacher at a university or college. In Russia, there is a duty "professor" and there is a title "professor", which differ significantly from the Anglo-Saxon ones (as well as the process of obtaining them).
    But the article, like the video, was interesting, although not convinced.
    I hope that someone will lay out well-reasoned objections, and not demands to censor "any pseudoscientific heresy ???".
    1. sergey261180
      1 August 2014 20: 45
      Quote: Gamdlislyam
      Just want to note that a professor at Moscow State University and a professor at Harvard University

      This immediately catches the eye and brings to mind the well-known "Harvard Project". His activities are clearly carried out on the loot of the CIA. And who pays the girl, he "dances" her.
    2. +1
      2 August 2014 13: 29
      You will not see any reasoned objections, since DNA Genneology has already been recognized by the world scientific community (not so long ago by the way). And about why a professor at Harvard University, there is a video where he talks about it, as well as about the fact that they are now preparing the basis for the construction of a DNA-Genneology center in Russia.
  7. +6
    1 August 2014 11: 25
    All this is untrue. Dill - the ancestors of mankind wassat
    1. +1
      1 August 2014 15: 18
      What ancestors? you look at their faces protocol! No there are features of people, primates - yes, but not people.
  8. +6
    1 August 2014 12: 59
    Yes, if he was alone ....
    There is more and more evidence that humanity began its development either from the north of our country, or from Siberia.
    It’s just not beneficial for some to recognize our birthright. They begin to feel themselves not full.
    And our North and Taiga keep many more secrets, unfortunately.
    Genghis Khan was fair-haired and light-eyed. According to the descriptions of the ancient Arabs (they were still smart at that time (they did not accept Islam)), the "Mongols" with black-haired and dark-eyed people were considered to be of the 2nd grade.
    Unfortunately, many documents were destroyed to justify the "greatness" of the European colonialists and the triumph of Christianity, and then Islam.
    1. -7
      1 August 2014 13: 26
      blah blah blah ... found some evidence. Proofs come on, balabolov and so enough on the Internet.
    2. 11111mail.ru
      1 August 2014 17: 19
      Quote: Vasya
      Genghis Khan was fair-haired and fair-eyed. According to the descriptions of the ancient Arabs (they were still smart then (did not accept Islam)), black-haired and dark-eyed among those "Mongols" were considered creatures of the 2nd grade.

      Koresh, h. The transformation of Temujin into Genghis Khan is the beginning of the thirteenth century from R.H., by this time the Arabs had believed in one god for five centuries (in 630 from R.H. the troops of the Prophet Muhammet captured Mecca).
  9. 0
    1 August 2014 15: 15
    I did not understand what the article was about. Everything is far-fetched. Well, let’s say this statement, everyone is sure that white people lived in Europe more than 30000 years ago. but found the remains of a boy in the village of Malta. Irkutsk region. he is European and lived 24000 years ago, and everyone is in shock. What shocked you? that people have moved 6000 kilometers in 10000 years? For one thousand years it will relocate to a little more than a thousand kilometers, agree not the most sensational relocation. My personal opinion, it seems to me that the first person was a Mongoloid. still agree that the middle will reach the edge faster. than to make black out of white. either black, white. It seems that if humanity developed from black or white people, then the genetic differences would be huge. and people could not interbreed between the races. and so people give birth to children from the parents of any racial group. at the same time, even in dogs of different breeds. genetic differences are so great that their crosses are born non-viable. for example, when breeding long-haired and short-haired dogs, puppies are born in 98% of cases with heart disease. Sorry for the personal opinion.
    1. +3
      1 August 2014 16: 33
      Quote: Free Wind
      My personal opinion, it seems to me that the first person was a Mongoloid. still agree that the middle will reach the edge faster. than to make black out of white. either black, white.

      Genes don't mix like paints on a palette! And who gets to whom "faster" depends on the variability of species (DNA mutations). The path from Negro to Mongoloid can go much further than to White.
      Quote: Free Wind
      even in dogs of different breeds. genetic differences are so great that their crosses are born non-viable.

      You are not right! Otherwise, there would be no mutts, and it would be simply impossible to breed new breeds. Only some breeds bred by humans produce weak offspring when crossed.
      1. 0
        1 August 2014 17: 32
        I think I wrote the same thing, and explained in what cases.
  10. +2
    1 August 2014 20: 06
    Denisova cave in Altai. The site of ancient people, the most ancient bones date back 50-75 thousand years. The United States has nothing to do with the ancestors of the current US condom. The whole theory of settlement from Pfrika is far-fetched.
  11. 11111mail.ru
    1 August 2014 21: 28
    Three years? or four? ago the satirist MN Zadornov "kicked" the "African" version of the origin of "homo sapiens". However, you should not abandon the western compiled versions. It is possible to leave the "African" version of the origin of "homo ukraines" as a consolation for the banderlog and the people of Kiev and Kharkov who joined them.
  12. 0
    1 August 2014 22: 14
    For the first time I learned about Klesov's theory. But he subconsciously understood that the human race came from the Siberians. laughing Russians have always been in Siberia. And all these Peter's fairy tale that a couple of hundreds of some Cossacks gave Russian offspring in Siberia is not confirmed by anything. Siberians are generally curious people. For the first time they mastered both Europe and America and Africa even before the children of Moses, who, in fact, are a late cross between blacks and Russians - Arabs, that is. That is why all sorts of "mutants" are trying to cut off the ends that testify to their true (undivine) origin.
    And another interesting thought for the court members of the forum. Why did many of the "wrong" ones sent to Siberia for correction and re-education come out either as geniuses or as personalities known all over the world? Tricky question. Why the hell was V. Ulyanov, being an outspoken Westerner and follower of the Russophobe Marx, sent into exile in Siberia, and what came of it? laughing
  13. +1
    2 August 2014 01: 21
    Klesov is a recognized scientist, chemist and biochemist in the world.
    His passion for genetics has become his hobby and business. Criticize him for
    incorrect interpretation of the distribution of gallogroups.
    The exit of human ancestors from Africa is well confirmed by artifacts in
    caves (parking lots) of primitive people. Contrary to stereotypes, these people are not
    were blacks who "turned white" as they moved north.
    Klepov’s idea of ​​a track of groups of primitive people from Siberia to Europe does not contradict
    the exodus from Africa, which was much earlier, with two waves.
    The first wave probably formed the pra-Mongoloid race, and the second - the pra-Caucasoid.
    Great Negroids were probably those who did not leave Africa.
    1. 11111mail.ru
      2 August 2014 19: 25
      Quote: voyaka uh
      Klesov is a recognized scientist in the world ... Klepov's idea ...

      A split personality, however, only with whom? You or him, well, the one you are talking about?
  14. +3
    2 August 2014 08: 34
    About this, and not only about this, for a long time, Oleg Gusev spoke and wrote. Who cares, read his book - "The White Horse of the Apocalypse" There and about the Old Russian beeches, the forerunner of the Slavic alphabet ... Informative.
  15. 0
    2 August 2014 20: 32
    Caucasian race is not derived from the Negroid

    And nobody said that.
    Klyosov deftly acts - ascribes stupidity to opponents, and then successfully refutes it. Sneaky trick.
    The hypothesis that the first people appeared in Africa does not at all suggest that the black race was primary. Klyosov is lying like a gray gelding, which was always characteristic of him.
    In addition, Klyosov loves to reduce everything to haplogroups. But a nation is an ethnocultural category, not a genetic one. The nationality of a person is determined by his belonging to a certain culture, to certain values, and not the presence of any genetic markers.
    Indo-Europeans are also carriers of certain languages, and not certain genes. To reduce the Indo-European linguistic community to certain haplogroups means to engage in profanity.
    The fact that the first Indo-Europeans appeared in Siberia is not confirmed by toponymy. In Siberia, there is no substrate Indo-European toponymy. In addition, archeology does not confirm this. Apparently, the first Indo-European culture of Southern Siberia was the so-called Afanasyev culture (3rd millennium BC), but it is clearly more recent than similar cultures in Eastern Europe (Srednestogovskaya and Yamnaya).
    1. Mwg
      4 August 2014 19: 32
      Regardless of belonging to a culture, a race gives a set of reactions to external stimuli in character and physiology, the pattern of manifestation of which can be classified as characteristic of a race.
      And nationality is NOT determined by belonging to a certain culture and values. Does Chinese punk cease to be Chinese in everything else?
      Language, too, cannot be considered a characteristic feature. If a person lives in an African tribe and speaks their language, but is white, should he be attributed to the Negroid race?
      And how to classify? Genetics is a fairly effective classification method, agree. Or name another method.
    2. Beast
      6 August 2014 20: 45
      > The hypothesis that the first humans appeared in Africa does not at all suggest that the Negroid race was primary.

      Where did he say that blacks appeared first?

      > To reduce the Indo-European linguistic community to certain haplogroups means to engage in profanity.

      Where does he say that? Do not confuse genes with cheburashka (tongues).

      > The fact that the first Indo-Europeans appeared in Siberia is not confirmed by place names.

      Toponymy, such a thing, is changing. Especially for tens of thousands of years. And on the other hand, how do you know what language our distant ancestors spoke then?
  16. Lyuba1965_01
    2 August 2014 22: 36
    I don’t understand DNA, so I won’t argue. But here is about the fact that humanity originated in Africa .. This is a moot point. It is not clear why the monkey had to get down from a tree. There, bananas and various fruits grew, which simply did not exist in the ground. Yes, and what is the point of getting on your feet if climbing 4 trees and a tail is more convenient? There was no point for monkeys to learn work, the climate of Africa gave almost everything that was needed for life. And it was easier to escape from predators on a tree. All the same, it seems that a person had to appear in difficult living conditions, so that he had a need for prey food, and in the invention of clothing, etc ...
    1. +1
      4 August 2014 00: 17
      Homo erect ancestors of people appeared in Africa several hundred thousand years ago. Then
      there was a different climate, other animals and plants ...
    2. Mwg
      4 August 2014 19: 04
      These monkeys are descended from humans - mutants from ancient nuclear bombing. Man has always been in the foreseeable past.
    3. Beast
      6 August 2014 20: 50
      The ancestor of man has changed along with the habitat. It was these changes (xs which) that led to the fact that he took a stone / stick in his paw.
  17. 0
    3 August 2014 07: 41
    The first arias appeared in the Southern Urals and Altai, Southwestern Siberia, this is shown to us by archaeologists and anthropologists by type of burial. This has been known for a long time, I was told this on electives at school, and I finished school in 1978. Now it is proved (or supplemented) also by DNA genealogy.
    Everything is logical, you can not break a copy.
    1. 0
      3 August 2014 09: 25
      If by "Aryans" we mean the first Indo-Europeans, then this is hardly so. The Yamnaya culture was also obviously Indo-European, but it is much older than the South Ural cultures of the Bronze Age (Sintashta, Arkaim, etc.). However, the South Ural is also part of the Yamnaya culture area.
      If we consider the carriers of certain religions to be fire and sun worshipers as "Aryans", then the South Ural version is the most plausible. But the South Ural Aryans apparently migrated south (Central Asia, Hindustan, Iran, the Middle East). There, the Aryans have already been recorded in written monuments (India, Mitanni). They are the ancestors of the speakers of Indo-Iranian languages. They have nothing to do with the origin of the modern peoples of Europe, including the Slavs.
      1. 0
        3 August 2014 17: 31
        What, there is nothing to argue, Mr. minus signer?
        You shabby shpana, poor student, that's who you are. A competent person would have objected and presented arguments. Moreover, the arguments are not from Istarkhov or Chudinov, but from serious sources. But stupid punks can only minus. If you finish school, go and study again. You can throw your high school diploma in the trash. Because at school you were taught not knowledge, but the ability to click a computer "mouse".
      2. Beast
        6 August 2014 20: 55
        There is nothing in your message that conflicts with Klesov’s statements. From Siberia to Hindustan it is quite possible to get through the southern Urals.
        1. mehmeh
          14 December 2014 22: 09
          The sacred river of the Aryans of Ra began on Mount Iremel, well, from where the white flows out and flows into the Volga and the Arias moved to Hindustan quite well with good stops. those who remained turned into Scythians, Sarmatians, Savromats. In general, the southern Urals is a long recognized homeland of half of the Indo-European peoples. .but the Slavs are Germans. in the southern Urals were not observed. And they appeared. Much later written history
  18. Iero
    3 August 2014 07: 45
    "The Neanderthal was definitely not a Negroid and Mongoloid", - and he was not a man either, because belonged to a different species ... Disputes, in general, there is nothing, there is not enough data (finds) and it is not yet possible to build a more or less scientific theory of the origin and evolution of hominids. And hypotheses may be different. One thing is for sure, mixing ideology (politics, propaganda, personal preferences, etc.) and science is not scientific.
    1. -1
      3 August 2014 08: 09
      It seems like an adult, but what a stupidity we carry then ...
      Quote: iero
      "The Neanderthal was definitely not a Negroid and Mongoloid", - and he was not a man either, because belonged to a different species.
      Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis - MAN Neanderthal or MAN REASONABLE Neanderthal ... He is the same MAN. By the way, ALL BLONDS (blondes, not dyed of course) and RED, in your genes - the NEANDERTAL gene, you are his direct descendants ...
      1. Iero
        3 August 2014 08: 24
        "It seems like an adult, but what stupidity we are carrying ..." - no comments, they answered themselves. Complete lack of knowledge of the question, what to talk about?
        1. 0
          3 August 2014 08: 27
          In, especially your knowledge of A.V.Suvorov’s biography was ridiculed ... so go ahead ...
          Quote: iero
          Full knowledge of the issue, what to talk about?

          This is a recreated appearance of the NEANDERTAL
          Meet Wilma.
          Neanderthal woman who lived 43 thousand years ago.
          It was recreated thanks to DNA extracted from the bones found during excavations.
          Judging by the condition of the bones, it was eaten by the same Neanderthals.
          And a lot of it is NOT HUMAN?
          1. Iero
            3 August 2014 08: 38
            Wow! I did not expect such an interest in my modest person. Keep on studying anthropology from pictures, it is better to start with "Merry" ...
            1. 0
              3 August 2014 08: 51
              Quote: iero
              Continue to further study anthropology from pictures,
              You know, you teach your children your learning experience, and I can somehow manage without your advice ... By the word "motorized armored groups" - in the army there are no motor-maneuverable groups at border guards, and in the army I use the term tactical groups, in In this case, the APU, according to our model, uses Battalion Tactical Groups ... So good luck with the study of "Funny Pictures"
              1. Iero
                3 August 2014 09: 27
                Thanks for the advice! And remarks, really, which army are you talking about? I am very flattered that you took the time to study my incompetent comments. I have successfully completed "Funny Pictures" at the preschool stage, now I am working on a monograph. Do not be offended if you do not see the answer, rested, it's time to get down to business!
          2. 0
            4 August 2014 18: 03
            Quote: svp67
            This is a recreated appearance of the NEANDERTAL

            She looks like an actor Ulyanov (especially the eyes).
          3. Mwg
            4 August 2014 19: 01
            People were ALWAYS. There are archaeological artifacts that "scientists" modestly put aside: a chain of human footprints next to dinosaur paw prints (150 million years), the remains of a hammer in coal at a depth of 800 m (250 million years), etc. etc. etc. People lived, then they killed civilization, then they survived, they built civilization, they killed it again. And so on in a circle to this day. I wonder when we will be killed again? ))))
          4. Beast
            6 August 2014 21: 01
            According to DNA, now at least it is impossible to recreate the appearance. You’ll fuck garbage.
  19. Volxov
    3 August 2014 20: 19
    The genealogy article is confused with history - as if people were just multiplying and moving ...
    Takla Makan and Sinai are deserts now, but before there were people and became melted sand regardless of genetics. Why not consider the events in the complex?
  20. Mwg
    4 August 2014 18: 48
    That's right, you can’t argue with genetics. The same conclusions can be drawn by comparing the cultures of ancient Germans and Russians in the recent past. The same conclusions suggest themselves when archaeologists find and compare runes, excavations are carried out. Yes, and the transformation of languages, if you look closely, go back to Russian. Europeans are Ivanes who do not remember their kinship.

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