World of Tanks Review: Xbox 360 Edition

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A couple of years ago, no one would have taken seriously the statement that games can revive history. Times are changing, and now anyone can be in the commander’s cabin tankwho fought on the battlefields of World War II.

Having released World of Tanks, which hit the entire industry not only in the CIS, but throughout the world, Wargaming did not even think to relax. The game became a history textbook, and everyone spoke about the steel heroes of the war. The PC was taken, swung on the console. They decided to start with the Xbox 360 (a platform with a multi-million user community, which, as you know, is the basis of any MMO project) and did not fail - the tank battles fit perfectly into the gamepad.

World of Tanks: The Xbox 360 Edition is a lot like the PC version - five classes of equipment, a familiar set of nations and fights in 15 format on 15. However, one can hardly call two games completely identical. Take at least the management and integration with the service Xbox Live - console "Tanks" live according to the laws of the platform.

When you start the main thing is not to get lost - at the disposal of the player is more than 150 models of armored vehicles from the US, UK, Germany and the USSR The choice is impressive. For example, T-34. A tank legend, a participant in the Battle of Kursk and a masterpiece of engineering of the Soviet Union, most closely resembles its historical prototype, not only in appearance, but also in a set of tactical and technical characteristics. There are models in the game that never managed to break into the battlefield - the American PT-SAU T110E4, for example, existed only on paper. In World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, it is recreated from sketches and drawings.

All combat vehicles are divided into five classes: maneuverable light tanks with “cardboard” armor, powerful and mobile medium tanks; awkward menacing tyazh, invisible PT-SAU, capable of hitting the enemy from long distances, and artillery. To master the last type of technology, you will have to sweat a lot. Despite the fact that the self-propelled gun shoots at any points on the map, the “paper armor” makes self-propelled guns easy prey for the enemy - the choice of position is important here.

After registration, the player receives a light tank with basic equipment. While earning experience and credits in battle, the tankman gradually explores cars located at higher levels of the development tree (there are only ten of them, as in World of Tanks). A good game and competent tactics - a pledge of fast pumping to multi-ton giants. You can speed up the process with the help of gaming gold. You can buy it for Microsoft points, use it to buy a premium account, which gives you a fifty percent increase in revenue. But one cannot hope for a “gold” - it does not give tangible advantages in battle, and skill in the heat of battles is the decisive factor in battle.

The formula "came, saw, won" will not work. Units can understand all the subtleties of battle and develop a winning strategy from the first battle. For this, a special training mode is provided, in which no one counts blunders and where you can try out different tactics.

In the "Standard Fight" mode, there are two ways to victory: either destroy all enemy equipment or capture its base. In Sturm, only one team has a base to defend. Exit the winner can also crush all enemy tanks. In “Counter Strike,” players are trying with all their might to seize a neutral base. The second victory formula is the merciless destruction of enemy tanks.

All battles, with the exception of training, are held in 15 format on 15, which allows you to evaluate the advantages of a well-coordinated team game. In World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, it is especially important - it is almost impossible to defeat an opponent without the support of allies. And vice versa - the chances to win a tank division with a competent distribution of roles and tactics worked out tend to zero.

Maps are an important and beautiful element of the gameplay. Battles unfold on locations migrated to the console World of Tanks from the PC version. Weather effects provide tankers with a number of tactical capabilities — a strategy run-in along and across the “Pass” does not work on its “snow” version. About the "night" options and say nothing - the locations are unrecognizable.

World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is installed for free through the service Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Live account owners have a trial version of console battles available for seven days.

Wargaming managed to make another breakthrough, this time a console one. The game is worth attention, if only because it gives the opportunity to manage the steel legends that broke through more than one defense and became heroes of World War II. Accessibility and love of history shot. Keep it up.
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    1. +2
      31 July 2014 07: 11
      The world went crazy on tanks))) I have almost all the friends in them chopped))) From small to large.
      1. SVT
        31 July 2014 10: 05
        The creators of the game, without knowing it, created a VERY Russian game, only a team can win, there is no American, each for itself, or, I’m kind of a lone hero, in this case it’s for sure a loss, but team interaction is the key to victory.
        1. max_mara
          31 July 2014 10: 27
          The presence of skill players in a team is often the answer. But if the command is "bottom", then there will be no "mega-folder".
    2. +3
      31 July 2014 07: 59
      Personally, my opinion is a big plus for the creators of the game!

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