Secrets of the investigation in Ukrainian

Almost a month 3 has passed since the day of the terrible crime in Odessa. 2 May Hero City once again took upon itself the blow of fascism. Only according to the official version (the version of the Ukrainian pseudo-authorities) 46 people died in the confrontation. According to eyewitnesses, the dead - more than a hundred. The bodies of several of them have not yet been identified and are not interred. Most people died in the fire and poisonous smoke of the House of Trade Unions.

Odessa tragedy has become one of the evidence that the so-called new Ukrainian authorities are not ready to stop at nothing to achieve their goals and the goals of their henchmen.

Almost three months have passed since the tragedy. What results at this point presented to the public a consequence?

Of all the things that ukrosledstviyu calls "results," you can put together a single realistic picture: there is no investigation of the Odessa crime and there will be no investigation as long as there are those in power who have gotten into this very power on the wave of radical marches and mass killings of their same countrymen. All that is shown to the public is a poorly veiled desire to shift responsibility for unintelligible investigative actions from one shoulder to another, delaying the process of identifying and punishing those responsible. Stretching the investigative "rubber" becomes truly unique. The world investigative practice has not known anything like this for a long time: in the presence of dozens of video clips from the scene of the tragedy, in the presence of a huge amount of evidence of involvement in the massacres of scumbags from the Right Sector, the so-called self-defense of the Maidan and other radical groups, the result, you know, cannot be determined with those who should sit in the dock.

Secrets of the investigation in Ukrainian

All that the investigation does is to search for any false evidence that 2 May in Odessa was attended by Russian citizens during rallies and processions. For understandable reasons, the investigation failed to provide real evidence that the Russians were among the demonstrators in Odessa that day, and therefore the psaking continues to cover the issue for three months. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine declares that the investigation has “evidence” of Russians’s involvement in the Odessa riots, but only this evidence cannot be presented now - the secret of the investigation, you understand.

Wonderful Washington style, is not it ... To declare that the evidence is collected, but do not represent any of them, guided by certain secrets and increased secrecy. That is, the masks of pravoseks throwing "Molotov cocktails" and shooting at people who have taken refuge in the House of Trade Unions are not what the ukrosledovatyov cares about. They are faced with another task - to find at least one “citizen of Russia” and then all 46 officially registered deaths “hang” on this switchman. Yes, but the trouble is that this switchman is not located, which in itself is crumpling all the attempts of Kiev to place the blame in this case on Russia too.

If we collect all these attempts together, then the picture of the development of Ukrainian bacchanalia since February 2014 of the year is drawn by Kiev paints in the following form:

Yanukovych is doing everything to prevent Ukraine from joining a friendly European family, urging FSB snipers to shoot down the Maidan and burn the “Berkutovtsy” in order to “cover their tracks”.

By fleeing to Russia, Yanukovych lets his billions go to finance the anti-Ukrainian movement. The participants of this movement organize a march in Odessa, after which they drive themselves into the building of the House of Trade Unions, fill them with incendiary bottles, poison them with poisonous gases and shoot them from fire and traumatic weapons.

The Kremlin organizes Donbas militia for the same billions of Yanukovich, the main task of which, according to Kiev’s “data”, is to systematically bombard their own positions from all types of weapons using all known types of ammunition (from land mines of World War II to cluster bombs and ballistic missiles ). In the intervals between self-destructive measures, the militia, again according to the version of Kiev, fire at the city blocks, kill their children, wives, and mothers, sometimes shooting at air conditioners as well. At the same time, every second militia has a Russian passport (military ID), a “Special Forces of the GRU” tattoo and a letter folded four times from Putin in a breast pocket.

The newest Kiev-Washington methods in the field of international law and investigative measures complement the already variegated picture with unique details. For example, it is the use of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system by the militias to attack the Malaysian Boeing 777. They bring down the liner so that it falls exactly where the militiamen themselves are located ... And the Buk complex, the militiamen either bring from Russia, or take them back, or bring them again and again to strike the Ukrainian military aircraft. The pilots of these planes, judging by the statements of ukroSMI, are well aware that they are flying to where the “militia Bukis” are working, and from this even more selflessly lead attack aircraft and bombers into the thick of it, then heroically “dodging Russian missiles”.

And the valiant Ukrainian army and the no less valiant American intelligence are moving such a lonely “militia Buk”, from which both civilian and military suffer, they record without providing fixation materials with the exception of avakov linden in Yutyube. Excuse one - secret!

Indeed, a new word in world jurisprudence is to hang the burden of charges on someone, saying that the evidence of his guilt is just a lot, but you can’t imagine them for reasons of the strictest secrecy. The court, guided by the Kiev realities and Washington hints, will be quite ready to recognize a person guilty, even taking into account “secret” evidence, and even with the most genuine evidence of the guilt of others ...

And this is not a cave law at all, but a hypocrisy that the West has been living all lately. The court in this situation acts not as a separate branch of power, but as a tool for settling accounts with those whom the owners identified as guilty before the start of the investigation. And therefore, to expect fair court decisions from Ukraine (with the fascist authorities that saddled it) both in the Odessa case and in all the other resonant crimes of recent times is simply meaningless. In this regard, Kiev simply needs to be reminded that it, along with Washington, is the "Memento of Nuremberg."
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  1. +1
    31 July 2014 08: 55
    By the way, even some Bandera svidomye, who hate "Vatnikov-Colorado", are wondering why people were burned in Odessa and did not try to save anyone from the fire. Maybe they will soon go to the new Maidan?
    1. +5
      31 July 2014 09: 37
      I won’t be surprised if they write that the Boeing commander accidentally pulled a check from a grenade and the plane crashed because of this.

      (fragment of the casing of the cockpit of the B777 flight MH17)
      1. +1
        31 July 2014 11: 45
        Quote: Canep
        I won’t be surprised if they write that the Boeing commander accidentally pulled a check from a grenade and the plane crashed because of this.

        I will not be surprised when the black boxes are deciphered and they arrogantly say that the pilots shouted before their death - "we are attacked by an airplane, this is definitely Putin, Mr. Obama introduce tougher sanctions"
    2. +1
      31 July 2014 09: 43
      Hmm ... The investigation WILL be when the righteous wave of southeast rage will wash off Nazi dirt !!! Then the CONSEQUENCE will begin !!!
  2. +3
    31 July 2014 09: 02
    What kind of investigations are you talking about? Themselves committed themselves and investigate. To, too, will dig a hole for himself. The only hope is that these Urody sooner or later will fall into the dock. Then all sins will be blamed on each other. And so many will not live to see the trial.
  3. +3
    31 July 2014 09: 03
    The national idea of ​​"great ukrov" is to blame anyone (most often Russia) for all their problems, but not themselves.
  4. +1
    31 July 2014 09: 11
    Secrets of the investigation in Ukrainian..The main secret is that there is no secret .. they cast a shadow on the wattle fence ..
  5. +1
    31 July 2014 09: 21
    The answer will have to be held soon, and all those guilty will not hide, there will be a worthy answer to the killers and their patrons ...
    31 July 2014 09: 58
    Do not put pressure on law enforcement officers, they now need to survive, they have already found all the culprits, they just will not be allowed to punish the guilty under this authority, they are cunning, they record everything and at the right moment the earth will burn under the feet of the performers (there are so many people on the video that you get tired of delaying) customers.
  7. +1
    31 July 2014 09: 59
  8. _Alien_
    31 July 2014 10: 03
    High level psaking is contagious. Who will lead them psacking typed. etc. etc.
    There is an epidemic on the face. Put a five-meter fence around the perimeter and water dehlofosom so that they do not come close. I forgot about vaccinations (in this place with a tight fantasy). Treatment is carried out with Russian vodka and rods.
    1. -1
      31 July 2014 11: 09
      Vodka is too elegant for them, the shit itself.
  9. +1
    31 July 2014 11: 24
    "Poroshenko is a cannibal, we have irrefutable proofs! .. but we cannot show them, they are secret! .." - and let them refute them.
  10. Serg7281
    31 July 2014 12: 59
    Basically agree with the author. There are small particulars that, in principle, do not change the attitude to the article. As a lawyer, a retired military investigator, I can say one thing: everything secret then becomes apparent. If, even after several decades, fascist infirmities are brought to justice, collecting around the world, then I think here no one will leave their portion of punishment. The main thing is not to rush, but calmly collect the evidence base. There is a secret of the investigation, but not what it is in Kiev.
  11. 0
    31 July 2014 13: 12
    The result of this action is that all regions of Ukraine were .... collapsed, and do not participate in the struggle. Moreover, they support the fascists.

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