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Yevkurov gave the militants the right to burial and self-determination

Yevkurov gave the militants the right to burial and self-determination

The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, canceled in the republic a ban on the extradition of dead militants to relatives. According to Yevkurov, in this way relatives will have fewer reasons for revenge. Additionally, the authorities of the republic promised to provide assistance to families whose children were members of illegal armed groups. “They are guilty, yes, but the society is more guilty - which allowed him to get on this Wednesday,” Yevkurov announced. And he promised to let the surrendered militants go home, even if it is likely that they will return to their underground lives: “He will, he will come again and surrender completely.”

The statements of the head of Ingushetia were a reaction to the "signal" from President Medvedev, who said that the principle "we will simply destroy the terrorists and the more we destroy the better," must "remain in the past."

The head of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov said yesterday at a meeting with the youth of the Mashuk-2011 camp in Pyatigorsk about his decision to refuse the practice of not giving out the bodies of militants killed during counter-terrorist operations to their relatives. “I personally forbade not to hand over the corpses of the murdered bandits. Give out, let them bury. This is done in order not to embitter the rest, ”said Yevkurov.

The practice of refusing relatives of militants killed in a battle to extradite their corpses operates in Russia in accordance with the provisions of the law "On the funeral business." In 2007, the Constitutional Court recognized these norms as not inconsistent with the Constitution. Long before the adoption of the law, the Russian authorities introduced the practice of not issuing the bodies of killed militants, especially field commanders, to their relatives for burial. The body of Aslan Maskhadov, who was killed by 8 in March 2005, was not allowed to bury his relatives, although international human rights organizations asked for this. With a request to extradite the body of Shamil Basayev who was killed a year later, no one applied at all, Kommersant writes. Yevkurov is sure that the federal authorities will meet him halfway, although his initiative on militants contradicts the law.

Evkurov's statement was a reaction to the speech of President Medvedev, who at a meeting of the Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights suggested not to exterminate the militants, but to rehabilitate. Medvedev said that the principle “we will simply destroy the terrorists and the more we destroy the better” should remain in the past, since “we must not only destroy those who sow terror, but also try to educate them and return them,” Medvedev quotes.

The head of the Russian Federation commented on the statements about the "police terror" in the Caucasian republics. The fighters against militants, according to Medvedev, “people with their own shortcomings,” but treating them as “criminals who only do what prevent Russian citizens from living,” threaten to destroy the entire law enforcement system. The President noted that the forgiveness of terrorists is “a matter of choice”, “a question of tact and desire of one or another head of the subject of the Federation”

Yunus-Bek Yevkurov was the first to respond to the wishes of the head of state. And not only inside the republic he stopped the action of the federal law, but he also promised material assistance to the families of the militants, since, according to the head of the republic, the Russian society itself was to blame for their sons. “And plus help the family where the child died.” Because today we have to understand: they are guilty, yes, but the society is more guilty - which allowed him to get into this environment, ”Yavkurov quotes“ Caucasian Knot ”.

The head of Ingushetia noted that if a person came voluntarily, “he was interrogated, we do not even detain him, we let him go home. Interrogated - let go home. Even if he is a murderer. He himself came. Could come, but could not come. He wants to come again and surrender completely. "
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  1. datur
    datur 9 July 2011 09: 49 New
    Head of Ingushetia Interrogated - released home. Even if he is a killer. He himself came. Could come, but could not come. He wants to, will come again and give up completely - there are no words alone emotions. the bandits were again given an forgiving indulgence. He killed, killed, pressed his tail or got tired, went surrendered, forgiven. rested and again forward anyway forgive. what is going on ??? and our soldiers will shoot perfume throughout Russia ??? apparently they can now all !! ,,, ????
  2. consul
    consul 9 July 2011 11: 54 New
    The policy of today's government looks like the actions of revolutionaries in 1917. when criminals were released to destabilize the situation.
  3. Nikolay-
    Nikolay- 9 July 2011 13: 06 New
    ----- "Interrogated - released home. Even if he is a killer. He himself came." ----
    Everything is logical: "police terror", God forbid, suppresses the activities of illegal armed groups. And money will not go into the republic with a wide uncontrolled river. Yes, and it's time to support the gangster families, otherwise you can’t provide normal equipment or ammunition.
  4. mitrich
    mitrich 9 July 2011 15: 29 New
    In, damn it, come! Whatever the day, “novation” in the light of “modernization”!
    I represent these "intimate conversations" with ... animals, approximately the same as those depicted in the photograph. They are a bullet for you at best, and you are their conversation, conversation ... Can you imagine translating this idea into reality? Special Forces detachments surround the forest (without weapons, of course) and start shouting: "Hey, forest mujahideen, go out and have a chat!" Of course, they climb out of their holes, go out, all gracefully sit around the fire, grill kebabs, drink wine, talk. Finally, the main “bearded man” doesn’t stand it and says: “Enough, I’m tired of participating in jihad and I won’t give the rest! Look for me as a locksmith at the factory! And I’ll vote for my beloved power!” I realized that this is what future special operations should look like according to the guarantor of the constitution.
    But you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It has long been invented. The Israelis, who carefully studied the methods of the Soviet state security organs in the period after 1945 in the fight against national gangsterism. In short, the main and the main thing is that the entire militant family is subjected to repression. In Israel, the houses of militants are demolished by bulldozers, and families are expelled from the country. We also have many places in Yakutia where such families can be relocated. What is being offered? State support to the families of the Militants? I already do not have enough of my own brain to understand the logic of the guarantor. I hope that by March 2012 time will pass quickly.
    And Yevkurov fell great in my eyes. There was a wonderful BATTLE officer, a brave man. But it is clear that the call of blood, like that of Aushev, overpowered the voice of reason.
    1. His
      His 9 July 2011 19: 41 New
      They just cherish their people. The raven will not gouge out the crow's eye. But Russians can be destroyed.
  5. repka
    repka 9 July 2011 17: 55 New
    Russian, too, it’s time to organize some jihad and then you look at repent and they’ll slander them
  6. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 10 July 2011 14: 49 New
    Poor forest brothers. Thrifty Yevkurov pours crocodile tears .... wah, wah, wah .... the society is very guilty before them that they have become so ........ Neither work, nor money for free .... how to continue then live? ..... What nasty Russian society is this ..... Brothers met a lot of injustice on the way to enrichment and therefore, went into the wild forests and high mountains to start a justified war against the infidels, i.e. us. Budanov banged (and not only), and silence. And here is such forgiveness for the whole native country. Here we have such a long understander, one might say a sucker. Soon, the other end, so much shandarahnet, yes in its own way., Yes in its own way ......
  7. figwam
    figwam 10 July 2011 16: 09 New
    Listen, but this is already some kind of nonsense! Killed, interrogated, free. Killed, interrogated, free. When you finally come down from the mountains, go home to live your life.
    Sorry, but the murderers of Budanov will also be interrogated and released, or we will have our own laws in each region.
    It turns out that you and I (the society) are to blame for all the killings in the Caucasus.
    Poor relatives, it is necessary to introduce a law on the appointment of a pension.
    1. Pinocchio
      Pinocchio 10 July 2011 17: 29 New
      Each action movie has a personal pension for moral and physical damage.
  8. slan
    slan 10 July 2011 21: 06 New
    So after all, the absence of a burial is the only thing that scares these animals. Does Evkurov not know this? True, the raven is a crow ..
    1. His
      His 11 July 2011 22: 48 New
      They must be stored with pork skins, this is the worst thing for them - they will not go to heaven. Israel produces bullets that contain lard
  9. dmb
    dmb 11 July 2011 11: 49 New
    As Schweik used to say: "And this is not the most vivid example of which donkeys will be born under the moon." This is about the guarantor of the Constitution. The mentioned guarantor was apparently sick when constitutional law was passed at the law faculty where he was a student. (Apparently, he can also show help). Apparently, therefore, such rules of law as the equality of all before the law and the court and the administration of justice are only open to the court for him.
  10. Esoteric
    Esoteric 23 February 2018 16: 37 New
    In such cases, there is an original way to fight terrorism - destruction to such an extent that there was nothing to bury ... belay