By the azimuth of the reforms. Where will they lead a morale-losing army?

By the azimuth of the reforms. Where will they lead a morale-losing army?

The upcoming increase in people in uniform, together with the construction of apartments for them, gives the average person the impression of a completely successful solution to one of the most acute problems of our army. Thinking so, taxpayers have the right to expect a return from the defenders of the Fatherland. According to a poll conducted by the VTsIOM at the beginning of the year, more than half of the respondents are confident in the ability of our army to protect the country. But among those who wear shoulder straps and know the state of affairs from within, there are far less optimists. In my opinion, one of the reasons why many of the military think so is the disruption of the morale of the officers.

I do not want to guess how the salary increase will be carried out in practice (explanations about the stage-by-stage nature of these payments, which have been stretched for two years, are already discussed behind the scenes in parts) or provide housing. But the facts speak for themselves - the current laws fully allow, for example, that an officer can be dismissed from the army without an apartment. Alas, it is enough examples of it. But these are the topics of individual publications and journalistic investigations. I just want to draw attention to the atmosphere that develops in many military officer teams of the units and institutions of the Ministry of Defense and other security agencies.

Served two comrades? Aha

The special specific atmosphere of the military team is, in a way, the fighting spirit, without which the military unit quickly loses its combat capability, turns into an uncontrollable mass, and the entrusted equipment becomes a pile of useless metal. At this stage, the formation of an unhealthy atmosphere in a team is promoted by the presence of all sorts of contradictions, which often arise either at the suggestion of the state or its local officials.

What is the order of the Ministry of Defense “On additional payments to officers serving in military unions, formations and military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation”, which has been issued annually since recently? According to this document, officers of the same unit, units performing the same tasks, are artificially divided into those who are subject to considerable additional payments (from 40 to 120 thousand rubles, respectively) and those who are deprived of them. Lucky, according to the site "Military news Russia, “this year, for example, the entire 3200 man has accumulated in the Far East. The rest, which are many times more, it remains to envy colleagues, and envy is a bad helper in the service.

This purely commercial method of encouraging military labor caused a lot of discontent and misunderstanding among the military. So the commander of one of the brigades deployed in Siberia complained to my friend: “Can I really let my subordinates receive bonuses, but I don’t?”. Of course, he, as commander, will take all measures so that the lucky ones either share with him or stop receiving bonuses altogether. The same resentment and raze to a level below - in the crews, combat units, battalions, companies. A leader has to either share his prize with colleagues, or he is provided with all the delights of a male boycott. Of course, in such a "friendly" atmosphere, there is nothing to say about rallying the team to perform combat missions. Meanwhile, the prosecutor’s office, in the meantime, initiates one-by-one case on the facts directly or indirectly related to the exercise of the right of individual officers to additional bonuses. The latest example is the scandal in the Lipetsk aviation garrison.

Confessions of the forty-five

The same picture with the receipt of housing. For decades, officers and ensigns patiently waited for coveted apartments. Now they began to build. But because of the imperfection of the legislation, bureaucratic (in uniform and without) extortion and arbitrariness, the line moves slowly, and the number of officers dismissed without apartments, on the contrary, is growing. Only according to the official data of the Ministry of Defense, according to the military department, 90 700 officers are still homeless, despite the promise of the Supreme Commander to eliminate this line, first by the end of 2010, now by the end of 2012. Even more than 20 thousands were quietly fired without shelter. Smoothly only on paper and in other power structures, for example, in the internal troops, where the process of providing their officers and warrant officers with apartments is equally painful.

But those who seem to be about to get the cherished "square meters of happiness" are experiencing a state far from joyful. A candidate for new settlers needs to go literally through purgatory, collecting an incredible amount of certificates and papers confirming, for example, that in one of the subjects of the Federation the soldier has no property. How many of these subjects are there today? It seems 83. So be kind, comrade lieutenant colonel, will you present any certificates from each of them? About this conversation took place at my good friend with the chairman of the housing and household commission of the unit, his colleague.

And what are the reforms "to optimize the quantitative composition of the Armed Forces"? In a suspended, nervous state due to the uncertainty of further fate, most of the officers feel themselves - those people who ensure the uninterrupted (in theory) work of such a complex and archival mechanism as the army. Is it because, one by one, the planes fall, the submarines sink, the warehouses burn and explode, and the expected statutory order in the barracks does not come.

“No, I didn’t think so that I was discharged to the reserve,” sighs my old classmate-officer, who this year marks the “forty-five” - the maximum service term for the lieutenant colonel. - It’s impossible to retire to the reserve in a decorous and noble manner, having received all that is necessary from the state, to which he gave the best 27 years of life. All the nerves, but on the tablets. The housing problem is not resolved, but I was removed from the queue due to the fact that I participated in the privatization. He refused his share, but not five years later, established by the new housing legislation. I was looking for the truth in court, but only money wasted on consultations and lawyers. Remains hope for his wife - a sergeant, but she has a short service life. God forbid they reduce it and they will dismiss her without the right to housing ...

Here is another example. Lt. Col. - the father of six children. The wife is pregnant with the seventh child. A large family huddled in two small office service units. Recently, the commander of the type of troops before the future dismissal of R. in the reserve, gave him two spacious three-room apartments. But they did not reach the part. To the lieutenant colonel’s direct question to his commander: “Where is the promised housing?”, He explained that he would receive another, but later. And he asked: "Does he want a contract to be renewed with him?"

Such poor fellows in uniform, whom the state, in the form of sly and arrogant bureaucrats in any way, does not want to be worthy of, they deserve to retire, a lot. Judging by the rally of retired military pensioners held recently in Moscow, there are at least several thousand of them in the capital alone.

“Is he active without vanity ...” or is he busy without activity?

(According to the laws of the market)

Conscientiously carry out their duties in such a spirit as that of these lieutenant colonels, difficult. And these are veterans - the support and the backbone of the officer corps. But young officers can not feel confident in the future. More recently, graduates of military institutions of the Defense Ministry were easily appointed to the posts of sergeants or, having received a free diploma, they went, as they said before, “to the national economy”. The feeling of instability, temporality, instability is present in the army, in the army, at least in its lower structures.

Even the long-awaited vacation spent abroad, where our military are more and more often seeking to leave (until the military transportation documents for free travel have been canceled), does not defuse the atmosphere. The money allocated for this purpose on the article is usually not enough for everyone. Therefore, as a rule, only persons especially close to the command and those who managed to get on the right time, go to rest at foreign resorts. This term best reflects the spirit of the times, the spirit of the “new Russian army,” which is increasingly turning into a commercial organization where market laws apply.

The great Suvorov once wrote to his godson that a real officer, among other things, should be “active without vanity”. Now, such advice would simply be ridiculed. What can be achieved by serving in the army, if you do not hurry up in time? Intoking is to keep your nose in the wind; where you need to bend; who needs to please ... Such "vain" officers are increasingly gaining weight, enter into force, make "weather" in the team. Yes, they were always there, but if they had done their business secretly before, obviously ashamed of it, nowadays the bustling psychology of the troughs has already taken shape and fit into the concept of behavior of an officer of the new Russian army.

The painful, mental state mentioned above of our servicemen who are unsure of tomorrow, when they feel like experimental rabbits or rats in the hands of an incompetent medical student, is expressed in fussiness. One awkward movement - and ... Fussiness is a manifestation of anxiety, fear of the unknown, before unpredictability and the arbitrariness of superiors. Will you serve, will you receive the promised bonuses or will you fly out of the army, and even without an apartment? An officer engaged in solving these problems evokes sympathy or pity among fellow citizens and ridicule or contempt from enemies.

Restless, fussing about, even if it is about “daily bread of the person” - is no longer a warrior in the full sense of the word. In fussiness there is something servile, not peculiar to a real officer. I remember the remark of my commander, made a joke to the chief of the brigade hurrying somewhere: “The running rear officer in wartime causes panic, and in peacetime - bewilderment.” There is no respect for a fussing person, and even more so for an officer. Feeling this, the defender of the Fatherland cannot but experience bitterness, shame, disappointment, which is reflected in his fighting spirit.

In my opinion, the leadership of the country, directly or indirectly bringing its officers to such a state, simply does not respect them. This is perfectly illustrated by the last parade on Red Square. Read on the Internet reviews and comments of officers, offended to the depths of their hearts, and military service veterans. They were outraged by the depersonalization of parade participants, dressed in a uniform field uniform, some even without insignia; deprivation of the opportunity to pass on this holy day along the main square of the country with deserved military and state awards, and most of all that the Supreme Commander-in-Chief received the parade not in the way it always did, standing, but sitting in a sweet talk with the Minister of Defense. This circumstance is probably best of all expressing the essence of the ongoing changes, the spiritual crisis that has penetrated into our army.

In my opinion, more and more soldiers with horror realize what it is becoming, and ... lose heart, and this primarily means that the army of the country has lost its combat readiness. Raising the spirit of the officers is the main task of our leadership, but do they understand this in the Kremlin?
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