Flight Center in Torzhok. Combat training


Currently, the Center operates Mi-24P, Mi-24PN, Mi-26 and Mi-8 helicopters of various modifications (MTKO, MTB-5). It is possible that the Mi-35М will go into service, but the pilots see this profound modernization of the Mi-24 as a transitional variant between the Twenty-Four and the Mi-28Н / Ka-52.
By the way, a group of Brazilian pilots is being trained in the Center, whose country recently purchased the Mi-35 batch, an export modification of the Mi-24.

This helicopter is used by the Berkut aerobatic team.
Aerobatic team "Berkuty" was created in 1992 year. This is the only aerobatic team in the world that performs complex group aerobatics on combat helicopters. The first demo flights took place on 11 on April 1992, at the Kubinka airfield.

The vehicles of the group from the rest of the Mi-24P differ only in color, but are also used for everyday flights.

Symbolism of the group


For flights on the night version of the "twenty-four" helicopter night goggles of the type OVN-1 are used.
In order that the helmet under the weight of the glasses does not crawl onto the face, a counterweight is used, which is fixed on the rear side of the safety helmet

Glasses, of course, an irreplaceable thing, but they sit down

New helmets issued to pilots recently, they are specially adapted for helicopters

Flight Center in Torzhok. Combat training

Helicopter on maintenance

MTV-5 Scheme

For training the pilots of transport helicopters use this old half-ton anti-aircraft gun as a load on the external sling

Prepare for takeoff

Suspension guided missiles

Used 9M120F Attack guided missile

Loading cartridge tape to the gun GSH-30K

Calculation table in the class of preflight instructions

Containers with false heat targets

Departure Picture taken on board Mi-8


Targets at the test site

Shooting NARs. Mi-28H

Work gun 2А42-1

Shooting false heat targets

Targets at the site often resemble a sieve or simply disintegrated into pieces.
Consequences of hitting a guided missile in MT-LB

Once it was the OSR "Wasp"

Highlighting targets for night firing

The entire landfill is littered with fragments of rockets, bombs and shell fragments. Funnels literally nest one on the other

Shooting tube from guided missile

When a pilot first fires a guided missile and hits, there is a tradition in which he receives a fifth point with an empty tube, and he is given a stub from a rocket as a memory

For training of pilots, the Center has a complex simulator for the crew of the Mi-8MTV-5 helicopter. The simulator allows you to simulate any situation in the air, any meteorological conditions. The neighborhoods of the Adler airfield are used as the graphic basis, since only there is an opportunity to fly in three ways: above the plain, mountains and the sea. There are objects on the sea that can be landed: the aircraft carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov and the drilling platform. On the ground, you can shoot at various targets.

In the simulator cabin

The only drawback of the complex is its immobility, i.e. the cabin itself is stationary, only the situation on the hemisphere screen changes. Because of this, after some time, the practitioners have a little discomfort, because the brain signals that some sensations are wrong.
Instructor's seat

Recently a new specialized simulator for the crew of the Mi-28H helicopter was delivered to the Center. It is not yet installed, because necessary alteration of the premises for its placement

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    8 July 2011 22: 51
    "When a pilot fires a guided missile for the first time and hits, there is a tradition according to which he receives a fifth point with an empty tube, and he is given a plug from the rocket as a keepsake."
    I would have heard of such a tradition elsewhere, I would not have believed in life)))
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    The army always has time for humor, otherwise the psyche will not stand it.