Czech ZRK "Cube" equipped with Aspide 2000 missiles

Czech ZRK "Cube" equipped with Aspide 2000 missiles

At the IDET-2011 military exhibition held in May in Brno (Czech Republic), and in June at the Le Bourget Air Show (France), an experimental model of the upgraded Soviet medium-range anti-aircraft missile system “Cube” with equipped anti-aircraft system Aspide 2, made in Italy. The development of this miracle of the Czech military industry was carried out by the Italian branch of the European rocket concern MBDA and the Czech company from Pardubice RETIA.

The company RETIA, at the request of the Czech Ministry of Defense, in the 2006-2008, conducted a limited modernization of the Cube air defense system under the SURN CZ program in the 25 anti-aircraft missile division of the Czech Army. Then, the integration of anti-aircraft complexes into the automated control system of the country's Air Force RACCOS was carried out. In 2015, the deadline for the storage of missiles on these complexes expires, therefore, since 2009, together with the Department of Air Defense of the Brno Military Institute, RETIA is studying the issue of replacing the 3X9X3 SAM systems of the Czech Cube complexes. The Italian company MBDA came to the aid of Czech colleagues, and since this period, fruitful work has been going on integrating the Aspide 2000 rockets into the Cube complex, which includes the composition of the MBDA Spada 2000 SAM systems. The technical features of the Aspide 2000 rocket include 241 kilograms of rocket weight, and the firing range is over 23 kilometers. It should be noted that the cheapening of the installations was due to the “remanufactured” missiles of the Aspide 2000 missiles of early production. New models of missiles are not inferior in price to early modifications.

The self-propelled 2P25 launcher of the “Cube” complex, after modernization, has three TPCs with the Aspide 2000 SAMs. The new system of the computing complex allows for targeting of the complex using the developed SURN CZ program of the standard 1C91М2 radar system, while the new transmitter is fully compatible with the Aspide 2000 SAM system. The launch complex is equipped with new data transmission equipment for the preparation for launching the missile complex as a whole.

At the end of this year, the completion of design work is expected, and next year, 2012, firing exercises will take place in Italy, at one of the closed training grounds. But at the beginning of this year, the Czech Defense Ministry announced that it was reducing the cost of rearming its army, and this would affect the Cube air defense system, which in 2016 should be removed from the Czech Air Force. Despite this, the developers continue design work, and if the Czech military makes a decision not in favor of the Kub air defense system, buyers will be found in one of these countries - Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and Montenegro. The interest of the military departments of these countries was noticed at the exhibitions in Brno and Le Bourget. Modernized Soviet technology at a reasonable price is quite comfortable with the military of these countries.

Before the collapse of Czechoslovakia in 1993, there were seven units of the 2K12 “Cube” air defense system in service with the country. Currently, they are all in Strakonice, armed with the 251-th anti-aircraft missile regiment (4-x battery pack) 25-th anti-aircraft missile brigade.

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