If shy of the past with a nuclear explosion?

If shy of the past with a nuclear explosion?

There is an intelligent idea: if you shoot a pistol into the past, it will shoot you from a cannon. And if you shoot a gun in the past? And if you hit him with a nuclear explosion? How will the past then respond to our present and future - also to ours, but, above all, to the future of our children and grandchildren? What will shoot it then in us and in them?

For example, we have crossed the milestone of the 70 anniversary since the start of World War II. And how did the “democratic” “Russian public” and official circles celebrate this date? What - an objective and honest analysis was given to the past? What - was paid tribute to all who did not flinch at this hour? But courage was shown not only in the walls of the Brest Fortress, but also outside the walls of the Kremlin! Already before the war, the Kremlin was working, actually in a military regime. And not at the Kremlin and not at Stalin lies the bulk of the blame for the failures of June 1941. The historical truth that whoever says the opposite is in it. Alas, on the whole, the current “masters of the minds” and “the rulers of the country” are trying to blow up historical truth with something like an informational (more precisely, disinformational) nuclear explosion. Time after time, Stalin and the Soviet authorities are being blackened, time after time this name and this concept are detached from the life, fate and efforts of the people. I will say more about this, but first I want to comment on the attempts to conduct an extremist campaign in Russia under the flags of de-Stalinization and detotalitarianization. On the one hand, this campaign does not have a clearly expressed official character, on the other hand, one can see the obvious favor of the leadership of the Russian Federation for the ideas of such a campaign. It is enough to refer to the well-known approval in the spring of this year by the Council for the Development of Civil Society under the President of the Russian Federation of a certain “de-Stalinization plan”.

At the same time, in the 14 magazine No. 11 from April 2011 of the Year, an article by Councilor Dmitry Oreshkin’s article “Sublimation of Stalin” was published - a malicious, stupid, illiterate libel on a given topic without a single historically and logically consistent argument . I will give only one passage Oreshkina: "…in Europe weapon was built not in spite of all the other economies and the standard of living of the population, but in parallel. And in Asia (where Russia has migrated thanks to the Bolsheviks) it is strictly the opposite. ”So-so ... And what, it is asked, the Red Army held off the pressure of the aggressor from 22 June 1941? "Asian" bast shoes? Mongolian bows?

The deadly threat of Russia was determined long ago, but the royal house of the Romanovs, even by the beginning of the First World War, did not bother, to create a modern society in Russia with developed science and engineering, with an educated people. Who prevented tsarism from doing this? The country was potentially the richest, the people were talented and hard-working ...

Russia, of course, was developing even before 1917, but not because of tsarism and the ruling classes in old Russia, but in spite of them. Already Catherine the Great called Russia the Universe, and this Universe could not in one way or another not expand in all directions. The question is how much this process was headed and directed in the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century to those who were supposed to do so, that is, representatives of the highest royal power headed by the king. And here we have a catch! After Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, not one of the Russian monarchs deserved even a nickname “Tolerable” - practically all of them were incompetent and inadequate, albeit in different ways.

So, the opposition of the pre-revolutionary and Soviet periods of Russian stories does not mean denying the positive potential of the first of these periods. Nor can we talk about any “Chinese wall” or the gap between one and the other Russia - this will be, first of all, antihistorical. Moreover, one must speak of their direct interconnection and continuity, but in what? There is continuity in the negative, and there is continuity in the positive. If we mean the continuity of national destiny and continuity in the activities for the development and strengthening of Russia, Russian science and culture, then yes, the Soviet period became the successor of previous eras. But if we are talking about the nature of the system, about the nature of power, then what kind of continuity can there be, if tsarism consciously alienated itself from the needs of the people, and the Soviet power — at all costs — was the power of the people?

Europe for the First World War had the electrical industry, aircraft industry and the automotive industry, and during the war there was a tank building! Tsarist Russia had nothing of this, and there is no need to boast of the truly pioneering "Ilya Muromets" - with all the talents of Igor Sikorsky it was not a very good aircraft from a military point of view, and the engines were foreign. And the great Russian people were despised by the old authorities, who did not believe in the strength of the people and were unable to appreciate and use them. Therefore, the Bolsheviks had to deal with everything at once, overcoming the Asiaticism of tsarism in a matter of years. It was not the arms that had to be built, but the defense sectors of the economy that were absent or poorly developed in tsarist Russia in order to produce those modern weapons with which we repelled the first onslaught of the enemy and eventually defeated him.

The creation of the defense industry is one of the great pre-war feats of the Soviet people that continued into the war. But after all, the top Soviet leadership, before the war and in the war, also accomplished its feat - the managerial one, including in creating the defense industry and directing it. This is what we should talk about today, but - to whom? Can those who demonstrate directly opposite qualities, performing miracles of incompetence, speak of the competence of the highest Soviet political and economic leadership?

Let's look at the essence. Some forces, without any proof, are trying to present the entire Soviet period in the history of Russia as a solid black line without visible achievements and successes. The leader of the USSR, I.V. Stalin, is portrayed as a tyrant and despot, responsible for all the negative processes in the modern history of Russia, having no merit to Russia and its peoples. Increasingly, there are calls, for example, on the Echo of Moscow radio station and in other mass media, to declare an objective portrayal of the history of the USSR and Stalin almost a criminal offense. At the same time, Stalin's haters blamed him for the harsh suppression of dissent. But if we define Stalinism in this way - as the suppression of dissent, then we can say that the current pseudo-de-Stalinizers just in this completely repeat the alleged Stalin, whose image they themselves created. It is "de-Stalinization" that calls upon society to return to the Stalinist (in their view) methods, with the only difference that in the 1930 and 1940 years the state’s control over ideas was dictated by the harsh circumstances of the prewar and military period, and today it cannot be justified from any point of view.

The main thing is that the current society as a whole - despite the rabid anti-Soviet and anti-Stalinist propaganda, actually encouraged at the official level - refers to Stalin and the Soviet period of history more and more positively and sympathetically. The latest independent and quite representative sociological polls show that the course towards “de-Stalinization” and “de-Sovietisation” does not support from 70 to 80% of the Russian population. People are beginning to realize that the merits of Stalin in the war are enormous, that denigrating Stalin and his era means denigrating the life and destinies of their fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, that it crosses out all the tremendous successes of the peoples of the USSR from the Dnieper, Chkalov records and the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag Gagarin’s flight and the Mir space station. The people do not want to give up their great and glorious history. Is this not the real reason for the supposedly "democratic" anxieties and troubles in its denigration?

The essence and role of Stalin in Russian history has long and precisely defined by the formula: "He accepted Russia with a plow, and left it with an atomic bomb." Today they are questioning the ownership of these words by Churchill. The question of authorship is really not easy. But is the main thing in this? The main thing is that this formula is absolutely accurate in essence both for evaluating the Stalin era, and about the role of Stalin in it! The era of Stalin really began with the plow, and ended with the nuclear defense of Russia from aggression.Now, by the way, there is a reverse process.

The creative transformation of Russia from a very backward country to the second power of the world turned out to be possible only because the Soviet era became the era of unprecedented before-all-round enthusiasm of multimillion-dollar masses, and this enthusiasm was generated by the ideas of socialism. In order to make sure that the period from the beginning of 1930 to the middle of 1950 was the most creative and successful in the history of Russia, a very brief historical and statistical analysis is enough. Claims to the contrary are obliged to present not fabrications, but facts. But just the facts and figures - not erased from the context of the era, but taken in their entirety - completely deny slanderers.
In connection with the 70 anniversary of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, especially antisocial, fraught with moral and material consequences for the peoples of Russia are attempts to impose on the Soviet Union almost sole responsibility for unleashing World War II, and the non-aggression pact concluded between the USSR and Germany 23 August 1939 of the year, to submit a "collusion of dictators."

Such attempts are being made at a time when it is becoming increasingly obvious that the most egoistic circles of the capitalist elite of the Anglo-Saxon world are responsible for both world wars, primarily in the United States of America. They were the ones who conceived, prepared and provoked both the First and Second World Wars, which brought great destruction and suffering to Russia and Europe. The elite of the United States is also pointed out by the ancient principle of “Look for who benefits from it!” It was America that received enormous profits from both world wars and as a result of two wars gained world hegemony, held back until the 1991, only by the presence of the USSR powerful nuclear weapons.

It is very bad that so far not a single major political force and, above all, the communists of Russia has come out loud with the idea of ​​holding not one or another talk show, but a serious nationwide television Round Table on the theme of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War. However, it is never too late to do this, bringing to the national discussion in general any aspect of the Soviet period of Russian history. As, by the way, and any aspect in general throughout our history. As, by the way, and any aspect in general throughout our history. It was the Communist Party of the Russian Federation that should not campaign, but time after time oppose the antisocial anti-Soviet campaign, trampling down objective historical truth and call upon all healthy social forces of Russia, preoccupied with its historical future, to give this campaign an appropriate moral assessment. Against the falsification of the Soviet history, it is time to speak not only to Pravda and Soviet Russia, but also, for example, the Literary Gazette. And - not only her. Anyone who has at least a drop of conscience.

At the same time, in contrast to the unfortunate detalalinizatorov, it is not necessary to demand any official sanctions against falsifiers - even if the suppression of freedom of speech, conscience, belief and the press will remain solely by their methods. One way or another, the wind of history will sweep away and already sweeps away the dirt and garbage inflicted on the Soviet era.

As for the evaluation of the activities of the top Soviet leadership in the prewar and military period, it can be - in the aggregate of efforts and decisions - only profoundly positive. Not only the Soviet people, but also the Soviet leadership stood the test of war. If we bear in mind directly the period before 22 June 1941 of the year and 22 June itself, then Stalin is responsible here, first of all, as a responsible leader in charge of everything - even for what he had nothing to do with. In the USSR, there was a very binding notion of “responsibility without guilt”, and in this sense Stalin, yes, bears the blame for 22 June 1941 of the year. But if you put the question this way, then how is it necessary to officially assess the role and meaning of the activity as head of the USSR, MS Gorbachev? As head of the Russian Federation - B.N. Yeltsin? And so on…

The Soviet leadership as a whole prepared the country for war - otherwise the USSR would have befallen the fate of Poland and France. The Soviet leadership was able, in the shortest time after 22 June, to seize the situation and put it under control, organizing both military resistance, evacuation, and intensification of military production in the rear, and - let's not forget, the ideological and spiritual mobilization for the struggle of all the healthy forces of society.
It’s time for all this to write objective historical research that is not only of historical and academic importance. Moreover, it would be extremely interesting and useful for the future to document the inseparable connection between the ideas and aspirations of the healthy forces of pre-revolutionary Russia and Soviet history. After all, this relationship is evident!

Continuity ... This is exciting and serious! In his poem dedicated to Pushkin, Vladimir Mayakovsky wrote about Pushkin's murderer Dantes:

Son of a bitch Dantes!

Grand World Skoda.

We would ask him:

- And who are your parents?

What did you do

before 17 year?

Only this Dantes would have seen

Mayakovsky wrote, referring to the “sun of Russian poetry”: “If we were alive, co-editor would have started according to Lef ...” It’s really necessary to understand that the Soviet citizen Mayakovsky directly considered Pushkin a citizen not only of Russia, but of Soviet Russia! And Mayakovsky was right. Soviet Russia calmly and naturally included in the number of its heroes and historical figures close to it not only Pushkin, but also the great princes Nevsky and Donskoy, Tsar Peter, the Tsar's generals Suvorov, Kutuzov, Bagration, the naval commanders of Ushakov, Nakhimov, Makarov, all outstanding scientists of tsarist Russia and figures of Russian culture.

In our northern seas before 1917, there were islands of Wrangel and Kolchak. After 1917, the island of Kolchak disappeared from the map, but Wrangel Island remained. The fact is that Admiral Kolchak himself struck out of Russian life, and Admiral Ferdinand Petrovich Wrangel, an outstanding polar explorer and leader of Russian America, lived the life of a Russian patriot, and Soviet Russia appreciated it, although Peter Wrangel’s relative of Ferdinand Wrangel was the worst enemy of Soviet power .

But here is a modern example from the life of anti-Soviet Russia ... I have before me the journal "Science first-hand" (No. XXUMX, 2), dedicated to academician Koptyug. Page 2011, photo of academicians K.I. Zamaraev, V.A. Koptyug and O.M.Nefedov. Signature (my italics in bold italics, - S. B.): “Members of the Russian delegation at the 33-th General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. Boston (USA). 34. " Sorry, but in 1987, I went to Boston Soviet delegation, which included three Soviet academician!

Well, is it possible, friends, scientists from the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and several academic institutions that have established a good journal? Why would you, like serious people, assimilate Valeria Novodvorskaya? Soviet patriots did not oppose and do not oppose Soviet Russia to old Russia at its best. But anti-Soviet people use mud to cover the Soviet period in the history of Russia and try to erase it from our lives. Isn't it time to rebel against this everywhere, publicly and amicably protesting against the murder of historical truth? After all, for our Academy of Sciences, in all its really positive activities, which is the brainchild of only and exclusively Soviet power, the struggle for a genuine image of the USSR and Soviet power must become a holy professional duty!

I offer both members of the scientific community in Russia (and not only in Russia), and in general to all thinking people to independently answer two, at least, questions: “For whom is it important and beneficial to destroy the Soviet past with“ nuclear bombs ”of a lie? And why is it advantageous for someone to strive for such a state of affairs when the masses of Russia will hate the Soviet past of their homeland? ”

After all, hatred of Soviet Russia is only the first step towards hatred towards Russia in general! Pushkin is inseparable from Mayakovsky, as the impulse to Peter's new life is inseparable from the Soviet enthusiasm of the first five-year plans or the Suvorov Rymnik - from the Soviet Order of Suvorov!

The order of Admiral Kornilov, beginning with the words: “Comrades! The enemy at the walls of Sevastopol! ”And Stalin's appeal to the people“ Brothers and sisters! ”Were generated by the same feeling of love for Russia and responsibility for it, and the wide Russian song was close to the builders of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, as it was close to the Cossacks pioneers of Yerofey Pavlovich Khabarov ...

Today, according to the Soviet past, information terror is being pounded by “nuclear bombs”. But as if this past did not shy away from the falsifiers of history thermonuclear a blow of truth.
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