Japanese Shinzo Abe decided to make friends with Korean Kim Jong-un


Throughout July, Shinzo Abe shows signs of attention to Kim Jong-un. No, do not think anything extra. These are several statements from which it becomes clear: The Land of the Rising Sun is moving closer to the state of Juche. He is getting closer that the US Department of State, with all his tolerance, screamed at Tokyo, demanding that his friendship with Pyongyang be coordinated with Washington. Apparently, in this case, the third is not superfluous.

In early July, Tokyo announced the lifting of sanctions against the DPRK, and they made it clear that this was only the beginning of a rapprochement.

“Japan will lift its sanctions against the DPRK. This is an action in response to an action. But this is just the start, ”said Prime Minister Abe.

Part of the sanctions is canceled because Tokyo discovered “progress” in investigating the fate of seventeen Japanese who were abducted in 1970 and 1980 in the North Korean special services (this is the version of Tokyo). Previously, the DPRK recognized only thirteen cases. But now in North Korea, a special committee has been created that has been given greater authority. The commencement of a committee investigation will serve as a signal to Japan to relax restrictions on remittances, allow citizens to travel, and the entry of North Korean ships to Japanese ports for humanitarian purposes.

The next step in bringing the two states closer is the steps of Tokyo and Pyongyang to create a direct link. The media also wrote about this in early July.

The direct line will be used to discuss urgent issues relating to the fate of the Japanese, abducted by North Korean special services.

There will be nothing tricky in this line: ordinary telephone and fax communications. While progress in these plans is not visible. In the Russian press on this subject did not appear News since July 5th. However, both the Japanese and Koreans do not like to rush.

Other facts point to convergence. In mid-July, the media reported on the statements of Shinzo Abe. The premier said that the launches of North Korean 13 missiles in July will not affect the negotiations between Tokyo and Pyongyang on Japanese citizens held in the DPRK.

Abe noted that “the launch of ballistic missiles is a violation of the UN Security Council resolutions,” but he said: “We intend to continue to demand that the investigation of the fate of Japanese citizens held in the DPRK should be pursued in accordance with the recently reached Japanese-North Korean agreements. Our current missile launch will not have any impact on our work to resolve this problem. ”

This installation clearly did not like the United States, which in the second half of July began to openly put pressure on Tokyo.

As reported by 21 July "Russian newspaper"After some silence, the United States determined its position on the breakthrough in relations between Tokyo and Pyongyang. Identified her States in a telephone conversation.

Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking with his Japanese counterpart, demanded that the Japanese Prime Minister not visit the DPRK and said that Japan should consult the United States in advance about all possible compromises with North Korea.

The conversation was held, it can be said, in raised voices.

“Hold your horses in relations with the DPRK and tell your premier that he would not think about going to Pyongyang. In addition, with all of our “breakthrough initiatives” with North Korea, consult us in advance, ”the White House’s message to the Japanese Secretary of State, RG correspondent Oleg Kiryan, jokingly conveys the White House’s position to the Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishidy.

The diplomatic original of the conversation is: “If Premier Abe visits North Korea, this can lead to a weakening of the alliance between the United States, Japan and South Korea.” In addition, a warning followed from Kerry: “Japan’s sole initiatives are not appropriate. The United States and Japan are allies, and therefore we ask that all initiatives and intentions in negotiations with Pyongyang Tokyo be consulted in advance with us. ”

It is difficult to say whether Abe will "consult". Such humiliation may cost him a rating that has already moved below 50%.

What happens in Japan?

First, three weeks ago, the government of Shinzo Abe passed a resolution allowing the Japanese armed forces to operate in other countries. The main condition that Japan has set for itself: the need to protect "friendly countries".

The other day, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida directly explained to Parliament that the threat to Japan would be ... the attack of enemies on the United States of America. In this case, Tokyo will defend Washington.

The Japanese people did not appreciate the unconstitutional hawk ideas of Abe; in Tokyo there was even a protest in the form of self-immolation.

Secondly, Tokyo has serious economic problems.

According to the results of the financial year 2013 / 2014, Japan recorded a record deficit in foreign trade - 13,75 trillion yen (134,3 billion dollars), reports RIA News".

Japan's foreign trade deficit in the first half of 2014 of the year amounted to a record 1979 trillion yen (7,6 billion dollars) from the 74,96 of the year for this period. The deficit in June was 822,24 billion yen (8,11 billion dollars). Japan’s trade deficit has been in the red zone for two years in a row.

To solve problems, enmity on the political front with China, Japan tries through friendship with Mongolia. Japan and Mongolia plan to conclude an agreement on the creation of a free trade zone, Gazeta.ru with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Shinzo Abe and President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorzh participated in the talks between the two countries. “We plan to ratify the agreement in the parliaments of our countries by the beginning of next year,” said the Japanese prime minister. In his opinion, the free trade zone will help attract Japanese investment in Mongolian projects.

Thirdly, Japan is hampered by a sharp political crisis. 20 July ITAR-TASS reported that Shinzo Abe decided to replace more than half of the eighteen cabinet ministers. Changes are expected in September.

It is not reported whether foreign policy and defense ministers will keep their portfolios.

Fourthly, Japanese society is disturbed by absurd ideas about the Japanese “Crimean scenario” regarding the Kuril Islands. The source of these ideas is unclear. It may well be that a strange injection into the press of such “rumors” is being undertaken by “someone” to increase the fallen Abe rating.

Bloggers with might and main replicate some gossip about the upcoming seizure by Japan of the Kuril Islands "according to the Crimean scenario." Analysts are echoing bloggers from the West.

The latter believe that the “new interpretation” of the Japanese constitution is connected precisely with the “dangerous Crimean precedent”. So says, for example, Alexander Wolfson, whose words leads Pravda.ru.

“This message (Putin’s on the reunification of the Russian Federation and the Crimea) has already been learned in Asia. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took unprecedented action to move away from the historically established limited defense forces towards a proposal to support regional allies against China. At the same time, Abe turned to nationalist rhetoric for stabbing the Chinese dragon. It is not difficult to imagine the emergence of regional hegemons inspired by nationalist ideas as a result. This is the breeding ground for the regional arms race, in which America will be pulled in with the help of existing treaty obligations, ”said Wolfson.

However, a sensible person cannot agree with such arguments.

“No, this has nothing to do with the Crimea,” Alexander Panov, a former ambassador to Japan and chief researcher at the Institute of the USA and Canada, told Pravde.ru. “Firstly, this process began long before the events in Crimea, and if we talk about nationalistic sentiments at all, they are growing throughout the world. This is a reaction to the globalization process. As for Japan, this is due to the fact that Japan is afraid of China. And yielding more and more to China, Japan is worried that it will be unable to withstand such serious pressure. ”

Thus, it is obvious that Tokyo (more precisely, Shinzo Abe) is confused about internal problems that coincided with external problems. The aggressive rhetoric of Abe leads to sad results: APR countries are waiting for war.

According to the latest Pew Research public opinion poll conducted in eleven countries, most of the population of the Asia-Pacific region are “very concerned” about the likelihood of a military conflict with China. This was announced by the portal. "Vesti.Ekonomika".

In the Philippines, the possibility of war with China concerns 93% of respondents, in Japan 85% of respondents, in Vietnam 84%, in South Korea 83%, in India 72%, in Malaysia 66%, in Bangladesh 55% Indonesia - 52%. As for China, there 62% of respondents are convinced that the conflict over disputed territories with neighboring countries could escalate into a war.

And it is clear that first of all we are talking about the regional confrontation between China and Japan, from which up to the Third World War there is one small step.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for topwar.ru
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    1. +4
      25 July 2014 09: 11
      wonderful are thy works of the Lord!
      1. +3
        25 July 2014 10: 10
        Quote: spech
        wonderful are thy works of the Lord!

        Quote: spech
        The State Department, with all its tolerance, shouted at Tokyo, demanding friendship with Pyongyang to coordinate with Washington.

        This says a lot, especially about the independence of Japan, but they also try to rock the boat.
        1. 0
          25 July 2014 17: 01
          In Japan, in recent years, too, the threshold for nationalization of society has risen sharply in the wake of patriotism.
      2. 0
        25 July 2014 13: 34
        Quote: spech
        wonderful are thy works of the Lord!

        And do not say ... This is news from the category of the most unexpected. What is it for?..
        1. +1
          25 July 2014 23: 08
          Quote: mamont5
          What is it for?..

          It's simple. Over the years of isolation, the DPRK has lagged behind in all matters. And the market, although small, is capacious, because everything is needed in the DPRK. And you can support the Japanese manufacturer on credit, which will be returned by North Korea, addicted to Japanese goods and technologies, and for a long time. And the missing Japanese are, of course, important, but this is a reason to start contacts. Moreover, the "young tiger", in the form of South Korea, Japan is already strongly on the heels, how can one not support the main enemy of a direct competitor. Well, and China ...
          There are many more points, but this article will succeed.
    2. +4
      25 July 2014 09: 15
      Give the introduction of Juche ideas in the land of Yamato! laughing
      1. +4
        25 July 2014 09: 19
        Good morning everybody hi
        quote- All July Shinzo Abe shows signs of attention to Kim Jong-un.

        probably because of this video

        continuation of quotationNo, do not think anything extra. Speech about several statements from which it becomes clear: The land of the rising sun is moving closer to the state of Juche. He is getting closer that the US Department of State, with all his tolerance, screamed at Tokyo, demanding that his friendship with Pyongyang be coordinated with Washington. Apparently, in this case, the third is not superfluous.

        But seriously, no matter what Japan does, it is forever tied to the United States. To assume that Japan will seriously go towards rapprochement with the DPRK, at least naively.
        1. Strezhevsky
          25 July 2014 10: 56
          Quote: Apollon
          Japan, she is forever attached to the United States.

          Che then mattress mattresses !!?
        2. +1
          25 July 2014 22: 20
          Quote: Apollon

          never say never!
          in our case - forever.
          everything in the world begins and ends when ...
    3. +4
      25 July 2014 09: 35
      Secondly, Tokyo has serious economic problems, the United States has serious economic problems if it continues to navigate .. the United States navigates, it’s possible to get an awesome crisis ... both political and economic .. The Japanese are not stupid, but they won’t make any sudden movements .. as they say: Persimmon should ripen and fall itself ...
    4. +3
      25 July 2014 09: 42
      Secretary of State John Kerry, speaking with his Japanese counterpart, demanded that the Japanese Prime Minister not visit the DPRK and said that Japan should consult the United States in advance about all possible compromises with North Korea.

      This is a conversation between the "godfather" and the "six".
      1. 0
        25 July 2014 18: 11
        And at the same time, most Yapi (according to social polls) are convinced that Hiroshima is the work of Russian hands. Where the world is heading ...
    5. +2
      25 July 2014 10: 01
      Japanese Shinzo Abe decided to make friends with Korean Kim Jong-un

      Japanese Shinzo Abe ready to give up the Kuril Islands and give Russia Hokkaido?

      Hokkaido ... May come in handy!
      1. +3
        25 July 2014 13: 35
        Quote: Enot-poloskun
        Hokkaido ... May come in handy!

        The indigenous inhabitants of Hokaido are the Ainu, the remnants of the people live in our territory.
        Yapi did not apologize for their genocide.
        Return the island to the indigenous people!
        Okinawans treat the samurai invaders badly. To avoid the emergence of "separatists" Okinawa, after the 2nd MV, they gave the Amers a base, but discontent is quietly brewing.
        Japan's avoidance of bankruptcy is easy.
        Remove the invaders from their land.
        Apologize to everyone with whom they fought.
        Sign a peace treaty with the Russian Federation (the recognition of ALL the Kuril Islands is ours) and, with its help, establish relations on a mutually beneficial basis with the PRC.
        The same goes for the Republic of Korea.
        You can always agree if the occupying forces do not interfere.
        1. -2
          25 July 2014 18: 14
          AINS lived on Sakhalin, but ours cut them out.
          1. +2
            25 July 2014 19: 55
            Not cut, but assimilated.
            Nowhere is there evidence that the Russians were engaged in genocide. Conscience have it write am
          2. +1
            25 July 2014 23: 12
            Quote: Kibalchish

            Are you from Ukraine?
    6. 0
      25 July 2014 10: 02
      Apparently, in truth, Japan has some problems, since they forced them to go closer to rapprochement with the DPRK ...
    7. +4
      25 July 2014 10: 16
      You are surprised - the Japanese work from morning to night - and the lack of money. Indeed - you have more, you want more. If we worked like that, would it also be?
      1. +3
        26 July 2014 00: 49
        The Japanese were held hostage by their politicians. Politicians lobbied for the economic interests of local construction bosses and borrowed money from taxpayers. And they also paid for the "banquet" of large banks, which at the most could not fly, lending to speculators in land and real estate. As a result, when the state was unable to make ends meet, they began to issue state loans and snatch them to large banks, which bought them with depositors' money. Then there was not enough money to service the state debt. Interest on already issued loans began to be paid at the expense of ... issuing new loans. In short, MMM. Recently, the Japanese celebrated a "significant" event - the national debt reached 1 (quadrillion !!!) yen. I mean $ 000 trillion. Given that Japan's GDP is almost 000 times less - about 000 trillion yen (or about 000 trillion dollars). Despite the fact that the volume of the revenue and expenditure side of the budget is 000 times less - 10 trillion yen. 2% of budget revenues are formed by issuing new bonds, and almost a quarter of budget expenditures goes to paying interest on bonds. To summarize, at some point there will not be enough money from depositors for Japanese "mavrodiyevki" (and Western investors are already running away from Japanese bonds like the devil from incense) and this bubble will burst, and this moment is not far off
        1. +2
          26 July 2014 09: 43
          Yeah. I do not trust these bankers - money is out of thin air. They do nothing themselves - this is extremely bad for society.
    8. Web
      25 July 2014 10: 36
      It is getting closer that the US State Department, with all its tolerance, shouted at Tokyo, demanding friendship with Pyongyang to coordinate with Washington.

      Yes, in general, how dare! Thinking of quietly embracing friendship, while the great strategists in eastern Europe are starting a war? Thought behind the roar of mortar shots, falling helicopter planes and you will not notice? Yeah, there it was. Short leash and strict collar. These are your kind of friends ...
    9. +1
      25 July 2014 12: 18
      Japan is looking for allies in the confrontation with China.
    10. Berezin alex
      25 July 2014 14: 14
      Fuck them, not the Crimean scenario. It would be time for everyone to understand for a long time that Russia is a nuclear power, or is Hiroshima not enough for them? So we must add, maybe they will start to be afraid of us
    11. +2
      25 July 2014 15: 40
      It’s time for Japan to learn one simple truth: territorial claims against Russia over the Kuril Islands may one day result in Japan becoming part of the Sakhalin Oblast ...
      1. +2
        25 July 2014 23: 18
        Quote: denchik1977
        Japan will become part of the Sakhalin Oblast ..

        China is grabbing us forward.
    12. +2
      25 July 2014 16: 07

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