Upgrade of the Strategic Missile Forces in 2014

Upgrade of the Strategic Missile Forces in 2014

One of the main areas of work within the framework of the State Armaments Program, calculated up to 2020, is weapons and technology of the Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN). A few days ago, on July 17, a meeting of the Military Council of the Strategic Missile Forces was held, devoted to the development of this kind of troops, namely the implementation of plans for the current 2014 year. During the event, which was chaired by Colonel-General Sergei Karakaev, Commander-in-Chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, the military leaders discussed the implementation of the State Defense Order-2014 and the prospects for the development of troops.

The meeting of the Military Council was attended by the heads of directorates, services and divisions of the strategic missile forces command, representatives of several departments of the Ministry of Defense, as well as heads of some defense enterprises engaged in the production of weapons for the Strategic Missile Forces. Representatives of the military and defense industries discussed current work and future plans.

Work on the implementation of the state defense order-2014 is conditionally divided into two directions. The first involves the purchase of serial equipment and weapons, the second - the implementation of research and development work. A similar approach is used in the preparation of plans for the year, as well as in the allocation of expenses for the development of rocket forces.

The state defense order for this year was drafted in such a way that the Strategic Missile Forces would receive the required number of missile systems, control and support systems. At the same time, the plans took into account the need to maintain the required combat strength of the troops and ensure the required efficiency. To maintain the combat capability of the Strategic Missile Forces at the proper level, the existing missile systems must be at a high level of readiness. At least 96% of strategic missile systems should be ready for use at any time.

The main item of expenditure on the purchase of weapons and equipment is the latest Yars missile systems. Strategic Rocket Forces continue to receive these systems in stationary (mine) and mobile versions. In the future, the Yars system should become the main strike weapon of the Strategic Missile Forces, gradually ousting obsolete missiles of the appropriate class. In addition, much attention is paid to the purchase of training complexes, as well as polygon-measuring systems.

The State Defense Order of the Strategic Missile Forces for this year included the costs of developing several different projects. By order of the Strategic Missile Forces, the domestic defense industry is creating new missile systems with different characteristics and in different base variants, new types of missile equipment, anti-missile defense systems, control systems, etc. In addition, the defense industry is upgrading existing systems.

The Strategic Missile Forces continue to receive various combat and auxiliary equipment, and the volume of such supplies has grown significantly this year. In early June, the official representative of the missile troops, Colonel Igor Yegorov, spoke about the deliveries planned for the 2014 year. Until the end of this year, troops will receive more than 200 armored personnel carriers of several models, including a half dozen BTR-82А and BTR-82АМ. In addition, about a hundred KAMAZ trucks, including more than 60 KAMAZ-53501 vehicles, must be received in units. It is also planned to repair and upgrade parts of the existing equipment. According to I. Egorov, the achieved rates of supply of new motor vehicles make it possible to completely renew its fleet every 20 years.

To date, the development of several types of new technology for the Strategic Missile Forces has been completed. Auxiliary machines of several types have already reached the stage of testing or serial construction. So, in August last year, the Strategic Missile Forces received the first and so far the only copy of the Tayfun-M combat anti-sabotage vehicle (BPMD). The vehicle, based on the BTR-82 armored personnel carrier, is designed to monitor the situation and protect mobile missile systems from attack. BPMD “Typhoon-M” carries a set of surveillance tools, allowing to detect the enemy’s equipment or manpower at a distance of several kilometers. Among other systems, the machine is equipped with light unmanned aerial vehicles. If necessary, the crew of the BPMD "Typhoon-M" can independently destroy the enemy with the help of the existing PKTM machine gun or call in reinforcements.

In 2014, deliveries of serial engineering and camouflage machines (MIOM) 15М69 continue. The machine based on the MZKT-7930 wheel chassis is capable of performing a number of works to ensure the combat duty of mobile missile systems. MIOM 15М69 using a set of sensors can check the ability to travel mobile launcher on an unprepared route. For this, the machine equipment can check the bearing capacity of the ground or bridge, as well as determine the dimensions of the passage and compare them with the dimensions of the launcher. In addition, using a grader device, MIOM 15М69 can destroy the tracks of the missile complex and, in order to disguise, “roll in” false tracks. One engineering and disguise machine is capable of placing up to six launcher simulators in false positions.

At 2014, the year was scheduled for the start of mass production of the Foliage (MDP) remote demining machines. This vehicle, based on the 69501 Item chassis, of the KAMAZ plant, is equipped with a set of electronic equipment to search for and deactivate explosive devices on the routes of mobile missile systems. It was argued that the equipment of the Foliage machine is capable of searching for mines at a distance of 100 m within a sector with a width of 30 °. Depending on the type of explosive device found, the crew of the vehicle can clear it manually or use a microwave emitter, causing the electrical components of the mine to become unusable.

Currently, the Moscow Thermal Engineering Institute is developing a new missile system under the code name "Rubezh". Very little is known about the new rocket, and most of the information is classified. However, last year the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Missile Forces, S. Karakayev, said that the rocket of the new complex would be lighter than the product of the Yars system. According to various sources, the range of the Rubezh missile will exceed 10-11 thousand kilometers and it will be able to carry several warheads. A few weeks ago, domestic media reported that the complex "Rubezh" will begin to arrive in the army next year.

Over the next few years, the Strategic Missile Forces should receive another new intercontinental ballistic missile, the development of which is now engaged in Miass State Rocket Center. V.P. Makeev. The Sarmat project missile should replace the outdated products of the Р-36М family, which are still on duty. According to reports, announced by officials, the starting mass of the new rocket will exceed 100 tons, and the range can reach 10-11 thousand km. In May of this year, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said that the Sarmat rocket would carry several maneuvering warheads. Other details of the payload of the rocket remain unknown. Earlier it was reported that in the 2014, the construction of a new rocket will begin. The estimated delivery time of the first production missiles of the new model is 2017-18 years.

In anticipation of the new Rubezh and Sarmat missiles, the Strategic Missile Forces personnel continue to master the Yars complexes, as well as train to use other types of weapons. In early June, Colonel I. Egorov revealed some details of upcoming training events. In total, by the end of the year, it was planned to conduct 120 various exercises, checks and fees. Within the framework of the current summer period of training (from the beginning of June until the end of autumn), 40 headquarters and 20 command-staff trainings, 10 command-staff exercises and fifty tactical and tactical-special exercises must pass in the missile forces. In addition, before the end of 2014, 12 strategic missile launches will take place. This number includes launches designed to train personnel and test equipment, as well as test launches in the framework of new projects.

In accordance with the State Armaments Program, up to 2020, the share of new weapons and equipment in the army should reach 70%. The updating of strategic missile forces is in full compliance, and on some points, and ahead of the established plan. Deputy Minister of Defense Y. Borisov said earlier that, while maintaining the current rates, by the 2020, the Strategic Missile Forces could be completely transferred to new equipment and weapons. A little more than five years are left before the end of the current state program, and therefore the industry and the rocket forces have enough time to implement all the plans. Nevertheless, work should be continued now, but not indulge in the notorious dizziness of success.

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  1. +4
    July 24 2014
    Thank. Very informative.
  2. +9
    July 24 2014
    Strategic Rocket Forces is our trump card in any situation. And most importantly, with new complexes, we are moving away from dependence on Ukraine. With the element base, I would still have done a good job, would have been completely in chocolate.
    Thank you for the article on the topic of the site.
  3. +7
    July 24 2014
    How great the desire of mankind for destruction, but you want peace, ... the USA must be destroyed !!!
    1. +6
      July 24 2014
      Quote: Hammer 75
      USA must be destroyed !!!

      Marc Porcius Cato Are you not a relative?
      1. +5
        July 24 2014
        With regard to the United States, Cato was right. He foresaw a cooler Vanga. And don't be smart. Better repeat ANYWHERE you can: Also, I think the US should be destroyed! "
        1. dzau
          July 24 2014
          there seems to be so in the original: ceterum censeo Pendostan esse delendam

          and the man said everything correctly
  4. +5
    July 24 2014
    That's what we need, while the American pugs are tramping, we are slowly building up resistance against them, so that, as they say, do not rock the boat
  5. +4
    July 24 2014
    Good should be with fists ... but better with a club ... nuclear. wink
  6. +2
    July 24 2014
    I don’t really understand the meaning of the rocket even less than Yars, so he has a small load ...
  7. +1
    July 24 2014
    Somehow everything is too smooth. I can’t believe it, there is always a fly in the ointment (((
    1. Vik.Tor
      July 24 2014
      Well, why are you like this, the Strategic Missile Forces are the most developing branch of the armed forces, so you can do without a spoon good
    2. 0
      July 24 2014
      Quote: Byshido_dis
      have a fly in the ointment

      Of course there is, and not one. But. They work on them. I communicate with the crafts in the Teykovo division. I know something, and I see that the process is and is going in the right direction. I don’t give examples, modest because, Yes If you want, take a word.
  8. 0
    July 24 2014
    More missiles: different and better!
  9. +3
    July 24 2014
    Adoption of Yars is a success! I remember when Topol was adopted, the neighbor rocket was swearing. 21 century and you ........ you are accepting a rocket with one warhead! Finally, they correct the mistakes of the past!
  10. +1
    July 24 2014
    A balanced development and modernization of the elements of the nuclear triad as a whole is necessary.
  11. +1
    July 24 2014
    Quote: sub307
    Taking Yars is a success

    May be. But so far the combat control system of this product is inoperative. Therefore, the mobile version of Yars carries only experienced combat duty. And, judging by the attempts of the industrialists, the prospects and terms for bringing the combat control system to mind are not clear. Wherever the KGB looks.
  12. +13
    July 24 2014
    Let the Strategic Rocket Forces continue to grow stronger and stronger. HOORAY.
    1. +1
      July 24 2014
      cobalt RU Today, 12:37
      Cobalt, you feel an iron and strong word in you!
  13. +1
    July 24 2014
    Oh, here she is. SILUSHA RUSSIAN YES BOGATYRS !!! good
    1. Valerik
      August 29 2014
      Tell WHO CAN ABOUT:
      I worked at 11-57.
      It's hard to name a car better.
      I didn’t know more reliably.
  14. +1
    July 24 2014
    If the enemy does not surrender, they destroy him. Axiom of war. And the more efficient and with less loss, it is preferable.
  15. +1
    July 24 2014
    I am very glad that my native branch is flourishing. I am glad that yesterday I saw my native Teikovo compound on TV. And one of the first sites on which "Topol" was deployed was my military unit 12465.
    Rocket Anthem
    "Long range missiles are not an obstacle,
    But we do not want to threaten war
    Countries calm us the highest reward
    We stand on guard of the Motherland with confidence! "
    Well, about the fact that the Strategic Missile Forces service is usually not visible to an ordinary person, you all already know. Because the Strategic Missile Forces were not created to push themselves out. If my memory serves me, the first "poplar regiments" in the USSR took over duty in 1984. 30 years have passed, and mattress covers have not created anything like this.
  16. +3
    July 24 2014
    One click on the button and the dollar will fall to zero ...
    1. ICT
      July 24 2014
      Quote: parafoiler
      One click on the button - and the dollar will fall to zero.

      and you have to forget about the ruble

      that is the essence of all this kind of troops, that they should never fight, but should always be ready to press the very "button"
  17. wef
    July 24 2014
    He took part in the update 77 - 84. Kozelsk. Nice to hear. that the shield is in hand and is being updated.
  18. +4
    July 24 2014
    Now the old burden of the governors with poplars is dragging the whole burden of defending the Motherland. but with the introduction of new complexes of the problem! Beautiful Yars, but still not on duty, but they said that in 2014 they would. Alas, the military and industry have a lot of plans, but there are no results yet! And the reason is that the children of Pepsi-Cola, like liberals, divinely proclaim plans, cut the budget, but they cannot organize the solution of the state task and try to appoint different people who can be blamed for not fulfilling the combat mission!
    The command, especially the middle level, is trying with all its might to prove its activity, putting forward unrealistic goals for the troops, but at the same time not trying to get involved in the real organization of combat training and operation of military equipment and weapons. The abundance of guidelines and orders are not provided not materially, not legally. full of contradictions between them, they drive the platoon commander crazy. In "help" a bunch of supervisory and supervisory bodies are created. Alas, now the command link of the middle and top level is extremely weak, and in order to save its skin it throws the lower classes into the embrasure. soldier
    after all, even the holy war book of the Charter, absolutely does not correspond to real reality
    But I really want to believe that in spite of everything everything will turn out!
    1. 0
      July 24 2014
      How did you decide that the Yars are not on duty? Are standing. And not the first year.
    2. 0
      July 24 2014
      Real combat training assumes both the presence of a certain amount of knowledge from its organizer and responsibility for its absence. If it all ends with people sitting in classes before entering the database and filling out the BP magazines, the result is predetermined - stupid coaching before checking and begging the four of the inspector.
    3. +1
      July 25 2014
      Quote: andr327
      Beautiful Yars, but has not yet been put on duty, but they said that they will put in 2014.

      It turns out that the Russian Defense Ministry is lying, is deceiving the Supreme and our long-suffering people?
      For decency, at least read something:
      "Since March 4, 2011, the regiment took up combat duty as part of two missile divisions armed with the Yars PGRK with an RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). In June 2011, with the entry into combat duty of the third missile division, the regiment was brought to full staff. " http://www.arms-expo.ru/news/archive/pervyy-raketnyy-polk-yarsov-v-polnom-sostav
      e-neset-boevoe-dezhurstvo09-08-2011-15-09-00/ а также http://ria.ru/defense_safety/20111228/528276059.html
      Teach materiel!
    4. +2
      July 25 2014
      Truly so. I am ready to subscribe under your every word, "andr327". Here someone "Boa constrictor KAA" teaches decency and advises to teach materiel ... Well, the flag is in his hands (by the way, his first link seems to have deteriorated). It turns out that there is one materiel in Teikovo, and another in Novosibirsk? In the pictures and in the videos, everything is really very even ... Well, why explain to the "electorate" the difference between the concepts of "combat duty" (my experience of direct maintenance of a base station in the Strategic Missile Forces is 20 years) and "experimental combat duty". Remove the word "experienced -..." from the report, and a bravura report is ready to anyone (I wonder if our VGK really does not know? I doubt it). Links: the new 6th (PKP level of the missile battalion) and 7th (preparation and launch group) seem to be there, but about the 5th (CP and PKP missile regiment) - the snag came out like in a joke - after assembly with a file finalize. Well, the new ASBU installed on the DBK does not communicate with the old one - even cry. Reshat, of course, will find modern Lefties and Kulibins, they will even pay (probably), BUT! TIME. How much of it has already been missed - fear ...
      For reference: the current commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Lieutenant General Karakaev, is not a missile engineer (there is such a super military profession - a personnel officer), but when Serdyukov "left" the previous Commander (I write with a capital letter since I respect Shvaichenko A.A.), then comrade Karakaev a year earlier, the General Staff was released from the military academy, "as an external student," so to speak. For - MENAGER (according to Zadornov). Dropout? Or is it necessary?
      Well, if anyone else knows about the ordeal with the object "Grotto" - full respect and respect. You can write a novel about this. Poplar style (not to be confused with DBK).
  19. +1
    July 25 2014
    Strategic Rocket Forces is the anchor that prevents us from washing us off the face of the earth. May it be strong.
  20. +1
    July 25 2014
    The most terrible poplar forest.
  21. 0
    July 25 2014
    Well done! Keep it up! And then we do this:


    laughing laughing laughing
  22. 0
    July 25 2014
    As usual, beautifully laid.
    HZ served on the arsenal of the Strategic Missile Forces .... sadness and trouble, everything is collapsed or falling apart.
    Vaults are lying around, more than half of the security systems that tens of millions spent a couple of years ago do not work. In principle, a knowledgeable person can easily infiltrate the territory, bypassing all TSS, EZs have been decommissioned + some areas are not taken under protection at all. This is despite the fact that there are about a dozen Topolis and sometimes Satan is imported)
  23. 0
    July 29 2014
    It's time for our oligarchs to help the defense industry and not Euro-American sports.
  24. Vlad1408
    July 30 2014
    We are peaceful people, but our armored train stands on a siding and it pleases, but it stops the adversaries.

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