Atomflot launches Rossita container ship

The multifunctional ship Rossita left the home port of Murmansk and set sail for Said-Guba to fulfill the contract with SevRAO (North-West Center for Radioactive Waste Management), the blog reports bmpd with reference to the FSUE "Atomflot".

The purpose of the contract is “to export temporary packages with solid radioactive waste from the territory of the SZTS SevRAO by sea transport and place them in storage at Sayda Bay”, the report says.

The first deputy general director of Atomflot, Mustafa Kashka, explained that the Serebryanka servicing vessel had previously performed similar operations.

“Now we are starting the operation of the Rossita, specially built for these works”
said Kashka. He added that before this the ship had sailed several times to the sea, but it transported only regular cargo. Now the ship "will be engaged in the removal of SNF and RW from recycled nuclear submarines from the former coastal bases of the Russian Navy in North-West Russia."

The Rossita container ship was commissioned by Atomflot FSUE in 2011. The ship was built in Italy as part of the intergovernmental agreement “On bilateral cooperation on the disposal of Russian nuclear submarines withdrawn from the combat operations of the Russian Navy and the processing of nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel” concluded in 2003

The money for the construction of Rossita (Russia-Italy), about € 70 million, was allocated by the Italian side as a contribution to the G8 global partnership.

The Rossita is an ice-class vessel, its displacement is 4 thousand tons, intended for the transport of spent nuclear fuel. It has 2 insulated cargo compartments (holds), the total capacity of which is 720 tons. Vessel length - 84 m, width - 14 m, speed - up to 12 nodes.
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    1. +8
      22 July 2014 16: 53
      A very useful ship, thanks to the Italians.
      1. +7
        22 July 2014 17: 07
        We are all two-handed for such a business collaboration.
      2. +2
        22 July 2014 17: 09
        Is this what the Italians gave us for free? Chet can not believe it ...
        1. +1
          22 July 2014 17: 11
          Here most likely sharing
          1. 0
            23 July 2014 06: 48
            Quote: nikrandel
            Here most likely sharing

            Especially the Italians will come in handy such a quality as the ability to walk in ice conditions, and this ship will also be indispensable when disposing of the Italian nuclear fleet laughing . It is said after all:
            The money for the construction of Rossita (Russia-Italy), about € 70 million, was allocated by the Italian side as a contribution to the G8 global partnership.

            It was just that the Italians were inclined to allocate money within the framework of the then "Zh8", their turn was to share with babos.
      3. +1
        22 July 2014 17: 19
        Hmm ... Necessary and useful work !!! And many thanks ... For a reliable SHIP !!!
    2. +3
      22 July 2014 17: 03
      In anticipation of a global confrontation in the Arctic, everything will be useful there!
    3. +12
      22 July 2014 17: 07
      Construction of auxiliary vessels:
      1 Project 18280 large reconnaissance ship "Yuri Ivanov" for the Pacific Fleet. Laid down on December 27.12.2004, 30.09.2013, launched on September XNUMX, XNUMX. It is planned to be handed over to the fleet this year.

      2 naval arms transport of project 20180TV "Akademik Kovalev" and "Akademik Aleksandrov". Laid on 20.12.2011 and 20.12.2012, respectively. The plans are to be handed over to the fleet this year.
      The technical readiness of the Akademik Kovalev project 20180TV maritime transport of weapons (MTV), which is being built at the Severodvinsk enterprise Zvezdochka, is 73%. The Central Naval Portal was informed about this by a source familiar with the situation in the military-industrial complex.

      1 oceanographic vessel of project 22010 "Yantar" for the Baltic Fleet. Laid down on 09.07.2010/05.12.2012/19, launched on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. According to the plan, it was supposed to be transferred to the fleet last year, but only on June XNUMX this year, mooring trials began at the Yantar Baltic shipyard.

      1 rescue vessel of project 21300 "Igor Belousov" for the Northern Fleet. Laid down on 24.12.2005, launched on 30.10.2012

      1 logistic support vessel "Elbrus" of project 23120. Laid down on 14.11.2012. Delivery is planned on 25.11.2014 (plan).
      1 rescue tugboat SBS-45 project 22870 for CFL. Laid down in the 2011 year, launched on the 24.05.2013 year. Currently in testing.

      2 excursion tugboat MB-134 and MB-135 project PE-65 for the SF. 06.03.2014 and 20.03.2014 are laid down respectively. Planned for transmission this year.
      3 raid tugboat project 16609 (2 for Pacific Fleet, 1 for BF). 28.11.2013, 30.04.2014, and 14.05.2014, respectively, were launched. Planned for transmission this year.
      2 raid tugboat project 90600 (for BF and PF). Launched 19.12.2013 and 11.06.2014 respectively.
      1 rescue tug of the 22870 project. Launched 20.05.2014
      1. +11
        22 July 2014 17: 13
        1 communication boat of the 1388NZ project for the Black Sea Fleet, Laid down in the 2011 year, launched on the 20.06.2013 year. Last year it was tested in Novorossiysk, but there have been no reports of its entry into the fleet.

        4 emergency rescue boats of the 23040 project for CFL, all are being completed afloat.

        1 multifunctional rescue boat of the 23370 project, for the BF. Laid down in the 2013 year, launched on the 28.09.2013 year.
        1 large hydrographic boat project 19920 for Pacific Fleet. 11.2013 was laid, 03.06.2014 was launched. They plan to launch a boat of a similar project in August this year. Estimated date of transfer to the fleet-2015 year. On May 14 another boat of this project was laid.

        27 May laid the diving boat of the project 14157 is the fifth ship of the project. The previous two were handed over to the fleet last year, two more mortgaged 11.10.2013 g. And 19.12.2013 g. Are under construction.
        4 seagoing self-propelled tank barges "Umba", "Pecha", "Luga" project 03180 (1 for the Northern Fleet, 1 for the Black Sea Fleet). Launched on 21.12.2012, 11.06.2013 and 11.01.2014, respectively. The sea trials of the Umba barge have been completed. Another untitled barge is planned for launch.

        Large shipboard project 436Б. Launched 01.11.13 g. He began the transition through inland waterways to the duty station. No fleet acceptance reports have been received yet.

        2 work and crew boats of project 21770 "Katran". Launched on 11.07.2013/11.10.2013/XNUMX and XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX, the carrier of one of them will be SS "Igor Belousov".
        3 marine self-propelled floating crane project 02690. 06.05.2014 g, 30.05.2014 g. And 24.06.2014 g., Respectively, were launched.
        1. Stypor23
          22 July 2014 17: 19
          Roman, you continue to lay out very interesting material, I express my gratitude. hi
    4. +2
      22 July 2014 17: 11
      Nice boat. Very necessary. Thanks to the Italians for such cooperation.
    5. PN
      22 July 2014 17: 15
      This is a good help for the safe movement of radioactive materials, and therefore for human health. Science and technology in these areas need to be forced, otherwise humanity has not yet advanced much.
    6. +2
      22 July 2014 17: 19
      All the same, it’s good, to read something peaceful and life-affirming amid the stream of military reports and news about the slaughter! wink
    7. +1
      22 July 2014 17: 26
      It’s not a bad thing from such a partnership of Russia, but it was in 2003, when we were believed that Russia was a pantry of the West. Oh, how the West miscalculated, but now, however, the creatures recoup. Well, Nitsche, we will take our own, if only we were lucky for the rulers. GO RUSSIA!!!
    8. pinecone
      22 July 2014 17: 27
      Is this what the Italians gave us for free? Chet can not believe it ...

      In all likelihood, it is primarily a garbage truck for the delivery of radioactive waste from Western European nuclear power plants to the Russian Arctic.
    9. 0
      22 July 2014 17: 34
      Great news about interstate cooperation!
    10. 0
      22 July 2014 17: 39
      But the sawn boats are very sorry.

      Very old, it’s clear that you need to update the fleet. But our Spanish sharks are very sorry! They could be upgraded!
    11. 0
      22 July 2014 17: 43
      A good boat and the right one ... But his name is kag-be, not quite in my exclusively subjective opinion ... No, I certainly understand that "Rossita" is encrypted "Rossand I-Italia ", but in the convolutions, albeit vulgar, but funny rhyme pops up ...

      Rossita sleeps and does not feel,
      That a sailor sleeps on her ...
      Rossita will be awakened
      And drive away the parasite ...

      But let's hope that this name becomes happy for the ship. For as the sea captain Christopher Banifatievich Vrungel used to say -
      "whatever you call a yacht, so it will float" ...
    12. 0
      22 July 2014 17: 49
      Lyashko in the Rada called the Communists experts in gay orientation. So he is a communist, a dog !!! And we, in our simplicity, thought that he was a normal honest pederast.
      1. Leonidych
        22 July 2014 18: 21
    13. shitovmg
      22 July 2014 18: 35
      A good vessel for containers with ICBMs, or KR, OTP
    14. sv100year
      22 July 2014 19: 48
      Quote: Novel 1977
      Construction of auxiliary vessels:
      1 Project 18280 large reconnaissance ship "Yuri Ivanov" for the Pacific Fleet. Laid down on December 27.12.2004, 30.09.2013, launched on September XNUMX, XNUMX. It is planned to be handed over to the fleet this year.
      and they attached a photo of the corvette and this year it will not be handed over.

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