Non-lethal weapon "COBA" - modernization, new tactics and extensive trials

Non-lethal weapon "COBA" - modernization, new tactics and extensive trialsConfronting the police and large groups of street demonstrators and fans are often mentioned in the list of the most important events of police reports all over the world. According to analysts, repelling attacks by aggressive groups of hooligans are suppressed by police units with great effort and not always successfully.

Analysts today revealed an acute need for new tactics for such police actions and the need for new weapons.

Examples of such "hostilities" may be the events that took place in Israel and some countries in Africa and Asia. All the same analysts say that the number of such group anti-government confrontations in the modern world will increase.

One of their options for non-lethal police to counter the demonstration groups is the Koba non-lethal complex developed by the Ukrainian enterprise VALAR (Ivano-Frankivsk) in 2001. The complex is designed to combat anti-government demonstrators by covering a group of demonstrators with a high-strength mesh and simultaneous treatment with tear gases at distances up to 200 meters. Prolonged operation revealed some operational deficiencies of the product, which became the basis for modernization.

The new tactical task of the modernized complex was to ensure non-lethal impact on the groups of an aggressive enemy on long-distance approaches to contact with the police forces.

The term “long-distance approaches” in this concept means the distance 100-200 meters in the conditions of settlements. At such a distance, a very aggressive “enemy” cannot use the available means of attacking police forces (stones, sticks, incendiary bottles, tear gas, etc.). In addition, at such a distance, the enemy is still in compact groups and it is possible to predict their movement in the cramped conditions of city streets.

The tactical result of using a new non-lethal weapons The KOBA series is - making confusion in the plans for the further action of large groups of violators, stopping the column of violators, “capturing” large groups of violators and their partial dispersion, creating barriers for their possible retreat from the “battlefield”.

The sudden covering of the group with a solid net is a powerful psychological factor and changes the psychology of the behavior of the violator. Experience has shown that a group of offenders, after being covered with a net, experience psychological shock and a kind of stupor (numbness). It is especially important that the high-strength mesh, which entangles the enemy, is simply impossible to break with your hands. You should pay attention to the presence of a possible additional factor - fumigating with tear gas. Studies have shown that the new technique is very effective in suppressing groups of aggressive violators in urban environments.

With further events after the use of the whole arsenal of the KOBA product, other means of counteraction can be used, used in contact melee battles at distances up to 50 meters.

To carry out the modernization of the product were carried out comparative tests. During the comparative tests, other products with similar characteristics were tested, which ensure that the enemy's manpower group is covered at distances to 150-200 meters with a high-strength mesh with dimensions around 8 and 8 meters. This grid provides the overlap of the entire width of the roadway in the village. Particular attention was paid to the quiet use of this type of weapons to prevent premature response to violators. When testing used various types of ammunition non-lethal impact on the enemy.

Joint tests in parallel with the product "COBA-2M" were products "GORGAN", "GORN" and others. The new product was named "COBA-2MO" (stands for Konteyner Bazovy, 2-double-barreled, Upgraded, Lightweight).

The new product "COBA-2MO" is significantly different from the initial version. The dimensions of the product are somewhat reduced. The weight of the product has been reduced to 14 kg, the charging system and the shot control system have been changed. Made design changes for the possible installation of several blocks of products on vehicles or on armored personnel carriers.

The design replaced the electrical ignition system for a shot on the mechanical design with self-coil. The design of the aiming device and the installation of a range has been simplified; a satchel for carrying ammunition has been created. As for the "KOBA" non-lethal ammunition, they are structurally simplified and lightened, the size has been reduced, the effectiveness of "combat influence on the enemy's manpower" has been improved.

After making all the design changes, in fact, a new generation product will be received, which will be comprehensively tested in conditions as close as possible to the combat ones.

Scientific production enterprise "VALAR",
Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk
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  1. voin-xnumx
    voin-xnumx 6 July 2011 04: 32 New
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    I can notice, while this person will exhibit his infernal machine they will trample it, definitely. Further, how you can very quickly calculate where this grid will fall, in reality, not how. So, this is another show off.
  2. datur 6 July 2011 12: 32 New
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    So, this is another show off. - And it’s just such crap that they’ll buy for rabid grandmothers, efficient managers.
  3. Michael
    Michael 6 July 2011 22: 58 New
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    and then it will be covered with a net, and then ... it will be possible to drive through a tank - they will not run away unambiguously,
  4. Joker
    Joker 7 July 2011 12: 05 New
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    Hands can’t be torn apart, I understood that, but I always have a knife with me ..
  5. Nostradamus
    Nostradamus 7 July 2011 14: 08 New
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    I got a direct insight - but in the near future gloomy times in Russia will come, I give a tooth! That’s as soon as these units are purchased, then immediately, and it will be removed to us all. See for yourself - why would they introduce the policemen? Moreover, each of them was firmly promised thirty silver coins in the very near future (sickly money, by the way). It remains only to purchase an effective and legitimate means of suppression (that is, non-lethal) in the eyes of the world public (this is the very KOBA-2MO), and that’s it, the late one will rush about ...
    Before my eyes such a picture of the near future is:
    The people gathered for once at a rally, wished for the type, so that Ilita would share with him the blessed goods. The guys at the rally understandably came with beer - it's hot outside. Girls respectively with ice cream. Grannies clear case with portraits of I.V. Stalin - it’s painfully the shadow from him is incredibly large and unrealistically dark, most of all, to close from the scorching rays. As usual in Russia, the power holders are closely monitoring the people's aspirations, and this time the demands of the people did not go unnoticed. So, in response to the impudent assassination attempt on the basic principles of the Social Contract (in the sense of an agreement on the procedure for cutting public dough strictly between oligarchs and officials), the command from the Center immediately goes to the Chief Police Officer - “Immediately stop the atrocities of unbelted drunks and other red-brown "lumpen cattle! Yes, and in order to avoid the excitement of the Hague tribunal, means for dispersal should only be used as certified non-lethal!" - The Chief Policeman takes a slavishly visor, personally directs the recently purchased KOBA-2MO unit into the crowd and "covers a group of demonstrators with a high-strength mesh." The peasants who fell under the network are trying to understand what kind of garbage it has flown in, and the girls with grannies simply freeze in shock from this unexpected maneuver of the authorities. After a brief lull, the situation begins to heat up. Increasingly, extremist cries are heard from the swaddled crowd - "They walled up, demons!" and increasingly, mats and spits fly out through the mesh cells.
  6. Nostradamus
    Nostradamus 7 July 2011 14: 11 New
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    - "Ta-ak, there is evidence of a crime." - The Chief Policeman thought, wiping a spit from his cheek by a miracle. A short command is heard, and ordinary policemen run up to the crowd caught at the scene of the crime in imported suits of higher chemical protection (you know, like in Hollywood films about viruses) and they make it “fumigate with tear gas”. After that, the people no longer scream and do not demand, after that the people go into coughing and sobbing. Inside the net are uniform bedlam - blind and stunned peasants rush around, squeeze the legs of grannies and trample portraits of I.V. Stalin, bloody shmatki of the lungs are snuffed out at the girls, and an uncomprehensible snack with beer is poured out on their ice cream. It is clear that behind these matters these unfortunate demonstrators have already forgotten about their demands, they only dream of running away from here without looking back, preferably right up to the Atlantic coast, such as rinsing their eyes in salty water.
    - "But figs to you, because there was no fig, bastards!" - The Chief Policeman screeches mockingly, and gives the command to continue spraying the parasites. Finally, no meaningful requirements can be heard from under the net, but what requirements are there, even the mat is not heard - only uterine moans and asthmatic rales. However, the gas in the cylinders has already ended. It may seem to a well-disposed layman that the result is quite satisfactory, all external signs indicate that the resistance is completely suppressed, but no, not our Chief Policeman to be so superficial to the matter of national importance, and therefore the command follows - "Policeman, Akhtung! Drusken alles is partisan! Truncheons! Continue the vigorous consolidation of the constitutional order, so that with a guarantee! "- And the police, with professional zeal, begin to work out their high salaries, whipping and mixing this muddy mass of people, and squeezing out impudent slags from it with bloody foam. requirements and inadequate hopes, leaving only pure obedient biomass. And finally, the last convulsions of agonizing opportunism pass along the surface of the net and everything calms down.
  7. Nostradamus
    Nostradamus 7 July 2011 14: 12 New
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    The Chief Policeman wipes his shaved nape, which was ripe from anxiety, and with a statutory, servile-optimistic aspiration, reports upstairs - "Your order has been executed, the Evil seen in the encroachment on Good is punished strictly in accordance with the spirit of Our Law and the letter of the European Charter of Rights!" And unexpectedly for himself, he adds with impudent fervor - "For the sake of Our Goodness, I will score any goat!" “However, at the top, they condescendingly forgive him this boyish trick, although the poems are clumsy in a plebeian way, but the course of thought is correct.
    The final chord, a regular Garbage truck takes away a bleeding and blood-soaking mesh bag with biomass towards Lubyanka (probably to update the cellar interiors that have dried up in accordance with historical traditions), the next watering machine completely wipes off the crimson streaks from the asphalt and the small remains of flesh falling out through the cells . The country, refreshed and prettier, peacefully calms down in deathly silence ...
  8. kesa1111
    kesa1111 28 October 2011 04: 15 New
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    The creatures began to fuss. Only Borjomi drink late. They will not be happy, no one needs Judas.