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Ukraine, the life of ordinary people. Eyewitness testimonies

Ukraine, the life of ordinary people. Eyewitness testimonies

My numbers will be extremely scarce, only arguments in an intuitive sense - I’m not a minstat:
- benzel was on 12 became 16-17
- Komunalka increased by 80% and will continue to grow
- my income fell to zero. Just do nothing.
- the good thing they managed to get out of the warehouse until May is also to translate everything into liquidity, which we are now stupidly eating
- the same bribes, only on a larger scale
- a naive colleague-entrepreneur "slapped" at the border with the goods = minus the cost of a consignment - he did not want to give out a bribe, I thought, like, they already canceled bribes
While all may still remember that


We have to border with them (Ukraine, approx. Avt.) 50 kilometers. Machines with their numbers missing, although previously there was not at all. In passport offices do not break through, every second holds a passport with forks, discuss how to solve issues with documents. Prices for work of the type "we load, we carry, we dig, we break" have fallen heavily.


My friends make carved furniture like workmen. They don’t increase their salaries, but rather delay them. Since there are less orders. The system is inert. They’re spending their stocks and leftovers. The owner of the office at Aiudi said the flag will post on the production shed. Like a patriot. Well, he just himself offended. Friends of others work at a construction site. Now they go three days a week and they will hang out. Projects are suspended or frozen. Fully appears on the windows. Rent or sell. Etc. I went to Odessa. U is really a lot less visually. There are no crowds on Deribas and in pubs. That lost profit will come out in the fall.


Kharkiv grannies at the entrances are almost unanimous: there was no such bedlam under the bandit Yanyka. I do not know, as in other cities, but in Kharkov they are still talking about this topic without fear. Prices are rising, pensions and salaries are not. The shops on Barabashovo are closing - wholesalers from Belgorod do not drive. In the city at the offices there are a lot of leaves in the windows: rent, sell. The farther, the more leaves.


Well, about Kharkov:
- prices for imported drugs have risen strongly (almost 2 times)
-an expensive hygienic pads and household chemicals
- Risen imported products on 40-50% (for example, olives, sprats, Italian pasta)
-people began to talk more often about politics, any mood, but more pro-Russian
- in the center there are more blue and yellow rags
- In some universities, employees began to send more often at their own expense for a week or two, but not everywhere. NTU "KhPI" is a quiet island of prosperity, for which I thank the rector, he is clever and well done, God grant him health.
-the entrants enter universities, the city is still in the mainstream of a peaceful life.


every day - like on a dynamite - you are waiting for everything when it babakhnet completely.
Prices are rising - I left 200 UAH in the store, but now just yesterday 600 didn’t buy anything ...
Communal - growing.
At work - the number of orders falls, every day there is talk that we will close.
Talking around is only about the fact that Russia is a murderer, an aggressor and yours, America is beyai, fluffy and cool.
Well somewhere so ...


Hryvnia devalued by 40%
Products and goods zabugornye more expensive, respectively.
Drugs - well, almost 2 times (importers laid the course for the euro greatly overpriced, insured)
Vegetables fruits of our production - cheaper for the season (well, it always has been). Sausages, jelly and the rest did not seem to go up much.
Companies providing services are trying to keep prices so as not to lose customers. Salaries froze.
The communal apartment has risen in price - but so far it is insignificant (well, at least for me), but when the heating season starts, I think everyone will feel it. Familiar put boilers in large quantities, will the mains stand?
Fuel (took for an example the price of a Socar gas station):
A-95 - 10.99 uah
DT - 9.99 UAH.
A-95 - 15.99 uah
DT - 14.99 UAH.


How prices have changed in the last month
Expensive. Gradually, carefully, but every day.
Drugs soared into the heavens, some disappear. The old women who complained earlier that Corvalol went up by 10 kopecks are now silent. For ... democracy.
Products - chicken practically = the price of pork. Those. expensive and that and that.
Cat food with 20 gr. became 42 and threatened that the delivery will not be (yes, I care about it, I can do anything, and what to feed the predator?)
There is no salt or rarely comes across))) In the sense of stone, there is a little extra and iodized for expensive.
In the boutiques of sale - take at least something, just take it. This is for clothes. Jeweler prices steadily.
Dollars change - just bring. Moreover, they practically do not sell. Has handed over, I stand, I think of the, the man runs up to an exchanger - to buy. Cashier: "no".

as with orders in your business
On the streets darkness appeared young guys and young ladies with advertisements "windows and doors for cheap"
From acquaintances, many are surprised (those that jump) say that there are fewer customers, calculations in dollars, revenues are falling.

what neighbors and colleagues say
Like that: Russia is an enemy, they attacked us, the East is not a pity - there are terrorists.
We endure 5 years / 10 years (underline the necessary) and everything will be cool. And those who are in chocolate and now agree to endure.
My friends at work detained a salary for 10 days, then they paid a part. They promise to give somehow. They are silent because jumped and I do not risk complaining. Others are waiting for a big cut.
Deposits are pulled out with a fight. But in Kiev, all the same they give.
Nazis from acquaintances suddenly said that it is necessary to make stocks for the winter (a week ago she made fun of such thoughts)
Not jumping or silent or share only with like-minded people.
Friends thought that otmazali children from the army. I recalled that they also have husbands (now they sit, worry)

as the situation on the streets
All painted in bicolor (I do not know who is selling paint, but he is clearly in the win). The flags on the cars, though diminished by the euro ribbon. Cafes, glamor, exhibitions - hamsters rest.
Armed types with machine guns and in camouflage all the time on the street drive.
There are a lot of sellers and consultants in the shops from the west (this was not the case before)


In Kiev, our classmate lives with his wife. When last year everything was just beginning, she wrote to her classmates that everything was through, the politicians shared power, this did not concern them. I also wrote that Russia had all muddied it. 2 weeks ago, write-help, there is nothing, send money. Sent a little, no response, no greetings


I remember how my sister on the Internet advised me to communicate with her compatriot from her city in Dpepropetrovsk region. In response, she came from her sister, “I will not sit on the pot with this little woman” And a complete negative. I do not understand anything. The same "little woman" (also with a hohlya name) was like a smart lady. We talked with her on Skype until this year for three in a row. Then she disappeared from view and did not really communicate. In the spring, after the May events in Odessa, he accidentally glanced at her page and was struck by the words - “separatists,” “katsaps,” and “terrorists.” Then he saw that in the photo with her boyfriend, from whom she had a daughter. The guy is eight years younger than her. On the Internet forum he has the nickname "Fascist". He considers himself to be "truly Russian," and he considers us to be "moskal", "threatened Tatars" - in short, sub-dandruff dandruff, nonhumans, untermenschim. And little wife. whose seemingly head should be much smarter and much more experienced than him, turned into a “Frau” with Nazi views. Then I remembered the words of my sister about that "jewel with whom I don’t even sit on the pot ...". Her sister already saw through it in advance as a "Svidomo" mutt with a woman's flair ...


Cherkasy. The plant for the repair of military equipment, repurposed in 90 for the repair of heavy machinery, is closing, all these years, at the very least, it is working, now it is closing - the mother-in-law is selling warehouses. A sister-in-law, a cook, cannot get a job. According to the mother-in-law, in the city is quiet, but depressive, spring slogans "yes we will show this fucking moskalam" anymore, more and more keep quiet. The father-in-law is not maydauny, strenuously planting vegetable gardens, rolling seams, buying gas in balonnas and chopping trees for firewood - they are prepared in general. Retirement in June was given.


Lugansk region. Everything is going up every day. Many simply do not have medicines and delivery is not expected.
The second month is not paid pensions, social benefits and public sector wages.
I work in the housing and utilities sector - the rent remains the same, but the payment is 20%. Therefore, our s / n is not expected. Of the work we do only emergency gang.
Breaks are heard every day and planes are flying, but it's still quiet on the streets. True, the number of thefts and robberies has increased.
With banks problems.
Many still wear St. George ribbons, but the fuse is not the same, of course. On the street and in transport - talk only about the war. The treachery of the rest of Ukraine and Russia is heatedly discussed.
But still we hope for the best.


I am a “liverworm”, i.e. liver disease. For prophylaxis, I take the drug Darsil (a cheap analogue of the Bulgarian Karsila), produced by PrAT Pharmaceutical Firm Darnitsa (Kiev), once every two months.

Kiev chain of pharmacies Vitalux, my purchases of Darsila in 2014, the price per pack:
January - 12,70 UAH;
March - 16,60 uah .;
May - 20,90 UAH .;
July - 26,90 uah


Gasoline A92 - 15 UAH 85 cop
Many firms and small enterprises work at 50%, many have released employees on unpaid leave.
Large enterprises are holding on, but I know for sure that people work at Azovmash for an incomplete week, and almost from winter.
Vegetables on the market are cheap (we are still in the south), and products have risen in price.
Journey to the bus 4 UAH.
Kommunalku not yet paid, but I know that the rise in electricity and hot water.
Electricity is now 30% more expensive.
The city is controlled by the battalions of Azov and Dnepr. Squeeze cars from people, many cases of disappearances of people, drunk shooting, raider attacks. There is a planned koshmarivanie population.
At the same time they painted fences, bins, pillars, benches in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. Constantly arrange some flash mobs on the theme of love for Ukraine.
Men in fear waiting for mobilization. Mulling over the option to get weapon and blame the militia or try it is not too late to dig a basement and sit in it.


In Ternopil and Rivne 95% of the population is zombie ukropropaganda. Believe any nonsense, because they do not have alternative sources of information. All Putin's curse and "klyatyh Muscovites", while the majority either have already left for work in the Russian Federation or are sitting on torches and are going to leave. In Ternopil, all Russian products in stores are labeled with tricolors, the population is afraid to buy these goods. Prices are gradually increasing every day. Small and medium business is bent. The purchasing power of the population falls every day. Invalidity is not actually for sale. All hid and cherish the stash.
Svidomity do not want to go to the Donbass with the "Colorado".


Village, 50km from Odessa. Most lives on the thumb, summer, gardens, farm. Salt disappeared, but already appeared, sugar 10грн per kg. People are given shares. What is surprising is the price for the share grain has not changed much compared to last year. It was 1600grn for 800 kg of grain, now they give 1750grn. For the same amount. The smartest villagers are switching to solid fuel boilers, now they are simply booming. A neighbor complained today that a child allowance was already being delayed for weeks on 2, Kiev did not transfer money, they called Kiev, the answer was that your application was accepted, check letters and see. Pensions still give. They try not to talk about politics, they discuss the economy more. For about a month now, rumors persistently creep in that in the fall the war will begin in Odessa. In Odessa there are very few tourists, the port is still working somehow. In the freight forwarding office, where I once worked, almost half of the employees were laid off, and the salary was cut by 2 times. In the field of construction and repairs end old objects, almost no new ones


Kharkov. Prices rose by all. Very expensive drugs. services at about the same level. products went up, but unevenly. vegetables are relatively cheap now, cereals, macaroni - at about the "pre-revolutionary" level, meat from the winter - almost doubled. food prices are constantly "crawling" - a little bit, but they are rising. minibus - 3-3.50, subway 3 UAH. gasoline, they say, has grown strongly, but I will not say the number - not relevant
on the street, in principle, without any special changes, people go about their business, young people are walking ... except that there are fewer cars ... poles and trees are painted with bright-colored flakes, but in almost every figure above there is either a swastika or a red spot. I saw on Saturday a traditional gathering of maydanutyhs near the Shevchenko monument - well, the 100-150 man was, at most. In general, there is a certain feeling in the city ... Zanep in Ukrainian, I don’t know how to say in Russian ... there are fewer bigboards, posters from the opera theater have almost disappeared ... there are a lot of windows in the center with the words "I will rent rent, "just closed boutiques and shops ... My acquaintances tell me, on Drum and Loske (the clothing and car markets, respectively) - full well ... factories work part-time a week. Familiar on the bearing works - he says, in August, waiting for a very large reduction. The state employees had their surcharges cut, they removed the additional rates, left a maximum of one.
moods ... among my personal acquaintances - there are practically no maydanutyh. at the same time, they don’t really want to go to Russia, but everyone doesn’t actively like what is happening - in particular, nationalistic manifestations. Donbas sympathize and support.


Dnepropetrovsk. A rise in price of a communal flat is understandable, but to say that for me this is “deadly” - no, we will break through. In connection with the growth of the exchange rate, the prices for all kinds of things have risen, but again, to say that because of this “everything, we die tomorrow” - absolutely not. More noticeable prices have risen in stores, in the markets somehow it is less noticeable.
And my family, my parents, parents of my husband, my 90-year-old grandmother - we live normally. I work in the civil service. The first problems with the salary happened in the spring of 2013, under Yanukovych, and not in 2014, as many people think. This year, I have no problems with my salary, everything is paid just in time, and even our company’s operations in previous years have paid off their mortgages. The size of my salary did not increase, but it did not decrease either. The husband works in the field of the railway (at the factory). In 2013, there was a crisis with orders in general, now work slowly appears, the salary is not very high yet, but it has not decreased compared to 2013. Pensions are paid on time, dad has even increased a little recently. Mom doctor, s \ n also pay all on time, the size of s \ n has not decreased.
In the city itself, the situation on the streets is calm, no one rally, shoots anywhere, many patriotic sentiments. If they saw, July 13 was an attempt at a pro-Russian rally in the Dnieper, but it was dispersed by people (look in Google). Kogiechno, there are all sorts of nuances (such as the fire of the minibuses of the pro-Russian deputy of one of the city council were set on fire), but this is like me compared to Donetsk and Lugansk - household trifles.
TV (both Russian and Ukrainian) and the Internet work without failures, newspapers are published. In general, everything is as before, except for a slight increase in prices, of which only two are the most tangible - it is for drugs and for gas heating in the winter (I am in a private house, a gas boiler), everything else can be overcome.
I can not believe that this is happening in 250 km from the Dnieper in Donetsk. We really live our lives, fry kebabs and gather at the sea. And we very much hope that peace will come in the long-suffering Donetsk and Lugansk regions.


For the rest of Ukraine I will not say, but the picture for a typical district center in western Ukraine is as follows.

Man - extremely tenacious cattle, adapts to everything. That and adapted to this. People live a normal normal life, as if nothing is happening. He goes to work, goes in for gardens, prepares children for school, does expensive euro-repairs, builds houses, organizes rest as much as he can. On weekends, cars and barbecues do not overflow on the river. Everyone complains about how hard it has become, but these conversations have been going on since the beginning of the 2008 crisis of the year and no one is surprised. As you look at sweeping quail eggs "average Ukrainians", you begin to doubt the existence of a crisis. There is even a joke about this - in Ukraine there are three stages of lack of money: 1) no money, 2) absolutely no money, 3) it's time to change bucks.

The dollar rose from 8 to 12 UAH, but it stabilized and fluctuates in the 11,90-12,00 range. Gasterbaters bring / transfer money from EU countries and the same Russia in hard currency, so this did not affect the incomes of the population as dramatically as one would expect. Drugs rose in sync with the dollar. Domestic - percent on 25-30 (perhaps still old purchases). The communal apartment has grown, but not as quickly as in Kiev (it was greatly undervalued there), plus in the summer it is not yet visible. The population does not consume impregnation on an industrial scale, it is not heated with gas, and water has been expensive before. Centralized heating should grow strongly, but for the last 15 years, people have massively switched to individual boilers. And in the private sector (the so-called hut, of which there are many in villages and district centers), the boiler is often duplicated by a wood-burning fireplace. So they will not freeze as long as there is firewood, but this stuff is enough here. Lepestrichestvo for enterprises (including shops) is growing monthly on 6 kop / quatt (currently already 1,42grn / quatt)
Gasoline A-92 - almost 16 UAH / liter. The fare in the minibus has grown from 2 to 3 UAH. The Internet has not increased in price, at least for now. Cable too. The non-tariff tariffs of mobile operators have slightly risen in price, but given the free talk within the same Life network, this is not significant.
At the salespeople, the revenues fell in comparison with the period, but there was no mass closing of the stores. All puzhatsya, pulling the case on the accumulated fat and try to wait out the crisis times. Sales of real estate, cars and other expensive "excesses" are, but everything else is alive. Clothes and shoes have risen in price, but they are replaced by second-hand and stock. A large plasma with tablets also did not stop buying. Banks are still issuing consumer loans, albeit at a large percentage. Some business is even expanding (second-hand, pawn shops). In grocery supermarkets, the people did not become less, and buy carts, as before. Some products went up, some did not. Folk breads added from 10 to 30 cents. Steep by the type of Borodinsky with sesame seeds and seeds are on 10 UAH for 400 grams. Canned vegetables (peas, corn) did not grow or grew slightly. Cheese grew about half as much, but we always had them expensive. Chicken fillet has risen in price from 33-35грн to 50 UAH per kilo, chicken legs - from 20 to 33грн. Liter of good sunflower oil level "Oleiny" 15-16грн per liter. Pepper Bulgarian first grade 50-60 UAH per kilo. Deferred - 30-40грн. The confectioner has added in the price from 30 to 50 percent. Fruits are expensive, but still cheaper than in Russia (compared to Bashkortostan and Magnitogorsk). Eggs 70-90op depending on the delivery. Potatoes from 2,5 to 6 UAH per kilo (depending on the size). Percentages of 20 increased canned fish. Beer has grown from 10 to 40%, but almost all manufacturers launched promotions "buy 2 bottles, get a third penny for 1." It turns out 3,5-5грн / 0,5л. More expensive varieties are up to 10грн / 0,5л, imported inexpensive Czech and German 10-15грн / 0,5л. Vodka from 30 uah / half a liter. Cognac 3 stars from 40грн for 0,5л. Rows of expensive whiskey / tequila / henessy and do not think row.

Friends called me, they told me that Truskavets and Morshyn were practically empty, sanatorium workers complained about the lack of tourists and the reduction / delay in salaries. It became harder for state employees, nobody wants to sell anything to them, because no confidence in payment. In Kiev, people almost every day are going to protest against something (loans, the dollar rate, tariffs), but this is far away and frankly violent for the authorities. As long as people are not concerned personally (there is nothing to pay the loan, a relative died during the anti-terrorist operation or simply they called for the army)

The mood among people who support EdinuUkraine is clearly not a defeatism (thanks to the censorship in the media). "We will win, America is with us, Ukraine, uber alless!" Drunk youth at night on the streets often bawls a song about Putin la-la-la-la. In the minibuses, the people are scolding the authorities for “our children are going to die in the Donbass, and from there they send us dirty refugees / jackets / drug addicts” and the classic “oligarchs have again plundered / bought / sold everything”. But this is more from the category of the eternal kitchen chatter, and no one is going to leave for the Madian. All these disassemblies and wringing out each other's business "up above" are perceived by the public indifferently as dismantling of some thieves with other thieves, since for hard workers nothing changes.

Donchan sorry to tears, they frankly genocide. Supporters of New Russia living in the rest of the territory of Ukraine are now also hard primarily psychologically. Lawlessness and impunity of the junta under the inaction and sluggish lowing of the guarantor with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the truce are perceived as a drain of the New Russia. More and more people are losing hope and are getting used to the idea that there will be no help from Russia. Looking at the blood-filled Donbass and Strelkov's constant requests for assistance with weapons, even those who are taking the pro-Russian position are becoming more and more strengthened in the thought "let Natsik, but at least the bombs don't fall on their heads." Numerous recent comments by the couch "dear Russians" in the spirit of "no one promised you anything," "why not 100% of the population in the militia," "why he himself is not in a trench," do not help either.


info in Kiev
I have repeatedly said and I will say it again - stories about the fact that in Kaklostane there will be a famine-cold is nothing more than wet dreams of the Kremlin panties. The decoration is one of the largest exporters of food in Europe, and for grain it was included repeatedly in the top five world countries - there will be no hunger. It may be cold, but it will be in winter, and before winter it can happen so much in the first place in Russia. And then, the decoration can easily and simply take gas from the pipe, and no Russia will be able to prevent it, and the United States will agree with Europe.
Now about the numbers
The dollar is stable on 11,60-11,70gr
Gasoline 15-16gr
hot water, electricity, the rent has risen in price, but here is ridicule - Kiev is now almost without hot water, and thanks to this, people have received serious savings in their commune expenses

Someone else, some firms for six months now send their employees constantly on vacation at their own expense, while others, on the contrary, are much more busy than before all the events. Salary, oddly enough, is paid to many without delay.
Aircraft factory Antonova rose almost completely, there is no work
But farm. Plants, as I was told, are now barely managed with orders for medications - war

A complete departure from reality, talk of politics is almost inaudible, everyone seems afraid to talk about it. By the tragedy of people in the Donbas, many are as indifferent as indifferent zombies can be. The conscious consciousness is full: the Donbass is Ukraine, there are all Ukrainians, terrorists are bombing the Donbass, if people donbass are killed, they don’t feel sorry for them. all Donbassians should be killed or expelled to Russia, because they are not Ukrainians, but all those who must be bombed against Ukraine, and the Donbass is Ukraine, and the Ukrainians live there, and the Donbass are bombed by terrorists - and so on. Germans became a nation of murderers in Germany, and then calmly bought mattresses full of female hair and slaves from the same ornament.
Hate for Russia is painfully hysterical, as if artificial, nevertheless generated instantly - as Pavlov's conditioned reflex. Organized by some youngsters paint fences, playgrounds, houses, pipes, stands, garages in yellow and blue, and the worse it gets - the more actively they will remove everything yellow and blue. Yellow and blue flags as a symbol of reliability - they were obliged to have all route makers, bus drivers, trolley buses, and two or three flags were stuck on their cars so that they would not be beaten if suddenly.


every three months I undergo a course of treatment (ten-day procedures for injections) the list of drugs does not change.
In early January, I spent 180 UAH on drugs, in early May - 430 (a rise in prices almost 2.5 times)


As already noted, the dollar and the euro have increased by 50% since the beginning of maydaun, the prices of goods produced in Ukraine (mainly food products, we have almost nothing more) increased respectively by the same 40-50%, by that something more, something less. On import, everything is simple - a hard peg to the course, i.e. + 50% for different equipment, for food seems even more, for drugs are often 2 times or more (they changed the law, some benefits were canceled, some payments are still introduced), for cars by July basically came to + 50% to hryvnia value (until now, dealers at the expense of old stocks fixed prices at a lower rate of 10,5-11 UAH / USD). The communal apartment has risen in price for 20-50%, different services in different ways, but in general during the year the growth should be in 100% (laws are signed, as required by the IMF). On 30-50% the price went up in minibuses, and in the near future we expect a rise in price for the rest of the transport.
I work in the production / sale of metal, by the way, one of the main income items of the Ukrainian budget, as well as foreign exchange earnings. So here confidently approaching ASS!
The beginning of maydaun just coincided with the seasonal decline in this area, since November, because at the beginning no one was particularly worried. Usually, the metal market comes to life from the end of February and the beginning of March, but it was just here that the massacre on the Maidan happened, and sales did not start. In principle, from mid-March, the process started at the same level as last year and lasted until the end of June, it seems not bad, but ... From September to December of 2013, metal prices fell continuously and reached a minimum over the past few years by winter. Since March, prices have sharply gone up after the dollar, though lagging behind it in terms of dynamics. By mid-June, the rise in prices stopped at the level of 10000грн / т having started in February from 6000грн / т (average price), actually at the level of the dollar growth from 8 to 12грн. However, sales were mainly provided by metal traders, who, under the conditions of continuous and forecasted price growth, had the opportunity to buy metal cheaper today, and to sell it more expensive tomorrow less efficient. But the end users did not show particular activity. And then came the end of June, prices stabilized, traders filled the warehouses with metal, but the "end-players" never woke up. And judging by the communication with some of them, they are not expected to have a surge of activity, rather, on the contrary, they can completely curtail their activities. Total we have since the beginning of July, the largest decline in sales in recent years. Really spit in the ceiling, colleagues have a similar situation.
In the spring with the beginning of the rise in prices there was an increase in exports, but now, as the exchange rate has stabilized, exports also fall to their usual level.
I would also note that the construction sites have not stopped yet, and this is one of the main consumers of the metal, but it seems that here it is close to the brink. The price of new housing has practically not grown, despite the rise in prices for building materials, there is still a demand. Prices on the secondary market fell and continue to decline, demand is low. Realtors are now biting their teeth into customers. I came across the topic tightly when in April-May I was selling an old apartment, buying a new one.
Import of metal from Russia also fell to 0, and for political reasons, and because of the high price due to currency pegs. And this, among other things, is also a roll for the production of welded pipes, which a bunch of factories do here. They now have one supplier left - Akhmetov’s plants, and this, besides the fact that 100% is a monopoly, which he, despite the difficult situation around him, is actively using, also still lacks its production capacity.
Here you can add problems with logistics in the country. Gasoline went up in the same 1,5 times as the dollar, and sharply. Carriers have nowhere to go - also raised prices. But not everyone is ready to pay more for shipments right now in 1,5. Plus, a significant part of the metal production (and not only it) turned out to be in the combat zone. Some carriers in such a situation decided to curtail their activities rather than risk their property (the burned wagons in the Donbass were seen on the internet and on TV more than once).

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  1. Valentine77 64
    Valentine77 64 22 July 2014 06: 50
    How does it look like:
    Russia -90s.
    There is no money - but we live.
    The war in Chechnya, oligarchs in power (Berezovsky-Kolomoisky).
    And the ever-drunk president.
    Where will the pendulum of history turn now?
    1. Vik.Tor
      Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 06: 59
      Where to where, yes it is already known where, to the place where the organism takes good fellow
      1. Cormorants
        Cormorants 22 July 2014 07: 30
        “My classmate and my wife live in Kiev. When last year everything was just beginning, I wrote to my classmates that everything is the way, politicians divide the power, it does not concern them. I also wrote that Russia muddied it all up. 2 weeks ago I wrote, help, there is nothing, send money. They sent a little, no answer, no hello. "
        In my opinion, everything is said, the attitude of Ukrainians to Russians!
        1. Vik.Tor
          Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 07: 41
          No honor or conscience, at first we shout, but as it bolted on, we ask for another and more money, arrogance and mentality.
        2. Yun Klob
          Yun Klob 22 July 2014 08: 32
          Few sent, send more. am
    2. Rebus
      Rebus 22 July 2014 07: 25
      Quote: Valentine77 64
      How does it look like:
      Russia -90s.
      There is no money - but we live.
      The war in Chechnya, oligarchs in power (Berezovsky-Kolomoisky).
      And the ever-drunk president.
      Where will the pendulum of history turn now?

      I agree, at first glance it seems, but here Ukraine outdid us. We have always drunk the president and the oligarchs in power were different people, and now in Ukraine both the drunk president and the oligarch in power are one person (although this snout is hard to name) ...
    3. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 22 July 2014 07: 28
      Well, what can I write, Glory to Ukraine laughing
      1. Denis
        Denis 22 July 2014 07: 59
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Well, what can I write, Glory to Ukraine
      2. Tor hummer
        Tor hummer 22 July 2014 09: 04
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Well, what can I write, Glory to Ukraine laughing

        Glory to America! Glory to the owners!
        Slaves glory!
        1. Sashan
          Sashan 22 July 2014 11: 11
          not serfs and crests
    4. Sasha1979
      Sasha1979 22 July 2014 21: 40
      Zanepad in Ukrainian means "decline"
  2. e_krendel
    e_krendel 22 July 2014 06: 50
    You just have to jump, and everything will be fine, even better than in Europe!
    1. Vik.Tor
      Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 07: 04
      Warm up in winter, again a sports uniform, it is easier to run from summons to the army laughing
    2. Alexei
      Alexei 22 July 2014 07: 18
      Quote: e_krendel
      You just have to jump and everything will be alright
      Yes, all already jumped.
    3. Tersky
      Tersky 22 July 2014 08: 37
      Quote: e_krendel
      You just have to jump, and everything will be fine, even better than in Europe!

      Winter is ahead Yes , jump in plenty ... The harder the frost, the higher the jumps.
  3. Lyubimov
    Lyubimov 22 July 2014 06: 54
    Well, Ukrainians (the so-called zombie, although it’s just w.d.o.d.) - it's still good with you, then it will be much more shitty, much more!
  4. evilrussian
    evilrussian 22 July 2014 06: 54
    It's only the beginning. This is just the beginning. The berries will be bitter.
  5. Humpty
    Humpty 22 July 2014 06: 55
    The life of relatives of the ukro-fascist is difficult and unpretentious.
  6. Finches
    Finches 22 July 2014 06: 58
    The fact is that the worse the economy, the better for the ruling circles! You can rally the nation through the idea that Russia is to blame for everything, primitively, but it works! And fill up your pockets under the guise!
    Thinking people are not many, and who was in power and could convey something to the people in the context of the party line of the Washington Regional Committee, have already been cleared .... Mother Russia will play out with its tolerance for the next rise of fascism on its western borders!
    1. Vik.Tor
      Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 07: 07
      They keep their people at all, just as they do not understand it. They are rolling into the fall, there would be no stirring up the new Maidan, but we are not fighting for fascism, for the "idea."
  7. soviet skytourist
    soviet skytourist 22 July 2014 07: 03
    jumped, nothing happens without a trace. for that they fought for it and fished, they can make their hungry stomach wiser. Benya Kolomoisky loot on lo .... x cut down while they rode
  8. Barakuda
    Barakuda 22 July 2014 07: 06
    That’s how it all happens. By inertia, the people still live, and then there really can be an ass. The people no longer believe anyone. The government and laws are only on a piece of paper, apparently a toilet.
    1. Vik.Tor
      Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 07: 44
      As they do not believe, they sing songs on the Maidan, they are fighting for their beloved outskirts, they are collecting money for the army, which is likely to be stolen.
  9. Igor39
    Igor39 22 July 2014 07: 07
    Sadly all this ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  10. Wedmak
    Wedmak 22 July 2014 07: 11
    Looking at the blood-drenched Donbass and Strelkov's constant requests for help with weapons, even those who held a pro-Russian position are becoming more and more entrenched in thought. "let Natsik, but at least bombs do not fall on their heads". Numerous recent comments from the sofa" dear Russians "in the spirit of" no one promised you anything "," why are not 100% of the population in the militia yet "," why is not yet in the trench "does not help either.

    I'm afraid that says it all. And the fact that Natsik will not calm down and then nightmare YOU, no one thinks about it. And after that you wait for the help of Russia. Lying behind our guys. Well done, cho ...
    I will add: while the militia is fighting, hundreds of people are dying, YOU sit and hope that it will carry! So - it will not carry! Pray God for New Russia to survive. Otherwise, the battle of Donbass will seem to you a child's walk in the kindergarten.
  11. Federal
    Federal 22 July 2014 07: 17
    But we don’t bother you to jump, jump to your health, only do not touch the Russians. Live your dill life, you were never to us either sisters or brothers. You unleashed a bloody massacre in the Southeast and enjoy it. What have we done to you, bad stuff?
  12. sv68
    sv68 22 July 2014 07: 22
    and you still jump-durogons-it will be more hunger. You yourself have chosen such power and got such a life, so that you don’t even feel a bit sorry for you, crazy-looking humanoid kangaroos.
  13. bubalik
    bubalik 22 July 2014 07: 22
    Many of my friends are surprised (those that jump)

    ,,, still jumping ?! recourse
  14. sgr291158
    sgr291158 22 July 2014 07: 25
    And as they wanted, this is only the beginning and then it will be even worse. Call the Americans, even if they bring pies to the Maidan, devour them for free, who will have enough of course. And soon winter will come, bring down Siberia for firewood. In short, this candy king will bring you to the pen, wake up a banana if you find of course.
  15. Egoza
    Egoza 22 July 2014 07: 26
    Maybe you should not let anyone who wants to work in Russia? especially with memory! Let them try to live at home without Russia, which they are so eager to find in their eyes and behind their eyes.
    1. AleksPol
      AleksPol 22 July 2014 08: 18
      Moonlighting on construction. If before there were mostly men with memory, now many women have begun to work. And mainly from western Ukraine.
  16. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 22 July 2014 07: 27
    The beginning of the 90s in Russia. Only they have warmer, more relatives in the countryside, and hard currency from Russia and Europe. So they will not die of hunger, and will not freeze. Accordingly, the brain will remain in the same state, nothing will change seriously. The rupture of diplomatic relations with Russia will seriously "blow" on them. When everyone with a pitchfork on their passport will be sent home at 24 hours. But they themselves, despite the rhetoric, will not go for it. Because pragmatists, to the core.
    1. k174oun7
      k174oun7 22 July 2014 08: 13
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Because pragmatists, to the marrow of bones.

      If there were pragmatists, as you write, they would live in Crimea. And so, the main junta pragmatism consists in standing on its hind legs in front of the Yankees and Dixie and ingratiating glance "what you please".
    2. Petergut
      Petergut 22 July 2014 17: 21
      My work colleague has relatives from a small town in the Chernigov region. Out of a dozen Soviet manufactures, a bakery and forestry remained, which, according to incomprehensible schemes, drives the forest either to Armenia or Azerbaijan.
      Almost all men in Russia earn money. And the women sit at home and gossip that Putin is a tyrant and a murderer, Russia is at war with them, they are not brothers and are not allowed into Europe.
      I am in the afig from such a split of consciousness.
  17. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 22 July 2014 07: 33
    Ordinary life during the war, nothing new, deficiency of salt, sugar, matches, closer to the fall will be a shortage of heat, food, money. Ahead of ukrov fun life or death.
  18. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 22 July 2014 07: 40
    from the Don.
    I do not gloat over the life of dill, but the guys came to this, they are and will be like sheep! But we have not gone too far and difficult times await us too. And this bothers me more!
  19. yana532912
    yana532912 22 July 2014 07: 52
    Our 90s! As I recall, I will startle. We were lucky! With all the tricks of a drunk EBN, he chose a worthy receiver. He pushed GDP away from the country's governance of seven-bankers. After all, only 14 years have passed, but how has everything changed. Unfortunately in Ukraine there is no such leader. So there will be very sad consequences. crying
  20. sledgehammer
    sledgehammer 22 July 2014 08: 10
    êàî 92-th gasoline in Ukraine costs 1 euro. with their salaries, it’s like in Russia gasoline would now cost 70-80 rubles ... okay Che. wassat
  21. Buran
    Buran 22 July 2014 08: 13
    Well, you can’t breed nurses with dill. Dunk in, so that according to the tonsils, like us once in 90. And Ponte disappear, and the brain enlighten. It’s time to decide. They have four months left to jump on a subcutaneous fat, and then? ...
  22. darksoul
    darksoul 22 July 2014 08: 15
    A similar beginning, welcome to our 90s ..... and the enemy would not wish to return there
    1. Yun Klob
      Yun Klob 22 July 2014 08: 36
      The enemy wished us, and why didn’t we wish the enemy in return?
  23. Zomanus
    Zomanus 22 July 2014 08: 42
    Yes, a soulful article. The paddle will be in the winter, when announcements about the following content will be posted on ukrii: "If you know that your neighbors or acquaintances have made food supplies, let us know. You 20% of the seized, we guarantee anonymity." This is by the way to the question about our survivalists ... And if according to the article, then it turns out like this. There's enough food in the Ruin for now. Only here besides food there is no nifig. And this nifiga will need to be bought somehow. And we will soon see how the new Ukrainian authorities will do it. "And then, the decoration can easily and simply take gas from the pipe, and no Russia can interfere with it, and the United States will negotiate with Europe." A very pragmatic view, if by that time the amers will still be interested in the decoration ...
  24. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 22 July 2014 08: 47
    I was furious (((vodka 120 rubles 0.5 (30 UAH), our government ((((goat muzzles stuffed with vodka kings at our expense - the norms are vodka from 300 rubles!
    1. sergey05
      sergey05 22 July 2014 09: 11
      Well, we will drink less laughing
    2. Buran
      Buran 22 July 2014 09: 37
      Go to cognac drinks
    3. afecn
      afecn 22 July 2014 09: 52
      we have a struggle with excesses in drinking alcohol. Do not confuse, comrade!
  25. mackonya
    mackonya 22 July 2014 08: 47
    Whatever they say, but it will not be better to live in Ukraine, and it is definitely worse. You cannot lose commodity circulation with Russia and at the same time heal well, or a delay in sowing will certainly affect the upcoming autumn-winter season. In general, I don’t want to gloat, but it looks like they have “galloped”, although if all these “races” pursued only one goal - to raise the patriotic mood, then the plan was overfulfilled, judging by the number of state flags on the streets of Ukrainian cities.
  26. victorsh
    victorsh 22 July 2014 08: 51
    Let's compare: I am a major in the Russian Defense Ministry's reserve - my pension is 29100 rubles, my wife is a military d / d about 40000 rubles, my daughter is a schoolgirl, my son is a mechanic on a ship with a businessman, 30000 rubles (on the Yenisei, but the work is year-round, not a seasonal I live in Novosibirsk. 3-room apartment - in the summer 3000 - 3500 (the heat is working with air conditioners), in the winter it was 4100. Two FORD-FOCUS cars two LUX-my, MAZDA-DEMIO -wives. Petrol (average price) 95-33,92 , 31-24. Bread (they bake in the store themselves) -70. Bulgarian pepper-35. Potatoes (fresh) -35. Cucumbers-90, tomatoes-120-180 (not Chinese). Minced meat "Home" (pork, beef and twist in front of you) -180. Pork-250-180 (what you take), beef 300-250 (situation also). Smoked brisket (really smoked, and not liquid smoke) -XNUMX. In March, I dangled with my brother-in-law in a car in Crimea (there are relatives). In June, my daughter and I rested in Yarovoye (Altai) on the salt lakes; in August, the wife and daughter go to stay with relatives in Kerch. And in Ukraine, the prices seem to be cheaper. But let a family from Ukraine, similar to my family, write and compare.
    1. Buran
      Buran 22 July 2014 09: 49
      I even know approximately what they will answer. "And in Europe and America ..." They crashed their economy so badly that they won't go hungry, but most likely in a couple of years, you will get yourself a servant with a Ukrainian dialect, you will be able to afford it.
    2. Docent1984
      Docent1984 22 July 2014 13: 06
      Come on. Normal people already understand that life there is already worse than bad. And Svidomo will start yelling that you are an FSB agent, practically Putin, this is all propaganda. But "our distant relatives / friends / deceased grandmothers, cousins, are dying of hunger, they drink deeply and you have a concentration camp here." I am glad that you are doing well in life. For those screaming that our state is bad - a visual aid. Among my acquaintances and friends, all who work and are on friendly terms do not eat up the last piece, although my region is considered to be from the category of "rotten" smile Plus you +
    3. Cristall
      Cristall 22 July 2014 18: 33
      Quote: victorsh
      Yes, in Ukraine it seems like the price is cheaper. But let him write a family similar to my family from Ukraine and compare.

      similar families from Ukraine do not sit here in VO.
      But I was horrified at the prices - you are much more expensive than in Odessa ..
      In some categories, the price is up to 5 times higher. The only thing that is cool is a very high (by our standards) RFP.
      Although any RFP in Russia with our prices (Ukrainian) would be ideal happiness.
  27. ALEX74
    ALEX74 22 July 2014 08: 56
    But they are now Geyropeytsy! Winter is coming, and then we'll see how America warms them!
  28. Maxpotan
    Maxpotan 22 July 2014 09: 09
    It is surprising that, with the declared outflow of capital from Russia, there is still no ban on private transfers to Ukraine. I liked the phrase about how they scold us, sitting on our suitcases.
  29. region46
    region46 22 July 2014 09: 11
    Recently I saw a story in the news about a family of refugees from Ukraine. They are already sitting in the Urals. A normal family: a folder, a mother and a child, but as soon as they said the folder, he quit the police a week ago and there the ryah sits without getting on the TV. So he is already sitting behind the Urals, not a simple manager - a bespectacled man, but a former cop with skills, and damn Russia should help them. They won’t do it themselves, nobody will do it!
  30. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun 22 July 2014 09: 13
    Jump the inhabitants of Kiev - it will be warmer in the cold!

    Download the inhabitants of Ukraine - birds will be better caught. There will be something to eat on hungry days.

    You sit at the TVs, vilify Russia and Russians - why?

    Russia is not at war with Ukraine. Ukraine destroys itself: the economy, the country, moral principles.

    Jump, Ukrainian inhabitants, jump!
  31. Skif83
    Skif83 22 July 2014 09: 57
    For that fought for it and ran!

    Another worries, if in Russia (God forbid!) The 5th column starts something like the Maidan, we would not sit out! This infection must be nipped in the bud. As long as these "children of democracy" feel free, the authorities indulge.
    No wonder Stalin before the war cleared out all this shit. In history, everything is repeated with variations. Why not take valuable experience (paid for in blood) into service?
    Indeed, in the outskirts it all started with the Maidan. )))
  32. koshh
    koshh 22 July 2014 10: 03
    One thing is not clear. And why do we still continue to feed the zapadentsev? Their guest workers work with us, send money in foreign currency to the west. Why can’t you arrange a job for refugees? And Zapadentsev send home to build a geyropu on the outskirts.
  33. azbukin77
    azbukin77 22 July 2014 10: 06
    Eaten still produced and acquired under Yanukovych! And then the big and black - black hole from the Bubble !!!!!
  34. Davydov
    Davydov 22 July 2014 11: 13
    Everything is good in Ukraine, but it is not cold at all! Wait 4-5 months, then we'll see if it doesn't jump! And Pukler, well, what will he become with him as "Pamyatnig"
    1. Oleg S.
      Oleg S. 22 July 2014 13: 01
      Go to publics like throwing in, the same historically incomprehensible and not educated companions in the "sofa military operations."
    2. victorsh
      victorsh 22 July 2014 13: 30
      I honestly offered to compare the standard of living. It will be outlined - only honestly. Will you please?
  35. Ossetian
    Ossetian 22 July 2014 12: 26
    Well, they won’t starve, but gas ... will be communized from the Eurotube, the Americans will agree with the satellites ...
    normally USE, why else should they wish for it, but stupid Russian Colorado jackets and quilted jackets and whatever else they wash ... pah plya.
    at the same time, in Russia, tuyeva hucha Gaster from the independent ...
    This is how a whole nation needs to be brainwashed.
  36. panfil
    panfil 22 July 2014 12: 36
    You read all this, remember the 90s, think, thank God that my children did not see this and, I hope, they will never see it! Once I voted for Putin only because there was stability in the country during his reign. Now I do not regret my choice at all, especially since confidence in the future has also appeared. On the ruin, this is not in sight and will not be soon. They live as if on a powder keg, and there is neither consent nor unity. And although I do not like Ukrainians, but I feel sorry for them. Well it was necessary for six months to ruin the country for the amusement of the Americans.
    PS But then we can now relax in our Crimea!
  37. Wolka
    Wolka 22 July 2014 13: 19
    typical Ukrainian psychology, a country in chaos, but at least a flood, but only if it didn’t touch me ... hi
  38. Ulyan
    Ulyan 22 July 2014 13: 43
    No, everything is clear, in Ukraine there is a war, a crisis, ghouls in the government .... but why in our prosperous Russia, the picture with prices is practically the same, which is called "find ten differences"
  39. wanderer
    wanderer 22 July 2014 13: 44
    here IT is prosperity in the American way !!!... ukryandiya is knocked out in the "most advanced countries of the world" ... next to somalia.
  40. Hope1960
    Hope1960 22 July 2014 13: 49
    We should not allow the provocateurs of the Maidan supposedly to work! Here control from the border guards and the FSB is increasing. In general, in this case the law works: he helped a person, spent his personal time, to the detriment of himself and his family; and he slandered you, he doesn’t want to give back the debt, and he even strives to take away the business. So dill did with Russia - bit off the hand giving it! With the filing of Britain and amers, of course!
  41. svp67
    svp67 22 July 2014 15: 33
    Recently I watched a Ukrainian film about the Crimea, it’s very interesting as a Ukrainian correspondent, especially the correspondent is trying to see the deterioration of the lives of Crimeans after joining in everything. So, briefly ...
    : - in the "exchangers" new rubles with numbers in order ... but it is interesting how they thought there was a replacement of one currency for another in the whole region, it is obvious that they were taken from the Central Bank's stocks, and they do not keep junk there.
    - high prices for medicines in pharmacies of the Crimea, in comparison with Kiev ... it would be interesting to compare now ...
    - the presence of Ukrainian products in stores and the almost complete absence of Russian products ... and they don’t even remember such a concept as logistics, as soon as the delivery from Ukraine ceases to be economically viable, the goods disappear from the shelves ... business and nothing but business.
    - and so on
  42. Leshka
    Leshka 22 July 2014 16: 20
    everything is like ours in the 90s
  43. Koryatovich
    Koryatovich 22 July 2014 17: 50
    such. in Transcarpathia, I can say that nothing has changed very much. the communal apartment has not grown, except gas. was 0,72 UAH. per cube, now 1,18. They wanted to raise the price of water, but they don’t seem to raise it yet. the price of a minibus increased, it was 2,30, it became 3 hryvnia. but it is in the competence of the mayor's office, I think.
    state employees pay salaries regularly (no one has complained yet), scholarships too. delays were only with Yanukovych. prices rose for some products, but not all. in general, while bearable.
  44. navara399
    navara399 22 July 2014 18: 37
    I don’t feel sorry for them, even if they continue to jump, you won’t be able to redo them. They never understood the good and will not understand. Donbass need to pull it out Russia!
  45. Cristall
    Cristall 22 July 2014 19: 05
    Similarly in Odessa. 30% maximum. Travel by minibus was 2.5 became 3 UAH.
    Public transport as it was 1.5 remained.
    Although Lviv is always 50 kopecks cheaper than a minibus (however, Odessa is the most expensive city in Ukraine after Kiev)
    In some places, even the RFP was raised (because the small business went for a low RFP)
    30% is the maximum price increase except for the pharmacy (there the benefits were canceled and the tariff was raised which affected the price), that is, in proportion to the dollar increase. The dollar is 30% and prices (not all), too.
    In general, there were different fears. Some called the line (took everything) I remember the hype with salt. When they started a rumor. They started to sweep away the salt, but it does not end. It quickly died down because the company announced that there would be no problems (and should not).
    Logistics works, warehouses work. Given that Odessa logistics works with the main areas, I conclude that it is still no less than the fears that describe. The fact that small areas are unprofitable (and there even potato was 10 UAH each and in Odessa 4 UAH) it was before. When there was a stir with fuels and lubricants, many companies abandoned such routes.
    In the summer now it’s generally worth taking potatoes (4 UAH) cucumbers (from 3) and tomatoes with watermelons and melons. Although, all right, everything has fallen in price in the season.
    For example, I always took in winter curd with vanilla. It only rose by 2 UAH (less than 5% :) a trifle (such as spices) did not rise at all. Meat as bought ribs for 25-30 UAH to a fillet 50-60 UAH .. so it costs. They probably raised high prices then (meat is more expensive in winter). In general, many categories of products did not rise to 30%.
    But against this background, the RFP did not rise by 30%. This is the whole problem. Few raised a few firms.
    But reading an article, is it really so bad in Kharkov? Although here they mainly described life in the SE and partly in the ATO zone.
    For example, Russians in Odessa for 3000 UAH pay per person is enough to live. But if the average salary in Ukraine was 3200, then many live below the level.
    Yes, and many more take advantage of the situation - heats up with rumors and people rush to supermarkets. True, after 3 times everyone has already cooled down to buy - it’s such a heat that the milk in the fridge turns sour in half a day.
  46. Cynic
    Cynic 22 July 2014 19: 18
    Not yet evening _
  47. gammipapa
    gammipapa 22 July 2014 23: 48
    says in winter if it’s cold then the gas from the pipe is still

    better under Natsik than under bombs ... a truly Ukrainian approach, we will outwit and outlive everyone, we also met pies and flowers in our homeland.

    Putin is right; no troops should be sent there; the troops are still useful to us.
  48. Oslyabya
    Oslyabya 23 July 2014 08: 58
    As I understand the Dnipropetrovsk people are now purposefully fed - the region occupies a strategic position and is very afraid of the urko-power to "donbas" it