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New Ukrainian armored vehicles: "technicals" and medical machine

The fighting near Lugansk and Donetsk increasingly resemble the wars of recent decades in the countries of Asia and Africa. Not having a developed defense industry, both parties to the conflict are forced to get along with existing weapons and equipment. Despite this, they are making various attempts to build armored vehicles based on the available vehicles. Last week, just two enterprises of the city of Nikolaev presented their new armored vehicles designed for the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. It turned out that one of the shown cars immediately became a subject of jokes, and the second one can be considered as a sufficiently good and promising development. However, both of these projects probably will not reach the stage of large-scale serial construction of equipment.

"Technical" based on UAZ-3303

On July 18, the Nikolaev Diesel-Repair Plant handed over two armored vehicles UAZ-3303 to the border troops of Ukraine. It is reported that two new cars will be operated by Lugansk frontier guards. Earlier, the border troops handed over two light trucks to the plant, which were to be equipped with armor protection. Director of the company Vyacheslav Simchenko during the transfer of equipment said that all work on the creation of armored vehicles lasted only a week. In this regard, the plant employees had to work overtime, but they did. All the work to finalize the machines the company carried out at its own expense.

According to the online publication “NikVesti”, in a week the workers of the Nikolaev Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant carried out repairs of the presented machines, replacing non-working units, set up a reservation, and also mounted a secure installation for weapons. It is noteworthy that the project of an improvised armored car based on the UAZ-3303 was created in close cooperation with the border guards. As the deputy chief of the Lugansk frontier detachment, lieutenant colonel Aleksandr Zavoloka, said, he told the engineers what the border guards needed, and they suggested ways to implement ideas.

photo from

The basis for the two new armored cars was the light-duty truck UAZ-3303 — the further development of the UAZ-452D, popularly known as the “Tadpole”. These machines with a wheel formula 4х4 are equipped with HP 98 or 117 engines. (depending on version) and able to carry up to 1225 kg of cargo. UAZ-3303 trucks are positioned by the manufacturer as a relatively light vehicle designed for the carriage of goods in urban and off-road conditions. According to available data, the trucks presented for modernization and refinement until recently performed exactly such functions.

In view of the limited timeframe and modest possibilities, the engineers of the Nicholas Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant took the path of using a small number of new components and installing an additional curtain booking. So, the trucks saved the cab without any major modifications. To ensure the protection of the crew from small arms, the forehead and sides of the cabin were closed with original armor. As a frontal projection protection, an “armor” of an interesting construction is used. It consists of a large number of steel bars welded to each other.

The lower frontal part of the cabin is covered with a large booking “module” based on reinforcement, in which several holes are made. Four holes are made opposite the lights, and in the central part there is a grill for ventilation of the radiator. The lower part of the reservation, installed over the windshield, is fixed. On top of it on loops fasten two “armored seats” with relatively large viewing slits. Outside the battlefield, the crew may omit these booking elements to provide an acceptable overview. As can be seen in the available photos, the frontal booking of cars is installed on a metal structure mounted on the frame of the machine. The lower part of the frontal armor is attached to the frame by the lower edge, the upper one is fixed with the help of L-shaped structures installed behind the cab.

Instead of glazing, the cabin doors received "reinforcement booking modules". Metal frames are installed on the outer side of the doors, on which reinforcement bars are welded. For observation in the middle part of this armor there is a rectangular hole covered with a grid. However, much more interesting is booking the bottom of the door. Probably due to the lack of other materials, as well as due to weight restrictions, blocks of a complex profile are installed on the lower part of the doors, in which a metal coating for airfields can be easily guessed. The front wheels are similarly protected: under the doorways two more pieces of the airfield cover are fixed.

On the published photos from production it is clear that the armored trucks received new bodies. Instead of wooden side bodies with supports for an awning, the converted UAZ-3303 received a metal structure, which is a frame with sheet skin. On the sides of the body on hinges are fixed long sections of the airfield pavement, designed to protect the rear wheels, gas tank and running gear elements. The third element, made of metal coating, is fixed on the front wall of the metal body and, apparently, should protect the cabin from being fired from behind.

Armored UAZ-3303 will be able to carry small arms, perhaps even large-caliber. To install it in the back of a modified truck, a quadrilateral armored shield with a gunner’s workplace is placed. The shield is assembled from three relatively thick metal sheets and mounted on a rotating base. In the front sheet of the shield there is an embrasure and a system for installing weapons. In the side sheets made inspection slits. For convenience, the arrow at the shield has a seat mounted on a metal sheet. Perhaps the latter performs the functions of armorpinks. Using the seat suggests that the shield is equipped with any drives for turning.

The armored cars made on the basis of the UAZ-3303, made by the Nikolaev Diesel-Repair Plant, are of particular interest. However, this interest is not related to their fighting qualities, but to the applied technical solutions, which appeared in the conditions of lack of time, materials and experience in the development of armored vehicles. As a result, the first result of the publication of information about these armored cars became numerous monotonous offensive jokes about the machines and the authors of the project. Fans of military equipment did not fail to “walk” on the design of equipment, its protection and armament.

Indeed, the Nikolaev armored cars look, at least, strange and can hardly be considered an effective means of warfare. The load capacity of the base truck UAZ-3303 slightly exceeds 1,2 tons, and the established reservation seems to have hardly fit into this limit, which can affect the driving performance of the car. At the same time, the used reservation raises serious doubts. Admittedly, relatively thick sheets of shield (probably around 10-12 mm) can really protect the machine gunner from the enemy’s small arms. However, such armor is unlikely to be able to protect the shooter from armor-piercing bullets or large-caliber systems. The specific design of the tower, which does not protect the shooter from the sides, only increases the risks.

Separately, you should stay on booking the driver's cabin. “Armature” armor looks interesting and can really protect the car and crew from small arms. However, its real characteristics could only show shelling with the use of various weapons and ammunition. Even if such protection is capable of withstanding automatic bullets, shelling with the use of armor-piercing ammunition or large-caliber systems will not leave her any chance. Nevertheless, there is no real information about the capabilities of welded bars of reinforcement bars, since no such improvised protection has been tested by anyone before.

As for the pieces of the airfield cover, which are widely used in the design of new armored cars, the expediency of their use raises serious doubts. Such products were not originally designed to protect against bullets of small arms, and their rigidity, necessary for the application for its intended purpose, due to the complex profile. Therefore, the lower half of the cabin doors and the undercarriage of the cars are the most susceptible to damage.

Two UAZ-3303 trucks with reservation on them were transferred to the Lugansk detachment of the border troops of Ukraine. It was alleged that as early as July 19 this vehicle went to the base of the border guards and soon should take part in the so-called. anti-terrorist operation. Messages about the combat use of these machines have not yet been received. Probably the first battle with their participation will show how effective the original booking methods used were. In this case, it can be assumed that the combat effectiveness of Nikolaev armored cars is unlikely to be high. Despite the large number of improvised armor, they remain civilian vehicles with weapons installed on them, which should accordingly affect their capabilities.

In addition, the new armored cars of the Ukrainian border guards can be classified as so-called. technicals, widely spread during the local wars of the last decades. Such combat vehicles are relatively easy to manufacture and operate, but their effectiveness on the battlefield, for obvious reasons, leaves much to be desired. UAZ-3303 modified in Nikolaev are typical technicals, and therefore one should not expect outstanding results from them. In addition, it cannot be excluded that the production of such armored vehicles will be limited to two machines.

Medical vehicle based on the BTR-70

About a month ago, the Nikolaev Armored Plant presented a so-called. Mikolaєvets mobile checkpoint - a BRDM-2 machine that lost a large number of components and assemblies. This development has caused a specific public reaction and has become the object of many offensive jokes. Now the company is ready to transfer to the armed forces a more serious and necessary equipment: the Svyatiy Mikolai (Saint Nikolay) armored medical vehicle. So far there is only one sample of this machine, built by the Nikolaev Armored Plant on its own initiative and at its own expense.

The basis for the "St. Nicholas" became the armored personnel carrier BTR-70 of Soviet production. In this regard, the authors of the blog BMPD suggested the "origin" of the new machine. They remind that earlier the Nikolaev enterprise proposed the design of the medical armored vehicle BMM “Kovcheg”, made on the basis of the BTR-70. It is possible that the prototype of the Ark, built several years ago, received a new name and was again presented to the military and the public. Indeed, the Saint Nicholas car is very similar to the previously demonstrated prototype of the Ark BMM.

The machine “Svyatov Mikolai” is an armored personnel carrier BTR-70 with serious body modifications. To accommodate the wounded instead of the base roof of the troop compartment, a relatively high structure, welded from armor plates, was installed. There are four hatches on the front sheet of this superstructure, two more are provided on the roof. When reworking, the armored personnel carrier received a new double-winged side door, similar to that used on the newer BTR-80, located on the right side of the hull. On the left side there was a standard for the BTR-70 hatch in the bottom sheet.

New Ukrainian armored vehicles: "technicals" and medical machine

Photos from the site

Inside the armored hull there are several seats and attachments for installing a stretcher. According to the online edition "Nikolaev news", The armored medical vehicle of the Relief Mikolaj can carry up to 11 lightly wounded (sitting) or six seriously wounded (lying) and three able to sit. In the third configuration, the transportation of four wounded on a stretcher, three sitting and several people of staff is provided. In addition to places to accommodate the wounded, the machine is equipped with a number of special equipment. According to the director of the Nikolaev armored factory, Alexander Shvets, if necessary, you can even carry out operations in a car.

According to published data, the medical armored vehicle "Saint Nicholas" can be produced in two basic versions, differing from each other in the type of engine used and the cost. A car with a gasoline engine will cost the customer about one million hryvnia, with a diesel engine - almost 2 million. Completion of both options is similar, and the difference in price is due only to the power plant used. The “origin” of the project of a new medical machine (using the BTR-70 armored personnel carrier as the basis) suggests that a medical machine worth 1 million hryvnia retains the basic power unit based on two ZMZ-4905 gasoline engines of 120 hp.

The specialists of the manufacturer claim that the armored medical machine “Svyatiy Mikolai” surpasses all the best world analogues in its characteristics and capabilities, and is also relatively inexpensive. The advantage of the car is called the preservation of characteristics at the level of the base armored personnel carrier when traveling by land and by water.

According to "Nikolaev news", the plant is able to build up to ten new-type machines per month. Currently, there is a discussion of possible purchases of such equipment for the needs of the armed forces. As for the first prototype, it may soon be sent to the zone of the “anti-terrorist operation”. Sending a car to the troops will contribute to the authorities of the Nikolaev region, as described by Governor Nikolai Romanchuk.

Unlike the previous development of the Nikolaev Armored Plant, the recently introduced Svetiy Mikolai armored medical vehicle is a really important and necessary equipment for the troops. In the course of the "anti-terrorist operation," the armed forces and the National Guard constantly suffer losses. Every day a large number of soldiers are injured and should receive assistance. For the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield at the present time, various equipment available to the Ukrainian military and security forces is used, but it is not adapted to perform such tasks. The machine "Saint Nicholas", in turn, was originally created as an armored means of evacuation and assistance to the wounded. The appearance of such machines could have a noticeable effect on the loss of troops and the National Guard.

The first "Svjate Mikolaj" should go to the troops as soon as possible. However, there is reason to believe that this machine will not be able to seriously affect the medical aspects of the so-called. anti-terrorist operation. Battles take place in several districts of the two unrecognized republics, which is why a large amount of equipment is required to evacuate the wounded. One car just can not cope with this task, and therefore will only help existing vehicles and armored personnel carriers. It should be noted, the plant promises to produce up to 10 medical machines per month, but such a pace of construction can hardly be considered real. To start the mass production of technology requires an order of the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as payment for work. Due to the difficult economic situation, the military or security forces are not likely to be able to find money for new medical equipment. In addition, production takes time to deploy, and the situation in war zones is constantly changing.

Thus, the project is really important and necessary equipment for the troops in the near future will face problems of an economic nature and will not lead to any noticeable result. As a result, the units involved in the “anti-terrorist operation” will have to continue to use equipment not adapted for this purpose to evacuate the wounded.

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  1. northern
    northern 22 July 2014 08: 33
    When a locomotive repair plant takes up armored vehicles, a mass grave is obtained.
    I hope the new ukrooruzhie is as "high-precision" as these UAZ - "armored cars"
    1. Turik
      Turik 22 July 2014 09: 47
      Judging by the estimate, these armored sorters cost as a 5th generation fighter.

      And yet it’s sad, about 30 years ago the same Kharkovites made m80, hammers, armored personnel carriers on a world level, and now their equipment is at the level of artisan crafts of countries in eastern and central Africa.

      What can I say? Glory to the heroes! recourse recourse
      1. ArhipenkoAndrey
        ArhipenkoAndrey 22 July 2014 10: 21
        And to be honest, I thought it was such a joke, they scorched it with an iron take-off and called it an armored car. It’s not even funny as if the hero was called a hero.
        1. Andrey78
          Andrey78 22 July 2014 10: 44
          Soon will begin production of a series of tanks NO.
        2. orsker
          orsker 22 July 2014 14: 03
          "Armored vehicles UAZ-3303E"! Well, everything, now it will be necessary to urgently come up with new RPGs!
      2. Duke
        Duke 22 July 2014 11: 00
        Here is an example of Syrian rebel improvised weapons.

      3. northern
        northern 22 July 2014 16: 34
        The Luhanskteplovoz makes these shushpantsers a completely non-core enterprise. Surprised that they still have not welded an armored train.
      4. Cristall
        Cristall 23 July 2014 00: 18
        Quote: Turik
        Judging by the estimate, these armored sorters cost as a 5th generation fighter.

        they wrote incorrectly here - a million hryvnias is the cost of development, but this cannot be the cost of the machine. For MO is expensive.
        although the hryvnia has fallen .. a million less than $ 100 .. somewhere 000 thousand dollars ... how expensive is it for you?
    2. schizophrenic
      schizophrenic 22 July 2014 10: 38
      Quote: north
      When a locomotive repair plant takes up armored vehicles, a mass grave is obtained.

      In the Second World War, they were well riveted and remade, thanks to boiler steel. so it all depends on straight arms and bright heads, and in Ukraine this is a problem.
      1. schizophrenic
        schizophrenic 22 July 2014 16: 29
        For minusers, examples of an armored train, and once a tank from a tractor, 2 layers of boiler steel 6 mm each, I don’t remember about weapons, I read for a long time, as a result of use, the Germans retreated due to the strongest roar that was made by homemade, and then they arrived from the General Staff and took with them am saying no need to scare the Germans. laughing
        1. northern
          northern 22 July 2014 16: 36
          the tank from the NI tractor was called, "for fear"
          like a real fighting machine, he was absolutely nothing, a purely psychological threat.
        2. uyrii67
          uyrii67 22 July 2014 18: 51
          As far as I understand, you mean "tanks" NI-1 (for fear). It worked against the Romanians, but not against the Hans.
          1. northern
            northern 22 July 2014 21: 11
            Yes, one of the options, they were riveted in different places. This is exactly what participated in the defense of Odessa
            1. Cristall
              Cristall 23 July 2014 00: 20
              he frightened the Romanian, they could not assume what it was and where the armor was in Odessa (there were no tanks)
              The Germans didn’t even frighten the t34 with the heroes of KV.
        3. vrach
          vrach 22 July 2014 21: 05
          Good. It just seems to me on UAZ the usual professional sheet, which, if it protects it, is only from hitting a baseball bat laughing
          Meetings will disperse. But honestly this is hopelessness.
          Speed ​​protects as much as armor, designers calculate the body weight of the machine to center it, the strength of the chassis, in a real battle, these homemade products will not be useful.
          1. northern
            northern 22 July 2014 21: 30
            The armor of this UAZ is exotic itself, these are segments of the metal runway team
    3. NOMADE
      NOMADE 22 July 2014 11: 04
      Especially with an armored personnel carrier, there will be no grave - but a crematorium ..
      PS. and the certificate is in the language of "nasty quilted jackets" .. laughing
      1. schizophrenic
        schizophrenic 22 July 2014 11: 57
        Quote: NOMADE
        Especially with an armored personnel carrier,

        So maybe we will help to lobby this equipment in the Verkhovna Rada, we will support the Ukrainian manufacturer. It will be necessary to support such an excellent technique on the Censor, because only on such a technique will the Ukrainian army fulfill its task. laughing
    4. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 22 July 2014 11: 27
      Quote: north
      it turns out a mass grave.

      I would say a fraternal crematorium.
    5. sherik
      sherik 22 July 2014 19: 40
      Zaz Chance must be shackled in armor
      Quote: north
      When a locomotive repair plant takes up armored vehicles, a mass grave is obtained.
      I hope the new ukrooruzhie is as "high-precision" as these UAZ - "armored cars"
      1. northern
        northern 23 July 2014 00: 10
        only if in a composite of egg cartons, otherwise it won’t go.
  2. Borz
    Borz 22 July 2014 09: 05
    The wretchedness of thought is a consequence of the wretchedness of the soul. For 23 years, we have looted in the ruins of past prosperity and, as a result, a complete inability to create something really necessary and sensible. Ukraine in its current form resembles a psychiatric hospital without orderlies and doctors, and those who got out of control patients are overwhelmed with ideas that have haunted them for years.
  3. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 22 July 2014 09: 12
    It would be cheaper (with the same result) to attach a Rabits grid.
  4. Pollang
    Pollang 22 July 2014 09: 23
    What an ugliness! This is how they launder loans, nothing else, clumsy how. High technologies of Ukraine, Poroshenko tells us about them, it would be better if he left money for science, though there would be more benefit there.
  5. TRex
    TRex 22 July 2014 09: 30
    I put the article plus ... because it's funny.
    1. ImPerts
      ImPerts 22 July 2014 09: 35
      EURONEWS shows the meeting of the GXNUMX countries. The sleek Euro announcer broadcasts:
      - Western leaders are demanding that Russia urgently INTERFERE with the situation in southeastern Ukraine and help Kiev regain control of this region. Otherwise, the US and the EU are ready to apply to Russia another package of sanctions FOR INTERVENTION in the internal affairs of Ukraine ...
      Wife to husband (indignantly):
      - And after that, you still say that it’s the female logic - @ ... dumb (sort of zapikal) ?!
  6. nvn_co
    nvn_co 22 July 2014 09: 34
    How many fittings, and what labor input !!! The first one who is interested in this machine is not the military, but suppliers of fittings and electrodes. It cannot be normal, as on whom. But that fantasy is completely absent. And I also like a chair in the back! laughing Strong! Straight armored car! laughing
  7. Pollang
    Pollang 22 July 2014 09: 36
    And where are the UAZs taken?
    1. e_krendel
      e_krendel 22 July 2014 09: 44
      it is known where ... at the plant in Ulyanovsk ... lol
      1. PDM80
        PDM80 22 July 2014 11: 29
        So we’ll stop buying, or we’ll stop selling, then I’ll take it from the population, and spare fool Or second-hand hamers will start to buy amers from Afghanistan
  8. Mature Hrych
    Mature Hrych 22 July 2014 09: 38
    Frankenstein is his mother .....
  9. sergant89
    sergant89 22 July 2014 09: 39
    We had to ask fellow terrorists from Syria, there is experience laughing
  10. RBLip
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    Bat-mobile svyaty mykola - carving ukroorganov right on the battlefield! and on the last photo in Glory to Trud, the second word must be urgently replaced, because "ne patryotychno". Well, UAZs are generally fire!
    1. Starfish
      Starfish 22 July 2014 11: 17
      and at the top of the hatches in front of this unit resemble the doors of refrigerators for corpses. mobile morgue.
  11. Doomph
    Doomph 22 July 2014 09: 46
    Another prodigy. UAZ - do they really believe that steel sheets from the fence can protect those sitting inside? Well, and medical BTR is generally a masterpiece. Collective coffin for those who did not fill up in battle. And what is convenient: immediately in the armored corps and bury them in the nearest cuvette.
    1. Evgeny_Lev
      Evgeny_Lev 22 July 2014 14: 30
      BTR 70 "Salmon"
  12. RUSLAT
    RUSLAT 22 July 2014 09: 59
    As don’t dress up donkey, he will remain donkey and don’t become a trotter ......
  13. Leader
    Leader 22 July 2014 10: 09
    The ukrarmia have no good business, if 3 months of "ATO" led to such a final.
    The militia needs very little to defeat such an "army". Unfortunately, it is this little thing that they lack so much now ...
  14. pensioner
    pensioner 22 July 2014 10: 32
    The booth on the UAZ is amusingly mounted. From this one can sell tickets to a "concert" of some Petrosyan. There will be a place to hide from the angry public in case they want to return the money ...
  15. 400
    400 22 July 2014 10: 36
    What do they smoke there?
  16. bazilio
    bazilio 22 July 2014 10: 41
    The armored loaf is a powerful Bucket model. Armor made of reinforcement ..... well what can you say, nano technologies))))) If such items are assembled by rebels, then that's good. If such a product is assembled by a country in which there was (and probably still is) the armored industry, this is, sorry, some kind of farce
  17. RAU Rostov
    RAU Rostov 22 July 2014 10: 42
    And the certificate is in Russian!
  18. seregatara1969
    seregatara1969 22 July 2014 10: 46
    miracles in the sieve with UAZ. I liked the medbtr. but these infections of dill in it will beat
  19. bmv04636
    bmv04636 22 July 2014 10: 52
    and professor’s ears fill us with the best MBTs of Merkava, Merkava, here’s the most reflections showed the best of the best MBTs and heavy infantry fighting vehicles. Learn the Jews how to cut money
  20. wheeling
    wheeling 22 July 2014 10: 54
    What is this nonsense
  21. pensioner
    pensioner 22 July 2014 11: 13
    Yes. Still. I especially want to highlight the fact that this is hmm ... product repeat It is made in Nikolaev. Where aircraft carriers once built ...
  22. Sochi
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    Mdaaaa ... we got to the handle. If they don’t have a normal technique, and begin to sculpt that they’re falling ... all that’s left is to scream. But there was a powerful defense industry complex, they made the most complicated equipment ...
  23. Gray 43
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    There is a Western film "Death Race", here there are homemade products like the aforementioned "tadpole" chasing, the metal profile is suitable only for the moral calming of the crew and it is unlikely that this tin will withstand the turn from the machine gun, not to mention something more serious like KPVT, DShK or popular memory -23
  24. Tankist_1980
    Tankist_1980 22 July 2014 11: 22
    This is just the beginning ... Then from the kvass barrels the riders will rivet
  25. Mestny
    Mestny 22 July 2014 11: 34
    In this regard, the plant employees had to work overtime, but they managed to. The company carried out all the work on finalizing the machines at its own expense.

    That would be a photo and the names of these employees on the board of honor on the Internet. So that everyone knows who sincerely supported the workers’s initiative to kill the Russian people.
  26. Sma11
    Sma11 22 July 2014 12: 24
    It seems that the sequel to "Mad Max" is going to be filmed or STALKER filmed. laughing
  27. Tankist_1980
    Tankist_1980 22 July 2014 12: 28
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  28. awg75
    awg75 22 July 2014 13: 20
    These cars are worthy of the great country of Ukraine !!!
  29. Kimblee
    Kimblee 22 July 2014 13: 26
    Oh my God ! This is the technique! That's it, the militia has no chance against the UAZ wrapped in foil! Woe comrades, Ukrainian geniuses of armored vehicles have bypassed us! We have nothing to oppose to this miracle weapon laughing
  30. artalex32010
    artalex32010 22 July 2014 13: 34
    These "works" of the Nikolaev Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant are reminiscent of self-propelled guns during the war in Yugoslavia.
  31. aleksey056
    aleksey056 22 July 2014 13: 39
    I imagine a picture, this tadpole rolls along the dusty roads of Donbass. Proud is so armored, inside are the same proud ukrovoyaki uk rap on the radio, they are listening to everything in sunglasses in sunglasses, well, they are sitting under the protection of armor. so here suddenly from the nearest landing hi a so-called RPG shot arrives, breaks through the super armor of the tadpole and such a picture the tadpole is inflated, inflated and the bang burst. Brains, guts, limbs hang on the nearest birch, and one seat from the torso remains from the body. hi
    1. Sofa fighter
      Sofa fighter 22 July 2014 16: 13
      Well, I don’t know, I would be sorry to spend a shot from an RPG on this, RPG is for serious equipment, but it’s not clear that some sort of pepelats. The militias will laugh at this, and the designers generally do not know about mine protection grief.
      1. Witch in flight
        Witch in flight 22 July 2014 22: 13
        Well, apparently, there was a calculation: the militia will see, and then they themselves will die - with laughter.
  32. Grigorievich
    Grigorievich 22 July 2014 14: 12
    Goal for fiction is tricky. A good saying is true, but not in this case: there is a goal, but about fiction, I doubt it.
  33. Vik.Tor
    Vik.Tor 22 July 2014 14: 24
    Yes, ugliness is regularly sculpted, it’s not a shame for ourselves, although if it’s not a shame to ask for armor in Eastern Europe, then it turns out to be the crown of creation negative
  34. Azzzwer
    Azzzwer 22 July 2014 14: 47
    laughing laughing laughing miracle of hostile technology !!!
  35. Leshka
    Leshka 22 July 2014 15: 22
    BTR is still normal, but UAZ is just a laugh through tears laughing
  36. AX
    AX 22 July 2014 16: 22
    Wunderwaffles ...
    1. northern
      northern 22 July 2014 16: 43
      they are the most.
      And it was conceived like this -
      1. flSergius
        flSergius 22 July 2014 20: 04
        Warboss Yarosh: "Schaub vizde the cannons fired and the schob yans meekly fired !!!! Waa-a-a-a-a-a-ghhhh !!!!"
        1. Turik
          Turik 23 July 2014 08: 50
          No, well, damn it exactly spilled Orch crafts!
          Only the red color will not help them anyway; they certainly won’t become faster.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  37. flSergius
    flSergius 22 July 2014 16: 40
    Special vehicle for zapadensky ragul to make you feel at home laughing

    Seriously, this is the first thing I thought when I saw a box in the back.
    1. cosmos111
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      Quote: flSergius
      Seriously, this is the first thing I thought when I saw the booth in the back.

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      but what a masterpiece made in the jungle, an engineer of the group ... Tamil Ilama ....
      in the jungle - THING A MACHINE !!!!

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  38. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 22 July 2014 16: 45
    so if the vaunted "damask" was knocked out and, in general, all the available armor is beaten and burned, then the question arises, why are these homemade products? .. the answer is obvious ... people who are interested are sawing money at the local level .. and homemade products are good for the museum laughing
    1. northern
      northern 22 July 2014 16: 57
      But tanks still need to be able to fight, be it T-90, Abrams, Merkava or Damascus steel. And this skill is achieved through years of practice. Even masterfully driving a tank and shooting out of it without a miss is only half the battle. (Although a tank biathlon recently very pleased in a box).
      If ukrov does not have real, MILITARY personnel, then at least give birth to a hedgehog, no tanks will save.
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    1. flSergius
      flSergius 22 July 2014 20: 09
      And also the racial dill crews have the perk "Hto do not jump, that ...". Automatically criticizes all modules, but the EU flag appears above the car - so that everyone knows that the ruin of CE Europe.
  41. adept666
    adept666 22 July 2014 19: 34
    Hmm ... this is not even funny ...
  42. antonio
    antonio 22 July 2014 19: 51
    They give dill, soon the carts will begin to build !! Interestingly, after such abuse, the 20-year-old UAZ still drives? And the APC in the photo next to it is all rusty and gutted.
  43. FunkschNNX
    FunkschNNX 22 July 2014 19: 52
    Not a kosher Russian UAZ, take ZAZ, the result will be about the same, for that it will look even funnier.
  44. northern
    northern 22 July 2014 20: 57
    I finally realized why a vertical booth on the UAZ and a high roof on an armored personnel carrier! Inside you can continuously jump ...
  45. zone44
    zone44 22 July 2014 21: 14
    Marvin John the man went against the American system. his apparatus of 1000 such UAZ equalizes)))
    1. northern
      northern 22 July 2014 21: 34
      Blessed memory of Blessed Marvin reserved his killdozer in accordance with all the rules, there are composite armor with overlapping and concrete. You can’t take it from any RPG.
      1. Nuar
        Nuar 24 July 2014 09: 11
        Quote: north
        Blessed memory of Blessed Marvin reserved his killdozer in accordance with all the rules, there are composite armor with overlapping and concrete. You can’t take it from any RPG.
        and yet, the Americans used psychotropic weapons and Marvin shot himself.

        Do not forget to wear a foil hat!
  46. Vasyan1971
    Vasyan1971 22 July 2014 21: 28
    In fact, these seasoned shushi are fierce weapons! It’s worth rolling out to the front line, as the Strelkovites can be taken with their bare hands - they will hold onto their tummies. By the way, for the same reason, you can let the first number into the convoy. As long as they laugh in ambush, the column will slip through ... So it's not so simple! There is no limit to the insidiousness of the Ukrainian creative workers
  47. sherik
    sherik 22 July 2014 21: 34
    need to book ZAZ CHANCE
  48. serge siberian
    serge siberian 22 July 2014 21: 40
    Well, the armored personnel carrier was pretty good, and the UAZ was "buried". And they also forced the toilet to carry! ha-ha-ha, funny! I almost smashed my glasses. I didn't get any brains at all. They jumped off, independent.
  49. Tarn-off
    Tarn-off 22 July 2014 22: 10
    "Great Nation" "Great Army" with "Great Weapons".
  50. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 22 July 2014 23: 12
    Quote: Pollang
    And where are the UAZs taken?

    Quote: e_krendel
    it is known where ... at the plant in Ulyanovsk ... lol

    And they don’t even take it into their heads sho che mask lsk?! And where "Right Sector" with the guard are looking!