Abominable betrayal, extreme meanness and savage cruelty - the card of Western Civilization

For people who are interested history not according to Svanidze’s broadcasts, but from more serious sources, it’s no secret that the so-called “allies” of the USSR in the Second World War helped us to finish off an almost twisted Hitler only after it finally became clear - their hopes that Hitler will enslave the Russian people - not destined to come true. However, few people know that immediately after the victory over fascism, the "allies" were preparing to strike even more treacherous and terrible blow in our homeland than in 41.

The publicist Pavel Krasnov writes about this the following:

“For a long time this information was kept secret, and only now it becomes available. It will be about the plan of a surprise attack on the USSR in the summer of 1945, developed by the allies, a plan that was thwarted at almost the last moment.

The Third World War was supposed to start on 1 July 1945, with a sudden strike by the combined forces of the Anglo-Saxons on the Soviet troops ... Now, few people know, just the way Stalin managed to thwart the plans of the “probable allies”, why we were forced to rush to take Berlin, against Whom the English instructors in April 45-th were trained by the un-divided German divisions that had surrendered to them, why Dresden was destroyed with inhuman cruelty in February 1945-th, and who exactly the Anglo-Saxons wanted to intimidate.

According to the official models of the history of the late USSR, the true reasons for this were not explained in schools - at that time there was a “struggle for peace”, the “new thinking” at the top was already ripening and the legend of “honest allies - the USA and Great Britain” was welcomed in every way. Yes, and documents were then published a little - this period was hidden for many reasons. In recent years, the British began to partially open the archives of that period, there is no one to fear - the USSR no longer exists.

In early April, 1945, just before the end of the Great Patriotic War, W. Churchill, the prime minister of our ally, Britain, ordered the chiefs of their headquarters to develop a surprise attack on the USSR — Operation Unthinkable. It was provided to him by 22 May 1945 of the year on the 29 pages.

According to this plan, the attack on the USSR was to begin, following the principles of Hitler, with a sudden blow. 1 July 1945, the 47 of the British and American divisions, without any declaration of war, had to deal a devastating blow to the naive Russian who had not expected such infinite meanness from the allies. The strike was supported by the 10-12 of the German divisions, which the "allies" held unformed in Schleswig-Holstein and southern Denmark, they were trained daily by British instructors: they were preparing for war against the USSR. In theory, the war of the united forces of Western civilization against Russia was to start, later other countries, for example, Poland, then Hungary, were to take part in the "crusade" ... The war was to lead to the complete defeat and capitulation of the USSR. The final goal was to end the war around the same place where Hitler planned to finish it according to the Barbarossa plan - at the turn of Arkhangelsk-Stalingrad.

The Anglo-Saxons were preparing to break us with terror - the savage destruction of major Soviet cities: Moscow, Leningrad, Vladivostok, Murmansk, and others. With the crushing blows of the waves of "flying fortresses." Several million Russian people were to die in the fiery tornadoes worked out to the smallest detail. So Hamburg, Dresden, Tokyo were destroyed ... Now they were preparing to do this with us, with the allies. The usual thing: the most heinous betrayal, extreme meanness and savage cruelty are the calling card of Western Civilization, and especially the Anglo-Saxons, who exterminated as many people as no nation in human history.

However, 29 June 1945, the day before the planned start of the war, the Red Army suddenly suddenly changed its position for an insidious enemy. It was a decisive weight, shifting the balance of history - the order was not given to the Anglo-Saxon troops. Prior to this, the capture of Berlin, which was considered impregnable, showed the power of the Soviet Army, and the military experts of the enemy were inclined to cancel the attack on the USSR. Fortunately, Stalin stood at the helm of the USSR.

The naval forces of Great Britain and the USA then had absolute superiority over the Soviet Navy: in the destroyers 19 times, in battleships and large cruisers - in 9 times, in submarines - in 2 times. Over hundreds of aircraft carriers and several thousand units of carrier-based aircraft aircraft against zero from the USSR. "Likely ally" had 4-mi air armies of heavy bombers that could deliver devastating blows. Soviet long-range bomber aircraft was incomparably weaker.

In April, the 1945 allies represented our troops exhausted and exhausted, and the combat equipment was worn out to the limit. Their military experts were greatly surprised by the power of the Soviet Army, which it demonstrated in the capture of Berlin, which they considered impregnable. There is no doubt about the loyalty of the conclusion of a major historian V. Falin - Stalin’s decision on the assault of Berlin in early May 1945 prevented the Third World War. This is confirmed by recently declassified documents. Otherwise, Berlin would have been surrendered to the "allies", and the combined forces of all of Europe and North America would have fallen on the USSR.

Even after the capture of Berlin, the treacherous strike plans continued to be developed at full speed. They were stopped only by the fact that they understood that their plans had been revealed, and the calculations of the strategists showed that without a sudden strike, the USSR could not be broken. There was another important reason why the Americans objected to the British - they needed the USSR to crush the Kwantung Army in the Far East, without which the US victory over Japan on its own was questionable.

Stalin was unable to prevent the Second World War, but managed to prevent the third. The situation was extremely serious, but the USSR won again without flinching. ”

Abominable betrayal, extreme meanness and savage cruelty - the card of Western Civilization
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