Traitors: what about the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?

One of the heroes of the novel "Silent Don" belongs to the remarkable words: "Whatever your political convictions, but wanting to defeat your Homeland is a national treason." Unfortunately, among the Russian citizens there are also people for whom these words are an empty phrase. We are talking about the part of the Russian public that from the very beginning of the tragic events in Ukraine took the side of Euromaidan, and then, despite the real consequences of the seizure of power in Kiev by the opposition, remained on the side of the self-proclaimed Kiev leadership. Why "self-proclaimed"? Yes, because it came to power if domestic and foreign champions of “democracy” did not know, in the most undemocratic way, by insurrection and seizure of administrative buildings.

Traitors: what about the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?

By the way, representatives of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics are being accused of just this today - that they, they say, raised an uprising against the state system, seized administrative buildings and staged hostilities under separatist slogans. But was the state system against which they rebelled? And was the emergence of Ukraine itself into the white light in 1991 a result of separatism towards the Soviet state? Well, okay, it's not about that now ...

Russophobes - "Democrats"

From the very beginning of the confrontation in Ukraine, which led to the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and the emergence of the republics of New Russia, weapons in the hands of those defending their right to self-determination, a certain segment of Russian society quite clearly spoke out of anti-Russian positions. People who live, work, have a business in the Russian Federation, have desired the introduction of economic and political sanctions against their country, and even open confrontation with NATO, in which, in their opinion, the Russian political system so hated by them should fall. Who are these people whom the old definition of the “fifth column” can very accurately characterize?

Among them, we see painfully familiar faces - democrats of Yeltsin’s sourdough, who back in the 1990s tried to introduce “democracy” and “liberal values” in Russia. By the way, the triumph of these “liberal values” was the demonstrative execution of the Supreme Council from tanks, accompanied by the destruction of hundreds of his defenders - ordinary Russian citizens, among whom were people of different ages, nationalities and social status. When tanks fired at the House of Soviets, and power structures loyal to Yeltsin “cleared” Moscow from supporters of the Soviet regime, “democrats” and “champions of human rights” applauded the ongoing violence. None of those "democrats" whose indignation at too harsh police actions at opposition rallies we hear now and then today, spoke in defense of the Supreme Council and its supporters.

More than twenty years have passed - and today, in 2014, supporters of the most drastic measures against the “red-brown”, as they called Russian and Soviet patriots, found themselves in the camp, which supported the riots on the Maidan and the subsequent rise to power whose ideological basis is the most “brown” (sorry, yellow-blooded) Ukrainian Nazism. The Russophobic statements of the “democrats” - the Westerners are supported by a certain part of the Russian society, first of all, by some metropolitan intellectuals.

The latter have long lost their real connection with the country in which they live and earn money, and in their mental attitude turned into foreigners, who by chance turned out to be in a hated and despised country. Among these figures are some “pop stars”, whose fame and money was earned exclusively in Russia, thanks to the Russian people and other Russian-speaking citizens, first the Land of Soviets, and then the post-Soviet Russian Federation. It is doubtful that these musicians or singers would achieve similar laurels and a position in society in the United Kingdom or United States adored by them. But thanks to his native country this fact did not add to them.

In the ranks of the capital's "fifth column", it is safe to say that there are a lot of people directly funded by the West. These are not only politicians who receive funds from the US Department of State funds for their opposition activities on the territory of Russia (oppositional to the authorities of V.Putin, but not to the social system of capitalism, which they idolize). These also include numerous “human rights activists”, all kinds of “charitable” and even “research and exploration” funds and associations existing for foreign grants and, in fact, performing tasks of slowly destroying and eroding Russian society. Everything is clear with them - people just sold their conscience for money, Russophobia became for them a well-paid professional occupation, to which they decided to devote their lives.

But there is another, more mass category, the Russians, who completely disinterestedly accepted the Russophobic propaganda of the “fifth column” and turned into its voluntary assistants and supporters. These people - from the category of those very “sovok” (namely “sovkovy”, not Soviet) laboratory assistants and junior research assistants, who in glasses fastened with electrical tape, worn out shoes and who did not know iron zyuhannyh shirts, dreamed at the turn of the eighties - nineties to become entrepreneurs , "Masters", "go to America" ​​...

Nevertheless, the manipulation of consciousness is a great thing and with its help the interested forces are able to control the behavior of many millions of people. The American and US-controlled mass media in the manipulation of consciousness are serious masters, at least this is confirmed by how effectively they influence the degree of sentiment not only in their own, but also in Russian society. Volunteers of the "fifth column" enthusiastically talk about Russia's interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, about the "annexation" of the Crimea, about the "Putin's dictatorship", sometimes going as far as calling for the West to impose the toughest sanctions against Russia as soon as possible.

This is not absurd - does a system administrator or sales assistant of a clothing store Gosha live in his Butovo, or even even in Voronezh or Ivanovo, and demand that sanctions be imposed on Russia? Is he a masochist? Does he want to fly out of his job of reducing or not getting paid for months? Or does he think that the sanctions will help dislodge Putin, whom he hates, and bring the “democrats” to power? Gosh is young, he is 22-24, and he doesn’t remember how those “democrats” were in power in 90-s, how Goshin’s grandmother was collecting bottles, because for months she hadn’t been paid a pension, and mom and dad frantically clutched at any opportunity to earn some money. But Gosha’s youth fell on a more or less prosperous period, and he doesn’t need to think about anything - you can also stand up against the reunification of Crimea with Russia, demand sanctions, shout about human rights violations by “evil Putin”.
Gosh does not think about the possible consequences for his country, and for himself, from supporting anti-Russian sentiments. The veil of American propaganda and the fabrications of its Russian sang echoes his eyes. Had something happened - and this Gosh, like his ideological-behavioral predecessors of the nineties, the very laboratory assistants wearing glasses with electrical tape, would wander to collect bottles first, having lost their jobs and livelihoods.


Another category of militant Russophobes is representatives of all sorts of ultra-left and far right radical organizations. The fact that the radicals themselves, even unknowingly, can be used by the West, the world financial oligarchy, in their own interests, was once written by the Soviet press. In 1990-ies this position was fashionable to criticize. They say that the Soviet Union ideologically competed with all sorts of leftists, and therefore was interested in the "denigration" of their "sincere revolutionary impulse." A gust of something, maybe even sincere, and besides a warm heart it is also necessary to have a cold mind.

Modern ultra-leftists have long become the avant-garde wing of world neoliberalism. Yes, they are all these numerous Trotskyists, anarchists, neo-Marxists — they seem to be fighting against globalization with all their might, picket McDonald's, expose corporations cutting down forests in distant Amazonia. However, if you look at the political programs of a significant part of left-wing organizations, it becomes clear that they are more likely to follow in the wake of the American and European oligarchy. The support (right up to the cult) of sexual minorities, the justification of uncontrolled migration from the third world countries, the criticism of “totalitarian regimes” (which, for some reason, include, say, Syria or Russia, and not the feudal sultanates of the Persian Gulf, where since they cut their heads and hands under the complacent approval of the American allies) - in all these positions, “sincere revolutionaries” and “uncles with big wallets” have been completely unanimous.

In the Russian Federation, a significant part of the leftists, to their credit, still did not come out openly on the side of the Kiev Maidan, preferring the traditional sectarian tone - “unite the workers against the two competing groups of oligarchs”, “turn the imperialist war into a class war” and so on. Although some of the Trotskyists and anarchists openly support the actions of the Kiev regime, and this merges with ... the Ukrainian far right. Those same guys from the "Right Sector" who hate communism, internationalism and profess the Nazi ideology.

It is noteworthy that supporters of the defeat of Russia are also found among people who call themselves patriots and even “Russian nationalists.” They explain their motives by the fact that the Ukrainian Maidan supposedly should become an example for Russia in terms of creating a nationally oriented state. At the same time, the fact that Ukrainian nationalism exists solely on the basis of Russophobia fades into the background. “Negative identity”, unification is not “for”, but “against” - this is the true nature of Ukrainian nationalism. If there were no Russia, there would be no need for artificial cultivation of Ukrainian nationalism, originating in the projects of the Austro-Hungarian government to divide the East Slavic world.

Supporters of the Kiev regime from among the Russian nationalists usually forget that the Maidan brought to power by no means Ukrainian patriots or even Ukrainians ethnically. The power in Kiev is currently owned by pro-American oligarchs and puppet politicians, most of whom have a very indirect relationship to Ukraine — that is, they may have lived their whole lives in the Ukrainian SSR, and then in post-Soviet Ukraine, but by their origin Ukrainians are not, and so much funnier looks like their simulated Ukrainian nationalism. Nationalist support for the coming to power of pro-American cosmopolitan oligarchs could be perceived as anecdotal if it were not for real political events, all the more that led to numerous destructions and human casualties.

Here it must be said that the radicals - russophobes are not at all “harmless fools,” as one might think at first glance. Of course, groups of ten people who call themselves "fourth internationals", "revolutionary workers' parties" and so on, do not look very serious. But in the information society there are enough few days to, if necessary, promote them and attract under their banners thousands of young people with vague political positions. In fact, this is exactly the fall of 2013 - in the winter of 2014. happened in Kiev.

The youth, attracted through social networks, under the banner of the few previously right-wing and left-radical organizations, became the striking force of Maidan, which helped to overthrow the government of Yanukovych. Neo-Nazis, anarchists, Trotskyists - all united in a thirst for street action, throwing out their chronic grievances in opposition to the "Berkut". After the accomplished mission, “cannon fodder” was smoothly erased the “big uncles” - oligarchs and grant suckers from the government’s carpet paths. Young ideological young people, of their own free will, and often against her, were taken as soldiers and sent to the “eastern front” to fight with the militia and destroy the civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk regions.


The most disgusting manifestation of the essence of the "fifth column" was the public support of the American slander that Russia was guilty of the tragedy with the Malaysian airliner. The interest of the United States to blame the fall of the liner is Russia (not even the militia of Novorossia, namely the Russian Federation) is quite understandable. First of all, it was the United States and the Kiev regime that was in favor of this plane crash, because in the event of further skillful actions, Russia could be blamed for it, imposing additional sanctions and even throwing NATO troops into the “fight against terrorists” in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The fact that the citizens of the United States and European countries believe in the tales of American and British media misinformation about the fault of Russia in the crash of the liner.

The flow of lies in the Western mass media has long surpassed even Goebbels propaganda and the average American man in the street; in everyday life a person can be quite good, a good professional at work, and in world politics, I'm sorry, you fool, in complete Ukraine the forces of "good" are fighting against the "evil terrorists", behind which stands the "dictator Putin". The poor kind rabbit, a fairy with a scythe, a pastor, a boxer and other "positive heroes", just like in the usual Hollywood fairy-tale, are fighting to the death with armed to the teeth "bear-thugs and balalaikas." But what else can you expect from the American man in the street?

A Russian citizen who supports the “fifth column” and is convinced that his own country and shot down a Malaysian airliner is a completely different case. First of all, being convinced of this himself and trying to convince others of this, he openly stands against his homeland, against all its inhabitants, against its future. In fact, it contributes to further deepening the conflict, provoking possible political, economic and even military measures of the West against the Russian Federation. It turns out that the West, represented by such a Russian consumer of media flows, who has become disillusioned with the “Putin regime,” and by and large simply has a bad idea of ​​what he wants and why, he finds a volunteer in Russia. This modern policeman with foaming at the mouth will prove Russia's guilt in the crash of the plane, without even anticipating the possible consequences of such a position.

The key characteristic of the victim of the manipulative technologies of the Western mass media is the complete absence of a critical assessment of the events taking place, the ability to analyze and compare the facts. Of course, many ardent patriots cannot boast of the latter (unfortunately), but at least at their natural, biological level, there is a love for their homeland, for their people, and hatred for their enemies. The apologist of the anti-Russian position, who “is all so intelligent and thinking of himself,” cannot, as we see, think. Otherwise he would have doubts about the good intentions of the United States. At least, he would remember Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, not to mention the events of bygone years in Vietnam or Korea.

Another feature of the Russophobic consumer of the Western mass media is complete intolerance to an alternative point of view. Blaming patriots of Russia for sympathizing with totalitarianism and authoritarianism, calling them “quilted jackets” and “cattle”, the Russophobe itself does not at all demonstrate a breadth of views. The old liberal principle “your views are not close to me, but I am ready to die for your right to express them” is unknown to him. In this regard, he is much more totalitarian than any supporter of the Syrian or Iranian regime, not to mention the Russian patriots. For Russophobia, there is only one truth - this is false, expounded by the mass media of the United States and its satellites. Any doubt in the veracity of the "American dream" is not allowed and is considered as "fascism", "aiding the terrorists" and so on.

The trouble of modern Russia is the sad fact of the concentration of most of the mass media in the hands of the liberal “fifth column”. A kind of “liberal mafia” in the Russian media was formed and entrenched in the Yeltsin period and is currently a powerful structure that is not going to lose the leverage of media management and, accordingly, the real influence on the minds and behavior of many millions of people. As a result, today Russia is losing the information war to the West. Thanks to the information openness of Russian society, which, by the way, is much higher than in the same “democratic Ukraine”, where the open expression of its pro-Russian positions can lead to the most unpredictable consequences, the views of the “fifth column” are widely spread in Russia.

"The Sixth Column"

On the other hand, it is impossible to forget about, in the terminology of the famous philosopher Alexander Dugin, the “sixth column”. Unlike the obvious Russophobes, the “sixth column” does not seek to openly declare its hatred towards Russia. Her credo is to advocate "for peace", "so that there is no war" (although the war is already under way), to call for the self-estrangement of the Russian state from solving the situation in Donetsk and Lugansk. Thanks to manipulative technologies, the so-called “anti-war” and, in fact, defeatist sentiments have become widely spread in Russian society.

It is sad that the “sixth column” has very strong positions in the power structures. If the “fifth column” includes outspoken russophobes, represented to a large extent by the “demonship” of the old school and the “advanced youth”, the “sixth column” is often made up of respectable inhabitants of all kinds of offices - both at the federal and regional levels. It is they who are responsible for blocking possible decisive actions of Russia, for spreading devil-may-care attitude and defeatism in Russian society. Representatives of the "sixth column" are driven by the notorious "selfish interest", concern about the safety of their capital in Western banks, their real estate on the Spanish and French coast. On 100% they also experience a purely mental aversion to people who have become heroes of the events in Novorossiya. Young and determined leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics cause their fears - no matter how similar or the same patriots would drive them away from their homes in their own offices.

Many Russian inhabitants are inclined in the spirit that the population of Donbass and Luhansk region should be left alone with Ukraine to solve their problems on their own, while demanding that they stop receiving refugees. There is also a widespread view that Russia should not “succumb to provocations” and respond to the aggressive actions of the Ukrainian army. Although not so long ago, a forty-six-year-old man, the father of four children, had already died as a result of shelling the territory of the Rostov region. Who will return the family of her husband and father? How to explain to his relatives that Russia did not take action in response to the murder of its citizen? Representatives of the “sixth column” have the same answer to these questions - “if only there was no war”.
It is obvious that in the event of the defeat of the militias in Novorossia, Ukraine will not stop. To take back the Crimea the radical nationalists will demand, in any case, the Kiev government, if it does not wish for itself the fate of Yanukovych, there will be very few maneuvers to avoid the need to go to the Crimea with war. But in the latter case, Russia will not go anywhere from the need to respond to aggression, because otherwise it will have to re-give the Crimea and say goodbye to the claims to the status of a great power.

In any case, Russia should not forget not only how to strengthen its position on an international scale and adequately solve the current situation, but also about internal security. The activity of the “fifth” and “sixth” columns needs a thorough study and analysis of possible consequences, respectively - and taking measures to ensure the national security of the Russian state from the encroachments of external opponents and their internal minions that cause direct harm to the country.

A good option would be to switch to the practice of real responsibility of public figures, politicians, bloggers, journalists for public anti-Russian statements, accusing Russia of “supporting terrorists”, slandering the Russian people and the patriotic movement. At least, these measures will be able to weed out that part of the “fifth” and “sixth” columns, which acts according to its voluntary delusions and, accordingly, is the most massive. As for professional Russophobes, the conversation with them can be short, up to and including deprivation of Russian citizenship and expulsion from the Russian Federation, to those states that most correspond to their ideas about the "ideal society". By the way, these proposed measures are very liberal - pro-American regimes in all countries of the world dealt with their ideological opponents much more cruelly. Suffice it to recall the fate of the Communists in Turkey, Chile, and South Korea — wherever the pro-American military-oligarchic dictatorships came to power.
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  1. +1
    22 July 2014 08: 25
    Here's what you need ...
  2. +18
    22 July 2014 08: 35
    Why be with them? With the fifth and sixth columns? To tear them up like mangy cats. Consider the "view from the stern": stretch two legs and tail at equal angles of 120 degrees and slam into the very center, in strict accordance with their same gayropean concepts.
    1. +12
      22 July 2014 10: 03
      Indeed, some young people are completely dumb, they are worse than American youth.

      If an American does not distinguish Iraq from Iran, and cannot show Australia on a map, then if he is told that our enemy is supposedly. give a name, and he will immediately believe and be a patriot. And the Russians (the 5th and 6th column), considering themselves smarter than the Americans, sacredly believe in their propaganda, and hate their state, being even more stupid. As they say grief from the mind. So who would you take as a cannon fodder dumb American or a traitor? pre-educated is worse than the one who did not study at all, I mean the troubles from the first much more.

      As for the 1991th, I absolutely agree, if we consider the Donetsk people as separatists, then the same separatists were all in 1991, when they destroyed a single whole state. I'm not saying that they did wrong, but things must be called by their proper names. A person has such a nature, when he is touched, he is treated one by one. when it does not, it treats it differently. The whole history of mankind is the history of wars, the history of division, fragmentation, as well as the unification of different tribes, countries, so we must take for granted that the state can collapse, or maybe unite, this is not good and not bad, this is history. There will always be a right and a guilty one, the latter are the vanquished. But in fairness, it should be noted that the one who sheds more innocent blood is wrong. But the homeland must be protected whether it is right or not, otherwise you, as a representative of a nation, country, era, may no longer be there. For the sake of this, protecting yourself as a person is worth fighting.
    2. 225chay
      22 July 2014 21: 38
      Quote: annodomene
      Why be with them? With the fifth and sixth columns? To tear them like a cat

      All this democratic bastard clapped their hands together when they strangled the GKChP in 91m and the Eltsin gang shot the lawfully elected parliament in '93 ...
      all this cube, the serpentine, bred, grew and fluff on people's money and tears, when they plundered the country, destroyed and destroyed, seized factories, the economy and the armed forces ...
      and now they have multiplied, have grown fat, having grabbed all the property in Russia and, together with Western moneybags, continue to kill the country!
      Good for their gallows or stakes ...
  3. +34
    22 July 2014 08: 42
    I don’t welcome everything in Putin’s domestic policy (I don’t believe in the fairy tale about a good king and bad boyars), I don’t like everything in the foreign policy of wiping spits and turning the other cheek, But ..! Now we need to be united and forget all the differences. Therefore, I am with the President of Russia, even though I did not vote for him in the elections. We have a difficult period in life and, if we don’t close the fifth or sixth columns, we will have a bunch of traitors in our territory in difficult times.
    1. snn
      22 July 2014 10: 02
      Is the Motherland and the state one and the same? "Fifth and Sixth Columns" Against the Motherland or the State? If I’m against the state, I don’t mind anything, everyone is tired of the officials who trade in the Motherland. our officials have no homeland!
      1. +8
        22 July 2014 14: 04
        An example of a homeland without a state is Russia in 90.
        Do you want to wait six months for a salary and see bandits with machine guns on the street?

        "I love the Motherland, but I hate the state" B. Okudzhava is a prominent representative of the fifth column.
        1. third
          23 July 2014 00: 19
          Why is this Okudzhava representative?
      2. +2
        23 July 2014 00: 23
        There is not one and the same, but very, very closely related concepts. If we consider the state not according to Marxist-Leninist (coercive apparatus), then it is not the same thing. And if it is generally accepted - the state is a country, then the same thing. In general, he gives up Vlasovschina from your question - “we are not at war with the Motherland, but with Stalin.” In difficult times, the state is the homeland as well.
      3. mazhnikof.Niko
        23 July 2014 09: 06
        Quote: snn
        If against the state, I don’t have anything against, everyone is tired of the officials who sell their Motherland Our officials have no homeland!

        That is exactly how the liberal traitors shouted at the rallies in 1991. Only, then they were "disturbed" by the "commies", now they began to be called by officials! Of course, our (as well as the Ukropskie) officials are dermo, but why destroy the state !? Drive out the bureaucrats, who of them got away - go to prison, live well! Do not forget about the social system - do not go back to capitalism, and even more so to feudalism, because society does not tolerate not only stagnation - it collapses during the restoration of a social system that has already been replaced once! All other actions are a betrayal of national interests! Above the introduction into the minds of both Russians and "ukrov" (who have lost the identity of the Russians) are WORKING now FIFTH and SIXTH .... The tenth column-will also work on this. Be carefull! As Julius Fucik called!
    2. +4
      22 July 2014 11: 02
      Now there is time to listen and think.
    3. +5
      22 July 2014 12: 35
      GDP is a person with all his inherent weaknesses and doubts, like all of us, but he possesses information and thinks strategically correctly in political matters. We need more rigidity and consistency in achieving goals that are FOR RUSSIA, no liberalism with a pro-American audience, as Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin did! So that the Will to Victory, Courage to Our President. Do not be afraid to lose personal material, because the pay for it is very huge, All of Russia! And a thousand times vjatsergey is right that we must strive for ONE!
    4. dmb
      22 July 2014 16: 03
      vjatstrgey "We must be united" is the slogan. Where do you see our unity in foreign and domestic policy issues, and what prevents the same Putin from being united with us? Or do you propose to be one with him? Then you will have to agree with the existence of "bad boyars" and the existence of the aforementioned "columns", for he clearly does not intend to get rid of either one or the other. By the way, he had such an opportunity immediately after the annexation of Crimea, he would like to get rid of it, he used it. You just cannot get rid of what you yourself are a product of. Putin is a product of the capitalist system, and everything else is from the evil one.
      1. -1
        22 July 2014 23: 09
        This is oversimplification. Putin does not have the same capabilities and power as Stalin and the Terrible. Bach with a fist on the table. "Tyap for Lyapkin. Lyap for Tyapkin." When was power in the hands of the autocrat? Never. So you have to maneuver, retreat, then make a dash. To poke odious figures, and then suddenly remove them. "Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the side." The general vector of Putin's rule is patriotic, and this is clearly visible in 14 years. Is there even a figure of equal weight in Russia? No. Well, why grumble then.
    5. +4
      22 July 2014 16: 49
      Nothing threatens Russia's sovereignty and territorial integrity at present, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of the Russian Security Council on Tuesday.
      “We are being called upon to influence the militia of the southeast (Ukraine). Of course, we will do everything in our power, ”the president said.
      Support further
  4. +16
    22 July 2014 09: 14
    Tired of writing against hurray-patriots (although I put a plus in the article - against Makarevich and other singing domestic rodents). Russia will not be able to resist now in an open or not quite war with Western Europe and America. A real war, with hostilities for Russia now, is the collapse of everything that we have now somehow improved. We need to help everyone we can, we need to accept refugees, but we cannot fight ourselves. Only a person who does not understand that Russian young guys will fight, whose children and brothers, for the most part, have not yet been taken over by their fathers, can demand the introduction of regular troops of the Russian Federation into the territory of the former Ukraine. And they will fight for those fathers and brothers of Novorossiya who are now suffering, but are sitting at home in their own Novorossia and waiting for the Russians to release them. Look, porssenko and other Avakovs are jumping out of their pants, so they want Russia to send troops. But because then everything: the victims, the collapse of the economy, the collapse of the country, their crimes can be attributed to the war with Russia. Moreover, for this, get help and personal deviants from the West. I am sure that the sixth column is, all the same, those who demand from our side of the border to send troops to Novorossiya. Ilya, it is unpatriotic to demand that our Russian soldiers shed their blood on foreign territory, for whose ambition, pride, greed, cowardice and meanness. And so that later our, Russian economy would float down (and this will happen like the sun rises in the morning). And the war will hit first of all not on the big-faced businessmen and well-groomed top managers, not even so much on the workers and peasants. And even more so not for the "state employees" - federal and municipal officials. The war will hit pensioners, large families, the most vulnerable part of the population of Russia. They already live off bread to water. In my opinion, the sixth column is those "patriots" who are knee-deep in the sea - you need to send troops, defend Novorossiya without sparing your own, Russian residents.
    1. +5
      22 July 2014 12: 44
      It’s impossible, it’s impossible! But in order for something to be possible, nothing is done! Corruption in power and government agencies is not eradicated! People die in peacetime and in Moscow itself, in the subway! That is, if it’s impossible now, then in the real situation it will not be possible in the future! Why create such a dead end, and for whom ???
    2. +2
      22 July 2014 20: 55
      Quote: kyznets
      Only a person who does not understand can demand the introduction of regular troops of the Russian Federation into the territory of the former Ukraine
      ... but the future itself will never fight. The bulk of those calling for war are mowers, who have never served in the Army, theorists a la "world of tanks". And if, God forbid, something happens, they will also rush to surrender en masse.
  5. +3
    22 July 2014 09: 24
    and where are the names, surnames, names? people should know their "heroes"
    1. +7
      22 July 2014 11: 24
      turn on the TV - there they are, turn on the radio - there they are.
    2. rodevaan
      22 July 2014 12: 13
      This is just a small fraction of these "heroes"!
      Every day, these muzzles flicker across the zombie creature ....
    3. +10
      22 July 2014 15: 26
      and where are the names, surnames, names? people should know their "heroes"

      One of them

      One freak with a false sad face
      in the cabin of your Porsche
      said: "I am ashamed to be called Russian,
      we are a nation of mediocre drunks. "
      A solid look, demeanor, -
      everything devil is thought out cunningly,
      but the merciless degeneration virus
      I ingloriously stole everything inside him.
      His soul is not worth a half
      like a yellow leaf from broken branches
      but the descendant of the Ethiopians PUSHKIN
      not burdened by his Russianness.
      They considered themselves Russian rightfully
      and raised their homeland from their knees
      creators of Russian seafaring glory
      And not reconciling with a narrow worldview,
      trying to look beyond the horizon
      for honor they considered to be called Russian
      the Scots GRAYG de TOLLY and LERMONT.
      Any of them are admirable,
      After all, to sing homeland is the law for them!
      So he gave his life without regret
      for Russia the Georgian prince BAGRATION.
      Our language is multifaceted, accurate, faithful
      then heals the soul, then smacks like steel,
      are we able to value him immensely
      and to know him, as the Dane Dahl knew.
      What is DAL? And in our time a lot of
      owning a great language?
      no worse than crest MIKOLA GOGOL,
      that was once with the PUSHKIN sign.
      Do not bang your head on the wall
      and furiously spit saliva in vain,
      "We are Russians!" - Shevchenko said so,
      read kobzar carefully.
      In the soul love is filial cherished,
      all my life I worked up to seven sweats
      Their names remained on the tablets
      like a true story of basics,
      and among them, like a pillar, old DERZHAVIN,
      in it the blood flows of the Tatar Murza.
      They come, then servants, then messiahs,
      Carrying your cross on bent shoulders
      how he carried it in the name of all of Russia
      Turkish descendant - Admiral KOLCHAK.
      They instilled and nurtured love
      from secular sources and roots:
      that Russian whose soul lives in Russia,
      whose thoughts are about mother - about her!
      Patriotism does not sell to the load
      to berets, boots or a coat,
      and since you are ashamed to be called Russian,
      you, my friend, are not Russian, you are NOBODY !!!
      1. +2
        22 July 2014 17: 08
        and who is the author of this work? I will definitely keep it and read it at home !!!!
      2. 0
        23 July 2014 00: 33
        I will copy, print (hopefully allow), and give to read to some of my acquaintances who fall under "Nobody".
      3. rodevaan
        24 July 2014 10: 15
        Great poem! Russian is the one who in the soul is Russian, and not by blood! Other Dagi, Chechens or Poles, are much more Russian than purebred Slavic faces, kissing passionately with the West and praying at Pin
  6. +10
    22 July 2014 09: 26
    Yes, no friends - remember where the term fifth column came from. This happened in Spain in the 30s. There, the people of the rebellious General Franco, organized in the rear of the revolutionaries, this same notorious fifth column. And the result - at the time of the active assault on the capital of Madrid - they hit in the back. The result - there are no revolutionaries at all, and General Franco commanded the country until he died in the 70s. It will be the same in our case. We will not get traitors - we will be destroyed by one powerful blow to the back. Because there is only one way out - a hard sweep. As Stalin did before World War II. If there were no stripping, then it is not known how it would all end. Mindful of the personal friendship of many marshals and generals of the Red Army with the leadership of the Wehrmacht.
    A vulgar time, I was banned for my call in introducing a certain social group to solve the problem of New Russia. Now I do not even dare to personally propose something. Although there is a lot of evidence in the news that yesterday’s policemen, miners, workers, commandos and convicts are shoulder-shoulder in the forces of New Russia. And nothing. But the intelligent audience of this site reacted so painfully to my proposal that it’s hard to talk about anything specific.
    Remember - the best police chief - there was a former criminal under the Emperor Napoleon 1 Buonaparte. For a person who has messed himself up with a dirty act, it is much easier to make a deal with conscience and perform some kind of action (for an average man an unacceptable action). Of course, strictly under the control of specialists and only within a narrow framework. But Napoleon 1 could only do this. But is there such a person in Russia now? what
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 14: 25
      Quote: Archikah
      1. Is there such a person in Russia now?

    2. +2
      22 July 2014 21: 15
      Franco attacked Madrid from four directions, with four columns, therefore the bastard, entrenched among the Republicans, and at the right time hit them in the back, was dubbed the fifth column. The fifth column, in fact, is an intelligence network, sharpened for reconnaissance and sabotage work. And there is no difference in how agents are used - in the dark, whether they are conscious enemies, they must all be destroyed before the start of the active phase of hostilities. It is destroyed, because the enemy can be good only in one case - if it is a dead enemy.
  7. 0
    22 July 2014 09: 29
    The point of view that Russia should not "succumb to provocations" and respond to the aggressive actions of the Ukrainian army is also widespread.
    I adhere to this point of view and completely agree with the previous speaker of kyznets, I will not repeat it, it turns out that I and he are the "sixth column", and the author is from which column ..
    1. +2
      22 July 2014 09: 49
      response to the aggressive actions of the Ukrainian army involves not only (and not even so much) the introduction of troops. There are many economic levers of influence, political. The same sanctions, only by Russia against Ukraine. As for strikes on the territory of Russia, you can answer pointwise - it is unlikely Ukraine will climb to fight. But there is also a much more dangerous moment two - having won the Donbass and entrenched there, Ukraine will not forget about the Crimea and sooner or later will try to take revenge (unless, of course, there was an initial agreement that Crimea will be given to Russia in exchange for the recognition of the new government and waiver of claims to the Donbass and other Russian regions). In the case of the movement of the Ukrainian troops on the Crimea, what to do? Give the Crimea back to Ukraine (thereby signing that it is no longer a power)?
      1. +3
        22 July 2014 10: 32
        If Ukraine tries to take Crimea back, then it will start a war with Russia. Then a retaliatory strike will be necessary, since it is OUR, Russian land. And it’s not the same thing that the war is now over the former Ukrainian or current Novorossiysk Donetsk and Lugansk. Let them try to pick it up. There are great doubts about this, even more doubts about what will come to this, and I DO NOT Doubt that Strelkov, Besler, Motorola and his comrades will win.
        1. +3
          22 July 2014 12: 27
          Yes, but for these comrades to win, they need help. To all of us. Not 5 with 6 columns will do it. Find out where collection points are organized in your cities. EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING should come from Russia in a continuous stream.
          1. +4
            22 July 2014 16: 13
            ! Now the situation in Russia more and more resembles the situation in Russia during the 1st World War.
            the total greed of the rear generals, called upon to supply the army with weapons, their theft of the military budget by overstating the cost of purchases for the army, led to the collapse of the army and the February revolution (bourgeois), and then to the collapse of the empire and civil war! It is vital for Russia to change the vector of domestic policy to strengthen Russia, but so far nothing has been done, but on the contrary, it is being sabotaged. I think, while continuing this course, the next president (perhaps even as it was done in Kiev) will be, many hated, Chubais. then we’ll see the real rule of the Russian jackal gang and it will be even tighter than in the outskirts !!! God forbid, of course, to live up to that !!! sad
          2. +2
            22 July 2014 18: 48
            Quote: Siberian
            Not 5 with 6 columns will do it.

            Explain to the amateur - who are we in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th columns? I'd like to know.
        2. +2
          22 July 2014 18: 44
          Quote: kyznets
          I DO NOT Doubt that Strelkov, Besler, Motorola and his comrades will win.

  8. +1
    22 July 2014 09: 37
    Traitors: what about the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?

    And what has been done with such creatures at all times?
  9. -3
    22 July 2014 09: 54
    I propose to give Ilya Polonsky a machine gun and send it to Donetsk. Let's see what he writes after a business trip. If at all write.
  10. +4
    22 July 2014 09: 54
    Traitors: what about the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?
    Pillars to new construction sites of the century. Let them atone for their guilt then; otherwise, they will atone for blood.
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 12: 41
      Why to new construction sites? wink Let the roads be laid, the yards sweep, do the cleaning of the territories. Give everyone a yellow shirt-front with a red stripe. And let the townspeople give grades for their work, those who work poorly, those for logging, for mines. Labor made a man out of a monkey, maybe from them something useful will turn out. hi
  11. +5
    22 July 2014 10: 01
    I didn’t understand why they weren’t touched? After the snacks I realized that you should not touch what does not sink. But it is also impossible to give them will, why slops and dez are still pouring from rain and echo. A forum on the echo was occupied by Svidomo, both Ukrainians and Russians. Sadly. stop
  12. +7
    22 July 2014 10: 06
    There is a wave of "chatting" the problem. Now almost no one is talking about the introduction of troops into the East of Ukraine. We are talking about RAL help, which is NOT! That is, assistance with heavy weapons. Moreover, Russia is accused of helping the militia, and in the complete absence of such. Is it really not clear that if ukrovoysk is victorious in Donbass, they will go to Crimea, inspired by the victory and support of the United States? This will definitely happen, ALL military analysts are talking about this, moreover - analysts of the General Staff of the RF Ministry of Defense. And our young people STILL have to fight, leaving the care of children to their wives. There are simply no options. That is, no AT ALL. And whoever does not see this, accusing everyone around of the "fifth colonism" simply does not want to see anything, reminding an ostrich with its head in the sand and believing that it is safe.
  13. +3
    22 July 2014 10: 09
    Pillars to new construction sites of the century. Then redeem themselves later

    Legislatively this will not work. It is necessary to heap all this scum, refuse them Russian citizenship, and offer to move, for example, to Ukraine, I think it would be what you need! Let them speak on TV, write in the independent press, sing ...
    So after all not to expel!
  14. +2
    22 July 2014 10: 10
    A good option would be the transition to the practice of real responsibility of public figures, politicians, bloggers, journalists for public anti-Russian statements, accusations of Russia of “supporting terrorists”, slander of the Russian people and the patriotic movement.

    I fully support.
  15. +2
    22 July 2014 10: 14
    Crush these freaks necessary!
  16. +3
    22 July 2014 10: 15
    The West taught everyone to live on credit, both in terms of material wealth and spiritually. If you want something, you just need to take it. This is how they teach. Those who do not welcome the domestic and foreign policies of Vladimir Vladimirovich simply do not know anything about it, making subjective conclusions based on information received from the media, as well as on the basis of their own observations, again backed up by information once received again from the media. But few people remember, or perhaps do not know at all, that in 1999, when V. Putin, in connection with the early departure of Yeltsin, became acting president of the Russian Federation, and later the acting president, he had several scenarios of the final fall of Russia and a deep modernization of the Russian economy. Now remember what Russia was like in 1999 and what it has become now. Most of course will say that all this is due to the reserves of oil and gas, the huge reserves of which our country possesses, and this will be partly true, but will everyone be able to distribute the income received from this sale and channel the funds in the necessary direction? Whether everyone can keep the oligarchs drunk with superprofits and officials accustomed to "assimilating budgetary funds" with their eyes dimmed with contentment. So what am I talking about? The program that has been implemented and accepted for action has not yet been completed, the percentage of readiness is about 70-80%, it is calculated until 2015-2020 and this is due to the fact that in the process of reconstruction of our state, our President faced many problems requiring pretentious decisions and new approaches , however, today, drawing a parallel with the early 2000s, one can see the titanic work done by our President. So let's not be amoeba and support him. Together we will make our country a better place.
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 10: 37
      It's like that. But why does GDP express OFFICIAL condolences over the death of one terrible Russophobic toad? Well, as a private person. Who are you Mr. Putin with?
      1. +5
        22 July 2014 10: 54
        And then, that she was a citizen of Russia. And a very famous citizen. I don’t know about you, but I believe that she carried out her mission to discredit our opposition perfectly and the president is grateful to her for this. And also this condolences proves that he accepts different points of view of society and does not believe that they should not be. Only different points of view on the problem help to find a solution to its solution. The opposition of the government should always be constructive, patriotic. Unfortunately, we do not have one now. But fishlessness and cancer are fish.
      2. 0
        22 July 2014 13: 29
        But this is already politics, you can hate this, but you must smile, non-politicians have it easier, you don’t like it and it’s more difficult to correct the face, especially if the person is decent, although decency and politics are practically incompatible.
    2. +5
      22 July 2014 11: 18
      I understand. There are some who, due to hatred of the authorities, are ready to burn their own country. On YouTube, the channel artillery preparation is a typical example, one of many. But do not lie this, about the successes of power. Your picture is complete nonsense, half untrue. Two questions, control. Where did you see the salary in the country 29940r. and a pension of 10000r. And do not blame the betrayal of those who do not agree with the government, but will not allow Maidan in Russia. I will be the first to stand in line with the police and troops to burn this Maidan racket and scum. But I don’t sympathize with the current government. Answer the question, how many bureaucratic corps, starting from mayors and local deputies, and ending with ministers, will remain to defend the country, and who will not go to pieces? Homeland where your wealth is. My wealth is the memory of my ancestors resting in the earth, my home, my family, my land, and all this here in Russia. And where is it with them? So keep your foul-smelling speeches to yourself, for people are judged by deeds.
      1. +1
        22 July 2014 12: 41
        Agree. Now on television they are debating about the son of some deputy Seleznev, who was taken illegally in the Maldives (or on some resort island), a few years ago at the same resort the guy miraculously survived a terrorist attack, now he sits on drugs without which he cannot live. But again, for some reason, hiding abroad to rest. I have not heard anything like this about the sons of doctors, teachers, researchers and our other husks. And all our Foreign Ministries are making a lot of efforts to visit him in prison, they are outraged by the content. But it was impossible to think about yourself? What would not rest in Sochi, where no one cares about the son of whose deputy you are. Or is he not at all interested in the situation in the world and in the country? We are all not for them - not for deputies and their families?
        And for us now, there is nothing more important than New Russia — neither Slavic bazaars, nor holidays. Brave articles about the charms of our new weapons, powerful and accurate, are somehow not encouraging. What should they say about them if they are not used to protect ours in SE? We catch weak hints on TV that we help (weakly help or our politicians lie).
        1. +1
          22 July 2014 13: 39
          By the way, here's a good example for you:
          Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told reporters that he had changed the leadership of the Moscow Metro SUE. Ivan Besedin was dismissed, Dmitry Pegov was appointed head of the metro. The mayor associated the dismissal of Besedin with a disaster on the blue branch. “The tragedy crossed out the enormous work that has been carried out in the subway in recent years. In this regard, the head of the metro Besedin dismissed from his post. ” The mayor noted that in recent years, the amount of funding for updating rolling stock and improving the infrastructure of the Moscow metro has been increased several times, Interfax reports.

          According to Sobyanin, Dmitry Pegov has gone “a full path from an assistant engineer to the head of one of the most promising areas of railways”.
          Who is ready to go this way today? 20 years in order to become the head of the Moscow metro. only.
          1. +1
            23 July 2014 05: 32
            So the question arises about the accident. More precisely, about the competence of the leadership. In the media, the cause of the accident is an arrow fastened or wound with a wire. And such heresy is carried out by high-ranking officials with a smart official appearance. And they just didn’t spend 20 years in order to take a post. They simply can’t understand how idiotic this sounds for the railroad worker. Railroad switch is a rather complicated system and I can’t even imagine where to wire the wire. Not the competence of managers is worse than 5 6 and there will be any columns for the country. And all the marsh crap, well, they have no chance.
      2. +2
        22 July 2014 13: 29
        Where did you see the salary of the country 29940r. and retirement 10000r.

        Firstly, they are arithmetic averages. I have more than the specified payroll, I work as a specialist at the enterprise of the military-industrial complex, which is part of the Rostec group of companies. Mother has a pension of 12000. Lives in the Samara region. Yes there is less, I will not even argue. But you must agree that this is nonsense to everyone on 30 TR For example, we have a unit of 23 people, they sit around the clock and go about their business, because they cannot be fired - socially protected sections of the population. By the way, they get a bare salary - 25 tr, well, tell me for what? Master state money, your taxes. So it is with retirement. Someone deserved, but someone did not. Now many people prefer zn in envelopes, happily broadcasting how they find the state **, and then they will whine that they have a pension less than average, etc. (For example, my wife works in a - official zn 15 tr The rest is in an envelope. For 8 years of her continuous work in this organization, the amount of her pension savings in 2 is less than mine for 3, but today she receives wages 2 times more than mine) You just think how many people there are in Russia moment they work informally in every possible way evading taxes - through h front companies, outbidings, earnings through the Internet, keepers, etc. And these are all those who, accustomed to wealth in old age, will demand a pension commensurate for the hard work for which another 25 person worked for years from a call to a call or some factory, educated and limited himself.
        how many bureaucratic corps, starting from mayors and local deputies, and ending with ministers, will remain to defend the country, and who will not go to pieces?

        You have a real chance to become one of those defending your country and not dumping anywhere. Please note that all the leaders and members of parties and factions that broadcast the will of ordinary citizens, they are all elderly, there are very few young people. And when the next elections will be held, everyone will complain about the lack of an alternative to the existing "backbone" in government agencies. But no one strives to replace them, no one strives to make their homeland better, no one offers an alternative, all criticism, destructive without offering solutions.
        By the way, the situation has changed since the 2012 of the year, for example, the mayor of Moscow, Sobyanin, in a short time (no matter what the tiles, etc.) did what Luzhkov tried to do for 5-10 years. And I see it every day. For the first time since 1991, the Minister of Defense Shoigu showed the whole world that the Russian Federation has an army, equipped with the latest weapons, which surpass the competitors in terms of performance characteristics of the country. Unfortunately, there are only a few examples, but I want to believe that in the near future, key posts in ministries and departments will be occupied by worthy people devoted to their country. In the end, someone had to do the dirty work.
        I will be the first to stand in line with the police and troops to burn this Maidan racket and scum.

        I share your civic position, "swamp rallies" were a rehearsal of the Maidan, and showed how many inadequate people in our country blindly trust ordered articles on the Internet from bloggers whose texts are written by specially trained people.
        But do not lie this, about the successes of power.

        This is not a lie, but only one of the parties, there are always victories and defeats, but defeats and mistakes should not be an obstacle to achieving the desired result. I admit that in addition to achievements, there are also negative aspects, but only he who does nothing is not mistaken.
        1. +1
          22 July 2014 15: 03
          Quote: volodyk50
          only he who does nothing is not mistaken.

          I agree, but this does not apply to the current government. All her steps are conscious, with calculated consequences. You are doing a substitution of concepts. I could refute all your arguments, but I’d better bring some good writers. S.G. Kara-Murza, I. Pykhalov, A. Eliseev, N. Kozinkin, B. Yulin, A. Dyukov. Read JV Stalin. There are answers to all your conjectures.
          I do not care about those sitting on the priest, socially protected, in Kaluga, doctors, teachers, educators work for pennies, for a wage of 9-10 thousand, a salary of 15-18 falls short of all kinds of allowances. But the assistants of the deputies of the township, with purchased diplomas, receive bonuses of half a million. There is no need to lay out illusions and mislead people.
          1. -1
            22 July 2014 16: 27
            in order to turn the situation inside the country into a big plus, we urgently need to adopt a tough anti-corruption law, and the State Duma is not really thinking about this! Apparently in the State Duma we have chosen completely the wrong people - they are really concerned about creating greenhouse conditions for the oligarchy, both industrial and financial, in the first place. without this law, it is impossible to reverse the situation with theft of the budget and tax evasion and the appearance of dubious transactions with budget money. this will give much greater savings on the development of necessary industries in the state. so that the 5th and 6th columns are still gaining the upper hand in the country. GDP alone cannot pull the country out of the liberal swamp, driven there by the young reformists of the 90s and now taxiing in Russia !!!
          2. +1
            22 July 2014 18: 46
            Quote: Mareman Vasilich
            There is no need to lay out illusions and mislead people.

            Golden words, how much is this I repeat :-)
        2. 0
          22 July 2014 16: 25
          I agree with you in everything, but in order to turn the situation inside the country into a big plus, we urgently need to adopt a tough anti-corruption law, and the State Duma is not really thinking about this! Apparently in the State Duma we have chosen completely the wrong people - they are really concerned about creating greenhouse conditions for the oligarchy, both industrial and financial, in the first place. without this law, it is impossible to reverse the situation with theft of the budget and tax evasion and the appearance of dubious transactions with budget money. this will give much greater savings on the development of necessary industries in the state. so that the 5th and 6th columns are still gaining the upper hand in the country. GDP alone cannot pull the country out of the liberal swamp, driven there by the 90’s mlodoreforms and now taxiing in Russia !!!
        3. 0
          22 July 2014 17: 55
          Totally agree!
      3. 0
        22 July 2014 18: 42
        Quote: Mareman Vasilich
        . Where did you see the salary in the country 29940r. and a pension of 10000r.

        I have such a salary when with all the allowances. Pension is true more - 11000.
      4. 225chay
        22 July 2014 21: 55
        Quote: Mareman Vasilich
        Where did you see the salary in the country 29940r. and a pension of 10000r. And do not blame the betrayal of those who do not agree with the authorities, but also Maidan

        more than 30 years of work experience and salary in the 80s from 250 to 700 rubles. and a pension of 6 thousand with a penny. With a coefficient of 1,6, as they say in the PF, we do not count more than 1,2!
        and you say a pension of 10 thousand ....
    3. 0
      22 July 2014 17: 36
      Everything is right, it’s just that everyone has forgotten how it was with ebn, it will be remembered by night, there was nothing, after price liberalization, there were no products, there were no salaries, the military personnel were not paid monetary allowance. If you want to eat, look where you want, steal, etc. Look for work in a closed garrison if you do not pay allowance. At least a certain stabilization has come and people began to live and work quietly, those who want, not afraid that tomorrow everything will collapse and nothing will happen
  17. +3
    22 July 2014 10: 22
    The seventh column would be necessary to fight the first twowassat
  18. Roshchin
    22 July 2014 10: 31
    The topic is relevant and the question is posed correctly, but the country should know its heroes by name. Since the author uses military vocabulary when he writes about all sorts of numbered columns (No. 5, No. 6), so it is necessary to talk about the commanders and soldiers of these columns and their weapons. He writes about the categories of Russophobes, probably having analyzed the carriers of these phobias. So you need to name it. Otherwise, verbose chatter turns out. The hero of the article was Gosha from Butovo, smothered by pro-Western nonsense. A soldier of anti-Russian colonies. All others are doing their dirty work in deep underground. I can name such a "hero". Once I watched a talk show on Ukrainian TV, in which one of the presenters was the Russian television personality Sukhanov. I saw him in the programs of the 5th St. Petersburg channel. So this very "patriot" asks one of the guests: "Why do you think Putin muddied the Crimean adventure?" At the end of the program, he says: "Venediktov (Echo of Moscow) was supposed to come up to us and bring something interesting from the American Embassy." The truth did not fit. And recently I saw him again on some Russian TV channel. So if we are writing about opponents, then not about the mythical Goshas from Butovo, but about specific "figures" and their "glorious" deeds.
    1. +2
      22 July 2014 10: 44
      The names are already well known to everyone. For the third decade already, all the filth of the Yeltsin sourdough has not left TV channels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of such "gosh from butovo", and their name is legion ... ("thanks" to amerov's propaganda)
  19. 0
    22 July 2014 10: 33
    I completely agree with the author. Some commentators are the fifth or sixth column. They offer to be afraid of everything. Silently wipe the spit, do not respond to the slap (shooting of the Russian territory). Or maybe they are right. Why do we Kuban, Rostov region and other territories The Kiev authorities intend to bring it to life. It is necessary to give peacefully, so as not to send men to die in the defense of these territories. Yes, Russia has a lot of land. But this is our land and our citizens live. And at the moment this problem is being solved in Novorossia, but why without Russia’s participation.
    1. Roshchin
      22 July 2014 10: 58
      Dear, I support you completely. You use the word some as well as the author. Name at least one of them. There is a song: "If somewhere, some of us sometimes do not want to live honestly ..." All the dark ones - to the light.
  20. 3vs
    22 July 2014 10: 35
    Probably, we need to look more carefully at all sorts of NGOs / NGOs sponsored from naglosaxia.
    If people are sitting on the payroll of American taxpayers, this says something.
  21. 0
    22 July 2014 11: 10
    What can I say? Need to clean the state apparatus and public organizations. I don’t even have to invent anything, I spoke out against the position of Russia, please be kind enough to say goodbye to citizenship and leave the country at 48 o’clock. In particular, this should apply to persons speaking to a large audience.
    1. bergberg
      22 July 2014 12: 00
      Not just expressed himself, but took the side of the opposing side with the blackening of our Motherland! Repeatedly! And then, the flight to the territory of its owners and with the confiscation of the acquired!
  22. rodevaan
    22 July 2014 11: 55
    Good material!
    The fact is that this topic has already ripened so much that it has long turned into a problem of national Russian scale - what to do with the pro-Western layer of waste from the nation, who sleep and see their country as weak, underdeveloped, under a pi-n-dos boot, speaking English, in other words, in a grossly subordinate and humiliated position?
    Personally, my opinion is that for this a special STATE and rather strict domestic policy should be pursued. Hold all this pro-Western liberoid pack of jackals firmly in one place, and periodically chop them with Bosko. In addition, - for any public manifestation of Russophobia, anti-Russian and anti-Russian statements, calls for the collapse of the country, deliberate distortion and sprinkling of dirt on our great history - criminally and administratively punish! This applies to everything - the media, the Internet, Russophobic foreign films, Russophobian games - so that all those who import this muck here and bear the strict responsibility up to the criminal!
    Why am I advocating tough methods of internal political struggle against this cancerous tumor? Because we very well observed the rampant of this insanity in the 90s, when it was a sign of good form to scold and smear our country with devil, when only the lazy did not spit on the Russian and Soviet flag, when everyone, like a deceived sheep-like flock in a sect, prayed to the dull and hostile west. When the word patriot became a dirty word, when people who loved their country and were proud of it were ridiculed and viewed as "scoops" and adherents of "old-regime trash". Such a people has no future, but the colonial bandits come to its territory with their predatory grin.
    Therefore, the fight against this Russophobic evil, as well as the merciless fight against corruption - a similar evil should be one of the highest priorities for internal security!

    1. 0
      22 July 2014 13: 33
      with a pro-Western layer of waste from the nation, who sleep and see their country as weak, underdeveloped, under a pi-n-dos boot, who speaks English - in other words, in a grossly subordinate and humiliated position

      in Ukraine, they found application - they allowed it to be minced as a civil war.
      the fight against this Russophobic evil, as well as the merciless fight against corruption - a similar evil should be one of the highest priorities for internal security!

      Golden words Yuri Venediktovich
    2. 0
      22 July 2014 16: 32
      The author of the picture gave a blunder. Put Lev Davidovich next to some thread Bulk ??? The ratio may be different, but nevertheless it is necessary to observe the elementary SCALE. Well, at least without the bunaparty there were ...
  23. 0
    22 July 2014 12: 11
    There is no time left to reform, only to CUT. BUT these "columns" are 80% of our power, they still need to be replaced!
  24. -1
    22 July 2014 12: 19
    The introduction of censorship would remove most of the questions. In the meantime, there are still old cadres - to take control of the comrades "gentlemen" so that they do not burrow and blather. And if you don't like it, the charge of treason is quite suitable.
  25. -1
    22 July 2014 12: 39
    Traitors: what about the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?

    Send to Kolyma and uranium mines. The most odious shoot!
  26. +3
    22 July 2014 12: 56
    Such "heroes" have a place in the mines of the northeast! The frost and breeze will erase their brains, save them from bad thoughts if they survive !!! Stalin knew the means of fighting such evil spirits, so they revile him at every opportunity !!! IMHO !! ! hi
  27. +1
    22 July 2014 13: 03
    There is a very good example in practice, the People's Republic of China. Tight control over the media and the Internet. It is time for us not to think anymore, but to act in this direction.
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 13: 11
      When there are thieves, as in China, to be shot, then it is possible to take control of the media. Now this control is in the hands of those same thieves.
  28. Lenar
    22 July 2014 13: 23
    The question always arises in my mind, is it permissible to separate "state" and "Motherland" in one's reasoning?
    After all, the "Vlasovites" also at one time justified themselves by love for the Motherland, but by opposition to Soviet power. In my opinion, a very fine line.

    As for the traitors, the main ones sit high in the offices and the fish rots from the head. There is no point in scolding young people as long as “such” authorities govern / rule / write laws / “execute” / catch criminals, etc.
    I will not get tired of exclaiming questioningly: "Why are the Luzhkovs and Serdyukovs alive and walking on the earth?"
    1. rodevaan
      24 July 2014 10: 32
      Quote: Lenar
      The question always arises in my mind, is it permissible to separate "state" and "Motherland" in one's reasoning?
      After all, the "Vlasovites" also at one time justified themselves by love for the Motherland, but by opposition to Soviet power. In my opinion, a very fine line.

      - No, you just need to separate the power from the motherland! Here there is no fine line.
      Homeland - you can’t feel it - is a general concept of everything that is your own. Family, parents, children, home, city, nature, language, country, history, your ancestors. - That's what it is. And to the power, white-red-green-democratic or totalitarian, it has nothing to do with it. She just is.
      But the power, those people who do this or that for the good or for the collapse of the Homeland - this is already completely different. And the attitude to this is different. Yes, I am a patriot of the country and the Motherland. But I am a categorical and unacceptable opponent of the Yeltsin era and the pro-Western course of the country. And I will be against the government that will conduct such a course.
  29. Nikolaychuk
    22 July 2014 13: 42
    I don’t understand why come up with the 6th column. This is a variation of the fifth column. Under Stalin they were called saboteurs! The reasons for sabotage can be different.
    Yes, the author is right, the war is on! But in the hot phase of the war (which is not happening on our territory), volunteers participate. Russian 18 year old guys do not die. Volunteers gained combat experience, as in Spain (my grandfather fought from the beginning with the Finns, thanks to the experience, he lived to see the end of the Second World War). And the Ukrainian army suffers heavy losses. Our army, receives the necessary weapons (rearmament), works out the interaction. Everything goes on as usual!
  30. 0
    22 July 2014 13: 54
    The article is good, but now the days have passed when it was possible to write just academic texts. In such articles, there MUST be specific names - as examples and targets. This is relevant.
    And absolutely definitely it is not necessary, according to the old Soviet habit, to call the Jews cosmopolitan. And on possible accusations of anti-Semitism, one must try to explain the difference between anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism.
  31. lenahort
    22 July 2014 14: 18
    Thanks to the author for this article. I would very much like the President of the Russian Federation to read it too.
  32. +1
    22 July 2014 15: 05
    What to do with them? Oh sorry sorry for the punitive psychiatry ...

    Where is the "democrat" Makarevich, where is the drug addict Grebenshchikov, "Yura the musician" (he always respected Shevchuk, but after his support for the beast on the Maidan, he sharply changed his attitude), the thieving Deputy Prime Minister Nemtsov, Latynina with the "oscilographer's arrow" other liberal tv.a.r.i, sits with the tongue in the z.a.d.n.i.c.e ...

  33. +1
    22 July 2014 16: 32
    it must be understood and remembered that Russophobia and corruption go hand in hand! it is necessary to require the State Duma to adopt laws that would lead to the eradication of these evils. our prosecutors are engaged in racketeering, but do not stand on the side of the law !!!
  34. +1
    22 July 2014 16: 48
    what to do with the “fifth” and “sixth” columns?
    To Siberia for life in the mines and forests fell.
  35. 0
    22 July 2014 16: 50
    Following the return of the title of "hero of labor", it would not be bad to return the title of "enemy of the people."
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 17: 07
      Quote: Kindest Dec
      Following the return of the title of "hero of labor", it would not be bad to return the title of "enemy of the people."

      here you go COMPLETELY I agree with the respected!
  36. +2
    22 July 2014 17: 10
    Quote: annodomene
    Why be with them? With the fifth and sixth columns? To tear them up like mangy cats. Consider the "view from the stern": stretch two legs and tail at equal angles of 120 degrees and slam into the very center, in strict accordance with their same gayropean concepts.
    I support fully! introduce an article betraying the Motherland! .. there is experience of previous generations .. am
  37. 0
    22 July 2014 17: 18
    Quote: vjatsergey
    I don’t welcome everything in Putin’s domestic policy (I don’t believe in the fairy tale about a good king and bad boyars), I don’t like everything in the foreign policy of wiping spits and turning the other cheek, But ..! Now we need to be united and forget all the differences. Therefore, I am with the President of Russia, even though I did not vote for him in the elections. We have a difficult period in life and, if we don’t close the fifth or sixth columns, we will have a bunch of traitors in our territory in difficult times.

    I completely agree !!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
  38. alex1961
    22 July 2014 17: 24
    A very ambiguous article and comments. Based on the meaning of the article and most of the comments, I, a Ukrainian should be one with their current president, sincerely hate Russia, I am a Nazi face, s, etc. Instead of an icon, hang a portrait of Bandera and pray for him three times a day. And I sincerely wish my country, Ukraine, defeat now, so that I am a traitor? The example from Quiet Don is very unfortunate. Under such slogans, we are now being led to the slaughter.
  39. 0
    22 July 2014 17: 34
    expel them fucking from the country without the right to return, as well as their relatives and children up to the 5th generation! with complete confiscation of property in favor of the state! here's what to do with these fucking columns!
    1. +1
      22 July 2014 18: 29
      Quote: maxxdesign
      also their relatives and children up to the 5th generation! with complete confiscation of property in favor of the state!

      And what about relatives, children ??? Do not betray yourself, or even you will suddenly have some kind of "dissenting" relative! Where will you go then, and even without your pants?
  40. 0
    22 July 2014 17: 38
    The article is correct and the message is correct and reaction. Yes, it’s just that the archie is needed, and responsibility for his speeches, and in severe cases - expulsion from the Russian Federation, and he would also be logging. One small question remains: who will clean them? Confront - who?
    The government is not particularly striving - we support "freedom of speech" and not only.
    Only the citizens remain. And what do we see here? Recently there was a material about arbenina and its balancing act in hohland. And in Moscow there are concert posters. And they go, and nowhere have they branded, not ripped off. And how many examples are there? There is no question of politicians and "businessmen". We, citizens, no longer relying on government intervention, how do we react to them? Pickets, posters, condemnation? No. As they used to work for them, they still work. Military review, then they vryatli read. So shouldn't we start with ourselves? What would be uncomfortable for them in Russia.
  41. 0
    22 July 2014 18: 07
    Haven't read Quiet Don for a long time. An excellent book, yes, and Soviet cinema. I am still surprised how Sholokhov managed to make and promote such LABOR.
  42. +1
    22 July 2014 18: 07
    I agree with everything in the article, only one thing is bad in it - there are no specific surnames for all this Russophobic evil. It's a pity!
  43. 0
    22 July 2014 18: 11
    What are you talking about? You have such an example at hand. If God forbid war, then all these columns will be in even rows to the wall under machine guns, or they will then shoot at our backs.
  44. 0
    22 July 2014 18: 25
    A strange illustration in the article - Homeland in the form of a bulldozer. Usually they say - Motherland, and then a bulldozer ...
  45. Kostya pedestrian
    22 July 2014 18: 41
    Listen to the right songs, and listen to the one who really defended the Motherland, and ... believed the Motherland, until these magogs pleaded Her. As Lesopoval sings "And the zone is strict, I've seen a lot"

    I think that such a song deserves to become the anthem of the final Victory of the Ukrainians over the Greek-Khazar KagANAT. Like the advertising slogan: "fuk yo si ___ ndi Kat from Almaz" WE

    And now the song!
    Muses A. Bychkov, Words A. Bychkov, S. Smirnov

    We did not act in films, we were not given roles
    We shot behind the scenes in another carnival
    We were shot in sights against the backdrop of Duval
    We were shot on mines on steep passes

    Brains of the brain like a film
    Heart scars like sound
    And I dream of green at night, green
    War unfinished circle
    And I dream of green at night, green
    War vicious circle

    And the vine twigs in memory
    And the green zone with shelling will wake up
    And flickering in the sights of other actors
    And cast only death and luck and mountains

    Brains of the brain like a film
    And the scars on my heart like a sound
    And I dream at night betonka, betonka
    War unfinished circle
    And I dream at night betonka, betonka
    War vicious circle

    In the crosshairs of the sights, we laid a path
    We did not play war, we simply lived in it
    Memory writes its crazy film
    Not up to movies in battle, eh, zelenka, zelenka

    And the film revolves in memory
    And the scars on my heart like a sound
    And I dream of green at night, green
    War unfinished circle
    And I dream of green at night, green
    War vicious circle

    I would star with Placido in 'Afghan Break'
    Or in 'Rambo' played for Sylvester Stallone
    But in bloody frenzy in the sands of Kandahar
    I played myself with luck in pair

    And the film revolves in memory
    And the scars on my heart like a sound
    In a dream, I roll the concrete in the green
    In the war unfinished circle
    In a dream, I roll the concrete in the green
    In war an enchanted circle
  46. Kostya pedestrian
    22 July 2014 18: 54
    Russian music is limitless, I can’t resist adding another hit from Lesopoval. All the 90s taught me to be a thug, until the SA taught me to mark in YES. Therefore, I cannot resist singing one more song:

    And the first walker he went for horse-stealing.

    And there it went, and everything from the mountain, as they say,

    And he became a rogue in law, ladies man!

    He was noticed, and for tattoos

    Dragged on forty business trips.

    There is a stage, it is walking, in an uneven system,

    And he drags the cider with him under guard

    And for some, besides the repertoire, -

    The case is in the hands, and the guitar is in the case.

    He walked like pebbles through different zones,

    Warming up permafrost with a guitar ringing,

    His superiors invited me to May Day,

    And he said: I don’t play for the addicted!

    And the boss himself, he flashed on urkagan,

    And for a gun, and a holster without a gun!
  47. +1
    22 July 2014 18: 54
    The 5th column is a puppet theater, the performance of which is shown to one single spectator, and the same 6th column, which is not lit anywhere and is in close proximity to the aforementioned sole spectator of this theater, pulls the strings of the dolls
  48. 0
    22 July 2014 19: 21
    Whether we like it or not, but the third world war in the form of an increase in local wars is already underway. In these conditions, as if our President did not want to leave everything as it was, it will not work. And here we have to make a choice. While there is still time, you need to take your time, but " hurrying to "cut down on the spot the fifth column in any of its form without any pity (they do not regret the enemies). The" sixth "column should be replaced with a patriotic, corrupt" elite "to be thrown out of the camp with confiscation of property. After time, there will be no and the President will have to make a decision instantly that much worse, because resistance will immediately begin and it will be necessary to either hang or shoot. And if you do not make any decisions about the country or leave everything as it is, then it smacks of national treason and national betrayal. In this case, Russia will lose not only an external invasion, but also internal, because key posts remain in the hands of people who need the people and Russia only as a cash cow. And it is necessary to start pursuing a policy of patriotism from the very beginning. arms of the President.
  49. 0
    22 July 2014 21: 43
    Guys, we don’t have a sound national policy, if something happens to Putin, who will replace him? And what will happen next with the country? Or maybe we will be satisfied with the Maidan and will remain from the country of 89 republics.
    All the same, tsarist power and Soviet power in terms of stability and clear goals were much more reliable. But to give power to an entire country, don’t understand to whom, is it a conquest of democracy? One came steering, the second steering wheel twisted, full forward, backward, stop the car. If, during the voyage of the ship, the captains begin to change, each with their own vision and course, where will the ship sail ...?
  50. 0
    22 July 2014 22: 52
    The fifth column itself is not so terrible as a huge number of ordinary people fooled by their false appeals. Of course, they are in plain sight and there are lists of them for a long time, but nothing is done to shut their mouths. And these agents every day fog the brain around. How many thousands went to the swamp? dofiga - all fifth column - no. 90 percent of those fooled. And the thing was almost done, they didn’t finish the boat a little. Remember how the president’s rating fell then.

    To wait when they themselves take a break as a bad option for Novodvorskaya, everything around has started to spin recently much faster. Then, if you chew on snot, you may not have time.
    1. 1970mk
      23 July 2014 00: 45
      You fooled for sure - if you write like that))))
  51. 0
    22 July 2014 23: 52
    Мне кажется очень точно Жириновский описал как может расширится и активизироваться в случае "как только зашумит"

  52. 0
    23 July 2014 00: 34
    Вопрос в заголовке ТРЕБУЕТ ТОЛЬКО ОДНОГО ОТВЕТА! Накануне войны ЗА ВЫЖИВАНИЕ РОССИИ - пятая колонна внутри страны ДОЛЖНА БЫТЬ ИСТРЕБЛЕНА ФИЗИЧЕСКИ! Иначе вону не выиграть ...
  53. 1970mk
    23 July 2014 00: 44
    Статейка БРЕД полный...лично мне не понятно кто подобные сочиняет - то ли Душевно Больные типа Патриоты....то ли чистая заказуха... "Пятая колонна"..."шестая колонна"...""все это против России"...""Мы должны защищать"...Что за БРЕД то? Патриотический? У Власти Автор Набрался? А случаем у этой Власти (включая Великого Вождя" Детки ГДЕ????? Забавно да? У главного то Патриота))) Почему я должен Россию отожествлять с кучкой этих самых Патриотичных патриотов которые себя с кого то боку называют Патриотами? Дожили - другая точка зрения и всё - "пятая (или Десятая) колонна".. Смех один....
    Где дочки Путина Автор? На что живут то?
  54. llMarius
    23 July 2014 01: 02
    узнаю сталинские методы и пропаганду из статьи, всех в лагеря и сибирь, только сами то не боитесь по доносу туда на отдых отправится? Там ведь пол страны "отрабатывало".
  55. -1
    23 July 2014 01: 45
    Поражает, конечно, примитивизм автора и, уж простите, многих комментирующих. Ведь, если выкинуть из статьи всяких "опереточных злодеев" типа либерала, шакалящего у западных посольств и радостно хватающего на лету любую госдеповскую подачку, или "сисадмина Гоши", который хочет "шоб как у них - дороги ровные и айфоны дешевые", то получается в сущности, что призывает то нас автор бороться с инакомыслием. При этом обвиняя молодежь к краткости памяти сам автор тоже, видимо, вимпоцетин не пьет и уж многое подзабыл. А подзабыл он к чему привела борьба с инакомыслием в России в XIX веке (к, прости Господи, Ипатьевскому дому и чудовищной Гражданской войне) и к чему она привела в веке XX (тот же столь нелюбимый автором 1991 год). Да и вообще, если взять почти все масштабные компании по борьбе с инакомыслием, которые знает мировая история (Рим и христиане, католичество и протестантизм, церковь и наука, колониализм и антиколониальное движение) то проигрывали всегда единомышленники автора, причем проигрывали с треском. А какой смысл бороться с инакомыслием в XXI веке - в веке информационных технологий? Да, никакого. В этом, как мне кажется, и заключается талант Владимира Владимировича, что он с инакомыслием не борется, а очень грамотно оттеснил его на периферию. В 147 миллионной стране всегда будут люди, которые всегда недовольны властью. Хоть Линкольна им из могилы достань и президентом поставь. Дак, пусть себе и тусуются на своих Эхах Москвы и Голосах Свободы. Хотят высказываться - да на здоровье! Только пусть в своей резервации и среди таких же. К государственному телевидению и радио "пятая колонна" доступа не имеют? Не имеют. Ну и пусть себе гавкают на 50 тысячную аудиторию.
    А единственный успешный проект по борьбе с инакомыслием в наше время - это Северная Корея. Но чего-то я сильно сомневаюсь, что автор вместо того, чтобы выйти из дома, сесть в свой Форд-Фокус, включить РадиоМаксимум и поехать в Райфайзен банк за кредитом, чтобы слетать с гражданской женой позагорать в Доминикане,готов выйти из дома и встать в очередь за рисом, слушая из репродуктора при этом патриотические песни о великом вожде, под руководством которого народ шагает от победы к победе.
  56. 0
    23 July 2014 20: 37
    Пятую колонну надо вычислять и выдворять на запад,предателям не место в России.
  57. 0
    24 July 2014 22: 29
    Огласите весь список шестой колонны, начиная с ВВП, пожалуйста.
  58. +1
    25 July 2014 19: 34
    Как быть? Мочить в сортире.
  59. maximus2000
    25 July 2014 22: 20
    Откровенная самоизоляционистская, сталинско-маоиская чушь в духе несколько смягченных высказываний генпрокурора Вышинского: "расстрелять как бешеных собак". Все это наша страна уже проходила - и массовое уничтожение дворянства и дореволюционной интеллигенции, и раскулачивание крестьянства,и борьбу с "врагами народа" в партхозаппарате, а затем в столовках и детских садиках, стоивших нации миллионов жизней. История ничему не учит? Удивляет, как быстро в контексте действительно непростой страницы в истории нашей страны, набирают вес сторонники полпотизации и маоизации России. Уверен, Китай,да и Камбоджа в эту реку уже никогда не войдут - слишком много созидательной энергии нации было потрачено на модернизацию, на занятие лидирующих позиций в международной системе разделения труда, в первую очередь у КНР. Есть в КНР плюрализм мнений, отличающийся от официальной позиции Пекина - безусловно. Это, в первую очередь, мощнейшее экспертное сообщество, на базе различных университетов и исследовательских центров, у которого есть карт-бланш на полемику и критику, в т.ч. в центральных СМИ. Китайцы достаточно мудры, чтобы не допустить стерилизацию информационного поля вокруг многочисленной правящей элиты. Следует отметить, что наибольших модернизационных прорывов современная Россия достигла именно при ВВП и именно при активной международной кооперации - создание конкурентоспособного автопрома, Суперджет, возрождение производства потребительской электроники и т.д. Нам нужно несколько десятилетий поступательного индустриально-инновационного развития, которое невозможно без теснейшего симбиоза отечественных и иностранных инвестиций и технологий. А для этого нужен отличный инвестклимат, а не самоизоляция и гонения на инакомыслие. Инакомыслие тоже можно направить в мирное русло - на обслуживание комплексного проекта по модернизации нашей страны. Однако такая модернизация не состоится, если в стране критическую массу наберут сторонники идей "чучхе", и, как следствие, ее покинет значительная часть социально активных, творческих граждан. На собственных ошибках учатся только дураки.У нас есть перед глазами пример Зимбабве. Так что автор статьи пытается оказать "медвежью услугу" руководству нашей страны - начать массово заносить в список "цпредателей" тех, кто таковыми никогда не являлся. Уверен, у руководства страны хватит мудрости не следовать этим призывам и сфокусироваться на более позитивной повестке дня - обеспечении благосостояния нации и лидирующего положения страны в новой индустриально-инновационной архитектуре человечества.P.S.: я не заю ни одного россиянина, кто бы желал введения санкций и дестабилизации социально-эконтмиической ситуации в России

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"