Pakistani MRAP: Burraq

The national Pakistani military-industrial complex HIT (Heavy Industries Taxila) at the beginning of 2010, created the newest modern wheel armored vehicles Burraq MRAP. Cristofer F. Foss opens the curtain to the magazine International Defense Review and lays out some interesting facts about the intriguing technical development of Pakistani engineers in his article “Pakistan develops new 4x4 APC”.

Pakistani MRAP: Burraq

The wheelbase of the armored vehicle, made in the 4x4 format, carries an armored body (with a V-shaped bottom) that can protect against a mine blast and ambush attacks. The level of protection according to NATO regulations is not announced, but it is known that Burraq is equipped with armor that protects against 12,7-mm bullets fired from 200 meters.

The total weight of armored vehicles is 10 tons. Burraq has two compartments: the driver and the commander sit in the cockpit, and ten armored seats are installed in the landing corps, providing military personnel with additional protection. Landing can occur in three ways - through the back door or through two doors on the left and right side.

Burraq is equipped with Isuzu NPS-75 diesel unit with 150 horsepower. and five-speed transmission, which the customer can choose to be manual or automatic. The suspension of combat vehicles is a hydraulic shock absorbers and leaf springs.

Additional Burraq features include:
• built-in air conditioning,
• two rotating spotlights on the roof,
• rear camera.

Armored vehicles also carries specialized combat systems. This 12,7-mm turret machine gun, equipped with a remote control, as well as electronic protivofuhasnaya system.

The magazine "International Defense Review" reports that at the moment five experimental models are being tested.
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