Rosoboronexport considers illegal the sale by Ukraine to China of technical documentation on the landing craft of the Zubr airbag

Rosoboronexport considers illegal the sale by Ukraine to China of technical documentation for the Bison airborne amphibious assault ship. This was announced today at the 5 International Naval Show of the IMDS-2011 by the head of the Rosoboronexportport company Oleg Azizov.

Responding to a question from the ARMS-TASS correspondent about the situation with the transfer of technical documentation to the small DKVP Zubr by the Ukrainian side to China, created in the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, the head of the Rosoboronexport delegation noted that the company had been negotiating with China for a long time "Bison", but did not come out to sign a contract. In its turn, Ukraine signed an agreement with China, under which it transferred to the Chinese side its technical documentation for the construction of the Zubr, which is a violation of the intellectual property agreement.

“We informed the federal authorities about the illegal actions of the Ukrainian side that violate certain provisions of the intergovernmental agreement. But this issue will not be Rosoboronexport, but the government of Russia,” Azizov noted.

As previously reported, the PLA Navy intends to build four small landing craft of an air cushion project 1232.2 "Bison" in the framework of the agreement signed with Ukraine, the cost of which is estimated at 315 million dollars.

Two ships should be built by the “Theodosia Shipbuilding Company“ More. ”Two more ships will be built with the participation of Ukrainian specialists in China.

According to ARMS-TASS, in 2007, China has been negotiating to supply the Bison with Russia to the 10 DKVP with Russia, but the parties could not come to an agreement. However, the PLA has not lost interest in acquiring amphibious ships, and in 2008, it began negotiations on their acquisition with Ukraine. The organization with the Ukrainian help of the production of two ships in Chinese enterprises will also allow China to continue their construction in the required quantities, since the presence of a fleet of four ships will not significantly change the balance of power in the Taiwan Strait.

The Zubr ships were developed by the St. Petersburg Almaz Central Securities and Design Bureau in the 1970-1980s. and are designed for the rapid transfer of troops and ensure its landing on the coast. Production of ships was carried out at the Russian and Ukrainian enterprises. In particular, power plants for the "Bison" were made in Ukraine.

Small DKVP Zubr is a ship of length 56,2 m, width 22,3 m, standard displacement 360 t and full - 550 t. The power plant from 5 gas turbines allows you to reach speeds up to 60 units (110 km / h) and transport 3 main combat tanks or 8 BMP or 10 BTR or 230 paratroopers. Autonomy - up to 5 days, cruising range - 300 nautical miles at 55 speed knots.

The ship armament kit includes two X-NUMX-mm six-barreled artillery complexes AK-30М, two 630-mm jet-mounted naval complexes A-140 Fire, and the Strela-22 MANPADS. The crew of the vessel - 3 people.
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