German prisoners of war in Petrograd. Xnumx

01. Captured Germans from Zeppelin’s padded out under Libava march under the escort of Baltic sailors naval crew towards the Peter and Paul Fortress

02. German prisoners from Zeppelin, who was shot down near Libau, are being escorted by sailors of the Baltic naval crew through Troitskaya Square

03. German prisoners from the Zeppelin, who was shot down in the Libava area, are being escorted by Baltic Fleet crewmen along the Trinity Bridge

04. German prisoners from the Zeppelin, who was shot down in the Libava area, are being escorted by sailors of the Baltic naval crew through the Trinity Bridge

05. German prisoners from the Zeppelin, who was shot down in the Libava area, are being escorted by sailors of the Baltic naval crew through the Trinity Bridge

06. German prisoners from the Zeppelin who were shot down in the area of ​​Libau are being escorted by sailors of the Baltic naval crew through the Peter and Paul Bridge

07. Prisoners of War in the queue for registration

08. A convoy of prisoners of war is being escorted by an 7 squadron of a company near No. 4.

09. A convoy of prisoners of war is escorted by an 7 squadron past the house number 4.

10. Prisoners of war under escort pass through one of the streets of the city

11. A convoy of prisoners of war passes under escort along the 11 th company past a tinplate plant of the Partnership Electrozhestvo

12. Prisoners of war, surrounded by curious, are escorted by one of the streets of the city

13. A group of prisoners of war under escort is sent to the pier on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

14. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

15. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

17. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

18. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

19. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

20. Group of prisoners of war under escort on Kalashnikovskaya Embankment

21. A column of German prisoners of war passes along Nevsky Prospect near the Public Library

22. A column of German prisoners of war passes Sadovaya Street along Nevsky Prospect.

23. A column of German prisoners of war passes Sadovaya Street along Nevsky Prospect.

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  1. 0
    21 July 2014 12: 31
    On July 17, 1944, the Germans looked even "cooler" in Moscow. "Hubermenshes" are shitty!
  2. +3
    21 July 2014 13: 53
    Judging by the cap, there are not only German, but also Austro-Hungarian prisoners. The Germans have visors.
  3. AX
    21 July 2014 15: 20
    Everything is cyclical ...
  4. 0
    21 July 2014 15: 32
    Amused ...
    8 photo.
    Obviously happy "German" in the Russian rear ... that is, in captivity laughing
    And we still listen to "songs" - what was the "wretched" Russian Empire in WWI.
    See the European Union ... photo No. 8 is not a bad option for a common European home bully
  5. Selynn
    24 July 2014 06: 15
    Not the fifth column that would have hit the Emperor in the back, the Russian flag would have flown over the German capital on May 9, 1917!
  6. kazak52
    29 July 2014 21: 44
    in the photo and Kaiser warriors and Austro-Hungarians.
  7. 0
    14 November 2020 20: 50
    In general, this is the case. In photographs No. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 - prisoners of war of the engineer battalion of the Austro-Hungarian army. Presumably 316, I'm trying to find out. There is no exact data on the Austro-Hungarian forces, these are Czech battalions, apparently you need to look for them in Prague. Although the people of appeal, at least half, are from Western Ukraine.
    Time - June 1916. From the Bruslov breakthrough. In May, they were taken prisoner, and even more reliably, surrendered to the reconnaissance command under the command of Dmitry Ivanovich Yegorov, lieutenant of the 8th rifle regiment of Denikin's division, who were called "iron shooters".
    Surrendered in the number of over 800 people. The whole battalion. Here they are loaded onto a steamer and a barge to Tsaritsyn, on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Voskresenskaya embankment, Kalashnikovskaya pier. They were delivered to Omsk, then along the Irtysh to East Kazakhstan, to the village of Malokrasnoyarkaya. Still further, on foot more than 80 km to the village of Altayskaya, now Katon-Karagai. They built a road here called Old Austrian. They built a road of almost 150 km with five bridges over mountain rivers during the warm season of 16-17. 300 people from our side, about 300 people from the Terekta (formerly Alekseevka). 200-250 people were removed from the road construction and sent to Ust-Kamenogorsk. About 30 people from those builders died in our place, there is a cemetery. One of those prisoners of war in my family. His brother was dropped off after leaving Omsk due to illness.
    And there was one more - from the prisoners of war in 1914, he left for the Czech Republic in 1915. He survived, now his granddaughters live in the Czech Republic. Those of several people who remained with us were repressed in 1938-39. Including Hungarian.
    In the photo # 17, 18 - my grandfather, the captain of the Life Guards of the Finland Regiment. There is still no photo of his brother here.
    In photo # 18, next to his grandfather, a colonel of the Austro-Hungarian army. There was also Oberst Lieutenant Schwarwald, who is mentioned in the documents on the transfer of materials to his account.
    On the photo № 14, 15 - an officer, the captain - our future relative, Peter Alexandrovich.
    1. 0
      14 November 2020 21: 05
      Why? I give you a real story from these photographs. Search for about the Old Austrian Road. And a film in the National Library of East Kazakhstan.
      By the way, where is your link to the author who published these pictures?
      1. 0
        14 November 2020 22: 31
        I have screened everything. Except for my first comment. I did not know that there are such "decent" ones here. I thought there would be interesting facts for the resource. Are you like this? What is wrong with you?
        But now, lads, could there be a mate here? It seems to be ... But as a person who, by ancestors, has such classics as - if it does not make it difficult, then you can delve into Turgenev's pedigree, and make a request to Spasskoye-Lutovinovo - I.S. Turgenev, - the son of the niece of his great-great-great-grandfather's wife - whose wife was D.I. Fonvizina, and in the family also A.S. Griboyedov, and Chaadaev ... Well, if you have brains, of course, find out what's what ... What did I have, it took two years of searching
        Although, why not? But not mate. You are not worth it, with your dump))) I did not know, but now I know that your resource is a dump.
        Perhaps I will publish the screenshots or not. But on condition ... What is wrong with you?
        I would have known, and would have published my comment))) As a confirmation of my words that I did not publish anything offensive. Pure facts, from real history that is already spinning at European film festivals, a documentary film about those events. Filmed with the private money of an investor, a journalist from Austria.
        Including, and this comment is screened.
        What do you dislike about my comment on these photos? Do not answer on the merits, I will publish. No offense. Just out of principle. As an insult. Incl. and not attribution of the photographs of the source where you took them from. The photos are not yours. It is a fact. They are not complete. There are my comments on that resource.
        Any questions?
        1. 0
          16 November 2020 07: 42
          I see the comments have appeared, and that's all. Apparently, I got excited, I beg your pardon ...
          But when a message pops up from the first time that I am forbidden to leave comments, although I have not published anything prohibited, it causes outrage). If you have pre-moderation, then at least it was - "your comment on pre-moderation, maybe it will appear later." Isn't it logical?
          I just see about "Hubermensha" and such a comment without censorship.
          And why not?
          You also need to respectfully treat these prisoners of war, because you do not know their history, you were not at that time, you did not walk in their scraps then, the gunpowder of war and its stinking air of corpses, you did not smell.
          And this is a battalion, mind you, more than 800 people, ten scouts were taken prisoner, simultaneously repelling another attack. No matter how hot Yegorov's fighters were, but agree, fantastic?
          Is this possible, if only these "Austrians" themselves did not surrender? And it really was so. The crosses on the graves are Catholic, but many of the names are Slavic.
          Like relatives. Mikhail, Pavel, Vasily.
          Regarding such battalions, Joseph Ferdinand wrote that they were not reliable - Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians. They surrendered to the Russian troops both in 1914 and in 1915 - they did not want to fight against their Slavic brothers for some kind of duke.
          Here you are sitting at home, like relatives at their farm in Yasino-Savchansk, come to you - come on, friend, let's go, we need to fight for our homeland, Austria .. You have little choice ... And where will you go? As now, our duke will like to fight, and everyone is in the trenches, and no one will ask whether you want to or not.
          If there was anything for the war - on the walls of our house there are still potholes from the ZU-23 shells, they hit point-blank just on the upper floors, the whole house was smashed to pieces in the 92nd.
          I recall an episode from James Cameron's film about the battleship Bismarck. When the survivors of the massacre, the British sailors and the German, who were then boys, met. Whom they managed to pick up from the water. The flag is worth dying for, they thought then. "My combat post was right here" - and the German pensioner points to the post of the main caliber rangefinder. "And mine is about here" - an English pensioner. So we could see each other in the rangefinder optics? It's good that we survived then. And hugged ...
    2. 0
      15 November 2020 07: 28
      Amendment. Oberst Lieutenant Black Forest, that's right. There is no way to edit.
      And the village is Malokrasnoyarskaya. Now it is no longer on the map, it is flooded under the waters of the Bukhtarma reservoir. This is in the Novokhairuzovka area, where there was a berth of the SPK Meteor and Voskhod, which ran from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Kurchum.
      Many localities have had their names changed and the archives destroyed.
      Soon nothing will remind us of our presence in those parts.
      Few of those living there knew about this road, although my father and I traveled along it four times to the Tarbagatai plateau in the forestry.
      By the way, these territories were transferred by China to the Russian Empire under Tsar Alexander II under the Chuguchak Protocol, which is called Tarbagatai abroad.

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