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The Netherlands received the first Boxer production machines.

After several years of waiting, the Royal Netherlands Ground Forces began to receive new type of armored vehicles. According to the BMPD blog with reference to the magazine International Defense Review, at the end of June the armed forces of the Netherlands received the first three armored vehicles of the Boxer family. Transferring these machines opens up a new page in stories armored vehicles of the Dutch ground forces. In the foreseeable future, the army should receive a total of 200 machines of the Boxer family.

Three armored medical machines Boxer AMB, built on the basis of a universal platform, were the first vehicles transferred to the armed forces under the current order. 25 June, they began service in the medical company of the 13-th motorized infantry brigade of ground forces. According to reports, the current order involves the supply of 52 machines of this type, which will serve in the medical units and will replace the outdated technology.

An interesting fact is that the current order for 200 machines of the Boxer family does not imply the delivery of equipment in an armored personnel carrier configuration, although this option is considered basic and is already being mass-produced for the needs of the German armed forces. In addition to the 52 ambulances, the Armed Forces of the Netherlands want to get the 60 Command Headquarters Boxer CP, 53 Engineering Boxer GNGP, 27 Boxer Cargo armored trucks and 8 Boxer DTV training machines. A dozen engineering vehicles will be later converted into field workshops. Training machines, not armored and carrying a set of special equipment, were handed over to the troops at the end of last year. Since the summer of 2014, the delivery of medical machines has begun. Other Boxer products will be supplied to the Royal Army from 2015 onwards. Completion of the construction of two hundred cars is scheduled for 2017 year.

Boxer armored personnel carriers and equipment based on them were developed by the joint venture ARTEC GmBH, created by companies from Germany and the Netherlands. Initially, German companies Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) participated in the project, and the Netherlands was represented by Stork. At the end of the last decade, Stork became part of Rheinmetall and became its Dutch division. At the moment, more than 60% participation in the project falls on various divisions of Rheinmetall, the rest of the work is assigned to KMW.

The serial construction of armored vehicles of the Boxer family started in 2010. In the spring of 2011, the first armored personnel carriers were transferred to the German armed forces. The production of equipment for the Bundeswehr is carried out at German enterprises, and the local company Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Nederland (Helmond) is building machines for the Royal Netherlands Army. Germany ordered 125 armored personnel carriers and some 150 vehicles in other configurations. The order of the Netherlands, as already mentioned, implies the supply of special equipment, but not armored personnel carriers.

The Boxer armored vehicle family has been developed since the late nineties. The main objective of the project was the creation of several types of armored vehicles for various purposes, based on a common universal platform and having a high degree of unification among themselves. Initially, the project was developed by experts from Germany, the UK and France, but in 1999, France withdrew from the program and started its own project of similar technology. In 2001, the Netherlands joined the promising armored vehicle developers. Three years later, the United Kingdom for financial reasons refused to participate in the work. The final version of the Boxer project was developed by specialists from two countries, Germany and the Netherlands.

The basic vehicle of the Boxer family is a heavy wheeled armored personnel carrier with a combat mass of at least 25 tons. This armored personnel carrier is equipped with a chassis with a wheel formula 8 x8, hp engine 710. and booking the original system. Depending on the need, additional booking modules may be installed on the machine to increase the level of protection. When installing all the modules offered, the machine weighs 33 tons and protects the crew from 30-mm projectiles of automatic guns, explosive devices, etc.

The versatility of the basic platform is provided by the original design of the case. Its middle and stern parts are made in the form of a platform on which the necessary module with the appropriate equipment can be installed. Thus, the base armored personnel carrier is completed with an eight-seat troop compartment for soldiers with weapons, the Boxer AMB ambulance receives a medical module with the necessary equipment, and the commander Boxer CP carries the equipment needed to manage the units. In addition, at the recent Eurosatory 2014, a prototype of a self-propelled artillery gun based on the Boxer chassis was shown for the first time. At the rear of the hull, a pivoting turret with an 152 caliber mm gun was installed on it.

The transfer of the first production vehicles of the Boxer family to the armed forces of the Netherlands is an important event in the history of the project. Until recently, only Boxer produced and operated serial Boxer armored vehicles, and the Netherlands was preparing to begin construction. Now the project has reached the stage of supplying finished equipment to all start-up customers, and thus once again confirmed its viability. In the future, there may be new orders for the supply of this technology as Germany and the Netherlands, and other countries. For example, several years ago, the Russian military showed their interest in the Boxer car.

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  1. Aibolit
    Aibolit 21 July 2014 07: 54
    Armata where are you !!!!
  2. soul
    soul 21 July 2014 08: 20
    And a shot with a caliber of 152 mm will not overturn him? And yet, NATO caliber like 155 mm.
    1. padonok.71
      padonok.71 21 July 2014 09: 38
      Knock it over, no, but it’s scary, it’s seen on Stryker. And yet, when traveling with a gun for 3, 9 hours, it looks cool. The trunk is longer than the platform.
  3. donavi49
    donavi49 21 July 2014 09: 21
    Did not have time to buy. sad

    Although not only the Defense Ministry wanted to feel, but the defense industry company also asked for disassembly for borrowing on Boomerang. But we agreed only on Frecha and VBSI who are older and do not screw anything particularly breakthrough.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 21 July 2014 16: 42
      because of these, Svidomo such a topic, without discussion ....
      even the mood is not, not what to write ...

      Quote: donavi49
      Frechu and VBSI who are older and do not screw anything particularly breakthrough

      koment one, I don’t remember the nickname, left that he had seen an armored personnel carrier / infantry fighting vehicle VBM Freccia (Frechchia) in the Rostov region ... but he didn’t go out anymore ...
      I will look for....
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 21 July 2014 16: 54
        I’ve found, I don’t know, fake or not ....
        Quote: Semikopov [/ quote

        Semikopov June 25, 2014 23:40
        Today I noticed on the road near Kamensk-Shakhtinsky
        They brought 4 pieces of equipment. Two with a large-caliber gun and two with something like a 30mm bus.


        this is a photo, according to Semikopov's photo .., they drove an armored personnel carrier / infantry fighting vehicle VBM Freccia .....
  4. padonok.71
    padonok.71 21 July 2014 09: 31
    Quote: Aibolit
    Armata where are you !!!!

    One gets the impression that the Armata is yet another "dough cut". Loud statements, and at the exit - zilch ...
  5. vodolaz
    vodolaz 21 July 2014 10: 50
    I saw the video as German warriors took out a self-propelled gun on the chassis for several hours from the snow, even the chains did not help and the second one was the same.
  6. lexx2038
    lexx2038 21 July 2014 11: 59
    Another ala-strikeer will work if, with the gun, the Americans have already figured out which ones are being redone, which ones are being written off, and I don’t remember what they didn’t like, I read somewhere, after Iraq, it seems.
  7. Free wind
    Free wind 21 July 2014 14: 50
    cool car. this should be military transport. And then ours adopted the Urals, with anti-shatter armor. Why is it needed, no one can explain. heavy bandurin with 300 strong engine, height with an armor plate more than 3 meters, a static tipping angle of 15 degrees. price under 20 million. What is a lightly armored bus for? even our BTR-152 armor was more powerful than modern armored vehicles. Apparently, the Boxer has either a front or side engine. weight of more than 30 tons suggests that the reservation can reach places up to 100 mm. Engine inline six 720 horses. Now heavy trucks in the top version have engines and 800 horses each. For a long time, Volvo and Scania were measured in pipettes, whose engine is more powerful. But now the others have pulled themselves up. probably the engine was originally more powerful. but for the sake of greater reliability, they threw off power. although it can and vice versa, because SCR-mi all sorts of it is not necessary to choke. To such an engine. automatic transmission God himself ordered. generally a good car. I think ours should take a closer look at the car. and require designers to do something good. and always with the front engine, sure.
  8. max702
    max702 21 July 2014 17: 06
    About the Urals, you really meant it
    Ural-63095U car
    Number of seats in the cabin 3
    in armored module 16
    Payload kg 4000
    Gross weight, kg 22500
    Gross weight distribution, kg on the front axle 7500
    on the rear bogie 15000
    Weight of towed trailer, kg 8000
    YaMZ-5367 engine
    Working volume, l 7,0
    Max. power, hp/r/min 450/2300
    Max. torque, Nm/r/min 1650/1400—1600
    Gearbox automatic, MZKT-4361-40
    Transfer case two-stage, with center differential lock
    Drive axles of split type, with central and wheel reduction gears and blocking of cross-axle differentials
    Suspension independent, hydropneumatic, with a system for changing the clearance
    Brake system dual-circuit, pneumatic
    Tires are combat-resistant, 16.00R20
    Fuel tank capacity, l 2х210
    Power reserve (according to the control fuel consumption at a speed of 60 km / h), km not less than 1000
    The maximum speed, km / h 100
    Ground clearance, mm 400
    Overcoming obstacles ascent / descent steepness, hail 30
    ford, m 1,75
    vertical wall, m 0,6
    ditch width, m 0,6
    Overall dimensions (at nominal suspension position), mm 9265/2550/3400
  9. Free wind
    Free wind 21 July 2014 17: 39
    as I remember the Alison boxes. the engine of this volume is frankly dead. The engine needs Chkalov’s revolutions, well, at least some progress in this regard, so it’s alright. I believe that these Urals should be used as trucks. here definitely yes !!!!!!!! but use it as an armored personnel carrier ???? Use it as a transportation of ammunition, as a conveyor of the kitchen, of course yes, the driver must be protected. but just do not send him into battle. and ours suggest fighting.
  10. sub307
    sub307 21 July 2014 20: 04
    "... several years ago the Russian military showed their interest in the Boxer." Ejo showed interest in Skrduklva, and where did he go? You have to make your own, there is someone, where and from what.
  11. Alexey M
    Alexey M 21 July 2014 20: 21
    Does it float? In the maximum version of 30 tons, and in the minimum only protection from small arms? And with cross-country ability, I don’t like the suspension. For me, our "Rostok" is no worse. Moreover, it is much more armed.
  12. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 22 July 2014 13: 32
    This is Holland for such a good ride.
    And in peacetime.
    And in Afghanistan, the Dutch contingent prudently traveled to Leopard 2.
    In its enhanced version: with additional side armor and screens.
  13. kplayer
    kplayer 22 July 2014 15: 50
    What weapon configuration will the APC itself be in? - probably with a double tower (maybe the option is not ready for the series), otherwise there is no way to justify the removal of part of the CV9035 in favor of Boxers.
    Because of the Boxers (before that they removed the XA-180 / -188 Sisu / Pasi, 6x6), the Dutch are reducing the number of new CV-90 / 35s, and one of the two mechanized brigades will become motorized, from again the new Leo-2A6 already got rid of. A new generation of military gnorev and dubism in NATO troops, or played too !? What is so worthwhile in the Boxer apart from the comparatively better mine protection, the armor volume (which is reflected in the dimensions) and comfort? 11-seater Straykers appeared due to the air transportability of medium C-130s, the program of wheeled 8x8 amphibious vehicles for the Marine Corps is also understandable, but here?
  14. waggish
    waggish 2 August 2014 17: 28
    My favorite armored personnel carrier !!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Florist
    Florist 20 October 2014 19: 04
    Good article) Thanks to the author!