Results of the week. "Either true or all is well"

Rejected "Boeing"

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, which operated the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight, crashed last night in Ukraine, sixty kilometers from the border with Russia. According to the latest data, the 283 passenger and the 15 crew members were aboard the liner. All passengers died. Flight recorders found the DPR militia. The aforementioned militia, official Kiev and Moscow denied involvement in the fall of the liner. The US intelligence agencies near the airliner spotted on the radars a thermal trace of a ground-to-air missile.

Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that “Boeing” was shot down by the Buk air defense system. ITAR-TASS cites a statement from the presidential administration of Ukraine, in which Poroshenko admits that the plane was shot down from Russian territory. Poroshenko also claims that the Ukrainian army did not take action to defeat aerial targets in the area of ​​the incident.

A source in the Russian Ministry of Defense, ITAR-TASS notes, said that there were no flights of Russian combat aircraft in the areas adjacent to the Donetsk region on Thursday.

ITAR-TASS cites the statement of the authorities of the DPR. They deny involvement in the crash.

“The militia does not have such weapons that could bring down the plane at an altitude of 10 km. We have MANPADS that bring down a maximum at an altitude of 3-4 km, ”said the representative of the Prime Minister of the DPR, Sergei Kavtaradze.

"Vesti.Ekonomika", referring to “a number of sources”, indicates that aircraft at an altitude of more than 10 thousand meters can only be hit weapons Type C-200, C-300 or Beech. However, the possibility that the aircraft could attack from the air is not excluded. Vesti reminds of a similar crash with Siberia Airlines Tu-154, which was hit by a Ukrainian missile on 4 on October 2001 of the year: it attacked the board, confusing the liner with a training target. 66 passengers and 12 crew members died.

And here are some more details about the crash. Important.

LifeNews reports that shortly before the crash, the Malaysian "Boeing" deviated from the course by tens of kilometers. The fact is that three days ago the plane that was carrying out the same flight from Amsterdam flew over eastern Ukraine along a special air corridor.

On the seventeenth of July, the liner flew for the first time through combat areas. Experts interviewed by LifeNews argue that any such route change should be coordinated with the supervisor.

В LJ Boris Rozhin is a map of the course offset (see below).

Results of the week. "Either true or all is well"

The analyst believes that "we can say for sure" that the "Boeing" was brought into the territory of the DNR "consciously." According to the blogger, the course offset is "obviously intentional in nature." And then we read: “The machinations with the Boeing route are completely identical to the well-known provocation with the South Korean Boeing, which the Americans brought into the airspace of the USSR in 1983, after which it was shot down.”

What is the purpose of the aircraft shot down? “The task of the provocation is quite understandable, the blogger believes - to accuse the militia and the Russian Federation and to reverse the emerging trends in Donbas unsuccessfully”.

The crash of "Boeing": Russian, Ukrainian and American versions

Poroshenko and his government are sure: the “terrorists” are to blame for everything. Well, of course, helping them Russian.

In 00: 45 July 18th on site of the Ukrainian president there was a statement.

Petro Poroshenko said compatriots: "Today, the war went beyond the territory of Ukraine." And he explained: “Today, terrorists killed almost 300 people with one shot. Among them are women, children, citizens of many countries of the world ... They shot down a peaceful passenger aircraft of the Malaysian Airlines, which flew from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur at an altitude of ten thousand one hundred meters. ”

Let me add on my own, but if the “terrorists” do not have complexes capable of shooting down planes at such a height, then what did they shoot him down with? According to such logic Poroshenko will soon “arm” the rebels with nuclear missiles aimed at Washington.

By the way, publications in the American press speak about the belligerent mood of congressmen. For example, the newspaper "The Washington Times" notes that lawmakers are concerned: in their opinion, an airplane incident could translate the Ukrainian conflict into a new dimension. There are already voices in the Senate demanding that the Obama administration take decisive measures against Russia.

Nor did “hawk” John McCain. He said that the liner crash will affect the situation and that the United States will "finally" begin to "deliver weapons to Ukraine."

It is not surprising that many Russian experts consider the catastrophe a planned provocation.

Comments from our readers:

Nicholas C.
About the militia-nonsense. Even if they overcame several launchers of "Bukov" at the brave ukrovoyak, calculations for them should be prepared for a very long time. For example, Yushchenko delivered “Buki” to Georgia from combat duty, and Georgian calculations were trained for a very long time, almost a year. Granted, Georgians are stupid. But not so much. As a result, Yushchenko sent to shoot down Russian aircraft in 08.08.08 calculations ukrovoyak from Stroy air defense regiment.

Oleg Sobol
Now the most important thing is that the black boxes, which have already been found, were studied in Moscow together with the IAC. Then we will see who will be better and who will be able to ride ...

... Zaburlilo ... well from another continent.
“Australian Prime Minister blamed the fall of the Boeing on Russia. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott accused Russia of supplying an anti-aircraft missile system to the militia, from which the Malaysian Boeing 777 was shot down. Reports about it «Sydney Morning Herald». This freak from another letter has already found the guilty one, ka ... claus clairvoyant.

“The US special services, next to the liner, spotted on the radars a thermal trace of a ground-to-air missile. It was necessary to give them such nonsense!

At least it’s good to have a group of bears in ushanka with balalayka behind their backs, not leaving the formation towards the Russian border.

Exclamation marks on the day of mourning

On Tuesday this week, three cars left the rails between the stations of the Moscow Metro Park Victory and Slavyansky Boulevard (Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line). 22 dead and many injured. A criminal case has been initiated into the accident under the article “Violation of transport safety requirements”. Wednesday was declared a day of mourning in Moscow. Experts are talking about a thorough check of the metro, and in the meantime, responses about the tragedy are published on the Internet. And, alas, not only sympathetic ...

According to the Ukrainian resource "Dialogue", Kievites laid flowers to the fence of the Russian Embassy in Ukraine. This was made in memory of those killed in the accident in the Moscow metro.

Famous blogger Cruz Cruz talked about this on his Facebook page. “People do not have a poseurism, they put flowers near the Russian embassy, ​​when I had a 20 man, and they continue to approach me,” he said, “Dialogue.”

However, the network can meet a different reaction to the tragedy that took 22 life.

Below - two screenshots with comments on the tragedy in the subway. The pictures were taken from the Ukrainian website Tsenzor.Net. References: source first; second source.

These are just two small screenshots. Witches on which we painted in white paint. I don't want to copy anything anymore. Readers of "VO" will undoubtedly understand the editors correctly. Collecting this garbage means only to intensify that many years of enmity, which already, it seems, forever settled 23 market years between Ukrainians and Russians. In the field of propaganda, over the years, skilled and deft Western politicians and their generously paid minions in the press and on TV worked.

Day of mourning. But not for everyone

It seems that many (not all) visitors of the “Censor” and other sites and forums in Ukraine believed in that primitive scenario that they were inspired by their temporary authorities and Western puppeteers. This script is short as a tweet: “Russians are to blame for everything”. And the point. Or an exclamation mark. Or three exclamation marks. Or even a hundred characters - other Ukrainians have not fit into the rules of punctuation for a long time.

And this hot logic continues. Once the Russians (and their leader Putin) are to blame for everything, then when the Russians die, we, separatists, need to rejoice vigorously. We rejoice when a mine enters the territory of Russia and kills someone. We rejoice when Russians die without a mine. Finally, we rejoice that the Russians are not dying yet, but will die in the near future, because they are all parasites, smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts, and cannot live for a long time. And there is no place for them on the planet, because they are barbarians, and one harm from them.

With such inflexible logic of separatism, of course, the direct road to Europe. The very one that has long since considered Ukraine to be an unreliable transit country for Russian gas, and has already been friends with major Russian raw materials companies, if we reject the pro-American policy of Brussels, for two decades now. But Poroshenko’s shale urges do not inspire confidence in her (Europe). And from the war inside Ukraine, she (Europe) is in fear. A few days ago, European newspapers were happy that Putin did not respond to the provocation with a mortar shell. But waiting for the "act of aggression", no less. Almost bombing Kiev. No, the Kremlin has withstood its line, although it received a portion of internal criticism. So, therefore, not the aggressor? Who then is the aggressor? Is not Poroshenko? And they even called the candy king from the White House — with the intention of reasoning the raging peacemaker.

And now on the forums and on all sorts of sites there the heated public, safely hidden under their nicknames, rejoices in the death of the “Muscovites” and guests of the Russian capital. In the same way, probably, he rejoices, as he rejoices at the deaths of those who were covered with army shelling in the Donetsk region. They, these dead people, were henchmen of “Katsap”, that they should be pitied.

Are there psychiatrists on "VO"? Is this disease treated? Or is it all already, the chamber inlaid with felt and the right shots will not help the patient?


Comments from our readers:

It’s just amazing how the okraintsy are zombieted, it just doesn’t fit in the head. The site has few fans of America, but I can not imagine a similar reaction to the explosion in Boston or on 9 / 11. A catastrophe or terrorist act takes the lives of ordinary people far from politics; they do not deserve such reviews. Even if Russia really bombed the outskirts, and not the fascist homosexuals bombed their own (in their opinion) cities ... A whole generation of imbeciles, poisoned by a Svidomo formation, with the idea of ​​the great dill as the center of the universe. It remains to be surprised at the efficiency of the American concept of extermination of the nation, which they began to hone even in the USSR. Thank God, the Russians had a strong immunity to rewriting. stories, and Glory to God, that Russia has found a leader with immunity to Western "values".

Although I am not a psychiatrist, I have always been in contact with forensic psychiatrists by the nature of my past service activities, so I can only make a very preliminary diagnosis: “The delusions of grandeur against the background of schizophrenic manic delirium, in the acute phase”. It is treated, but very long and difficult. The best medical tool: occupational therapy in especially difficult climatic conditions. Remember the post-war Germany and their Hitler Youth. Nothing, re-educated, and those poor can be cured.

Flight deduction

An-26 transport aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was shot down in the area of ​​the Progress mine. This is reported by eyewitnesses, who say that the plane began to fall after it hit a rocket fired from the ground.

An-26 Ukrainian Air Force shot down near Torez. Militias say downed

If the MANPADS of the militia will be as accurate in the future, then the first in the world Air Force in the world without a single aircraft can appear in Ukraine. And the likelihood of the emergence of such "units" in connection with the recent successes of the militia is very high.

By the way, “Svidomo” from among Russian citizens, Mr. Nemtsov (and this gentleman has Russian citizenship), has already stated that the destruction of the An-26 of the Ukrainian Air Force and the crash of the “Boeing” coming from Amsterdam are directly connected. Nemtsov, like no one else, "knows" that the "Boeing" was "shot down by pro-Russian terrorists." Like, mixed up with the next An-26. Well, yes, yes ... Also on the air conditioner, also from MANPADS ... And from such a powerful MANPADS, that all existing world models are disastrously inferior to it. And if not from MANPADS, then, of course, from C-300 or C-400 (or even ... C-500!), Prikat installations under the nose of the Ukrainian army from Russia. Boris Nemtsov "is strong in mathematics" ...

Comments from our readers:

Fly, pigeons, fly.

Vanguyu: by mid-August, the ukropsky air force will die out as a species.

Yes, in the world of Boeing will not, if not eliminate Ukro air defense.

"Pine! Pine! I am a birch

The militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic declare that they had important information about the commanders of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine operating in the zone of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation”. We are talking about getting access to the base of call signs, locations of certain units and other data.

Militias got access to the database of ukrosilovik callsigns

Of course, the access of militiamen to the callsign and other secret data of the ukrosiloviki is more than a serious success of the operation conducted by the reconnaissance group, but something is alarming. For what the militiamen needed to expose the success of such an operation to publicity. After all, if this kind of information has passed through the media, then the blooded will clearly make simple conclusions and will be replaced by the call signs.

But if the information about getting access to the call sign was true, and if the militiamen began using it for “communication” with ukrosiloviki, then the success would have been much more impressive. Well this is how many useful cases the militia could have been brought to the end, disorienting the enemy! But either the militiamen did not fully realize the whole tactical advantage of gaining access to such data, presenting them to the media, or the data were not exactly the ones that would allow them to take full advantage.

Comments from our readers:

Here they (ukrosilovikami) and the prosecutor's office should do. In the meantime, the European Parliament declares that Russia participates in military actions and military supplies, calls on it to fulfill international obligations, promote real peace negotiations and use its influence to stop any violence, the organization’s website reports. How to punish evil with such international institutions?

Because these international institutions have a very specific commercial interest in the south-east of Ukraine - gas, oil ...

It seems that some staff column was defeated ... This is already more than serious, since such data is at least stored in the headquarters of the army group.

In the boiler

The RT channel, citing the Ukrainian edition of the Correspondent, reports that in the battles near Izvarino, the Ukrainian security forces suffered huge losses in manpower and military equipment. It is reported about two hundred dead representatives of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard.

Izvarino. 200 Ukrainian "two hundred"

Several thousand Ukrainian security officials were surrounded, hitting the so-called "southern boiler" on the territory of Novorossia. Fire militia destroyed dozens of armored vehicles and hundreds of servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as "national guardsmen." Ukrovoyakam, who a few weeks ago, braved in front of the video camera that they would soon enter Moscow, where the beer would be “for 6 hryvnia”, now it’s not up to bravado - to save their soft spots.

In social networks, walking "reminder" Ukrainian military, which may be captured by the militia. Considering the fact that the Ukrainian top is pretty “hooked up” on social networks and even distributes decrees through them, we can assume that such a memo is quite an official document for today's Ukraine. The memo, in particular, states that in any case the soldier should say that he was called from the reserve against his will, that his family was at home, and that he did not want to fight. By the way, in some cases, the Ukrainian military and the National Guardsmen helps ... Some even manage to heal and go to the "Mother's skirt" almost unharmed. Just punitive methods are not peculiar to the army of New Russia. But for Kiev, such methods are the basis of the operation in which the oligarchs solve their problems.

Comments from our readers:

Peter Timofeev
Whatever happens in Ukraine is bad - Russia is to blame for everything. Everywhere they dream of the FSB and Putin. It's time to wear this Poroshenko loop, but on the aspen, with him and the whole Kiev junta hang.

It would be better if Poroshenko thought that he would tell his mothers when the truth came out. But the OSCE has not been heard today, they will report tomorrow, as if they heard it.

Remember the anecdote, where Russia to the war with Ukraine did not appear?
There were still graphs of losses. Now you can add the column "captives" ...
All this is terrible ... Slavs of Slavs are killed by clapping their hands on the USA and Europe ...

Who treats whom? ..

The head of the press service of the Border Guard Administration of the FSB of Russia in the Rostov region, Vasily Malaev, said that several dozen Ukrainian border guards who had been injured during armed clashes in Ukraine had turned to Russian colleagues for help. The doctors who arrived at the Russian border checkpoint "Kuybyshevo" took the wounded to the Kuybyshev central regional hospital.

Wounded Ukrainian law enforcers were given medical assistance in the Russian Federation

This once again proves that Ukraine is a state that in no way has world analogues. Judge for yourself: to organize a Maidan gathering on the overseas money and oligarchs' money with a call for European integration and deliverance from the oligarchic shackles, eventually choosing the president-OLIGARCH ... To unleash a bloody massacre against its own people, trumpeting at every corner that it was Russia that attacked Ukraine, and that it was necessary to fight Russia to the end. These are two. To lose hundreds of soldiers and officers in the “war with Russia” war without finding a single soldier and officer of the Russian army on the battlefield. These are three. Wounded Ukrainian servicemen are sent for treatment to the country that, in their opinion, attacked them. These are four. Here it is - Ukrainian exclusivity ...

Comments from our readers:

But in dill they will declare that they have been kidnapped and tortured by a “bloody gebnya”.

Let them jump, everything will pass by itself.

To intern and prosecute for war crimes!

Bite down on Avakov

The adviser to the so-called Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (and Avakov, it turns out, is not only overseas advisers) Zoryan Shkiryak "revealed" plans to commit an attempt on his head. According to Shkiryak, Avakov was to be attacked in the interval from 7 to 9 in July of the current year - at the moment when the “head” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was on a business trip in Donbas.


It is time for Mr. Avakov to confer the title of Hero of Ukraine. Well, really. Did you personally come to the Donbass? - came, posted photos on Facebook? - posted. What was missing was the failed assassination attempt. But he was quickly cooked up surrounded by the “minister”. True, not finalized. For persuasiveness, after all, it was necessary to at least build a fingal under the eye or make a hole on the trousers (behind). Like, “our Arsenchik” persevered ... Vydyuzhil ... Out of the hands of the very same Bezler left! Is he after this hera? Of course, hey!

By the way, Bezler called all this dregs of blue about the assassination of Avakov a complete nonsense. It would have been a real attempt - there would have been no Avakov already ... Orphaned by "Facebook."

Comments from our readers:

EE !! What kind of bezler ?? But what about Putin? Poor Vladimir Vladimirovich did not sleep at night, went to the intelligence services in the rear of the Ukrainian troops, prepared an assassination plan, did you ?? Some direct disrespect in the work done ...

Wants to slip Avakov, and therefore comes up with fables. There in ukroplyandii, it seems, all the storytellers ... the Grimm brothers ...

Comrade Bender
Shkiryak accidentally sees future events in a dream? And then Bezler still does not know that Avakian’s bang was written to him to his family, and Shkiryak already sees everything. Maybe he already sees the place where he will be and the whole Kiev junta? But it is dark and smells bad. I see it without predictions.

Formula of belonging to the FSB in Yatsenyuk

After citizens demanded higher social benefits from the Ukrainian government, Yatsenyuk said that Ukrainians could not demand higher social benefits from the government at a time when the country's economy was in a difficult position. And all those who demand it are not Ukrainians, but are agents of the FSB.

Yatsenyuk called demanding higher material well-being in Ukraine by FSB agents

This is simply an amazing position for a “democratic government”, which is expressed in the following format: if you want to live better, then you are an agent of foreign special services. After all, a Ukrainian cannot just by definition today (under Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk) want to live better ...
He came out on the Maidan in December-January - “Ma-la-dets!”, “Our man”, “four-eyed!” But he allowed himself to doubt the correctness of the Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko's course - “damn eshesbeshnik! "

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
Soon in Kiev: FSB agents came to the rally demanding higher wages ...

With easy hand movement, people turn, people turn into FSB agents!

Oh how! In the fall, every family home will be covered by an FSB agent, or even not one by one! ..

Has it become a habit?

In the area of ​​the Kuybyshevo checkpoint, two shells that were fired from the territory of Ukraine exploded. Also on Wednesday night, employees of the Novoshakhtinsk checkpoint had to be evacuated.

The territory of Russia is once again fired from the Ukrainian side

The shelling of Russian territory from the Ukrainian side has already become familiar. These are terrible words, but they really are. A few months ago it was hard to imagine such a thing, and today even the Rostov citizens themselves with a fair amount of calmness show fragments from hitting Ukrainian ammunition in their homes.
The first funeral of the deceased Russians took place. The mission of foreign military attaches familiarized with the situation at the border. They shook their heads, photographed phones and went off, so that later the Western media would build a series of “ducks” about how quietly and calmly on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

Kiev does not comment on the attacks of the Russian territory with its troops. And in particularly knowledgeable social networks, dill users are actively discussing how Russia itself fires itself in order to provoke the “peaceful” Ukrainian military and to deprive the most inland Ukraine of its independence.

Comments from our readers:
And where are the import monitors from the OSCE?

Dark Soul
Not in the know, our protest or resolute protest carried?

Already lost the desire to discuss this topic. Evil is not enough, emergency valve breaks from impotence and humiliation.

And also a towel with a portrait of Igor Strelkov cross stitch

In the city of Berdyansk (Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine), reinforced checkpoints with armored vehicles of the Ukrainian armed forces appear. Military Commissar of Berdyansk Volkov:

At the defense council of the region, it was decided to strengthen our roadblocks, which are located around Berdyansk. This is due to the fact that we have here the border with the Donetsk region - 70 kilometers, and pass the main routes - Mariupol - Odessa. We also installed additional roadblocks near the sea at the entrance to the city, and at the central forks. That is, the whole city was blocked by such roadblocks inside and road. The only task is to prevent the militants from breaking through, and not to allow the transportation of weapons to the territory of Berdyansk district.

Reinforced armored checkpoints ukroarmii appear in the Zaporozhye region

The appearance of reinforced roadblocks outside the LC and the DPR may indicate that some gentlemen in Kiev and other ukroregions are beginning to think what will happen if the militia members really crush the Ukrainian punishers in the Donbas. In this regard, it can be assumed that in addition to reinforcing the militarized roadblocks, particularly shrewd ukrochininyshki have already prepared towels with embroidered portraits of Igor Strelkov, hiding them in a secluded place - as they say, just in case, in time to confess to the militia that only they were waiting for him they counted on him. Do Poroshenko such rushnichok in store? - at the bottom of the box from under the candy, where there must already be a complete set “for every occasion” - from the American flag to the Russian tricolor. Everything is in Ukrainian ...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, just under Lviv let the roadblocks and install!

There their “separatists” are enough for Polish and Austrian money.
I hope very much for the victory parade in Kiev, and to see Strelkova, according to custom, on the white horse of the host parade.

Let it be strengthened. Iron itself is not at war. But dill courage began to pass potiha, judging by their heart-rending cries. So let them dig in, in the future they will go for the monuments and science will be good. But Kiev is not necessary to take ... wait for the next Maidan.

White House non-professionals

In the evening of July 16, Barack Obama personally announced the “inclusion” of a new package of sanctions against Russia. This time, the sanctions are directed against budget-forming companies and large Russian banks and appear to be serious.

In the message ITAR-TASS It is specified that citizens and companies of the Russian Federation and Ukraine got into the United States sanctions list. America punished with the sanctions Vice-Speaker of the State Duma S. Neverov, Minister for Crimea Affairs O. Savelyev, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation I. Schegolev, Colonel-General FSB S. Besedu, as well as one of the leaders of the DPR A. Borodaya.

This time, Vnesheconombank, Gazprombank, Rosneft, Novatek, Basalt, KRET (Radio Electronic Technologies Concern), Sozvezdie, NPO Mashinostroenia, Almaz-Antey, Kalashnikov, KB instrument, "Uralvagonzavod." Also, the Feodosia Oil Company and the entire Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics fell under the sanctions.

The US Treasury is confident that the new sanctions "will lead to economic isolation" of listed companies.

Europartners, including Germany, were supported by the US administration on the issue of sanctions. What many analysts and experts did not expect.

How to transmit "Vesti" With reference to ITAR-TASS, the expansion of sanctions against the Russian Federation was agreed upon by a summit of heads of state and government of EU countries.

True, the EU has not yet adopted sectoral trade and economic restrictions. “An agreement was reached to suspend the launch of new projects through the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank. Decisions on sectoral trade and economic sanctions were not taken, ”an unnamed diplomatic source said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin news on sanctions "overtook" in Brasilia, where the BRICS summit was held. There he spoke on this topical topic, and also criticized international policy pursued by the United States. His words leads the channel LifeNews.

According to Mr. Putin, those people who are planning a policy in the United States "act aggressively and very unprofessionally." The lack of professionalism and aggressiveness is confirmed by the situations in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine.

As for the new sanctions, Putin noted: "We must see what these sanctions are, how to figure it out, without fuss, calmly." The head of the Russian state noted that sanctions measures “usually have a“ boomerang effect ”. “And, without any doubt, in this case they are driving Russian-American relations to a dead end, causing them very serious damage. And I am convinced that this goes against the national long-term strategic interests of the American state and the American people, ”the president quotes with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The White House took Russia by the throat

So, the White House and its satellites from the EU firmly took Russia by the throat.

At the same time, it should be noted that Obama had previously scared Russia with the “third package”, but what was introduced is not the third package, but only the expansion of the second. The third package of sanctions would really seriously damage the Russian economy, as it would affect entire industries, starting with raw materials. Nevertheless, the success of the White House in agreeing new prohibitive measures with Brussels shows: Barack Hussein Obama can still put serious pressure on the European Union and is not going to back down on the idea of ​​joint sanctions against Russia. On the pages of "VO" we have repeatedly noted that the US and the EU have confirmed their statements about the non-recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia. The overseas hegemon considers the annexation of the peninsula to the Russian Federation, despite the referendum, as "annexation." Both Washington and Brussels have repeatedly stated that they “never” recognize the Crimea as part of Russia. Therefore, we must understand that the issue of sanctions is a question not only of the LPR and DPR, it is also a question of the Crimea.

Comments from our readers:

I already wrote that Europe will not play along with us. This is the most used prostitute in the USA:
It's all empty. Never Europe will not be on the side of Russia.
Here it is necessary to understand a very simple thing. Europeans are ideologically and financially obliged to the United States for their prosperity. After 1945, they fell under the Americans. And their prosperity and independence depended directly on America. Those who came to the Warsaw Pact degraded in terms of the West. That's the whole concept for today.
And I do not understand why everyone is happy? It is clear that here half the users are shkolota with general epaulets. But here I have two higher education in the field of macroeconomics. And everything connected with the sanctions is all very bad for Russia. All achievements with BRICS are still declarative in nature, but the viciousness of our banking system, which is credited in the United States and Europe, is obvious. Banks will stand up - the entire economy will start to bend, including the defense industry, which is funded through VEB. Where are the serious comments? The feeling that either “urya-patriots” or “all-pro ... alscats” come to the “VO”. Serious and adequate people began to disappear somewhere. And this is sad.

It is very great that you already have two higher ones in the same sphere! Why not three? It would be even cooler! Sorry for my sarcasm ...
This is what I admire the current owners of numerous higher ones, because it is the impossibility to go beyond the dogmas learned during the training.
No, it is, of course, all right, and you are certainly right about the current moment and the current rules of the game, which are set by the star-mattress "partners." And everything would be fine if it were not for the notorious law of the transition of quantity to quality.
The more sanctions are imposed, the more likely that Russia will be forced to retreat from these rules.
As the owner of two macroeconomic entities, you should be aware that it was our “sworn partners” who imposed on us the impossibility of crediting our economy ourselves.
Now the question is: what is stopping in response to the sanctions to nationalize the Central Bank and establish its own rules? One more question: what prevents to take loans in Euros, yuan and other tugriks?
Now for engines and titanium.
Yes, the engines do not make the weather, it is purely a matter of prestige, nothing more.
With titanium, everything is much more serious. At the termination of deliveries, serious problems will arise for Boeing and the practical ass of the Europeans. There are simply no alternative suppliers capable of replenishing Russian volumes, prices are skyrocketing, production is declining, contracts are not being fulfilled, jobs are being lost ... There is not so much pleasant, as you can see.
The fate of Russian titanium producers is completely in the hands of the government. They want to support - support, do not want - not destiny ... Lots of support mechanisms: from full exemption from taxes to the actual restoration of their aerospace industry.
With the supply of palladium, things are quite simple, after all, a noble metal, which may well be aimed at replenishing gold reserves, and its absence on the market will lead to big problems of a bitten apple (and not only).
It should be added that nothing prevents Russia from imposing sanctions against all kinds of McDonalds, Proctors with Gembels and other Coca-Cola.
This is so, offhand.
In the long term: the more and tougher the sanctions against Russia are, the more benefits they will bring to Russia itself.
Naturally, some difficulties can not be avoided, but they are not critical. As a result, Russia will be forced to develop the domestic market - a stronghold of stability, if anything.

Suitcase, Maidan, Warsaw

Poland ranks second (after the Russian Federation) among the countries in terms of the number of arriving refugees from the territory of Ukraine. This is reported in the press service of the Office for Foreign Citizens of Poland. RIA "Novosti", citing the spokesperson for this Directorate, Eva Infantry states that no one who arrived in Poland from the territory of Ukraine was officially granted refugee status.

At the same time, the Polish authorities are registering a significant increase in the number of Ukrainians who wish to receive refugee status on the territory of the Polish state. If last year 46 Ukrainians applied for such status, then only in the first half of 2014 - about nine hundred.

The largest number of applicants for refugee status, according to Eva Infantry, refers to the so-called activists of the Maidan - those who advocated for European integration in the center of Kiev.

In Poland, there is a sharp increase in the number of Ukrainians who want to receive refugee status

Here it is, it turns out, European integration. Pomaidan, and let's go to Warsaw. And what about Warsaw? And she gave the Kiev "European integrators" a clear answer: Poland does not need maydanschiki.

Kiev will get exactly the same answer when it wants to “integrate” with the European Union. Brussels (more precisely, Berlin) has already tried to feed the Greeks - did not like it.

By the way, why maydanschiki looking for a warm place in Poland, and not in the Kiev mayor's office?

Comments from our readers:

And interestingly, in Warsaw there is where the Maidan for them to deploy? Well, at least such a manesenky maydanchik, but always with tires, fat and gorilkoy!

Poles extinguish this Maidan in the first hour of its beginning! They are tough. Saw how their police drenched ultras. I thought they would start killing ... Do not stand on ceremony. And the Ukrainians for them laborers. Who will reckon with them? The first batch of polishers set off. Soon on all Polish fields in the pose MAMA WASHING FLOOR will stand on the harvest.

Black Colonel
It just drove the grandmothers to visit for the summer. Che psaki slows down with comments.

Inauguration and mortars

In Syria, militants of the opposition forces 16 July fired mortar shells at the business district of Damascus after the inauguration of President Bashar Assad, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to local media reports, four civilians were killed by fragments in the Shaalyan Square, 22 people were injured.

Employees of the TV station Al-Mayadin reported on two mines that had fallen into the building of the State Television and Radio of the Syrian Republic on Umayyad Square. Information about the victims have been reported.

After the inauguration of Assad, extremists bombarded Damascus with mortar shells

To this it must be added that, swearing allegiance to Syria as president, Bashar Asad made a keynote speech in which he noted that the Syrians would defeat the enemies who planned to turn the country into "another colony." Assad said that with the help of allies, including Russia, he would do everything to preserve the Syrian state and put an end to "pro-American terrorist forces."

Comments from our readers:

Well, now legally elected by democratic rules. It seems that the need for “bringing democracy” to Syria has disappeared. I wonder what will come up in the White House now?

Giant thought
It's all from impotent malice. Another proof of the spiritual weakness of the terrorists.

For the State Department, Bashar Assad is a tyrant, making it difficult for Americans to pursue their "democracy." They will find how to get to the bottom.

Voices score love

13 July it became known that in Afghanistan all the ballots of the second round of the presidential election, which was held in June, will be recounted. The fact is that Ashraf Gani Ahmadzai overtook Abdullah Abdullah by ten percent. But in the first round, the last one overtook the first one. Nestykovochka! The US Department of State did not like such distortions with arithmetic.

On the recount of votes in Afghanistan, said US Secretary of State, who was on a visit to Kabul, reports "Euronews".

John Kerry spoke with Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Abdullah Abdullah. Both agreed to count all the votes - that is, 8 millions. Recalculation took control of the UN observers.

This is what Euronews writes so gently about it. In fact, it is clear that John Kerry rather ordered Afghans count votes. Otherwise, what will the democracy that Washington has built in Afghanistan for so many years look like?

And for sure.

Confirmation of perseverance of the State Department was found in the latest news.

As Kirill Belyaninov writes (Kommersant), both presidential candidates agreed to recount votes "under pressure from US Secretary of State John Kerry, who threatened to deprive Kabul of US financial aid."

This is the key - do not count, we will not "help" you.

John Kerry ordered Afghans to recount votes in elections

It is clear that John Kerry and his boss Barack Obama cannot allow such an obvious failure of democracy in Kabul - especially against the background of the future withdrawal of most of the troops from Afghanistan. Last year, we wrote to VO that Washington seriously considers its military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq as “victories” (both strategic and democratic). And suddenly - such a failure!

With the slightest hint of the Afghan political crisis, it will be very difficult for Washington to talk about its democratic achievements in the region. Obama will lose the last percentages of the rating, John Kerry will resign, and the world community will receive another excuse for criticizing the United States, sowing the very “instability” everywhere that they love to teach the whole world.

Comments from our readers:

These are not the people who can LEAVE.

It is time for the States to calm down their “story”. Soon they will be told to those with whom they were not considered. And this time is getting closer and closer.

Six California by Mr. Billionaire

According to RIA Novosti, citing FoxNews, a petition by American billionaire Timothy Draper on the section of California on individual states 6 has already received more than 808 thousands of votes.

According to Mr. Draper, this is enough to hold a national referendum on this issue in November 2016. He proposes to divide California into the states of Jefferson, Silicon Valley, as well as Southern, Northern, Central and Western California.

“California needs a reboot. Six California is our opportunity to solve many of the problems we face today. Six states that are more representative and understandable, ”said the billionaire, who has already spent more than 4,9 million dollars on his initiative.

According to him, this will allow "to create a more responsive, innovative and more local government," which ultimately "will lead to a better life for all Californians."

Critics for some reason believe that this is an “idiotic” plan.

In any case, Draper is going to hand in a petition to state authorities, who, if approved, will send it to Congress.

Billionaire Timothy Draper proposed to “reboot” California, dividing it into 6 states

The plan, of course, idiotic. To create a “more responsive” government, you need to divide California not into 6 states, but into separate cities and even neighborhoods. And there to the streets with houses nearby. People will no longer quarrel and demand "better life": after all, this very improvement will now be in their hands.

But seriously, there are no responsive governments. Especially in the USA. The White House pays more attention to Ukraine and Afghanistan than to its own people ...

Comments from our readers:

The referendum is now in vogue. The class. You give a referendum across America.

A good idea. But one of the states of California must be called Russia. It will be historically fair.

Tim, you were friends with the right boys as a child! Go for it! We will support you.

After all, there are smart people in America! The main thing is not to dwell only on California ...

Samantha gives concerts

The representative of the United States at the UN, Samantha Power, said that she had won a verbal exchange with Russia's permanent representative, Vitaly Churkin, who was related to the notorious Pussy Riot group. However, the Russian diplomat recalled what actually happened then, notes “RT”.

In February, 2014, Vitaly Churkin proposed Samantha Power to join the infamous group “Pussy Riot”. He stated this, commenting on the meeting of the American representative with Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina.

“How, hasn't she still joined this group?” I expected that she would invite them to perform at the National Cathedral of Washington or even be able to organize a concert tour for them around the world, ”said Churkin.

Samantha Power said that the first concert should be held in places where “Russian political prisoners” are kept.

And now Power told the journalist “Vanity Fair” that Churkin did not respond to this remark, so she believes that she won the dispute. “I have the last word. This is enough for a small victory, ”she said.

However, the Russian diplomat, through Facebook, put the statement of an American woman into question: “Here I must clarify the truth. (In case this episode goes down in history in the memoirs of Samantha Power, for which, I am sure, she will definitely win the Pulitzer Prize.) In fact, I answered her. I called Samantha and explained that there are no political prisoners in Russia. She seemed stunned and promised to contact me again on this issue. She did not. She, however, reluctantly acknowledged that I got the upper hand in this squabble, because my answer was spontaneous, but she was not. I will not declare it as my "little victory." Let those who love such anecdotes judge it. ”

Another round of verbal sparring Vitaly Churkin and Samantha Power

We (“Military Review”) promise to keep this anecdote for the story, dear comrade Churkin.

As for the statement for Vanity Fair, we know why Samantha made it. This is because she envies the glory, which in recent weeks has bypassed her, completely getting to the star of the State Department - Jen Psaki.

And the last plot of the "Results of the week" is an excellent confirmation of this.

Comments from our readers:

It seems that Samantha just sunk on our Vitaly ... And yes, by the way, according to “Pussy Riot”, I think the US should organize a concert in Guantanamo.

... Without Churkin and Lavrov, it is difficult to imagine Russia's foreign policy. Mind, intelligence - the dignity of Russia. To restrain the entire western pack of Psac is well worth it.
But with regards to domestic policy - the question.
If we have no political prisoners, then who then is Colonels V. Kvachkov? and L.V. Khabarov, who devoted their lives to serving the Fatherland?

Ingvar 72
Well, if they have pusks - political prisoners, then the victories are also such! Like, “three men attacked me in the gate yesterday, and I won them many times in different poses!”

Well, not indifferent woman to Churkin, nothing here can not be helped. Unrequited love.

Behind the Chinese screen

The BRICS summit held in Brazil has become literally historical. In Fortaleza, it was decided to create a New Development Bank (BRICS) with a capital of one hundred billion dollars. The bank will become a direct competitor to the IMF. Many Western financial experts believe that in case of successful implementation of the project, the five BRICS countries will reach a new level - both economic and political. As for the White House, the local residents didn’t like the news, therefore, they voiced their attitude towards the creation of the New Development Bank. The State Department’s trustworthy political weapon, Jen Psaki.

According to her, the purpose of creating the Bank of BRICS in the United States did not understand.

Speaking at a regular briefing, the spokesperson for the State Department said the United States found the objectives of the creation of a Development Bank by the BRICS countries unclear. Words psaki leads ITAR-TASS.

“There is not a lot of detail about what exactly will be the focus of this planned development bank,” Mrs. Psaki told reporters.

She did not find not only the necessary "number of details", but she did not find the "important details" that would have opened America’s eyes on the management of a new bank. Finally, psaki is “not clear” whether the Bank of BRICS will have “any kind of relationship with already existing international financial institutions”.

What to do? We must wait, according to the State Department mouthpiece. What to expect? Missing parts.

“Therefore, we will wait, see what else the details will appear,” the State Department spokeswoman summed up.

Writing down in notebooks about the "number of details", "important details", as well as the missing details, the journalists asked whether the BRICS Development Bank would affect the interests of the United States. Here the incomparable Psaki straddled her skate: "... we do not know."

“It’s difficult for us to speculate or worry about this at this particular moment, because we don’t know the goals, objectives and controls (bank),” Psaki replied with habitual wit.

BRICS Bank and statement by Jen Psaki

Well, how are you so in Washington, add from yourself. Even about the privacy of Angela Merkel, whose phone you listened to, you know everything. The NSA also monitored Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff’s correspondence and communication on the Internet. But Brazil - a member of the BRICS, the letter "B".

However, if you look at it from the other side, Washington’s ignorance becomes clear. The BRICS includes China, and this same state will become the main “capitalist” in the Development Bank, whose headquarters will soon open in Shanghai. Behind the Chinese screen, the owner of the Oval Office will not see anything, and even more so will Jennifer Psaki not see anything there. One fine morning, US Finance Minister J. Lew will simply show Barack Obama a red bill with Xi Jinping's face and say with sadness in his voice that the yuan has become the key world currency, and the Republic of Texas has applied for participation in BRICS.

Comments from our readers:

Very soon, instead of bucks, there will probably be brixes ... It sounds kind of almost the same ... Let's hope that China will not become proud.

If psaki doesn't know anything, what fig does she do there?

Makes a smart face.

* “Either true or all is well” - a phrase from the TV series “Lie to Me” / “Lie The Me”
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  1. +33
    20 July 2014 07: 26
    Cameron: Russia will be responsible for Boeing if it was shot down by militia
    - This simple and tasteful opening this morning on Yandex. I don’t care about that, dear edition ... And thanks to the authors for the results of the week. It’s thought out and where it is necessary with humor. Yesterday I waited, read and found like-minded people
    1. +16
      20 July 2014 07: 29
      The people have already suggested measuring dullness in psaki.
      1. +3
        20 July 2014 07: 47
        I have a Boeing question for knowledgeable people. Only here, please answer exactly.

        The Buk launcher has its own radar, which gives it the ability to work autonomously. I would like to know the capabilities of this radar, namely, is it capable of detecting targets at an altitude of 10 km and higher and properly direct missiles at them.
        Thank you.
        1. WKS
          20 July 2014 09: 26
          I read the review to the end. Impression. Everything mixed up horses, people, planes, buggers ...
          1. +1
            20 July 2014 17: 11
            Quote: wks
            I read the review to the end. Impression. Everything mixed up horses, people, planes, buggers ...

            Too many books
            1. +1
              20 July 2014 18: 14
              The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation recorded the work of the Ukrainian radar on the day of the crash of the Malaysian plane and calculated the settlements of Ukraine, where they could bring down the liner, the press service of the department said.
              As the ministry clarified, the plane's route and the place of its fall fall into the affected area of ​​two Ukrainian batteries of a long-range anti-aircraft missile system and three batteries of a Buk-M1 medium-range air defense system.
              "During July 17, Russian radio equipment recorded the operation of the Kupol radar station of the Buk-M1 battery stationed in the area of ​​the settlement of Styla (30 kilometers south of Donetsk)," the message says.
              Buk anti-aircraft missile system. Archive photo
              © Photo: Yuriy Lapitskiy
              Characteristics of the Buk anti-aircraft missile system
              "At the same time, the technical features of the Buk-M1 allow the exchange of information on air targets between the batteries of the same battalion. Thus, the launch of the missiles could also be carried out from all batteries deployed in the village of Avdeevka (8 kilometers north of Donetsk) or Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe (25 kilometers east of Donetsk), "the Russian Defense Ministry points out.
        2. +1
          20 July 2014 10: 25
          Quote: sledgehammer102
          I have a Boeing question for knowledgeable people. Only here, please answer exactly.

          The Buk launcher has its own radar, which gives it the ability to work autonomously. I would like to know the capabilities of this radar, namely, is it capable of detecting targets at an altitude of 10 km and higher and properly direct missiles at them.
          Thank you.

        3. +5
          20 July 2014 10: 50
          Complex 9K 37 "Buk" consists of: 1. Command post 9C 470,2. Detection and target designation system 9C 18,3. Self-propelled firing unit 9A 310 (for some reason, all the media call it the air defense system "Buk") 4. Start- charging installation 9A 39. If you do not go deeply, the 9A 310 SOU is an analogue of the 9A 38 SOU with the 9S35 radar which, in principle (I repeat only in principle!), allows you to detect and aim the missile at a distance (maximum !!!) of 20 km Based on the location of the Boeing crash, one can assume the place where it was hit by a missile. In this case, it turns out that the Buk of the militia was either directly on the front line or even in the rear of the dill (which, in my opinion, is complete nonsense.) My opinion, it is IMPOSSIBLE to prepare a calculation for the Buk air defense missile system in less than 6 months. And yet, I studied all the available photographs of the Boeing from the crash site, until I saw the destruction of the aircraft fuselage by elements of the missile warhead on any of them.
          1. 0
            20 July 2014 13: 49
            Yes, about the wreckage and I did not see shrapnel, and that 154 was like a sieve.
            And the broadcasting of the detection station is also fixed, the time and place are precisely known.
            Maybe air-to-air?
          2. 0
            20 July 2014 20: 26
            Note that until today there was no evidence of how the Boeing fell, only general phrases. Today, that fell without the right wing. And another plane flew nearby. Interesting? Denouement soon, wait, sir ...
        4. segmentata
          21 July 2014 02: 25
          I answer exactly. There is a radar. Guidance using only this radar is an abnormal procedure, and the efficiency drops two or more times. For guidance, there is a complex based on a separate machine, but this is not the norm. The target is detected by stationary, powerful radars, accompanied by firing complexes before entering the zone of responsibility (data in this case), gives target designation, accompanies two or more missiles to the target, confirms its defeat.
      2. +7
        20 July 2014 08: 03
        All this is ridiculous if it weren’t so sad. Maybe it’s worth it to be friends with states that understand us, and not fight for those who do not want this?
      3. +2
        20 July 2014 12: 42
        The situation developing in the former Ukraine and with its leadership, the scale in "psaki" -rolls over, 101 points out of 100. The article is definitely positive. AFFTORU respect.
      4. llMarius
        21 July 2014 03: 04
        rather, the number of trolls on the site, especially the pseudo "patriots" with ko-ko to destroy the US-co-ko.
        I suggest a petritrol unit from 1 to 100.
    2. segmentata
      21 July 2014 02: 20
      What kind of militias? !!! What MANPADS ?! ' 4 km in height from MANPADS single case in Afghanistan. The air is thinner. Beech outside the complex? !!! Schaz. It really is necessary to study there for a year so that the rocket can go even in that direction! To come out at all! In a complex designed for conscription - protection from the fool and the ignorant with tenfold duplication !!!! This is like a proton - like, he fell!)))) Yes, we stupidly do these army communication jammers with SUCH duplication !!! Ban these moron experts.
  2. +14
    20 July 2014 07: 27
    History knew a lot of fascists,
    No one has ever destroyed his people,
    And in Ukraine, "sick masochists",
    The inveterate devil created the plague ...

    And what do you get from them? With heartless ghouls
    They have money and power clouded the brain,
    That's just all the evil - it is not infinite!
    The end result is obvious and simple ...
    1. +8
      20 July 2014 17: 39
      The answer is from Murmansk.
      "But my grandfather didn't tell me anything, he was killed in Stalingrad ... The Nazis!"
      1. +3
        20 July 2014 20: 31
        Nice video. I like it. Cruel, but filmed great, plus!
        1. +1
          20 July 2014 23: 24
          The interesting thing is that everything is shot on a camera.
  3. +32
    20 July 2014 07: 29
    Welcome all ! (separatists quilted jacket kolo.radov well shorter than normal people)! hi
    1. +10
      20 July 2014 09: 16
      I am also a Colorado and a padded jacket. And it’s time for our designers to catch the fashion trends and issue a collection of modern quilted jackets by winter. T-shirts with polite people were already there.
      1. +19
        20 July 2014 09: 57
        winked like already issue
  4. 0
    20 July 2014 07: 30
    Why does Putin not help with weapons and money? That is the main question for me ...
    1. +7
      20 July 2014 07: 52
      May we stop suffering humiliation
      I think this important moment has come
      Russians brazenly shoot everyone to defeat,
      Something must be decided! Mr. President!
      Even I already want to take SVD-shku
      And for the Russians in Donbass to go to war!
      From the Bandera in response, I will hear a grin ...
      In vain mock! I am able to shoot accurately!

      Mr. President! They even insult you!
      The whole world is not afraid of being rude to Russia!
      You hear me! I ask! I beg you!
      We must stop this LUNCH!
    2. +15
      20 July 2014 08: 01
      Quote: KG_patriot_last
      Why does Putin not help with weapons and money? That is the main question for me ...

      Do you need a full report ..?))) They squeezed a large group in the boiler and beat them there, their feathers fly (Putin is silent (smiling cunningly) The West is beating hysterically from powerlessness and anger (there was even a Boeing that made dill down ..) There was help and it will be but quiet so far ... Everything goes in a bundle!
      1. +4
        20 July 2014 08: 20
        Everyone knows (who understands) -
        Obama shot down this plane!
        Obama, black dog, guilty
        And he himself is so worthy of death ...
        Above him already (let him live for now)
        Hanging Retribution Hand!
      2. +2
        20 July 2014 12: 07
        I don’t ask about the success of the militia, but I’m talking about real help to Russia in the face of war - for example, how militants are armed and financed in Syria (I don’t give even more successful historical examples)

        Where is the funding, heavy equipment, deepening the front inside the borders of Russia, all-Russian rallies in all cities of Russia with the support of militias, and finally the culmination of all this - the introduction of peacekeeping forces and an information attack on the authorities in Kiev, followed by the establishment of a new government / return of Yanukovych?

        Why are all the Americans doing this at the other end of the globe, and Putin isn’t doing it at hand?

        The United States did not hit a finger on a finger - only hysteria in the media achieved the formation of a new enemy on the borders with Russia, now they will pump it with steroids, be sure that I do not need a full report, this is not a computer game where suddenly the enemy is defeated in one battle.

        But the militia is so far seeking contrary, not thanks. Strelkov is a realist and understands that only Russian intervention will help save the newly announced alliance.
        1. +1
          20 July 2014 16: 17
          Who will yell about this to you aloud? Is it hard to guess for yourself or analytic functions are disabled? fool
      3. 0
        21 July 2014 05: 41
        Unfortunately, not everything is so simple:
        "Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak writes victorious reports on his page in the FB that the West has begun to help Ukrainian military losers by delivering high-precision weapons.
        ..... However, in the context of recent intelligence reports from Odessa, this information looks plausible. Secret military cargoes from the Atlantic arrive at the Odessa port .... "
    3. +3
      20 July 2014 09: 17
      We here at VO help pretty well.
  5. +11
    20 July 2014 07: 31
    Dill Stopudovo! Russia would not go on such a provocation ..
    I know firsthand the level of training of Ukrainian military engineers. He served however, dumped on time, so as not to get dirty epaulettes.
    1. +4
      20 July 2014 08: 15
      Dill Stopudovo! Russia would not go on such a provocation ..
      For this, apparently, they carried out the withdrawal of troops from Luhansk, and prepared a fake video a day before the destruction of the Boeing, and the dispatchers sent the plane along an unsafe route, although the previous plane of this flight performed a different flight. And the anti-aircraft gunners of the previously deployed air defense systems did not even need to be forced to shoot down, because they are SURE that they have been repelling the aggression of Russia over the past few months. And here is a Boeing with flags on the wings, similar to the Russian ones, how not to shoot down the "enemy" ??? In addition to Ukrainians.opov, a significant share of the blame for the death of three hundred innocent people belongs to the states fanning the hysteria about "Russian aggression" and the Europeans themselves, who supported this hysteria.
  6. +10
    20 July 2014 07: 32
    Wake up to the world !, the State Department demands a third world, for the collapse of America do not pass without war. The bloodthirsty states have become bled, donors of a billion more are needed to quench the State Department’s thirst ...
    1. +3
      20 July 2014 16: 28
      Quote: mig31
      Wake up to the world !, the State Department demands a third world, for the collapse of America do not pass without war. The bloodthirsty states have become bled, donors of a billion more are needed to quench the State Department’s thirst ...

      From Ukraine. Something makes me sick and anxious, especially to the joyful sayings of Svidomo compatriots. This screen is below
      And this is from
      ... Firstly, it is already clear that neither Russia nor the UYE have anything to do with the liner’s death.
      Secondly, it is already clear that the ship was dropped by the Ruins, following the instructions of its American sponsors ...
      And then everything is according to notes: "In view of the severity of the situation in Ukraine, all funds and assets of individuals and legal entities are subject to freezing that materially or financially supported actions that violate the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, who actively supported the implementation of such a policy or which hindered international organizations. in Ukraine".
      And this - "all funds and assets of individuals and legal entities" - is already quite serious. Not because the Kremlin has nothing to cover (there is just something to cover: there are so many funds and assets of Western legal entities on the territory of Russia that the turnover will be very painful), but because the answer to something like that, that is, a blow to the pocket, means real war.
      So, an ultimatum has been set for Moscow: war or surrender. In fact, already without the option to pull time. Because the delay of time, with the increasing flow of aid to the Nazis from the West, will mean the destruction of New Russia, after which the troops of the Ruins will deploy to the Crimea ...
      ... Thus, you still have to fight. Or, if you don’t fight, but surrender Crimea without a fight, soon get the Maidan. Which is already (sharing a bit of internal correspondence) is being prepared with might and main. And then, - a maximum of five years later, already in the status of the US puppet - the war with China, playing in the next combination of Americans about the role that the Ruin plays today.
      So I see it.
      So I write in the reports addressed to people who are interested.
      And how it will be, I have nowhere to know.

      1. 0
        20 July 2014 17: 23
        Quote: Anper
        . Something makes me sick and anxious,

        IMHO. And maybe not everything is so sickening?
        I am here, wishing to unwind, under the "Farewell of the Slav" I am sharpening a tear, and YouTube is slipping it to me all the time
  7. Vik.Tor
    20 July 2014 07: 41
    Somehow after Boeing, the events in Novorossia faded into the background, I think that it is wrong what is happening there, what is the situation. My condolences to the Boeing victims, but I am interested in the events in Novorossia no less. There are more articles about militias and we VO readers forget to help them as much as possible.
    1. Tyumen
      20 July 2014 08: 56
      So the situation with Boeing is a consequence of the events in New Russia.
      1. +4
        20 July 2014 13: 09
        "The thief screams the loudest: Hold the thief !!!"
        Or how the US solves its economic problems ..

        1." The crash of the MH 17 is the end of a Russian fairy tale
        ("The Washington Post", USA)
        Anne Applebaum
        “This crash was a direct consequence of Russia's invasion of eastern Ukraine - an operation deliberately aimed at creating legal, political and military chaos. If there wasn’t this chaos, a ground-to-air missile would never have hit a passenger plane. "
        “But in reality this tragedy gives Vladimir Putin the opportunity to get out of the difficult situation that he created in eastern Ukraine. Now he has an excellent reason to condemn the separatist movement and stop supporting it. If he refuses, we will know for sure that he remains committed to the chaos and nihilism that he provoked in Donetsk. "

        Interestingly, who distributed pies on the Maidan? Who appointed the Prime Minister of Ukraine Nuland? And whom did she send away? And 11 hearings in the Senate and the US Congress on Ukraine for half a year (a record, urgently in the Gines book) ??
        2. "" Russia has become dangerous again
        ("The Atlantic", USA)
        The illusion of stable Europe melted away when MH 17 passengers died
        David Frum "
        “We should not give up the hope that Putin is just an annoying zigzag on Russia's path to a normal European, democratic future. However, we should no longer make this hope the basis of our policy. Russia has become dangerous again. Not as dangerous as before, but dangerous enough to take this into account. ”
        “Suddenly, the role of NATO in Europe has regained its significance. Unfortunately, NATO lacks the corresponding power. In Europe, not a single American tank remained. European states have ceased to care about their defense capabilities. ”
        ..where the "DOG is buried" - by unwinding at least for Europe the threat from Russia, the buildup of the arms race in Europe, the rise of the American military-industrial complex and economy .. Offset Europe and Russia ..
        1. +1
          21 July 2014 05: 54
          Well, they have shown their true colors. While they were leading the "horse" by the bridle, they whispered about their "love" for Russia. As soon as Russia felt independent and the true faces of our "well-wishers" immediately appeared. While their CR-ear mugs dangled around the Kremlin: destroying everything they could reach in the Russian economy, there was love and mutual understanding. And now "love has passed, the tomatoes have withered, the boots are tight and we are not on the way" and thank you, Lord, that we finally did not follow the path. Because whoever follows their path ends badly: Bulgaria, Greece, Lithuania, etc.
  8. +1
    20 July 2014 07: 43
    When Samantha caught my heart nearly jumped out! They want to divide California, it won’t be ours! For Assad I’m glad, but for RADU I’m not happy! Let the Boeings release the Boeing 666 series!
  9. +5
    20 July 2014 07: 43
    "Collecting this rubbish means only reinforcing the long-term enmity, which, it seems, has been settled forever by 23 market years between Ukrainians and Russians."

    Yes, much more. Ukrainians did everything to show that they are not human and they can only talk to them with a bullet.

    "It can be cured, but very long and difficult. The best medical remedy: occupational therapy in especially difficult climatic conditions. Remember post-war Germany and their Hitler Youth. Nothing, re-educated, and we will cure these poor people."

    You spilled a balm on my soul. It means that not all is lost and lost souls can be saved. And then, after the war, many of them were "treated" in our Siberia (and remained here, some in the ground and some in the settlement). It looks like not everyone was identified, the virus still remained, only subsided for a while, until the country's body weakened.
    1. Tyumen
      20 July 2014 08: 58
      Quote: mamont5
      Yes, much more. Ukrainians did everything to show that they are not human and they can only talk to them with a bullet.

      Word for word, the Ukrainian responded to the Censor only about us, quilted jackets.
  10. +5
    20 July 2014 07: 58
    But can Senator McCain, who always remembers a hot meeting with the Soviet anti-aircraft missile, and the subsequent forced, however, rest at the hospitable Vietnamese, wish Russia and the Russians something good? !! He’s at least an Obama-mama, he’s gotten into our eyes, but still it will not even be dew, but the machinations of insidious and terrible Russians ...
  11. +16
    20 July 2014 08: 01
    Thanks to the authors! And my 5 cents ...

    On the Independence Square in Kiev, between the second hundred self-defense and representatives of other hundreds, a skirmish occurred due to the proposal of the first to reformat the Maidan.

    According to eyewitnesses, a representative of the second hundred from the stage read out a document on reformatting the Maidan, signed by authorized representatives of hundreds. During the reading out of the list of signatories of the document, a conflict arose between representatives of hundreds of self-defense. According to the people occupied by Maidan, the document is an occasion to expel them from the central part of Kiev. However, they believe that the document is a fake, it was not signed by some people who are indicated there. Unknown fired a warning shot at the sky with a pistol.

    The document provided for the dismantling of barricades with the involvement of criminologists to exclude the loss of material evidence of the events of February 20, remove all garbage on the Maidan, replace the old tents with new ones, said a representative of the second hundred.

    Recall that on July 9, Prosecutor General Vitaly Yarema instructed the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine to take measures to free the central part of Kiev, as well as 19 premises owned by the state, from persons who "identify themselves with the participants in the revolution of dignity and Maidanists."

    I especially admired this one - The document provided for the dismantling of barricades with the involvement of criminologists to exclude the loss of material evidence of the events of February 20, - what are these things. docks they were going to find there? belay
    1. Vik.Tor
      20 July 2014 08: 13
      The squabble went on at Svidomo, when it doesn’t work out in one (New Russia), there is a desire to make a mistake in the other, and on the Maidan they are sitting on their side on their minds. Here they are looking for enemies everywhere, although we can only use them to bite.
    2. +2
      20 July 2014 08: 20
      Quote: Egoza
      The document provided for the dismantling of barricades with the involvement of criminologists to exclude the loss of material evidence of the events of February 20 — what are these things. Did they intend to find the docks there?
      Maybe a cartridge case or a bullet where it got stuck ... clean it up so clean it up to the end, and then suddenly someone finds something and shows the world, and then the "criminologist" will explain everything to him ... who he wants to remain in history - a hero of the Maidan or an FSB officer
    3. +2
      20 July 2014 11: 21
      Quote: Egoza
      then what things. docks they were going to find there?

      what Petrified fellow mo, probably ...
      Good day, Helen! love
  12. +18
    20 July 2014 08: 10
    Glory to Ukraine ... our glory is above. How many civilians have already killed and how many more will kill .. Ukraine wake up! What are you doing Ekary Babai? Look who is sitting on the Maidan and in parliament you are dying for them or for this ghoul ..? Or are you doing evil for us doing and destroying everything that remains from the time of the USSR? It is a shame and pain for you ... Do not dishonor the Slavs ... stop!
    1. +3
      20 July 2014 16: 24
      .Do not dishonor the Slavs ... stop!
      They are now gay men, the Slavs are no longer there crying
  13. +8
    20 July 2014 08: 11
    "Oh how! In the fall, every family will have an FSB agent, or even more than one! .."

    Yeah. 80 percent, or even all 90 Ukrainians will "register" with the FSB.
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 14: 01
      Total FSB will be the most extensive network in the world. Mossad will envy so many agents. laughing
  14. +15
    20 July 2014 08: 15
    Well I do not know. Yesterday I was on flights and declare with full responsibility that our aircraft did not bring him down. lol
  15. +8
    20 July 2014 08: 22
    Why Ukrainians make not only bloodthirsty, but stupid. If they had battle-worthy beeches, they would first of all split up all Ukrainian aviation, and shooting down an international plane is essentially a declaration of war around the world. It’s not so sweet for them to be so substituted
    1. +5
      20 July 2014 09: 02
      Quote: FC SKIF
      if they had battle-worthy beeches, then they would first have split up all the Ukrainian aviation, and shooting down an international plane is essentially a declaration of war around the world
      There are several versions: - they took this board for a Russian reconnaissance plane, and therefore their fighter followed it, but it is possible that not one, and either he, or the "anti-aircraft gunners" and shot down the "spy".
      - On July 15-16, the Ukrainian Armed Forces expected an invasion of the RF Armed Forces, under the guise of a peacekeeping operation in the Luhansk and Donbass regions, as reported by the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Zalivaychenko, according to his “most faithful” information, the invasion was to begin with the introduction of a no-fly zone, To prevent the RA Air Force from acting from near Kharkov, an anti-aircraft missile regiment was urgently deployed on "Buks", and during the development of the initial settings for firing, someone, due to low qualifications, launched into a plane flying by.
      - and the last, the SBU posted photos of the "Buk" militia, and so the guys from the militia recognized in the photo the city of Krasnogvardeysk, which from the very beginning of the "mess" is under the power of an independent ", moreover, Kalomoisky" rules "all over there, so they assumed that that this is his handiwork, since by this he "shoots at two birds with one stone (Poroshenko and the militia)" and, most importantly, at someone, but he gets it exactly, to his BENEFIT.
      1. +8
        20 July 2014 11: 17
        It is very embarrassing how they reacted to the fall of the Boeing in Malaysia. A Russian correspondent did not find 24 relatives of the victims at the arrival airport. For comparison, we can recall what mass hysteria the same Malays were after the death of another Boeing in the spring of this year. The correspondent was explained such a strangeness by the fact that supposedly all relatives flew to Holland. I saw two reports from Holland, in one a very old grandmother cried on a rocking chair, in the other a crying woman did not immediately remember which distant relative she had lost, and not at the first attempt she remembered how old this relative was.
        I am not a fan of conspiracy theory, but in my opinion, some kind of strange reaction from relatives of those killed in the disaster.
  16. +3
    20 July 2014 08: 28
    The week turned out to be difficult. But I want to believe that our situation with Boeing will not be allowed to turn in favor of the inglorious fuck docks, um, our western partners.
  17. Sergei 57
    20 July 2014 08: 39
    And why are they all so caulked!
    1. +7
      20 July 2014 09: 04
      Samantha is scary, God forgive me, like an atomic war. The smile is that the murderer has grinned.
    2. +5
      20 July 2014 09: 16
      Quote: Sergey 57
      And why are they all so caulked!

      I’ll write in the same spelling as I heard: smile
      Red Mom, Red Dad,
      Red I myself.
      My whole family is covered
      Red hair!
    3. +4
      20 July 2014 09: 17
      Quote: Sergey 57
      And why are they all so caulked!

      Purely feminine. The more often close-ups are given to Samantha Power, the easier it becomes for me when I look at my reflection in the mirror.
      1. 0
        21 July 2014 06: 03
        I just can’t understand how their men put their eyes on them. After all, if you see at night, so you can get a heart attack? Some men in the West are not legible, some are flawed, with low self-esteem, if they associate a bed with such people, I am silent and do not stutter about love. After all, not a soul or body.
  18. Ruslan 56
    20 July 2014 08: 40
    "California needs a reboot. Six California is our opportunity to address many of the challenges we face today. Six states that are more representative and understandable." All America needs a reboot))))
  19. +12
    20 July 2014 08: 41
    Oleg and Alexey hi Thank you so much for the review! good

    Everything spun around "Buk"
    What shot down a plane in Ukraine
    Facebook is full of posts
    "Experts" of the Internet spider web
    Parachutes of militias blame
    Like, it's theirs Buk is guilty of everything
    Moreover, that there are no rockets and doesn’t shoot?
    And do not care that twenty years is broken.
    How did it all start? From the USA!
    What allowed this mongrel to bark
    With a desire to "hush up" your mistakes
    From anger and Russian order to blame
    And getting high permission
    Those who have long licked a black ass
    Poured in the direction of Russia "inspiration"
    Spitting brownish slurry
    How can one not recall the wise saying
    What is loudest than the one who is guilty
    And to everyone who bought for cookies
    A lantern with a rope has long been cooked.
  20. +8
    20 July 2014 08: 41
    Boeing with the dead flying from Amsterdam
    Given that the Boeing 777, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, was filled with dead people before the departure, this operation was prepared not only by the United States and Ukraine, but also Holland and Malaysia. Because for her it was necessary to collect the dead from all over Holland and even borrow from other countries. At the same time, they still had to be provided with fake passports.

    This fact is confirmed by the fact that mass statements of the relatives of the victims have not yet been discovered and no urgent measures have been taken to bring them to the crash site for identification and so that they can see the crash site themselves. But this is precisely what is primarily carried out in case of real, not rigged, disasters. This means that the “dead” have no relatives, and their passports are false.

    Given this, it would be nice for the Russian special services to conduct an independent investigation to establish the identities of the victims and to find their relatives. If they are not found, the fact of fake passports of the dead will be proved. And then it will be possible to say for sure who is actually the organizer and executor of this monstrous provocation.
    1. Dmitriy1975
      20 July 2014 12: 09
      Believe me, already all the scans of the discovered passports where necessary, have now started working with bodies, fingerprinting, etc. work is in full swing, but the big fathers have some kind of trump card joker in their sleeves, because there is no excitement and running around, no one is rushing anyone and working without emergency
    2. +2
      20 July 2014 18: 20
      This provocation is not monstrous. This is in their order of things since the twin brothers (2001). Organizers cannot be identified by fake passports. Based on the facts already available, it is already clear who the performer is, and the organizer based on the performer is already clear.
  21. MA TOF
    20 July 2014 08: 51
    The truth will come to light, but when? According to Euronews, they showed some kind of ukrovoyak, he said that the missile was fired by the Russian military from the Buk launcher and after the volley they rushed off to the territory of Russia! Further - footage - some kind of truck, with three missiles on the turret instead of four, is hiding in the greenery ...
    Everyman is clear! Try now to prove, by showing endless diagrams and diagrams, boring maps, blueprints, graphs and trajectories, that Russia did not crash the plane - nobody needs it anymore.
    The electorate has already been told everything, and showed a suitable picture.
    1. korjik
      20 July 2014 11: 46
      If there are video frames, then in general it is not difficult to find a "ukrovoyaka", and there it is not far from his sincere :)
    2. 0
      21 July 2014 03: 36
      I do not envy this ukra, now 100% will bang their own, so that the militias or Russia would not catch and interrogate.
    3. 0
      21 July 2014 06: 07
      The Western reader doesn’t like that either, but this is not the main thing. Remember the attack of Georgia. At first, everyone was against Russia, the main thing was to reach the necessary conclusions, then shut the top, and the lower classes would go on to discuss naked women.
  22. +2
    20 July 2014 08: 51
    11:54 Strelkov: According to the people who collected the corpses, a significant part of the corpses - "stale" - people died a few days ago. I can not vouch for the full reliability of this information - of course, the conclusion of forensic experts is necessary.

    - And someone else should pilot such a plane, which will be impossible to leave, including. The version with the plane full of the dead is exciting, of course, but somehow it makes no sense.

    12:26 Strelkov: Firstly, not all people on the plane were dead before the fall.

    Secondly, a large number of medicines, blood serum and other things were found on the plane, which is uncharacteristic for a conventional airliner. It seems that there was a medical special cargo.
    Thirdly, I do not insist on anything (for now). Just literally now talking with two people who personally collected the corpses immediately after the fall (both from Shakhtersk and arrived at the scene less than half an hour after the disaster). From their words I write. They emphasized that many of the corpses were “completely bloodless” - as if blood had coagulated long before the disaster. The strongest cadaverous smell noted by many locals was also noted - such a smell could not form in any weather in half an hour, and the weather was cloudy yesterday, not too hot.

    Fourthly, I myself am extremely suspicious of all kinds of “conspiracy theories”, but 18 of our fighters, poisoned by chemistry at the positions in Semenovka, shootings of family members of the militia and other “little joys of the learned patriots” convinced me that the Ukrainian authorities are capable of any meanness.

    The pilots, of course, were quite alive - the whole cockpit (and the front part was well preserved) was literally flooded with their blood.


    This is what Igor Ivanovich says. And I trust him.
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 17: 58
      With all due respect to Igor Ivanovich, let's keep a sober mind and a sound mind. Let's say to ourselves: "We are not dogs!" The news channels have already shown many times posted in social. nets passengers of the ill-fated side of the shooting of the pre-flight rush in the Boeing-777. There were no corpses there.
  23. +5
    20 July 2014 08: 52
    The theater of the absurd continues ... I would like an intermission, moreover, the end of the performance. The performance is useless and it's time to celebrate the natural needs.
  24. +12
    20 July 2014 08: 58
    And what are we afraid of sanctions? You look at the electronics at home. Many US or European? Coca, Pepsi and the rest of the shit will disappear from stores. Good for health. I buy products made in Siberia and Altai in Novosibirsk. Will all accounts be frozen? The kids will return home to study, we will have a rest at home (believe me, there is where to rest), banks that have taken out loans in the west will not give them "Sorry, sanctions", we will restore our own aircraft construction, heavy engineering. Yes, there are many minuses for us. half a year or a year will be rebuilt from our raw material reserves to others? If during the times of the "Iron Curtain" I could not, but now and now. Already KARLSBERG said that because of the sanctions they lost millions of dollars. So this is a beer company.
  25. +7
    20 July 2014 09: 02
    Europartners, including Germany, were supported by the US administration on the issue of sanctions. What many analysts and experts did not expect.

    I already wrote that Europe will not play along with us. This is the most used prostitute in the USA:
  26. +7
    20 July 2014 09: 03
    Life goes on!!! hi

    Is the ministry of death dead? Long live the Gosfisk!
    The Ministry of Revenue and Duties (Ministry of Health and Social Development) has finally “died out”. But it died out in a very specific way - with instant reincarnation without loss in quality and quantity. The odious ministry was abolished by the corresponding resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 236. The same decree creates the State Fiscal Service (Gosfisk) instead of the Ministry of Health. Igor Bilous was appointed her head. The new body will be the central executive agency responsible for implementing government policies in the field of tax collection, customs control and state social insurance, as well as for combating offenses in these areas.
    What marvelous names of state bodies in Ukraine! wassat How about this business? laughing
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 18: 25
      Quote: Egoza
      How about this business?

      Also, only the view from the side. No idiotic names / abbreviations / abbreviations true, if only
  27. +8
    20 July 2014 09: 05
    The next news, in brief, is ... tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue

    Italy intends to lobby South Stream while EU Presidency
    Italy will contribute to the diversification of gas supply routes to Europe and considers it necessary to build the South Stream, said Sandro Gotzi, Italian Secretary of State for European Affairs.
    “We believe that the South Stream should be built because it will contribute to the diversification of gas supply routes to Europe,” he said.

    According to the rotation, which takes place every six months, Italy from the 1 of July to the 2014 of the year presides in the EU. Thus, by the end of the year, the work of all EU councils will be led by Italian ministers.
    The South Stream gas pipeline, which should bypass the territory of Ukraine, will supply gas from Russia to Europe. The end point is a gas measuring station in Italy.
    The history of the flow began in the 2006 year, when Gazprom and the Italian Eni signed a strategic partnership agreement, as a result of which Gazprom got the opportunity from 2007 to carry out direct deliveries of Russian gas to the Italian market.
    Existing contracts for the supply of Russian gas to Italy have been extended until 2035. Eni is the largest shareholder of South Stream after Gazprom - it owns a stake in 20%.
    1. +2
      20 July 2014 09: 23
      Quote: Egoza
      briefly, then ... tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
      I will not be so short
      tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue
      1. +1
        20 July 2014 09: 24
        tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue and to spite enemies
    2. +2
      20 July 2014 10: 57
      Attention. Risks. The US will not put up with South Stream just like that. NATO exercises or, at worst, Ukraine can be organized. And "purely by accident" damage the pipe at the bottom of the Black Sea.
  28. +4
    20 July 2014 09: 22
    Many thanks to the authors for the review! Now, it seems, just write "Ukraine" and there will be a bunch of comments. Apparently, the junta is doing shit ... badly, both at the front and in the rear, since I had to go to such a provocation with a downed liner. genius in Ukraine, if the residents did not notice the improvement in life after the victory of the Maidan, show their discontent, it means they are agents of the Kremlin, and if they are silent and continue to work, then where did they get the money for a quiet life? So Moscow pays them and they are saboteurs, immediately to the front, to the Donbass! Poroshenko is more and more often, according to his entourage, "measures blue sneakers" - in Russia we have already gone through this, now we must wait for the familiar phrase: "I'm tired, I'm leaving ...", although another would be more pleasant for me: "I I'm afraid !!! They've already come for me !!! They've hung a tricolor over the building, the colors can't be made out !!!! If Kerry after the elections in Afghanistan called for a count of votes, then the "wrong" candidate, not a state one, won did not suit?
  29. +2
    20 July 2014 09: 25
    Or maybe Mistral, the Black Sea Fleet is not in vain. Strengthens Russia.
    Fig you!
  30. +17
    20 July 2014 09: 33
    U.S. representative to the UN Samantha Power said she won the verbal skirmish with Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin,
  31. +2
    20 July 2014 09: 39
    Regarding the downed plane ...
    I do not understand the striking elements of the "Buk", but in all the "pictures" that the media demonstrate, all the surviving planes are "clean" - they do not have holes from steel balls, as in the Ukrainian S-2001 that was shot down in our plane in 200. Can anyone explain what the Buk missile warhead is equipped with, how it destroys targets?
    I have no doubt that this is the work of ukrov, but with what? Maybe a rocket from an airplane?
  32. Ivan 63
    20 July 2014 09: 41
    The result, in general, is one - the mattress covers and the geyropa are still called black snow, but as usual we are not able to convince them of this.
  33. +7
    20 July 2014 09: 44
    I called Samantha and explained that there are no political prisoners in Russia. She seemed to be stunned and promised to contact me again on this matter.
    1. +3
      20 July 2014 16: 32
      scum and only am
    2. +5
      20 July 2014 18: 59
      No, well, beautiful! How many times I look, so many times I am amazed ... Almost the face of modern America. Aggressive, arrogant, spiteful, deceitful, terrible creature!
  34. +6
    20 July 2014 09: 49
    As for the White House, the local residents did not like the news, therefore, they entrusted the State Department with the fail-safe political weapon, Jen Psaki, to express the attitude towards the creation of the BRICS New Development Bank.

    “There is not a lot of detail about what exactly will be the focus of this planned development bank,” Mrs. Psaki told reporters.
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 11: 40
      "Drink the fool ..."
      S. Yesenin has something similar!

      Harmonica rash. Boredom, boredom!
      Harmonist fingers wave in a wave.
      Drink with me, lousy stsuka,
      Drink with me, drink with me!
  35. +1
    20 July 2014 10: 01
    The problem with the Boeing will be more serious than with Syria, although they are in the same context. Something even the experts are in no hurry. And is their composition appointed?
  36. +2
    20 July 2014 10: 03
    That's right, everyone hates us Russians (Russians), because we are all rich in soul and body, mattresses with the help of Wahhabis slaughtered us in Chechnya, Azerbaijan and others. It is a pity that now in the information age it is becoming more difficult to hide the truth. We are good, the United States is evil. Therefore, the victory will be ours, because Russians do not abandon their own in the war!
    1. 0
      21 July 2014 06: 16
      No, it's not true. They don’t hate us. They are afraid of us, because cannot predict our actions. They can own and their neighbors, but we are not. And fear breeds aggression and it in turn breeds hatred. The Russian soul is not subject to European values ​​by the simple disagreement of priorities. Russians always strive for truth and justice, no matter who and what this means. In the West, such concepts are absent even in jurisprudence. Nobody needs it for nothing there. Everything is based on the visual perception of values. Who I believe is right. Even the courts operate on the basis of these principles.
  37. +1
    20 July 2014 10: 06
    Why is this BMP rusty? And the plane did not burn or what? The grass around is green and where is the BMP and where is the plane ....
  38. kotj56
    20 July 2014 10: 13
    Friends, that everyone clung to the "Buk". Remember history, Powers, u-2, Sverdlovsk. Yesterday I spoke with a man who served in Okha, Sakhalin. The height of the lesion of the 75th complex is min. 30 km., And I think that ukrofashists have this good with interest.
  39. +1
    20 July 2014 10: 47
    KAL 007 flight shot down 1983
    flight MH 17 downed 2014
    flight ... 350 went missing in 2013

    interesting numerology, in theory flight number 27 will also be shot down somewhere, be careful not to fly with a flight with 7 at the end of number :-)
  40. +2
    20 July 2014 11: 05
    Quote: Prop
    Why is this BMP rusty? And the plane did not burn or what? The grass around is green and where is the BMP and where is the plane ....

    Rusty because it burned ... And it can burn so that the sides melt.
  41. SergeyM
    20 July 2014 11: 16
    VO regularly informs us about the latest military-industrial complex. But for some reason they missed the product of the Nikolaev diesel locomotive repair plant. I understand today is not April 1, but let the people laugh
    1. 0
      21 July 2014 06: 21
      Well, this is not their first product. There is also a mobile roadblock. You cling to the tractor and pull wherever you want.
  42. +2
    20 July 2014 11: 29
    interesting, but Poroshenko knows who shot down the plane? what does he think when he goes to bed? is he afraid?
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 11: 37
      and who actually interested in the powder itself? Even if it doesn’t thump, it sits on amphitamins. Late I realized that the mattress gave him the honorable role of kamikaze. And there is no choice, no way out. Takes over the full program, that's all
  43. +3
    20 July 2014 11: 34
    the Americans spotted the trail of a surface-to-air missile. So that's great. I do not know if Drying is still flying with ours, but suspicions were removed from it a priori, because the mattresses said - it means the truth :). We call this a disservice. Who? Guess .. well from 2 times. Another bad thing. Ours will not be allowed to investigate, the truth is not needed there. I hope that the militia will save the trump cards in the form of "black boxes" and our "those who are supposed to be in duty" do not sleep. Obliged, otherwise to drive in the neck. And I want to admire Churkin again. Here's a flint-man! So talking with those who even piss in the eyes - all the dew of God ... No words. I wouldn't have held back. Probably that's why not a diplomat or a representative) I'm waiting for his "For Services to the Fatherland"
  44. +2
    20 July 2014 11: 34
    What is the purpose of the aircraft shot down? “The task of the provocation is quite understandable, the blogger believes - to accuse the militia and the Russian Federation and to reverse the emerging trends in Donbas unsuccessfully”.

    It can be assumed that the next provocation will be worse and it will definitely be an order of magnitude more shocking, that the fallen Boeing will fade against its background.

    "Dill" has experience both in shooting down planes and in exploding nuclear power plants.

    The decision of the Ukrainian authorities to use Westinghouse nuclear fuel due to some design inconsistencies that objectively reduce the reliability of the core (reactors) may be a source of risks for nuclear and radiation safety.

    What do you think at which nuclear power plant the most likely terrorist attack is possible, at Rivne or Zaporizhzhya ?!

    There is an example of the Rivne station, when they changed only a small piece of metal on the safety valve, which was not original. This fact led to the closure of the safety valve.
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 11: 45
      Experience at which NPPs? Can I get more details? Don't offer Chernobyl. What "little piece of metal" you can change on the safety valve. The body part, I think, can not be considered. Impulse part? And how can a safety valve close at all? This is its essence - protection. It may not work. Tell me too.
    2. Vadim
      20 July 2014 12: 36
      I would like Rivne and Khmelnitsky to treat the zapadentsev.
      There are no more healthy people there, only evil.
  45. Janis S.U.
    20 July 2014 12: 07
    Where are our notebooks ukrapatriots? Something is not visible of their usual whining ...
  46. korjik
    20 July 2014 12: 19
    Whoever those unfortunates in the crashed liner are, they are all victims, victims of circumstances or victims of intrigue, ordinary people who had their own lives, parents, children, what a dream, getting on this ill-fated plane did not think that they had already been deleted from the list alive. In my memory, this is not the first plane to crash and probably not the last, every time I ask the question - "Why?"
    Why did the Lord kill these people? But there are those who are worthy of your punishment, can't you see? The only time He did not miss the flight Warsaw-Smolensk.
  47. Vadim
    20 July 2014 12: 26
    Reading the responses of the trash to the tragedy in the subway, I think the following:
    To collect all these corrupt, cowardly and ugly Ukrainians, yes to put in one train, and to derail, so that all in one fell swoop. Ah, beauty ... How many lives would be saved for real people in New Russia by this action?
    But in reality, you have to wait another five years until they themselves take a break there. But, alas, this is also hard to believe. All this prostitution in a year will be at the checkpoint near our borders with cries for help and vows in the brotherhood. We must remember all this evil and prevent this evil from entering Russia.
    1. +3
      20 July 2014 16: 59
      Vadim (1) RU Today, 12:26
      Reading the responses of the trash to the tragedy in the subway, I think the following:
      To collect all these corrupt, cowardly and ugly Ukrainians, yes to put in one train, and to derail, so that all in one fell swoop. Ah, beauty ... How many lives would be saved for real people in New Russia by this action?
      But in reality, you have to wait another five years until they themselves take a break there. But, alas, this is also hard to believe. All this prostitution in a year will be at the checkpoint near our borders with cries for help and vows in the brotherhood. We must remember all this evil and prevent this evil from entering Russia.
      It is necessary to take all such pencils and simply refuse entry. they’ll bring less contagion to Russia. And also to expel from our country, which oahayut their own country. I don’t like Russia where I’ll like it, let others live quietly without yelling. IMHO winked
  48. +1
    20 July 2014 12: 49
    Quote: sledgehammer102
    The Buk launcher has its own radar, which gives it the ability to work autonomously. I would like to know the capabilities of this radar, namely, is it capable of detecting targets at an altitude of 10 km and higher and properly direct missiles at them.
    Thank you.

    we are glad. tech. the brigade was armed with a 9s18 machine from the Bukovsky complex, they were also working on locations from s-300 9s15, there is something to detect on the beech itself, but I think it will be hard to work without a powerful station, there is a 2-coordinate location on the shooting machine.
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 22: 47
      Quote: 76rtbr
      on the shooting machine is a 2-coordinate location.

      It’s like, I can hardly imagine how there can be a two-dimensional location that shoots in three-dimensional space.
  49. +3
    20 July 2014 12: 51
    Operation in the gas sector in pictures-underground infrastructure .. impressive ..
  50. +3
    20 July 2014 13: 11
    What happened to the Malaysian Boeing? Are there already versions that are close to the truth?
    Let's try to collect less reliable data in one pile:
    1. This is not MANPADS.
    2. There are no traces of shrapnel on the wreckage of the aircraft on the video and photo. (It’s not a fact, but you’ve seen it, compare the footage with our plane shot down over the Black Sea)
    3. A BEECH is a few pieces of equipment, their work and movement are noticeable and exactly all this will be posted on the network.
    3. The stationary air defense system (С200-300) is also under the supervision of our and Amerovo satellites.
    4. It is unlikely that the militia has the ability to collect on the quiet specialists on the BEECH. There is no evidence that such work was done.
    5. Ukraine does not even try to throw off any "cooking" about recruiting military experts for air defense.
    6. Very on time for Kiev.
    7. The missiles that the BEECH that C200 needs in radar guidance and the operation of such detection and guidance stations is clearly recorded by means of electronic intelligence of both the Russian Federation and the USA.

    Now unanswered questions:
    1. Where are US intelligence data, satellites, DER stations, etc?
    2. But also from our side?
    3. There are eyewitnesses rocket launch?

    Imagine for a minute what would have happened if the US Department of Defense would provide data on the time, location of the detection radar and missile guidance system on the air, and satellite intelligence data from this area? And they have this data.
    And we have similar data.
    Moreover, I am sure that there is an interception of radio exchange between the PU and the senior head at the time of the decision.

    I am sure that at least three people know for sure, in the details about what happened, Putin, Obama and the one (those) who shot.

    The reaction of Washington and others. More sluggish than it could be.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  51. +1
    20 July 2014 13: 21
    Конечно весь запад будет обвинять Россию, ну и что?! Главное меньше эмоций. Собаки лают караван идет
  52. +3
    20 July 2014 13: 40
    Ну вот и решена проблема! Фото во внутрь кухонного шкафа и больше не нужно переживать о том, что внуки будут бесконтрольно увлекаться сахаром, медики говорят это вредно. Правда, есть большая вероятность схватить инфаркт.
    Лучшая иллюстрация к модерн сказкам о бабе-яге.
    1. +7
      20 July 2014 15: 09
      Quote: VadimSt
      Лучшая иллюстрация к модерн сказкам о бабе-яге.

      неужели Милляр? сразу не узнал...
    2. 0
      20 July 2014 22: 15
      Ну как в такую не плюнуть, да еще если знаеш что ,она американка.
  53. +6
    20 July 2014 13: 43
    We continue:

    На основании указанного выше возьму на себя смелость высказать предположения о состоятельности версий.

    1. Боинг сбили наши военные с нашей территории. - Бред сивой псаки, смысла смотреть на это серьезно нет.

    2. Боинг сбили ополченцы трофейным БУКом . - Тоже маловероятно, отремонтировать за несколько дней, проверить в режиме РЛС ( выход в эфир тут же зафиксируют в США и РФ), и с первого пуска поразить на эшелоне 10 км цель. И все сработало ? Кто эти высококлассные спецы? И сроки ?

    3. Система ПВО вместе со специалистами, ночью через границу, или днем под видом тракторов и комбайнов или по ЖД в крытых вагонах или еще хрен знает как из России на Донбасс. Тоже не верю. Ну доставили по тихому, а проверить , в эфир выход, засекут точно. Риск обнаружения таких маневров не просто высок от абсолютен. И смысл так подставляться? Фура гуманитарки с ПЗРК и ПТУРС или БУК (несколько машин)

    4. Доблестные Украинские военные в припадке бдительности пульнули сдуру. Из всего перечисленного более вероятно.

    5. Вообще не с земли, отработали воздух-воздух тоже возможно.

    6. Все не сдуру , а по плану гениального злодея (Каломойский, Обама, Парашенко, и т.д) , может и так но организовать такую спецоперацию и не засветится , это очень высокая злодейская квалификация.

    В одном уверен,
    уже сейчас все известно и ни каких разночтений в том кто это сотворил нет. А все эти расследования, это так шумовое оформление имеющее цель вогнать происходящее в цивилизованное русло, в соответствии так сказать с евростандартами.
  54. +1
    20 July 2014 14: 06
    Извините за такой каламбур. А псака когда в душ идет, она в своих грудях (если они у нее есть) не путается ?! Где правая, где левая.
  55. +4
    20 July 2014 14: 27
    Потрясает лицемерие, с которым Запад, возмущаясь сбитым лайнером, игнорирует бомбардировки жилых кварталов Донецка, Луганска, Славянска, уничтожение тысяч мирных жителей, многотысячный исход беженцев в соседнюю Россию... Вот уж кто главный террорист - так это Штаты и их приспешники.
    1. +4
      20 July 2014 15: 10
      Quote: ilyaros
      Потрясает лицемерие, с которым Запад, возмущаясь сбитым лайнером, игнорирует бомбардировки жилых кварталов Донецка, Луганска, Славянска, уничтожение тысяч мирных жителей, многотысячный исход беженцев в соседнюю Россию... Вот уж кто главный террорист - так это Штаты и их приспешники.

      да и израиль не отстаёт. тоже глухое молчание
      1. 0
        20 July 2014 20: 21
        С Израилем то все понятно, там идет война с палестинцами не одно десятилетие,это два разных и непримеримых народа. Тут же с Украиной происходит какая то метамарфоза и это не укладывается в голове. Свои убивают своих и со стороны правосеков это безжалостный геноцид собственного народа.
    2. +1
      20 July 2014 17: 52
      Классическая провокация (спецоперация), - преследует конкретную цель с ожидаемым результатом, хорошая провокация, - преследует много ходовые, долгосрочные цели и тот или иной результат на каждом этапе, отличная провокация, - всех сунуть мордой в дeрьмо и получить нужный результат независимо от ее исхода!
      As a result, we have excellent провокацию!
      Обозначить Новороссию, как террористическую организации, обвинить Россию во всех грехах, отвлечь внимание от преступлений совершаемых хунтой на территории ЛНР и ДНР, задействовать "не миротворческие силы без участия России" и еще куча всякого по меньше, но качественно не уступающего основной цели.
  56. Solovyov
    20 July 2014 14: 27
    Я очень мало пишу о пресловутом "Боинге" по двум причинам.
    Во-первых, уже ясно, что ни Россия, ни АЮВ к гибели лайнера отношения не имеют.
    Во-вторых, уже ясно, что лайнер уронили войска Руины, исполняя указания своих американских спонсоров.
    Все остальное - нюансы, о которых будут спорить десятилетиями.

    Но самое главное в том, что это совершенно никого не волнует.
    "Боинг" для того и роняли, чтобы, - причем тут правда? - обвинить в этом АЮВ и Россию.
    И уже: как в Майданеке, устами видного агента CIA, так и в Канберре, озвучивающей волю обоих Островов.

    And then everything is according to notes: "In view of the severity of the situation in Ukraine, all funds and assets of individuals and legal entities are subject to freezing that materially or financially supported actions that violate the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, who actively supported the implementation of such a policy or which hindered international organizations. in Ukraine".

    And this - "all funds and assets of individuals and legal entities" - is already quite serious. Not because the Kremlin has nothing to cover (there is just something to cover: there are so many funds and assets of Western legal entities on the territory of Russia that the turnover will be very painful), but because the answer to something like that, that is, a blow to the pocket, means real war.

    Итак, Москве поставлен ультиматум: война или капитуляция. Фактически, уже без опции тянуть время. Потому что затяжка времени, при усиливающемся потоке помощи фашистам с Запада, будет означать уничтожение Новороссии, после чего войска Руины развернутся на Крым. Хотя, возможно, и не "после чего", а параллельно.

    Просто потому, что к осени экономика Руины, держащейся исключительно на военной истерии, поползет окончательно, и появится масса проблем. И пытаясь понять смысл очередной, уже вовсе, казалось бы, лишенной смысла, - ибо ресурсов нет настолько, что снаряжаться обязывают за свой счет, - практически тотальной мобилизации, иного объяснения, нежели Крым, не найти.

    Таким образом, воевать все равно придется. Или, если не воевать, а сдать Крым без боя, вскоре получить Майдан. Который уже готовится вовсю. А затем, - лет максимум через пять, уже в статусе марионетки США, - войну с Китаем, играя в очередной комбинации американцев примерно ту роль, которую нынче играет Руина.

    So I see it.
    So I write in the reports addressed to people who are interested.
    And how it will be, I have nowhere to know.
    1. +4
      20 July 2014 14: 54
      Даже если они очканут двинутся на Крым, они столько нам поднасрут с помощью диверсий, при поддержке европы и США, что мама не горюй.
      Уйдя в этом случае в защиту мы проиграем, а жертвы будут с нашей стороны и будет по любому много.
  57. +1
    20 July 2014 15: 27
    Долго жду пока все матрасные шавки вывалят своё г.но на Росию из-за 777. Вот очередной камень в наш огород
    1. +5
      20 July 2014 15: 48
      Quote: T-73
      Вот очередной камень в наш огород

      и этот туда же. ему оттуда виднее откуда ракета вылетела.
      1. 0
        20 July 2014 18: 10
        Дык понятно, их аборигены с древними украми ещё бумерангами перекидывались..
  58. +1
    20 July 2014 15: 30
    Что то не пойму, не проходят мои коментарии. Наверное забанили за то что гейропцев назвал гидропи.до.ро.ми ва главе с Меркель. А тут еще и англичанский пи.здаб.ол приписался в провидцы и угрожалу-обвинялу, а на вопрос - что вы будете делать если Россия не причем? Ответить не смог.
  59. +3
    20 July 2014 15: 44
    Quote: Janis SU
    Where are our notebooks ukrapatriots? Something is not visible of their usual whining ...

    Почему не видно скулежа? Б.Немцов исправно лает. Только сегодня на рамблере его бредовые мысли были. Ссылка на "Собеседник".
  60. +2
    20 July 2014 16: 39
    Ветеран РККА RU Сегодня, 09:33
    U.S. representative to the UN Samantha Power said she won the verbal skirmish with Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin,
    Да что же они все такие страшные, меня аж в дрожь бросает belay
  61. The comment was deleted.
  62. The comment was deleted.
  63. +2
    20 July 2014 17: 01
    До чего ж страшна Саманта. Без грима Бабой-Ягой в Голливуде вне конкурса. И
    интересно, неужели у нее есть муж? Это насколько ж надо быть тогда невзыскательным.
    А Чуркина надо наградить за мужество.
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 05
      Это называется "Я столько не выпью." lol
  64. +1
    20 July 2014 17: 02
    Чур меня! Не показывай это детям. 18+ ко всем материалам.
  65. +1
    20 July 2014 17: 23
    Турция уже точно знает на уровне премьера кто сбил малазийский Боинг -

  66. The comment was deleted.
  67. 0
    20 July 2014 19: 58
    По жизни. Я конечно понимаю, что надо, но... Друзья-если подумать какой аромат там счас. Не забалуещь. Это что то. Я представляю. Не дай бог. Под каждым кустом убиенный и воняет.. По вони наверное и определяют. (Нервных прошу удалиться.) Это что то. Там на километры стоит вонь. Не завидую ополченцам.
  68. 0
    20 July 2014 20: 16
    Просто, по состоянию на 20:12, начала просачиваться информация о наличии второго самолета в воздухе рядом со сбитым боингом, стали появляться свидетели (видео вести 24), заявления о "черных ящиках". Уважаемые, развязка близка! Но нас, Россию, уже обвинили, посмотрим на реакцию, когда предъявят 100%, 200% доказательства о виновности киевской хунты в преступлении. Да и затяжка времени, по указке дяди сэма, нам на руку (сорри но война есть война!)...
  69. 0
    20 July 2014 20: 45
    Судя потому как постепенно день за днем,корридор пролета постепенно переносился вближе к зоне боевых действий. Спрашивается зачем?, преносить пролет к зоне где идут боевые действия. Напрашивается только один вывод, что это делалось умышленно и готовилась провокация. И судя по реакции укроповской стороны , когда еще толком никто не мог понять ситуацию, Потрошенко уже вытупил с заявлением и обвинил Россию. Вам не кажется все это очень странным?
  70. RUSLAT
    20 July 2014 20: 53
    Вспомните 08.08.08, какой был вой против России..... Потом выяснилось, кто виноват. А что изменилось? Ни кто не извинился, ни кто не повинился, все спустили на тормозах и виноватых в агрессии так и не судили.... Демократия однако...... ,, в одни ворота".....
  71. Buzuluknews
    20 July 2014 21: 25
    Один заказчик у трагедии 11 сентября 2001 г. и взрыва Боинга 777 http://наш-бузулукский-район.рф/news/osobennosti_krusheniya
  72. +1
    20 July 2014 22: 00
    Да чего же бабы англосаксонские страшные!!!!!
  73. +1
    20 July 2014 22: 01
    Немцова и прочих отправить вслед за Новодворской!!!
  74. 0
    20 July 2014 22: 33
    Смотрел итоговые новости по телеку, создается впечатление, что жатягивания времени с прибытием специалистов к месту крушения сбитого хохлофрицами боинга, только нам на руку. В Совбезе китайцы пря сказали , что бы кого то обвинять надо сначала доказать. Мельком показали рожу этой кракокотши. Братцы! Я думал страшней уже не можно! Оказалось можно. Турки
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 18
      Опять у меня какая то фигня с чем не пойму, лоли интернет толи ещё что. Половина текста не прошла. Что это может быть?
  75. +2
    20 July 2014 22: 41
    Без обид, но я согласен с анастазеологом, через 3-ри дня чтения новостей и комментариев, возникает странный вопрос какого-то гипертрафированного патриотизма в духе СССР.

    При моих 30 годах, я так же успел уже поработать на нескольких предприятиях МО инженером по разработке аппаратуры и ПО, учился в 3-х аспирантурах как технических так и экономических, и до сих пор не закончил, так же работал преподавателем, конструктором, издателем, ИП. И скажу вам, все не так радужно как описывают в статьях и комментариях, мы сырьевая колония запада с остатками промышленности от СССР, которая кое-как смогла хотя бы отбиться от чистого ограбления запада 90-2000. Состояние помышленности, науки, инфраструктуры, здоровья просто обвалилось, сейчас есть подвижки в лучшую сторону, но как только это стало очевидно нас сразу же схватили за горло, как сырьевую колонию которой положено жить в дерьме на благо, европейской цивилизации. То что война неизбежна - я убежден на 100%, только помимо всего прочего я убежден, что она будет между Китаем и США в мягкой форме за ресурсы выживания Сибири, а крайними в этой разборке останутся РФ и ЕС, если более точно восточное ЕС которое уже много лет обрабатывают и готовят на убой и РФ которая хоть как то после 23 лет пытается защититься и что-то получить от продажи своего сырья.
    И то что мы наблюдаем реакцию ВВП, эта очень осторожная реакция, поскольку мы ходим по лезвию ЕСэсовско-американского ножа, ибо момент выбран со стороны США крайне вовремя, когда Китай еще не модернизировал свою армию, а РФ не обновила часть производственных фондов для обновления ВС.
    Если учесть Хьюстонско-Гарвардское соглашение США и Европейскую заинтересованность к сохранению уровня европейской жизни, при которой должна потребляться большая часть ресурсов планеты золотым миллиардом, то наивность людей которые верят в прозрение запада или отступления США не могут не радовать. Тут лозунг либо мы их, либо они нас, причем до самого конца.
    Задумайтесь над простым вопросом: чем жила римская империя, почему после неё в Европе наступили средние века (называемые темными) и почему запад так разжирел после эпохи великих открытий. Я думаю если кто-то напишет просто статью без "ура патриатизма" то многим станет очевидно, что запад любыми способами будет обирать остальные 6 млдр. населения планеты, жить в собственном иллюзорном мире, и прекрасно понимать откуда все то достается и какой ценой.
    И единственное, что мы все получим в РФ - так это бойню, ибо пока мы существуем мы представляем для их уровня жизни угрозу.
  76. +1
    20 July 2014 22: 51
    С пометкой срочно в номер! Не мог пройти мимо этой новости. А вы говорите диванные войска. B cvt[ b uht[!

    В турецком отеле передрались российские и украинские туристы

    В одном из турецких отелей в курортном городке Кемер произошёл настоящий бой между украинскими и российскими туристами, сообщает портал "Эхо Планеты".

    По словам очевидцев, ничего не предвещало конфликта, но «вечером после ужина с обильными возлияниями» группа националистически настроенных киевлян стала дразнить россиян скандированием лозунга «яку на гиляку!». Недовольство российских туристов из Санкт-Петербурга сначала вылилось в словесную перепалку с украинцами, а затем переросло и в потасовку.

    В конфликт постепенно втянулись все туристы, отдыхавшие в отеле.

    «Мордобой был просто до небес, - написал один из очевидцев, - Дрались шезлонгами, стульями, топили кого-то в бассейне отеля. belay Приехало большое количество машин полиции». По его словам это побоище больше всего напоминало «салун на Диком Западе».

    Очевидцы отметили, что российские туристы также избили немцев и англичан, angry пытавшихся поддержать украинцев. А за россиян в свою очередь вступились выходцы с Кавказа, Казахские и Белорусские туристы. drinks

    Сообщается также, что кто-то из российских туристов попытался водрузить флаг РФ над корпусом отеля, но полиция эти действия пресекла. soldier

    источник^ MK.RU
  77. The comment was deleted.
  78. +1
    21 July 2014 00: 31
    Quote: IAlex
    ь двухмерная локация, которая осуществляет стрельбу в трехмерном прострастве.

    не двухмерная и не трёхмерное просТРАСТВО, если ты о бутылке , то да , двухкоординатная РЛС - ДАЛЬНОСТЬ И АЗИМУТ , а ещё есть ВЫСОТА , которая определяется другая РЛС , а на комплексе БУК есть трёхкоординатная станция обнаружения целей 9с18 !!!простраство блин !!!

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"