Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 17-18 July 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 12: 27

Overview of the combat situation overnight from the militia

"The night was tense. Periodic shelling of Lugansk, at the beginning of the fifth hour, enemy artillery worked in the Pionersky district, a dispensary; earlier at the airport. Drones. In the morning shelling of Lugansk resumed again.
Around 02: 30 (local) in the Seversky turning area of ​​Krasny Liman was fired (KPVT), explosions were also heard in the Yampolsky turning area, after in the city to the TsRB a few walker made an evacuation armored personnel carrier. At night, from Kramatorsk, presumably, in the area of ​​Ralelexandrovka there was a volley of large-caliber MLRS. Also at night there were shelling of Seversk. Fighting continues in the Saur-Grave area.
The hasty withdrawal of equipment and manpower continues.
In Donetsk, quietly. "

Yesterday at 12: 32

Message from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"At 4 in the morning in the Metallist area (northern outskirts of Kuteinikovo), the DRN of the 2 Slavic battalion attacked from the AGS and rifle weapons stronghold of the enemy near the fire station. Ukry suffered a sensitive loss in manpower. There are trophies.
Under Marinovka heavy fights continue. The enemy falls asleep Marinovka, Stepanovka and the surrounding heights with a shower of shells and rockets. Unfortunately, they do not go on the attack yet: they realize their overwhelming superiority in art. arming We incur serious losses, but we hold positions.
In the area of ​​Kozhevni (to the south of Dmitrievka - on the very border with Russia), our DRG with an ATGM fire destroyed a tank and an armored troop-carrier in a convoy without movement. Pontoon crossing over the river. Mius is overwhelmed by artillery, and the forces of the enemy trying to get out of the encirclement are demoralized.
Today, an artillery strike on ukrov positions in the area of ​​the customs terminal and the border checkpoint "Marinovka" was launched. According to the results have not yet reported.
After yesterday’s defeats (2 Su-25s were shot down over the area) aviation the enemy did not appear in the air. "

Yesterday at 12: 33

Comments Igor Ivanovich Strelkov

[According to the situation around Seversk]

“Ukry are firing at“ everything and everything. ”There are no militias in Serebryanka itself, they are in positions in the vicinity. But ukrov do not care about such“ trifles ”.

[About the environment]

"Surrounding whom? Us or ukrov? We are all right in this regard. They are somewhat worse, but so far the" torn "for trickling to the west is preserved - a corridor of about 5 kilometers wide they have for going on field roads ... The weather is dry, unfortunately ... "

Yesterday at 12: 59

Message from the militia headquarters

"As our intelligence learned, the Ukrainian commander of the 24-th separate mechanized Samara-Ulyanovsk, Berdichevsky, Order of the October Revolution, three times the Red Banner, orders of Suvorov and Bogdan Khmelnitsky, the Iron Brigade, Colonel Alexander Pavlyuk escaped from Izvara, and he didn the same way, and then did the same way, then started to do, and then, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having drawn, having applied," Colonel Alexander Pavluk, throwing a single So, the fascists frowned upon the glorious battle banner of the former Iron Division, the brigade actually collapsed and does not represent the organized fighting force now.
Some of its soldiers surrender to the militia, and some have the audacity to cross the Russian border and ask the "evil Muscovites" for shelter and medical assistance. "

Yesterday at 13: 03

Message from the militia headquarters

"The Ukrainian army retreated from Lugansk. Subdivisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left the villages of Sabovka, Govorukha, Luxurious and Georgievka."

Yesterday at 13: 47

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"The night passed uneasily. At one o'clock in the morning, ukry treated the forest around Grad Liman from Grad - after the partisans attacked the supply convoy.
There were also battles in the area of ​​Lysychansk, Kremennaya, Kondrashovka, pos. Metalist (a suburb of Lugansk), well, traditionally at the airport. Lugansk airport has not been destroyed, but Lugansk, especially the eastern part of the city, is wiped from the face of the earth. And they beat only residential areas. About Gradov in Gukovo. There is a “Clear” range, and such shooting is annual. And on the video shells are flying not in the direction of Ukraine, but rather the opposite.
11: 40 (Moscow time) Having suffered a fiasco in the "air offensive" on Saur-Grave, ukry decided to use the Grads - they have been figuring for half an hour. For the impressionable - in the trench Grad is not so bad. In the 72 th brigade of punishers for the night 9 "200" and 20 "300".

Yesterday at 14: 51

Summary of the LC militia on the 1 half of 17.07.2014

"Last night, the LC units conducted artillery and rocket attacks on enemy positions near the town of Happiness and Lugansk airport. For its part, the enemy again fired at the town, firing at the Gorodok district, mines were falling near the 31 school, Regional Hospital, 12’s house was badly damaged down the street 395 mining division.
A Ukrainian Air Force combat aircraft was also seen in the sky above the city, attempting to land at the Lugansk airport, but subsequently abandoned this attempt.
Also this night, the enemy subjected mortar shelling of the suburbs of Severodonetsk, as well as a powerful artillery bombardment of Serebryanka village, located on the border of the Lugansk and Donetsk republics, among the civilians there were killed and wounded, including the first-year-old child.
In response, the LC units carried out an intensive shelling of the position of the Ukrainian army in the area of ​​Old Krasnyanka. There is no information about the losses of the enemy yet, but judging by the fact that the Ukrainians launched five signal missiles into the air, it can be assumed that the attack was effective.
In the Stanichno-Lugansk district, units of the LC Army conducted an artillery bombardment of the positions of the Ukrainian army in the Makarov area.
In Sverdlovsk, the conflicting parties reached an agreement on a temporary truce because of the threat of flooding the mines. During the clashes, electric communications were damaged, miners had to be brought to the surface by emergency exits.

Yesterday at 15: 14

Interview with Fedor Berezin, Deputy I. Strelkov

Ukrainian media replicate claims that “terrorists” install artillery and anti-aircraft guns on the roofs of schools, kindergartens and hospitals. With their statements about "mortars on the roofs," the Ukrainian authorities are apparently trying to soften the effect of the killing of civilians by striking Ukrainian artillery and aircraft in residential areas of cities. These statements of the Kiev authorities commented on the Deputy Minister of Defense of the DPR Fedor Berezin:

"For a military person, talking about the firing points on the roofs of schools and kindergartens sounds ridiculous. This is absurd from a tactical point of view. Such buildings have a small height and, as a rule, are surrounded by larger objects. Zenith or artillery crew placed on its roof will not receive advantages in the review of positions. But he will become an excellent target for the enemy.
On residential high-rise buildings, destroyed during the last shelling and air raids, there were also no gun crews. In the snow destroyed 4-storey house. In Marinka - 5-storey. Again, these are too low buildings. On their roofs there is no sense to equip neither firing nor observation points. What can we say about the one-story private sector, which was also subjected to barbaric shelling ...
Enemy strikes never differed accuracy. With rare exceptions, they do not fall into the objects on which the militia are stationed. Damage is caused to residential buildings and other civilian objects. In Lugansk, however, they recently hit the military registration and enlistment office, where militiamen were stationed. But at the same time they destroyed the school where there were no armed people.
Ukrainian command is not worried. The basis of their tactics is squeezing the local population out of Donbass. For this and kill civilians.
Do not stop the invaders and the use of weapons prohibited by international conventions. To date, many militia fighters are in military hospitals with signs of chemical damage. The composition of the toxic substance that was used by the enemy is not yet known. We are investigating these incidents - as well as the use of cluster and phosphorus bombs by Ukrainian punishers. "

Yesterday at 16: 07

Comment from I. I. Strelkkova

- Here the information passed that a white flag was hung over the airport in Donetsk. Is it true?

I. I .: “Most likely, it is desa. The Ukrskoye command is not going to surrender. On the contrary, the troops and military equipment are being driven under Donetsk in a continuous stream. They are still fighting for morale, but they are still hoping to crush the masses ".

- How much time do they still need to prepare a blow to Snow with the environment Marinovka?

I. I .: "Not at all. They will not surround. And if they try to foolishly, then" flag in hand. "They have another tactic - to fall asleep with shells, so that they themselves leave."

Yesterday at 17: 30

Zampolit Special Forces "Kalmius" Eduard Basurin spoke about the successful special operation, during which information was obtained about the killers of civilians

On July 16, a reconnaissance group of the Kalmius special forces unit of the DPR militia set up an ambush in the Karlovka area, which was reached by two armored vehicles of the Ukrainian army and several paratroopers. The column was destroyed, and valuable information about the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fell into the hands of the militias.

“The scouts found maps and radios in which the call signs of all the officers were indicated.” The data was transferred to the intelligence department. According to the results of such operations, information is being collected, including about those commanders who give orders to bombard the city, ”said Eduard Basurin, deputy commander of the Kalmius special forces.

Basurin said that the officers of these people, in fact, can not be called, as they kill civilians. All data about them are transferred to special services of the DPR. At the moment, in the operational development of militia more than 100 military personnel of the Ukrainian army of various ranks.

Yesterday at 17: 41

Message from the militia

"There were 3 ukrov checkpoints between Konstantinovka and Donetsk (at the exit from Konstantinovka to Klepan-bull). Now they are being removed and driving off towards Kramatorsk. They are folding, beds are loading in cars, there are lorries for people, Tanks already deployed, the guns got (they were dug) and all the other equipment goes somewhere. What is it for?!
13: 50 (MSC) From Uspenka, the 5 BMP followed the Amvrosiyivka towards Ilovaisk and the 2 urala with the gun attached to Novoivanovka. Periodically there are rare shelling of Lugansk.
16: 45 (ISC). Dill artillery fired again in Luhansk reopened, strikes are delivered to the upper Kambrody, Aleksandrovka, Yekaterinovka, Teplichnoye areas.

Yesterday at 18: 01

The junta bears huge losses in the Severodonetsk direction. Interview with Pavel Dremov, commander of the Severodonetsk army

Yesterday at 22: 11

Comment from the analyst

"If suddenly you enter into a verbal battle with people who will claim that the downed plane was the work of the militia, then you can safely answer that the militias have the weapons capable of shooting down the plane at a height of 10 000 meters (it was at that height that the Boeing flew) No. The maximum that the air defense of Novorossia is capable of is to reach the aircraft at an altitude of up to 4 000 meters.
In addition, it should also be recalled that October 4 2001, the Air Defense of Ukraine has already been hit by a civilian aircraft.
Then it was the Tu-154M, which operated the flight Novosibirsk - Tel Aviv. Ukraine has long unlocked it, but after providing relevant evidence and satellite images, it nevertheless recognized its responsibility. So for them this is not the first time. "

Yesterday at 22: 29

Screen from bloggers

Below is a screen're coming out of recognition in the shooting down of a Boeing. If we take into account that the VSU really have BEECHES, then this recognition has much more weight than the posts of participants in anti-Maidan forums.

Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 17-18 July 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 23: 17

Great overview of the combat situation in all places of active hostilities for today

South of Donetsk-Saur-Tomb. The militia occupied Marinovka and destroyed the pontoon bridge on Mius. There remains a narrow corridor (and winding for non-floating technology), along which even at night there is a chance to escape. But this already “threatens” not everyone. The boiler is cut into three parts. Those who did not have time to retreat to Kozhevna were blocked in the areas of Biryukovo and Provalia. The only column that still has a chance to slip out of the boiler is the one that now stands under the Kozhevney. At night and in the afternoon she suffers losses from the DRG militia and artillery fire. The destruction of the crossing of the Mius makes it impossible to break through non-floating technology. You need to bypass through Dmitrovka 10 km, and then back 10 km and another 10 along Saura. And all the time under the blows of artillery, on minefields and through the ambushes of the militia. For floating only 10 km. Because while stupor column. Teams go away to anyone who else can, not yet. At the same time, the junta is desperately trying to get at least something from the boiler. To this end, everything that was prepared to cover Donetsk from the south was thrown to the Saur area. But ... it is almost impossible to break through the defense of the militia there. Aviation after yesterday’s losses (on 6 2 sorties downed) in the morning sat on the ground. But the artillery punitive works in full. Shells and missiles do not regret. But so far unsuccessfully. Tactics punitive very risky. After withdrawing all the troops from Amvrosiyivka to Saur and driving all the reinforcements there, they can get another boiler, much more dangerous.
The militia is gradually approaching Amvrosiyivka. In the morning, the DRG defeated a roadblock in the area with. Metalist (Kuteynikovo). And this is already in the rear of Amvrosiyevka. On the other hand, the cessation of attempts to break through the encirclement is a guaranteed and quick capture of the remnants of the encircled troops (they will perceive the cessation of attempts to break through as a signal for surrender). The junta cannot go for it. Therefore, it is trying to save the situation, even at great risk of the collapse of the entire southern front.

North of Donetsk on the background of other fronts lull. It seems that everything that the junta can now drives to the South. Militias do not interfere with them. Everyone has other problems now.


Triangle (Rubizhne-Severodonetsk-Lysychansk). There are no attacks from the junta (although there are still plenty of troops here). The militia itself begins to probe the punitive defense. Tonight artillery defeated a checkpoint in sec. Old Krasnyanka. DRG militias constantly disturbed punishers with night ambush and the installation of minefields on forest roads. According to the militia, 4 of the tank was blown up in recent days. In general, it seems that the crisis is over for the militia too. Judging by their mood, here they are preparing to attack. The most promising here, of course, is the direction to Svatovo. Having taken this city (35 km from the current positions), the militia actually cut off the entire northern front. It is difficult and dangerous to supply a large grouping along field roads (in case of rains, the grouping will actually be cut off from the rest of Ukraine). By the way, the checkpoint, which was smashed that night, blocked just this direction. Another promising direction is along the north bank of the Seversky Donets River to the Krasny Liman. Here is the advantage of woodland. But strategically, this direction is still unpromising. The only question is the amount of cash.

Lugansk. Positional battles. Artillery shelling on both sides.

Yesterday at 23: 38

Message from Pavel Dremov, Severodonetsk militia commander

“Today, after our shelling, the enemy checkpoint has been destroyed. Sabotage groups are working, the necessary sections are mined. Punitive forces in our direction suffer enormous human and technical losses. For example, as a result of only one operation, the junta lost the 4 of the tank. and the junior Artyomovsky took off and hijacked tanks from the roadblocks. The National Guard in a panic, complains of "traitors".
If earlier we thought how to defend ourselves, now we are thinking about an offensive.
We had captured soldiers from Kharkov. They said they were forced to fight. They put pressure on them, threatened reprisals to their families. They fear their commanders more than us. And they do not want to fight on the side of the junta, against the militias. "

Yesterday at 23: 50

Message from Alexander Zhuchkovsky

"Our militiamen are already mentally at war with the United States. Instead of Ukrainians, Americans and their forces and means are being discussed with might and main."
One of the fighters was silent for a long time, and then said: "That's how world wars begin."
Since the beginning of the First World exactly 100 years. "

Today in 1: 15

Message from the military analyst of the militia

"The junta is beginning to fail. And from the word" everywhere. "The initiative is firmly in the militia. Using the advantage of internal communication lines, the militia strike, which the punitive do not have time to parry. The lack of forces forces the punitive troops to rush, wasting time, supplies, fuel. in turn, there are enough promising directions for delivering the next strike (I think it will be right after stripping parts in the Southern boiler), and strikes to the rear and at enemy communications, to which parts of the punishers are especially sensitive The northern triangle (Lysychansk-Rubezhnoye-Severodonetsk) is very important here. Apparently, the losses in the Southern boiler are enormous (hundreds of people are counted). But the militia chose artillery strikes, to save drugs and equipment (therefore cleaning take a few days.) Attacks are carried out only when necessary (Marinovka). "

Today in 2: 18

Message from journalists

“The Security Council of the Russian Federation has now assembled in Novo-Ogaryovo. Putin and virtually the entire team that controls the country are making important decisions. They pulled out all the members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation due to an emergency situation. Journalists were not allowed to meet.
In the first few minutes, Putin made a statement on Boeing. His most likely on TV will show, because several journalists at this point in the meeting room were.
Putin: "Ukraine is responsible for the crash of" Malaysian airlines. "The tragedy with Boeing would not have happened if the hostilities in eastern Ukraine had not been resumed."
What next - we do not know. Presumably, they are discussing what answer the Americans can give and what mechanisms Russia can apply to show the whole world the truth and win this stage of the information war against the United States. Perhaps they will discuss something else on a military theme. "

Today in 2: 53

Message from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

“Fighting continues on all fronts. The Boeing crash site is deep in the back of the DPR militia and no“ humanitarian truce ”or“ corridors ”are needed for an objective investigation of the causes of the tragedy - the commission can freely come there and explore the crash site. will not. But it is also inadvisable to stop hostilities against the enemy’s surrounded grouping. ”
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  1. +9
    18 July 2014 06: 41
    shot down "Boeing" set up by the military Poroshenko. in whose plzu !? - it is not clear.
    1. +17
      18 July 2014 06: 45
      The story is so muddy and vile that there is nowhere else to go. Puke pulls. How could this happen?!
      1. +31
        18 July 2014 06: 47
        Not a single normal pilot will fly through a combat zone, especially if the airspace is closed, especially since the route was located significantly south of the actual path. Consequently - PILOTS ARE NOT GUILT. The fact is that at an altitude of 10 km, in the area of ​​plains, pilots are guided not by local attractions, but exclusively by JPS navigators. Consequently, the navigator’s grid has undergone deliberate distortion in order to remove the side under the impact of UKROPVO. The United States has such equipment. Such equipment was used to divert the Polish president’s plane from the glide path. Such equipment was captured in the war on 8.08.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX.
        1. +5
          18 July 2014 06: 49
          Not aware of the subordination of controllers / pilots, but it seems they wrote that they could bypass the thunderstorm front. Moreover, walks can be several hundred kilometers. If there are knowledgeable people, please explain.
          1. Alexan
            18 July 2014 10: 34
            I confirm the presence of a cyclone over the Crimea at the time of the crash: hail over the north of the peninsula. But which donkey moved the route to the war zone? The authorities "closed the sky" not officially, as it should be in aviation, but again through the media! In any case, Kiev's wine is obvious. It will not be possible to get rid of the "non-prohibition of flights". There is not so much "mysterious" here, more - stupidity, clumsy. This alone can be blamed on Kiev. Well, there are no smart people there! I still don’t understand how they were able to make such money? Clearly - with ... dili! This is where they are masters!
        2. +12
          18 July 2014 07: 07
          Quote: Mahmut
          No normal pilot will fly through a war zone

          The passage through this zone was allowed by the authorities at a level not lower than 7800 m. Boeing was at a normal working height - level 10 000 m. pilots and controllers did everything right.
          All crap is that it is necessary to find the guilty, and then it will be possible to talk about her political death. If the rocket was from KokloPVO, then the Legitimate can safely collect a bag and dry crackers along with like-minded people, and if (God forbid) it was a rocket from New Russia, then you can safely forget about it, this will be the end of its independence. Accordingly, its heads will be happy to wait at the Hague Tribunal, and even Putin will not be able to do anything - it turns out to be too high-profile. Something like this.
          1. +7
            18 July 2014 08: 07
            Everyone knows who shot down. And actually it doesn’t matter. It is important that it will. Who will be hanged on. Even if they say that this is all by itself and no one is to blame - Khan Ukram. And if they say that Russia-how will they react? War to the fullest? I can’t imagine Putin being declared a terrorist and imposing some sanctions. Or war or the final discharge of Ukraine. Nobody will consider New Russia in the West, since it does not exist in their eyes, and everything that they will apply will be in relation to Russia. Of course, the fact that the plane itself is located on the territory of the militia, and hence the wreckage of the rocket, and hence the black boxes, is in the hands of Russia (especially if it wasn’t they who shot).
          2. +1
            18 July 2014 10: 37
            New Russia does not make sense to even think about targets above 10000 meters. They are not dangerous, and Ukrainians have not used precision bombs yet. So, I think, the 2 of the Ukrov aircraft was noticed by the Malaysian, and taking him for our No. 1, they gave target designation for launching a rocket from the ground. The provocation of mattress covers is nothing more. And the satellites will transmit the pictures.
        3. +3
          18 July 2014 10: 15
          Not science fiction. GPS is not the only navigation system, moreover auxiliary. Visually for a long time no one flies. The VOR / DME system is difficult to distort. Who drove the plane, which dispatch center? Nobody in the know? Because such a large deviation must be consistent with air traffic control. Those. ATC should give the green light to a deviation, for example, bypassing a thunderstorm front. Around the same place near Donetsk in 2006, the Tu-154 crashed, they fell off due to the inept round of a high-altitude thunderstorm front. Bypassed with permission of the air traffic controller. So nothing is clear yet.
      2. +6
        18 July 2014 08: 00
        Quote: Baikal
        The story is so muddy and vile that there is nowhere else to go. Puke pulls. How could this happen?!

        The usual ukrov provocation, of which there were many. Or maybe the United States really tried to count with Putin the hands of its ukrov lackeys. They have it, like a bone in the throat.
        1. SSR
          18 July 2014 08: 26
          Quote: mamont5
          Quote: Baikal
          The story is so muddy and vile that there is nowhere else to go. Puke pulls. How could this happen?!

          The usual ukrov provocation, of which there were many. Or maybe the United States really tried to count with Putin the hands of its ukrov lackeys. They have it, like a bone in the throat.

          Easily, given the fact that the points of the Boeing and 1Bort routes converged above the Poles, the logs could easily try to "get even" for the birch that grew on the way of their president + the Ukrainian military is actively helping the logs, it is very likely that by transmitting information along the "chain" late realized that a civilian side was shot down.
          It is very noteworthy that here again a board was drawn from Malaysia with strangeness, who knows, maybe equipment was installed on the Malaysian sides that could remotely control the side not for nothing they say that twin towers were pointed very carefully at the towers. Imha
          1. 0
            18 July 2014 10: 30
            also thought about the bookmark! quite a version !!
          2. 0
            18 July 2014 11: 45
            Isn’t it easier to plant a bomb then? Remote control of the airliner, and equipment invisible to this, is a version close to the intervention of aliens.
      3. +2
        18 July 2014 09: 47
        War is a dirty business. soldier
      4. -1
        18 July 2014 22: 53
        and you read the history of Bandera, then you will understand how it can, in essence this is a movement of Western cowardly cowers who can act only out of the blue, and this is not a military trick not to be confused, this is the genetic essence of zapadentsev. and here it’s just not necessary to say that a vile community called people does not exist, it is laid down genetically, by natural selection, there among the Zapadents born not a scoundrel could not physically survive, it has all been sown since the adoption of the union
    2. +4
      18 July 2014 06: 57
      We'll find out very soon! But I can make the assumption that there is a "woman with a scythe" behind everything! But this is just a guess!
      Militia guys! What YOU are GOOD FELLOWS! Good luck Take care of yourself!
    3. +2
      18 July 2014 06: 57
      Quote: stasimar
      shot down "Boeing" set up by the military Poroshenko. in whose plzu !? - it is not clear.

      The ukrovs have it like this: "it was conceived like Napoleon's, but it turns out like Vanka the painter."
      1. DimychDV
        18 July 2014 09: 13
        Conceived by those who imagine themselves in the Napoleons. In the USA, not otherwise. An Asian country was elected to recall flight 907 KAL, shot down on September 1, 1983 over Sakhalin. And about GMP - who is the expert, tell us. Was there a shift or not? Maybe the black boxes will show.
        But executed - and even commented on the Internet - by those who, with holy dill hatred, were aiming a m.s.c.a.s.a. They must be caught urgently, rescued from their commanders and brought to trial. Until they cut their throats. Let them sing the canaries first, and then give them away to Malaysia. If you do not get sick with leprosy, they will live for a long time. In the prisons or zindans there - I don’t know what is in fashion there.

        ... This is how world wars begin, lads. When they attacked the post-Soviet Slavs - ours, Russians and Ukrainians - they, the current staff members, out of their wretchedness, were not at all aware that after the war the principle "DO NOT TROUBLE OURS!" Was in effect between Russia and the United States. The special services were hustling along the periphery of the zones of influence. But when you directly aimed at ours ... That's it. Now the SLAVIC LOGIC OF RETURN has turned on. Crush EVIL - where it came from. And the first steps of the militia to the West will end on the banks of the POTOMAK. Mark this word.
        1. 0
          22 July 2014 18: 47
          Read about GPS yourself and think
          And as I wrote above, GPS is an auxiliary navigation system. And the air traffic control (ATC) controller is also not blind. Well, as a rule)))
    4. +7
      18 July 2014 07: 22
      About Boeing interesting! Conclusions yourself comrades do!

      Valid in AP Boryspil works as a Spaniard who SEEED as a Boeing before the loss of radar from the territory of Ukraine conducted military aircraft. A MINUTE BEFORE HOW BOING DROPPED FROM RADARS.

      Who cares about his twitter

      "The B 777 aircraft flew accompanied by two Ukrainian fighters in a minute before disappearing from the radar"

      Maybe not Beech, but air-air.

      According to the objective control system, yesterday the Bukov division of the Ukrainian armed forces was relocated to the Donetsk region.

      Prior to this, the board flew without going in, and then UKRAINIAN DISPATCHERS led him over the punishers.
    5. +1
      18 July 2014 08: 40
      Killed 23 US citizens. Great reason to intervene!
    6. +1
      18 July 2014 09: 02
      I think this is not a "setup". wanted to knock down the plane of GDP, but knocked out a passenger Boeing.
      1. +1
        18 July 2014 09: 16
        Quote: REMBO
        I think this is not a "setup". wanted to knock down the plane of GDP, but knocked out a passenger Boeing.

        Weak version! Over the territory with ideological enemies the president will not be laid a route! Especially if there was a meeting of the sides, then over Poland!
    7. +2
      18 July 2014 10: 05
      So that it was in the "that direction", it would be desirable to cordon off the places with hundreds of aircraft so that there SUDDENLY a trail of the militia or, that hege, of Russia does not "appear".

      The performance of GDP is very diplomatic. I would immediately go through the axis - Kiev-USA, the responsibility lies only with them!
      1. 0
        18 July 2014 11: 16
        This whole story is a fortune-telling on coffee grounds, here are a few points for thought:

        1. Confused with board number 1 in which the GDP flew? Poroshenko or Kolomoisky ordered to bring down the side, so that later Russia probably sent its troops to Ukraine, which would lead to a full-scale war, but as a result of the suicide of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky? Nonsense, I do not believe that even by order of the USA they will go to bring down board No. 1.

        2. Shot down by militias. We thought that another "Ilyusha" was flying and blasted. But damn it from what ??? And in general, but nafig it is necessary, there were no carpet bombing, the Khokhlov did not have B-52s. What to shoot down at such heights ????

        3. You can consider another version that this plane flew with reconnaissance equipment, deliberately deviating from the course to take pictures of the positions of the militia, and then it was shot down by the militia. Version similar to the downed Boeing over Sakhalin Korean airline. Well, it seems like the militia recognized and shot down. but also too far-fetched and complicated.

        4. The Americans or someone from the EU countries deliberately planted explosives on the Boeing, to blame it on the shelling of the Separatists. But I think this is also complete nonsense, an explosion inside or outside the plane can be detected quite quickly. They won't risk their reputation here.

        5. Kiev decided to act tactically in the following way: Blow up the plane, shove it away that these are "separatists", while they figure out to transfer reinforcements to the area, arrange a couple of acts of sabotage over the OSCE staff and those who are investigating, push it onto the "separatists". As long as the point is, the "experts" from the US and the EU will say whatever they want (even if the Khokhols were shot down, they won't care). As a result, we have: A fuss in the media, that the "separatists" interfered with the investigation, several investigators were killed, and so on. The troops of Kiev will enter with new forces under the pretext of protection and the United States will contribute to this.

        For me, option 5 is the most plausible. And they write off the shot down to a mistake of moronic and not fed officers.
    8. Ujin61
      18 July 2014 11: 16
      The most important thing at the moment is the decisions taken at the Security Council of the Russian Federation. The introduction of a no-fly zone or a complete discharge of Novorossia is unlikely, but the closed nature of the meeting is suggestive.
    9. +1
      18 July 2014 15: 06
      On the screen of Ukrainian confession in the downing of a Boeing.
      Dry facts without insults and cheers-patriotism.
      Text written in Ukrainian with a lot of spelling errors. Explicitly wrote a person who does not know the Ukrainian language or a schoolboy is a dropout student.
  2. +4
    18 July 2014 06: 45
    Keep it up, the liberation of the whole of New Russia is just around the corner, and the main crime scene of the junta is not to be destroyed; let the world know how the State Department rules the world ...
  3. +8
    18 July 2014 06: 45
    According to Boeing. All data will be interpreted not in Our favor. Objectivity can not be expected. Otherwise, this adventure loses all meaning.
    1. +2
      18 July 2014 07: 35
      Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
      According to Boeing. All data will be interpreted not in Our favor. Objectivity can not be expected. Otherwise, this adventure loses all meaning.

      The most interesting thing is who has the boxes! And despite the calls of all Europeans to stop shelling the dill, the hostilities continue! What fabulous creatures are the dill and their owners of parsley and eggplant!
      Do not sprinkle your head ahead of time! The militia already has boxes! They will not be threshing around the OSCE and the IAC! Hosh is not a hosh, you have to ... It's a stubborn story!

      October 4, 2001. The Ukrainian authorities deny the very fact of the exercises, and then claim that the firing was carried out with missiles without warheads. Towards evening, the Ukrainian military has already gone into details: according to them, the maximum range of the missiles is only 5000 meters and it is impossible to get them on the plane. However, according to US media reports, the Pentagon recorded the launch of two surface-to-air missiles during an exercise that could have shot down the plane.

      October 6. President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma: "Neither Ukraine, nor Ukrainians, nor I personally am happy about what is happening around this tragedy. The azimuth of the shooting did not coincide at all with the location of the Tu-154."

      October 6. Leonid Kuchma: "Technically it is impossible, although theoretically everything is possible ... The design and manufacture of the rocket are Russian."

      October 10. Leonid Kuchma: "Don't make a tragedy out of this. This happens not only in Ukraine. Look around: in the world, in Europe - we are not the first and not the last, mistakes are found everywhere."

      October 13. Leonid Kuchma: "From the very beginning, we tried to act as transparently as possible."

      Nov. 1. Yevhen Marchuk, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine: "In any case, these are only preliminary results that are subject to study and modeling."

      4 November 2001 year. The Ukrainian authorities finally recognized that the Russian Tu-154 could be shot down by a Ukrainian missile during an exercise.
      1. +1
        18 July 2014 11: 03
        In my opinion, it is not so important in whose hands the "black boxes" are now. Much more important is WHO and WHERE will remove and decipher information from them. I strongly doubt that this will happen in Moscow. They will be dragged to "Boeing" and work and information from the boxes will be THERE.
      2. Svarog75
        18 July 2014 15: 50
        Boxes from the militia of New Russia. Bolotov promised to transfer them to the Russian side. I don’t remember where I read yesterday, either in the Russian spring or in
    2. +8
      18 July 2014 07: 43
      Have you read a message about an interview with a Spanish dispatcher in Boryspil, where he clearly stated that Boeing was shot down by the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and he also said that there were two Ukro.aviation aircraft next to the board. (With a Spanish dispatcher, some kind of "deja vu" ". You do not seem to be colleagues. Something vaguely reminds ...)! And there is no need to speak in advance about the "bias" of the investigation, because the systems of objective control "cannot be shut up", and then there was information about the preparation of a terrorist attack against Putin, it seems that this time all of them (including the United States) would not be laundered! they shot down the Boeing two minutes later, then it would probably have fallen into Russian territory and then the "bacchanalia" of accusations against Russia would have begun!
      1. Repeat
        18 July 2014 11: 10
        It's fake. Unfortunately there is no "Spanish dispatcher"
    3. +1
      18 July 2014 09: 24
      Freshly a dowry about a downed plane. In 2001, Ukraine already shot down a civilian plane ... then the Ukrainian authorities also did not admit their guilt!
    4. The comment was deleted.
  4. nvv
    18 July 2014 06: 46
    news bulletin
  5. +7
    18 July 2014 06: 49
    I just can’t imagine what size the brain maidan should be in order to bring down a civilian plane at such a height, and after that we will not say that. We are waiting for new speeches from the psaki ....
    1. +8
      18 July 2014 07: 10
      Quote: stalfal
      in order to bring down a civilian plane at such a height and after that say it is not us.

      And I remind you of 2001, when the C-200 from the Crimea shot down our Tu-154 (Tel Aviv-Novosibirsk). Kuchma said that they didn’t shoot down the plane; he himself exploded. The traditions of translating arrows on the Ruin are long-standing and well-developed. Around the level of kindergarten.
      1. DimychDV
        18 July 2014 09: 21
        Yes, the whole script was developed by the CIA! And the Asian flight was carefully chosen. To cut the Asian vector in Russia. No brainer. Right now, wait for the sorrow songs about the Korean plane. God grant that our or Chinese (or someone’s independent) satellites at least capture something. Otherwise ...
        Americans will fight to the last - according to their formal logic. Although ... substitute dill.
  6. +16
    18 July 2014 06: 50
    The blessed memory of the defender of the native land of Donbass ...

    Dear Igor Ivanovich! The latest war reports speak of your Victory.
    It is very, very difficult for you, but the victory will be yours - justice, patriotism, common sense.
    Hang on, brave commander! God bless you.
    1. +5
      18 July 2014 07: 20
      Sorry mistake
      "Bright memory defender M native land of Donbass ... "
    2. DimychDV
      18 July 2014 09: 23
      I wish YOU also leave your autograph on the walls of the Pentagon, the White House and Congress. Maybe I'm wasting it all in vain. But the logic of Russian retaliation at all times was just that. Crush EVIL where it came to us.
  7. +2
    18 July 2014 06: 57
    Yes, indeed, exactly 100 years from the day the First World War began, maybe this date will make the West think about how many people can die and stop all this nonsense (ATO).
  8. +11
    18 July 2014 07: 00
    I think now everyone understood why the Russian air defense didn’t bring down juntolets even from its territory, and this was to some people how it was necessary!
  9. +10
    18 July 2014 07: 04
    You can say only one thing - well done militia, WWII soldiers would be proud of you.
    I wish you victory over the Ukrainian fascists and take care of yourself. You still need to restore the Donbass and the Luhansk region (Russia will help you).
    1. +1
      18 July 2014 07: 53
      Quote: rotmistr60
      Russia will help you

      We will help you!
  10. +3
    18 July 2014 07: 06
    The Boeing couldn’t leave the route itself, the engo was led by the dispatcher. He gives him a course. It is necessary to wait for the decryption of negotiations b / w
  11. +2
    18 July 2014 07: 08
    But what did they not immediately write in a message from Petro Poroshenko that Putin’s plane-board No. 1 of Russia was shot down?
  12. +7
    18 July 2014 07: 08
    Respect to the militia! They fight competently. Everything in the complex: planning, combat and logistics support, high morale. And the "superrucks" with their overseas suzerain are trying to solve the problem of the loss of Novorossiya with the help of dastardly insinuations with the death of 295 civilians in a Malaysian plane. Burn them in hell ... And we, in Russia, we wish confidence in the correct and wise actions of the country's leadership. The load on them is now enormous and our daily life depends on their decisions. If only the 5th and 6th columns would not "rock the boat".
  13. +11
    18 July 2014 07: 10
    A dark story with this Boeing. It seems that the English-language media say that it is necessary to investigate, but it seems that they are unobtrusively hinting that the ykry are white and fluffy, and were shot down, respectively, by the militia, or in general by the Russians. And the old Romans said "look for someone who benefits." "Cui prodest".
  14. +4
    18 July 2014 07: 11
    Quote: GUSAR
    I think now everyone understood why the Russian air defense didn’t bring down juntolets even from its territory, and this was to some people how it was necessary!

    I believe that all the same, Russian air defense can distinguish a military board from a civilian one, so the Russian border should be sacred and not touched !!!!!!!!
  15. +2
    18 July 2014 07: 12
    Quote: Predator-74
    Some of its soldiers surrender to the militia, and some have the audacity to run across the Russian border and ask the "evil ones" for shelter and medical assistance. "

    Well, if the Banderlog cannot (or rather do not want) to help their wounded, the "non-brothers" will have to help the lost "Central Europeans."
  16. +4
    18 July 2014 07: 15
    It is good that the Boeing tragedy does not interfere with stripping. Good luck guys!
  17. +3
    18 July 2014 07: 17
    in the next day, you need to wait for new super-bad things from America - they will put pressure on Malaysia and force them to accuse the militia and Russia of deliberately destroying the Boeing. that's what the usa is
  18. +3
    18 July 2014 07: 19
    To save their lives, Ukrainian soldiers are moving to Russian territory. And when they rode on the Maidan than they thought, with their head or back seat. And now they scream RUSSIANS save.
    1. +2
      18 July 2014 08: 34
      The ukrov soldiers who crossed the border of Russia must be interned in the "internment camps for military ukrov" on the territory of Russia, in order to prevent them from returning to the ranks of the murderers of the Russian people of Novorossia.
      For each, find out WHO HAS DONE, DETERMINE the RESPONSIBILITY of each of them for participating in a punitive operation and try to change their brains by propaganda.
    2. 0
      18 July 2014 10: 31
      you need to return them to the militias, let them check them to the fullest ...
  19. DPZ
    18 July 2014 07: 20
    Responsibility on the Powder. and no matter who shot down. he had to provide another corridor and not allow the civilian board to fly into the sky at a dangerous site. with nothing to this or another liner.
  20. Mol
    18 July 2014 07: 26
    The fault of the Kiev junta is obvious! The scum say that the militias shot down a Boeing from the BUK air defense missile system, but due to their feeble mind they do not see beyond their own nose. For if we are guided by their logic and agree with their opinion that the militias have a working air defense system capable of shooting down aircraft at high altitudes, there are specialists who can work with this technique, then the question inevitably arises - why are the Ukrainian authorities responsible for the safety of flights over the territory countries that have not completely banned civil aviation flights over the war zone ?! Like "terrorists" have a complex capable of "reaching" targets at an altitude of 18 km, incl. where passenger planes fly, and to hell with it! And it turns out according to Bandera's logic that it was precisely for this reason that it was not forbidden for such an incident to occur !!! Whichever way you look at this tragedy, one conclusion suggests itself - what kind of scoundrels are running Ukraine! Now let the "democratic" countries clean up the mess they have brewed. Although we understand that again everything will come down to accusations against Russia.
    1. -21
      18 July 2014 08: 02
      Quote: mol
      The guilt of the Kiev junta is obvious!

      those. Do you exclude the very possibility that Boeing could be shot down by militias?

      Quote: mol
      For if you are guided by their logic and agree with their opinion that the militias have a working SAM,

      Well, actually the militias themselves declared this

      Quote: mol
      why the Ukrainian authorities responsible for the safety of flights over the territory of the country did not completely prohibit civilian flights over the combat zone ?!

      Does this mean (in your opinion) that even if he was shot down by the militia, the blame is all the same on the APU?

      Quote: mol
      Now let the "democratic" countries clean up the mess they have brewed. Although we understand that again everything will come down to accusations against Russia.

      There is no doubt about it. The fact that weapons come from Russia, as well as assistance to militias, weapons and specialists-- everyone knows about this and no one has made a secret for a long time. The West generally reacted to this and listlessly, until it directly concerned them. Now it’s unlikely that this case will be hushed up, the investigation will be 100% objective and I deeply doubt (according to the logic of things, the events that happened before, the downed planes and Strelkov’s tweets) that the DPR is not involved in this.
      And if it turns out that this is indeed so, then neither New Russia nor the Russian Federation will be washed. It will be too late to prove, and it’s useless since .
      First of all, the Russian Federation will definitely stop all help and block the border (so that you could no longer get bogged down in sanctions).
      The leadership of New Russia will be put on the international wanted list (and I want to see that if they return to the Russian Federation - the Russian Federation will not give them out - not only that 90% of those who fly are Europeans, and even Malaysia is the largest Muslim country) - New Russia with it not quite adequate leaders will start to cost the Russian Federation too much - Putin apparently understands this and will see his reaction in the near future.
      If Europe introduces additional sanctions (and it introduces them), and if it turns out that the plane was shot down by the DNI, then they will not ask the Russian Federation to stop supporting it, but they will put an ultimatum on whether Putin will be ready to jeopardize the living standards of his citizens for the sake of New Russia - - I doubt it.
      1. +5
        18 July 2014 08: 41
        Very much you have decorated everything, dear Jew. Send your analysis to Putin, let him smile once again.
        1. Repeat
          18 July 2014 11: 18
          That's just Putin and does not smile. He, unlike those who minus this analysis, knows how to think. And if anything, his analysts will give him their forecast and it will not differ much from the one presented here.
      2. +1
        18 July 2014 08: 58
        This is who there from a heap of shit lisps. you there deal with your Arabs first, and then give a voice, if we allow!
      3. 0
        18 July 2014 08: 59
        I don’t understand, you say that the militias shot down a Boeing? And what does this follow from? And, most importantly, the fig they need it? To blame Ukraine? So Strelkov and Boroday are not, they understand perfectly well that it is their USA that will blame it - regardless of any facts, even testifying to the contrary. And what kind of gloating - finally got caught? Wait and see...
      4. 0
        18 July 2014 08: 59
        You can doubt as much as you like. Do you even know how “beech” works? Do you know that the Ukrainians introduced the same “beech” division into the punitive operation area? So it’s better to do your business better with the Arabs, rather than drive snowstorm, although you certainly know better from there,
      5. Scorpio
        18 July 2014 09: 03
        If your conclusions are correct:
        ... neither New Russia, nor the Russian Federation will not launder. It will be too late to prove, and it's useless ...
        it clearly follows from them that neither Russia nor the DPR is not just profitable to shoot down a civilian plane, but extremely dangerous. Look - who benefits! And this is the Akurat leadership of Ukraine and a number of odious Western politicians. If suddenly
        the investigation will be 100% objective
        - and it turns out that the military of Ukraine is to blame - then this can be attributed to a "mistake", "war zone", "sabotage", but without declaring the Ukrainian leadership on the international wanted list and the conclusion that Ukraine is not quite (or not at all) ) adequate leaders will start to cost the West too much !!! Again, you are right that
        Malaysia is the largest Muslim country
        - therefore it is very important to scold Asia and Russia.
        Once again, I want to emphasize that we must look for those who benefit from this.
      6. +1
        18 July 2014 09: 15
        "New Russia, with its not entirely adequate leaders" - well, whose side you are on is clear.
        Yes, I agree, the Russians are not entirely adequate, and that is why they have such a long and victorious history. (Remember? - Russia cannot be understood by the mind).
        Believe me, in any situation, NATO forces will not dare to ground operation in the territory of Novorossiya, precisely because of this inadequacy (if I am mistaken, it will be very interesting, because by reason and conviction, NATO forces are obviously inferior to the same law-breakers ), but in the case of the Yugoslav scenario, they also will not achieve anything - this scenario has been implemented by the valiant APU for 3 months already.
        Well, to predict Putin’s behavior in such scenarios is the most ungrateful thing, Dugin correctly said yesterday - he has a split personality))), and what will he do next ...
      7. +3
        18 July 2014 09: 34
        Quote: atalef
        And if it turns out that this is indeed so, then neither New Russia nor the Russian Federation will be washed.

        Let me disagree. In any circumstances, Ukraine is responsible. Civilian aircraft have nothing to do in the war zone. Moreover, when the militia has repeatedly stated that they have Bukov, and whether they are serviceable or not, it is not so important. If the responsibility was shifted to the DPR and LPR, then Kiev had to transfer control of airspace to them and recognize them as an independent entity. Given the raids Ukrainian. aviation, requiring the militia to classify targets is simply unrealistic. Even if they laid routes through the DPR and LPR, they could at least inform them about civilian aircraft, but this is a matter of recognition, and Ukraine is not capable of it now.
      8. 0
        18 July 2014 09: 50
        Quote: atalef
        New Russia with its not quite adequate leaders

        but on what basis are you doing this DIAGNOSIS .... will you forgive someone by profession? ... did you have them at the reception? .. but do you think the leaders of dill are quite adequate? ... or maybe all your Israeli leaders are normal ? ... you kill and at the same time you do not care about public opinion. Yes, and you do not have compatibility with logic .... the DNI has bugs and they are serviceable and they scam the Ukrainians on the air force ... and knock ukrov ?? ... if not, then why the hell are such presentations? ... it is necessary to answer for the words ... can you imagine at least one shot from the militia beech? ... you do not even wait for the UN investigations already blame the DNI .... your behavior is strange, and now you really have a dill -Masson world ghouls who shake the whole world with their stuffing
      9. 0
        18 July 2014 11: 54
        Let's assume that the militias HAVE a working Buk and specialists who know how to handle it. Only in this case the question arises: WHY do the militias bring down a civilian plane, if there are enough other targets. By mistake? Theoretically possible, but ... Given the accompanying circumstances:
        1. The plane flew a little south of the usual route (if not chatter it). And who put him on this route?
        2. A division of the Ukrainian "Buks" arrived near Donetsk. Very timely, by the way. And from whom the ukroPVO was going to defend itself, since the DPR does not have aviation, and it is not serious to talk about the Russian Air Force in the Donbas.
        3. The fighters were spinning next to the Boeing. Why would such attention be paid to an ordinary flight?

        If you collect all the pieces in a heap, the picture looks frankly, filthy ...
        This "Boeing" simply had to fall ... Wouldn't have been overwhelmed by a rocket, a fallback would have worked - a fighter. It is not the first time for bourgeois to do such things.
  21. +1
    18 July 2014 07: 35
    Quote: Baikal
    Not aware of the subordination of controllers / pilots, but it seems they wrote that they could bypass the thunderstorm front. Moreover, walks can be several hundred kilometers. If there are knowledgeable people, please explain.

    About bypassing the thunderstorm front ... Perhaps there were in view of the events of August 2006, when the Tu-154 Anapa-Peter fell (though without the help of air defense) in about the same place, trying to get around the thunderstorm
  22. 0
    18 July 2014 07: 36
    As for Boeing, as in kindergarten: what am I (Ukrainians), I’m nothing, it's all of them (New Russia and the Russian Federation)
  23. Vik.Tor
    18 July 2014 07: 42
    According to the article, there is an everyday fighting work, cleverly Strelkov dusted the brains of ukraim that everything is bad, the creatures were led, and now the boomerang is starting to come back. The guys are reading about the Boeing here, they write about him in the next branch, why write about the same thing everywhere?
    1. Tyumen
      18 July 2014 11: 09
      Apparently, the reconstruction and study of past battles means no less than military academies.) PS At first, under any article they discussed the militia war, now under any article about the militia there will be a Boeing discussion.
  24. +1
    18 July 2014 07: 47
    Quote: MarKon
    The Boeing couldn’t leave the route itself, the engo was led by the dispatcher. He gives him a course. It is necessary to wait for the decryption of negotiations b / w

    Such crap twirled that there is no certainty in the veracity of the decryption (it would not have turned out that the pilots had seen fighters with red stars).
  25. +1
    18 July 2014 07: 54
    In the course of the battles, the complete superiority of the Army of Novorossiya over the army of the national gadov was revealed, first in morale, and now in the military-technical state, Take off your hats friends in front of the talented hoaxer and military camouflage I.I. into the delusion of the Kiev "strategists" and amerovskoe "blitzkriegs" that many of them still wash their underpants - "... from great surprise there can be rubbish" the Great Ded Kovpak used to say! Yes, the disciples of the Great Grandfather were not transferred to Russia! Glory to the Army of Novorossiya! Victory will be yours! Your cause is right! God is not with those who have strength, but with those who have truth!
  26. +1
    18 July 2014 07: 57
    The junta is beginning to run out of time. And from the word "everywhere". The initiative is firmly in the militia. Using the advantage of internal communication lines, the militias deliver strikes that the punishers do not have time to parry. Lack of strength forces the troops of the punishers to rush, wasting time, supplies, fuels and lubricants.

    Militia tactics reminded me of Zhukov’s tactics. With a numerical and qualitative superiority of the enemy, constant counterattacks on various sectors of the front force the enemy to stop the offensive operation.
    Wisely and competently.
  27. +1
    18 July 2014 08: 05
    Boeing fell or shot down over the territory of Ukraine, who else can blame?
    1. Repeat
      18 July 2014 11: 24
      Uh ... So, there is no New Russia, so what?
  28. +1
    18 July 2014 08: 17
    A creak with reports from Poroshenko or a provocation or a child who did not finish writing, was too stupid mistakes. It is also not very easy to shoot down a Boeing from a Buk, if we take into account the range of damage of about 40 km, draw the radius and check the possibility of placing the air defense system. Su-25 is also doubtful. And in the end it may be just an independent disaster. Four months ago, the plane of the same company disappeared, the reasons are not established. In the history of aviation, there are many examples of recurring accidents, and the reasons have never been established.
  29. zzz
    18 July 2014 08: 21
    Today in 2: 53

    Message from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

    "The fighting continues along the entire front. The crash site of the Boeing is deep in the rear of the DPR militia and no" humanitarian truces "or" corridors "are required for an objective investigation of the causes of the tragedy - the commission can freely arrive there and study the crash site. But it is also inexpedient to stop military operations against the encircled enemy grouping. "

    It is unfortunate that innocent people are shot down, but the fate of our people, Russians, and Russia is on the map now. Therefore, condolences to the relatives of the dead and good luck to OUR when there is such a deceitful policy and insane hatred, how much courage and patience it is necessary not to break and to crush reptiles! Thank you, militia, for being there!
  30. +2
    18 July 2014 08: 22
    Most of all, this information struck - "In Sverdlovsk, an agreement was reached between the warring parties on a temporary truce due to the threat of flooding of mines. During the clashes, electrical communications were damaged, the miners had to be brought to the surface by emergency exits."

    Pisi: Here are the miners, so the miners! Everywhere the earth burns, civilians perish, and they get coal for themselves ...
    The indicator, by the way, is the interest of the main population in independence. All local peasants would have taken weapons, this ATO would have ended long ago, and so they would kill the coals. tfu ...
    1. 0
      18 July 2014 12: 05
      He also thought so, until he read the post of one person from the Donbass. Many are recorded in the militia and .. sent home. Work. War requires a lot of money and someone must earn it. In addition, the comrade reasonably, from my point of view, drew attention to the fact that there are a lot of enterprises in the Donbass that cannot be stopped for technological reasons, because the stoppage will lead to the actual destruction of the facility (the mine will be flooded, then go down and bring it to working condition - years will go and a lot of money). in any case, at such facilities a minimum of people should remain, if only in order to keep it relatively intact. The war will sooner or later end and staying with nothing is not great.
  31. 0
    18 July 2014 08: 23
    Quote: Predator-74
    Yes, indeed, exactly 100 years from the day the First World War began, maybe this date will make the West think about how many people can die and stop all this nonsense (ATO).

    Don't get your hopes up. They have only money in their brains, and "loot" breeds evil.
  32. 0
    18 July 2014 08: 35
    psaka will say that the militias are to blame.
  33. +3
    18 July 2014 08: 35
    I dare to assume that the downed Boeing is a long-planned operation of ukrov, their anti-terrorist operation is already covered with a copper basin, their losses are too great, you can’t hide them, the failure is obvious, something super stunning is needed to justify the war, that is, a major provocation (the Yankees also advised), and here first, the Ukrainians shoot down their An-26, with a closed airspace, i.e. it was a sighting, but yesterday there was a "chance" to shoot down a civilian passenger plane with a beech, the resonance is deafening, while the essence and the matter, the trial, regrouping of troops and the destruction of traces of the failure of the ATO, then with stupid obstinacy blaming the militia and Moscow for everything ... But something tells me, another coup is ripening in the outlying, but now from the military, autumn is coming ... hi bully
  34. 0
    18 July 2014 08: 51
    Basurin noted that, in fact, they cannot be called officers of these people, since they are killing civilians. All data about them is transmitted to the special services of the DPR. At the moment, in the operational development of the militias, more than 100 soldiers of the Ukrainian army of various ranks.

    Hopefully into something like death squads! am For these servants of Satan cannot be treated differently!
  35. 0
    18 July 2014 08: 55

    There are a number of military antidotes that neutralize the effects of binary and nerve gases. Among them are "NEMIKOL", "NEMIKOL-5T", "AVRORIN", "MKK-68", etc.
  36. ed65b
    18 July 2014 09: 08
    yesterday watched ukrovoyak comments in the hospital near Rostov. drafted into the border guards with whom we are at war, we don’t know, they lie like small children. But ambition. And judging by the faces of the majority far beyond 25. the National Guard is 100%. now they are being protected from refugees, they really want to talk to them.
  37. Maxpotan
    18 July 2014 09: 12
    And there could be such a scheme: the Boeing was specially taken to airspace over the war zone. Then next to him appear Sushki ukroarmii to provoke militias to attack. According to the dispatchers, Boeing began to decline. The question is why? Perhaps SUSHKI tried to force a passenger plane to reach the height available for an ATGM attack. What was further unclear. But the fact that this is a deliberate provocation in the spirit of the Amer special services is unambiguous. It’s just that Madame Psaki, filled with dillies without brains, not without reason, makes very soft statements that they don’t know anything, but nevertheless the US intelligence data has a sales data on heat emission. If the plane was shot down from Novorossia, this lady would now scream like a peacock at all the media.
  38. KostA_RikA
    18 July 2014 09: 17
    10 days ago Strelkov I.I. said that they (militias) would last a maximum of 2 weeks, and now you can only guess how many weeks the junta remained laughing
  39. +3
    18 July 2014 10: 00

    From what can already be said for sure.

    1. The Malaysian "Boeing" was brought into the territory of the DPR deliberately, the shift in the course that took it to the territory of the theater of operations is obviously deliberate. The machinations with the Boeing route are completely identical to the well-known provocation with the South Korean Boeing, which the Americans brought into Soviet airspace in 1983, after which it was shot down.

    2. Boeing worked only with Ukrainian dispatchers - Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk, and it was there that the corridor was displaced north of the usual route. Russia or the militia could not send him to the conflict zone.

    3. The Boeing was accompanied by 2 junta Air Force planes (there are discrepancies - some sources write about the Su-25, others about the Su-27) one of them was seen near the crash site of the Boeing leaving for Debaltseve. What happened to the second plane is not known, the observed 2 parachutes in the area of ​​the Boeing crash may well belong to the pilots of the junta Air Force. Earlier, there were unverified reports of downed Su-2 and AN-25, but there is no significant confirmation of this. The shooters did not officially make any statements on this matter.
  40. +1
    18 July 2014 10: 00
    4. The Spanish dispatcher who monitored the Boeing confirmed the fact of the presence of Ukrainian aircraft near the Boeing, as well as the very fact of the firing of the aircraft by the junta, which, according to him, was confirmed by the Ukrainian military, who claimed that they did not know exactly who gave the order (this is where the versions about Kolomoisky and Avakov came from). The fact of the presence of Ukrainian planes next to the Boeing, the testimony of the Spanish dispatcher and the testimony of an eyewitness to the Boeing crash allows us to reliably establish the guilty party.

    5. How exactly the Boeing was shot down before the black boxes were opened is unlikely to be established - at the moment the militias have found 8 out of 12. Among the versions, in addition to the most obvious - air-to-air missiles (which were mentioned by a number of American sources), there is version of the Boeing's collision with the junta's plane, as well as the version voiced by the Russian media that the Boeing was allegedly confused with Putin's plane. It is also completely unclear with 3 explosions in the air, which were observed by an eyewitness.

    6. Regarding the version that the planes were shot down from the Buk, then, as the physical calculations show, even if the militia completely brought the captured Buk into operation (its current combat effectiveness and tactical position are unknown), they trained the crew and locked it in air defense complex and deployed it in the Snezhnoe-Torez area, then the Boeing was supposed to fall on the territory of the Russian Federation. But during the shelling from the Ukrainian "Buk" (of which there are many in the Donbas), the "Boeing" just fell on the territory of the DPR.

    In general, there is a rather crudely worked out provocation, when the passenger Boeing was deliberately sent (from Kiev or Dnepropetrovsk - still to be clarified) to the zone of military conflict, where it proceeded, accompanied by two junta aircraft, after which it was destroyed (with a high degree of probability there in addition to the Boeing, one more plane died, from where the parachutes actually came from). Further, an information pumping mechanism was launched in order to accuse the militias of the death of the plane, which the junta specially brought into the sky of the DPR. The network began to actively throw in fakes that the plane was shot down by the militias, that new sanctions should be introduced against the Russian Federation and the introduction of NATO troops should begin.

    The task of the provocation is quite understandable - to blame the militias and the Russian Federation and reverse the unfortunate trends in the Donbass. Since the provocation was made very clumsily and white threads stick out from everywhere (even on foreign resources it is reasonable to indicate that the main culprits are in Kiev), then its effect will be limited in my opinion. As a maximum, the junta will try to squeeze a temporary respite from this poorly worked provocation to recover, after the disaster in the battles for Lugansk, Izvarino and Krasnodon.
  41. Leshka
    18 July 2014 10: 48
    I think that for us this Boeing will come sideways
  42. tyrus
    18 July 2014 11: 15
    Good news from the east at last Keep it up! Unfortunately, the pensioner himself! But how can I help! And the "Iron Division" must be saved in the sense of picking up the banner and creating it in the Army of Novorossiya!
  43. 0
    18 July 2014 13: 08
    18.07.2014/10/16 XNUMX:XNUMX (Moscow time) Morning report from the militia.

    “Late yesterday evening (approx. 23.00-23.30) an attempt by Ukrainian troops to break out of the cauldron in the area of ​​the Krasny Partizan (LPR) was suppressed. A mortar strike was struck at the advanced columns, and the enemy retreated to their positions in panic (there, of course, they buried themselves well , and did not waste ammunition to smoke it).
    Artillery skirmishes continued in Lugansk all night - the militia worked on punitive positions at the airport, in the area of ​​Metallist and Stanitsa-Lugansk. In response, the Ukrainians again bombed residential areas and infrastructure. About 2 nights, the light disappeared throughout the city, and water in most areas.
    About one o'clock in the morning, the checkpoint of the National Security Councils of the village Varvarovka (Rubezhnoy district)
    Near 01.40 - 2.00 at the entrance to Slavyansk a punitive checkpoint was attacked. About the losses is not yet known.
    According to the statements of ukrov, their checkpoint in sec. Maksimilyanovka (west of Donetsk) was fired from RPGs and shooters and there are casualties.
    Fighting has now resumed in the Rubezhnoye area — the roadblocks of the national ambassadors in the area with. Varvarovka and Old Krasnyanka. Punishers shoot in the area of ​​the CSC.
    There is also a battle in the area of ​​the village of Borovskoye-Smolyaninovoye (east of Lysychansk).
    In the area of ​​Karlovka (near Donetsk) there is also artillery firing. "
  44. 0
    18 July 2014 23: 10
    and the couple Khokhloma lads jumped from sites? probably some?

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