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These Heroes of Russia - "Gyurza"

During the first Chechen campaign, Bamut remained the main outpost of the militants for a long time. "Bamut - Russians will never take!" - this expression, like a spell, repeated in Grozny markets, wrote on the walls of houses, chanted from the crowd. Bamut is a stronghold! Bamut is a symbol! Bamut is faith! Three times the Russian troops approached Bamut, and there was a failure three times. Leaving after a multi-day assault, as they say, "in the forehead," burning equipment, dozens of dead and wounded ...

At that time, General Shamanov made the opposite decision. The “Czechs” are used to the fact that the Russian units in this war are advancing, as if by a memorized pattern — along roads, on equipment in open places, substituting for the fire of Chechen grenade launchers, flying into ambushes and, as a result, suffering losses. With this in mind, the Chekhov defense was also built with a fasion to the valley and to the roads. But this time the military acted differently.

The troops turned directly in front of the defense front, thereby diverting and misleading the militants, demonstrating the “usual stupidity”, but at the same time not being substituted for the deadly fire of the Chechens. And through the mountains, bypassing Bamut, special assault and assault units of motorized rifle brigades with reconnaissance and “special forces” attached to reinforcements were advanced. Dudayevites, who had previously believed that the forests were their patrimony and felt safe there, were simply overwhelmed by the appearance of soldiers in their seemingly most secure place. We did not expect and did not believe. It could not be like that. Of course, it was a shock for the militants, when on forest paths and roads along which caravans with necessary cargoes were going, in places of “lezhek” and “skhronov”, they suddenly stumbled upon Russians, who began to mow down those who did not understand, relaxed and lost their vigilance "the warriors of Allah". Hundreds of them died in these forests, and did not understand what happened.

As a result, panic began. Those few "spirits" who survived in ambush, in fire bags, intimidated rushed back to Bamut, reporting about the Russian "special forces" flooding the woods, about the "hordes of apostates" walking along the forest paths. So long the front held collapsed. As expected, in the current situation, each of the militants thought only of themselves, of their own skin. In a panic, both equipment and ammunition were thrown. "Warriors of Allah" ran through the forests, trying to infiltrate through barriers and ambushes. For the Russian army it was a victory, competent and decisive. For the Chechens, it was the collapse of the last hope, the last outpost.

On the fourth day of the fighting, the reconnaissance forces of the 166 th motorized rifle brigade hoisted the Victory Banner over Bamut. To the complete disgrace of the militants, Bamut himself was taken virtually without a fight. Horror and panic shackled their desire for resistance. 25 May 1996 was all over. Dudayevsky Bamut fell.

One of the heroes of the famous assault was a low, well-knit major - the head of the 166 reconnaissance of the motorized rifle brigade, Alexei Efentiev, whom many knew from his radio call, Gyurza. It was Efentiev who was at the head of the assault squad that had bypassed the militants from the rear ...

Two months later, Gyurza and his subordinates were the first to be able to reach the coordination center in the city of Grozny, surrounded by militants. For this feat, Alexey Efentiev was presented to the title of Hero of Russia, but for some unknown reason, he was not officially awarded.

Alexey Viktorovich Efentiev, the son of a hereditary military man, was born in 1963 year. Active service took place in the ranks of the sailors. After demobilization he entered the famous Baku Higher Military All-Arms Command School, immediately after completing his studies as a lieutenant, he was sent to Afghanistan. During his service in the war-torn Afghanistan, Aleksey Efentiev went from being a platoon commander to the head of an intelligence group. After that was Nagorno-Karabakh. From 1992 to 1994, Captain Alexei Efentiev is the head of the headquarters of a separate reconnaissance battalion in Germany.

From 1994, Alexey Efentiev in Chechnya. The military unit he commanded was one of the best and most efficient units of the Russian troops. The call sign of A.Efentiev "Gyurza" was well known. "Gyurza" was a legend of the first Chechen war. He has dozens of dangerous raids on the rear of the army of Dudayev’s militants, storming Bamut and removing the blockade from the special Coordination Center surrounded in the center of Grozny, when many high ranks of the Army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as a large group of Russian correspondents . For this feat in 1996, Mr. A.Efentiev was presented to the rank of "Hero of Russia". During his service in the hot spots, he was awarded the Order For Military Merit, Red Star, Courage, the Medal For Distinction in Military Service I Degree, two medals For Military Merit and other awards and insignia. A.Efentiev was the hero of numerous television programs on central television channels, and also became the prototype of "Gyurza" in Alexander Nevzorov's film "Purgatory".

Taking part in the bloody war, he was not hardened, not embittered. Friendly and open-minded, he continued to be in love with his work with a boyish passion. He categorically refuses all official growths and appointments, considering the intelligence unit to be his family, his home.

After the first Chechen war, Gyurza pulled more than half of the army men into his company, with whom he fought in a separate 166 motorized rifle brigade. Some pulled from a deep booze, some literally picked up on the street, some saved from dismissal. The “Special Forces”, headed by their commander, themselves installed a monument to their comrades who died in Chechnya. They ordered a granite monument with their own money, and built a foundation for it on their own.

These Heroes of Russia - "Gyurza"

The reconnaissance commanded by Gyurza was called by the Chechen militants "mad." In order not to be confused with the usual infantry, the special forces tied black headbands on their heads. They invariably went first and joined the battle, even when the numerical advantage was far from their side. In April, 1996, under machine gunner Romka captured by the militants, continued to fire, point-blank, to his full height, without hiding, and went to the firing point, like Alexander Matrosov. The hero died, and his body from under the fire of the Chechens pulled out his comrade Konstantin Mosalev, who later A. Nevzorov will show in the film “Purgatory” under the pseudonym “St. Petersburg”.

That's what Gurza himself said about his comrades: “I remember them all well. By name and by last name. Let them stay with me forever. To some extent this can be considered our common mistake. But they were and remain the best. I loved them and I love them until now. Even when, by the will of fate, they leave this life, no one takes their holy place ... "

Today, Alexey Efentiev, Gyurza, is engaged in agriculture in his homeland and is the general director of an agricultural enterprise. Taking a completely bankrupt collective farm under his direct control, over the course of two years, Aleksey Viktorovich was able to achieve considerable success. The failed Hero of Russia is currently breeding rabbits and dreams of feeding the army. All that Alexey lives now is his favorite children, family and work.
Forgotten regiment. Gyurza


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  1. AKM
    AKM 4 July 2011 10: 00
    correctly, let us divulge information where and how former members of the hostilities live now, knowing that they are now under the gun of the Chechens’s condom and are being hunted. The author is well done ordering accepted.
    1. Smirnov Vadim
      4 July 2011 10: 06
      Actually, this information is taken from the Internet and is accessible to all, what is the order here?
    2. sancho
      sancho 4 July 2011 10: 36
      Here men do not worry! Lesha pulled so many boys over to himself that if someone sticks to him sourly he will not seem! They will drive even to Grozny! Guys are all fighting! If the state does not care about its Heroes, the guys themselves will take care like Cossacks!
  2. Stavr
    Stavr 4 July 2011 10: 26
    Generally speaking, the Chechens can fail. Something in the last months they have become painfully active, using all the possibilities of operational-search activities to which now many of the former militants are officially admitted, becoming police officers. AKM's fears about this are not in vain. It would be necessary to give the Russians an answer to such abuses of power, otherwise we can shout from the rostrum "what will we soak in the toilet", but when it comes to things, the legislation turns out to be observed. But another Chechen, wearing shoulder straps, generally spat on Russian legislation. Thus, we are in unequal conditions with criminals. Doing good is always more difficult than doing evil.
  3. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 4 July 2011 10: 35
    I watched these videos a few weeks ago on the internet, I was very impressed! These are the fighters! People reason soberly, with clarity in their eyes and understanding of what they are doing and HOW they are doing. Very good-natured guys, not angry, they joke well all the time! Their actions in the war are justified, they clearly understand who they are fighting and because of what (I say this in contrast to the 18-year-old boys who were sent there for slaughter with a lack of understanding of either life or the meaning of those two wars ...) Also, like AKM, I thought - on the one hand, the heroes need to be known and remembered, talk about them, show, cite as an example, cultivate patriotism on them .. And on the other - it seems like a setup turns out ... Although, I think, bandyugans who want to avenge their military exploits in civilian life, and so it will not be difficult to find them. I wonder how this is all regulated? Is there any kind of security, protection for people like "Gyurza"? I would like to read knowledgeable people. Can anyone tell me? After all, if we take the recent example of Budanov, we got to him after all. Vladimir, Mitrich, for some reason I think that you could say a few words of authority.
  4. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 4 July 2011 10: 44
    And Mitroha is generally a frame! )))) Laughing to tears from his answers to questions :))))
  5. mitrich
    mitrich 4 July 2011 10: 45
    if you are in the subject, write down the fate of "Mitrokha". Is he still alive? MikhailVl and I are thinking about one person at the same time.
  6. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 4 July 2011 11: 10
    There is a continuation of this program on youtube. Who cares, just type: "Forgotten regiment. Gyurza." There are 4 or 5 parts.

    A blessed memory to the fallen children who laid down their lives for the integrity of our country! Respect for the survivors! Well done!
    1. fantast
      fantast 4 July 2011 12: 18
      Added all 5 parts
  7. Gur
    Gur 4 July 2011 12: 58
    Damn and WWII veterans are not in danger ?? are the Germans not looking for them ?? b..b what kind of country ... should we all hide? Isn’t it time ??
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 25 July 2011 11: 35
      Hide!? If you respect yourself and your loved ones, so show your teeth and not hide. Ostriches also hide, burying their heads in the sand. But the ass is sticking out!
  8. datur
    datur 4 July 2011 18: 52
    Damn and WWII veterans are not in danger ?? are the Germans not looking for them ?? b..b what kind of country ... should we all hide? Isn’t the Germans looking. though they are those bastards but they fought face to face and respect worthy of the enemies. and these -removed-specialists from behind the woman’s skirts shoot and from under the silence. but just a truce, or as they are now complaining to Ramzan, good, he is now in favor, a hero. and after all, they did not lose the star and gave nothing and without embarrassment or fear. that's what power we have and who are its heroes.
  9. Igor
    Igor 4 July 2011 18: 59
    Yes, the men used to be not like the current rotten and corrupt officers. The first story about them came out in June (or July) 96 immediately after the capture of Bamut. Here soldiers and officers should be like that and they must be aligned.
    1. voin-xnumx
      voin-xnumx 4 July 2011 19: 20
      Guys in Russia have always been, under one comb is not worth all. He himself had to serve in 160TP. Photo of the tank where it says ZabVO-super.
  10. Stefano
    Stefano 5 July 2011 07: 37
    Glory to the Russian fighters of the 1st and 2nd campaign !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. pokermen
    pokermen 5 July 2011 12: 30
    what are you worrying about Gyurza, I’ll love somewhere Kalash and a couple of lemons are buried, so it’ll fight back
  12. Andrey NN
    Andrey NN 5 July 2011 15: 39
    Great guys! Real heroes!
  13. Pinocchio
    Pinocchio 13 July 2011 13: 42
    Gyurza ..... was at such a terrible war, but remained a man ..... This is the commander .... yes ..... it was not easy for the guys ..... Thanks to him and his boys for protecting us ....THANK......
  14. Roman Skomorokhov
    Roman Skomorokhov 22 July 2011 22: 30
    Well, as a local I can say: no one is hiding, but if someone from the Czechs combed out somewhere, we will scratch. The farm works, security ... well, our places are quiet, so everything is calm.
    Kalash, lemon ... Dear, do not worry. The enemy will not pass.

    Stavr, theoretically they can. But: could not then, can not today.

    And rabbits ... yes. There is such. And not only rabbits.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 25 July 2011 11: 37
      It’s a pity they didn’t save Budanov ....
  15. PSih2097
    PSih2097 26 July 2011 20: 50
    I downloaded the movie, ok, I liked it on ...
  16. smershspy
    smershspy April 26 2013 17: 40
    With respect, I treat such soldiers and officers who obeyed the order and did not tarnish the honor of the uniform! Glory to the heroes! Eternal memory to the fallen! I hope the state will learn how to prepare worthy professionals in their field!
  17. Alexanderlaskov
    Alexanderlaskov 19 July 2013 22: 38
    Alexey Efentiev and all his fighters honor and glory. The authorities did not appreciate their merit, but ordinary Russian people love them. Life will still judge everything.
  18. sania1982
    sania1982 24 August 2013 10: 05
    Alex is a great man, to meet him personally and shake his hand
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. AK-47
    AK-47 17 October 2013 20: 58
    Heroic man.
  21. Ruspatriot
    Ruspatriot 3 December 2013 12: 15
    the country should know its heroes ... they are them and they are real RUSSIAN Orthodox warriors ... but to be afraid of some kind of cadir and Chechens filthy .. this is to show that to be afraid of these jackals ... they are not like that .. everything is right, everything is with God it’s known .. he won’t allow anything bad if he doesn’t like it for their benefit ... he knows better whom to take to his place ... and the Islamic jackals go to hell and already live here in hell .. but the truth is with us .. glory to the heroes ,Thank God for everything!
  22. _Igor_
    _Igor_ 14 June 2014 18: 11
    Alexander Marinesko was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union 45 years after the end of the war, in 1990. Posthumously, but was awarded. It could not be otherwise.

    Aleksei Viktorovich Efentiev will also be awarded the Star of the Hero of Russia. We really hope that during life! It cannot be otherwise.

    It is clear that the same people who allowed the combat officer, with invaluable combat experience, to engage in agriculture (necessary business, of course) rather than training special forces in the Russian Armed Forces slowed down the assignment of the rank 5 times ...
  23. him 666
    him 666 April 26 2015 01: 55
    Lenya you Russian dude. A beautiful sniper will hide. - He will not give you Leningrad himself, on Voronoi Gora my GRANDFATHER KOLY We shot blanks at the Germans. and the hungry went to the bayonet while my grandfather Nikolai Vasilievich Danilov and the fleet corefan went off, took the bull-calf for the fleet, butchered - they came to the NKVD - we took Nikolay Danilov, Only - grandfather says
    went with a friend to the church there are no cartridges in the bayonet, my grandfather said in the bayonet, two Estonians of the Friend, one was 2 meters, the second 1-57 two died one after Voronoi Gora, he was with my grandfather a meter with a cap, my grandfather was 2 meters 10 centimeters