Navy received the first serial IL-38Н

July 14, OJSCAviation complex to them. S.V. Ilyushin "announced the completion of the repair and modernization of the anti-submarine aircraft Il-38N. In the course of recent work, the organization’s specialists repaired the Il-38 combat aircraft, and also upgraded it, significantly updating the composition of the on-board electronic equipment. The updated IL-38N was the first aircraft in a series of vehicles to be modernized by order of the Ministry of Defense. In accordance with the existing contract, in the near future four more anti-submarine aircraft of the Navy will undergo repair and modernization.

The day after the publication of the message on the completion of work at the airport KBB them. M.M. Gromov in Zhukovsky held a solemn ceremony of the transfer of the aircraft, which was attended by the leaders of the company "Ilyushin" and representatives of the 859-th Center for combat use and retraining of the flight personnel of naval aviation (Yeisk). After the completion of the ceremony, the plane went to the base, in Yeisk.

The upgraded IL-38Н aircraft with the 19 yellow tail number, in coordination with the naval aviation command, was named in honor of Radiy Petrovich Papkovsky. This designer of the Ilyushin company made a great contribution to the creation of anti-submarine aircraft IL-38, and also stood at the origins of the project IL-38Н.

The purpose of the new IL-38Н project is to carry out repairs and install new equipment on anti-submarine aircraft in the army. In the course of re-equipment, the Il-38 combat aircraft must undergo repairs with the extension of the resource, as well as receive new electronic equipment. The main element of the new equipment complex is the Novella-P-38 search and sighting system developed by Leninets OJSC.

According to reports, the new system "Novella-P-38" significantly expands the capabilities of anti-submarine aircraft. An IL-38Н aircraft carrying such equipment is able to find air targets at distances up to 90 km and follow surface objects within a radius of 320 km. Automation is capable of tracking up to 32 targets regardless of their position. The system is operated by two operators and a commander. Workplaces for calculating the system are equipped with modern equipment, including LCD monitors.

In addition to the search and sighting system "Novella-P-38", a number of other equipment is included in the electronic equipment of the modernized aircraft. All elements of the electronics complex are connected with special tires, which allow changing the composition of the equipment in accordance with customer requirements. According to the general director of JSC "Aviation Complex. S.V. Ilyushin "Yuri Yudin, was created a full-fledged analogue of the modern American anti-submarine aircraft P-8 Poseidon, the operation of which began at the end of last year.

The characteristics of the Il-38H aircraft itself and the equipment installed on it allow it to conduct continuous patrols in a given area, search for targets and transmit information about them to other aircraft or ships. In addition, the aircraft is capable of attacking enemy submarines on its own, for which it can carry up to 9 tons of weapons, from torpedoes to orientated sea bombs designed to target other aircraft. It should also be noted that the Il-38SD (Sea Dragon - "Sea Dragon") aircraft, converted in the past decade according to a similar project and delivered by the Indian Navy, are capable of using anti-ship missiles X-35 or Sea Eagle. Probably, Russian planes in the future will also receive such an opportunity.

The project IL-38H was developed from the end of the nineties. At the beginning of the two thousandth started the test, which lasted for several years. Simultaneously with the development and testing of aircraft for the Russian Navy, the Ilyushin company was engaged in the creation of a similar project for the needs of the naval forces of India. As part of the IL-38SD project, Russian specialists have upgraded six Indian aircraft of the basic model, installing new equipment on them. The last converted aircraft was handed over to the customer in 2010. Currently, only four IL-38SD remain in service.

Tests of the prototype aircraft (w / o "19 red"), equipped according to the modernization project for the Russian Navy, started in 2001. A few years later another prototype was involved in the tests, b / n “15 yellow”. Upon completion of testing, in 2012, this aircraft was officially transferred to the North the fleetHowever, information on its operation is not available.

The IL-38Н aircraft, recently transferred to the naval aviation of the Navy, became the first aircraft repaired and modernized in accordance with the contract of the year 2012. In May, the 2012 th Defense Ministry ordered Ilyushin to repair and upgrade five Il-38 combat aircraft. For the fulfillment of the contract, aircraft manufacturers will receive 3,45 billion rubles. The program of work involved several enterprises. So, JSC "Aviation Complex. S.V. Ilyushin "carries out the general coordination of work, the repair of the aircraft is carried out by the 20 th aircraft repair plant (Pushkin), and the installation of the new equipment in it is handled by the Moscow Electromechanical Plant named after A.Ya. V.M. Myasishchev.

The chosen path of modernization of the existing technology, according to experts, fully justifies itself. The publication "Vzglyad" quotes the chief of the 859-th Center for combat use and retraining of the flight personnel of naval aviation, Major General Alexei Serdyuk, according to which after upgrading the search performance of the aircraft increased four times compared with the base model. This means that one IL-38Н can control the same territory as the four IL-38. Such an increase in performance can significantly increase the capabilities of naval aviation without the high costs of building new aircraft from scratch.

At present, in the naval aviation of the Russian Navy there are more than fifty IL-38 aircraft. Three airplanes (including two prototypes, one of which has been assigned to the Northern Fleet since 2012) have already been converted into a new modification. In March of this year, the general director of the Ilyushin firm, Viktor Livanov, said that it is planned to repair and upgrade the X-NUMX of the Il-2020 aircraft before 28. At the same time, Livanov refused to disclose any details of the modernization project, citing his secrecy. It is possible that after the IL-38H a new project was created to upgrade anti-submarine aircraft. In the meantime, aircraft manufacturers are engaged in fulfilling the 38 contract of the year. The second converted IL-2012Н may be handed over to the customer within the next few months.

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  1. +2
    18 July 2014 08: 47
    Yeah !!!
    The architecture of the sixties.
    Well, such a technique is also needed in the absence of an alternative.
    the main thing is to do-do and work-work.
    1. +20
      18 July 2014 09: 38
      Quote: Figvam
      Yeah !!!
      The architecture of the sixties.

      Dear father! For the tasks performed by this aircraft, nothing else is needed. The glider is quite decent, the engines are still acceptable. "What else do you need to meet old age?" (FROM).
      If you do not know, then at one time civilian squadrons almost forcefully forced to decommission the IL-18 so that they could get the Tu-154. Why this was done, I think, is understandable. But the warriors did not fall for it, they had their own lobby. And in the army and navy, these aircraft quite justified themselves for many more years. The machine is solid and reliable.
      1. +12
        18 July 2014 10: 28
        "... you don't need another." It is necessary, "sonny", it is necessary. Of course, to admit that, unfortunately, there is nothing to replace, and so it will come down - probably "more patriotic". However, "Orion" (not bad in its class, the car of our "sworn friends") has all the same replaced (continues to go) R-8 "Poseidon" with more progressive characteristics. Let's compare flight characteristics without going into other details?
        Flight characteristics of IL-38
        Maximum speed: 650 km / h on 6000 m
        Combat radius: 2200 km
        Technical range: 9500 km
        Practical ceiling: 8000 m (with a flight weight of 66000 kg)
        Length of takeoff: 1700 m
        path length: 1070 m

        Flight characteristics of the R-8:
        Maximum speed: 907 km / h
        Cruising speed: 815 km / h
        Patrol / search speed: 333 km / h at an altitude of 60 m
        Combat radius: 3 km
        Practical ceiling: 12m.

        In and think: you need a new anti-submarine aircraft, or not.
        You can, of course, without ceasing to rejoice in modernization and what we have long had. But most likely we are not doing this at all because we want this, it turns out like this.
        1. 0
          20 July 2014 23: 17
          Should a patrol plane be jet? Should he be able to fly high? But he is obliged to have the maximum possible flight range, he must fly off the set hours without failures. Everything else must be done by electronics.
        2. +1
          21 July 2014 10: 11
          And yet, some blurring on the topic: "The update will also affect anti-submarine aviation, the range of tasks of which will significantly expand. In most developed countries, with the development of avionics, anti-submarine aircraft during modernization began to turn into multipurpose maritime patrol vehicles. A striking example is the modernized P-3 Orion of the US Navy, peers and classmates of the Russian Il-38.
          In the course of evolution over the past 30 years, Orions learned how to attack surface ships with anti-ship missiles, work as an early-warning radar detection and control aircraft, patrol the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters, searching for smugglers and poachers.
          A similar modernization is already under way on Russian anti-submarine vehicles - the first Il-38H was transferred to the 15 fleet in July 2014. But for the whole range of tasks that Russia’s longest sea border in the world, combined with the steady melting of polar ice, puts 28 IL-38, which are planned to upgrade, is not enough - for example, the US has 130 machines of this class. At the same time, many American experts also believe that this number is insufficient.
          A-42PE Seaplane Project
          Russia cannot compete with the United States, catching up with the number of naval aviation, but there is room for substantial gain in naval aviation by purchasing new cars.
          First of all, we are talking about the A-42 seaplane, which was created on the basis of the A-80 Albatross developed in the 40s of the last century. These machines, capable of landing on water, among all other tasks of maritime patrol aircraft, can be used in rescue operations. "Http://
          1. +1
            21 July 2014 10: 14
            And one more thing: “Another option that would completely replace the fleet of old aircraft within an acceptable timeframe is the purchase of Tu-214P aircraft. This aircraft, created on the basis of the Tu-204/214 airliner, roughly corresponds in ideology to the newest American patrol aircraft P -8 Poseidon based on the B-737 liner.
            Launching the serial production of such machines by order of the Navy is a more realistic task than launching the A-42 into a large series, and, among other things, this will help support the production of Tu-204 aircraft, for which there are practically no commercial orders today. The production of 50-60 such aircraft in ten years in combination with a small series of A-42, focused primarily on rescue missions, could generally alleviate the problem and lay the foundation for the further development of the Navy's aviation. Finally, you can support the air group in the near zone by ordering Il-114 aircraft in patrol modification. Such vehicles can quite effectively provide patrolling in closed naval theaters, releasing the modernized Il-38N and, if ordered, Tu-214P, for ocean theaters. "
        3. +1
          31 January 2017 11: 21
          +1, I agree.
          You can also deeply upgrade the T-34-85, and not make Armata.
      2. itr
        19 July 2014 07: 48
        incas))))) you ride your whole life on a six with metallic paint) you need to write this
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. heccrbq05
        20 July 2014 01: 30
        Yes koneshnnaa, dad, what other arguments can there be for an ancient country in a country with 1 place for gas and oil production? Kaneshno is a shark glider and engines !!! And old age is a joy. laughing
        1. +2
          20 July 2014 23: 22
          I will send to my comment a little higher. However, the country has a drop of SU-37 type aircraft. Aircraft have different tasks, a resource, a price in the end. No one has yet canceled reasonable sufficiency ... Who needs speed for 300 km / h on Russian average roads?
  2. +3
    18 July 2014 09: 20
    Well, at least that. With 3 dozen such-like necessary. Let's hope.
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 24
      31 to the 20th year will be ;-) if you believe the article.
  3. +2
    18 July 2014 09: 21
    GOOD BREEDERS !!! NEEDED BOARDS T.K. Americans in the NORTH BORZEUT. A couple of times SHOUGHING USING IL-38 !!!!!
  4. +15
    18 July 2014 09: 38
    Baracuda (1) UA Today, 09:20
    Well, at least that. With 3 dozen such-like necessary. Let's hope.
    As an old mechanic I think that the best "architecture" is not necessary. Nothing superfluous, 4 engines (the ability to hold out on one and plan for landing). Obviously, competition in speed is not required with fighters. But, "old Ilyushka" from the past, had no analogues in terms of reliability!
    I am naval, but I remember such a historical admiration (... IL-18, ...)!
  5. +10
    18 July 2014 09: 51
    At one time, I had to fly on IL-18. It was at the end of the 60s. The most reliable technique.
    1. 0
      21 July 2014 20: 46
      All my childhood I flew on the IL-18 (the main route Krasnoyarsk-Vodgograd). I hated him then. In our air ticket office, where parents bought tickets, seats in the turbine area were sold. It was . But when the time came to fly to grandmothers on Tu, I got bored. There is something heroic and, at the same time, elegant in the IL-18. And "architecture" is from the 50s, not 60s. Aviators of those years said that the NK-4 engines were no worse, and in some ways superior to the AI-20. But Khrushchev was very fond of the Ukrainian SSR, and AI-20 began to be made even in Perm.
      Interestingly, what about the engines for the IL-38 in the light of recent events.
  6. ufa1000
    18 July 2014 09: 54
    A good plane, if there were more missiles on board, it’s more powerful radar
  7. +1
    18 July 2014 10: 48
    who knows what is curtained on the fezulage ?? secret equipment ??
    1. vitos8854
      19 July 2014 13: 34
      Title) on other frames, a solemn opening type)
  8. +1
    18 July 2014 11: 00
    Caps are something suspicious.
    1. +3
      18 July 2014 12: 12
      Video in the subject. good

  9. +3
    18 July 2014 15: 06
    Quote: sub307
    P-8 Poseidon

    And will it also be at a speed of 200 km / h at an altitude of 500-815 m?

    It is more comfortable than Ile, but Ile is better integrated
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 27
      There is a comment above that at a speed of +/- 333 km / h (about Po-Sei-Don)
  10. +2
    18 July 2014 15: 17
    I don’t know how in terms of other parameters, but in terms of reliability, it’s hard for anyone to compare with the Il-18. I loved to fly it as a "ballast" ... fellow
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 28
      + exclusively for "ballast". Dumped often? :-)
  11. +2
    18 July 2014 16: 42
    Hmm ... The cockpit is straight from the 60s.
  12. 52
    18 July 2014 18: 31
    As they say in such cases: "Too little, and too late!" But it's worth rejoicing - there is still progress, and the carrier is reliable and unpretentious, and the equipment is fresh. But the new PLO aircraft is needed "like air, like bread!"
  13. +1
    18 July 2014 19: 28
    This series of aircraft will still serve, better late - than never!
  14. +1
    18 July 2014 20: 38
    At a speed of 900 km / h from the fighter can not escape. It is safe for him to work in the internal air defense zone.
  15. +2
    18 July 2014 20: 39
    Personally glad. Such a technique. The plane still Ilyushchin did. Rare design, but new introductions. Great plane. He flew, Noisy, but ..... reliable as a cork. Good luck to the guys in finding all the unchristians. God help you.
  16. dchanc112
    18 July 2014 23: 49
    And that instead of the RSL-1,2, they will charge!
  17. dchanc112
    18 July 2014 23: 51
    And that instead of the RSL-1,2, they will charge!
  18. 0
    19 July 2014 00: 02
    Avionics could not be upgraded either ?!
    1. 0
      20 July 2014 23: 39
      What exactly? Speed ​​and angle sensors? Analog 60s will do better, and other electronics there have redone the whole thing. Do not forget that the navigator has a separate seat.
  19. +1
    19 July 2014 12: 07
    Quote: Mayer1980
    who knows what is curtained on the fezulage ?? secret equipment ??

    No, the name of the aircraft is Radiy Papkovsky - a Soviet aircraft designer.
  20. 0
    20 July 2014 17: 53
    I don’t understand. When the Americans are upgrading their old stuff, it’s welcome. When our specialists upgraded the excellent IL 38, they immediately draw observers. You can directly calculate it by name.
    1. +1
      20 July 2014 23: 40
      And what is there incomprehensible. Those wishing to join the European Union. There is even a Eurogean air, not like airplanes. For them, and the M-16 is better "Kalash". Especially in Counterstrike. :-)
  21. jj74
    21 July 2014 11: 23
    A question for experts, is it true that it is easier for submarines to pinpoint piston planes than jet ones? (Infa Discovery, so not a fact)))
  22. 0
    30 July 2014 20: 32
    Peacetime airplane. Indian problems solved ....

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