"A letter to Ukraine", or Until it is too late ...


Being a native Ukrainian, the author of this article lived most of his adult life far from his homeland. I will clarify: I consider the USSR as the homeland — the country in which I grew up, got an education and formed a value system. The country, which provided economic, social and scientific reserves to its heirs, to pull her apart. One can argue about what was good and bad in the Union, but this is a question stories. It is indisputable that its collapse was a protracted tragedy that killed thousands of people in the Baltic States, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Georgia, Chechnya, Armenia and Azerbaijan, not to mention Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East; tragedy, which to this day sows discord, suffering and death.

Ukraine is a vivid example of this. In previous articles I touched on the historical, cultural and economic background of this conflict. Unfortunately, the worst fears and the most pessimistic predictions have become a reality: today, Ukraine is engulfed in the flames of a civil war, which flare up ever brighter with each passing day. The opportunity to prevent the bloody development of the confrontation between the West and the Center with the South-East was missed. Actually, the interim government did not try to avoid it. On the contrary, due to incompetence and vested interests, everything was done to further escalate the violence. They wanted all the hares with a murderous wolf in one fell swoop, but now, quoting the second president of Ukraine, “little those that small.”

After each communication with my parents and acquaintances in Kiev, I have a steady impression that people are sitting behind the TV screen as behind a fence and for some reason think that they are an eyewitness and almost no participant in the events in real time. True, for some reason they don’t go to Slavyansk to check the facts, but prefer to watch Savik Shuster’s shows and other TV nonsense. After which, like a drug addict after a shoal, everything is happy, fun and optimistic. As a result, the majority of Ukrainians (the one that does not live in the territory of the so-called ATO) impose false assessments of events, which, however, are often distorted. The result - a holistic and consistent black and white picture is formed in the heads and, what is the most dangerous, a selective perception is formed. All that is contrary to this picture, just ignored. For example, a journalist from a respected English publication was offered to strip the words and remove “Shuster Live” from the air only for what he said as an eyewitness that there are few Russian militias in the Slavic detachment and mostly local ones are fighting. By the way, from the entire Western press, in my opinion, it is the British (BBC, for example) that is the most balanced and objective (as opposed to continental Europe and the USA).

After the military successes of the militia, the Ukrainian TV heroes are openly outraged by the inaction and softness of the government, they say, we must be tougher with the terrorists! Such a reaction, of course, will gradually change when real data about losses among security officials begin to emerge, when parents stop receiving news from their mobilized or overly patriotic-minded children milled in war. To get the country out of the state of mental corkscrew, you need to openly ask yourself uncomfortable questions to deputies and the government:

- Why are "terrorists" supported by the majority of the local population?
- Why are there so many? Why are even local women fighting on their side?
- Why don't we try to start full-fledged negotiations? At least in order to understand what the enemy wants and with whom you can negotiate.

In this article, I present my point of view on the stereotypes that have been formed and on further scenarios for the development of events - I hope someone will reflect and try to answer these questions, even if only to themselves.

1. Nationalists in the Rada, the government, the Right Sector and the National Guard are fighters for the freedom of the fatherland who will protect and lead the country to prosperity in Europe.

One step from nationalism to fascism, one should not be mistaken about this. Nationalists are ready to cut the throat for their national idea to all those who are not along the way with them (remember Bandera and Bulbash). The Nazis, as you know, are ready to exterminate all who do not belong to their race. In general, the difference is small - and they both tend to geographically isolate the object of their hatred, preferably with subsequent destruction (either physical or by erasing culture, spirituality, history, self-awareness, etc.). So do not be deceived, people with nationalists are not on the way. People are fleeing nationalism, the economy and the state are declining.

For example, in the eyes of the world, Montreal was a symbol of Canada until the ultranationalists raised their heads in 60 in Quebec (which culminated in the abduction and murder of vice-premier and labor minister Pierre Laporte and the temporary imposition of martial law with the abolition of civil liberties in 1970 year). Since then, a significant part of big business and virtually all of the big financial industry, including the headquarters of all major banks, settled in Ontario, whose capital, Toronto, has grown several times and has become in all respects the first city in Canada. In the center of Montreal is still full of empty office buildings, which locals call haunted houses. The English-speaking diaspora in Quebec periodically protests against the law, according to which doctors and policemen must speak only in French, and entrepreneurs are outraged because of fines for labels and signs in English. In contrast, in Ontario, where most people speak English, but there is also a small community of francophone, the labels on all products are bilingual, as are the signs on highways. I'm not talking about the fact that any government service can be provided at will in English or French, and all government documents are printed in two languages ​​(up to the driver's license). Conclusion - nationalism leads to terror, even in such a prosperous country like Canada, and ultimately to the flight of business and economic decline. In Europe, it is also not necessary for anyone, no one country with such zamorochki there will not accept their problems and freeloaders enough.

2. Against the freedom-loving people of Ukraine, including the intoxicated population of Donbass, only Russian and Chechen mercenaries-saboteurs, sent by Putin, are fighting, and there are also local gangsters.

Well, you can't argue with the fact of the presence of the Russians, there are definitely volunteers. It does not matter who they are - Chechens, Udmurts, I even saw an interview with a Russian Afghan recently. Just something I do not recall a single irrefutable evidence, officially presented by the Government of Ukraine, that this is the employees of the Russian Armed Forces. Some vague references to some detentions, courts, confessions, seized by the ksivs of the Russian law enforcement agencies (such can be done at home as you please, not to mention the capabilities of the Ukrainian special services). By the way, no saboteur will not take identity documents with him on assignment, if someone has not watched military films and does not know.

Such a number of saboteurs no budget, even the Russian, will not pull. Russia itself cannot transfer the army to a contract, and here 10-20 thousand bayonets will keep on a payment order indefinitely with an uncertain outcome, in addition to full satisfaction and security. Yes, and salaries, of course, should be higher than the army - after all, military operations in foreign territory. In general, nonsense, does not hold water. But support for the militia by the local population is beyond doubt, as is the prevailing presence of local militias in its ranks. Otherwise, why was it necessary to organize filtration camps for the population of Slavyansk?

For clarity, I will clarify - weapon and Russia is likely to supply equipment to Novorossia, although no one has proved it properly either. However, it’s difficult to blame her - after the Ukrainian army deployed artillery, Tanks и Aviation against the civilian population, to paraphrase Putin, did they have to answer with a penknife?

3. Putin turned Russia into an empire that wants to crush Ukraine or, at worst, to make its weak-willed satellite, the benefit is the experience of suppressing national movements in Chechnya and Georgia.

You can call Russia as you please, including an empire. Do not worry, in this sense, the United States - even a big empire. The essence is not in the name, but in concrete actions and “imperial” politics. Russia subsidized the economy of Ukraine all the years of its independence and tolerated minor dirty tricks with the separation of the church, the island of Tuzla and navigation equipment, attempts to block the Russian fleet in Sevastopol in 2008, the NITKA simulator, all sorts of color revolutions, the slurred grunting of the government about the status of the Russian language, flirting with NATO and the European Union - the list goes on. Probably, the empire hoped for friendship in exchange for such a soft and patient attitude. But here’s an armed coup, and with the rupture of the agreements that have just been reached between Yanukovych and Maidan, that’s too sorry. Allow European integrators with an anti-Russian bias to power in a neighboring country, with the prospect of its entry into NATO and the loss of the Russian naval base in the Crimea? Yes, that's certainly not imperial. In Georgia, it already was, and what came of it?

On the issue of colonization, in contrast to the western countries known for the crusades, the colonization of the Americas with the extermination of the local population and the entire history of slavery and colonialism, Russia expanded, preserving the culture, religion and structure of the annexed territories. For example, no one justified the Poles and Finns by force; on the contrary, they were given local government and did not impose serfdom, allowed to preserve their language and way of life. And what? For the granting of independence after the October Revolution, Poland repatriated Russia with an aggressive war, and Finland immediately went to the camp of the opponents of Russia.

The inspirer and leader of the Chechen resistance to Russia, Shamil in his old age, was defeated, pardoned, swore allegiance to the Russian Tsar, and bequeathed to his children, being impressed by the respectful attitude shown to him by the Tsar. After Putin came to power, the problems with Chechnya were decided in the same way. Chechnya was and again became the spear of Russia in the Caucasus (recall their participation on the Russian side in all post-perestroika Georgian wars, up to the 2008 year). I generally keep quiet about Georgia - my own democratic government opened production on Saakashvili for his abuse of power and admitted that it was he who started the 2008 war of the year, having lost the rebellious republics for Georgia. It also advised the Ukrainians on the Maidan not to listen to the advice of this former “ruler” in order to avoid trouble (they didn’t even know how right they would be).

4. The Russian people will rally against Putin and his imperial manners.

Well, that's just not true. Putin's rating after the Crimea increased significantly, many of those who treated him negatively changed their opinion (judging by personal conversations with my acquaintances and relatives - Russians). The majority regards the return of the Crimea as restoration of historical justice (or rather, correction of injustice).

5. Ukraine needs western democracy.

First of all, “democracy” is an abstract concept and distinct from social justice and the welfare of the people. If corruption flourishes in a democratic country, there is little benefit from such a democracy. People (not politicians) are not interested in the ghostly right to participate in “governing the country by voting” once every five years, but in a peaceful sky over their heads, bread on the table, order on the street and the opportunity to find a job all year round. This is exactly what the Ukrainian government is not doing. On the other hand, they create an 10-kilometer “obstacle course” on the border with Russia - clearly, the expected result will be more visual, it will be easier to report, and there is no use for that, it has yet to be proved.

It should be noted that at the moment there can be no democracy in Ukraine in principle, since democracy during a revolution or war leads to defeat. For war, you need tough unity of command, which will allow you to transfer the country to a military footing, declare martial law, introduce labor service of the population - turn the country into a military camp, as in 41. The government also does nothing of this and pays for it with the blood of Ukrainian guys, who, by and large, give a damn about what happens next with the Donbas.

The interesting effect of democracy on a war is to underestimate our own losses and overestimate the losses of the enemy (since we have democracy, it means our cause is right, it means we must fight better, and then, you see, the leadership will be democratically replaced). Naturally, the number of dead from the "right" side is underestimated by several times, and success is overestimated - as, for example, in Korea and Vietnam.

I will also note that it is much more expensive to take decisions and negotiate with anyone in a “democratic” way. The more people on each side, the statistically larger the difference of opinion. A Democrat leader must take into account the opinions of all, therefore the most radical opinions have a greater impact on negotiations than when all decisions are made by one responsible boss. I hope Poroshenko is aware of this.

6. The Ukrainian army and other formations are conducting an anti-terrorist operation, defending the territorial integrity of the country.

The Ukrainian government persists in calling the civil war ATO, which does not allow them to declare martial law, begin to mobilize production, private capital, etc. to ensure military action. They expect, probably, that foreign countries will help them, rely on western advisers. Well, well, in South Vietnam, too, at one time relied. And abroad will not help - the IMF will not give money for a protracted war, since the possibility of their return will be in great doubt. It is not known who will win; even if the government, where does it take money after the war to pay off loans? The same applies to the European Union and the United States - and in terms of the economy, it’s not sweet to them, and here it’s necessary to justify the funds allocated for the incompetent clearing of those who disagree. In addition to the lack of resources, the Aesopian language of the government brings porridge to the military’s head - private Vasyl or Myhailo arrives to fight the “terrorists”, and he is met with “Grads”, artillery and tanks, and now the attack aircraft also helps. Not a fig yourself "terrorists"!

It is clear where the prosecutors of Russia’s feet grow from — perhaps this is the Russian army fighting, not “quilted jackets,” how else can their military successes be explained? The militia clearly sympathizes and helps the population of Donbass, otherwise the hell would the rebels hold out against the regular army.

By definition, terrorists do not fight the army face to face with a weapon in their hands, but carry out terrorist acts in peaceful cities against the peaceful population. Something I have not heard of anything like this, except that the oligarch Kolomoisky’s explosions of the branches of the bank, and that at night so that visitors and staff would not suffer.

In the Ukrainian General Staff, too, probably an easy embarrassment - they need to plan front-line operations according to science, and their SBU and the president are forced to ensure coverage along the flanks and blocking the border so that the “terrorists” from Russia do not leak. From a military point of view, these are two ready-made boilers (north and south), which should not be shut down by the militia, rather than steaming or stealing or destroying the supply column. Without food and ammunition, the resistance of the encirclement will not drag on, and all their equipment will quickly move the militiamen.

If we do not recognize that the country is in a state of civil war between the two parties, which in principle can agree, then negotiations will never begin. Negotiations with the terrorists do not lead, they are destroyed. Thus, the government excludes in advance the possibility of a peaceful solution to the conflict. Accordingly, Poroshenko will not be determined at all - he declares to the Western rulers that he is ready to negotiate without preliminary conditions, then he sets the conditions in advance unacceptable. And it would be worth thinking about how you can keep people in the country by force, destroying their homes and killing them on their land? How can you win a war without calling it a war and not knowing what the enemy wants - without even bothering to go on a dialogue? The previous truce does not count - it’s clear to the hedgehog that it was used as a breather before the assault.

The rhetorical question - what does an average person need in order to see the light? After all, they will wait for the children to start throwing grenades into the bodies of the passing columns and at roadblocks, or pour sand into the trunks of the howitzers for their dead relatives. For comparison: it took my relative a month to believe that Saakashvili gave the order to fire from Gradov in Tskhinval, but the stakes in that propaganda campaign were much lower ...

7. Ukrainian government wins the war.

The Ukrainian government has already lost the war. The question is when will it be forced to recognize it and how many people will die before. If to whom this fact is not obvious, I justify.

In order not to repeat about the coming economic collapse in the fall, let me remind you that even the mentally ill Hitler understood the importance of the military economy - it was not for nothing that he turned part of the troops to Ukraine in 41, and in 42, in the Volga and the Caucasus. He knew that in order to wage war, especially maneuvering, fuel, food, raw materials and industry are needed, and that the enemy must be stripped of this. Ukraine does not have its own fuel for the harvesting campaign, and oil products imported from Russia and Belarus are barely enough for a lot of tanks, BMBs, armored personnel carriers, trucks, towing vehicles, airplanes, etc. Russia will gladly stop supplying fuel and lubricants if it comes to that. Besides the fact that the entire auto, armor and aircraft fleet will rise, the harvest-2014 will be significantly less than in previous years.

Now about the main thing. Before the retreat from Slavyansk from the militia, it was necessary to “stand for a day and hold out for the night”, and they exceeded this task. Thanks to the brilliantly conducted tactical retreat, the rebels have a disciplined and fought-up army (now also contract) assembled into a fist, the central command led by a worthy leader who obeys all units and which provides overall planning and operational control of troops. Heavy equipment, personnel, including military specialists, equipment, and financial support are being saturated. Have you ever heard of their lack of ammunition? I did not hear. For one volley of "Grad" (this is 40 shells), you need at least a truck loaded with ammunition loaded to the top. So, the militia has bases, and the supply is organized seriously. Most importantly, they have the motivation and willingness to die for their beliefs, and also the taste of victory. After the inevitable defeat of the surrounded Ukrainian troops near the border with Russia and on the airfields of Lugansk and Donetsk, hostilities will spread to the territory of adjacent areas, about which, without hiding, commander Strelkov said. An indirect confirmation of this conclusion is Poroshenko’s complete change of leadership in the ATO and the army. They don’t change horses at the crossing unless the horses drowned with carts and urgently need new ones. Even if the security forces manage to recover from defeats in the territories of the unrecognized republics and organize a semblance of defense, soon Poroshenko, the United States and Europe will be forced to ask Putin (no one else) to stop the offensive of the Donbass army. Putin "reluctantly" agrees to introduce peacekeepers when the front line passes along the border of historical Novorossia with all its areas. Maybe even "persuade" the militia to retreat a bit, as a gesture of goodwill. It is clear that, apart from the Russians, Donbass will not agree to any other peacekeepers.


Given all this, Poroshenko has only one way to avoid defeat, mass casualties among Ukrainians, and at the same time the second Nuremberg. You can not fight - go to the negotiations, but do not borrow and re-borrow money for the war, while continuing to shove cannon fodder into the meat grinder. This is a sure way to lose both the army and the territory. As commander in chief, only the president can declare a withdrawal from Novorossia and begin negotiations without any preconditions. This is exactly what Russia constantly offers, although, as we see, it has enough other, more rigid means of influence.

God forbid that this is not reached.
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  1. +8
    17 July 2014 09: 27
    Everything is over for Ukraine of this day, with its Baptist-pro-American orientation, KAPUT !!!, soon the weapon will make somersaults and Kiev will fall just like Berlin ...
    1. +10
      17 July 2014 09: 28
      I agree that Parasha-Yenko is nothing like the whole Junta.
      1. +9
        17 July 2014 14: 50
        And what do you agree with? With the final position on the need for negotiations!
        Negotiating with whom? This is a defeatist policy.
        We have already imposed sanctions. And not for the territory of "Ukraine" at all, but for the BRICS bank, for the South Stream, for cooperation with China, for Lourdes, finally.
        What can the legitimate authorities of the Union of People's Republics agree on with the murderers of women and children, behind whom stand "supermen" who despise any agreements except surrender.
        Wake up.
        The imposition of sanctions is actually a direct surrender of the junta, since it completely unties the hands of Russia.
        And this imposition of sanctions is not a victory at all, but a recognition of defeat. Russia needs to be slowed down. This is just a new cold war, which was not there yesterday.
        I will notice while cold. And most likely this was decided in April-May (my "assumptions"). A herd of degenerates must be fed. Neither America nor Europidors can do this. Therefore, the territory of "ukarina" has already been given to Russia; it will simply be a completely physically destroyed territory. These are the main sanctions that will actually slow down the movement of Russia (USSR 2.0) forward.
        So stop talking nonsense on the topic of negotiations, Transnistrian scenarios for New Russia and other rubbish.
    2. 0
      17 July 2014 09: 28
      I agree that Parasha-Yenko is nothing like the whole Junta.
    3. +2
      17 July 2014 09: 46
      How can you not remember the song; "Black raven, black raven. Why are you hovering over me? ...
      1. +8
        17 July 2014 10: 00
        Sorry for the offtopic, the computer is frozen (((Here is a full comment-I agree, Parasha-enko is nothing like the whole "Junta". Let's be honest, in the South-East, Ukrainians are dying for empty promises to the United States. They are not dying for " Edynu Krajina ", if they really loved her and tried to save her, then they would have forced the" Junta "to investigate the murder of at least their" Heavenly Hundred ", but they were not even capable of that ... And after the vile and inhuman comments about the burning of 200 Odessans, they even lost the phantom of their "Edinaya" country ((((. to his "Zapedenschina" and prays that they do not look for you there! PS By the way, you will not be able to "pack" in the woods as after the Great Patriotic War, Nokhchi will find you in your zass ... x caches (as before that they found all the "Medzhilisovtsy" in Krymsk their mountains), and then you will regret not surrendering to the Strelkovites ...
        1. melnik
          17 July 2014 15: 15
          How do you know about this operation? It was absolutely not covered, neither in the press, anywhere
  2. +10
    17 July 2014 09: 28
    But they prefer to watch Savik Schuster’s shows and other TV nonsense.

  3. Gagarin
    17 July 2014 09: 30
    Thank you for the positive and encouraging assessment of the events.
    We are waiting for Nuremberg-2!
    1. +9
      17 July 2014 09: 58
      Very worthy reasoned material. The author is a definite plus!
      1. +2
        17 July 2014 14: 41
        Quote: sergey32
        Very worthy reasoned material. The author is a definite plus!

        I agree. For a long time there was no so thoughtful and well-presented analytics.
  4. +6
    17 July 2014 09: 31
    Poroshenko did not have the courage to negotiate, he understands that the war is lost, but will try to delay the death of his soldiers. But in the end he will end up in the dock, like a war criminal, if before that his own has not beaten him.
  5. +3
    17 July 2014 09: 32
    The author of this article has lived most of his adult life away from his homeland. I’ll clarify: I consider the USSR to be my motherland

    So say it - I'm writing from Canada. Why are you shy?
  6. +9
    17 July 2014 09: 33
    Not to negotiate with the junta. Otherwise, they will receive help and regroup their troops. Only complete unconditional surrender of the junta. soldier
  7. 0
    17 July 2014 09: 33
    For example, a journalist from a respected English publication was offered to strip the words and remove Shuster Live from the air only because he reported as an eyewitness that there are few Russian militias in the Slavic detachment, but mostly local fighters.

  8. +2
    17 July 2014 09: 34
    Ukrainians will not recover after such defeats. Rather, they will recover, but for themselves ...
  9. +8
    17 July 2014 09: 34
    Thank you to the author for a thoughtful analysis and, most importantly, the conclusion to which the independent cannot reach.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. +7
    17 July 2014 09: 45
    everything, the end of the dill army. they will never win this war. the only thing they can still shed a lot of blood. but they lost the war. and the article is very good. written thoughtfully and reasonably.
  12. +4
    17 July 2014 09: 48
    I read an interesting comment .... in fact, this is exactly what is happening in Ukraine now.
    But what an interesting document dated 1672, leads Kostomarov. This is a fragment of the official statement of the common people to the clerk Alekseev, recorded by the sovereign office: “Tsar Majesty to send his governors to us, but we do not have a hetman, and we would outweigh all the elders; it would be better for us, there would be no ruin and treason from anyone; and then every foreman, having been enriched, will want papacy and cheat on himself, and our heads will be thrown in vain. ”

    Funny, isn't it? Indeed, in fact, this request sounds like a recent appeal from the leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics to the President of Russia. The meaning is one to one. Only the temporary difference between the two is 342 years. Everything is like a classic: history made a round, and returned to its original position, but only at a new level of development. And ordinary people now in a single impulse again dream of outweighing their "foremen". And why? And because after the Soviet empire, on the Little Russian lands, the new now bloody Ruin.
  13. +4
    17 July 2014 09: 49
    At me in Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the native aunt lives. Talking with her, I try to explain something similar to her. Not listening. Moreover, now she has completely stopped communicating. But someday clarification will come, but it will be very bitter, unfortunately.
  14. +1
    17 July 2014 09: 53
    For example, a journalist from a respected English publication was offered to strip the words and remove Shuster Live from the air only because he reported as an eyewitness that there are few Russian militias in the Slavic detachment, but mostly local fighters.

  15. +3
    17 July 2014 09: 57
    4. The Russian people will rally against Putin and his imperial manners.

    Well, that's just not true. Putin’s rating after Crimea increased significantly, many of those who reacted negatively to him changed their minds (judging by personal conversations with their friends and relatives - Russians).

    Yes, it’s not even a matter of Putin’s rating after Crimea.
    The fact is that at such moments the internal swarms are sideways.
    So far, GDP demonstrates full adequacy in the foreign arena.
    What is called, do not judge, but you will be judged.

    And the Russian people are unlikely to rally against Putin, so there are questions about the so-called "elite" (such as the Serdyukovs, Chubais, Abramovichs) ...
    But all this must be decided by political will and not to the detriment of Russia's interests.
  16. +2
    17 July 2014 10: 06
    The article fully coincides with my vision of the situation. I hope we are not mistaken ... +
  17. +2
    17 July 2014 10: 06
    continuing to shove cannon fodder into a meat grinder. This is a sure way to the loss of both the army and the territory.
    Those whom the author called cannon fodder do not deserve any regret, I do not feel sorry for them. And Ukraine does not need the territory of New Russia; it is ours, the Russian land.
  18. +5
    17 July 2014 10: 14
    1. This power came through a coup.
    2. This power must go the same way.
    3. Within two areas, this should not be limited. It is necessary to clean the entire territory.
    4. The population of this territory (legally constituted by a state entity, and practically did not exist), after all the troubles, has a unique opportunity to start building a truly correct, state-friendly, public institution.
    If again (again!) They will not prosrut.
  19. +2
    17 July 2014 10: 15
    The article is balanced and wise ... This is exactly what the piglet and his junta lack - in the Nazi frenzy they simply stopped perceiving reality, with manic persistence striving for "victory" ... But this civil war, by and large, the junta has already lost in any military outcome ... It is a pity for the lives of hundreds and thousands of people killed for the idiotic idea of ​​independence and independence ... The "Ukraine" project must be closed - to convene an international conference (maybe again in Yalta?) and "dismantle" the former country into parts !!!
  20. oof
    17 July 2014 10: 24
    The author is well done, the article is super.
  21. mihasik
    17 July 2014 11: 44
    It is indisputable that its collapse became a protracted tragedy that claimed the lives of thousands of people in the Baltic states, Transnistria, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Georgia, Chechnya, Armenia and Azerbaijan, not to mention Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East; tragedy, which to this day sows discord, suffering and death.

    Correction to the author!
    During the collapse of the USSR, the Russians suffered the most! Because it was them who were kicked out, killed, robbed and raped by those who so "suffered" from the collapse of the country - the citizens of these Independent Republics!
    The memory of our people is short.
  22. Andrey82
    17 July 2014 11: 51
    Yes late already, late ... So much blood has already been shed. After that, it will not be as before. In fact, we see the war of the Russians transferred by the Bolsheviks in the 20-30s of the last century to the outskirts for their independence from Svidomo.
  23. +2
    17 July 2014 12: 10
    Good article good
    With 100% probability, if the junta loses, then most of the home-grown "Maidowns" will end up in the USA and Europe, and even the new "Nuremberg Trials" will not help, unfortunately sad
  24. +1
    17 July 2014 12: 31
    Hope for the best, get ready for the worst. And the worst-case scenario is that the United States and its allies are the essence of world evil and stand against Russia on a united front. This evil can be called in different ways, but its essence will not change from this. Today, this world evil has unleashed all its might on Russia. This is their last chance. They do not hide this. Now there is no war on the Black Sea and another defense of Sevastopol just because evil is afraid of the use of nuclear weapons by us in a European theater of war, and even the Americans in this case will not hide in Patomak. But they will overcome Crimea by hook or by crook. They need him as the key to dominating the world. Dark domination. But surrender of Crimea will mean the end of our entire state. That's what these bastards are doing.
    It is necessary to prepare for a long confrontation with the newly appeared hungry and presumptuous "crusaders", and not let the impudent enemy defeat him or drive him into a corner. We are self-sufficient. And so that they do not say and read all sorts of "moonshines" to us, even if we are left alone with our natural resources, then I think it will not be worse for us. But the world evil must sooner or later break on our firm will and determination to fight for the truth.
  25. Nina Zima
    17 July 2014 12: 59
    Chuylo earned, to fear that the militia will soon be in Odessa ....
  26. 0
    17 July 2014 13: 00
    That's right, neither add nor diminish. With Potroshenko and Co., everything is clear. But there is a question: what will happen to Ukraine itself and its peoples from the point of view of a sober and intelligent analyst? For me personally, not an analyst (and even often drunk and dumb))), Ukraine as a state is over. The Lenin project of the 1922 model collapsed, like everything they had in mind. Will there be a renaissance of the Russian Empire? You can’t enter the same river twice, but you can step on the same historical rake. Empires are characterized by their inevitable destruction (the whole history of Mankind is an example of this) and do not want this to happen to Russia.
  27. 0
    17 July 2014 13: 25
    Oddly enough, in the office, after heavy losses, the juntas in the Donbass begin to slowly see but very slowly. From this, I conclude, no negotiations with the para-Schenko and the company, only a long war with big casualties and a tough economic crisis can cure the consciousness of Ukrainians.
  28. 0
    17 July 2014 13: 41
    With article conclusions
    Given all of the above, Poroshenko has only one way to avoid defeat, mass casualties among Ukrainians, and along with the second Nuremberg. You can’t fight - go to negotiations, but don’t borrow and re-borrow money for the war, continuing to shove cannon fodder into a meat grinder. This is a sure way to the loss of both the army and the territory.
    I AGREE!
    BUT ... I consider the statement controversial ...
    As commander in chief, only the president can announce the withdrawal of troops from New Russia and begin negotiations without any preconditions.
    Poroshenko is not the commander in chief! Not commanding gang battalions funded by oligarchs (and these gangs divorced like rats). They do not obey him. But HE IM ... YES! When they came to the Maidan and demanded that Poroshenko stop the ceasefire and continue the war in the south-east of Ukraine ... he immediately gave up ... So ... who steers in Ukraine ... ??? !!! That's it!!!!!!!
  29. DMB-88
    17 July 2014 14: 21
    when you capture Kiev, you can not miss the main criminals!
  30. leobos
    17 July 2014 14: 49
    And with tears of joy peaceful Galician villagers will meet the liberating army of Old Man Burnash, sorry, Strelka!
    1. 0
      17 July 2014 17: 54
      yeah! how the same with tears !!!! on the ass and drooling from massacre!
  31. 0
    17 July 2014 14: 55
    Ukraine, Kiev wars and heroes of New Russia
    ("OpEdNews.com", USA)
    George Eliason

    The defense of Slavyansk will go down in history as one of the greatest battles for the modern city. Igor Strelkov, the Donetsk militia and Crimean Cossacks challenged the modern army of an entire country that has aviation (the ratio of aviation to militias is 100 to 0), armored vehicles (ratio of 1000 to 0) and numerical superiority (first 10 to 1, and now 16 to 1 ) ................

    The war here is not due to language. The fight has never been fought for the right to speak Russian. Such a justification for starting a war would be the most irresponsible and reprehensible act. Here we are talking about what it is worth fighting for, what it is worth saving in this life. It's about the life of your family. The point is that your children should not be raised as ultranationalists. This struggle has no political goal or solution ..............

    Here is the opinion of some in the USA

    read more:
  32. +2
    17 July 2014 15: 29
    Schuster fulfills the loot. I watched his show a couple of times - a feeling that in his eyes was fear. Fear of saying something contrary to the installation of the owner, showing the truth to the people ... the meticulously rehearsed tyagomotin of his show ...
  33. 0
    17 July 2014 22: 20
    With all the optimism of the current situation, I have little faith in the quick resolution of the situation in Ukraine. To admit to the junta that they made a mistake by unleashing hostilities means to tighten the noose on their own throats. They will resist to the end, or rather to the last living young man. Loud military actions will grow into protracted debilitating war, long and bloody. When the southern regions (Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa, Zaporizhzhya) move, the war will go into the phase of an underground-sabotage war, long and terrible. It will take several years until the eyes and the vast majority of the population begin to open and begin a murmur, turning into separate power uprisings. Maybe then everything will go faster ...
  34. +1
    18 July 2014 01: 10
    Ukraine is the territory of "BERMUDOV" !!! Everything was lost there - honor, conscience, common sense, reason, decency, patriotism, the unity of the nation, sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, the state-national elite and, the saddest thing, people. Alas, we will have to observe this act of mass betrayal and destruction of the country by our own citizens for several more years. Truly - a grandiose tragedy, at the end of which, the screenwriter and the main actors must be executed. There will be no applause - it will be a requiem for Ukraine.

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