A letter from a resident of Slavyansk

I have not written for a long time. There was no electricity. It is impossible to write to live through a mobile phone. Yes, and the battery sits quickly. It was necessary to save. Only generators worked in the city. And there was a huge queue around them.

But now there is light! And those maydauns who declare to me that this “wonderful Ukrainian power to take care of Slavs” will be swearing aloud very obscenely, since the power lines, a lot of substations and the rest of the electricity-related structure in Slavyansk have been owned by DTEK for a long time, We will definitely come across the name of the wonderful Rinat Lioniditch. So willy-nilly, a respected oligarch had to fork out for the repair of his property, which brings some income. But I hope she was insured.

But Gorvodokanal - state. And no one is in a hurry to repair it.

With the products is still stressful. In the shops of all a little, it is very expensive and is not fresh. Humanitarianism scanty. In the first two days, when the National Guard under entered the city, the product was the sea. This entire PR party pofotkas against the background of food, but it was still stocks from the militia warehouses, as well as the Baptist church (and she is the richest in the city) was intensely engaged in charity. But then they were either told shit, or for some other reason, and they cooled down a bit with humanitarian aid.

The national guard walks around the city cautiously, in groups. We are afraid of them, but we pretend that they are not there, they are also afraid of us and notice the population mostly on cameras. Depending on what kind of reporting is needed, either as liberators or as fighters against terrorists. But I am sure that despite everything, they see Chechens everywhere.

I do not understand, however, why these, if I may say so, guardsmen cling yellow bows to body armor (sometimes right on the back, like girls in kindergartens on dresses) They frighten me with their immediacy as well as with their machine guns. But I understand all the same, why they do not go alone and without weapons. All the same, Slavyansk is an enemy city for them. Militias could afford to walk with bare hands.

What else is going on here? Barricades dismantled. Although in the current situation, I would not call it a plus. More maradery appeared. And no one investigates them. Previously, they sent for digging trenches to Semyonovka. And now?

The police are ashamed and supervised. So, it does nothing. Or just pretends to do something. If you think that some of these brethren were fired or arrested, as shown on TV, this is PR. Moreover, the head of the police appointed a man who had already worked in the city department of Slavyansk. But the fact that when the valiant guardsmen kicked the cops out of the regional department, and the next day the cops didn’t count their mobile phones (which were charging there), laptops and bicycles - a good indicator of the morality of those who came. Police swallowed this insult. But will they tolerate this for a long time? Everybody knows the mentality of the cops. They can be very vengeful and vile.

Of the benefits, only one thing: pensions are quietly beginning to pay. Honestly earned pensions, I must say. Here are just what do grandmothers, whose homes are destroyed to the ground? Will they have enough thousands of hryvnias to restore the house? Yes, even if it is not a grandmother. Let it be a family of young people who receive an average salary. Will they be able to build a house? Ukrainian authorities will not help them. The Ukrainian government even fotkal against the background of the stew, bought by ideological enemies.

In general, about Slavyansk a lot of horror goes. Most of them are fakes. But people really disappear. Who simply collects his manat and leaves. And who really kidnapped. Snitches in the city enough. And what they are thinking up there, only the devil knows.

Honestly, I'm also afraid for myself. I never hid my views from neighbors. Let me not run with a gun on the suburbs, but like me under suspicion only thanks to worldview and Slavic registration.

In general, the people in the city poprimli. Already neat in the statements. A stranger can even say that they are glad to come Natsik. Recently met one woman. Stood in line with her for water, chatted. She told how happy that the battles stopped, how good that legitimate power reigned in Slavyansk, how good that terrorists were driven away and what a bad Putin that gives weapons to the separatists. But I know that her son went back to Russia in May and lives quietly in Voronezh.

Now it's scary to say what you really think. And I also have to bite my tongue.

But looking at the National Guard patrols is sickening. But a friend suggested to me an effective psychological device. He says: "Look at them as if they were dead. They say about the dead either well or not."

But I still hate. Pulls away. I feel that we were abandoned. The brain understands that the militia had to retreat. The last days the Ukrainian army heavily bombed the city with high-explosive mines. Without reinforcements or reinforced weapons, the militias would simply crush along with the city in a week or two. There was no help and they did the only thing that could save the buildings and the people - they moved away. But the feeling that we were betrayed, did not leave me all these days. Only now it is quiet. When emotions were dulled and the mind again prevailed. But only my brain is asking questions now, but there are no answers to it.

I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I do not understand what is happening with Ukraine. I do not understand what happens to people. Did you want Ukraine in Europe? Received Ukraine in Europe. 13 century. The same manners, the same laws. The same level of education. Only weapons terrible. And Europe itself is terrified. But no one wants to carry on dialogues. But it's too late to talk. Not with this government, which is now settled in Kiev. And friends say that it is possible that Lyashka want to make the next president of Ukraine. Hour from an hour is not easier. This disaster on 10 years is calculated, as I understand it?

But I hope their plans fail. Today I had a good dream. For the first time in two weeks. And I believe in the good. Hopefully, Slavyansk will come to life again soon. And they will stop torturing me with heavy thoughts.

A letter from a resident of Slavyansk mara_beyka

"We learned to calmly accept death.

When opening a personal message from friends every time (without exceptions), the first thing I see: "Alive?"

This is our place instead of “Hello!”, “Good afternoon!”. It is we all have such a habit now. The main thing is to make sure first that the person (familiar and dear to grief) is alive.

My answer is always emotional. I write my “YES”, backed up with several exclamation marks. And I get the following: "Thank God! .. Tell me now." Now it is possible to write further about various trifles. Even if these trifles exhausted for the whole day so that you roar into the pillow while the child is watching the cartoon. All nonsense. You are alive - this is important.

We discuss with terrible noise, calling back a hundred times approximately, on Skype with relatives and friends the situation in the city, and also we begin: “is he alive?”, “Do they have a home?”.

Survived. How can you live? Lord ukry! Who can explain this to us? Who can explain to me that of the years acquired in 20, only a surviving bicycle locked in the garage remained in my yard? AND EVERYTHING!

And as I was tired of calling people familiar with the same phrases: “Today we drove around the district, everyone was watching at home. In your stupidly ONE WALL. And a fence. Inside is ash. ”

Or more stories about HOW friends died ... Neighbors ...

We so calmly accept any news.

In the news feed, no one is absolutely intimidated by the 18 + mark when viewing photos from the site of regular attacks.

We just saw ALL. This is so terrible everything and so everyday. So it’s customary to see your area (although in my person it’s already practically killing something and no one — everyone either left or died), the ruined house of neighbors and the neighbors themselves on the ground ... And nearby there is blood ...

Today in Moscow, mourning for those killed in the subway. We offer our condolences to the families of the victims. We are the inhabitants of New Russia.
We know what it is to lose loved ones ... "
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    1. +13
      16 July 2014 05: 24
      good news. this is not for peaceful cities to shoot artillery. Borderland, Izvarino: we are in the ring, few are left alive, we won’t survive this night - Ukrainian soldier (video) Our southward retreat completely ...

      The Ukrainian serviceman of the 2nd battalion of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade with the Izvarino checkpoint near the Krasnodon of the Luhansk Republic spoke about his battalion's disastrous before combat night.

      The military said that only a few people were left alive from the entire battalion.

      “All neighboring brigades retreated. Only ours remains. We are in the ring, we must break through this ring in order to let us out. We are not even on the defensive now. We are losing. We still have some equipment, but they will shoot it with anti-tank guided missiles one at a time. Over the last night, they covered it three times with the Grad system, even the stones melted at this temperature, ”he said on air of Espreso.tv.

      “Yesterday we destroyed our self-propelled howitzer, the entire crew. The wounded were taken somewhere to the rear, they were also bombed. A couple of people survived with 40 cars. There are no more people who can still be sent here, ”he said. The military said that he and his brothers, NOT having water, fuel, equipment, food, are in a forest plantation in the steppe.

      “We live in it, because there is nowhere else to go. This night, we apparently will NOT last. This is the Grad system. It shoots from kilometers 20. Russian military equipment is riding around here, and new, we are all set to wait for what will happen, something will happen, ”he said.
      1. +16
        16 July 2014 07: 16
        Quote: urii
        Over the last night, they covered it three times with the Grad system, even the stones melted at that temperature. ”

        But what about peaceful people under such hell? Then the Ukrainians did not think about it, and when they themselves fell into a meat grinder, they groaned. This is for Slavyansk!
        1. +11
          16 July 2014 08: 31
          Quote: mamont5
          The military said that he and his brothers, NOT having water, fuel, equipment, food, are in a forest plantation in the steppe.

          As a non-military person, I have a question: how much power should a charger in a mobile phone be then? Where are they charging phones in the bare steppe, why are they so well heard? From trees, or what? He says that everything is broken.
          About espresso tv (upper left corner of the screen) - most of all, along with the Gromadsky TB, jumped out of my pants about the Maidan, the will of the people, hundreds of heavens and so on.
          And, in general, there is a feeling that their current task (since it does not work out with victorious actions) is to shake up emotions, tearful pity for the poor soldiers, for whom Soviet technology does not work, and all the time they are covered with the Grad system, and in circles new Russian vehicles are driving around. What is it in circles around if they are all broken? And why should the technique go in circles if he said that there was no one left? And why not photograph this equipment on the phone as proof of Russian aid and send the MMS, or at least keep it on the phone?
          1. +6
            16 July 2014 08: 51
            Quote: Anper
            and around what, if they are all broken? And why should the technique drive in circles if he said that nobody was left

            Look for him, the unfortunate one. Catch him, take him out into a clean field, put him up against the wall and shoot him from the city ...
            1. +2
              16 July 2014 08: 56
              Quote: me by
              Look for him, unfortunate.

              Like in this Ukrainian cool rhyme. I think translation is not needed.
              Having combed, slept, in white pants, having climbed,
              And yak viishov before d_vchini - vozrasya porosі.
              1. +3
                16 July 2014 09: 12
                two dill are sitting in an ambush, militia armored vehicles are passing by
                one nose drives-Mykol, sho, you crap with fear?
                -No, Petro, I’m from fierce hatred ..
          2. +3
            16 July 2014 11: 30
            I also doubt this. And the voice is too calm, not a single overtone indicating that the speaker has experienced extreme stress (and the proximity of death and the death of others is extreme stress). So talk about boredom at the resort.
          3. 0
            16 July 2014 12: 00
            Where are they in the bare steppe charge phones

            They have cars, and only the lazy have a cigarette lighter charger.
            1. +2
              16 July 2014 13: 04
              Quote: Weniamin
              They have cars, and only the lazy have a cigarette lighter charger.

              I am a stupid person, not a military one. Therefore, the photographs from Zelenopillya plunged me into some shock. In the sense of the destructive power of the Grad.
              The man says "We have some equipment left, but they will shoot it one by one with anti-tank guided missiles. Over the last night, they covered it three times with the Grad system, even the stones melted from this temperature. "Looking at the photographs left after the work of "Grad", well, I can not imagine how they kept this equipment in working order, especially since he complains that it is being shot one by one with anti-tank guided missiles. I think that after such attacks it was possible to safely drive up to them on bicycles.
              In general, after his story, a picture appears in front of his eyes in the spirit of Salvator Dali: thin, tanned, Ukrainian soldiers with iPhones sinking from dehydration, with iPhones in their hands, see off the bushes with an insane look new(!) Russian technology, which circles (?) walks on the steppeFor some reason, they imagine "Buratino" jumping on uneven ground, and in the distance, in the sultry haze of the steppe, slowly and gloomily waddling one after another "Iskander". And militiamen (or the Russian army?) moving around the steppe in circles.
              ZY Or you can, skillfully, leave the "Grad" by car?
      2. Svarog75
        16 July 2014 16: 02
        Reminds letters of fascists from Stalingrad
    2. +10
      16 July 2014 05: 30
      Lord !!! Help !!! These are blockade letters ....
    3. 0
      16 July 2014 05: 38
      Hold on!
    4. 0
      16 July 2014 05: 54
      can any of the residents of Slavyansk clarify the situation with the crucified boy in the central square, wasn’t?
      1. +2
        16 July 2014 06: 26
        I don’t understand whose setup it is, but it’s a lie!
      2. 0
        16 July 2014 07: 30
        artifice! and Channel 1 acted like scum running for sensations.
      3. +1
        16 July 2014 07: 30
        Quote: 290980
        can any of the residents of Slavyansk clarify the situation with the crucified boy in the central square, wasn’t?

        this is pure lies
      4. +2
        16 July 2014 09: 12
        Bullshit. Yesterday there was an article from the militia, a leafy column of news, you will find. Bullshit about the boy and about the shooting in Slavyansk of the mothers of the militias. The first channel in my eyes rolled into a garbage pit.
    5. +10
      16 July 2014 05: 56
      Where did he see Russian equipment? That our guys left in front of the ukrovoyaks, waved their hand, saying that "we are a Russian army" !!! and let's go for a ride in a circle, putting pressure on the psyche! So what?
      1. +2
        16 July 2014 09: 19
        They are still warriors! Naturally: T-64 from T-72 are not able to distinguish. They argue until hoarseness ... I feel sorry for them - the meat thrown into the meat grinder of the war.
        There remains hope for the dill "Miracle weapon" - UkroPolLitBrig. Terrible thing, they say! laughing
        1. +1
          16 July 2014 10: 26
          Quote: sscha
          ..I feel sorry for them - meat thrown into the meat grinder of the war.

      2. +2
        16 July 2014 09: 19
        Yes, they have everything that shoots in their direction - Russian. They came to fight with Russia.
    6. +3
      16 July 2014 05: 57
      Yesterday I talked with old friends of my parents. They escaped from Horlivka, came to St. Petersburg to the children. Are happy. D. Sasha says that he was lucky. They didn’t bomb and managed to leave for Russia.
    7. Alexander67
      16 July 2014 06: 47
      Soon, we will chase everyone ukrovoyak in the forest in the same way, at night in a dream from a careless bunch to piss .. will be. Hello girls. am
    8. +16
      16 July 2014 06: 57
      The national guard walks around the city cautiously, in groups. We are afraid of them, but we pretend that they are not there, they are also afraid of us and notice the population mostly on cameras. Depending on what kind of reporting is needed, either as liberators or as fighters against terrorists. But I am sure that despite everything, they see Chechens everywhere.

      You do not die now - then
      To everyone who lived nearby,
      I would call you cattle
      All who were friends turned away.

      To your dear children
      They didn’t want to know about you ...
      You live to see it
      Now dare not die!

      And, having learned that not to grind.
      All the sins that I managed to collect,
      May fate let you survive
      A moment when mother curses you.

      Only then let your time come
      Doctors will shrug their hands ...
      Remember the criminal order
      And scream in horror! To the throat of his withered
      You never brought water.
      In agony remember the hands of children
      That in Slavyansk are wet from tears.

      You remember carefully
      Luganchanka wounded look,
      Because here she is - in Paradise,
      And to you - to Hell!
      1. DPZ
        16 July 2014 08: 15
        good verse. who wrote?
      2. +7
        16 July 2014 08: 36
        Maybe it’s better to straighten the last stanza straight to the tiny one, like this:

        You remember carefully
        Luganchanka wounded look,
        Because her way is to Paradise
        And your road is to hell.

        In general, a very strong poem. To the author - RESPECT.

        This poem is the same in power:

        Grandfather, it's my fault.
        It's my fault.
        Was on 9 on May
        Just a sip of wine.

        Ever hurried somewhere
        I went to barbecue
        Grandfather, we forgot the war
        Lived like fools.

        Grandfather, it's my fault.
        There is no one to reprove.
        I forgot about fascism
        Screaming to my children

        Bow to veterans
        Good Victory
        And remember them in the temples
        In front of the saint icon.

        Grandfather, it's my fault
        Didn't close the doors
        Those who persecuted in Ukraine
        Tales about her.

        She frowned, but was silent.
        I did not ring the alarm
        I didn’t scream to everyone
        What a Slav to me brother.

        Grandfather, it's my fault
        The fact that power is a thief,
        In what came out of caches
        Neo-Nazi beast.

        I stuffed my ears
        The gaze wandered around
        I was indifferent.
        Time to go to the cross.

        Grandfather, I’m forgiveness to you.
        I know you are in heaven.
        I will be alive - on Victory Day
        I will become in prayer, in tears.

        I won’t tire of my grandchildren
        Truth words carry.
        I stood up against fascism.
        Grandfather, if that - forgive me.

        Author - Irina Vyazovaya Bykovskaya
    9. +4
      16 July 2014 07: 07
      YES Yes, ours drove up to 500 meters and show FIGU (if not another) from the new tank. wassat
      1. +6
        16 July 2014 10: 30
        Quote: fvandaku
        and show FIGU (if not another) from the new tank.

        which still smells of paint. laughing
    10. +1
      16 July 2014 07: 17
      Letters from the occupied territory ...
    11. +2
      16 July 2014 07: 33
      and when the militia will return Slavensk back, that the "khataskrayniki" will then howl, "liberated" or "occupied"? but for cowardice and swindling, you will have to answer
    12. kay4yk
      16 July 2014 07: 42
      all this lies and stuffing
    13. Fox
      16 July 2014 07: 42
      in the second comment about the bicycle in the garage ... be careful, otherwise ukrovoins will read and requisition. but seriously, there is nothing to say ... grandfather had a low opinion of Ukrainians, and this opinion is very justified.
    14. +1
      16 July 2014 07: 45
      Slavyansk will be freed.
      1. 0
        16 July 2014 18: 29
        And Washington must be destroyed! ..
    15. +2
      16 July 2014 07: 50
      Natsik were blown away, and what all the heroes were when they shot at unarmed! Soon all the banderlogs in the Ukrainian black soil will fall, good fertilizer will be!
    16. +2
      16 July 2014 08: 06
      something does not look like the writings of a simple resident of Slavinsk, commissioned by a journalist, a sort of ferret extras scribbled, but still at least some information ... bully
    17. +1
      16 July 2014 08: 55
      Kakland turns its army into fertilizer for black soil fellow
    18. +5
      16 July 2014 11: 02
      Group "Open the eyes of Europe - stop the war in Ukraine" https://vk.com/public71916168 (info war)
      Conducts a Promotion
      " Stock - [email protected] - Enlighten the POLYAKOV! "
      July 22, from 4-00 a.m. (a month from the start of the war) - in honor of those who fell FOR FREEDOM from fascism, our group carries out an ACTION, the goals and objectives of which are, like everything related to the information war -
      BRAIN SHOCK !!! )))
      SUPPORT Action in memory of those who died in the first month of World War II -
      Repost the co-walls of our group https://vk.com/public71916168?w=wall-71916168_296
      (to do this, you need to follow this link - and press "SHARE" BELOW)
      We will be very grateful if you inform everyone about the planned action - whom you can !!!
    19. +1
      16 July 2014 12: 18
      It is a pity for those Ukrainian boys who were forcibly pulled out of the "citizen" and under threats of reprisals against them or their loved ones were sent to "fight" with the militia.
      I imagined myself in the place of such a guy ... the choice is not great, either to be "meat" or rot in prison, and even with crippled relatives.
      what would I do in their place !? Would be "meat", shoot in the air or "milk", and at the first opportunity would molt home, well, or to Novorossiya ... for their Ukrofashikomandiri having tried to become the 200th!
      And if you do not have time to wait for such a moment (to dump something)? Then like this ... as in the article, you will die either from the militia, or you will sell your own to the authorities in the EU.
    20. ed65b
      16 July 2014 12: 33
      heavy letters. especially about the acquaintance who settled .. Russia in which her son escaped, or maybe in words, but not at heart. Who knows, in any case of life, you are the inhabitants of Slavyansk and the hope and belief that the liberators will come back and go further.
    21. +2
      16 July 2014 13: 09
      Sadly not for a friend, obsi .... s Russia and Putin, she has nowhere to go if the hunt survives. It is sad for her mu..ka son, who left his mother in the occupation and did not protect her during battles with weapons in her hands, but now sits in "klyaty" Russia, eats and drinks beer in time while the mother walks under the fascists!
    22. 0
      16 July 2014 18: 49
      horror! time heals a person.

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