On the Maidan waiting for provocations from the "authorities" of Ukraine, the junta needed to drain the "activists"

This week has already passed since that day, as the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Vitaly Yarema, called on the Interior Ministry, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Kiev mayor Klitschko to disperse the Maidan. Then Yarema explained his appeal by the fact that numerous facts of offenses and crimes are recorded on Independence Square.

As a reminder - a few quotes a week ago from the official web resource Ukrainian prosecutor's office (translated from Ukrainian):

Since the end of February, 158 crimes have been committed on the territory of Independence Square and Independent Territories, as well as in buildings that are occupied by so-called representatives of the Independence Square. Among them are 4 of the fact of causing fatal injuries to citizens, more 14 robberies, 73 of thefts, 18 cases of injuries. There are also numerous instances of illegal seizure of vehicles, fraud, the manufacture of drugs, the illegal treatment of weapons.

In addition, to this day 19 administrative objects, most of which belong to the Ukrainian state, remain seized in the center of Kiev. The National Academy of Music, the Central Post Office, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the General Directorate of Urban Planning, the Union of Architects, the International Center for Culture and Arts, two floors of the Dnepr Hotel, the 2 building of the Kozatskaya Hotel, remain blocked. "October Palace" and many others. Which of these “figures” will be able to explain to the Ukrainians, for what purpose these premises are being held, in which “masters in camouflage” play their “most important” role, waiting for the unknown who and what, for example, in the music academy?

На майдане ждут провокаций от "властей" Украины, необходимых хунте для слива "активистов"

A week has passed, but things are still there. Maydanovskie mummers, as Mr. Yarema called them, are not going to leave the center of Kiev anywhere, and all the comments of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine are either philosophically or rather tough.

An activist of Maidan, Andrew (aka Andriy), for whom the center of Kiev has become a place of permanent "residence" (translated from Ukrainian), says:

Yes, I honestly do not care about some Yarema there. We here did not choose any "Yar". If he turns to us, he will receive in such a way that he does not have time to run back to the prosecutor’s office.

And this is not the opinion of a separate representative of the Maidan, this is the general attitude of those who either really stand behind a certain romantic idea about prosperity in Ukraine, or “under this shop” solves their problems - with housing, earnings, searching for food, well, or communication ... The first is becoming less, the second - more.

Kievans (those who are really Kievans, and not filling the center on the Maidan wave) say that it has become terrible to appear in the central part of Kiev. People here are automatically divided into two varieties. Moreover, the first grade is those who can afford everything, putting masks on their faces, and the second grade is those at whose expense today (by robbery, theft, racketeering) the “democratic maidan” lives.

Well, so how did Yarema with their statements that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine and Klitschko should put an end to the Maidan stories? Nothing ... It's just that both Yarema, and Avakov, and all the others have the guts to go against those on whose shoulders and batons they snuck into power. And so that “intestinal subtlety” was not so noticeable, Avakov even came up with excuses for his inaction, saying that, say, the current Maidan is not the same Maidan, which was in January and February, and this is a project of the FSB of Russia and a rabble from marginal parties .

What is happening on the Maidan now is discrediting its meaning, it is Ukraine’s retail sale. The concentration of incomprehensible, unsympathetic, DISSOLVOUS people on the main square of the country is a project of the Russian FSB of Russia and marginal parties that are gone. The police have a complete dossier on all those who engage in illegal activities, hiding behind the Maidan. And the police will act.
They, these “patriots” have a short time to get out of there. Take a weapon and go to the front, really fight for Ukraine, and not parasitize in the center of the capital.
Yes - we have a plan for how to end this shame. Humane and beautiful. And if anyone needs it - and with the sure power of conviction.
I am sure that the force applied to the bandits will be approved, and those who are mistaken will have kind words and help.
On the Maidan, Avakov’s statements were greeted with exclamations:
That same sales pelt! As the ministers to climb, so Maidan-the people's will, people's democracy, and as already got into the chair, so Maidan-the project of the FSB.

The same Andrei, whose words were cited above, declares that he was amused as he suddenly turned into an “FSB project” with one avakovskiy pearl:

If this seller of Ukraine is carrying it, isn’t he himself a project of foreign special services?

It turns out that for Avakov today, the only opportunity to clear the center of Kiev from “activists” is an attempt to incite other activists against maydanovtsy, accusing them of having first relations with the Federal Security Service of Russia.
It is clear that this is nonsense, but for modern Ukraine the term “new Maidan - FSB project” may well, excuse me for such a jargon, prokanat ... And in this case, another massacre may well begin in the center of Kiev, initiated by the same representatives of the junta that seized power in the country.

The junta today gives a signal to the Maidan: disperse and go to the front so that people do not pay attention to what we are doing with Ukraine. But the Maidan is deaf to such Avakov appeals, and the appearance of the “commander” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is increasingly falling into the scope of the maydanovists themselves. Will anyone remember when Yarema, Avakov, Nalyvaychenko appeared before the Maidan public for the last time? That's right, hard to remember ... After all, these gentlemen now need to solve new problems, but here, you understand, the catch is: the Maidan itself does not want to merge. So, there will be a new provocation (whether snipers or something (someone) more ...), and in the center of Kiev they are already talking about it.
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  1. +16
    16 July 2014 08: 03
    Shoot each other and that’s all! Maidanut dill, dill Lyashka, Maidanut lyashka, furious dill and so on, but rather the militia will send them all to hell am !
    1. +9
      16 July 2014 10: 32
      Maidan is declared a FSB project. And then who will announce the heavenly hundred? Putin's accomplices probably.
  2. +13
    16 July 2014 08: 05
    "Walk-Pole" in the center of the capital ....
    Maidanutsky sitters still hope that someone is listening to their opinion! They became a burden already on the day when I leaked Nukovich!
    I think that the fate of themselves is very unenviable! They are slowly turning into ordinary homeless people and criminals ....
    1. +14
      16 July 2014 08: 10
      Quote: Balamyt
      I think that the fate of themselves is very unenviable! They are slowly turning into ordinary homeless people and criminals ....

      No, they are just homeless people and criminals, in short, a criminal nest.
  3. +9
    16 July 2014 08: 08
    And now a sweep will begin in all "departments". And they will cut off those who can come to the aid of the Maidan in Kiev.
    The SBU checks the activists of the Volyn "Right Sector" After the visit of the representatives of the "Right Sector" of Volyn and Automaidan of Ukraine to the first deputy head of the department, Mikhail Rudenko, the Volyn department of the SBU began checking. This was reported by the press service of the Volyn "Right Sector". The activists of the organization were handed summons for questioning to the Security Service. "As citizens who have not committed anything illegal, we are ready to help an impartial investigation in establishing the truth," the organization said in a statement. As a reminder, several dozen activists came to Rudenko on June 27 with a demand to resign and left a car tire on his desk.
    Source: http://polemika.com.ua/news-149881.html
    The most "interesting" thing is that now no one will remember how Nuland declared that the Maidanites had the right to admin. Buildings in the city center. they have "rent" !!!
    1. +10
      16 July 2014 08: 37
      Yes! Che quickly lease expired! And where are the cookies?
      1. 0
        17 July 2014 06: 21
        Quote: Jovanni
        Yes! Che quickly lease expired! And where are the cookies?

        Cookies in the EU. And with the EU, Nuland suggested how to translate it so that it would not be moderated, well, let's say "to sort it out intimately." In the original - "Fuck the EU", who speaks the language will understand.
    2. +8
      16 July 2014 11: 46
      Quote: Egoza
      The most "interesting" thing is that now no one will remember how Nuland declared that the Maidanites had the right to admin. Buildings in the city center. they have "rent" !!!

      she kind of said that they have a mandate)
  4. +17
    16 July 2014 08: 08
    But let’s let Nuland Maidan disperse .. She collected, let it disperse .. And then they dumped everything on Avakov and Klitschko .. They didn’t have anything at all .. they went to a gay party ... and they got on the Maidan and everything turned around .. .
    1. +2
      16 July 2014 13: 52
      Quote: parusnik
      But let’s let Nuland Maidan disperse .. She collected, let it disperse .. And then they dumped everything on Avakov and Klitschko .. They didn’t have anything at all .. they went to a gay party ... and they got on the Maidan and everything turned around .. .
      Do not - now, instead of cookies, let him distribute poison - these will eat with a bang ...
  5. Dbnfkmtdbx
    16 July 2014 08: 10
    And what do they really think that they will always live in the center of Kiev forever fool
  6. evilrussian
    16 July 2014 08: 11
    In the center of Kiev, bandits, Nazis and parasites, in the parliament are bandits, Nazis and parasites ... a solid impenetrable idiocy. A vivid example of how it could be with us. And the chance for the same situation in Russia remains. Ukraine will be a bitter lesson for all of us.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. +12
    16 July 2014 08: 14
    We are waiting for the third part of the Maydown ballet. Homosexuals against gopniks.
  9. +2
    16 July 2014 08: 16
    So it’s for the better, sorted out between themselves and feet forward to their homeland ...
  10. +6
    16 July 2014 08: 18
    But the massacre in the center of Kiev when some ban * derl * ogs will wet others completely on the drum ... I will look at the geeks with pleasure!
  11. +11
    16 July 2014 08: 21
    "- 19 buildings remain occupied, including administrative buildings, the premises of the music academy are blocked. Including 70 people still live in the building of the Central Post Office, 300 people still live in the building of the Ukrsoyuz. In addition, 100 people remain in the Dnipro hotel, 40 - in the hotel "Cossack". "Attacks on journalists have become regular lately, alcohol consumption has become the norm."

    Well done. All wrestlers wrestlers! Before them, it’s not like a giraffe. They reach the moon as if the fairy-tale days were all over when the seagull was stoned, and they are heroes!

    A very huge and svidomo bunch of Neanderthals from the outskirts fry lard in the center of the EUROPEAN state.
    1. +2
      16 July 2014 16: 45
      So they have a cry like this: "heroiam sala").
      Sala girl has already fried a medal)
  12. +4
    16 July 2014 08: 27
    Avakov here, about the sale of Ukraine at retail in my opinion, made a reservation and slept to the fullest. Well, it was necessary to issue such a wording! Really blurted out what every day thinks! -

    “I would not call this assembly Maidan. I have the right to say so, because I was the commandant of the Maidan, I was there, I lived my life there. I don’t go there now, because what’s happening there now is a total discredit, sale of Ukraine at retail».
  13. +3
    16 July 2014 08: 30
    As one would expect, the Maidan did its job, now it is advisable to send the Maidan to the Southeast for disposal so that most of the Revolutionary Eaters would die for the ideas of Kiev-Washington, then they will be gutted to organs and buried somewhere in the ditch. And it’s good for everyone, there are no money for Maidan’s offal in your pocket and galloping marginals under their noses in the capital, and therefore there is no problem with them.
    1. +2
      16 July 2014 12: 43
      They won’t go to the southeast, they don’t want to, it hurts there. Avakov paves the way and motives for the power dispersal of the maydauns. But what Nuland will distribute is probably nothing, because this is a FSB project and here only lead is to be distributed. It seems to me that the Amerisos understood that there is nothing to catch there and thus decided to kill two birds with one stone, Avakov for maydauns, maydaunas for Avakov, and for whom the law-enforcement officers will be loaded. And where will the army again be understood, if by that time they would not crumble it in the Donbass. In general, as they say in the arena, they are the same and by whom will they disperse them, who will believe in the next fable? Who else in the brain lard is still to be flushed? It will be necessary to rummage through ukrozopy sites and see what kind of mood there is.
  14. +3
    16 July 2014 08: 32
    And the main pearl about the Maidan which makes us laugh widely surprised !!! )))

    -Avakov - "The concentration of incomprehensible, unsympathetic, dull people on the main square of the country is undoubtedly a project of the Russian FSB."

    LYAT! Whaaaaaaaaa?
    1. +3
      16 July 2014 10: 56
      Quote: DEZINTO
      LYAT! Whaaaaaaaaa?

      Everything is already defined a long time ago _
      Revolution devours its children - the words spoken before the execution by the famous figure of the Great French Revolution, Georges Jacques Danton (1759-1794). He became one of many victims who died from recent associates.

      And this is newer _
      The Muslim Brotherhood, having overthrown Hosni Mubarak, has been officially declared terrorists. In 2011, members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement were considered national heroes in Egypt ...

      Whom history does not teach, that will teach. These to death!
      1. +1
        16 July 2014 19: 43
        An interesting trend, for one fool all the bearded are Russian soldiers, for the other clown are all unsympathetic FSB agents.
  15. +8
    16 July 2014 08: 35
    In the center of Kiev a farm was arranged (bomber) .....!
  16. VICTOR-61
    16 July 2014 08: 39
    Rather, they began to maidan-let a friend of a friend beat and flee to Europe to clean Ukraine of Natsik and American henchmen
  17. Leonardo
    16 July 2014 08: 45
    Urgently return the remnants of the ATO troops from the South-East to Kiev ..... to disperse the maydanutyh. Everything began with the "Maidan" ... and there it should end.
  18. leglun
    16 July 2014 08: 49
    In my opinion, it is really necessary to help the Maydanovites fight not in the South East of Ukraine, but in the center of Kiev. It is advisable to use weapons. Anyone who is ready to help, click on the plus sign !!!! We will send them humanitarianochki !!!
  19. +9
    16 July 2014 09: 10
    That is not a bit sorry for Kuevlyan. Let the whole Zapadenshchina run up to them and outline and piss the entrances and buildings of not only the center, but also the outskirts of Kuev. Let them Nulandovskie cookies and grandmother's soup hiccup. Distribute the Maidan throughout Kuev!
  20. DPZ
    16 July 2014 09: 18
    you need to give them all a drink (well, or smoke, chop whoever prefers there) and move to Washington. they don’t care where to hang out and what to ruin, but it will be pleasant for us to see all this rabble in the right place. and in general the old woman europe is a storehouse of cultural values, why not share with the amers, let them also join the beautiful.
  21. +2
    16 July 2014 09: 42
    Homeless people and parasites, especially the bandits will not fight, sit on the square to them high, cho they fools to go under the bullets, rob beat without an answer, that’s what they can, in short, some bandits decided to merge others, they say they hinder.
  22. +8
    16 July 2014 09: 51
    Of course, I apologize, but Goebbels would have had a kondrashka if he found out that perverts are standing at the helm of a European state. Nazis simply destroyed such Lyashko, Avakov, Klitschko, considered inferior. I am by no means a supporter of Nazism, but when I read about the adventures of the mentioned gentlemen I begin to think that Nazism still had a rational kernel. Maybe someone has not seen Lyashko's confession yet, so he directly says that he was removing his patron. And this man leads some kind of radicals!
    What crazy women are driving the "revolution", Farion, Timoshenko, some others whose names are not worth remembering ...
    It seems to me that in Ukraine the people had a brain clouding.
  23. kowalski
    16 July 2014 10: 01
    "Walk-field" in the center of the capital ...
    I agree. This is a model of the future existence of Ukraine in the EU: poverty, crime, total unwillingness to work, massive dullness, the absence of any principles, thoughts with superabbition and the endless search for the guilty ...
  24. +3
    16 July 2014 10: 12
    The concentration of obscure, unsympathetic, LIGHTLIGHT people in the main square is AVAKOV. Well, damn it will say the same !!!!!! YES EVERYTHING LIGHT IN THE CELESTIAL THOUSAND IN THE FIRST OR THIRD, wherever you take now their bright and gentle. take what you have and don’t complain about the arsenic, otherwise the FSB will send some other outcasts
  25. +1
    16 July 2014 10: 13
    Oh pancake, the elves transferred to the Maidan
  26. +3
    16 July 2014 10: 39
    So what happened was what was foretold. Khokhlopitek raped in a perverted form by those for whom they advocated. I can’t imagine what kind of Moses they need and how much he has to drive them along the rake so that they have their own brains.
  27. +2
    16 July 2014 10: 56
    If the Maidan is a FSB product, then who was its commandant? At least the GRU agent, where are my bonuses? I found a spy !!!!!
    1. +2
      16 July 2014 11: 42
      Shhhhhh. Do not disclose sensitive data!
  28. +7
    16 July 2014 11: 56
    Quote: Riperbahn
    Shhhhhh. Do not disclose sensitive data!

    everything, a medal will not be given to Gray (( smile
    1. 0
      16 July 2014 12: 02
      For this, you can have a green point on the forehead :)))))
  29. +2
    16 July 2014 11: 57
    Yes - we have a plan to end this shame. Humane and beautiful.

    laughing Buy sEmechek get comfortable .... such a spectacle can not be missed !!! I wonder how Avakov will trample dill and pulp humanely and beautifully ??? We wait!!!
  30. +2
    16 July 2014 12: 09
    "The Moor has done his job. The Moor can go."
    Maidanuti used as whores and thrown to the sidelines.
    The road is there for them!
    1. +1
      16 July 2014 12: 36
      Who would doubt that they would be thrown away like used item # 2?
  31. Matt
    16 July 2014 13: 02
    if legally (from their point of view) the chosen government cannot restore order in their capital, then what are they counting on in New Russia? and why is there such a power that can only sit on facebook and twitter and forget about the real world
  32. Drunya
    16 July 2014 13: 24
    you need to rejoice that all the drunkards have gathered in one place, you do not need to disperse, but crush (poison everyone with some kind of cheap swill), otherwise they will disperse throughout the city ("FSB shniki")
  33. +2
    16 July 2014 14: 18
    All Jewish interests. Ukrainians themselves put the Jews on their necks. well wear svidomye!
    Smart people warned you.
  34. Svarog75
    16 July 2014 15: 30
    Ah yes Avakov !!!! Ah yes son of a bitch !!! bully
  35. Svarog75
    16 July 2014 15: 33
    Avakov laid his eyes on cartopod and tsibul sho grows on the Maidan wassat
    1. +1
      16 July 2014 16: 27
      It is unlikely that everything is so simply explained.
      Two points in the final part of the stream of events are obligatory: the Jewish pogroms in the "nezalezhnoy" and the appeal of the dill rulers to Russia for direct military assistance.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  36. +1
    16 July 2014 16: 26
    this was to be expected initially. Moor has done his job ..
  37. +1
    16 July 2014 20: 15
  38. dFG
    16 July 2014 21: 57
    Quote: Tigrus
    Shoot each other and that’s all! Maidanut dill, dill Lyashka, Maidanut lyashka, furious dill and so on, but rather the militia will send them all to hell am !

    yes yes you give the third maidan which will mark the end of the country of dill ... let's all together call the third maidan to Kiev !!!!
  39. 0
    16 July 2014 22: 17
    Well, so how is Yarema with his statements that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU and Klitschko should put an end to the Maidan story? Nothing ... It’s just that both Yarema, Avakov, and everyone else have a thin gut against those on whose shoulders and clubs they made their way into power.
    Well, if Avakov's intestines were thin, then he would have been "torn" already, his intestines were rubbed so that calluses formed.
  40. +1
    17 July 2014 05: 42
    Ukrainians themselves gave birth, and dissolve themselves.
  41. Simonov
    17 July 2014 08: 42
    Dear Charles XII, the battle of Poltava,
    Thank God, lost. As said burr,
    "time will show Kuzkin's mother", ruins,
    bones of posthumous joy with a taste of Ukraine.

    That is not green-quit, spent by isotope, -
    the black-and-white flying over Konotop,
    tailored from the canvas, Canada has in store.
    Although it’s without a cross, but the halls are not necessary.

    Goy you, a rushnyk, karbovanets, seeds in full shit!
    It’s not for us, katsapam, to blame them for treason.
    Sami under the images of seventy years in Ryazan
    with drenched eyes lived as under Tarzana.

    Let’s tell them, the loud mother paused pause strictly:
    good riddance to you, room, and a road hammer!

    Come from us in zhupan, without saying - in a uniform,
    at the address in three letters, in all four
    side. Now let the hans in the hut in chorus
    with lyakhami put you on four bones, heathens.

    How to get into the loop - so together, choosing the path in more often,
    and to bite chicken from borsch alone is sweeter.

    Goodbye, Ukrainians, lived together - that's enough!
    Spit, perhaps, in Dnipro, maybe he will roll back,
    disdaining proudly us, as fast, jam-packed
    leather corners and age-old resentment.

    Do not remember dashingly. Your bread sky
    us, we choke on cake and kolob, not requiring.
    There is nothing to spoil the blood, to tear clothes on the chest.
    Ended, to know, love, since there was a midway.

    What to poke around in vain in ragged roots with a verb?
    You have given birth to earth, soil, chernozem with a podzol.
    Fully swing right, sew us one thing, another.
    This land does not give you, kavuns, peace.

    Oh yes, Levada-steppe, stealing, chestnut, dumpling!
    Go ahead, lose more - more people than money.
    Somehow interrupt. And as for the tears from the eye -
    there is no decree on her, wait until another time.

    With God, eagles, Cossacks, hetmans, warriors!
    Only when you come and die, bulls,
    you will wheeze, scratching the edge of the mattress,
    lines from Alexander, and not nonsense of Taras.

    I. Brodsky 1994
  42. Ruslan 56
    17 July 2014 09: 13
    Avakov - FSB project))))))

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"