John Kerry ordered Afghans to recount votes in elections

13 July it became known that in Afghanistan all the ballots of the second round of the presidential election, which was held in June, will be recounted. The fact is that Ashraf Gani Ahmadzai overtook Abdullah Abdullah by ten percent. But in the first round, the last one overtook the first one. Nestykovochka! The US Department of State did not like such distortions with arithmetic.

On the recount of votes in Afghanistan, said US Secretary of State, who was on a visit to Kabul, reports "Euronews".

John Kerry spoke with Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Abdullah Abdullah. Both agreed to count all the votes - that is, 8 millions. Recalculation took control of the UN observers.

This is what Euronews writes so gently about it. In fact, it is clear that John Kerry rather ordered Afghans count votes. Otherwise, what will the democracy that Washington has built in Afghanistan for so many years look like?

And for sure.

Confirmation of the State Department's persistence was found in fresh the news.

As Kirill Belyaninov writes (Kommersant), both presidential candidates agreed to recount votes "under pressure from US Secretary of State John Kerry, who threatened to deprive Kabul of US financial aid."

This is the key - do not count, we will not "help" you.

The talks in Kabul, Belyaninov writes, lasted almost twenty hours.

Experts believe that the compromise reached will allow Afghanistan to avoid a “new round of tensions”. Tension already exists: it arose because Abdullah Abdullah, who won in the first round, but suddenly lost in the second, accused Ashraf Gani Ahmadzai of falsification. Abdullah is confident that Hamid Karzai helped the rival in 56%. Abdullah called on his supporters, namely Afghan Tajiks, to protest and even threatened to create a parallel government. Ahmadzai, in turn, explains the preponderance of votes by mass support for Pashtuns.

To resolve the political crisis flew himself John Kerry. “According to the testimony of diplomats,” writes the author of the report, “Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, together with assistants, settled in different rooms of the mission, and the US Secretary of State spent several hours moving from one room to another.” Details of long negotiations are not disclosed.

We know only a short statement by the US Secretary of State, which led the agency «Reuters». “We hope that there will be an opportunity to answer all the existing questions, dispel people's doubts and determine the future,” the words of D. Kerry are quoted as saying.

As for a possible split in Afghanistan as a result of a political crisis, the other day in the same Kommersant told Maxim Yusin. The journalist even used the phrase "color revolution" and "Afghan Maidan."

The correspondent cites the words of Mr. Abdullah, who after counting the votes in the second round, called for mass protests:

“We are ready to sacrifice life. Even if we are cut into pieces, we will not agree with the deception that the government has arranged. ”

Abdullah, ready to be cut into pieces, enjoys broad support from Afghan Tajiks (approximately 27% of the population), and therefore the threat of a split in Afghanistan on a national basis is quite real.

As for the comparison with the “Maidan”, Maxim Yusin finds that the situation in Afghanistan resembles not the recent, but the first Ukrainian “Maidan” (the end of 2004 of the year). There was a second round of elections, and the non-recognition by one candidate of the results, and as a result, the Orange Revolution.

The difference, the journalist believes, is only in the US reaction. Kiev supported the Kyiv Maidan-2004, while he called Afghan attempts to “destabilize the situation”.

It is clear that John Kerry and his boss Barack Obama cannot allow such an obvious failure of democracy in Kabul - especially against the background of the future withdrawal of most of the troops from Afghanistan. Last year, we wrote to VO that Washington seriously considers its military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq as “victories” (both strategic and democratic). And suddenly - such a failure!

According to the scenario that M. Yusin cites, Afghanistan can break up into several parts. The first third will be in the hands of the Tajiks, the second - in the Pashtuns, the last - in the Taliban. Approximately the same division into thirds took place in the 2001 year, when the United States was fascinated by the construction of Afghan democracy.

With the slightest hint of a sharp political crisis, it will be very difficult for Washington to talk about its democratic achievements in the region. Obama will lose the last percentages of the rating, John Kerry will resign, and the world community will receive another excuse for criticizing the United States, sowing the very “instability” everywhere that they love to teach the whole world.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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    1. +2
      16 July 2014 08: 04
      That’s excellent Tajiks will join Tajikistan, and he, in turn, to the CU
      1. DNX1970
        16 July 2014 10: 02
        There will be no peaceful separation. There will be another military conflict with any consequences other than joining the CU.
        1. +2
          16 July 2014 10: 59
          After 40 years, it seems that the first common thought appeared in the settlement of the Afghan question. I wonder how long Ukraine will need to come to the conclusion that a peaceful divorce is much better than living together in a constant war.
    2. +3
      16 July 2014 08: 11
      As there is in the song: "But now our wedding is coming to an end, Now it would be nice to count the silver, Then someone shouted in between cases: - Nobody else had a bride ?!"
      The American military genius won again. Both in Korea and Vietnam.
    3. evilrussian
      16 July 2014 08: 14
      When will they start sending them in three letters? We got it already, honestly.
      1. Svarog75
        17 July 2014 01: 52
        Is it like in the USA? wassat
    4. +3
      16 July 2014 08: 17
      Thank you Oleg, it’s interesting that their life flows there ...
      and his boss Barack Obama
      - The boss ?? what ... No. Possibility! - Yes
    5. +1
      16 July 2014 08: 36
      Do they know how to count?
    6. 0
      16 July 2014 09: 07
      And where the United States does not fit, everything is wrong .. and that’s not so, and so it’s not that way ..
    7. 0
      16 July 2014 09: 51
      It doesn’t matter who votes how it matters smile We revered Stalin
    8. +1
      16 July 2014 11: 01
      Democracy and Government of National Unity In Afghanistan? In the coming years, as they say - "no son, this is fantastic"!
    9. wanderer_032
      16 July 2014 15: 16
      John Kerry told the Afghans to count the votes in the elections ...

      Afghans conferred and decided to lynch Kerry am voted unanimously laughing

      And in America they thought ... Shaw, maybe in vain they planted American democracy everywhere ... laughing
    10. rmt63
      16 July 2014 16: 48
      These are not the people to be led ..... stop
    11. 0
      16 July 2014 17: 17
      He ordered to count ... No words, to be honest ...
    12. 0
      16 July 2014 19: 40
      It’s time for the states to calm down their "veelka". Soon they will be ordered by those with whom they did not reckon. And this time is getting closer and closer. am
    13. 0
      16 July 2014 21: 44
      And again, no matter where the SGA (United States of America) gets in, there is a crisis, revolutions and crushing the state into pieces ... I believe that they will face the same fate !! angry

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