Grenade launcher from the Ukrainian shipyard

Grenade launcher from the Ukrainian shipyard

The Ukrainian shipyard Leninskaya Kuznya announced the launch of production of the 40-mm automatic grenade launcher UAG-40.

The UAG-40 is an automatic grenade launcher that uses ammunition that meets NATO standards. Interestingly, this grenade launcher is not the work of designers from Ukraine, it was created in Belarus. The state headquarters of foreign trade GWTUP Belspetsvoentekhnika (BSVT) is engaged in its promotion in this country.

Unlike the AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers used by the Belarusian and Ukrainian armies, the new weapon does not use Russian 30 mm x 29B ammunition. Instead, they use the more common in the world types of grenades of NATO standards of caliber 40 mm x 53 mm in the American metal band M16.

The UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher works on the principle of using the recoil energy of the free stroke of the shutter. The weapon is extremely light. The weight of the grenade launcher is 17 kg (without ammunition), and with a tripod it does not exceed 31 kg. For comparison, the weight of the AGS-17 with a tripod is 35 kg, the weight of the American Mk 19 grenade launcher of the 3 mod is 32,9 kg, and in addition the 9,5 kg weighs a tripod.

The design of the grenade launcher allows you to start fire without prior preparation and waiting from unprepared positions. Because of its low mass, the calculation can very quickly move the weapon and change the firing position. In order to reduce recoil, the UAG-40 was equipped with a shutter damper, a three-stage barrel cutting and a muzzle brake. The firing range of the grenade launcher ranges from 40 to 2200 meters. The weapon is equipped with a switch that allows you to change the type of firing from a single to continuous and back. At a continuous rate, the grenade launcher fire rate is 400 shots / min.

The total length of the grenade launcher - 960 mm, barrel length - 400 mm. Pitch rifling - 1220 mm. The number of rifling variables is 8 in the initial part, 16 in the middle, and 24 in the end part of the trunk. The initial speed of the grenade 240 m / s.
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