M.Prokhorov - the next president of Russia?

M.Prokhorov - the next president of Russia?

17 May 2011, President of the Russian Federation Dmitry A.Medvedev, in conversation with billionaire MD Prokhorov, invited him to lead the Right Cause party, and the President emphasized the importance of reviving and reorganizing the party representing the “elector with liberal views for the market economy”. economy. " Dmitry A.Medvedev drew attention to the fact that the word “freedom” must necessarily appear in the title, and also gave MD Prokhorov complete freedom of action in the new “ruling party”, which is capable of replacing United Russia as a party in the future rapidly losing popularity among the people.

Two things are interesting: the President disposes the Right Cause party as his own, created and financed by the Kremlin, and also insists on including the word “freedom” in the name of the future party, built according to the principle of the Masonic Lodge, because the motto of the Freemasons is “freedom, equality, fraternity” . Undoubtedly, one new party, built on the wreckage of the Right Cause, is built not only as a Masonic Lodge with limited access for rank and file to the billionaires club, but is also a launching pad for the nomination of MD Prokhorov for the presidency. Otherwise, it is not at all clear why the billionaire should leave his business and become the head of the party that barely crosses the seven percent level of the upcoming Duma elections, and spend 100 million dollars of its own funds on this insignificant policy. The new party is unlikely to become an expensive toy for the bored MD Prokhorov, because the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry A. Medvedev from the very beginning gives it an important status in the distribution of political parties in the upcoming elections to the State Duma.

The recent 25 June 2011 congress of the Just Cause party fully confirms the conclusions made above. The non-alternative election of the chairman of the party, the speeches of its members and MD Prokhorov himself at the congress, once again underline the direction of the new party leader in the presidential election. There is no reason to compete with M.D.Prokhorov and D.Medvedev and V.V.Putin, the ruling tandem will declare him to be his successor and the matter will follow the groove created by Boris Yeltsin in 1999.
The speech of MD Prokhorov at the congress of the Right Cause Party included some rather curious statements. So, the party leader said:
Our main slogan is “capitalism for all”, it’s not true, it’s not like that. Capitalism is only for people who love risk, who love to take responsibility. A smart, professional and fair state should provide social guarantees and support to other people. These are guarantees of education, health, safety and work in the profession.

Indeed, why should a simple person show his wits, do his own business, when the whole country can be divided into zones of influence of domestic and foreign money-bags, and the rest of the country should be forced to work 60 hours a week or more, reducing the guarantees of education, health and safety only to the initial level, put only to this class of people. All the rest will be a privilege of the richest people of Russia belonging to a closed financial club. The Russian people are again being driven into feudal society with serfdom for the common man, when all the country's natural wealth, financial and labor resources are in the hands of feudal lords, which are a supranational world bank.

Further, MD Prokhorov drew attention to the following statement:
Was Soviet socialism a more equitable form of distribution of public goods? Of course not. This is the same, perhaps, savage form of capitalism, when instead of many proprietors there is one, a state that has subjugated free labor, the freedom of people, subordinated initiative, replacing with equalization, total control and repression.

It is not a consistent statement of the party leader. In the USSR, the distribution of public goods was not as an example more equitable than in the conditions of the current feudal capitalism, directed to the creative activity of any citizen of our country. Accessible medical care, education, children's and youthful creativity, the ability to choose any profession with a mandatory employment in the specialty was the property of all citizens of a great country, regardless of their social status. Add to this free guaranteed housing for all segments of the population, a decent pension, pre-school education, the possibility of vacations and leisure in any places of the former USSR for quite reasonable wages, and the current oligarchs will have nothing to oppose to this concern of the state about its citizens, about the country's power. Each of us was proud of our country, felt our involvement in great achievements in state-building and looked boldly into the future, confident that the party and the government are doing everything necessary to increase the well-being of our citizens, take care of the country's security, develop science and technology, make it possible any citizen of the USSR to express himself in a creative and constructive work for the benefit of the Motherland. The desire of the party and Komsomol leaders to suddenly become the owners of “factories, newspapers, steamboats” made us, Russian people, lumpens, “homeless” in our state, thrown into a landfill, depriving any hopes for a bright future.

MD Prokhorov is not enough of this, he continues to jerk over the defeated Russian people, erecting, like the previous government, “Potemkin villages”, fooling and deceiving their voters:
The first is the systemic degradation of our entire country. The first wave of degradation has affected the industry, and it collapsed. And what do we have now? In fact, we are a raw materials appendage. Let powerful, but raw materials appendage. Now comes the second wave. And we all see it. This is the most dangerous wave, in our country everything that is connected with the reproduction of human capital is degrading - education, health care, culture. And in the modern world, it is the quality of human capital that predetermines the competition of countries among themselves. And we must say absolutely honestly that we lost in this competition.

The second. The only driver of our development is constantly privatization. Let's turn to political economy. What is privatization? This is the initial accumulation of capital, and if we speak in our way, in the Russian way, this is the appropriation of what has been done before us. We need to take the next step, we need to build new cities, build new infrastructure, new schools, new hospitals, we have to inhabit our country. Unfortunately, the state and society are not ready for this.

Why did MD Prokhorov elaborate on the issues of degradation of the country and privatization as the only vector of development? From the point of view of simple logic, this is a rather strange statement for a person who, as a result of “gangster” privatization, and it is easier to say, the seizure of public property created by more than one generation of Russian people led the country to the only way of its existence - the raw material appendage of the West. The call of the Chairman of the Right Cause Party to build new cities, schools, and hospitals does not arouse anything but a bitter smile. Why build new cities, develop infrastructure in them, if almost all production, either destroyed or became the property of foreign bankers who are not at all inclined to share their profits with the Russian people, and even more to create acceptable conditions for the development of human capital, to make the Russian economy competitive western economy.

If you look from the point of view of the billionaires club, then the words of MD Prokhorov about the construction of new cities, the creation of new infrastructure relate to them. Why should not the rich and successful create their own cities - satellites, without permanent traffic jams, with beautiful houses, well-groomed lawns, omnipresent security? These will not be elite villages on Rublevskoye Highway, but the city of Gazprom, Severstal, Onexim, Rosneft and others, with their mayor represented by the president of the company and a narrow circle of proxies - neighbors. Everything is good, but there is a problem - the society, which again slows down such necessary undertakings of MD Prokhorov, not wanting to become service personnel in new cities - ghosts, and all that is utopia. In a shattered and robbed country, where the Russian people became an outcast in their land, it is impossible to isolate a patterned fence from the solution of the pressing issues of the people’s existence.

Here we come to the most important place in the speech of the Chairman of the Right Cause Party, MD Prokhorov:
And maybe the most important thing. Our country has a unique chance to save the world economy. We can accept the capital that can not now find a place. We can save the world from a global crisis.

What kind of capital is this that cannot find a place for itself because of the outbreak of the economic crisis, when any investment, even in raw materials, is rather risky and does not bring such profits as it was in the pre-crisis time? This means the global financial elite - the club of bankers managed by David Rothschild.

October 25 A government document was issued by 2010, according to which the Russian state authorizes to sell state assets of Rosneft, Transneft, Sberbank, Sovcomflot, VTB, Rosspirtprom, RusHydro and others through foreign banks. What banks are invited to become owners of Russian assets? This is the big Rothschild House: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley Bank, Merrill Lynch Securities, Goldman Sachs. And 15 in March 2011, Dmitry Medvedev, at a meeting with L. Blankfein, Director General of Goldman Sachs, discussed the possibility of creating an International Financial Center in Moscow. MD Prokhorov is fully on the position of Dmitry A. Medvedev in the sale of popular property to an international financial cartel, he is ready to throw all Russia into the crucible of an insatiable octopus pumping out all the juices from our country, sacrificing the Russian people to the despicable metal - gold.

MD Prokhorov, who in 2008 sold his stake in Norilsk Nickel to the world's largest aluminum corporation Russian Aluminum (UC Rusal), headed by OV Deripaska and Nathaniel Rothschild, became a member of the Rothschild Club . Since 2008, A.S. Voloshin, O.V. Deripaska’s longtime friend and member of the “family” B.Neltsin, has been appointed chairman of the board of directors of Norilsk Nickel, and now A.S. Voloshin will head the International Financial Center, whose owners will be the bankers of the Rothschild clan. Everything! The circle is closed, all property of the Russian Federation, as well as finance, will soon be wholly owned by the Rothschilds and their “effective” managers. After that, the Rothschild man, MD Prokhorov, should become the president of Russia.

Vladimir Putin, 27 on April 2011 of the year in Stockholm, responding to a question from journalists about the candidacy of the future president of Russia for the elections of 2012, answered:
It's too early to talk about it. The time will come, and we will make a decision. You'll like it. Be happy!
Now it has become completely clear who should like the nomination of a presidential candidate and who will be pleased! The influential people of the world behind the scenes, the banking supranational House of the Rothschilds, who are only two steps away from world domination, will be satisfied. After the fall of Russia at the feet of David Rothschild, the mousetrap will shut, the whole world will have to House Rothschilds, because they will print the currency of all countries of the world and lend to national governments, that is, to themselves, and will have to give to all of us, citizens, and even percent.

Speaking at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission in 1991, David Rockefeller said:
The world is now ready to march to world government. The supranational sovereignty of the intellectual elite and international bankers is undoubtedly preferable to the national self-determination practiced in previous centuries.

The apologist for the world domination of financial Kabbalah, D. Rockefeller, stands for a supranational bank, a supranational government, a supranational gendarmerie represented by NATO. That is why it is so important for this club of bankers to make one government, with a single currency, erase all differences between nations, destroy unique culture and languages, so that the whole world can be called its vassals, and itself sit around a single king in the restored Solomon temple.

This is the ultimate goal of all world Zionism, from which they were just two steps away, the first step is the loss of the national sovereignty of Russia, the second step is the destruction of the Russian people as an ethnic group, its fragmentation into Slavic tribes. The last president of the Russian Federation, according to the Banking House of Rothschild, should be a person who belongs to them completely, capable of bringing the business started by M.S. Gorbachev and continued by B.N.Yeltsin to the complete destruction of Russia into small feudal fiefdoms. Without a doubt, such a person should be M. Prokhorov, who knows all the subtleties of not only financial affairs, but also ready to betray the interests of the Russian people and Russia.

We, Russian people, should clearly realize the danger posed by the politics of the world behind the scenes, who dreams to destroy Holy Russia. We should not mindlessly indulge any plans of the Rothschild clan, but we need to put on the armor of truth and arm ourselves with the sword of Divine Truth.

We are Russian, God is with us!
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