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Leonid Ivashov: Today in Russia, the most unprofessional government in the world


Our "Military Power Union of Russia" initiated the creation of the "Sovereign Union of Russia". The front, as hastily began to call the new press association, is not the best name — we don’t want to fight anyone. Moreover, in their own country. But this term was adopted as a compromise after Putin announced the creation of his Popular Front.

Our solution has not matured spontaneously. We have long been waiting for the tandem to offer for Russia at least something that can save it from ruin and destruction, which will set some new course of development. However, besides chatter, idle talk and round-the-clock PR, we did not see anything. Whether it will be the front on the part of Putin, or will be called something else, but this liberal course and the Pharisee model of power are still preserved. So, lead the country to trouble.

Whoever sits in the Kremlin chambers, whoever sits in the White House, Russia is ruled by an oligarchy. All our politics, both external and internal, is aimed at raising an oligarchic class. It is no coincidence that on the background of the ruin as a result of the crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises, the impoverishment of the masses, we are constantly being forced into this liberal model. There is no way to allow this.

Modern Russian power is unable to govern, and the lower classes do not want such power. As a result, we see the general anger of the masses, of all segments of the population. And from the opposite side they are still trying to continue this disastrous course. If today we do not offer a strong-willed decision about power in Russia, we can get unrest, revolt, civil war and anything.

Therefore, we propose to unite the masses who want to change the political course of Russia.

Those who want to see Russia as an independent power in the community of world states.

Those who want the country to turn from a warehouse of resources, which is sold to the right and left, into a power producing a cultural, intellectual and technological product.

We consider the Russian people as a subject responsible for all the indigenous peoples of Russia. We need to build a course that will be convenient for everyone. There is already a Muslim movement in our union, and the rest will catch up. Today, everyone feels the scourge of separation. Who began to live better after the collapse of the USSR? Yes, a certain stratum in 2%, both here and in the rest of the new states in this territory, except perhaps Belarus.

Until now, no republic has reached the level of social and economic status of 1990 of the year. The Soviet Union ended its existence on the 4 technological structure of the economy. There were also directions where we already broke through into the fifth technological mode. We did not lag behind either the United States or Europe, and were approximately equal to them. Today they have mastered the fifth technological order, China is somewhere at the level of the fourth fixed, while in the meantime we have slipped into the third. If we talk about, for example, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan, it is even lower there.

We are moving in the opposite direction, but the current government cannot offer anything.

I am a supporter of design work. If we talk about the CIS, we can take as a basis the draft of the Eurasian Union of Nursultan Nazarbayev, jointly finalize it and accept it as a basis. Not just the Customs Union is just one particle of the whole. Need a common project.

We must clearly state what place in the world we wanted to have in the quality of this Union - where our niche is. And we have something to offer - and the project of a new philosophy of life, because with the current model, humanity is approaching a catastrophe. And a new type of international security system, or world order - it's time to change the universal international organizations, such as the UN Security Council, etc. We have both developments and publications on this. For example, I recently spoke in Greece with this project.

We need to create our global economic zone. Today there are three of them - North America, Europe and China. We also have a southern zone project - Russia-Iran-India as the basis. And we need each other - Russian minds and technologies, the Iranian model as transit to India, the Indian consumer market, joint technological projects, etc. And the whole CIS space fits into this global project. Of course, a common cultural, educational and scientific space should be formed within the framework of the Eurasian Union. In another way, simply will not survive. And the economy of our countries, all resources must work for every citizen and for society as a whole.

Our principle is the people's parliament, people's government, people's president. We will interact with those political parties that are already represented in the Duma. In particular, we will suggest the interaction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, which may become the core of consolidation. For example, we jointly go to the Duma and, depending on the percentage of votes cast, the composition of the deputies is determined. But the main thing is that we jointly nominate a presidential candidate.

Now we do not call anyone, but in Russia there are a lot of talents and worthy citizens - much more than we can see on television. They are in university circles, and in the governor's building, they just do not allow them to the screen. A presidential candidate will be nominated conciliarly, a general decision. That he was not a communist. If Gennady Andreyevich Zyuganov wants to become such a candidate against the will of the cathedral, it will be folly on his part.

I have already said in the media that even any honest and educated village teacher will bring more benefit to Russia at this place than the current tandem. At least he will not rob. He can be a nominal figure, which will be surrounded by real and decent professionals. Today in Russia, the most unprofessional government in the world. Agrarians should be engaged in agriculture, the military-industrial complex - military specialists. And who is a professional in our government, except Shoigu and Lavrov? All other outsiders. What can they do?

It is necessary to transform the system of government. Not the way it is happening now, from the ceiling - Medvedev dreamed of something, woke up and went to Skolkovo or to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate. There should be a strategic decision-making body, and in our opinion the Council of State should be such a body.

We have a pre-painted composition who could be in it. It will be necessary, we will, of course, make it public, but the basis in any case should be the governors and the heads of regional administrations. After all, we are, after all, a federal state. Putting the governors in a position like today is a crime. It is not clear whether he is elected, or whether he is appointed, what his powers are. During his term, the governor may never meet or even talk over the phone with the president, because the subscribers have a different clientele. For some reason, the president has time to meet with a rock band, but there is no time to accept the governor. Have you ever seen him accept any governor and together they discussed the development program of this or that region? Such a system needs to be broken.

The State Council must have a security council, a higher economic council, councils on culture, science, nationality, and so on. And the core of the Council should be the best professionals of Russia, not Fursenko, who believes that our education should prepare a competitive consumer. To offer the president this or that decision should the Council of Wise Men.

And most importantly, in the country you just need to establish an elementary order. Today, no matter what sphere you take, everywhere is crime and corruption, the uttermost mess. And the fact that Putin and Medvedev during 24 hours do not disappear from the television screen, the order no longer becomes.
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  1. Oleg
    Oleg 1 July 2011 09: 03 New
    Is this, again, to rewrite the Constitution?
  2. lan76
    lan76 1 July 2011 09: 13 New
    To adjust pricing, it is enough to take control of gas prices and diesel fuel and just lower them automatically, prices for everything else will start to fall. After all, half the price of goods is gasoline.
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 1 July 2011 12: 26 New
      In Ukraine under Tymoshenko they tried to do this, in Russia a couple of months ago, also in some regions, if I am not mistaken. As a result, gasoline disappeared, prices soared, and then when gas appeared, prices did not fall. This does not work.
  3. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 1 July 2011 11: 21 New
    tired of this "analyst" Ivashov
    Here are some facts:
    As a military analyst, L. Ivashova perfectly characterizes the track record:

    since 1976 - D.F.Ustinov, head of the apparatus of the USSR Minister of Defense Marshal of the Soviet Union
    since 1987 - head of the affairs department of the USSR Ministry of Defense,
    in 1992-1996 - Secretary of the Council of Ministers of Defense of the CIS member states,
    in 1996-2001 - head of the Main Directorate of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (what international cooperation was under Yeltsin we know)

    Here is such a great specialist, he worked all his life as a clerical rat in great posts, seven years in retirement, and there he was a wonderful military expert. Since General Ivashov is the leader of all kinds of national "patriotic" movements, the people perceive his words with confidence. How - "a man is rooting for our army" (c), but not a liberal in the end.
  4. dmb
    dmb 1 July 2011 11: 56 New
    Ivashov (if he reads) With deep respect, I treat you. But I would like to get an answer to the following questions: 1) Who are those worthy, who can lead the country. There was nothing left before the election, and of the real opposition for which one can vote, only the Communist Party, and even that is led by a completely worthless person. 2) How are you going to tell the people about these worthy ones? Whoever has the media in their hands knows everything. 3) Are you firmly convinced of the honesty of the vote? How do you intend to prevent falsification already tested in 1996 and 2006? 4) Are you seriously sure that the existing power, having lost the elections, will voluntarily part with it? Those characteristics that you give her, and with which I completely agree, completely dismiss this possibility. 5) What do you intend to do in this case? Thank you in advance for your reply.
  5. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 14: 15 New
    For Ragnarek
    If you are talking about Ivashov, then bring the personal path of our guarantor, Medvedev.
    We are waiting!
    1. Ragnarek
      Ragnarek 1 July 2011 14: 17 New
      and who said that Medvedev is my guarantor? thank God without a guarantor I live somehow. And about Ivashov, he brought the info only because I don’t like when FIG knows who is building himself a great analyst and strategist.
  6. Stavr
    Stavr 1 July 2011 14: 49 New
    I did not understand: is Ragnarek coming out a great analyst and strategist, or what? Brother, you’re not good enough for Leonid Ivashov!
    1. Ragnarek
      Ragnarek 1 July 2011 14: 52 New
      Where did you see my comment with analytics? I do not pretend. but Ivashov, too, is not an analyst; there are more worthy people.
      at the expense I fit in soles or not fit - everyone is good in its place
  7. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 14: 57 New
    don’t take my words as a desire to grapple with you again, but RAGNAREC, in my opinion, citing Ivashov’s biography, wrote that this strategist was a cabinet general and chaos, nothing more. Well, what can you do that Ivashov is not Gromov? And whether you like his articles or not, this is your personal matter. Sorry, STAVR, if you offended.
  8. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 16: 11 New
    Lord comrades!
    If someone says A, then he SHOULD SAY B, otherwise - a prostitute.
    Medvedev is a typical cabinet worker. Who will deny?
    Where does Medvedev practice?
    Only up and up.

    And Colonel General Ivashov has respect from the military. He has a normal position for the country.
    Or someone for a stool?
  9. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 16: 29 New
    SERGEY M.,
    firstly, you boldly declared respect from ALL military. And if some military do not agree with respect? So you really are for yourself, please, I do not mind.
    Secondly, ex-general Ivashov took as a basis the most simple, popular rhetoric. The rhetoric of criticism of the current government. A win-win. I’m starting to grind like that - will you vote for me?
    Thirdly, what to criticize when the ass is in shit. In the 1990s, as far as I remember, he was responsible for the Yugoslav trend, without the slightest success.
    Fourth, I do not like the "Arbat" generals with their biographies. I still do not like Tolboev, but not because of his biography, but because he comments on every plane crash the next day, like the ultimate truth.
    That's it, my friend Sergey M.
  10. Stavr
    Stavr 1 July 2011 16: 31 New
    I have great respect for Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov.
    Shake my hand firmly, Stavr. We, perhaps, are like-minded people, although thousands of kilometers separate us.
  11. figwam
    figwam 1 July 2011 16: 55 New
    I almost always agree with Ivashov!
  12. Serey M.
    Serey M. 1 July 2011 17: 27 New
    Ivashov, Primakov - Yugoslavia wasn’t handed over, as were Gromov Afgan and Shamans with other Chechnya.
    Everyone handed over politicians. Yeltsins, Berezovskys ..., yes, and the Poles of Grachy are also licking.

    No need to run into honest generals.

    Yes, someone Mitrich - I was not there, I'm in the Navy.
    And who are you? Stab!
    You weren’t there either.
    Who are you for?
  13. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 17: 48 New
    Major I, mayor, SERGEY M.
    Write an autobiography? Or will you manage?
    You, my friend, yourself have discovered a strange detail. You are SERGEY M., then SEREI M. Explain to me, stupid, why.
    Forgot to add. I am for Putin.
  14. His
    His 1 July 2011 17: 56 New
    Ivashov realizes he is against the current Minister of Defense
  15. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 18: 22 New
    You, my friend, yourself have discovered a strange detail. You are SERGEY M., then SEREI M. Explain to me, stupid, why.

    Putiners, this is not to understand. Only, "major" didn’t say who are you? And where?
    And lope and when!

    I do not like these dudes. Who in life ???? .......... but steadfastly tin one-legged soldier stands for power that the people will not see.
    1. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 1 July 2011 20: 06 New
      Sergey M.,
      And when did we have a strong power then loved? The people of our fashion have such a custom - to criticize.
      Click here, dear, here’s a reference and listen to what the Americans are saying about Putin. Although, I suspect that with your position in life, at least give me this link, put God at the head of Russia, one thing will be - everyone has been bought, sold and bought, and only you know how to live right and what to do :)

      Fox News radio station:

      99B & index = 24 & playnext = 4
  16. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 18: 26 New
    What blurted out - did not understand. Are you a drunk or something, sailor SERGEY M.?
  17. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 18: 37 New
    And you are just a slug. And I'm sober.
  18. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 18: 46 New
    SERGEY M.,
    Well - offended! In the most real way - offended!
    Understand, my friend, I’m not at all trying to improve your worldview. Like Ivashov - yes, let him enjoy your health! Read it, love, appreciate, you can write out quotes - it's up to you.
    But I think differently than you, and you should not be offended by this.
    I hope that we will agree on other issues, SERGEY M.
  19. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 18: 52 New
    You're not a major.
    And no one you were, like "buddy" - what do you mow under the muller?

    Officers since you are not talking.
    You are nobody.
    You can declare yourself Colonel General - but according to the statements - everything is clear right away.
    I have the honor.
  20. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 18: 54 New
    Thank you.
  21. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 19: 00 New
    I do not see the need to participate more in the forum. Thank you, Seryozha.
  22. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 20: 59 New
    For "MikhailVl"

    Is that pressure on the girl "Mitrich"?

    Another one was found with an indefinitely stupid position.
    Cho you ..... need from your comments?
    I just answer them.
    And you ask them.
    What do you want?
    Or are you Mitrich?
    That. is there a woman?

    Look for happiness wherever you want and under what happens.
    1. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 1 July 2011 23: 12 New
      Sergey M.,
      My position is just the same. I threw a reference in my comment for an example. Did you listen to her? I’ll answer for you - you didn’t listen to anything and did not think about anything, because you are hysterical against everyone who disagrees with you. That's why everything is bad for you in life, because everything around you is to blame. Here we are all bad, and in the state - our managers. Here is my opinion about you, Sailor Sergey M.

      And I don’t need anything from you at all. You entered the forum, said your opinion, and I expressed mine, that's all. And with such a hysterical person like you I never get involved, for it is ridiculous to look at such defective creatures like you, a miracle! I wouldn’t even beat you, because you will begin to pour tears before the fight :)
  23. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 21: 33 New
    Over the past 25 years, we have the most productive government, or is it worth recalling the times of vouchers and default?
    1. His
      His 1 July 2011 21: 34 New
      I agree. There is something to compare. In general, we go from bad to good
    2. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 1 July 2011 22: 50 New
      DAGESTAN333, I agree unequivocally. We are moving normally!

      But there are comrades (such as those offended by Sergei M.) who whine on the topic that we are all degrading and falling apart ... Only in 20 years we can’t fall apart in any way, but only grow stronger. Our mother Russia, dear Sergey M., is getting stronger for you with the help of Putin, and Medvedev too. :)
    3. Sandov
      Sandov 5 February 2012 20: 13 New
      God give Russia time to get out of the Yeltsin pit. Ivashov respect. Man cares about the future of Russia.
  24. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 21: 39 New
    For site administration only.

    Why do you put a score in front of each comment?
    What, like, are you GODS, who has the right to EVALUATE PEOPLE?

    Only you have the right to ban, but do not give an assessment to everyone!

    No need to greet!
    1. slan
      slan 1 July 2011 21: 48 New
      Register and also be able to put plus / minus to other people's comments.
    2. fantast
      fantast 4 July 2011 02: 00 New
      This is exhibited by registered visitors.
  25. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 21: 52 New
    You know, the curse removed, SEREZH M. I’m ready to fill you with a fucking-up pen anywhere you tell me, tell me at least a point on the map of Russia where you can be calculated. I read you, you bastard, and laughed, I thought that I was with the naval officer in correspondence, but now I realized - the next scum is a provocateur! Come on, fart something, vomit!
    1. East
      East 1 July 2011 22: 12 New
      Mitrich, dear, please do not be nervous. You see, the person is not in adequate, well, let yourself indulge. People respect you, your position in life, although many may disagree with you. These Sergey M. only achieve that normal people would spoil their mood. Happy weekend!
      1. DAGESTAN333
        DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 22: 19 New
        I agree with the East
      2. His
        His 1 July 2011 23: 22 New
        Then probably Friday influenced someone, or he was fucked in life
    2. voin-xnumx
      voin-xnumx 4 July 2011 05: 56 New
      mitrich: we are not familiar with you, but you should not exchange and pay attention to everyone. I went to this site solely because I wanted to learn new things or discuss the history of arms and military equipment, and no more. All those who are gundos about the frailty of our weapons or did not serve at all are simply authentic Cossacks. Such a place at the bucket.
  26. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 22: 27 New
    I am not against different points of view. We, I remember, argued on the forum. But this bastard beats right under his breath! He told him a little to himself, but as soon as he opened, so immediately "not the one" and "<! - filter: -Removed mother -> you're lying -> you're lying <! - / filter ->". I am not Caucasian, of course, but I take the accusations of lying to heart, especially since I did not infringe on this bastard in his faith. Honestly, because of several people, including you (do not consider that you licked) and I am forum.
    1. voin-xnumx
      voin-xnumx 4 July 2011 06: 04 New
      Read the post at the top. Take it easy. If you write something to the mail, we'll figure it out.
  27. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 22: 32 New
    And further. I ran into UNGU in due time. Now I apologize to him if I read, of course.
  28. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 1 July 2011 22: 32 New
    Well, that it was HERE that all the junk gathered, including the leaky product of RTI No. 2.
    Heap enjoy ...

    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 22: 42 New
      Sergey M.why do we try to respect you? Do you STATE different things here? The rules are set by the owners of the site and not by us.
  29. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 22: 37 New
    Slightly open the gate yourself, if you are asking others, SERGEY M. Are you a sailor, really or was it ordinary?
    I apologized at least for the coming dream.
    1. His
      His 1 July 2011 23: 28 New
      It’s dangerous to trust weapons like this, not to mention a boat
  30. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 22: 54 New
    It is empty, DAGESTAN, there is no answer. Another "Flying Dutchman" with offensive messages.
    Do not want to talk a little?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 22: 56 New
  31. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 1 July 2011 22: 58 New
    Mitrich, Sergei M. is exactly m..y and is. I made a hysteria that they gave him grades, doesn’t know the rules, cries, the girls called us here, junk, their goods ... I haven’t met such people for a long time, "MORYAKOV" :)))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) More precisely, never :)))
    Sergey M., why so much hysteria? And what right do you have to insult us all? You are the most natural one, since you behave like that.
  32. figwam
    figwam 1 July 2011 23: 02 New
    Why shouted !?
    You interfere with sleep!
  33. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 02 New
    I remember that I had to go through an emergency in the explosive brigade in Kizlyar, but I got in the wrong place. In 1991, in my opinion, there was already tension, including shelling. All the same, I didn’t pass by the war. Tell me, DAGESTAN, why do young people go to the forests? Not all, of course, I understand, but the part is going the same?
  34. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 05 New
    I already begin to hate this Ivashov. Such a srach because of one article!
    1. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 1 July 2011 23: 21 New
      Or maybe Sergey M. - is this Ivashov? :)))

      We are waiting for the answer of the Dagestan 333.
  35. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 23: 25 New
    I read here the opinion that our guys prefer the “forest” from the fact that the economic situation pushes, etc., not quite so, the whole thing is in the competently built recruitment mechanism, with the use of NLP often. Radicals attract youth and only those who believe that there is jihad (ghazavat) - took Kalash and killed as many kafirs as possible.

    (sorry for so long)
    1. His
      His 1 July 2011 23: 30 New
      I agree in part. Here the environment plays, the situation is the gangster environment, so to speak. Not everyone will find the strength to tell them that I do not play your games.
  36. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 28 New
    Mikhail Vl,
    I must pay tribute to Sergei M. Warm up, strain, shit and remain unrecognized he quite succeeded. I hate I-no because of this, is it not for the notebook to clatter on the wall as Serezha’s head?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 23: 32 New
      Or maybe this Sergey M. just an enemy bot? Could this be?
    2. His
      His 1 July 2011 23: 32 New
      No need to pay attention to patients. He will oversleep tomorrow and will not remember anything, but then still worry about some shit
    3. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 2 July 2011 00: 00 New
      I agree, Mitrich, this is a minus and-net :))) Or maybe a plus - after all, Sailor Seryozha doesn’t fall into his arm, he remains invisible to him, but we don’t take a sin :)))) Oh well, they forgot . But I laughed heartily, honestly :)))
  37. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 32 New
    I also heard the noun "apostates". And if you withdraw from the treatment of individual representatives of the Muslim clergy professing Salafism, the people of Dagestan will be indignant, what do you think?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 23: 40 New
      Take what? .... I wanted to ask ... ... but it seems I understood that the Salafis should keep up with the grass, otherwise the feds might not have time to save them by sitting in jails, they are not the only ones who can fight here, honestly, many of us have nerves they don’t stand it, our sheikhs only calm us down.
  38. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 44 New
    Do you want to say that the Dagestanis are being restrained by the federals from reprisal against the Salafis? Did I understand you correctly?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 1 July 2011 23: 47 New
      Yes. More precisely, the constitution and our principles.
  39. mitrich
    mitrich 1 July 2011 23: 52 New
    do not write as if you and I were at a rally "United Russia".
    Another question: You are a connoisseur of Islam. Is it true that according to Islamic canons, Jesus Christ is one of the prophets?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 01 New
      Honestly, I didn’t think about it, write off my thinking.

      A KNOWLEDGE - it would be too loud, it would be more correct to say - I adhere.

      Jesus (GIisa) (GI.s.) - it is, the penultimate prophet.
  40. mitrich
    mitrich 2 July 2011 00: 07 New
    The last question.
    You wrote that the Avar is by nationality. So, they should know whether the transfer of 2 Avar villages to Azerbaijan in recent days is true. Is it true?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 12 New
      Fall asleep?

      Unfortunately I can’t answer, I don’t know, but there are such villages, even my friends were from there.
    2. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 14 New
      mitrich can you drop the mail in my mail?
  41. mitrich
    mitrich 2 July 2011 00: 22 New
    Thanks for the clarification and generally for the support. Although I must say that you are just an example of political correctness. In this regard, I’m definitely a bigger Caucasian, a granny, however, you won’t ask about this topic anymore ...
    I’ll drop the mail if you explain what it is.
    See you tomorrow, friend!
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 28 New
      Good night.

      friend - this is serious.
    2. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 46 New
      I will send you an email at this site tomorrow.
  42. Victor
    Victor 2 July 2011 00: 28 New
    I had a chance to communicate with Ivashov personally, and participated in a sinful affair as a delegate at one of the congresses of the Sovereign Union. Ivashov sincerely believes in what he says and writes. The problem is different. Many of the leaders of this Sovereign Union themselves dream of power, but Ivashov does not. He is honest, intelligent, but in some ways utopian, idiolizing the readiness of the entire Russian people for decisive action. Such people are definitely needed. Such excite the consciousness of the masses, not letting them go into hibernation according to our not the best tradition. But in the state in which Russia is now, people like Ivashov, honest to the bone and uncompromising to fanaticism, will lead Russia to a civil war. Therefore, based on the principle of least evil, I personally am for Putin.
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 00: 34 New
      Victor, here people got into a fight, had you had time before, and your comment would not have allowed this.
  43. Victor
    Victor 2 July 2011 01: 12 New
    DAGESTANETS333 Unfortunately, he was busy in the garden, arrived late, to debriefing, as they say. Yes, by the way, I read your correspondence with Mitrich. It’s certainly interesting. Personally, I taught a lot and, in fact, gave a ticket to life, the chief of artillery 98 VDD under the USSR. Colonel Kuliev Shamil Magomedovich-Avar. Truly beautiful and strong man.
  44. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 10: 18 New
    mitrich great.

    Check your mail through your account.
  45. mitrich
    mitrich 2 July 2011 10: 34 New
    Did I reply to that letter? Or did you send me something else today?
    1. DAGESTAN333
      DAGESTAN333 2 July 2011 10: 41 New
      I realized the connection test, otherwise they didn’t react before.

      I'll write more soon.
  46. mitrich
    mitrich 3 July 2011 09: 06 New
    agreed, I take my arrivals on Ivashov back. In the end, unlike you, I have never seen him or talked to him in my life. Yesterday I watched "The Last Word" on NTV - there was talk of corruption in the army - he participated there, though not the first violin, but what he said was, in general, correct.

    SERGEY M.,
    you bastard, you bastard ... Even your apology is lacking in spirit. The naval ones didn’t behave like that for a long time, whom I know, those people are literate, though sharp, but kindly. And you are just a bastard.
  47. Jury
    Jury 3 July 2011 18: 53 New
    Again, let's ... And try ... mobilize ...
  48. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 3 July 2011 19: 28 New
    As for all the bastards - look at yourself in the mirror in the morning when you shave.
    You just have your own party here, and I wedged myself. Well then - the stranger is more unpleasant.

    And then a stream of dirt from you - who else is there in the club.

    I forgive everyone.
    Neher climb ... One-deleted-, that no one says - nothing depends on the site.

    And to put the site owners + - for each post - this is to keep everyone with monkeys on a leash - I liked the dog - I’ll give her a bone.
    Well fight further with the mills .... Good luck!
  49. mitrich
    mitrich 3 July 2011 19: 46 New
    It’s a pity, Sergei M., that you didn’t understand anything.
    And for the bastard Sorry, since I began to forgive. I have no desire to write anything more to you.
  50. Sergey M.
    Sergey M. 3 July 2011 23: 23 New
    To close the topic about me, "RTI№2 product" is your mutual friend "Ost"
    How did he paraffin me on another branch 3 days ago. And who stopped this mess? I did not rush such words.
    Everything, a loner will do nothing for you.
    Live together!
    Heap up.