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Media: China began developing a hypersonic rocket

Media: China began developing a hypersonic rocketChina is leading the development of a reactive hypersonic cruise missile in addition to the hypersonic planning device WU-14, tested at the beginning of the year.

Information about the developments appeared in the Chinese technical journal, reports The Washington Free Beacon. The publication was published by experts from the state corporation China Shipbuilding Industry, which is the largest arms manufacturer in China.

The description of the project indicates that the Chinese development is similar to the experimental hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle X-43, developed by NASA.

A Chinese rocket can reach speeds of up to 8 thousand miles per hour. This speed creates technical difficulties for designers because of the high load on materials, as well as the complexity of control at high speeds, the journal notes.

The Chinese Defense Ministry stated that the development is a “normal” scientific experiment and is not directed against anyone. Experts point out that the rocket could be a shock weapons against US aircraft carriers and warships.

Now the development of hypersonic missiles are actively conducted in the United States. Russia also stated that the development of hypersonic rockets is a priority for it. In June, Russia for the first time conducted demonstration firing of a hypersonic rocket for the Pantsir anti-aircraft missile system.

Recall that in January, China conducted a flight test of a hypersonic gliding apparatus. The hypersonic device is designed to launch on one of the intercontinental ballistic missiles so that he can plan and develop speeds up to ten times faster than the speed of sound on his way to the target from near-Earth space.

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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 11 July 2014 08: 43
    China, as always, has lately been striving to be on the cutting edge of advanced developments, we need to carefully monitor this.
  2. 0255
    0255 11 July 2014 08: 44
    Maybe it is copied from something?
    1. theadenter
      theadenter 11 July 2014 10: 09
      С what copy? It seems there are no hypersonic rockets yet?
  3. 75 hammer
    75 hammer 11 July 2014 08: 45
    For some reason, I was not surprised that China now has an army second after the United States in the ground forces, as shown after 20 years of war, they ceased to be won exclusively on earth, it is frightening to become a neighbor like the Chinese People’s Army !!!
  4. rugor
    rugor 11 July 2014 08: 53
    We do not need to be afraid of China. You need to think soberly. The tiger is safe as long as it is afraid of us. So you need to increase the power of your country, so that everyone is not discouraged.
  5. netwalker
    netwalker 11 July 2014 09: 03
    What can I say - ladies and gentlemen - we have a new leader ..!
    1. saag
      saag 11 July 2014 09: 07
      Quote: netwalker
      we have a new leader ..!

      What's his name?
  6. alekc73
    alekc73 11 July 2014 09: 18
    From the beginning of work to the serial product, the distance is enormous.
  7. ZSP
    ZSP 11 July 2014 09: 23
    Well, a leader is not a leader, but they try to keep up with new trends, again they smiled " The Chinese military department said that the development is a “normal” scientific experiment and is not directed against anyone."