Pakistan left the Americans without a military base

Pakistan left the Americans without a military basePakistani authorities have officially confirmed that they have decided to refuse the United States to use its Shamsi military base located in the province of Balochistan near the Afghan border. Reported by Reuters.

A statement about the refusal to provide Washington with a military base was made by the Minister of Defense of Pakistan, Ahmed Mukhtar. “There will no longer be any flights of American airplanes from this air force base. If any aircraft take off from it, then only Pakistani ones,” A. Mukhtar said.

Unofficially, the ban on the use of a military facility by the US army and the intelligence services of Pakistan’s media was reported back in April 2011. According to some information, American unmanned aerial vehicles were based on the Shamsi territory. They were used to destroy the Taliban militants hiding in the north-west of Pakistan in the territories of the “tribal zone” - a region that the Pakistani authorities do not fully control.

As a result of drone strikes, civilians were often killed, not terrorists, which led to an increase in discontent in Pakistani society, both with the authorities of their own country and with the US military.
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