Ukrainian security forces inflicted an airstrike on the positions of the militia near the airport Lugansk

9 July plane of the Ukrainian Air Force attacked the positions of the militia of the Luhansk People's Republic, located near the airport of the city of Lugansk, reports ITAR-TASS with reference to the press service of the government of the LC.

Ukrainian security forces inflicted an airstrike on the positions of the militia near the airport Lugansk

Representatives of the press service noted that the militia "no victims".

Information about the air strike was confirmed by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said RIA "News". According to the agency, as a result of the airstrike, two were destroyed tank and the BM-21 Grad militia multiple launch rocket system.

“All the aircraft involved in the operation successfully completed the task and returned to certain areas. There are no losses among the Ukrainian servicemen, ”the Defense Ministry’s press service notes.

In addition, the speaker of the information center of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Andrei Lysenko, said that on July 9 militiamen had fired at one of the checkpoints of the Ukrainian security forces near Lugansk from mortars. As a result of the shelling two soldiers were killed. The journalist of the Inter TV channel Roman Bochkala was also seriously injured.

“The journalist was taken by helicopter to the Kharkov military hospital, where they provided the necessary assistance. Now his condition is satisfactory, we hope that soon he will delight us with new bright scenes from the scene in a combat conflict zone, ”Lysenko said.
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  1. +11
    10 July 2014 06: 48
    The total loss of punitive in the Donbass for May 2 - July 8, 2014

    The anti-fascist fighters managed today to push the punishers away from Luhansk, and yesterday the first combat aircraft (Su-25) appeared at the LPR militias. Strelkov and his hardened guards strengthen the defense of Donetsk, and on July 6, near the Saur-Mogila mound, a battalion of Kolomoisky's mercenaries "Azov" (more than 200 killed mercenaries) was destroyed. All this creates the preconditions for the defeat of the punitive group in August 2014.

    Total loss of manpower - 4445 people (killed, wounded, prisoners):
    - 1660 extremists "Right Sector", mainly included in the National Guard, as well as losses among the soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine. On May 29, Major General Sergei Kulchitsky, head of the National Guard Combat Training Directorate, was assassinated under Slavyansk.
    - 1270 Ukrainian mercenaries of Kolomoisky (special battalions of Ukrainian mercenaries of Olomoisky "Dnepr", "Donbass", "Aydar" and "Azov", etc.). In May, the leaders of Kolomoisky's mercenaries Demidenko and Bereza were killed in Mariupol.
    - 110 employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (Sumy Alpha completely destroyed, Kiev, Poltava, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Lutsk, Volyn, Vinnitsa, Zhytomyr Alpha suffered great losses, etc.)
    - 300 foreign mercenary: Polish PMC "ASBS Othago" lost 109 people, the American PMC "Graystone" - 40 people., American PMC "Asademi" (up to 2009, known as Blackwater) - 125 people. Baltic women snipers lost 26 man.
    - 190 military 95 airborne Zhytomyr brigade
    - 130 military 25 airborne Dnipropetrovsk brigade
    - 90 military 79 airborne brigade (Nikolaev)
    - 70 military 24 mechanized brigade (city Yavoriv, ​​Lviv region)
    - 80 military 80 airborne regiment (Lviv)
    - 20 military 3 Special Forces Regiment (Kirovograd)
    - 15 military 8 Special Forces Regiment (Khmelnitsky)
    - 50 military 93 mechanized brigade (v. Cherkassky, Novomoskovsk district of Dnipropetrovsk region)
    - 45 military 72 mechanized brigade (Belaya Tserkov, Kyiv region)
    - 55 military personnel of the Lugansk border detachment
    - 40 servicemen of the Donetsk border guard unit
    - 30 servicemen of the 128 mountain and infantry brigade (Mukachevo, Transcarpathian region)
    - 50 Territorial Defense Battalion Service Men
    - 30 military personnel of the 51 Brigade of Army Aviation of the National Guard (Alexandria, Kirovograd Region)
    - 30 military personnel of the 16 Army Aviation Brigade (Brody, Lviv region)
    - 25 military personnel of the 831 brigade of tactical aviation (Mirgorod, Poltava region)
    -5 military personnel of 114 tactical aviation brigade (Ivano-Frankivsk)
    -20 military personnel of the 299th tactical aviation brigade (Nikolaev)
    - 5 servicemen from a reconnaissance aircraft AN-30, shot down by 6 June (tentatively of the city of Chuguev, Kharkiv region)
    - 25 CIA and FBI officers (13 killed, 12 injured)
    - 40 MIA employees

    Destroyed equipment:
    -1 aircraft AN-26
    -1 reconnaissance aircraft AN-30
    - 2 Aircraft - IL 76
    - 6 of Su-25 airplanes (+ 1 SU-25 captured on July 7)
    - 5 Su-24 aircraft
    - 4 drone
    - 18 attack helicopters ("Mi-24", "Mi-17" and "Mi-8")
    - 27 T-64 tanks
    - 7 T-72 tanks
    - 5 Hammers
    - 10 Gas-66
    - truck crane
    - 12 Uralov
    - 14 KAMAZ
    -2 UAZ 469
    -2 SAU-Nona
    -1 anti-aircraft gun ZU 23-2
    -4 installation MLRS GRAD
    -6 installations MLRS Hurricane
    - 9 D-30 howitzers
    -12 122 mm mortars
    - 26 BMP
    - 35 BMD
    - 70 BTR
    1. +6
      10 July 2014 06: 55
      Glory to the militia of Lugansk !!! True WARRIORS !!!
      1. -5
        10 July 2014 06: 59
        Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
        Glory to the militia of Lugansk !!! True WARRIORS !!

        look on YouTube "Terrorists ... with what kind of eyes ??" it seems that our beloved Tsarev has burned wildly; he is like Klitschko to me, only on the other side of the barricades. Ps. waiting for the cons! Just ask to justify!
        1. +3
          10 July 2014 07: 11
          Quote: evgenii67
          look at YouTube "Terrorists ... with what-what eyes ??"

          Looked, explain what the fawn is.
          1. -1
            10 July 2014 07: 24
            Quote: GRAY
            Looked, explain what the fawn is.

            that they openly acknowledged the presence of our volunteers. The question is why the war takes place only in TWO regions of Ukraine bordering Russia, and not on the whole territory, in the territory which is adjacent to the Russian border? and another question, but why really (a question from VIDEO) will the people in these two regions not rise? Just consider the problem is not one-sided and I want to understand thoroughly, that I do not advocate dill and in no way defend the Kiev junta, you can learn from previous comments on the topic of Ukraine.
            1. +5
              10 July 2014 07: 35
              Quote: evgenii67
              that they openly acknowledged the presence of our volunteers.

              And what, was it hiding before? The presence of volunteers from Russia was recognized by everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. Our volunteers are our pride.
              1. nvv
                10 July 2014 07: 45
                I have little opinion of Tsarev, but there’s no crime in my opinion.
              2. -2
                10 July 2014 07: 48
                you have drawn on a part of the phrase: "... or professional military ..."
                1. nvv
                  10 July 2014 07: 56
                  Quote: evgenii67
                  you have drawn on a part of the phrase: "... or professional military ..."
                  But he does not say that the military.
                  And do not bother like that at all.
            2. +2
              10 July 2014 07: 48
              Quote: evgenii67
              that openly recognized the presence of our volunteers

              Nobody denied this, volunteers are not the Russian army.
              Quote: evgenii67
              why the war takes place only in TWO regions of Ukraine bordering with Russia

              And why is there no war in other regions bordering Russia? If the events in Novorossia were initiated by Moscow, then a chunk of the very Kiev would be cut off from Ukraine. Look at the map: Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporozhye, Odessa.
              Quote: evgenii67
              why the people in these two regions will not rise?

              Especially for elves who claim that if the whole city came out, then Odessa would ...
              1: no city will ever go anywhere. Hammer you on this mantra. Any city - Odessa, Moscow, Washington, Canberra.
              2: any mass share is always paid by someone. There are no spontaneous speeches. They only look spontaneous.
              3: the partisan movement also does not happen massively. In the best case, no more than 1-3% of the total number go to partisans. There are exceptions, and this is Belarus. And who are these people?
              3.1 Ideological passionaries.
              3.2 Those who have nothing to lose.
              3.3 Random.
              3.4 Affected by terror by the occupation authorities.
              All four categories may overlap. There is never a single cause; there is always a complex of causes.
              ALL! The rest will eat apricots, go to the beaches and sit at home, cursing someone. This is an axiom. And these same people can strike in Italian, by the way. This is also useful. And they can inform partisans - often by accident. For example, about the movement of equipment or the schedule of patrolling the streets by policemen. And sometimes the cops themselves can work.
              But, the most important thing is the organization. A typical dictatorship with a strong-willed leader who can provide the technical, financial and informational components of the detachment, preferably a small one.
      2. 0
        10 July 2014 09: 20
        Militias are gaining combat experience. The further you go, the higher the losses will be. We wish the military success and good luck to the militia.
    2. +1
      10 July 2014 07: 09
      Regarding the statements of the Junta, about "surprises and gifts" for the militia, in my opinion, except for shelling and airstrikes, a bad option for the SE, if the dill were left in Lugansk and Donetsk before Strelkov's entrance, "sleeping" sabotage special forces groups.
    3. +1
      10 July 2014 07: 53
      Quote: Sith Lord
      Total manpower losses -

      And what are the numbers 20,30,70,90 rounded to even or what?
    4. 0
      10 July 2014 07: 59
      Why infa ?! If from independent informants, then you can believe it, if from the side of the conflict, then you need to divide by at least 3 for reliability.
      But even with a three-time divider - still good. I would like a link.
  2. +11
    10 July 2014 07: 05
    Fucked shame. Only a couple of months in power, and already afraid of his army ...
  3. DPZ
    10 July 2014 07: 15
    this PMC must be ordered: foyayayaya !!!
  4. Tanechka-clever
    10 July 2014 07: 24
    "All the aircraft that were involved in the operation, successfully completed the task" - well, of course
    Boundless air spaces - in full and "almost" unpunished possession, because the enemy's aircraft IN PRINCIPLE cannot be - they simply DO NOT have them. Oh yes, I forgot - they probably are, but Poroshenko has declared a no-fly zone and now ... the militias cannot fly as it was before, for example, in Slavyansk, but only Ukrainian planes can.
  5. evilrussian
    10 July 2014 07: 27
    In these cities, there are very few MANPADS. Without air defense, aircraft will roll out in an instant. Shoot down planes, and surviving pilots according to the laws of wartime ...
    1. 0
      10 July 2014 07: 52
      Quote: evilrussian
      In these cities, there are very few MANPADS. Without air defense equipment roll out aircraft in an instant

      Well, well, well, you probably have information about the presence of air defense in Slavyansk and the absence in Donetsk ... Why did you get this ?. Now there are measures to create an air defense system, Strelkov is a competent man and understands that it is extremely important not to allow dill to host the air. I am sure that despite the chatter and snot, MANPADS and other mobile air defense systems, we still customize them whenever possible. This is certainly not the S-300, but still. By the way, we still have a rather outdated Osa air defense system on tracks. To fight dill falcons, they would have come in handy, at the same time, the rearmament of our army air defense would have intensified. The outdated Strela MANPADS are gathering dust in warehouses, but there are many things that could be shared without much damage to our aircraft (I think this is happening, but I would like to do it on a larger scale).
      1. 0
        10 July 2014 08: 08
        Quote: almost demobilized
        MANPADS and other mobile air defense systems we still customize them whenever possible.

        And who is this "we"? Who is this specific business?
        1. 0
          11 July 2014 12: 49
          Quote: saag
          And who is this "we"? Who is this specific business?

          Well, this is not a salary issue))) Someone sent green men to the Crimea, polite, by the way, and not military personnel, there is an opinion that these are our PMCs.
  6. 0
    10 July 2014 07: 29
    With air defense, Slavyansk was somehow better
    1. +1
      10 July 2014 07: 36
      saag-just Slavyansk is territorially smaller than Lugansk and Donetsk, and the militia deployed air defense equipment and forces evenly across the territory — and it immediately struck me that the air defense assets for the republics were terribly small
      1. +2
        10 July 2014 07: 40
        Well, at least they covered armored vehicles and artillery. otherwise they will be sad and sad
  7. 0
    10 July 2014 09: 38
    How did the Ukrainians know the coordinates of the location of the equipment? UAVs or traitors - informers? It is necessary to clean up Donetsk from the "sent Cossacks" and the 5th column.
  8. -3
    10 July 2014 09: 47
    Strelkov came to the city, where no one was waiting for him, where, in fact, no one seriously dealt with defense issues (and everyone else). The guys from Moscow - Boroday and company - were more engaged in trying to somehow stir up the people. But they do it badly - they voted to vote, and then nothing could be moved. Plus, Akhmetov's people muddy the waters, who really wants to come to an agreement with Kiev in order to preserve his property and influence. That is, there is no nationwide upsurge and, apparently, there will not be. And now, in fact, there is a strange war between Russia and Ukraine for the South-East, in which our country, unfortunately, is losing miserably. And don't say that we are at war with America. We are now fighting with the Ukrainian army with some kind of partisan methods. And if this continues further, even Strelka's genius will not help us. And all the screams on the topic "You can't send troops" were initiated by liberals from the Kremlin to justify the surrender of Russia's interests on its borders. Whatever they say here on the site, even our senior officers, relying on the data of the divorce services, talk about the inevitable war in case, if everything continues in the same spirit. Let's see what the opponents of the entry of troops will say later. And our guys will die not for lazy and indifferent ukrov, but for the direct defense of our homeland. So maybe the Kremlin needs to decide where it wants to fight - in the Donbass or in the Kursk, Smolensk and Rostov regions?

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