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Defense Ministry plans to change the system of repair and maintenance of military equipment


An important element of the military-industrial complex are repair plants servicing military equipment. In parallel with the development of enterprises engaged in the production of various military products, it is proposed to adopt a number of measures aimed at improving the condition of repair plants. On such plans for the Ministry of Defense 3 July, said Deputy Minister Yuri Borisov.

Answering a question about the ability of repair enterprises of the Ministry of Defense to repair and maintain modern and advanced military equipment, Borisov was forced to admit that these plants were not able to cope with such a task. The main problem at the moment is the lack of human and technological potential that does not meet the requirements of the time. Due to the lack of capacity of repair enterprises, the military department has to cooperate with the relevant organizations and departments.

In accordance with current plans, in 2020, the share of new weapons and equipment in the army should reach 70%. Such a large-scale renovation of the material part imposes special requirements on the enterprises engaged in its maintenance. According to Yu. Borisov, it is required to invest money in the development of repair plants, as well as to attract young specialists to them. However, the Ministry of Defense does not intend to engage in such projects. The development of production, including repair, is not the responsibility of the military department and such costs are not provided for in the defense budget.

The development of defense plants, including repair, will be handled by the leaders of the domestic industry. Y. Borisov said that in the near future, the order of 80% of repair plants will be transferred to industry and will cease to belong to the Ministry of Defense. The Defense Ministry currently has an 131 repair plant. In the future, their number will be reduced to 26. This number includes 17 arsenals. All other enterprises will continue to be subordinate to other departments.

It is already known how the existing enterprises will be distributed. About fifty repair plants will be transferred to the state-owned corporation Rostec. Five more may become structural units of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and are currently under negotiation. Y. Borisov noted that USC, in the process of its formation, had already received several shipyards, which had previously been under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense.

The Deputy Minister of Defense stated that the military department is not afraid of losing control over repair shops: “We don’t care what color the cat is, the main thing is that it catches mice. Control for the sake of control is not very necessary. ” The main goal of the planned transformations is to ensure timely full service of weapons and equipment, and the process of work and legal nuances are not of interest to the military. In addition, Yu. Borisov expressed confidence that the leadership of industry will be able to effectively control new enterprises.

Updating and upgrading repair facilities is one of the most important goals of the current program for upgrading weapons and equipment. By 2020, the troops must have at least 70% new weapons and technology. Plans for the near future are a bit more modest: by the beginning of 2016, the share of new weapons should be 30%. Y. Borisov said that approximately 20% of equipment that will remain in service at this time will be obsolete samples, long out of production. By 2020, this technique will be phased out and decommissioned.

Currently, the Ministry of Defense and the defense industry intend to switch to a system of so-called. full life cycle contracts. In accordance with such documents, the manufacturing plant will not only build, but also maintain the equipment, and, at the end of operation, also recycle it. The Ministry of Defense believes that for the construction of an effective system operating on such principles, it is necessary to re-establish centers for training specialists in the maintenance and repair of equipment. Such organizations already existed in the structure of the defense industry, but were disbanded in the course of recent reforms. Now it is planned to re-open repair centers training centers.

At present, domestic repair enterprises are engaged in servicing technology exclusively of Soviet and Russian origin. In the near future, some plants will have to master the maintenance of equipment purchased from foreign manufacturers. Servicing new Mistral-type ships purchased from France will be carried out at Russian enterprises. According to the existing contract, the Russian side should receive all the necessary documentation on the ships, which will allow them to serve them.

An important initiative in the development of the domestic defense industry is the gradual abandonment of the use of foreign components. The Ukrainian crisis has forced domestic officials to start developing an import substitution program. Its goal is to master the production of components previously supplied by enterprises of Ukraine. Deputy Minister of Defense Y. Borisov said that the plan for import substitution could be approved as soon as possible.

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  1. 17085
    17085 10 July 2014 09: 13
    Very effective for import substitution would be restitution of the original Russian territories, namely, New Russia, within the borders of the late 19th century. In half a year you can solve everything, I think ...
  2. RU-Officer
    RU-Officer 10 July 2014 10: 35
    Quote: "The Deputy Minister of Defense said that the military department is not afraid of losing control over the repair enterprises:" It does not matter to us what color the cat is, the main thing is that it catches mice. Control for the sake of control is not very necessary. "

    With this approach to the matter, it's time to take Yuri Kuklachev or the Zapashny brothers to the National Defense Council (or whatever else). Glory to the Creator - we have decided on the PURPOSE, now it would be nice to think about MOTIVATION, it’s painfully all these body movements on a national scale look like masturbation (I apologize if someone cuts an ear). In my opinion, in any business, there is no better cement than the SOVEST brand. Everyone knows that when we say "done conscientiously" it means "done for centuries." If not right - correct.
    1. uwzek
      uwzek 10 July 2014 18: 59
      I'll try to fix it. I completely agree with the beginning of your comment, further, from the second sentence, I did not quite understand what you were talking about. Logical chain GOAL (?) - MOTIVATION (!?) - CONSCIENCE (!!!?) ...
      What is the goal that you saw, you did not explain, why I can not argue or agree with you (I personally immediately have imaginations from the heels of a wide variety of goals). For a similar reason: for a separate purpose - a separate motivation that differs by 390 degrees from each other.
      Now about conscience. Do you seriously believe that weapons made for the conscience of the century are stored (I'm not even using them)? You are either a political officer or .....
      The main motivation of the manufacturer is money, and it is for the manufacturer (I mean the direct performer, who is so lacking now, not about his "organizers").
  3. uwzek
    uwzek 10 July 2014 20: 05
    The system of army factories for the repair of military equipment collapsed in the years of the USSR. On her, at first, lack of money affected. In those years, he worked (served) at one of such enterprises. Highly qualified, intelligent staff, good salaries, high quality workmanship. Already in the early nineties (before the Russian Federation) they were closed - there were no orders. Manufacturers of military equipment didn’t have orders either, so someone from the authorities reasonably considered that they would be doing repairs and didn’t even try to think about various logistics costs in those days.
    The "wild decade" has flashed by, there is a little more healthy equipment in the country than in Ukraine, but it is still a pity for the money for the war. The government (represented by Serdyukov) is coming up with a new plan - brigades of manufacturing plants to restore equipment at its storage (burial?) Bases. The project buried itself in the impenetrable armor of the fact that the restored equipment must be tested somewhere and someone must pay for it. and at the storage bases of equipment, there are no conditions for this. Now there is a new idea: here are the repair factories that we privatized (pissed away) twenty years ago, train workers there, provide them with housing, social benefits ...
    Fortel is beautiful, but impassable in reality: we get the army of Ukraine. Army repair plants are required to remain on the budget of the Ministry of Defense (read countries).
    Otherwise - kaput ...
  4. Nitarius
    Nitarius 10 July 2014 21: 19
    don’t know how to relate to the news ??
    and not easier PROFILE repair plants - give to the factories that repair their equipment ??
    I’m catching up with something ... TROUBLES SIMPLY OLD ... BUT WHO WILL BE DOING MODERNIZATION ???
    BEFORE BREAKING, IT IS NECESSARY TO MAKE NEW ... and then to redistribute!