Russia should be afraid ("Do Rzeczy", Poland)

Interview with the General, intelligence intelligence officer of the Polish People's Republic and the Polish Republic Marian Zakharsky

Russia should be afraid ("Do Rzeczy", Poland)

Do Rzeczy: Will Poland still exist in 20 years?

Marian Zacharski: Yes, undoubtedly. Poland somehow cope. But if someone asked me if Russia would exist in its modern form in 20-25 years, I would have big doubts.

- Почему?

- Because Russia is struggling with serious internal problems and tensions. The population is sharply decreasing, separatist movements are becoming ever stronger. In fact, it is difficult to imagine that the Russians, with their declining potential, will be able to hold such a huge territory, especially Siberia. The main for them - the income from the sale of oil and gas. This huge money is almost completely “eaten up”, somewhere is leaking. They are not invested, do not invest in the development of new technologies. So with fear in the future, it is worth looking not to the Poles, but to the Russians.

- Wow! Many readers will be surprised. In recent weeks, we have constantly heard that Russia will soon attack and conquer us.

- I do not see prospects for the implementation of such a black script. The problem of Poland, not the first century, lies in a different plane. These are constant squabbles between the Poles themselves. Unfortunately, Polish politicians are for the most part deprived of what they call the sense of state interests. They put the hatred of their rivals in the first place. But strategic key issues for the state should be the subject of consensus. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in Poland, because for politicians the party struggle is more important.

- We could see this lately. Have you been surprised by the buzz scandal?

- Yes and no. Of course, it was hard for me to believe that such high-ranking people in government structures go to a restaurant to discuss such things. If a person has such an irresistible desire, he must do it in the quiet of his office or other government facilities. I am annoyed to see on the front pages of the world press the argument that our political class lacks exactly that class.

- How do you, being an expert, assess the fact that the conversations of key figures in the Polish state managed to be so easily recorded? The case was overwhelmed by our special services?

- I do not think so. Intelligence agencies cannot control the statements of important government officials. If the conversations were held in places that were not available for wiretapping, there would be no scandal. In the context of these events, it should finally be understood that with modern technology something like privacy does not exist. So, all those who occupy important positions should control themselves better, and if they don’t do this in certain circumstances, it’s pointless to be surprised at the consequences. Political participation always carries with it a share of the risk.

- Internal chaos has already led Poland to collapse.

- Fortunately, a completely different international situation is now. Putin’s Russia is not the same as Catherine II’s Russia.

“But Putin, like her, is seizing new territories.”

- Yes, a small Crimea, with which Moscow will still have big problems. I recently saw a report from the end of the school year in the Crimea. From the reproducers, the melody of the Russian anthem sounded, and young people sang the words of the Ukrainian hymn to it. This symbolic picture does not bode well for Moscow for the future.

- They say that Putin wants to revive the Soviet Union.

- This is an impossible task. The longer the former Soviet republics live independently, the more difficult it is to control them again. After all, almost a quarter of a century has passed since the collapse of the USSR. Even Belarus Lukashenko, which until recently was considered a Russian satellite, is trying to conduct an increasingly independent policy. Not to mention Azerbaijan or Uzbekistan. Getting back to the 1991 situation is difficult.

- In all these countries, many Russians settled in Soviet times. Moscow can play this card, as it is doing now in the east of Ukraine.

- In Eastern Ukraine, there is not so much pro-Putin sentiment as can be imagined according to Russian media reports. It seems that a large role in the rebellion is played by people trained in Russia. From the polls it follows that the Russian-speaking population of the east of Ukraine wants first of all peace. For example, the overwhelming majority of local mothers fear that their territory will fall to Russia. After all, this country leads a not very predictable policy, and they fear that their sons may join the army and die in distant conflicts, for example, in some new Chechnya. Ukraine, moving towards the European Union, looks like a calmer and more stable option.

- Is Russia a colossus with feet of clay?

- Of course, it should not be underestimated. But this does not mean that the Russian bear should be overly wary. First of all, I mean leading Western leaders here. They must take a clear and decisive position. We are not talking about the use of military means: in order to make Russia think, it is enough to lower world energy prices. After all, 60% of this country's GDP accounts for the income from the sale of oil and gas.

- That is, we will not see Russian soldiers in Warsaw?

- Fears of Poles arose, of course, not from scratch. Our neighborhood with Russia could not be called the most pleasant. Even more afraid of Moscow are the Baltic countries. It is said that the most dangerous beast is the one that is at its last gasp. There is something in this, but the scenario in which the Russian army, under the current geopolitical situation, would have crossed our border, seems to me to be political fiction.

- In Poland they say: yesterday is Georgia, today is Ukraine, and tomorrow is Poland.

- I do not see this tomorrow. In addition, we should not forget that Georgia, despite the defeat in 2008, did not at all end up under the Russian occupation. It continues to exist and quite well. And from the entire Ukrainian conflict, Moscow received more problems than benefits. After all, she lost Ukraine. Putin drove a big wedge between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples. When the shots sound and the funeral processions go, the jokes end. Ukrainians will not forgive Russians for this. This whole mess is turning around not quite the way Moscow would like.

- How will the situation develop in Ukraine further?

- I think, after some time, Russia will go back down. It does not seem that she was able to achieve great goals, and the costs grow with each passing day. For example, in March, Ukraine stopped supplying Moscow with components for weaponswhich are produced in factories left over from the Soviet Union. Of course, Russia could try to start production at home, but this requires billions of dollars in costs and time for building and equipping enterprises, and training personnel. So I do not think that the Russians will continue to bite off pieces from Ukraine, Putin has something to lose.

- So what will happen next?

“Now everything depends on the new Kiev authorities: will they be able to maintain the confidence of their people in the long term?” Do you know why there was a revolution on Maidan? In my opinion, not because of dreams about the EU. People just got tired of the fact that a small group of local kings built fabulous palaces for themselves, and they live in poverty. They are tired of corruption, looting of state property. I saw an interview with one protest participant who came to Kiev from a remote town. He said frankly that he understood that there were no prospects in his life, but he was fighting for the future of his children. If the new leadership declares war on these pathological phenomena, it will be possible for Ukraine not to worry.

- All these pathological phenomena in an even more expressive form are present in Russia.

- Of course, we can not exclude that changes will occur there. Many Russians travel, see what normal countries look like, which are well managed. Then they return home and compare this with how state property is managed in their homeland. If you ever opened the door to another world, it is already difficult to close. It seems to me that thinking Russian circles are in frustration. Local intellectuals, the middle class, otherwise see the path to prosperity, believe that the country can be managed better. Many intelligent advisers to Putin turned away from him. They say that they recommended him to conduct a completely different policy, and they look with concern at what he is doing.

- What is the place of Poland in this?

“We want us to have it, like in Poland,” Klitschko said in one of his speeches on the Maidan. These are very important and symptomatic words that, perhaps, no one noticed here. We constantly complain about how bad and hopeless it is, and it turns out that other Eastern European countries see us as a development model. This situation opens up tremendous opportunities for Poland.

- Let's return to the pessimistic scenarios born on the Vistula. In the past few weeks, I have heard from everywhere that Putin is Hitler.

- The President of Russia is an unpleasant person, but, as far as I know, he does not kill millions of people in gas chambers. If anyone can be compared with Hitler, then only Stalin, who even surpassed the German dictator in the number of those killed. If we talk about the foreign policy of Russia, now is not the time to repeat the Hitler scenario 30-x. The world today is ruled almost exclusively by money, and with their help you can achieve great goals. And Russia is not a rich country.

- When was the threat for us more: in 1939 or now?

- Of course, in 1939. It is impossible to even compare. Our policy of the time was wrong, the strategy of bad relations with both powerful neighbors - the Third Reich and the Soviet Union was doomed to failure. It led to the fact that both enemies agreed among themselves, and their union posed a mortal threat to us. "I will not teach you the war on two fronts," said Marshal Pilsudski. “Because the war on two fronts is death on Saxon Square in the battle for national honor, with bare sabers in their hands.”

- Now the war on two fronts does not threaten us?

- Fortunately, no. And this is exactly the difference between the 1939 and 2014 situations of the year. You can love or not love the Germans, but no one in their right mind would imagine that if Russia attacks Poland, Germany will stab us in the back. The terrible scenario P + G, which Pilsudski talked about, is now impossible.

- Germany will not attack us, this is understandable, but will she want to protect us?

- This is a more difficult problem. The more German and other Western investments made in our country, the higher the level of our security. West is interested in the fact that nothing happened to his money. And if someone in the future will defend us, then not out of love, but first of all in order to protect our interests. This is how international politics work. The trade turnover of Germany and Poland is quite large, and to this can be added such a symbolic factor as a large number of mixed marriages. Our states are now connected to each other more than ever before.

- But this does not mean that the Bundeswehr will shed blood defending Bialystok.

- True, we went through this in 1939 with the French, who did not want to die for Gdansk. But let's not forget that Germany is much closer to us, and in the event of the collapse of our country, the Russians will end up near Berlin. I do not think this is a pleasant prospect for them. Even if they don’t want to protect us, they can supply us with weapons to fight Russia. A weapon, as you know, they have excellent.

- What would such a war with Russia look like? In Poland, opinions differ: some say that the Russian army is at a medieval level, and its Tanks would be stuck already in Belarus; others argue that it would be a blitzkrieg, and after a few weeks we would only have to wage a guerrilla war.

- I am not a military strategist, and as a non-expert I think that the scenario of the conventional Polish-Russian war is extremely unlikely. I do not believe that something like this could happen. Crimea is very far from Poland. Our current geopolitical position relative to Russia is not so bad. We are separated from her Ukraine and Belarus. In turn, the strike from the Kaliningrad region is not feasible: it is surrounded by NATO members, it would have been immediately stopped. Russia would simply lose this territory.

- And the sea route?

- The straits, which would have to overcome the Russian ships that came out of St. Petersburg, it would be easy to block. So this option also disappears. However, let's leave these thoughts to strategists.

- Let's talk then about the special services. As follows from your books in the “Backstage of the Intelligence of the Second Polish Republic” series, these structures worked very poorly before the war. What are the actions of Poland on the secret front (especially in relation to Russia) now?

- My books are based on the archives of the secret services of the interwar twenties. Unfortunately, the picture that emerges from these documents does not really testify very well to our intelligence. With regard to the current situation, I can not speak on this topic: I just do not have information. I left the country 18 years ago, and since then I have not been in contact with the Polish special services.

- What did the 18 situation look like years ago?

- Not bad. Although these were only the first steps of the so-called new special services, the people who led them were very serious about their work. If it remains so far, then apparently everything is in order. Undoubtedly, NATO membership gave us a lot. I hope that we also benefit from the work of the intelligence services of other members of the Alliance.

- However, there is often talk about the incompetence of our intelligence services, which is manifested, for example, in the fact that since 1989, they have not caught a single Russian spy.

- And how do we know this? There are different ways to solve such issues, and information on this topic may not get to the newspapers. There may be, for example, some unwritten Polish-Russian agreement, under which caught spies are simply deported or exchanged without publicity.

- Professor Vechorkiewicz (Paweł Wieczorkiewicz) said that by withdrawing troops from Poland, the Soviet Union left here a huge number of agents and agents of influence: not only the Communists, but (first of all) people from the Solidarity camp.

- It is difficult to argue with the fact that they left someone with us. These are the usual actions of special services, not only Soviet ones. When Americans leave any territory, they also leave there at least agents of influence. And the Russian services are professional, efficient and able to think for the long term. They have traditions of working with agents who are rooted not only in the KGB and the NKVD, but in the royal secret police. Their method of work is infiltration. I remember how, in informal conversations after 1989, the Americans assured me that it was completely unbelievable that a “mole” would be found in the ranks of the CIA that only superpatriots were working in the US intelligence agencies. And then it turned out that they were, just remember Robert Hanssen from the FBI or Aldrich Ames from the CIA. So it should be assumed that we are not an exception either, and such people work with us.

- The question is, are they not activated in the event of a conflict between Russia and Poland, and will they pose a serious threat?

- Let's start with the fact that many people who decided to cooperate with the USSR in 80-s did not necessarily know that they work for him. These services love the so-called recruitment under a foreign flag. That is, they say they represent another country, for example, the United States or the United Kingdom. The Pole they had recruited could be piously convinced that he was acting in the interests of Poland and the democratic camp. In the event of a hypothetical conflict with Russia, these people, of course, will not present any danger.

- A conscious Russian agents?

- I do not think that they are so high as to paralyze the functioning of the army or state institutions. The people who occupy important posts in Poland are now being carefully checked. This result is not so much our own laws, as NATO procedures. It is about access to key documents of the Alliance. Since the regime change, 25 years have passed, and every year the threat from the Russian agents in the higher echelons of power should decrease. But this should be asked the leadership of the Polish special services. I already belong to stories intelligence.

- During the Crimean conflict, the new Prime Minister of Ukraine dismissed the commander of the local fleet. The person appointed to this post, who seemed reliable, switched to the side of Russia after 24 hours. Should we be afraid of such surprises?

- I do not belong to the lovers of the army, with which I once had a lot of disagreement. But I can’t imagine a Polish admiral or general doing something similar. People who could be capable of such treason, if they existed at all, no longer serve in the army. Your story shows not so much that the Russian special services conduct some special activity in Ukraine, but rather that the new prime minister behaved not too professionally, making such a decision without proper checks.

- You say that there can be no Russian agents in key posts in Poland. But you had to leave the country after you made public the information that Prime Minister Józef Oleksy was in contact with the Moscow special services.

- As you yourself said, it was almost two decades ago. Much time has passed. I believe that a lot has changed in Poland.

- Meanwhile, the Union of Democratic Left Forces (SLD) continues to participate in the elections, and, perhaps, the Poles will ever again elect this party.

- In a democratic state everyone has chances, but I think that the old SLD will not come to power anymore.
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  1. +39
    9 July 2014 05: 41
    What else can we expect from the Poles in their centuries-old hatred of the Russians, and more recently also of the US litter. I have no doubt that this so-called "intelligence ass" has long been on allowances from the United States and naturally says what the amers like, or directly from their notes.
    1. BYV
      9 July 2014 05: 47
      Another onalit It is amazing how an adult man can live in illusions in an invented little world.
      1. +5
        9 July 2014 05: 59
        When the original data is, to put it mildly, distorted, wink then the conclusions are awful.
      2. KIRON
        9 July 2014 06: 08
        To be afraid of Russia? A little differently. TO BE AFRAID OF RUSSIA.
        1. +1
          9 July 2014 07: 29
          Amused: "Small motorized rifle brigades of special purpose, penetrated into the German rear." laughing
        2. +2
          9 July 2014 09: 04
          Through all the plots, the fear of the Russians goes through.
        3. +2
          9 July 2014 09: 04
          Yes, the most terrible troops in the union were the construction battalion, because they were armed not only with sapper shovels, but with BSL (a large salmon shovel), crowbars (you know there is no reception against scrap), as well as pickaxes - an enlarged analog of an ice ax (ice ax is a direct threat to the 5th column) . wink wassat
      3. +12
        9 July 2014 06: 28
        And is it intelligence? Independent Poland? I beg you))) Independent Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan? Lyakh fulfills a political order. So, comrades, the opinion of the masses is being formed. One "ace" through a well-known resource spreads his "expert" opinion - the local population believes.

        It was especially amusing that Stalin turns out to be more monstrous than Hitler and killed more people than Hitler himself (both did everything themselves: wass), and the "ace" was silent about whose people the most was. Probably his own - Soviet. And the peoples of the USSR did not notice this. Well, this is because the Russian Vanka is very glYupiy.
      4. +1
        9 July 2014 07: 26
        His imagination envy only on the amount of dollars (euros, pounds, yuan, shekels, who cares), which he is paid. IMHO
    2. +27
      9 July 2014 05: 51
      Until the end of this senility did not finish reading. Dumb skatina imagines himself a world player.

      Yes, and this, a little off topic. To the Brazilian national team fans, my condolences wassat
    3. +11
      9 July 2014 06: 00
      laughing pshek and that says it all
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. +2
      9 July 2014 06: 12
      removed from the tongue, seriously they took something for us to dislike the Tsukam
      1. +2
        9 July 2014 06: 56
        This "general", an ordinary cynical Russophobe. Russia always owes them something. How many of our soldiers have laid down their heads for these well-fed "gentry" to live now. I did not finish reading to the end.
      2. +1
        9 July 2014 07: 39
        Quote: vitaz
        seriously they took something for us

        Ordinary Polish paranoia, weighed down by megalomania. Whatever Polish article you take - Russia is a terrible demon that will attack little Poland tomorrow, but the heroic Polish people, with a little help from European dwarfs (like Germany and France - in the wings) can easily sweep away hordes of conquerors from the East. And he will be happy.
        1. +4
          9 July 2014 11: 41
          Estimates of the Russian Federation by an elderly pshek are clearly taken from cheap social networks. Interview - incense for the haters of Russia. Meanwhile ...
    6. +1
      9 July 2014 07: 06
      Quote: mamont5
      I have no doubt that this so-called "intelligence ass" has long been on allowance from the United States and naturally says what the amers like, or directly from their notes

      Absolutely right. Not an ace, dog. And not Polish intelligence, but the CIA. A sort of spiritual brother Poruby - dreams of the glory of Brzezinski. Ace of Polish intelligence - an oxymoron from the series: Jew - Janitor. Babs to plant. And even that, not in order to find out, but to sell safely. And other intelligence uses adultery, but defenzywa is not capable of anything else. (The name is different -Agencja Wywiadu, but the essence is the same ..). The impression - Brennan gave an interview. And the costs of oligarchic capitalism are already known without this Russophobe. Why I say: US aggression in Ukraine has been prepared for a long time and with the participation of our fifth column led by the oligarchs ...
    7. +2
      9 July 2014 07: 48
      Quote: mamont5
      state litter

      Precisely said.
      Well, I have a little idea what thoughts roam in Polish minds.
      In the course of the Polish thought process, so to speak.
    8. +1
      9 July 2014 07: 49
      Pi .... ly !!!! Until now, they can’t forget how they drove them from Moscow with pissed rags !!!
    9. 0
      9 July 2014 11: 07
      Poland is the enemy, no doubt. If shaving and the United States are harming us for geopolitical reasons, in the framework of competition and rivalry, then the Poles hate Russia historically and we have never had friendship with them.
      1. +1
        9 July 2014 17: 22
        Enter the trade embargo against Poland and the Baltic states and look at them.
        This Pole himself did not live in Poland for a long time, so let him leave all his thoughts about Greater Poland. Economically and politically, Poland is already VASSAL. Oh, how hard it will be for him to accept this fact. Germany itself is ready to annex the floor of Poland, and not defend it. hi
  2. Serega125
    9 July 2014 05: 45
    In vain, they once freed from the Nazis, only people were lost.
    1. Tambov
      9 July 2014 06: 22
      In vain, they once freed from the Nazis, only people were lost.
    2. +5
      9 July 2014 06: 57
      Quote: Serega125
      In vain, they once freed from the Nazis, only people were lost.

      Not in vain. That is, to hell with the Poles, but there was no other way to Berlin, but to Berlin, it was very necessary. Because after 1941-06-22 it was impossible to leave the Reichstag without the murals of the soldiers of the Red Army. And the liberation of the Poles - well, if it’s more pleasant for you, consider it a side effect of taking Berlin.
      1. +2
        9 July 2014 10: 25
        And it says the general - the star of their special services? Degenerate! Full idiot! I am now calm for us, we have nothing to fear with such generals.
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. vladsolo56
    9 July 2014 05: 46
    And such senility today are at the helm of almost all of Europe, What can be expected from them. But the most interesting thing is how nations can blindly choose such a power, is that stupidity or nonsense?
    1. +4
      9 July 2014 06: 47
      -vladsolo56: how nations can blindly choose such power ...
      Very simple, we vote NOT for someone, but AGAINST someone (usually acting).
      And what could be heard from the Polish-American 5th column in Europe.
      I again remembered the words of the wonderful writer A. Gaidar: "And the defeated Chief Bourgeois fled in fear, loudly cursing this country with its amazing people, with its invincible army and its unsolved Military Secret."
    2. The comment was deleted.
  5. +5
    9 July 2014 05: 47
    The population is sharply decreasing, separatist movements are becoming stronger.

    Yeah, Polish media write about the same thing. The Pole is a diagnosis, although they have already been moved to second place.
  6. +2
    9 July 2014 05: 48
    Due to the abundance of lies, it will soon become unbearable to read the Internet.
    Russia can only revive everything in a new and new quality!
    It'll be this way forever!
  7. +2
    9 July 2014 05: 51
    "Ay, pug! Know she is strong,

    What barks at the Elephant! " wassat
  8. +9
    9 July 2014 05: 52
    Well, completely intimidated. Now let's run to give up. wipe yourself, and then teach others how to live
  9. +7
    9 July 2014 05: 53
    - What are your prospects for Poland?
    - The prospects are brilliant, like toilets throughout Europe. Yes
  10. +4
    9 July 2014 05: 54
    And this is special. for intelligence?
    1. ded10041948
      9 July 2014 07: 15
      "I left the country 18 years ago"
      We also had intelligence "ases", and they also left for 10-15 years. Interesting "coincidences"!
  11. +7
    9 July 2014 05: 54
    The colonial government of Poland and its illusions !!

    according to statements by the CIA agents working at key posts in the government of Poland, there cannot be Russian agents at key posts in Poland !!

    Many Russians travel, see what "normal countries" look like -
    crap in the corners, everywhere fences on the tracks so that devastation was not visible, the impoverished and unemployed euro-ass.
    But the places for tourists are licked and beautiful - yes! Although in Paris all Arabs spoil!
    The only normal country in the European Union is Germany. People work there and it can be seen !!
    P.S. - A normal country is a country defending its interests, the rest is a candy wrapper!
    1. 0
      9 July 2014 06: 52
      they have a maximum salary of 2000 euros and that is the exception for some.
  12. +1
    9 July 2014 05: 56
    The leadership of Russia does not help the campaign properly in Novorossia, otherwise Pavel Gubarev would not say in front of the camera that there is no help. Who does not agree with me do not care, but I do not like how Putin behaves. Everything is waiting ...
    1. +3
      9 July 2014 06: 23
      I look at this one here .... with glasses and I have a strong desire to stick a butt to his head, jumps from topic to topic, even Gubarev did not recognize, did not look at the screen to look nasty
    2. +1
      9 July 2014 21: 19
      What all the same scum, this Kurginyan ...
  13. KIRON
    9 July 2014 05: 57
    will be able to hold such a huge territory, especially SiberiaWe can provide it! Five years (for now)! At least he will understand what Siberia means! For him, we personally select a hut (not to be confused with Obama) and a couple of convoys for excursions around the expanses of my Siberia! You can even show Baikal. From the window of the Stolypinsky car .
  14. A n777tv
    9 July 2014 05: 58
    Russophobe ordinary ...
  15. +3
    9 July 2014 05: 59
    What questions, such and answers! Nothing new! Zakharsky gives out a lot as desired.
  16. +6
    9 July 2014 06: 01
    A conversation between two stupid, committed Poles (everyone already knows the complexes and phobias of Poles towards Russia) is presented as an analyst. Especially struck by the eclipse in the brains of this, if I may say so, general, who belched out that in 25 years Poland will be, and Russia will not. There is no need to pass off, Mr. General, a passionate desire for reality. If all or most of the Polish press is filled with such "analytical" articles, it becomes clear what is going on in the minds of Poles. Warsaw dreamers. The article aroused nothing but homeric laughter. An epochal announcement - Russia will bend with its gas and oil, and Poland, the eternal European prostitute, will prosper. Tears of laughter welled up. Pleased with this generalissimo from intelligence, politics and analysts with his nonsense. F toppku.
  17. +2
    9 July 2014 06: 03
    Polish psaki 2.
  18. +4
    9 July 2014 06: 03
    Sufficiently superficial and complacency for a professional. Russia as such does not need Poland; it can only become a bargaining chip in a military conflict with the West (as it was in both world wars). It is ridiculous to represent Poland as an equal rival. Yes, and it's funny to hear how everything is fine with the Poles in the economy, just did not call the country the locomotive of all of Europe.
  19. talnax7
    9 July 2014 06: 04
    Boring and predictable
  20. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 05
    If they have such intelligence generals aces, then I don’t even know, just from the word ass. Purely as our liberals argues or our liberals like him, in general, the next verbiage is about nothing
  21. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 06
    the bluff of an interviewed expert is from the envy of Russia, Crimea has been and always will be Russian, Poles have always been a bargaining chip in European affairs, it’s more likely to come to an end than Russia, Russia is a player and referee in one person, and Poland is not even a fan and no more a bench for substitutes, but there are problems everywhere in every country and the state as a whole, in a state in which there are no problems and there is no life and development there is social stagnation and stagnation.
  22. +4
    9 July 2014 06: 09
    In medicine there is a term - nonsense of overvalued ideas. Poles are characterized by a grandiose reassessment of their own significance.
    They say Poland is so significant that the Russians and Putin are sleeping and seeing how to attack and capture.
    The reality is that the Poles, together with Poland, are not needed for nothing, it offends their consciousness and destroys the picture of the world invented by the Poles for themselves.
  23. Sib. Uralets
    9 July 2014 06: 09
    The fear of the interlocutors is very well felt. In Russia, no one particularly remembers Poland, and these morons have fear. And if someone in Russia raises more serious topics regarding Poland, then they will probably die in hysteria.
  24. +2
    9 July 2014 06: 09
    There is a grain of truth-like in the speech of the comrade scout, but it (speech) is thoroughly saturated with great Polish ambitions. How they ended everyone knows.
    He says that the German fascists in the 39th were worse than the Ukrainian ones in the 14th. The leadership of Germany and its army then had mostly educated and cultured people - from the 1st World War. And these educated cultural fascists put Polish Jews and Poles in general more than other Slavs (not the USSR) against the wall. And often they didn't. All the same, at least some bad but ideological background they had - not all of them were completely destroyed. And today’s're coming out-fascists even have no ideology as such - only bucks and drugs. They will definitely not understand, "sort" into ours and not ours - they just won't distinguish :)
    Well, let's see :)
    PS incidentally, history shows that for some reason the Nazis like to attack Poland usually ... well, they like it with something ... :)
  25. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 11
    In my opinion, the main postulate that determines the whole politics and the real situation in the world that is mentioned here is the primacy of money. Who pays, he orders the music. And now cocoa. Moreover, in every country. Communities are divided by commitment to wealth. On one side is money at all costs, on the other, moral guidelines. The future is not just a material welfare dishonest path, but a return to universal moral values. The fact that the degradation of society is now taking leaps and bounds has an objective reason. And healthy people, in this respect, simply have immunity developed on the basis of the specifics of their inner being. And the future of mankind is theirs. They, like yeast, are present in the test of any state. Therefore, at first wars and divisions with heavy losses, then revival and unity on mutual understanding and cooperation.
  26. The comment was deleted.
  27. +6
    9 July 2014 06: 13
    Megalomania is unambiguous! The less important you are, the more you want to play "first violin"! So who will give? They were simply allowed to stand next to the "soloists" and not touch anything with their hands, so they are bursting with their own significance!
  28. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 16
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    Until the end of this senility did not finish reading

    tired of the heresy of all political scientists bought !!!
  29. +2
    9 July 2014 06: 17
    The Poles, as always, in their repertoire. When will they grow wiser? Probably never ...
  30. Evgtan
    9 July 2014 06: 19
    An article about anything. Verbiage and obscurantism. To hell with us, this Poland !? Undeveloped land in abundance
  31. +4
    9 July 2014 06: 26
    I did not believe and do not believe any prediction of a corrupt pshek - envy and hatred - all that is heard and seen in his robes ...
  32. +3
    9 July 2014 06: 30
    The smaller the stranger, the more impudent taxis are there. There are Hungarians, where they just didn’t climb and from whom they just didn’t get, the last time near Voronezh 2 the Hungarian Royal Army completely lay down - they calmed down. About Spike on feet of clay, he is not the first one, many said this and everyone knows where they are now.
    They are afraid of Russia - and God be with them, who forbids them.
    In Russia there is an old, kind, national tradition - Russians kill everyone who brings trouble to them.
    Good advice to the Poles: - Do not touch someone else's, but tear your heads to everyone for yours. Russia has returned YOUR Crimea, and you will squeeze YOUR Western Ukraine from Parashenko.
  33. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 37
    If you are so afraid of Russia, then let right now completely abandon all our goods, starting with gas.
    We will live without Poland, but it will be more difficult for them.
  34. +3
    9 July 2014 06: 40
    Poland has always been a prostitute. First, the prostitute of the Pope, then the prostitute of England, now the United States. For which nipple they pull, there your nose will turn
  35. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 42
    He is a Pole and a Pole in Africa.
  36. +2
    9 July 2014 06: 45
    A person doesn’t shout, and therefore, hey, hey, but on this occasion - "... The main thing for them is income from the sale of oil and gas. This huge money is almost completely" consumed ", flowing away somewhere. They are not invested, not are invested in the development of new technologies. "He is partly right, super profits from the sale of resources according to the budgetary rule cannot be invested in development within the country (it somehow surprised me indescribably), but must go into US securities, for the development of the Russian Federation it must take loans in the West interesting politics, huh?
  37. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 47
    Another zilch (zilch). Dressing strategist
  38. +2
    9 July 2014 06: 47
    I didn’t even read an interview with this Pole .... disgusting!
  39. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 50
    what a self-confident "man", sold out to whom, and utters such loud words. hmmmm good luck to the hero of big words. and the Russian announcers ended their lives very quickly at the hands of unknown persons.
  40. 0
    9 July 2014 06: 51
    Interestingly, this is what kind of intelligence? Pole working for the CIA ...?
  41. +3
    9 July 2014 06: 51
    To be honest, I am extremely disappointed with the article. Pan Marian was represented by an intelligence ace (it would be interesting to know about his "exploits"), which implies an analytical mind, the ability to give correct assessments and make competent, far-reaching conclusions. What I read could be heard from an ordinary, regular propagandist from PiS, not burdened with any special intellect. Either this is just a propaganda ordered article (this is typical of Zykhovich), or the general is simply stupid and throws out primitive Polish complexes, which have long become a habit of our citizens to laugh at. In general, the general's revelations shocked me with their primitiveness and poorly hidden Russophobia.
  42. +3
    9 July 2014 06: 52
    I understand - this is a humorous newspaper! It’s called - To rzhechi. In Russian if - Before rzhachki! :)))) So you can’t take the materials published in it seriously.
  43. Dbnfkmtdbx
    9 July 2014 06: 56
    What nonsense I don’t know, laughing or pretending I didn’t read, whoever takes this article seriously will be seriously ill fool
  44. +1
    9 July 2014 06: 58
    I am especially surprised - why are they so attached to Siberia? I am from Siberia and I’m not going anywhere — neither to China, nor anywhere else. Just annoying.
    1. 0
      9 July 2014 07: 50
      I’m the same Siberian and I don’t need a geyrop. stop I won’t exchange Siberia for anything good for anything.
  45. evilrussian
    9 July 2014 07: 01
    And is it intelligence intelligence? Too weak. Either he really thinks so, or he gave the newspaper what they wanted. But it is too superficial and not objective.
  46. 0
    9 July 2014 07: 01
    The article is complete nonsense. There is nothing to comment on.
  47. +3
    9 July 2014 07: 03
    real nonsense next psheka! They there together with dill are pollinated with something like that. wassat All these peoples of small lands amaze me, and everything they have is great and beautiful, and huge Russia is full of misfortunes and misfortunes, and we are stupid, uneducated, we do not even know what toilet paper is (as the Americans alone said in an interview in Sochi), and they are all running away from us, looking at the "super prosperous geyrope" .. lol and the real thing is that we need to be afraid of everyone, but no one is afraid of us ... bully and in general everyone will remain, and the largest country in the world will disappear ... we have such an "evil and terrible" president .. bully In short bullshit! But psheks began to destroy monuments to soldiers of our liberators ... angry That's the whole geyropsky nature! Neither memory of nations, nor honor .. fool Since ancient times, everyone knows that if the people and the country do not honor their history, they will not last long ... Well, what can I say, we can only wish good luck to Poland and Ukraine ... in "conquering the world" ... in your head ... soldier
    1. +1
      9 July 2014 23: 12
      Quote: press attache
      They there together with dill are pollinated with something like that.

      No, they take together ... an uncomfortable position!
      Quote: press attache
      But psheks began to destroy monuments to soldiers of our liberators ...

      So somehow it is necessary to answer for the opened intimate bazaar!

  48. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 11
    How unreasonable is this Lyakh, it is between the Lyakhs.laughing
  49. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 16
    Let the psheks see this !!!
    Where is Poland and where is Russia !!!
  50. 0
    9 July 2014 07: 19
    I wonder ... what hallucinogens he takes ... complete nonsense.
    1. +1
      9 July 2014 23: 09
      Quote: Strashila
      I wonder ... what hallucinogens he takes ... complete nonsense.

      pshiki that under Imperial Russia lay could not forgive. Then 20 years of happiness. Then, again, a spoon under Soviet occupation.
      Just thought to heal, and then again Hop - the EU, and the same thing - an uncomfortable position.
      You can understand uncle. Sikorsky correctly said in a private conversation - the Poles do not have their own dignity.
  51. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 22
    Не читайте с утра польских " генералов, асов разведки ПНР и Польской Республики "
    1. +1
      9 July 2014 07: 43
      "И — боже Вас сохрани — не читайте до обеда "польских" газет.
      — Гм… Да ведь других нет!
      — Вот никаких и не читайте. Я произвел 30 наблюдений — и что же вы думаете? Те читатели, которые читают "Do Rzeczy", теряли в весе. Мало этого — пониженные коленные рефлексы, скверный аппетит и угнетенное состояние духа."
      Да простит меня Михаил Афанасьевич!!!
  52. 0
    9 July 2014 07: 25
    Очередной "иксперд". На кой ляд России "оказываться у границ Германии"?! Поляков кормить? А оно нам надо? Если и есть у Руси враг, худший, чем Наглия, то это - Польша. Извечные враги. Но одно из его бреда слышится ясно: в Пшекии искренне считают, что в 1939 на нее коварно напала Россия, а в спину ударила Германия. А про Судеты там просто стыдливо молчат.
  53. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 30
    Отлично псакнул чувак. Медицина бессильна здесь... только ампутация. wink
  54. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 34
    еще один Бжезинский выискался а не поится что право секосы вспомнят про Волынь а потом вспомнят Сталина который взял и обменялся с Польшей территориями переселив людей а мог бы просто все забрать и пойдут историческую землю от ляхов освобождать
  55. 0
    9 July 2014 07: 36
    Поляки так и не избавились от своих комплексов и страхов... Эксперт разочаровал! Некоторые курсанты и студенты делают на порядок лучший анализ, чем этот асс разведки. Единственное с чем я согласен так это с тем, что с демографией у нас действительно проблемы! В остальном могу подискутировать. Тем более, что лишь сравнивая площадь стран становится понятно, что обустроить ту Польшу легче, чем даже европейскую часть России. Плюс ко всему пусть вспомнит, что после 45 года СССР вложила немало средств в Польшу. Да и территории она приобрела благодаря СССР! И, что немало важно, ПОЛЬША СОВМЕСТНО С ГЕРМАНИЕЙ ОТХВАТИЛА КУСКИ ОТ ЧЕХИИ В 1938 ГОДУ! Польша сама агрессор! Одним словом ляхи вновь обосса-лись, аж по ляхам потекло. Прошу прощения за грубость...
    1. jaan
      25 July 2014 00: 03
      1920 года Чехословакия взяла землю в споре.
      Польша боролась за свою жизнь против Советского Союза.
      К 1936 году Гитлер убеждал немцев с польскими (40 дивизий), чтобы напасть на Советский Союз.
      Они этого не сделали.
      В свою очередь, Советский Союз вторгся в Польшу 17 сентября 1939 года. Для полякoв, немцы и Советский Союз вызвало во Вторую мировую войну.
  56. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 40
    Например, местные матери в подавляющем большинстве панически боятся, что их территория отойдет к России. Ведь эта страна ведет не слишком предсказуемую политику

    Движущаяся в сторону Евросоюза Украина выглядит более спокойным и стабильным вариантом.
    Вот насмешил пан laughing я просто частенько проглядываю местные статьи и читаю коменты но тут не удержался чтоб не написать даже восстановил пароль к сайту ради этого.
  57. 0
    9 July 2014 07: 45
    На куя козе баян???
  58. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 55
    Статья-набор лозунгов, мало связанная с реальностью...Набор стандартных штампов, внедряемых в сознание обывателя с середины 70-х годов прошлого века...Кроме того, человек совершенно незнаком с собственной историей, где литвин Пилсудский сказал о поляках много нелестных слов, особенно о продажности поляков и их лицемерности...Так что во всех своих бедах Польша была виновата сама...И в 1930-е годы она была хищником похлеще Сталина, когда вместе с немцами дербанила Европу...Просто потом крупный хищник решил съесть более мелкого...
  59. +1
    9 July 2014 07: 56
    на украине у власти фашисты,а эти ч.о их поддерживают
  60. +1
    9 July 2014 08: 10
    Это всё напоминает анекдот:
    Two old Poles reason:
    - Do you remember the film "Four Tankers and a Dog"?
    - Of course I remember, a true film, before not so much truth was shown about the Poles.
    - And what do you think, if we had two of these tanks, what then?
    - Yes, then we would have won the war without the Russians, and not only the Germans, but the Japanese would have won, you imagine, Polish tanks in the center of defeated Tokyo, both ...
    “No, I think the Russians knew all this from the very beginning, and that's why they gave us only one tank.”
  61. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 12
    интересно,он или просто так?
  62. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 13
    интересно,он ду..к или просто так?
  63. +1
    9 July 2014 08: 16
    Демагог и трепло диванное! С реалиями происшедших событий в мире знаком из СМИ Запада да комментарий Псаки!
  64. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 20
    Ага аналитик 18 лет назад убежавший из польши, ессно государство ляхов будет всегда, а мы неизвестно, они же с Германией чуть ли не братья, пере женились многие, трепач, лучше бы озвучил, где сейчас сам трудится, небойсь на црушников пашет патриот хренов.
  65. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 21
    они точно такой-же бред несли
    ,доказывая,что китай с минуты на минуту нападёт на россию,или наоборот.
  66. +1
    9 July 2014 08: 38
    Человек с мозгом из телевизора , то он заявляет что :
    Основное для них — доход от продажи нефти и газа. Эти огромные деньги практически полностью «проедаются», куда-то утекают. Они не инвестируются, не вкладываются в развитие новых технологий.

    То заявляет:
    Ведь 60% ВВП этой страны приходится на доход от продажи нефти и газа.

    Куча штампов из выступлений западных "аналитиков" ...
  67. +1
    9 July 2014 08: 49
    Может мне тоже записать разговор двух пьяниц о политике во дворе и выложить здесь, все уже знают, что есть псевдоаналитика по ситуации на Украине достаточно зайти на укросайты.
  68. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 54
    Давать советы и анализировать ситуацию в России для поляков и прибалтов сейчас самое популярное занятие,и этим занимаются все кому не лень.Синдром людей маленького роста.Они ненавидят Россию.Им хотелось бы видеть Россию слабую и раздираемую внутренними проблемами,но они этого никогда не увидят.Занятие проституцией для Польши вековая традиция.Под кого она только не ложилась.А сейчас,по мнению польского политика,занимаются оральным сексом.Самое главное-не захлебнуться.
  69. +2
    9 July 2014 08: 58
    Interview with the General, intelligence intelligence officer of the Polish People's Republic and the Polish Republic Marian Zakharsky
    Если этот м***к, ас польской разведки, то представлю кто там служит. laughing
  70. 0
    9 July 2014 08: 58
    from the Don.
    А название газеты не переводится как :Ржачь:?
  71. pahom54
    9 July 2014 09: 02
    Цитата из статьи: "Россия Путина — это не то же самое, что Россия Екатерины II..."...
    А ЖАЛЬ...
    Хотя пшеки в составе России нам и на дух не нужны...
  72. +1
    9 July 2014 09: 04
    Прочитал интервью с «генералом, асом разведки ПНР и Польской Республики Марианом Захарским». Своему делу он где обучался, в Ленгли, что ли?
    <…местные матери в подавляющем большинстве панически боятся, что их территория отойдет к России. Ведь эта страна ведет не слишком предсказуемую политику, и они опасаются, что их сыновья могут попасть в армию и погибнуть в далеких конфликтах, например, в какой-нибудь новой Чечне. Движущаяся в сторону Евросоюза Украина выглядит более спокойным и стабильным вариантом…>
    А что же он не упоминает о матерях погибших «беркутовцев», о матерях, чьи дети были сожжены в Одессе? И Украина – «спокойный и стабильный вариант»? Хм!
    <…от всего украинского конфликта Москва получила больше проблем, чем выгод. Ведь она потеряла Украину. Путин вбил большой клин между украинским и русским народами…>
    Этот Мариан наивен, как ребенок. Он полагает, что Россия стала бы налаживать добрососедские отношения с бандеровским режимом (промолчу про «фашистский»), который начал геноцид против русскоговорящего населения Украины?
    <Вы знаете, почему на Майдане произошла революция? По моему мнению, не из-за мечтаний о ЕС. Людям просто надоело, что небольшая группа местных царьков строит себе сказочные дворцы, а они живут в нищете. Им надоела коррупция, разграбление государственного имущества. Я видел интервью с одним участником протеста, который приехал в Киев из отдаленного городка. Он сказал прямо, что понимает: в его жизни перспектив нет, но он борется за будущее своих детей. Если новое руководство объявит войну этим патологическим явлениям, за Украину можно будет не волноваться>
    Здесь вообще комментариев нет. Те, кто захватил власть на Украине – просто «предел мечтаний» украинского народа.
    <Многие разумные советники Путина от него отвернулись>
    Dreaming is not harmful. It’s not harmful to dream.
    <«Мы хотим, чтобы у нас было, как в Польше», — сказал в одном из своих выступлений на Майдане Кличко. Это очень важные и симптоматичные слова>
    У нас обычно так говорят: «Последний х… без соли доедают»
    Про Гитлера, Сталина, Третий рейх и Советский Союз вообще молчу. Бред полнейший.
    А дальше вообще всё идет в свете установок ЦРУ и Госдепа за последние 60 лет.
  73. +1
    9 July 2014 09: 06
    Такие же недоумки как и майданутые!От злобы памятники сносят нашим погибшим солдатам,шовинизм аж зашкаливает! Аргарная банановая страна!
  74. +1
    9 July 2014 09: 07
    Интересно, асс разведки откуда черпает такую информацию о нашей стране - из укроСМИ, что ли? Про неосвоенную Сибирь, про Путина? Он хоть знает что-нибудь в объеме обычной школьной информации? Если у Польши такая разведка, то в каком состоянии все остальное?
  75. DPZ
    9 July 2014 09: 16
    местные матери в подавляющем большинстве панически боятся, что их территория отойдет к России. Ведь эта страна ведет не слишком предсказуемую политику, и они опасаются, что их сыновья могут попасть в армию и погибнуть в далеких конфликтах, например, в какой-нибудь новой Чечне.
    ага, лучше в правосеки!
  76. Grandfather Victor
    9 July 2014 09: 25
    Ну почему этот рассматривает "нападение России на Польшу" как нечто само собой разумеющееся? На какой хрен России Польша? Особенно, если на её территории не будет натовских ракет первого удара.
  77. 0
    9 July 2014 10: 14
    На самом деле, сложно представить, что россияне при своем снижающемся потенциале смогут удержать такую огромную территорию, особенно Сибирь.

    Do not wait!
  78. 0
    9 July 2014 10: 26
    После вопроса - — В Польше говорят: вчера Грузия, сегодня Украина, а завтра Польша. - отбило желание читать дальше....
  79. 0
    9 July 2014 10: 35
    Как всегда у пшеков - море амбиций, апломба, корчат умные рожи, рекут "мудрые" мысли. А в результате пшик, пустота и все виноваты, а они в дерьме, но с гордым видом.
  80. 0
    9 July 2014 10: 44
    Пусть продолжат думать,что Россия загнивает.Для нас это к лучшему. В 90-е только ленивый журналист не распилил авианосец "Петр Великий". А когда он вдруг появился на маневрах, американцы офигела. Как? Откуда? Вот и продолжайте думать, что Россия разваливается. От самостоятельности Польши уже почти ничего не осталось, а через 20-25 лет будет ли Польша? А может появится Варшавский штат в США, а на матрасный флаг пририсуют еще одну звездочку?
  81. 0
    9 July 2014 10: 59
    - However, there is often talk about the incompetence of our intelligence services, which is manifested, for example, in the fact that since 1989, they have not caught a single Russian spy.

    черт, а я то думал как измеряется эффективность спецслужб! а она в российских шпиёно-попугаях меряется.
    СБУ самая эффективная служба мира - за последние месяцы отловила пару тысяч шпионов ГРУ
  82. 0
    9 July 2014 11: 20
    Сплошной бред про войну с Россией. Если то же самое творится в головах польских политиков, то их отношение к РФ не удивляет. Но кому это выгодно?
  83. +1
    9 July 2014 11: 22
    Кто только не пугал Россию, кто только от неё по ушам не получал. Жаль только что быстро забывают.
  84. 0
    9 July 2014 11: 30
    Так называемый "Ас разведки" примитивен по умолчанию, он рассматривает Россию только как агрессивное зло. Этим он ставит себя заведомо в проигрышную позицию. Не знаю что он представляет из себя в реальности, но слушать его не интересно, потому что всё что он говорит, всего лишь ничем не прикрытая пропаганда.
  85. 0
    9 July 2014 13: 33
    Даже не дочитал до конца - просто "разговор двух долбХХХв" какой-то...
  86. The comment was deleted.
  87. 0
    9 July 2014 14: 56
    с первых двух предложений всё стало понятно о чём и как пойдёт разговор. Читать дальше не стал - жаль время. Вообще не интересно мнение какого-то, тем более из Польши...
  88. 0
    9 July 2014 16: 40
    Еще один "примороженный холодной войной" старый маразматик.А чего еще ожидать от "аса польской разведки"? И вообще о какой польской разведке речь? Восточно-европейский отдел ЦРУ мелкого пошиба.
  89. 0
    10 July 2014 16: 43
    Не разведчик, а типичный "эксперт", к тому вещающий о результатах своей "экспетризы" 15-летней протухшей давности. Лучше бы озаботился подбором Украинского наследства. Думаю, Путин не против подарить Львов даже таким проституирующим торгашам как поляки. А насчет роли Польши в гейропе, а соответственно и насчет роли польской разведки, один польский министр уже все сказал - "Отсос, и баста".
  90. KUKLA
    20 July 2014 13: 25
    И для чего нам Польша...........нападать на нее...... непонятно..... А про Сибирь не надо так!!!! "Удержать ТАКУЮ территорию!!!!" Сибирь сама удержит Россию!!! Если надо будет!
  91. KUKLA
    20 July 2014 14: 41
    Из Сибири!!! С Любовью!!!!
  92. Nigmatian
    28 July 2014 14: 25
    #Например, уже в марте Украина перестала поставлять Москве комплектующие для оружия, которые производятся на заводах, оставшихся от Советского Союза#

    как же мы жить будем без этих поставок из Украины? о боже скоро наша обороноспособность развалится!
    уф так бесят эти подстилки западные со своей чушью!

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