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How do people make a puppet

How do people make a puppet

Manipulators rule our world now, because people are deprived of their own will

In the article “Democracy is a mask of the oligarchy,” we said that the elite are capable of imposing their will on the rest of the population. It is useful to analyze how this happens in practice. There are ways to control large masses of people without applying direct violence to them. A person is sure that he acts on his own will, and yet his actions are predetermined by someone else’s will. I will illustrate this thesis on a textbook example.

In one city, local media reported that sugar prices would soon rise sharply, since the government is going to impose an additional tax on sugar producers. The population of the city was divided into two main groups. The first group consisted of those who believed and rushed to buy sugar before it went up. The second group is those who have decided that the reports on the additional tax have no real ground. Representatives of the second group realized that the sugar traders simply dismissed a profitable rumor in order to spur demand for their goods. However, the second group in full force also rushed into the store and, just like the first, undertook to buy sugar at an accelerated pace. Of course, when the whole city started chasing after sugar, its prices went up without any tax, which made it possible for the first group to be convinced of its “rightness”, “wisdom” and “perspicacity”.

With the first, everything is clear: these are inspired and gullible people who have fooled. But why is the behavior of the second, smarter and more insightful, ultimately no different from the behavior of the first?

To answer this question, it is necessary to analyze how an intelligent person argued in this case. Yes, he knew that no one was going to introduce any new taxes and the price of sugar should not grow. But he assumed that there would definitely be those who would believe registered articles in the press and run to buy! Then the prices will still go up, and all the “boobies” will have time to buy sugar at a low price, and he, who is all of himself vehement and insightful, will be forced to overpay.

Many are absolutely convinced that they always make decisions on their own. The very idea that someone at the same time surreptitiously controls them turns out to be completely unbearable for them and is rejected by consciousness. In fact, those who think so are the easiest prey for all kinds of charlatans. Such people are most controlled precisely because they do not believe in the very existence of manipulation and do not want to defend themselves against it. It seems to them that their mind, rich life experience, practical grip guarantee their independence of thinking. Meanwhile, the above example shows that even the techniques from the arsenal of a novice specialist to turn a people into a crowd without their own will turn out to be effective. What can we say about those cases when experienced wolves are involved?

Does this mean that it is impossible to defend against manipulation? No, does not mean, and here's why. The strength of the manipulator lies precisely in the fact that most people do not even try to defend themselves. Some, as I have already said, simply bring self-confidence, others have no idea how brainwashing occurs.

Manipulation of consciousness is often called mind programming. Often in the course go and sharper words such as "fooling", "debilizatsiya" and the like. And what really is a manipulation?

This question is not so easy to give a brief, clear and at the same time an exhaustive answer. It is easy to illustrate the manipulation with concrete examples, it is much more difficult to construct a clear definition. Where does conviction end and manipulation begin? And is it possible manipulation of the good?

To answer these questions, you still have to start with an example.

Parents want to teach their child to wash their hands before eating. How to convey to children information that non-compliance with the rules of hygiene can be dangerous to health? The child is still too small to understand what microbes are and how they can harm. It is useless for him to talk about it, so it is necessary to use the conceptual apparatus to which the kid has grown. In this case, adults often say that Baba Yaga (Koschey the Immortal) comes to muddy and drags him to distant lands, and therefore all good boys and girls need to keep their hands clean.

Undoubtedly, there is a manipulation of consciousness, and for good. The child makes a choice without understanding, frightened by non-existent characters. And this is the hallmark of brainwashing. Parents also went for a direct lie, but this is a minor moment. Manipulation is not reduced to a lie, although in manipulative techniques, lies are always present in one form or another. Action without understanding is the key point from which any manipulation begins. Conviction, in contrast, is based on providing a person with complete and reliable information. The person in this case makes his choice extremely consciously, knowing full well what is at stake.

Note that the manipulator invests in other people's heads what he obviously does not believe. Parents did not believe in Baba Yaga, stealing muddy. The sugar sellers knew that no one plans to introduce any additional tax. Spreading false information, they pushed people into a very narrow corridor of possible solutions, each of which led to the victory of the manipulator.

After all, those who believed the paid bikes, and those who didn’t believe, finally did what they had in advance and the customers of the “sugar” brainwashing campaign wanted. Having accepted the rules of the game of others, all actions of a person, formally of their own free will, were doomed to become merely throwing puppies on strings. And even those who understood what was really going on turned out to be hostages of the more stupid, naive, trusting and incompetent. As you can see, it is necessary to force only a part of society to dance to the tune, so soon everyone else will dance.

The old principle "not the one who plays well, but the one who sets the rules wins" appears here in all its glory. But it all started with misunderstanding and ignorance. I think these examples are enough to finally give a strict definition.

So, the manipulation of consciousness - the process of suggestion of false information, predetermining the further actions of a person.

To make the definition more stringent, it is necessary to explain what is meant by suggestion.

In the classic works of Bekhtereva, Boldwin is defined as suggestion understood as “a large class of phenomena whose typical representative is a sudden invasion of an idea or an image from outside, becoming part of the stream of thought and seeking to cause muscular and volitional efforts — its usual consequences.” At the same time, the suggestion is perceived by a person without criticism and is performed by him almost automatically, in other words, reflectively.

Sidis modified this definition as follows: “By suggestion is meant an intrusion into the mind of an idea; met with more or less personal resistance, it is finally accepted without criticism and executed without condemnation, almost automatically. ”

Bekhterev, mostly agreeing with Boldvin and Sidis, indicates that in some cases the person is absolutely not resisting and the suggestion happens completely unnoticed by the person.

And what about if someone who has undergone "brain programming" believed in the truth of the false information inspired by the manipulator and then began to spread his ideas? Can we call it a manipulator?

At this point, you need to dwell.

Above it was said that the manipulator knows that the information that comes from him is false, and repeats someone else's lies from a pure heart. In this case, he is not a generator of ideas, but a repeater and a puppet. Let's call this phenomenon secondary manipulation.

We all still know from school that a significant number of living organisms do very well without a developed brain. They feed, multiply, shy away from enemies, perform the most complex actions, and for this reason their mind is not obligatory. Look at the ants. How high is their social organization! They lead wars, take care of their offspring, strict order reigns in an anthill, there is even a division of labor. And all this in the absence of intelligence.

Look now at human society. It is no accident that the well-known sociologist Alexander Zinoviev called such a society a man of the day. The tasks that most people solve are not fundamentally different from the tasks that ants face. In the morning we wake up and we already know in advance that we will go to work, we know how much time we will stay on it, we know that then we will go to the grocery store and buy there, most likely, exactly what we bought yesterday. Our behavior is standard, and therefore predictable and easy to manage. The less we think, the more we live by the established pattern, the more vulnerable we are. Be aware: standard behaviors are well studied by mind makers.

Of course, after completing the daily routine, we still have quite a lot of time that we can spend at our discretion. A manipulator sets a goal to make sure that in our free time we live according to patterns. The manipulator's dream is a person who does not analyze the information that is being offered to him, and which acts in accordance with the ready-made stamps. To minimize the process of thinking, to make so that we make decisions, in fact, reflexively - this is the main problem for manipulators. And, unfortunately, they have made significant progress in solving it.

When I present these, in general, the obvious things, I am often reproached for belittling a person. “A man is not an ant to you, and there is nothing even to compare,” are indignant alone. “We live in reason, not instinct,” add others.

Well, let's see. Here you accidentally touched a hot soldering iron. What will be your actions? I bet you instantly, without hesitation, pull up your hand. Reason has nothing to do with it, your actions in this case are completely determined by reflexes. Reflexes can be innate, they are inherited and inherent in all people. And there are so-called conditioned reflexes, that is, acquired under the influence of external circumstances. They can be formed, and this opens up tremendous opportunities for manipulators. They have the tools for constructing conditioned reflexes. Yes, we ourselves often form reflexes in ourselves, sometimes even without noticing.

Now the experiments and the results of Pavlov seem trivial, but at one time they were regarded as a sensation. When a dog is offered food, it instinctively produces saliva. Everybody knows this, they knew about it even before Pavlov. The expression "drooling" applied to the person. In accordance with the laws of nature or God (as you like), the smell of food for many animals is a signal for salivation. This is an unconditioned reflex that is inherited. Pavlov decided to become a creator himself and set a goal to form such reflexes in animals as he wanted and to explain the mechanism of their appearance. He succeeded in that in those years the scientific community was literally shaken.

A bell was placed next to the dog trough, and whenever the dog was offered food, it rang. After some time one bell sound was enough for the animal to start producing saliva. Food was no longer needed, sound became the signal for salivation.

Of course, some people realized that Pavlov's technology can be applied not only to dogs, but also to people. Experiments were carried out even on children.

History child named Albert entered the textbooks of psychology. The following experiment was conducted on a little boy who was not even a year old. He was shown a tamed white rat, and at the same time behind him a loud bang was heard at the gong. After several repetitions, the child began to cry when he was only shown an animal. Five days later, experimenters-fanatics Watson and Rayner showed Albert objects resembling a rat, and it turned out that the child’s fear had spread to them. It got to the point that the baby began to be afraid of a coat of kitty fur, although initially the tame rat did not cause him any negative emotions.

On this subject, there is Huxley's wonderful dystopian novel "On the brave new world." The author describes the life of a society divided into castes: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon. Children of the future are grown in “test tubes-bottles”, and already from the first seconds, the embryos of different castes receive various care and food. Caste representatives are shocked, artificially forming conditioned reflexes, in such a way as to maximally adapt them to the performance of various social roles.

Of course, Huxley's book is a satire, a grotesque, but look around: is it really our modern life that is different from a science fiction novel? How are we raised from early childhood? How and what we are taught in school? What is considered moral in our country, and what is subject to ridicule and censure? And who determines all this? To instill in the child a disgust for anything, it is not necessary to beat him with a current. Modern manipulators have more humane means. To force adults to buy clothes of a certain style, it is enough to declare this style as fashionable.

But who is announcing it? The so-called elite couturiers decide what women will wear in the new season. That young guys will drink, decides the customer advertising beer. The music producer decides what they will sing. And how their fathers and mothers will vote will be determined by a political PR man. And so on.

Well, of course, everyone will be piously sure that he made the decision on his own, without any coercion. And the hand reached for the beer not at all because a thousand times from the TV screen they said that "this beer is for the most advanced." And he voted for a stranger, without even reading his programs, not at all because a well-paid team of political consultants worked well. And he didn’t dress up in jeans that were lowered to the floor, not at all because he was looking at it from the rapper, the tenth child in the family, who was used to donning his older brother’s dimensionless jeans ...

Often people do not know the reasons for their behavior. The classic “demon beguiled”, “eclipse found” correctly reflect the essence of what is happening. And on this score was carried out many experiments. A textbook example was the experience of Lewis Cheskin, who took two obviously identical goods and put them in two different packages. On the first one circles and ovals were drawn, on the second - triangles. The result exceeded all expectations. The absolute majority of buyers did not just prefer the goods in the first package, they also confidently stated that there was a product of different quality in different packages! That is, people did not say that they liked the packaging with circles and ovals more, but stated that the product itself was of a higher quality.

How so? Where is the rationality? Where is the mind, sung by humanists ?! And then a person with an important look will “rationally" substantiate his act with such “objective” characteristics of the product as his quality.

And here is another experiment: women were given a sample of butter and margarine and asked to determine where it was. So, almost all the housewives, who knew the taste of both butter and margarine, made a mistake. The trick was that the butter was specially made white, and the margarine was yellow. That is, people went about the stereotype: the butter should be yellow, and the margarine should be white. And this stereotype was stronger than the organs of touch. Needless to say, yellow margarine soon appeared on sale and they began to buy up much better than traditional white margarine? ..

And here is another interesting example: people were given the same laundry detergent, but in three different packages: yellow, blue, and blue and yellow. The majority of those participating in the experiment stated that the powder in the yellow package ate the linen, in the blue one it wasn’t badly washed, and the one that lay in the blue-yellow box was rated as optimal.

These and many other experiments have shown that, in exploring the motives of human behavior, one should not rely too much on objective reality, which supposedly is always of paramount importance. If the decision is made not by the mind, but by the subconscious, then it is not surprising that a person is unable to correctly explain what he wants and why he wants it. That is, a person is not so rational and intelligent as it seemed.

Those who know the features of the human subconscious, receive considerable power. Manipulators rule our world now. People were deprived of their own will. What Huxley prophesied came true during his lifetime. What kind of conscious choice during the voting, that is, in a democracy, can we talk about? ..

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  1. DMB-88
    DMB-88 8 July 2014 14: 08
    the worst thing is that under the sauce of a far-fetched, completely unnecessary, fratricidal war, the same people are divided. For 23 years this could not be done, and now the world bourgeoisie seals the division of Russians into right and wrong ones with the blood of brothers! Spilled blood is the section that will overpower all these stupid ditches and ditches!
    Russians and Ukrainians -We are not enemies!
    Our enemies are sitting in quiet offices here, and there overseas, they guard their billions obtained by Our Blood and Then, joyfully rubbing their bloody hands from the fact that the most rebellious People in the world are killing themselves with frenzy !!!
    1. portoc65
      portoc65 8 July 2014 14: 12
      The world is ruled by the Masons. Nowadays, chips under the skin are actively introducing chips in Europe and the United States. They want to create a controlled and controlled mass of people.
      1. zart_arn
        zart_arn 8 July 2014 14: 26
        Freemason (with one with whom you do not know about) Freemason discord. Our glorious Generalissimo Suvorov and Field Marshal Kutuzov alone were worth what - there were also active Masons at the time.
      2. kolyhalovs
        kolyhalovs 8 July 2014 14: 33
        People are now a controlled and controlled mass.

        And in the article, a couple of examples of commonplace are described. The most important thing - the answer to the question of what and how to do to counteract manipulation is not in the article. It seems like the author of the eye reveals to us that there are reflexes, emotions and stereotypes of behavior and unscrupulous people who use it. By the way, bullying your children with a baboon or a yagu is not the most reasonable method of education. Simple ... effective ... if you are interested in hand washing, not a child, as a result of education. Children should be afraid of cars, electricity and other DANGERS, and not their fantasies ... If a child does not see and / or does not understand the presence of danger (germs), you can find game methods, you can infect with an example / company, but a lot of things can be. Fear is not the only way to manipulate. An extreme way towards your children.
        1. Shurale
          Shurale 8 July 2014 14: 50
          The concept of Public Security is in your hands, guys have already developed it for a long time, and even have already been declared a sect. And their leader had already suddenly died, although he was a very strong officer. As you can see, the state apparatus is attentive to them.

          1. kolyhalovs
            kolyhalovs 9 July 2014 07: 59
            No need to look for conspiracies everywhere. Oncology is such a thing ... and a strong officer will be twisted at once. Porfiry Ivanov - much stronger, but all fell one.
        2. Alexander Volkov
          Alexander Volkov 8 July 2014 16: 32
          The way to counter manipulation is so simple that it’s even a shame. It was invented thousands of years ago.

          You just need to learn how to observe your own thoughts ...
          1. kolyhalovs
            kolyhalovs 9 July 2014 07: 53
            I do not agree with you. The fact is that a person cannot embrace the immensity. Take, for example, workdays. We are sitting on a planning meeting and one of our colleagues hangs noodles on the ears of the head of the department (manipulates him). This is obvious to me, so I start countermeasures (uncomfortable questions, counter-arguments, argument, fight laughing) But the head of the department does not see this, not because a stupid person, but because the issue is specific and you need to have some knowledge of the subject in order to detect a lie. Not always observing your thoughts you can find manipulation, because some aspects of life are very good from us hidden. Open them and there will be a shock (brain explosion) with us. And then no manipulations will pass. The only way to destroy manipulation is to know the subject. And this is a problem. I think so.
    2. Homo
      Homo 8 July 2014 14: 59
      Quote: DMB-88
      For 23 years this could not be done, and now the world bourgeoisie fastens the division of Russians into right and wrong by the blood of their brothers!

      In just 23 years, they divided us, and now we are reaping the fruits of the section!
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 8 July 2014 15: 36
      Each one determines his own fate, and there is no need to complain about anyone. Unless, of course, you have your head on your shoulders.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. vrach
      vrach 8 July 2014 18: 13
      Dmitry Zykin.

      Good afternoon. Mikhail Vrachevsky is writing to you, I previously posted materials on "Psychological Weapons" on this site. Usually I do not comment on the generalizations of the foreign press, since you are tired of refuting everything and there is almost zero constructiveness, but having noted your diligence and enthusiasm for the topic, I want to add something, maybe this will lead to the fact that I will continue my series. Both you and the readers will be interested. Something seems important to write in a personal. Now very briefly:

      The term - manipulation of consciousness is incorrect. This is a paradox of human nature if there were no invasion of the psyche of one person into the psyche of another, we probably would not be able to understand each other and be reasonable. On February 20 I celebrate this discovery every year. Its consequences:

      - everyone is manipulating;

      - it so happens in human nature that there is some kind of flaw that we don’t like very often turns out to be part of a very important element in our psychological constitution and it is not possible to break the useful quality from the bad. The same stereotypes are a very important and necessary thing in building our world perceptions;

      - I have pointed out many reasons for the fiasco of the human sciences in comparison with the same nuclear physics, but I will voice one more equally important one. Over many millennia, man has developed many mechanisms of protection against psychological influences WE ARE LITERALLY RESPONDING TO RESEARCH. By the way, they asked you how to protect yourself from manipulation. The best defense is knowing one’s nature.

      Therefore, based on the foregoing, it is more correct to talk about the means of psychological impact. Turning a person into a puppet is stupid, you need to act precisely and selectively.

      Therefore, those examples that you cited in your material are basically a dummy from the category - is the glass half empty or full?

      Apparently you still have to write the 5 part.
      1. Uzer 13.
        Uzer 13. 8 July 2014 22: 47
        The embryonic state of a philosophical predicate does not allow an ordinary subject to think abstracted. It seems that they used to say. This makes some sense. The fact is that this very ordinary subject does not have time to comprehend the rapid changes in the information space surrounding it. Therefore, it uses pre-prepared templates created based on his life experience, this is stereotyped behavior. Up to a certain point, this helps him make the right decisions. But if events go beyond the scope of his usual routine actions, he starts to make mistakes without having time to process the information. A typical example is a meeting with fraudsters acting according to a pre-developed plan. This also includes a large number of victims of traffic accidents whose participants simply do not have time to figure out what to do, but they do not have patterns of behavior in an extreme situation. When manipulating consciousness, it can be said that consciousness can be difficult to change, it's easy to fool him if you create false landmarks (what have all sorts of media succeeded)
    6. The comment was deleted.
    7. Klepa
      Klepa 8 July 2014 18: 24
      A puppet from a person is made like this:
      Scientists are developing a device that will inject a contraceptive into a woman’s body for 16 years. According to the inventors, it can be turned off for a while, reduce the dose of the drug or change the schedule for the administration of the substance. And all this can be done using the remote control.
      A new generation contraceptive is being developed with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is reported by The Verge. According to the publication, we are talking about a device that after implantation will work for 16 years.

      When receiving a signal from the outside, for example, by pressing a button on a special remote control, the body will receive a portion of the contraceptive. Or the device will be able to inject the substance automatically, at certain hours and dates.

      It is noted that the development of a radio-controlled drug is engaged in the American company MicroCHIPS from Massachusetts. It is planned that testing the device will begin in 2015. If successful during the test, it will be launched on the market in 2018.

      It is expected that the device will be 20x20x7 millimeters in size. It will be implanted under the skin in the region of the buttocks, forearm or abdomen and, depending on the program, periodically dispense a certain dose of the drug into the blood.

      In addition, a woman can simply temporarily turn off the device. It may also be possible to remotely control the device. So, for example, doctors can remotely influence the administration of drugs.

      Original article:
  2. Shurale
    Shurale 8 July 2014 14: 10
    Yes, even if everyone has an opinion different from what the state is up to, then having shown ratings on the TV (such as 80% for) and done their own way, the state will not receive any opposition from us anyway. The fragmentation and lack of a focal point, and the whole mass of people as one big zero.
  3. 1nik-ol
    1nik-ol 8 July 2014 14: 34
    In the light of this article, it becomes clear why everyone jumps in Ukraine.
    1. screw cutter
      screw cutter 8 July 2014 15: 36
      If you are frightened from the cradle not by Babaika, but M-s-a-a-l-b-o-o-th, then you, as I think, will develop a persistent reflex to this word.
    2. zoknyay82
      zoknyay82 8 July 2014 17: 54
      laughing "... We all know from school that a significant number of living organisms do well without a developed brain. ..."
      Looks like these organisms are found in Ukraine in huge quantities.
  4. krot
    krot 8 July 2014 14: 48
    It is easiest to manage those who either do not have a complete education or are highly specialized, as in the states. A little to the left, or to the right of your specialty, you are zero! Ignorance, here is the chief assistant to the puppet maker!
  5. Dormidosha
    Dormidosha 8 July 2014 15: 12
    And therefore it is necessary to instill in children true values! Love for God, love for the motherland, love for parents and the elderly !!!! Love for the history of their homeland, etc. AND LESS LOOK THE BOX! Education in the family and school is the key to future spiritual progress!
  6. Sergei75
    Sergei75 8 July 2014 15: 31
    An interesting article, this is the methodology of NLP, but ... if you know its principles and possess additional information, then it does not work!
  7. screw cutter
    screw cutter 8 July 2014 15: 34
    It can be concluded that democracy does not exist at the moment. Not so long ago I came across one article so it conducted a study of elections in one of the European countries of the former USSR, and so, there was a direct relationship between the money invested in the election campaign and the result of these same elections. Money rules the world, that is, aligarchs and begin to attend thoughts of the world revolution, because they will not give up power by good will. Here is only one BUT, almost all revolutions end with the same thing, devastation and impoverishment.
    1. korol yasheriz
      korol yasheriz 8 July 2014 16: 48
      Quote: screw cutter
      there is no democracy at the moment

      and it basically does not exist laughing
    2. Orik
      Orik 8 July 2014 16: 59
      It does not exist and did not exist within the framework of large communities, real democracy is possible within a society where everyone knows each other and has approximately the same worldview. The "democracy" that is being pushed into us is based on psychology, about 70% of people are dependent on "public" opinion, but at the same time they believe that they "know everything", and applying the methods described by the author you will always get the necessary majority.
  8. vsoltan
    vsoltan 8 July 2014 15: 52
    I don’t understand at all why VO needs an article "pulled out" from textbooks of psychology and neurophysiology ... since I myself was partly involved in the nature of my work, I read fluently ... dregs and eyewash. Minus.
  9. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 8 July 2014 18: 04
    There is also neuro-linguistic programming, a twenty-fifth frame and shamanistic dances, but this will have little effect on a person who has not completed his undergraduate studies and who has not passed his exam. Of course you can cheat anyone, but you should not be deceived.
    1. scorpiosys
      scorpiosys 9 July 2014 00: 05
      25th frame, old stuff! Only acts on Banderlog. The main thing is "psycho manipulation"! Look how Kurgenyan spoke about Strelkov, according to all the laws of the genre! And the gun hung on the wall (two ...) straight along Stanislavsky and he almost JUMPED into my apartment himself from the screen, and after his speech I wiped the keyboard on the laptop with a rag with "Fairy" - I spat all the viscous saliva. These MANYpulations are enough for a modern information absorber. This is for us, old men, of whom in the 80s, from the performances of hypnotists to the beginning of the session, they drove this into laughter, and the current rate is 199%.
  10. scorpiosys
    scorpiosys 8 July 2014 23: 56
    Elementary Watson! When a "person" has read only one book in his life (and even then a savings one), everything is very simple!
  11. nimboris
    nimboris 9 July 2014 07: 03
    in the end, the goal is the same: to bring in unwanted goods to anyone bully