Cities affected by punitive operations of the junta in Novorossia (table)


Cities affected by punitive operations of the junta in Novorossia (table)

Cities of New Russia suffered from punitive operations conducted by the Kiev junta. The table includes more than 100 settlements of the LPR and DPR affected by the actions of the so-called Ukrainian military and other punitive units ...

numberNameNoteNumber of inhabitants (Wikipedia)
1Avdiivkashelling, fighting on the block posts35 358
2Ananyevkafreaking out332
3Andreyevkasouth of Slavyansk, destroyed1 325
4Artema (village)artillery fire destroyed100
5Artyomovskshelling suburb fighting in v.ch103 890
6Little whitefights, shelling aviation10 172
7Biryukovofights (frontier)3 970
8Mother of Godshelling794
9Big Vergunkaair strike6 000
11Tatting fighting163
12There was a bassshellinghail9 500
13Valuiskoeshelling, fighting3 996
14Varvarovkashelling, captured1 552
15Merry (village, Kramatorsk)shelling hail3 460
16Cherry (village, LC)Fights903
17Vlasovka (border)Fights1 833
18Voevodovka (Severodonetsk)Fights562
19Vostochny (Slavyansk)destroyed203
21Golubovka (DNR)shelling462
22Golmovsky (village. Under Gorlovka)airstrikes7 104
23Gorlovkaair attack258 879
24Miner (DNR)captured, execution of civilians795
25Deleevka (Konstantinovka)fights, airstrike486
26Dzerzhinskfights, shelling35 899
27Dibrovka (Kr. Lim.)Fights384
28Dmitrievka (Saur Grave)great destruction many peaceful1 020
29Dmitrovka (Saur-Tomb)fights, airstrike3 370
32Valley (Slavic district)battles557
33Donetsk 949 825
34Druzhkovkafights, shelling the suburb60 255
35Dyakovo (LC)fights, shelling2 870
36Yellow Villagebattles captured1 312
37Zhuravskoye (village, LC)shelling296
38Zakotnoedestroyed houses573
39IzvarinaFights1 755
40Ilichivkaheavy damage263
42Karlovka (Donetsk)tank Fights414
44Kirovsk (DNR)Fights2 688
45Kondrashovka (LC)air raids, heavy destruction682
46KramatorskNo comments165 469
47Krasnodon (neighborhood)Fights44 844
48Red Lymankilling of civilians, shelling23 413
49Red Partizanfights, shelling879
50Kremennayafights, artillery shelling24 435
51Curve bowevicted all residents, shelling380
52Lisichanskshelling, battles, airstrikes105 862
53Lugansk 463 287
54Makarovsevere destruction1 768
55Crimson (LC)Fights105
56Malotarenovka (Lysychansk)shelling3 682
57MariupolFights458 633
58Markovka (LC)shelling7 841
59Marinka (DNR)Fights9 978
60Marinovka (Saur Tomb)fighting a large number of residents1 735
61Maslyakovka (Suburb Krasn. Liman)battles captured460
62Cretaceous (village, LC)Fights0
63Metalist (village, LC)fights, shelling1 541
64Peace (LC)Fights396
65Myronivka (DNR)Fights106
66Neilovo (DNR)fighting breakthrough1 141
67Nikiforovka (DNR)Fights645
68Nikolaevka (city, DNR)destruction, fighting, frequent shelling, hail7 640
69Nikolaevka (village, Lugansk)Fights648
70New Kondrashovka (village, LC)bombardment262
71October (village, DNR)Fights78
72Alder (LC)Fights3 114
73Panchenkovo ​​(village, LC)Fights694
74Sands (village, Slavyansk)artillery, aviation142
75Petrovka (town, LC)shooting5 373
76Piskunovka (DNR, Slavyansk)shelling, destruction (the militia was not there)174
77Privolye (near Lysychansk)peaceful shelling, airstrike967
78Raygorodokshelling3 658
79Rovenki (LC)battles under the city, hail91 500
80Rubizhneshelling353 000
81Saurovkamassacre of local Dnepr2, Aydar2105
82Sverdlovskshelling65 276
83Northernalmost destroyed hail2 298
84Severodonetskfights, shelling109 959
85Severskalmost destroyed1 285
86Selidovoshelling24 269
87Seeddestroyed hail280
88Sergeevka (Slavyansk)shelling. Captured1 596
89Slavyanskno comment, hail119 482
90Snowyshelling, fighting49 564
92Stanitsa Luganskayashelling, air strikes14 543
93Old Krasnyankashelling882
94Old CaravanFights191
95Stepanovka (Saur Tomb)a lot of peaceful, shelling368
96Happinessmassive shelling, many civilians killed13 799
97Ramsshelling, captured59
98Torez (neighborhood)air strike80 781
99Torskoe Selo (Kr.Liman)shelling, fires, battles473
100Travnevoe (village)fighting286
101Ulyanovka (DNR)Fights730
102Ural-Caucasus (the border of the LC)Fights6 121
103Virgin (Slavyansk)Fights270
104Chervona ZaryaFights85
106Shandrigovlovodestroyed1 035
107Shchedrishchevo (village, LC)artillery shelling370
108Shchurovo (settlement, Slavyansk)severe destruction264
109Yampilmassive shelling, many civilians killed, hail2 650
110Yasnaya Polyanasevere destruction4 606
111Yasnogorka (DNR., Kramatorsk)shelling, destruction8 576
112Yatskovka (village, DNR, Slavyansk)shelling490
  Total population:3 812 290
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  1. evilrussian
    7 July 2014 07: 24
    They will probably say that the residents blew themselves up. I hope the Nazis will answer for their deeds.
    1. +5
      7 July 2014 07: 36

      evilrussian SU  Today, 07: 24
      They will probably say that the residents blew themselves up.

      ... they say so in Ukrainian forumswhat they say "separatists" to what extent the city was destroyed (about Slavyansk) fool
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +4
      7 July 2014 07: 36
      Why do they need cities and people, because they don’t jump, and they don’t treat gay parades correctly. We carry out the American anti-terrorist operation plan 100 percent.
      They don’t want to go to Europe either, one hassle with them.
    4. -8
      7 July 2014 07: 48
      An impressive list, but it does not give a complete picture, for example, one shell pulled between two villages, let's call them A and D. B, we get that two villages were shelled. For statistics to be statistics - three columns are not enough opposite each n.p. (the approximate number of dead / wounded militias, the number of dead / wounded civilians, as well as for the full picture the number of dead / wounded security forces) We are here On the site, including I, I’m used to scolding, blaming the Kiev authorities (no, I don’t refuse it, she (the authorities) deserve it), but let's try to project a similar situation in Russia: Imagine, God forbid, of course such a situation. There was a revolution in our country, in the center of Moscow there is a mess, the ringleaders are nationalists, but there are not so many of them, nevertheless, the main actions unfold around them and they are "heroes" they are in power. In regions where Russians dominate, it is relatively calm, but republics such as Tatarstan, Udmurtia or Chechnya, Dagestan (for example) do not want to be in such a Russia anymore. Do you think that after the referendum on the status of independence is held there, the new government will release these regions without bloodshed, even if the old one returns. To sit down at the negotiating table to make concessions, as was the case with Chechnya, how many of our people were killed there and how much money was thrown into it and how much more will have to be invested? Let's return to the real situation, in fact for Ukraine these two regions (Donetsk and Lugansk regions) are in their own way Chechnya, different of course, but parallels can be found. War is war, but Kiev will have to take into account the opinion of the people, either they will lose part of the territory, or they will have to expel all those who are not pleasing, well, those who do not jump, and this already smacks of genocide. Yet Luhansk is not Chechnya in terms of the fact that people essentially speak the same language, one religion, etc. you can agree, but only after the criminals who are sitting in Kiev will be behind bars
      1. +3
        7 July 2014 08: 02
        it’s not so much the number of cities and population, but what is behind it. There is a separate discussion about the victims, but if we take the economy and industry - Lugansk, Donetsk, Lisichansk - large industrial centers that produce a large number of industrial products, including mountain, which went including to Russia since Soviet times. Now there are no economic ties and no products; what will live on is not clear. Ukraine as a state, of course, is not profitable to destroy its own export-oriented industry. Therefore, it is clear that there is simply a sweeping of the territory and specifically the destruction of everything and everything to please the West.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. +1
        7 July 2014 08: 54
        In regions where Russians prevail relatively calmly, but here are the Republics, for example Tatarstan, Udmurtia or Chechnya, Dagestan ...

        You, uv. have you ever been there? Have you talked to people? ... So I think. Which is not. So what kind of people are you discrediting here in bulk? minus you.
        1. +1
          7 July 2014 09: 00
          Quote: muginov2015
          You, uv. have you ever been there?

          I have been, firstly, and secondly, I wrote PRESENTI did not say that it is.
      4. +1
        7 July 2014 09: 08
        Do you think that after a referendum on the status of independence is held there, the new government will let these regions go without bloodshed,

        Have you forgotten who started the punitive operation? People in Donetsk and Luhansk regions came out to express their point of view, or it can only be done by the "Maidan", and ordinary citizens were declared terrorists. Take Odessa.
        If something happens that you describe and the authorities declare all separatists, without listening to other opinions, then I will go for Chechnya and Tatarstan ...
      5. 0
        7 July 2014 09: 32
        you need to add a list of how many local fought in the militia
  2. kowalski
    7 July 2014 07: 25
    According to the given data, in my opinion, the National Guard and the army are approaching the "indicators" of the Wehrmacht! And this is on the territory of their native state !!!
    1. +1
      7 July 2014 08: 39
      there is nothing new

  3. +4
    7 July 2014 07: 26
    “The death of one person is a tragedy, the death of millions is statistics”
    But here the statistics simply take anger.
  4. KIRON
    7 July 2014 07: 27
    They won’t answer. While the mattress power is still alive, and their hangers-on.
  5. +1
    7 July 2014 07: 29
    Quote: kowalski
    According to the given data, in my opinion, the National Guard and the army are approaching the "indicators" of the Wehrmacht! And this is on the territory of their native state !!!

    With such anger and sick fanaticism, they will probably surpass it. But the end is still one ....
  6. +3
    7 July 2014 07: 30
    Genocide against its people and its organizers will definitely be punished! The blood of the innocent murdered cries out for revenge. Do not forget the damned nats.gady: "God endures for a long time, but severely punishes!" The prophecy of academician Levashov is coming true that the hour is not far off when the forces of Good (light forces) and the forces of Evil (dark forces) will converge in a deadly duel. And so it has begun, but the forces of light and good will prevail, no matter how malicious the dark forces, led by the overseas supporters of the devil, may be!
  7. +2
    7 July 2014 07: 40
    Consider, a ready-made document for an international court, another film-photo certificate and the junta can be involved ...
  8. +3
    7 July 2014 07: 41
    A terrible picture .... This picture should be seen by the whole world, and as a result, climbing Fashington !!!
  9. +2
    7 July 2014 07: 41
    All that remains is to appoint the elders, rename the police to the police, and put up signs "Beware of the partisan!" and invite A. Merkel to manage the Square under the cover of NATO.
  10. Dbnfkmtdbx
    7 July 2014 07: 42
    And why are you surprised at the previous presidents? Thank you, say that the previous creatures have muddied and now they’re helping to resolve the conflict. angry
  11. +1
    7 July 2014 07: 47
    Yes, it just doesn’t fit in my head, how many peaceful people they killed, old people, children! The notorious fascists!
  12. Khalmamed
    7 July 2014 07: 58
    ..... the worst thing is when YOU "pedos nelid came up with" that YOU MUST die.
    ..... the worst thing is when the weak brain of the human carcass took it slavishly and MEASED.

    ..... I do not have stocks of candy wrappers, I did not steal ALIEN WORK, but knowing THERE IS A GIFT OF THE LORD FAITH, Conscience, Spirit, Will and the HONOR, which is sincere for them, sincerely condole your loss!
    ..... it’s very difficult for a simple MAN to understand the FRAUD of the LORD, but FAITH in the LORD is the only thing that a SECURE MAN can in such a situation ...
    ..... I, as it is not Russian, VERY GOOD YOU ARE VISIBLE TO YOU RUSSIA AND THE HOUSE OUR RUSSIA AND RUSSIA - and apparently NOW falling scale (cowards, corrupt, eternally damned and persecuted thieves and cannibals and even EL-LI-TA) from the blade which is forged from us by all people simple, the Lord God, by His providence, is computed, that light of faith in him will be fused, as he illuminated our grandfathers when they persecuted Hitler-Schlünberg.
  13. +2
    7 July 2014 08: 03
    There are no words! Every time I remember the words of the Führerits Tymoshenko. Something is not heard, not visible! Likely governs his people and amasses strength for the revival of Ukraine.
    And I see how her nightmarish words come true, destroy the Russian-speaking people, their homes.
    Sh .- “And what now do the remaining eight million Russians who remained on the territory of Ukraine? They are outcasts! ”
    Tymoshenko: Damn, they must be shot from atomic weapons ...
  14. I am proud of Russia
    7 July 2014 08: 12
    Quote: horoh
    A terrible picture .... This picture should be seen by the whole world, and as a result, climbing Fashington !!!

    Yes, very creepy. Naturally, not all of the horror is shown on TV for reasons of ethics. Only a few settlements are heard. And the junta and the so-called "army of Ukraine" are bombing and carving out the entire southeast. Right now, where the ukrofashists with Nazi crosses on their chests raised their bloody flag, so to speak, there are sweeping operations of everyone who helped the militias ... they will be without trial ... and they helped everything mean everyone to the wall ... this is horror and lawlessness that the Americans arranged by forcing a historically single people to go brother to brother ... this does not fit into the head of normal people in the 21st century, that it is so easy to sell your people to give it to the Amerzian gorgon because of natural resources. The whole situation is clearly reminiscent of the plot of the movie "Avatar". Straight one to one ... do not want to leave your tree for good, we will burn you and wipe you off the face of the earth, but the deposits of valuable metal will be ours. And how can everyone sleep peacefully on whose hands the blood of so many people and ruined peaceful lives?
  15. Tanechka-clever
    7 July 2014 08: 13
    I believe that the trial will take place over the Nazis. Someone suggested holding it in Slavyansk - and rightly so. The court should not be international, the Kiev junta should be judged by the Russians. And for Poroshenko, the court should be seperate and he should be executed only by hanging on Slavyansk Square. Death to the fascists ...
  16. +3
    7 July 2014 09: 16
    Figures are purely offhand. If 50 percent of the male population from 20 to 50 years old rose from the couch and went into the militia, how many would it be in numbers? I think about 100 of them minus underpants and all sorts of hat scrappers, and that is about 000. Judging by all the militia, there are simply not enough trunks and security. Otherwise, they would have gone over to the offensive a long time ago. The question is what should happen in the life of a resident of Novorosia so that he would take up arms. The Nazis that they should pour sorrow over every family ???

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