The implementation of the objectives of the "Russian national democracy" will mean the end of the Russian people

A certain part of the so-called “Russian nationalists” wants to “liberate” the Russian people from imperial self-awareness, great aspirations and a feeling of being god-bearing. To do this, in their opinion, on the ruins of the Cop-bureaucratic Russia, hated by them, it is necessary to create several ethnically pure little “Russian Schweizaries”, where the next new “Russians” will finally live like all civilized people: drinking beer, discussing their small-scale life and not about what seditious not thinking. These dreams are no different from the plans of modern liberals: the dismemberment of Russia, fitting it to Western standards of political correctness and tolerance, as well as the total erasure of any Russianness under the guise of fighting the notorious “imperial consciousness”.

The writer Vladimir Karpets described this phenomenon as follows:

“In the State Duma of the Russian Federation on behalf of the so-called The national democratic alliance was made by the famous publicist and poet Alexey Shiropaev. His speech in a certain sense can be considered a turning point - of course, for official structures like the State Duma.

National Democrats (or national liberals) call themselves part of the Russian nationalists, who most radically reject historical Russia and openly proclaim its division into independent “Russian republics” oriented towards “Western civilization” and market-liberal reforms.

“We, the National Democrats, believe that a fair solution of the Russian question is directly related to the rejection of the imperial nature of Russian statehood,” said Shiropaev. - Through constitutional procedures, Russia should be transformed into a symmetrical federation consisting of equal subjects - national republics, including Russian republics, created on the basis of Russian-populated territories and regions that are not part of any existing national-state formations. We see seven Russian republics as part of the Russian Federation. Their regional distribution: the Far East, Siberia, the Urals, the Volga region, Central Russia, South Russia, the Russian North ”.

Among the National Democrats themselves, on their websites, the independence of Siberia, the Cossacks, Zalesia, Ingermanland has long been discussed.

The implementation of the objectives of the "Russian national democracy" will mean the end of the Russian people

“Russia cannot be redone. It can only be abolished - of course, bloodless and civilized, ”- this is the same Shiropaev. “Who trampled man more, his freedom, spirit and thought than Russia? And the Russians are the victims and hostages of this Evil. And often accomplices, involuntary and voluntary ... Russia is a historical anomaly generated by the Horde violence against the Russian person ”- this is from Shiropaev’s famous article“ Darkness-Rodina ”.

National Democrats openly admit that they do not need Russia. “In the end, it turns out that nationalism reduces the concept of Russia to even smaller borders than the Moscow principality on 1547,” they themselves admit, considering themselves to be the only “Russian nationalists”.

“I dream that there will finally be such a thing: a Russian burgher, implying freedom from psychopathic craving for“ ultimate and beyond, ”from“ non-being ”and“ God-bearing ”... Accordingly, for national democracy, cultural, social and, above all, psychological bourgeoisness is the most fundamental, ”writes Shiropaev.

By itself, the realization of the goals of national democracy, which allegedly saves the Russians from the “Cop-Popov State” and the “black dominance”, would mean the end of the Russian people. No matter how the fate of the “Russian subethnos” is formed, these will already be other nations. They will become parts of other empires - the European, American, Chinese, Islamic caliphate. On the rights of reservations. Today, large empires are being created and re-created, and those who do not create their own work for others.

And now the main thing. The National Democracy was let out of the bottle by the Medvedev administration itself. Last but not least, through her “de-Stalinization“. Alexey Shiropaev: “Genuine, deep de-Stalinization inevitably goes to the criticism of historical Russia as such ... Genuine de-Stalinization presupposes a consistent historiosophical and culturological revision up to the era of Ivan the Terrible and even further - until the destruction of the Novgorod democracy by Muscovy.”

Why is this process running? Especially on the eve of the election. For the “greedy crowd standing” at Old Square - for the sake of a new conversion of power into property - through separatism. Well, for those who, in their turn, are already behind them - on both sides of the border - “without faces and spin” - the agents are “nothing that is worthless”.

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