My sniper experience says something else.

I read the article by A. Grigoriev "Arsenal of Army Sniper" in the magazine for 1998 a year. At that time I was 28 years old, of which I spent 3 of the year in various “hot spots” of the CIS and some other countries. For more than half a year, he served as a sniper in the Karabakh people's army, so that we had to deal with this work live. I think that I did my job well, because now I have the opportunity to write this letter.

Very surprised by this article. I don’t know who Grigoriev is, but when I get acquainted with his article, it becomes clear that about sniper weapons and the specifics of martial arts, this man knows exclusively from books. And most likely published in Soviet times.

The nekladushki begin from the very beginning: “First of all, the sniper rifle should be automatic”, in confirmation of which the following figures are given: 3 – 5 seconds are needed for reloading and 5 – 8 seconds for clicking on the hook. Moreover, an amendment is made that this is for a good shooter. I beg to differ.

At the first opportunity, I changed my SVN 1968 of the year of release on the 1942 airframe of the year with an 3,5-multiple optical sight, which I did not regret once. Well oiled and well-groomed, this rifle is in no way inferior to the SVD, and in accuracy far exceeds it. I note: even if a poorly trained shooter is juggling the shutter, it takes not 3 – 5 seconds, but 1,5 – 3. I made 5 sighting shots on the 200 m in just 6 seconds. I know people who shoot even faster. However, this is for example. After all, if you need to release a large number of bullets for a short period of time, they take a machine gun. As Grigoriev rightly observes, “the sniper is a surgeon, and his rifle is a tool for fine jewelry work.”

From my own experience, I can say that on a rare day I was able to make 5 shots, usually 2 – 3. During an intense melee that lasted for about an hour, he made all 25 shots. The sniper is needed in order to hit particularly important targets: enemy officers, calculations of ATGMs, machine-gunners, and not to fire everything that moves.

It is worth noting that the 25 shots per hour - the rate of fire is quite real for a sliding shutter.

If the sniper missed the first time, the second shot at the same goal is unlikely to be achieved. You sit out for hours, until some officer in the law-maker goes or he wants to look at the field through binoculars. Considering the flight time, which is 800 seconds on 1,4 m, if you didn’t hit the target from the first shot, there are no 3 – 5 seconds to repeat the shot. A person is compressed into a ball, which is already quite enough to be saved: it was already visible not only of everything, but more often the head or part of the body.

My sniper experience says something else.

Now about another statement: "Misses during shooting, as a rule, are a consequence of the mistakes of the shooter, and not the flaws of the weapon." This is true, but only in part. If the rifle is of the highest class, but with special ammunition, then the work is different.

On one of my business trips, I managed to shoot a Remington 40XBKS sniper rifle chambered for NATO 7,62 × 51 with special bullets and a Swarovski 5X12X50 rifle. I will never forget the perception of perfection and grace, and as for the accuracy of the battle and control, I have never encountered anything like it.

In real combat, I used this rifle four times, and it never failed. It should be noted that the natural conditions, due to the particular geographical position of this country, were far from ideal. Fog, quite a sharp wind, large differences in heights and pressure. A person familiar with long-range shooting will understand all the difficulties involved.

And I stress once again: there was no time for the second shot, except for the attack of the enemy infantry. I came across such things only twice, and both times in Karabakh. But this situation is more likely for a machine gunner and an AGS operator, and not a sniper.

Modern combat, at least low intensity conflicts, mostly takes place in a dynamic manner. He is led by small, 200 – 300 people, mobile groups equipped with a wide variety of weapons, including disposable grenade launchers, light machine guns, and in some cases LNG, recoilless rifles and anti-tank missile systems. No combat formations, the group moves in short rushes under the storm fire of cover groups.

Even in the defense prepared in advance, the sniper has to change positions after every 2 – 3 shots. Therefore, there can also be no speech in the war about shooting a sniper in groups of several shots. This is for hired assassins, for whom the one hundred percent guarantee of a client’s death is important, which can only be achieved with 2 – 3 bullets that hit the body.

The sniper who fired at Otari Kvantrishvili used the Anshutz small-caliber carbine with a longitudinally sliding bolt - which did not prevent him from firing several bullets in a matter of seconds. The latter hit the body even before the victim fell on the asphalt.

The army sniper does not need such tricks. As a rule, it is enough for him to simply hit the target at a distance of 800 – 900 m, disabling it. To do this, one bullet in the chest, stomach, head, or even in the leg is enough.

At least, A. Grigoriev’s statement that the sniper rifle should have unified with army ammunition is strange. Special cartridges (marking PS) are designed for high-precision long-range shooting exclusively from sniper rifles. Although sniper cartridges are suitable for PC machine guns, like standard ones for SVD and SVN, but they do not replace each other!

Among foreign, the most promising sniper is the caliber 8,58 mm, and not 12,7 mm. By the way, the example in the article of Hungary, which does not have sufficient combat experience and experience in the production of small arms, is generally inappropriate.

Of course, it is wrong to say that the 50 caliber sniper weapons have no future or are not engaged. Simply, it was originally created entirely for other purposes, such as shooting at planes and helicopters (at airfields), air defense missile systems, command and control centers, fuel depots and ammunition, as well as lightly armored targets. That is rather large-sized and relatively inactive, since the spread of aiming points and hitting the 2000 m at the best rifles is 50 cm (at the field trials).

We must not forget about super-heavy recoil (the author says a lot about it, then does not remember at all), which even with a large mass (13 – 18 kg) and muzzle brakes still exceeds the Remington 700 recoil energy by almost three times. Accordingly, the noise level increases, which, at a distance of 2 km, however, does not play a big role.

With all the advantages of a 50-caliber rifle, it is not possible to fire successfully at extremely large distances to defeat manpower. The exception is convoys or trucks with infantry, in which case even one shot may kill two or more people. In addition, given the number of modern bandit formations (7-10 people), their exceptional mobility, as well as the severity of large-caliber rifles and their considerable size, one can doubt the effectiveness of firing from them. To solve the same problems already have the appropriate means: "Cliff", DShK, LNG - with high-explosive rounds, AGS-17 "Flame", and even better high-explosive shots tank T-72 or fragmentation BMP-1 and BMP-2.

A few more considerations based on personal experience. The current conflicts of low intensity, especially in the CIS countries, are characterized by a short course: 1 – 2-hour clashes of relatively small military (or, more precisely, partisan) formations numbering from 50 to 300 people, as well as weak artillery preparation (in Karabakh this was expressed in 10 – 20 minutes of not very intense fire 100 – 130-mm anti-tank guns, as well as the very popular 57-mm anti-aircraft guns in the Caucasus). One attack was undertaken after 12 ruptures 120-mm mines, released from a self-propelled mortar. In very rare cases - there are only two of them in my memory - not very strong and not very accurate bomb strikes are delivered by Rooks or Mig-23.

The Azerbaijanis, who are more susceptible to classical military tactics, apparently because of the large number of Russian mercenary officers, attacked, as a rule, at dawn with the support of a small number of (6 – 15) tanks or BMP. The attack begins at the turn of 250 – 300 m (sometimes between positions on 150 m) with a sudden throw of the whole formation. Here the sniper, as they say, and trumps in hand. Usually I chose positions in 50 meters behind the positions of my troops, in the vineyard or in numerous ruins. There was another advantage here: being behind the impulsive Caucasian warriors, I was sure that I would not get a bullet in the back or would not be thrown during a sudden retreat.

As a rule, attackers do not have time to go through and 50 m, as they are met, though random, but rather dense shooting. For unknown reasons, they immediately mix, go astray and lie. This is the very moment that a sniper working in defense needs. Enemy commanders run, trying to raise soldiers, machine gunners and grenade throwers went where they had to ...

This stage lasts differently: from 5 to 10 minutes, then either the attack continues, or the incoming ones dig in. In the confusion of the battle, 5 – 6 aimed shots can be made.

If there is a slight lull, then there is more interesting work. I, as a rule, chose the patrol at night, trying to get as close as possible to the enemy’s positions, which, given the large number of vineyards, orchards and all sorts of urban elements of the landscape, was not particularly difficult.

I usually went to watch on the day. He made camouflage equipment from three sets of the Soviet tricolor "tag" and "caseos". Cloth from the KZS also rewound the rifle barrel. From ammunition I took, as a rule, 3 clips for a rifle (15 cartridges), a TT pistol with 5 clips, 6 RGD-5 grenades, and for some patrols I grabbed MON-50 with an electric fuse. Mina overlaps the possible untamable approach. He took with him a radio station "Alinko" with a radius of 15 km. Exactly the same had people covering me with a Kalashnikov machine gun and an RPG-7.

As I said, I made no more 5 shots per day, but surely, from a minimum distance. Once I managed to get so close to the Azerbaijani trenches that at dawn I just showered them with grenades.

In case of detection, I gave three tones, and my cover (after a minute or two, almost the entire subunit joined them) opened a hurricane fire. As a rule, 250 rounds and 3 – 5 rounds of RPG-7 rounds were enough for me to move to a safe place, where I could safely wait for the darkness.
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  1. -87
    5 July 2014 07: 08
    I wish you to burn in hell, mercenary horseradish.
    1. +20
      5 July 2014 08: 14
      Quote: Mixail Baku
      I wish you to burn in hell, mercenary horseradish.

      It is a legitimate wish that a Russian fighter in Karabakh is no different from a Ukrainian in Chechnya, unless of course he is an ethnic Armenian, so the minuses are not justified. With respect.
    2. -4
      5 July 2014 10: 43
      Quote: Mixail Baku
      horseradish mercenary

      This little man probably never could have thought that in those trenches there could have been a young Russian guy called up for service in one of the cities of Azerbaijan.
      I would like to know what idea drove this arrow?
      1. +39
        5 July 2014 11: 46
        Quote: Hedgehog
        This little man could never have thought that in those trenches there could have been a young Russian guy,

        The fact that there, on both sides of the conflict, the former military SA participated, is the secret of Open Sign. And in the SA served from all the republics of the former empire. So there is nothing to blow bubbles, I got the minuses reasonably. Here, not a club of Noble Maidens.
      2. +18
        5 July 2014 20: 40
        Soldiers on both sides are doing their duty. If they do not fight at the same time with the peaceful population, then the demand from them is like a soldier. And the moral side of the question must be asked from those who organize wars.
      3. +4
        6 July 2014 15: 19
        And by the way, think about what motivated that Russian kid who was sitting in the trenches of Azerbaijanis. And how many guys like these rushed there for a bloody ruble, at least I knew at least how he said - thank God - he left alive, without money, the tenants could cut the wrong one just to not pay.
    3. +22
      5 July 2014 20: 36
      And to those who played off the neighboring peoples? I spoke with an Armenian recently, his words almost literally: "What is Karabakh ?? A dot on the map! Who needs it ??" It is because of this point on the map, urged on by nationalist slogans, people were killing each other. And who invented EVERYTHING? I also heard a story about how the Americans who worked on the radio smoked together and then went to throw mud at them - one Armenians, the other Azeibarjan, so that God forbid they would not reconcile. Greetings from Russia. And yes, the USA must be destroyed
    4. +4
      5 July 2014 23: 23
      Whatever there would be such and any other mercenaries and internecine wars, the country should be common, and inciting ethnic hatred would be punished as the murder of two or more persons ...
    5. horseradish
      30 August 2014 15: 32
      Only after you
  2. +9
    5 July 2014 07: 22
    Once I managed to get so close to the Azerbaijani trenches that at dawn I just threw them with grenades.

    Is this a sniper monologue? In my opinion it’s just a mercenary sometimes firing from a sniper rifle.
    1. +14
      5 July 2014 13: 10
      If you’ve got close to the trenches, why should he shoot from a sniper? Grenades threw and go, once sniping failed.
      1. -5
        7 July 2014 01: 01
        A professional sniper does not throw grenades, but makes one, maximum two shots, and leaves the point. And to get to the trenches and throw grenades is the infantry’s business. IMHO.
        1. +4
          7 July 2014 12: 19
          movies reviewed? Normal operation of a military sniper. Not everyone in the special forces and the police serve. In addition, I’m looking at the couch’s important troops.A few more considerations based on personal experience.
          Combat work was conducted under specific conditions. Notice with the interaction with other types of troops, and not like in computer shooters. That is why the fighter transfers his experience, and not feeds worms. Sniper duel - leave Hollywood. Either the artillery or the aircraft (in life) work according to the opened position.
        2. Russkiy53
          29 December 2014 03: 15
          Quote: Militia
          A professional sniper does not throw grenades, but makes one, maximum two shots, and leaves the point. And to get to the trenches and throw grenades is the infantry’s business. IMHO.

          the case of infantry-assault! and to get-the case of a saboteur ...
  3. +8
    5 July 2014 07: 28
    At the first opportunity, I changed my 1968 SVD to 1942 IOS

    What kind of rifle is this SVN of 1942? It may be CBT - 40.
    1. +8
      5 July 2014 08: 37
      Quote: Athenogen
      What kind of rifle is this SVN of 1942? It may be CBT - 40.

      HZ In the 42nd issue of the sniper SVT-40, they turned it down, considering it ineffective and again harnessed Mosinka. Maybe the author has her in mind, the more the sliding shutter is mentioned. what
      1. +4
        5 July 2014 17: 10
        Quote: perepilka
        In the 42nd issue of the SVT-40 sniper turned down, considering it ineffective and harnessed Mosinka again

        Initially, Tokarev and Nikonov samples were presented at the automatic rifle competition, and both entered service in 1938, but they were finalized after the Finnish one.
      2. 573385
        6 July 2014 12: 43
        They didn’t just turn it off, but began to produce the AVT-40 (Tokarev’s automatic rifle), though in small quantities (compared to the PPSh or VM) .Now this rifle went on sale as the SVT-O.AVT-40 in small batches until 1945 (judging stamps on SVT-O)
    2. +4
      5 July 2014 09: 16
      Quote: Athenogen
      What kind of a rifle is this SVN of 1942
      This is most likely ... 7,62 mm sniper rifle arr. 1891/30, based on the Mosin rifle.
      1. +7
        5 July 2014 14: 12
        SVN is an ordinary mosquito with a mount under the scope and a bent shutter stem
        1. 0
          9 July 2014 11: 16
          99% ordinary Mosinka, yes, but the finish has been improved, made specifically for snipers. One of my acquaintances with her went through Afghanistan, all the Arab-Israeli wars, part of Vietnam. I revered for the best weapon. The most unloved was AKSM-74.
      2. 0
        6 July 2014 21: 16
        Quote: svp67
        Quote: Athenogen
        What kind of a rifle is this SVN of 1942
        This is most likely ... 7,62 mm sniper rifle arr. 1891/30, based on the Mosin rifle.

        Sergei, that's right! Magazine "Brother", article "Weapons of Russian sniping", where the author refers to it. I was interested in something else, the author pays too much attention to cal.12,7mm ..., and this is already SVN-98.
    3. vkrav
      5 July 2014 10: 25
      Quote: Athenogen
      IOS 1942

      This is a new Pontoon classification - Non-self-loading Sniper Rifle.
  4. W1950
    5 July 2014 07: 34
    Effective thoughts, most importantly not lifted from the finger, but tested on oneself.
    1. +29
      5 July 2014 07: 47
      I agree. Here the main experience, on the basis of which the story is built, and the fact that the author worked as trolls at close range, but threw trenches with grenades, is a war. Here everything can be, and it is not rare that fighters of the same profile replace each other. The same sniper, this is a scout and spotter as a rule, well, and apparently as an exception (again in tight clashes) attack aircraft.
      It is beautiful to work at a distance of more than 1000m in a picturesque tropical paradise and for unshooted Papuans - this is the theme for Hollywood films.
      1. +4
        5 July 2014 11: 16
        Effective thoughts, most importantly not lifted from the finger, but tested on oneself.
        And by the way, he may very well be instructing in the Donbass now, just such is the logic of the war, or are you an enemy or a friend, now no one remembers where Ramadan was in 90, is he really (?) Now for us, i.e. he brought us to obedience.
        1. +2
          5 July 2014 17: 18
          Quote: blizart
          Ramadan in the 90th is true (?) He is now for us, i.e. he brought us to obedience.

          excluded, Chechnya is simply paused ......
          1. jjj
            5 July 2014 19: 02
            Judging by the description, the author is a purely Marxman. I was only embarrassed that he alone was also operated with MON-50 as a safety device. A lot of actions are obtained for the arrangement of a "workplace" in order to make 3-4 shots at a random target. But in this matter, everyone has their own personal approach.
            1. +3
              5 July 2014 19: 24
              It's simple. "If you want to live - be able to twirl!" Or, as in the famous film about a cow in a bomb bay: "If you want to live, you will not be so hot!" smile
        2. +7
          5 July 2014 18: 42
          Quote: blizart
          he brought us to obedience.

          Try the Chechen to say that! laughing
          No, dear, no drive: we have a "dryuchba" with him, on the basis of mutual interests, he is a "terrible Chechen" for the enemies, and we - that is, Russia - is a cash cow.
          1. +3
            6 July 2014 17: 43
            there is only one but not one wolf died on the horns of this cash cow.
      2. +3
        5 July 2014 17: 17
        Quote: AnpeL
        the author’s trolls - like he worked from close range,

        the sniper himself chooses the conditions for fulfilling the task .... can shoot both short and long-range, use mines and grenades without problems, if it is free hunting, if the task selects the necessary target and creates conditions for sampling
  5. +4
    5 July 2014 07: 40
    Bullshit ... and just started with philosophizing about shooting at 800 meters, and ended ... that shooting was fired from 30 m from a throw distance of a hand grenade ... here you can shoot from a TT.
    The distance between the positions is 300 meters ... here, and a normally shot Kalash with optics, the main thing is enough so that the shooter's hands are not crooked.
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. vanyux04
    5 July 2014 09: 02
    I was also a sniper. Served with a SVD rifle. He killed 23 terrorists. Then they wounded in the leg and sent to the hospital.
    1. +7
      5 July 2014 09: 15
      vanyox04-well, so write an article and compare your experience with what is written here
    2. +3
      5 July 2014 09: 43
      Well done, still 2 and the anniversary wink
      1. +2
        5 July 2014 23: 26
        Such victories in the civil war are not particularly encouraging.
        But the United States must be destroyed!
    3. +17
      5 July 2014 11: 18
      oh something not to believe.

      Usually they don’t spread such information about themselves.

      especially on the first day of registration
      1. +3
        5 July 2014 14: 40
        Quote: Rider
        Usually they don’t spread such information about themselves.

        especially on the first day of registration

        And why not. He didn’t publish the surname with the address. Although HZ, as there in real life. With respect.
    4. +5
      6 July 2014 17: 04
      RU Yesterday, 08:49 | In Crimea, the coastline will be guarded by "Tornado", "Msta" and "Chrysanthemums"

      vanyux04 - Good devices! He served them for 2 years!
      Wait, I didn’t understand something, are you a sniper, or an MLRS operator? Or a sniper on the MLRS? laughing
      1. +6
        6 July 2014 17: 40
        He also fought in Chechnya))))) The usual balabol))!
      2. The comment was deleted.
  8. +4
    5 July 2014 10: 04
    First of all, the sniper rifle must be automatic

    The competence of the person who wrote that article is already clear. I don’t understand this, but I already understand that an automatic rifle is not needed at all, and a semi-automatic is needed by an infantry sniper.
    1. +6
      5 July 2014 13: 15
      So it depends on why. The SVD is more suitable for open combat in the unit, and the bolt is more suitable for hunting.
    2. -3
      5 July 2014 17: 22
      Quote: mrDimkaP
      but I already understand that an automatic rifle is not needed at all, and a semi-automatic is needed by an infantry sniper

      .... hear the sea sniper tell me which rifle you will shoot at with the destroyer .......
      1. jjj
        5 July 2014 19: 06
        By the way, the famous admiral Nelson's death was caused by a hit from a handgun
      2. +3
        5 July 2014 22: 31
        Quote: Black Colonel
        So it depends on why. The SVD is more suitable for open combat in the unit, and the bolt is more suitable for hunting.

        SVD what is automatic? No!
        Quote: hert
        Quote: mrDimkaP
        but I already understand that an automatic rifle is not needed at all, and a semi-automatic is needed by an infantry sniper

        .... hear the sea sniper tell me which rifle you will shoot at with the destroyer .......

        I did not quite understand what you did not like in my post.

        An infantry sniper is a sniper who interacts with infantry on the front line firing officers, machine-gun crews and the like during a defense or attack.

        I don’t know how on destroyers, but there are snipers on patrol ships to knock out the same machine-gun crews and crews from boats.
        1. Russkiy53
          29 December 2014 03: 23
          "Is the SVD automatic? No!"
          -What, damn it ???
  9. 0
    5 July 2014 10: 08
    And what is this 1942 SVN rifle with a 3,5x optical sight, apparently a sniper rifle by Negrulenko. However, such developments of 1942 are not mentioned anywhere, apparently the author has mixed something up and passed it off as reliable information.
    1. 0
      5 July 2014 17: 26
      a 4-fold sight has a larger field of view, which means better viewing conditions ..... especially since the sniper spends the lion's share of time in observation
      1. Russkiy53
        29 December 2014 03: 25
        a 4-fold sight has a larger field of view, which means better viewing conditions ..... especially since the sniper spends the lion's share of time in observation
        -What is more than the magnification of the sight, the same field of vision ... who writes everything here, damn it :)))?
  10. +2
    5 July 2014 10: 18
    Behind all the recent international events, that smoldering conflict somehow disappeared into the shadows, but such articles remind of it. I will not condemn or approve of the author, which side he chose, these are his beliefs and his truth, as well as the details of the story
  11. 0
    5 July 2014 10: 19
    Athenogenes Today, 07:28 a.m. New
    At the first opportunity, I changed my 1968 SVD to 1942 IOS

    What kind of rifle is this SVN of 1942? It may be CBT - 40.

    I also did not understand what kind of rifle it was, but not the SVT-40, because he was talking about a rifle with a longitudinally-sliding bolt. SVT is self-loading ...
    1. 0
      5 July 2014 17: 31
      Quote: Yarik
      what kind of rifle, but not SVT-40, because he’s talking about a rifle with a sliding bolt

      rather a mosquito. in the museums of the former USSR there were enough of them in the form of exhibits, and the presence of an appropriate quantity of b / p speaks in her favor: in those days it was problematic with both NATO calibers and Snemetsky under the Mauser 98k.
  12. +22
    5 July 2014 10: 23
    I have a special forces sniper of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. there were several rifles. SVD. SV-98. SV-99. VSS. you take the one that is needed at the moment. in Chechnya I took SVD and VSS for a melee battle. for melee combat APS. from 4 grenades of RGO and RGN .My favorite SVD rifle. I had the opportunity to choose it from several tens. My STP rifle had 1 angular minute per 100 meters at the level of the SV-98 bolt box at a rate of 8 cm. Head hit at 890 meters with a rangefinder. Careful shooting of weapons. Good the emphasis helped. in Pyatigorsk, while studying for a dispute from SVD, I shot for accuracy the colleague with the SV-98 with the Hyperon sight. the truth is 100 meters. I have PSO-1 with 4 times the sight.
    1. +11
      5 July 2014 13: 18
      I think you should not flaunt your photos with such a biography. Unless, of course, this is a photo of your sworn friend wink
  13. Tyumen
    5 July 2014 10: 37
    Solonik shot at Kvantrishvili, it was special.
    1. +4
      6 July 2014 11: 13
      Lesha (Soldier) Sherstobitov shot at Kvaniarishvili.
      1. Tyumen
        7 July 2014 21: 49
        Yes, you're right, I was wrong.
  14. Leonty
    5 July 2014 11: 43
    TT pistol with 5 clips

    And what, to the TT store there are clips?
    1. +2
      5 July 2014 17: 21
      Quote: leonty
      And what, to the TT store there are clips?
      In the article, most likely, the man expressed himself incorrectly, they say, at times, that he fired "the whole clip" from the pistol. Nevertheless...
      1. Tyumen
        5 July 2014 21: 14
        And this is not for Mauser 98th clip? After all, for the TT store it is useless.
        1. +1
          7 July 2014 11: 21
          Quote: Tyumen
          And this is not for Mauser 98go clip?
          No, this is a clip for TT, for eight rounds. By the way, there are sites where "shop fast gear clips" for TTs offer to order.
          1. 0
            7 July 2014 11: 53
            Advertising photo from the site of a year ago "fast charging clips" for TT.
  15. +5
    5 July 2014 11: 44
    Among the "ponty" type of "mercenaries", the Mosin sniper rifle is usually called the Nagant sniper rifle. However, it is not 1942. Dude, he just "drives" - he is not a "sniper" - talker. I took a TT pistol with me ... yeah, as if crawling, it is quite possible, inadvertently, to half-platoon with all the subsequent troubles ... Trepach.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  16. +3
    5 July 2014 12: 08
    It’s strange ... what kind of an SVN screw ... two more and 42 years ... maybe a typo and this is just a mosquito? Or is the author crap? I do not think that people who have been crawling on their belly for five years with their screw do not know what it is called.
    So, one of two things - either the author writes nonsense or he is not the one for whom he claims to be.
    1. 0
      5 July 2014 17: 37
      Quote: akm8226
      It’s strange ... what kind of screw is SVN ... two more and 42 years ..

      a priori, they choose Mosin rifles for sniping in 1938 - these are the most high-quality models, and 42 years of production are relocated, women and children work on the machines, the corresponding level of workmanship.
      1. +2
        7 July 2014 08: 53
        well, not quite right. The sniper modifications Mosinok produced in a special section of Izhmash, well, no women and children. Moreover, no one moved the factory or transferred it anywhere. My grandfather worked all his life on Izhmash (from 41 to 43 on a gun) And the quality of sniper trunks has always been at the highest level.
        1. +2
          7 July 2014 20: 28
          (women and children work on the machines, the corresponding level of workmanship.) I agree with you one hundred percent, just some people don’t know that military factories issued armor at good military factories. No one could send a person with such a document to the front.
  17. 0
    5 July 2014 12: 59
    And what kind of a rifle is this - the IOS of 1942?
    1. +1
      7 July 2014 01: 24
      And let's ask the author of the article about this rifle with the whole forum. And let him answer, what for he drove the whole forum into a stupor soldier
  18. Fast
    5 July 2014 13: 12

    Perhaps the Mosin-Nagan Sniper Rifle (SVM) of the 42 year release was meant, but this is hardly the official name.
  19. Iero
    5 July 2014 13: 38
    At the beginning of the article, a significant typo, we are talking about the classic Mosin rifle - the SVM (M1891), and not the SVN (Nigrulenko Sniper Rifle mod. 1998).
  20. +6
    5 July 2014 13: 46
    SVN, it's either a typo instead of SVM, or really slang about the Nagant, I don't know. Judging by what was written, the author is "Free shooter" who can afford "5 shots per day". It was always curious how and by whom, keeping records of the combat work of such comrades, its planning and payment ...
    Hence the misunderstanding about cartridges. He can then afford the Sniper cartridge, he can last a pack for a week, and if the army sniper acts in the platoon’s battle formation, the commander relies on his barrel the same, here, on occasion, you’ll have to shoot a lot and often, for example, counterattack, here it’s not up to Ponte about PS, everything goes to business. So the article, a la how not to earn hard. An army sniper is valuable in that he SHOULD BE ABLE to SHOOT WITH ANY CARTRIDGE WHICH HE HAS AVAILABLE !!! About TT for monstera, the topic is old, known since the days of the Second World War. The cartridge is loaded into the barrel, the trigger gently descends, and the cartridge is obtained in the chamber and in the magazine 8 pcs, but the gun is not cocked. Then the first shot is self-cocking, as from a revolver. This topic is often found in the memoirs of pilots, because after an emergency landing on the territory of the enemy, the pilot may not be able to cock a weapon, for example, a wounded arm.
    1. +2
      5 July 2014 14: 29
      Quote: motorized infantryman
      About TT for monstera, the topic is old, known since the days of the Second World War. The cartridge is loaded into the barrel, the trigger gently descends, and the cartridge is obtained in the chamber and in the magazine 8 pcs, but the gun is not cocked. Then the first shot is self-cocking
      Ok, Dear, the TT USM has a single action, self-cocking is not about him, but without putting the trigger on the safety cock (soft release + pull a little), you can actually catch a bullet with your stomach. With respect.
      1. Tyumen
        5 July 2014 21: 22
        Yes, what are you writing? If not self-cocking, in your opinion, do you need to cock the trigger before each shot? The most common samovzvoda, or double-acting.
        1. +1
          6 July 2014 05: 40
          The trigger of the TT cocked shutter when the latter rolls back. To produce the first shot, you must either send the cartridge by jerking the bolt, or cock the trigger with your finger. It’s not possible to simply pull the trigger and shoot because the TT does not have a self-cocking.
          1. Tyumen
            6 July 2014 08: 54
            Quote: KBACYPA
            The trigger of the TT cocked shutter when the latter rolls back.

            So this is samovzvod !! And the shutter naturally, it is necessary to distort for sending the cartridge. In your opinion, is any automatic machine also not self-cocking (automatic), because it is necessary to distort the shutter? Write heresy frankly.
            1. +1
              7 July 2014 05: 16
              So this is samovzvod !!

              You have already been told once again that this is not self-plating.
              USM for TT single action. Self-winding at PM.
      2. 0
        6 July 2014 02: 55
        Yes you are right, I should have written that in this case the gun cocked with one hand.
    2. 0
      5 July 2014 15: 06
      TT is not self-plating.
  21. +2
    5 July 2014 14: 14
    IOS is the slang name transferred from the West to the mosquito. In 1942, for VMs, they began production of the Kochetov bracket for the PU sight, previously used with SVT.
  22. +1
    5 July 2014 14: 48
    The sniper rifle must be semi-automatic, because jerking the shutter is an extra movement through which the enemy can detect the sniper.

    I have not heard about IOS for 42 years. Maybe some kind of rifle with a night sight.
  23. +3
    5 July 2014 14: 48
    "Non-self-loading sniper rifle" - yes, most likely "Mosinka", the production of which was resumed in 1942 (and the PU sight was just with an increase of x3,5).
  24. +2
    5 July 2014 15: 12
    and it’s possible to make a high-precision assault carbine on the SVD base with the ability to make short bursts of three
  25. +2
    5 July 2014 15: 39
    Azerbaijan also had snipers and they also shot, the war is cruel to ordinary people
  26. +1
    5 July 2014 19: 55
    The Russian Criminal Code contains an article for mercenary art. 359 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Author, your pictures can go to criminal proceedings as evidence.
    1. 0
      23 September 2014 12: 38
      How is it that the author is a mercenary? I did not see this.
  27. +6
    5 July 2014 21: 59
    The book, which the author criticized, seems to be about fire support snipers.
    Those usually choose 7.62 caliber automatic rifles. We had them with the M-14.
    The fire is usually conducted from behind with machine gunners at distances of 400-600 m

    And the author himself considers himself a long-distance sniper of 800-1000 m,
    who have special rifles. So the argument is about nothing.

    There are still attacking snipers. They put optics on the usual long M-16,
    bipod and pad on the butt. These go along with the attacking infantry,
    but try to knock out machine gunners or officers.
  28. -2
    5 July 2014 22: 03
    author, sorry you still did not pinched
    1. +3
      5 July 2014 23: 36
      It’s a pity that Gorbachev and Yeltsin weren’t punched at the right time ...
      1. +1
        5 July 2014 23: 54
        Yes you are right
  29. +3
    5 July 2014 23: 11
    Confession of a professional mercenary, where for the idea and where for the money. And nothing personal, just work. This work is of course dirty, but as a rule it’s not the one who is the performer who kills, but the one who is the employer.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Suindyk-argyn
      6 July 2014 10: 59
      Well then, the martyrs who claimed hundreds of lives of innocent Russians simply without wine sheep! And nothing personal!
  30. +1
    5 July 2014 23: 52
    I remember our teacher at the military department told me: after the attack on the Armenian positions, a dozen of our fighters lay on the ground, mortally wounded. All of them writhed in pain, the sniper shot almost all of them just above the plaque on the belt, in the stomach. From such a wound, a person writhes for an hour and a half in pain and then dies. At this moment, he is informed that a sniper who shot down so many soldiers is lying nearby. “It was strange that the Armenians abandoned HER. Usually the“ white bras ”were guarded by up to 20 soldiers,” the officer told us. This time, the wounded sniper was simply abandoned and retreated. This was a woman. Usually the Baltic women, former biathletes, fought on the Armenian side. She was one of them. Then he says: "I pulled out a knife, finished it off, cut off her head and sent it where it should be as proof of the presence of the mercenaries."
    Something like this - another episode of brutal war
    1. +5
      6 July 2014 11: 25
      Your teacher is not up to date. The attacking infantry is ALWAYS fired
      in the stomach. This is not some kind of cruelty, but simply the most reliable
      place to hit is the middle of the figure. If aiming at the chest or head, then
      possible flights above the figure, since the attackers are not running in
      full growth, and bending down, bending over.
      If a sadistic sniper came across, he would shoot in the groin and hips.

      "Then he tells ..." - a clear fantasy. Most likely, your teacher
      was not there, but heard a story from someone, and added a "brutal detail"
      for "paint".
      1. +1
        6 July 2014 11: 41
        Warrior, where did you get that further obvious fantasy?
        1. +5
          6 July 2014 16: 46
          Yes, very simple. Slaughter a woman and cut her off
          head ... I believe there are such monsters. But show off
          about it to students? Surely, a story is invented or retold
          from third parties. And from what he told about widespread wounds
          in the stomach it follows that he was hardly at all in a war.
          1. -1
            6 July 2014 20: 21
            Quote: voyaka uh
            Slaughter a woman and cut her off
            head ... I believe there are such monsters. But show off
            about it to students?

            But this is a positive moment and it is welcomed with admiration among Azerbaijanis and the Caucasus in particular. If he had said that he spared her or bandaged his wounds and sent somewhere to the headquarters, most would not have understood)) It’s different why he having slightly wound her wounds, didn’t torment her, to see one and a half dozen wounded had an effect and he could not cope with emotions. It would be better to send her to the rear, treat her and, through various tortures, knock everything that she knows from her and just painfully her kill at the end after she says everything.
            1. Russkiy53
              29 December 2014 03: 44
              you freaks! she’s a woman! don’t have to torture her ...
      2. Russkiy53
        29 December 2014 03: 42
        it’s simple: one wounded, two chela from the battle :) ... someone must take the wounded away ... plus he screams a lot ... he scares the fighters ... they stun, then, pale ...
    2. +2
      6 July 2014 11: 50
      Do not consider it sarcasm. Snipers, women from the Baltic countries (already a brand) appear in all conflicts in the post-Soviet space ... They have eggs stronger than some men ... And yes, they who fight and for money deserve at least contempt!
      1. Russkiy53
        29 December 2014 03: 46
        and those working in a garment factory, or a factory ... what are they worthy? or are they "free"?
    3. The comment was deleted.
  31. kogaid
    6 July 2014 10: 14
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    with great sincere thanks to the volunteers
  32. Suindyk-argyn
    6 July 2014 10: 45
    Sick to you and your children mercenary!
  33. +2
    6 July 2014 14: 40
    To summarize, wrote a blockhead who once was next to a sniper mercenary ...
    1. +3
      6 July 2014 21: 38
      By the style of using numbers, names and presentation - you can see an amateur, but not as a professional. Picked up the "tops" on the Internet and breaks show-off here. Most likely a "rear rat".
  34. 0
    6 July 2014 21: 06
    This article is being reprinted from site to site ... Sniper is a creative profession and choosing a tool is a personal matter and a matter of taste, almost mystical, like every master.
    Personally, the author is unsympathetic to me, to put it mildly, and some places in his work make me doubt that he is a sniper. So, a well-aimed shooter, among which most fought.
  35. +1
    7 July 2014 03: 52
    My subjective opinion: the author decided to simply raise the rank with "plus signs", so he wrote an article-tale about how he "fought".
    1. Hawk2014
      8 August 2014 18: 07
      Yes, you look at the date of initial publication of the article! What are the pluses? feel
  36. 0
    8 July 2014 13: 57
    The author definitely achieved one - provoked a discussion among members of the forum. Maybe this was his task?
  37. 0
    9 July 2014 11: 34
    Quote: motorized infantryman

    Yeah, fortune, even if you take the squad, you first get a box of cartridges, the first thing is to graze a sniper for good quality cartridges, then all the rest (machine gunner). To somehow match the name. Otherwise, he needs to be given not a SVD, but a machine gun. With those who are not a Marxman, it is even more difficult. No, special cartridges are needed, even if they are of the same caliber and dimension as the machine gun, but normal. So that the bullet was round and the same in all cartridges (possible, heavy, ballistic, armor-piercing options), the gunpowder was correct (or at least one batch) and the weight was the same.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  38. 0
    16 July 2014 17: 31
    I completely agree with the author of the tactics of reference
    and the use of sniper rifles
    however, in some things I do not agree with him
    so the SVD is good and even very close to 400 meters, and a platoon sniper usually doesn’t have to shoot further
    and then only manual loading, automation ruins the cartridge, of course it’s not critical, but after that the bullet loses its balance and fuck it at a distance of 800-1000 you’ll get into something smaller than the lid from the 10 liter pan
  39. 0
    18 July 2014 21: 05
    show-offs .. the article would be normal if there weren’t many personal impressions and irrelevant details .. it looks like memoirs only have names and dates missing .. negative
  40. 0
    22 July 2014 13: 29
    Good day. And what does the author mean by SVN? Apparently the sniper rifle is not self-loading? Then it is logical to assume that this is some kind of Mosin rifle. But all one thing is strange that he called his weapon that way. And the fact that the "bolt" is more accurate than the "machine" who can argue. So what kind of beast-SVN?
  41. Hawk2014
    8 August 2014 17: 16
    Hmm ... Reprint of an article 16 years ago. Is there really nothing fresh found?
    Quote: serkoff
    . So what kind of beast-SVN?

    START - Negrulenko sniper rifle. SVN-98 - an experimental version [1], developed in the mid-1990s by the design team of SKB Plant named after V.A. Degtyareva (E.V. Zhuravlev, M. Yu. Kuchin, V.I. Negrulenko and Yu. N. Ovchinnikov).
    It was launched into production under the designation KSVK / ASVK.
    The ASVK / KSVK rifle (Army / Kovrov Sniper Rifle Krupnokalibernaya) was developed and mass-produced by the Degtyarev Plant (ZID), located in Kovrov, Russia, based on the earlier SVN-98 rifle. The rifle is designed to defeat unarmored and lightly armored vehicles and enemy equipment at ranges up to 1000 meters, as well as enemy manpower at ranges up to 1500 meters. The rifle can be used both with 12.7mm gross machine gun ammunition (for firing according to technology) and with specially designed 12.7CH / 7N34 sniper ammunition, with which accuracy of about 4cm per 100 meters (1.5 MOA) is claimed for the ASVK rifle. KSVK rifles are successfully used in an anti-terrorist company in Chechnya and are in service with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Army. The GRAU index for the ASVK rifle is 6V7, the index of the sniper complex as part of the rifle, the 1P71 optical sight and the 1PN111 night sight is 6C8.
    The KSVK rifle is a non-self-loading large-caliber magazine weapon, arranged according to the bullpup scheme. The barrel is locked with a longitudinally sliding rotary shutter, powered by cartridges from a detachable 5-charge box magazine. The rifle is equipped with a standard side bar for mounting sights and can be equipped with various day and night sights. In addition, the rifle has folding open sighting devices as a reserve. Folding bipods are located under the barrel on a special bracket, a powerful muzzle brake-compensator is located on the barrel, the butt is equipped with a wooden pad under the cheek and a rubber recoil pad-shock absorber.
    Since the article is a reprint from Soldier of Fortune magazine in 1998, I suspect that it was not written by a mercenary, but by a journalist, based on an interview with a mercenary. And the level of Russian journalists is such that it won't take long for them to get confused and instead of the sniper version of the Mosin rifle, write down START.
  42. Hawk2014
    8 August 2014 18: 05
    PS Perhaps the journalist was so confused that he mixed up the FG-42 (German: Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 - a parachutist rifle of the 1942 model) and START-98? what The FG-42 is a German automatic rifle from World War II. Designed specifically for the Luftwaffe paratroopers.
    And the beginning of the article confuses me.
    Quote: Magazine
    I read the article by A. Grigoriev, “Arsenal of an army sniper” in a magazine for 1998

    The journal number is not indicated, however, the number of the journal in which his article was published was not indicated. But that is not the point. What confuses me most of all is the fact of publication, as an answer to someone’s publication in such a case as sniper art. request I strongly doubt that real snipers will wage a dispute between themselves on the pages of the magazine.
  43. +1
    11 August 2014 17: 27
    What are you talking about Friends, what friends do Russia have, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan ..... Russia has two friends, its army and navy.
  44. Santjagagarka
    3 October 2014 17: 18
    Quote: pamero
    What are you talking about Friends, what friends do Russia have, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan ..... Russia has two friends, its army and navy.

    Three: Also aviation *)
  45. 0
    3 November 2014 01: 06
    On the one hand, in the course of hostilities the sniper has to work according to the situation, so I see nothing particularly surprising in short-range shooting. On the other hand, people who have such a solid track record in hot spots do not talk so frankly about this
  46. 0
    24 November 2014 15: 59
    The article is complete nonsense, the man has read the books! After phrases about an army spider shooting at 800-900 meters and with an 50 caliber at 2 km. At 2 km in the Army, artillery is already working.

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