Ukrainian reservists vote with their feet: what results of mobilization does Kiev prefer to remain silent about?

Ukrainian reservists vote with their feet: what results of mobilization does Kiev prefer to remain silent about?

In Ukraine, the second wave of military mobilization ended. Although complete statistics are not provided anywhere in open sources, at the regional level, the authorities and military commissioners provide certain data for the local media. And a very disappointing picture emerges for the Kiev authorities.

For the most part, Ukrainian men do not want to fight, evade conscription, and if they join the army, they in every way seek to avoid being sent to the front.

Of those regions for which some kind of statistics was published, perhaps Kiev is in the first place in terms of the number of draft dodgers. Here, firstly, they were able to call up less than half of the planned number, despite the fact that they were hunting for draftees along with the police. Secondly, as recognized by the military commissar of the Ukrainian capital, Vladimir Kidon, less than 10% (!) Agreed to go from the mobilized to the ATO zone. That is, the old-new servicemen simply refuse to carry out orders to advance to the combat zone and go to the service in the units that have already been sent or can be sent to the Donbass. And this is despite the fact that, unlike in other regions of the country, there was practically no burial on the mobilized in the capital.

Further. Despite all the propaganda efforts, for the most part the appeal in the east of Ukraine has been broken. In Sumshchina less than half of the planned number of reservists was mobilized, in Poltava region - a third, in Zaporizhia - a quarter. Odessa and Kherson are strong with their deviationists.

The junta’s obvious hope was the western regions. However, everything here was not smooth.

So, in Zhytomyr, hundreds of already mobilized reservists went on the run, that is, simply deserted. The initiation of criminal cases and the publication of their names in the local media returned to the system no more than half. In Volyn, a large number of soldiers of the 51 th mechanized brigade, sent after leaving the Donbas to the Nikolaev region for a home leave, deserted. Someone officially, but in hindsight, was fired. In Transcarpathia, the call among ethnic Hungarians and Ruthenians was threatened, and, after the last month of the burial of the dead in the east, the chances of mobilizing local people decreased even more. Moreover, it managed to conduct a semi-official sociological survey and found that 87,9% of the population of the region does not support the war in the Donbas and about as many people believe that the affairs of Transcarpathia are more important than the unity of Ukraine. However, the reliability of such results can be questioned.

It is much more difficult to doubt that the Dnipropetrovsk region turned out to be the leader in terms of the number of people mobilized, unexpected for many in Ukraine. It mobilized every tenth of 100 000 conscripts. The military commissar of the region even boasted, comparing this data with the situation in the seemingly so patriotic Lviv region, where only every twenty-fifth of the 70 000 conscripts could be taken to the army. However, the military commissar of Dnipropetrovsk, while keeping silent about the fact that part of his mobilized consisted of Kolomoisky's mercenaries, as well as that local military officials managed to add to the lists of mobilized soldiers who were already in the army, but deprived of the demobilization they were supposed to. In addition, unlike Lviv recruits, many Dnepropetrovsk soldiers are not sent to war, leaving to protect the rear and the native region, which became the patrimony of the oligarch Beni. The 25 airborne brigade, staffed largely by local natives, judging by the information leaking from the media, is on the verge of collapse. A group of its reservists, along with their mobilized mothers, even recently protested against the walls of the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev.

It should be noted that in many regions the results of the "partial mobilization" would have been even worse if the relatives of the mobilized had less faith in the authorities and propaganda, convincing them that they would not be sent to the service of reservists. After the first news of casualties, close soldiers realized it and began to block roads and block military units.

A separate surprise was waiting for the majority of the volunteer battalions of the territorial defense staffed with volunteers. Only a few of them initially prepared to fight. According to the authorities' initial statements, the majority of the “battalions”, which were quickly recruited from citizens unfamiliar with military affairs, had to carry out road-guard service in their native regions. However, now the shocked personnel of these formations from all over the country are being sent or have already been sent to the Donbass. Untrained, poorly armed and even worse equipped “territories” are already suffering their first losses. So that news about mass refusals from the side of the “volunteers” already enrolled in the lists of such units from entering the service and being sent to the ATO zone will obviously occur more often (the last scandals took place in Lviv and Kiev).

The mobilized and militarized citizens do not add optimism and the numerous facts of direct command fraud in relation to the provision of the promised status of participants in hostilities. That there is only a scandal with the families of the servicemen killed by Volnovakha when they came to the funerals, who reported that the dead were in “AWOL” and were found dead on the street.

Periodically, in the Ukrainian press and the facts of attributing Ukrainian soldiers in hospitals "household injuries" instead of battle wounds.

As early as in spring, spot checks by the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office revealed in almost every verified part numerous cases of dismissal of those mobilized from work with refusal to pay compensation. For the indebted population of Ukraine, with a very modest size of military salaries, such situations are fraught with total ruin of the families of recruits. After all, they mobilize into regular units, as a rule, family working men, the unemployed and criminals prefer to serve in volunteer battalions, while respectable, but single men often evade mobilization.

Finally, deserves special mention story with the officers of the military space service: 212 people refused to go to the Donbass and were fired.

And yet, Kiev put under the gun the total complexity of the order 60 000 people across the country. Even if there is no next mobilization, this is enough for a big and bloody civil war.
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  1. +10
    4 July 2014 06: 35
    There, things will soon come to the detachment detachments .... an hour ago, a guy from the east wrote that he saw something like that. Even pravoseki for their fascism do not want to die ... punishers ...
    1. +9
      4 July 2014 08: 26
      Quote: Morgan
      Even pravoseki for their fascism do not want to die ... punishers ...

      Pravoseki didn’t do Maidan in order to die for him. They were promised lard, vodka and women, and at the same time in Europe, nobody said that they could kill.
      Forgive me for being rude, but maidan in the form as it is with rare exceptions was made by lumpen. Those who were able to exercise power didn’t particularly complain, but they were busy. And the psychology of the lower classes is very close to animals, which they now demonstrate in the east, and it’s definitely not to die for something.
      1. +1
        4 July 2014 08: 32
        Why would they die themselves?
        There was someone to die for them. And more. So for now, everything is working out for them despite animal psychology.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  2. +4
    4 July 2014 06: 38
    meat, just cannon fodder!
  3. +2
    4 July 2014 06: 48
    Well, what did those who seized power expect during the military coup? Of course, jumping on the Maidan is one thing, but it is real to go and die in the Southeast for no one knows whose interests (for the interests of the oligarchs) no one has the slightest desire!
  4. Front Night
    4 July 2014 06: 50
    unfortunately dill already understood HOW to fight sad First they bomb, then clean them up (If only the equipment escaped from them, it would be more fun lol
  5. Yaks
    4 July 2014 06: 53
    And the leadership of the Euro-Ukrogoblins does not think that the army in this situation can simply turn around and give them a kick ... people slowly begin to understand what's what ....
    1. +3
      4 July 2014 08: 00
      Quote: yaks
      And the leadership of the Euro-Ukrogoblins does not think that the army in this situation can simply turn around and give them a kick ... people slowly begin to understand what's what ....

      In order for the army to turn back, it must be given appropriate acceleration, i.e. force to retreat, and they are yet to come.
      "The Ukrainian army has always been distinguished by the fact that it went over to the side of the winner. If the militia in Donbass goes on the offensive and goes to Kiev, and the army realizes that Poroshenko's days are numbered, the same thing will happen to him as to Yanukovych, who suddenly discovered that everyone who has to defend him is now catching him. The Ukrainian army is fighting for the one who is stronger, but is reluctant to fight, so as not to fall under the bullets themselves, and therefore prefers shelling and air strikes. If it becomes clear that the president has lost, on he may not count on an army. "
  6. +2
    4 July 2014 06: 58
    "A story with officers of the military space service: 212 people refused to go to Donbass and were fired."
    Add another 17 thousand from the Ministry of Internal Affairs - dismissed, because refused to participate in the ATO.

    I believe that people are hiding, not because they are cowards, but simply because they perfectly understand that this is a war with their own people, and they do not want to kill their own. There is no way to declare it openly, so at least they will vote with their feet. Not all, of course, but there are quite a few of them. First of all - anti-Maidan, suitable for age. Those that deserted ... maybe at least something came to pass, not only the fear for its own skin worked. Maybe next time they won’t come to the European Maidan. Unless on that where they try to throw off the current government. Although I doubt that Petya will not give the order to shoot at them. This is not Yanukovych. But after this (the execution of the Maidan), the Maidan will be finished once and for all.
    1. Volkhov
      4 July 2014 10: 34
      It's just that the Ukrainian "cosmonauts", like the Russians, are mostly thieves of "democratic" nationality and they don't need to risk for Ukraine. They were lucky that they were simply fired, a little later they will begin to apply the laws of wartime.
      1. Bashkaus
        4 July 2014 11: 50
        I also work for the defense (and space) industry and I know my business with respect to some systems in military aviation, but at the same time I did not serve in the army and did not hold weapons other than an air rifle.
        Let me drop my delol now, sign up for the national guard and, with faith in Piglet, shed my blood on the outskirts of Slavyansk.
        What about military technology? Yes, to hell with them, there are no irreplaceable people, think about 10 years of training and work to become a professional, pravoseki won’t just like jumping on the Maidan, they will also cope with a space rocket. Nude Nude ...
        Or maybe everyone wakes up to do his own business, which he knows well ?!
        1. Volkhov
          4 July 2014 15: 04
          Quote: Bashkaus
          What about military technology?

          Since Ukraine is now becoming a Nazi system, technologies are really not needed, Reich with non-rocket astronautics provides technical superiority, and check out the case of Ukrainians for the Ukrainians. The Nazis lack infantry, and they control space and sea as much as possible from earthlings.
  7. +1
    4 July 2014 07: 01
    old-new military personnel simply refuse to carry out orders to advance to the combat zone and go to service in units that have already been sent or can be sent to Donbass.

    Damn, this "rabble of clowns" would have been thrown off long ago, and there would have been no need to go anywhere.
  8. +3
    4 July 2014 07: 04
    According to the US State Department in Ukraine, the population density is too high, having promised but not paid, ukrov is sent to the slaughterhouse to the East, and there is a chain reaction - the Ukrainians methodically destroy the entire infrastructure of the East and methodically kill the civilian population, the militias, in turn, taunt ukrov protecting the population as a result, all together die in voyma and exalt the great US.
    ... the local end of the world now would not hurt ...
  9. +2
    4 July 2014 07: 07
    Westerners only bawl mostaki. And as it comes to "protecting" national interests - and in the bushes. It turns out that the defense of the idea is life-threatening: they did not talk about it on the Maidan, they did not report it at one time in the ukroSMI. It turns out that the phrase "glory to Ukraine" did not imply the meaning of "death is near."
    BUT. Enlightenment is coming. And it’s more or less good that at least all of THESE samosti have some kind of instinct for self-preservation. Not everyone, of course, but still ...
  10. +1
    4 July 2014 07: 10
    I don’t understand one thing — how a country with such great mobility can only form battalions, it’s not enough to see a bigger one. The battalion is the Major-Lieutenant’s level of thinking. They gathered to conquer the Crimea with the Minister of Defense ment completely unrepresentative of army specifics, the Ukrainian army will not survive until the fall she just falls apart. hi
  11. volkodav
    4 July 2014 07: 12
    Well, there’s nothing else to expect and a non-parody .. Sala to Ukraine :-) I wish there was more prapora, with all their zeal inherent, they had worked out food and clothing supplies, blundered
  12. 0
    4 July 2014 07: 13
    tops, do not skew mow ... soldier
  13. kowalski
    4 July 2014 07: 14
    While the instinct of self-preservation works. It's one thing to jump on the Maidan, and quite another to climb under the bullets of the militia. SO IN FACT AND CAN KILL !!! Yes, the people are in no hurry to earn the Order of the "Heavenly Hundred" posthumously ...
  14. +3
    4 July 2014 07: 16
    the more hornbills from this massacre will be given to families of those who consider the southeast to be terrorists, the sooner these meaningful creatures will get the true meaning of everything happening in a pseudo-country
  15. +1
    4 July 2014 07: 19
    I think it’s said a lot before the fall! After 2-3 failures, scatter earlier. But pravosekov-hot iron cut, these are ideological animals, everything is smeared on the blood.
  16. -1
    4 July 2014 07: 25
    Source in the Foreign Ministry: in the next 48 hours, Russia may begin a peacekeeping operation in Ukraine. angry
  17. pahom54
    4 July 2014 07: 29
    Yes ... the war is not a Maidan ... Soon the people will come to their senses, who donated money and rags to the army of the outskirts (in addition, not only they will come to their senses, but the cookie money will simply end) ...
    By the way, in the previous koment I wrote that I climbed the suburban sites yesterday and saw that horror and the abomination that they write ... So I don’t think that these unfinished young banderlogs write all this kuynya sitting in the trenches ... Yelling, that Colorado need to be completely destroyed, but they’re not torn into the trenches ...
    If our troops at least somehow helped Novorossia - the first thing they did was clear the sky, because on our part the airspace of the Luhansk region and the Donetsk region is simply blocked - I think that the panic and unwillingness to fight among conscripts-reservists would have increased even more ...
    PS By the way, on one Ukrainian site there was one very bloodthirsty commentator under the nickname "fyvaprold", so it seems that here, on VO, there is such a drive ... And the question is where he trolls - here or there ...
    By the way, according to nickname-chased, I suspect that he is a former SPS specialist. If so, then I'm really sorry ...
  18. 0
    4 July 2014 07: 33
    The fact that large-scale mobilization did not work out, SE is no easier for them, they are not infantry but artillery, aviation and tanks are hammering, and there specialists of Judah steer and cowards
  19. +1
    4 July 2014 07: 34
    And yet, Kiev put under the gun the total complexity of the order 60 000 people across the country. Even if there is no next mobilization, this is enough for a big and bloody civil war.

    - It's how long it takes you to bury ...
    1. +1
      4 July 2014 07: 41
      hi Horn - Nothing to dig, shovels and steppes enough. soldier
  20. 0
    4 July 2014 07: 45
    By the way, funerals haven’t come to Kiev yet.

    Well, even if you count the number of those killed and buried just on the side of the road, in the "mass grave", then many mothers from Kuev will not wait for funerals ... crying In the best case, it will be "missing" or probably deserted to Russia ....

    After all, you’ll have to interrupt the whole of Ukropina, look for the bodies of the buried ...
  21. 0
    4 July 2014 07: 47
    And yet, Kiev put under the gun the total complexity of the order 60 000 people across the country. Even if there is no next mobilization, this is enough for a big and bloody civil war.

    Judging by what is written in the article, Kiev put it under arms, but is it a warrior? As far back as 4 a month ago, the previous Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, someone I. Tenyukh (there was one) announced that only 4-6 thousand military personnel are ready, the rest is rabble. So the mercenaries are fighting. The army is hammering from a large caliber, and anywhere. Gang...
  22. 0
    4 July 2014 07: 55
    they can vote with their feet ... but they cannot throw off power ... apparently they like such power to their taste ..
  23. Maxpotan
    4 July 2014 08: 44
    The main thing for them is not “I don’t want to fight”, but “I don’t want to fight for free”. Offer good content to the soldiers, they would run to register, and no "shooting at the brothers" would stop them.
  24. 0
    4 July 2014 09: 03
    Galloped on the square, now let them jump on the battlefield. The more 200 and 300 become, the better.
  25. ded10041948
    4 July 2014 09: 14
    Training at the reservists is about zero. Most likely they fight either full thugs or propaganda.
  26. 0
    4 July 2014 09: 50
    But only if NATO actually began to help with weapons and military equipment, then the situation may not change for the better.
  27. 0
    4 July 2014 11: 19
    It is time for the reservists to understand that they can defend their interests only with weapons in their hands.
  28. Leshka
    4 July 2014 15: 26
    probably mobilized the dead laughing
  29. Leprechaun
    4 July 2014 15: 35
    Quote: Grach710
    I don’t understand one thing — how a country with such great mobility can only form battalions, it’s not enough to see a bigger one.

    So I understand the battalions purely formally, in fact the company but with the name of the battalion.

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