US special forces will receive a parachute that allows you to fly almost 50 kilometers

American special forces will have at their disposal a new model of the parachute. According to the information from the Army Times, this parachute will allow jumping from a height of about 7,3 thousands of meters, carrying loads weighing up to 204 kg and reaching a target located approximately 47 kilometers from the trooper's dropping point. With a certain preparation, you can jump from a height of thousands of meters into 10,6. According to published data, the novelty received the designation RA-1.

Due to the fact that the parachute system allows you to carry cargo weighing up to two centners, a soldier can jump in full combat gear, including body armor. According to the Americans, their new parachute in its basic performance characteristics significantly exceeds the parachute of the previous model, which wore the designation MC-4, in no way inferior to it in reliability. According to the ITAR-TASS news agency, the new model of the American parachute will have to arrive in the troops already in the 3 quarter of the 2014 year. It is planned that they will be equipped with only small units of American special forces. The RA-1 parachute, which has enviable maneuverability, is not intended for a mass landing of paratroops, since maneuverability leads to the possibility of parachutists colliding in the air.

Unlike most conventional parachutes, the RA-1 is equipped with a seat - this is to ensure that the legs of the Special Forces do not get numb, and at the time of landing he was ready to fight. According to the publications that have appeared, the American army will have to equip its paratroopers with additional equipment: insulated clothing, oxygen masks, which are designed for a longer period of flight, and an improved navigation system. The parachute system officially submitted by the Americans is called the Military Free Fall Advanced Ram-Air Parachute System (the military system of the advanced paraglider for free-fall jumping).

US special forces will receive a parachute that allows you to fly almost 50 kilometers
RA-1 in free fall Photo:

As you might guess, the American parachute is made of the "wing" type. So, if a parachute in the shape of a dome can only fly down, in the shape of a dome with slots - down and forward, then the wing cannot fly forward. Such parachutes create lift force only due to the fact that they move with a certain horizontal speed. Due to the flight speed, it is possible to create a significant pressure difference on the lower and upper wing shells. This allows a much smaller area of ​​the wing than a standard round parachute to create a similar lift. The shape of the wing is maintained due to the speed of decline. Horizontally, such parachutes can fly at a speed of 32 km / h, and go down at a speed of 0-6 km / h.

The wing is controlled using two control lines, as well as a dome. If you pull the left line, the wing turns to the right and vice versa. If the paratrooper pulls immediately behind both lines, there is a decrease in horizontal flight speed. If you pull the lines strongly enough, the speed will decrease to such an extent that the wing will practically cease to create lift force and at the same time will begin to lose its shape. This will force him to “part” with the lift, which will lead to the stalling effect - the wing will simply dive sharply down. Also, the wing has another feature. Before such a parachute goes to stall, its speed, both vertical and horizontal, will decrease by a very short time to almost 0 km / h. If the paratrooper lets go of the control lines, then after some time the wing will restore its original shape, and it will be able to continue its flight with the speed characteristic of the parachute.

The closest Russian analogue of the new American parachute is the famous Arbalet parachute system. Unfortunately, in the open access there is no information about how far the Russian paratrooper could fly on a parachute system “Arbalet-2”. At the same time, the “Crossbow-2” system ensures safe making of jumps with the flight mass of a paratrooper with all special equipment up to 150 kg. The parachute can be used in the temperature range from -35 to + 35 degrees Celsius at the speed of flight of the aircraft at the time of landing to 350 km / h. This parachute system has passed the entire cycle of state tests in the flight test center of the Russian Ministry of Defense and is currently in operation.

Russian parachute system "Crossbow"

Until the middle of 2015, Russian paratroopers should receive 400 parachute systems "Crossbow-2". This parachute system is designed for landing special groups, paratroopers-specialists and parachutists-rescuers with a full range of necessary equipment and weapons, as well as performing training jumps from aircraft such as: IL-76, An-12, An-26 and An- 2, as well as Mi-8 type helicopters, which have the necessary equipment to drop personnel.

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  1. +4
    4 July 2014 09: 28
    Our "Crossbow" can also "fly" 50 km! Maybe sold to the Americans?
    1. +3
      4 July 2014 10: 22
      Quote: Dazdranagon
      Maybe they sold it to the Americans?

      Or someone sold out. Now is the time of the "Golden Calf", everything and everyone is on sale.
      1. Kir
        4 July 2014 17: 33
        Yes, obviously not without "borrowing" was not done, but in general, as long as I remember our developments in this area were bought even by "friends", it is important that while they copy, we adopt more advanced systems.
  2. SVT
    4 July 2014 11: 38
    Quote: Little Muck
    Or someone sold out. Now is the time of the "Golden Calf", everything and everyone is on sale.

    No need to look for a black cat in a dark room when she is not there. The military of the Russian Federation and the Pentagon, the developers were given the same tech. tasks, as a result of which almost identical objects were obtained, or do you think that the laws of aerodynamics in the Pentagon are different? As an example, sharks and dolphins are ATTENTION different animals, first fish, second mammals, but the shape of the body is almost the same, because it is this shape that most suits the environment.
    1. +3
      4 July 2014 11: 47
      I allow myself to clarify what does not correspond to the environment, and the shape and quality of the surfaces of contact of the body of living beings with the external environment corresponds to the optimal harmonious potentials of this contact and within the scale of these changes.
      As for the parachute, it's a paraglider. By the way, the paraglider is, in fact, very unfinished and "raw". Due to the fact that it can "add up", but it can be very easily avoided.
    2. Kir
      4 July 2014 17: 42
      Well, well, only you are silent, or you don’t know how these creatures differently "solved" the problem of flow at high speeds
      1 In cartilaginous sharks and stingrays, scales "integrated" into the skin that create additional pushing force, I do not know how it ended, but the fact that the Yankees conducted an experiment (according to ours) to create an aircraft skin with a texture similar to shark skin (as an operabator F-16 was chosen)
      2 Cetaceans, on the other hand, "drive a muscle wave" by reducing vortices.
      so that......
      And even if our later did or something else, then there would be a reptile who accused us of stealing ideas and technologies !!!
      1. +1
        4 July 2014 20: 00
        I certainly am not keeping back. Do you know why waterfowl have a wet body surface? Because there is no resistance between the liquid layers. The flow distribution vector is such that there is no accumulation of ionization polarization on the outflow surface. And of course the submarine builders "know it" and do the opposite. What you say is abstraction and rhetoric. In mathematical language, everything is explainable. Only not in the language of integrals and differentials and the Stokes equation, but in the language of the knowledge that is still little known.
        We are now positioning, for example, without a cavitation screw and controlled principles of the process called supercavitation, and on those devices that abroad, for example, have the name of the "Barracuda" project, but the scientists-traditionalists really do not even want to enter into a dialogue.
        By the way, scales are needed in order to prevent the accumulation of email. magnetic potential so that there is no cavitation. A muscle wave is an interesting fantasy!
        1. Kir
          4 July 2014 21: 21
          Forgive this Not a fantasy, but a real phenomenon, another thing is how it is scientifically called now, I don’t remember, but the point is that the body of the whale has a wave-like movement of the skin, and by the way, this phenomenon has been written for a long time, the question is how to implement it. By the way, on waterfowl, who do you mean? it's just that their covers are such that as according to the proverb "Like water off a duck's back", so ......
        2. Voronbit
          9 July 2014 04: 59
          .... ionic polarization .... old man1 seriously7 ... and I thought that no one else had turned a turbulent flow into a laminar flow at high speed
          1. 0
            9 July 2014 10: 58
            Of course, the interrelation of laminar and turbulent outflows is in such an algorithmic dependence of the process change that cannot be described by the methods of modern mat. analysis. Nevertheless, it is possible to construct a comprehensive solution to the question of how the polarization is distributed on any surface of the outflow at any point of this object. In other words, the mathematical system should be built as dynamic in its transformation, equivalent to how the parameters of the change in the entire set of the process of body movement in the medium and changes in the medium itself on the outflow surface change. By simplicity, it is possible to give a well-grounded decision that it is precisely the "ionic" (well, there is no other word yet) polarization of the outflow surface of each flake or part of the body should accumulate only such a part of the potential difference distributed over its surface that provides the most efficient without cavitation outflow of the flow, relative outflow surfaces.
        3. The comment was deleted.
    3. Voronbit
      9 July 2014 04: 25
      I agree to 100. but the material. build quality and nuances give amazing percentages in all systems ..... I can’t judge specifically, absolutely not Copenhagen ...... and as a non-competent musician I always hope that we have something- that. what we don’t say ........... although the concept of tracking amers and taking their mistakes into account makes their products. Subjugating the whole ones, I like it ..... but 1111 damn the Chinese here today competition
  3. MSA
    4 July 2014 12: 49
    The Americans are taking an example from the Chinese, copying from others, so as not to rack their brains. Almost indistinguishable from ours.
  4. Bormental
    4 July 2014 14: 04
    Well, figs it is necessary, if for $ 100 you can hire a stupid aboriginal, give him a Kalash and a kick in the ass with a shout of "fat dropped" sent into battle. What for all these unisols? Ukropitek rules!
    1. +2
      4 July 2014 16: 28
      Quote: Bormental
      Well, figs it is necessary, if for $ 100 you can hire a stupid aboriginal, give him a Kalash and a kick in the ass with a shout of "fat dropped" to send into battle.

      Or another point of view -
      "Parachutes in aviation are generally a harmful thing, because at the slightest danger threatening them from the enemy, pilots will flee by parachutes, leaving planes to die. Cars are more expensive than people. We import cars from abroad, so they should be protected. there are, not those, so others!"
      / Resolution of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich on a petition for the introduction of Kotelnikov parachutes as mandatory equipment for pilots. /

      ... what is called "know comments ..." request
      1. Voronbit
        9 July 2014 04: 42
        Today, the preparation of the pilot of an airplane 4 with a plus, taking into account interaction with all systems of a specific task, is comparable to the cost of the airplane ... THIS is of course if you do not consider the life of GREAT MUZHIK-PILOTS ..... P-DRINING - DO NOT TURN BAGS
  5. 0
    4 July 2014 14: 40
    help to figure it out, got confused in the slings ...
    why from such a great height 7-10
    if you can’t get it
    after all, if below the ejection, the same rescuers reach the earth faster
    and if secretive saboteurs, then reducing the speed of the aircraft for "unloading" is already self-evident what
  6. +2
    4 July 2014 14: 45
    Such 50 kilometers fly to Brilliant Americans. Slow and sad
    So I see myself as the commander of some ZPRK 2K22) For a cluster of paratroopers, azimuth 39, range 2. Target low-speed, anti-aircraft guns, fire)
    In the case, how realistic is it to land loaded with 200 kg of cargo?
    1. +3
      4 July 2014 16: 01
      And if they land for 40-50 km from the coast, and even at night. A plane flew in neutral waters off the coast and go and see if they landed or not ...
      1. Fedya
        4 July 2014 21: 52
        Flocks of birds on the radars can be seen, if they heap out a heap, then the Night Hunter will be enough to check, turn such an landing force into a load of 200.
        1. 0
          9 August 2014 10: 24
          Mathias rust flew, everyone saw, WIDELESS, WATCH ... But it flew. And when he sat down, everyone figured out and got a big shame.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. 0
        4 July 2014 23: 46
        it’s written that for landing it is necessary to slow down,
        here it is necessary at such a moment to prick up the ears of air defense
  7. +3
    4 July 2014 16: 06
    Does RA-1 stand for "Russian Arbalet" for an hour?
  8. +2
    4 July 2014 16: 24
    Thousands of loafers hang in the sky
    What have you done Comrade Kotelnikov ...

    Interestingly, everyone who put on this "RA-1" should not formally unfasten a small deny, as "royalties", to the descendants of (at least) Gleb Evgenich ...
    1. Kir
      4 July 2014 18: 17
      Well, it’s not a Singer or Edison, but some kind of Russian, and they would definitely be dragged through the courts and some sanctions would be accepted, and We will tolerate the New Unparalleled !!!
      As the story goes with the sequel !!!
  9. +1
    4 July 2014 19: 50
    While they are flying 50 kilometers, you can already set the table and charge the gun with chopped nails ......
  10. +1
    4 July 2014 21: 46
    Such a parachute is without a doubt an excellent target for any anti-aircraft missile system. Although even for normal small arms, too ...
    In short, I understood - there is a promotion of a sports and commercial version: "The boss ordered a war, get dear!" Well, something like that ...
    1. +1
      4 July 2014 22: 15
      This applies to any parachute. Therefore, airborne landings are so frequent
      on exercises almost never do in war.
  11. +2
    6 July 2014 02: 00
    Is there at least one parachutist among the participants in the discussion? Well, let it be with the initial landing experience of jumping on round canopies from a height of 800-1000 meters, with the AN-2 (Mi-8), with the forced deployment of the parachute or the delay in the deployment of up to 5 seconds on the device? My experience is a little wider, and concerns not only the parachute, but also the paraglider. There are many very naive comments. On one such - "On business, but how realistic is it to land loaded with 200kg of cargo?" - I will answer.

    "Carry a load weighing up to 204 kg" - here, apparently, the total weight of the paratrooper and the load is meant. So that we are talking about a man weighing under a hundred and his "backpack" of approximately the same weight. Landing with this cargo is real, because he is not loaded onto the paratrooper, but is suspended from the parachute system independently (separately) from him. Upon landing, the weight of the load does not affect the paratrooper's legs. The paratrooper only controls the entire parachute system, but this does not mean that all the loads acting in this system go through him.

    Much more difficult is the question of separation from the plane. A person must independently pull a hundred-kilogram load to the exit and separate from the plane. Well, a trained man will probably cope with the movement of one hundred kilograms to the exit. And the only way out is the tail ramp (through the side door, punching the air flow, it is impossible to separate with such a load). The paratrooper, as it were, falls off the ramp, and does not ferociously burst into the stream through the side door.
    1. 0
      6 July 2014 11: 58
      It is worth talking about the complex of solutions associated with such flights and the very organization of the flight. In response, I note that there is a very big difference between the fact that the parachutist himself weighs 200 kg and the fact that the weight is unbalanced by one hundred kg. This is especially important in such unstable and changing flight conditions as on a paraglider. And then it is worthwhile to understand that an entertainment flight adjusted to entertainment tasks and flight in a combat situation are strikingly different complex conditions. Let me remind you once again that the paraglider is completely uncontrollable with all directed vectors of air flows. In addition, he himself loses his shape and is unstable in maintaining it. Therefore, combat flight systems must necessarily change their configuration depending on the flight conditions and dynamic flows of different strengths and vectors of the direction of impact. In a word, like birds. Of course there are developments, but there is no systemic development program. In general, such flights are not based on "wing theory"
    2. 0
      7 July 2014 11: 46
      Interestingly, the control "pulled the left, flew to the right." I somehow got used to the left, to the left in Russian. It looks like my first instructor was right "the pod does not work, and the boss does not help
  12. +1
    6 July 2014 13: 43
    I will continue the "explanatory work" on the issues raised here a little later, but first of all, one must firmly understand that it is impossible to have fun with a parachute and a paraglider, because "to cut the air with your body is not to solve problems, you can put your head down not for ... the dog's" ... The parachutist (paraglider) is always a fighter, not a consumer of entertainment.
  13. -1
    6 July 2014 13: 54
    Some kind of childish conversation. I'm talking to you about physics and mathematics, and you about "fighters" with nature.
  14. Kir
    6 July 2014 16: 37
    The most important thing, including myself, I announced what the article says about the insulated clothing and oxygen masks, as well as a long flight!
    The only question is where are you planning to send diversionary groups? Is this really connected with the battle for the Arctic?
  15. 0
    7 July 2014 11: 53
  16. 0
    29 May 2017 09: 37
    then the wing cannot fly forward.
    Vital did you write? It was necessary: ​​“not everyone can fly forward. Rather, not only everyone can fly, few can do it.”

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