Washington beats the drums of war

Back in 2012, in one of the interviews of G. Kissinger, one of the “Washington wise men” declared: “Only the deaf now do not hear the drums of war”. And these are not empty words. Escalating international tensions; sheer lies in the speeches of Western politicians and corrupt media; violation of all norms of international law; a coup in Ukraine and the establishment of a puppet fascist regime; the bloody suppression of the people's republics in the South-East of Ukraine by Kiev punishers; the outbreak of the Cold War against Russia; plans for "preventive" nuclear strike. All this creates extraordinary threats to the life of all mankind. These threats are seen and authoritative public and political figures in the United States. The article by P. K. Roberts, a former deputy minister of finance and editor of the influential newspaper Wall Street Journal, offered to our readers is published with the consent of the author, who expressed a desire to cooperate with the magazine National Control. RF.

I would like to please readers only with the good the news, or bring at least one good news. However, the concept of "good" has completely evaporated from American politics, it can not be found in any of the words or deeds of Washington, as well as the capitals of its European vassals. The Western world has become the focus of evil.

The article by expert Eric Suess confirms my findings that Washington is preparing to apply nuclear strike on Russia.

The US military doctrine has changed. Nuclear forces are no longer viewed as "weapon retaliation ", but as the main force to deliver a" preventive "strike. Washington broke the treaty on the limitation of missile defense systems concluded with the USSR in 1972 (which continued to operate in 90-s), and is actively completing the construction of an anti-missile "shield" against a possible Russian attack. Washington demonizes Russia and the Russian president with the help of the most shameless lies and propaganda, thus preparing the people of the United States and the satrap countries for war with Russia.

The neoconservatives convinced Washington that the Russian strategic forces are obsolete, worn out, for the most part unfit to use and are excellent targets for destruction. This misconception is based on outdated information a decade ago, similar to the analytical material of K. Lieber and D.Press

“Building up American nuclear superiority,” published in 2006 in Foreign Affairs magazine, the organ of the Council on Foreign Relations — the organization of the American elite.

Regardless of the state of Russian nuclear forces, the success of Washington’s first strike and the degree of protection that the American anti-missile “shield” will provide against the Russian “retaliation strike”, according to a well-known expert S. Starr, there will be no winners in this war. Everyone will die.

In an article published in December 2008 in the journal Physics Today, three meteorological scientists argue that even with a significant reduction in nuclear arsenals under the agreements on limiting strategic nuclear weapons (SALT, START, DOM) with 70000 warheads in 1986 before 1700 – 2200 by the end of 2012, this is enough to destroy all life on Earth. The authors came to the conclusion that in addition to the direct losses from the explosions, which will amount to hundreds of millions of people, "indirect consequences will lead to the death of the overwhelming majority of the population of the Earth." A shroud of smoke and microparticles from explosions, which will rise into the stratosphere, will lead to a "nuclear winter" and the death of all agricultural crops. Those who do not die from explosions and radiation will die of hunger.

Unlike its predecessors, the current US government refuses to recognize this. According to Washington, the death is something that is prepared for other, but not “elected” people (the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Potentials was also effectively bypassed by the United States, due to the fact that other nuclear powers of the US NATO allies did not take part in it. According to the Stockholm Peace Institute, nine nuclear powers have 16300 warheads at their disposal).

It is a fact that Washington politicians have convinced themselves that a nuclear war can be won, that it can be used to prevent the growth of Russia and China and establish the undivided world domination of the United States.

The US government, regardless of which party is in power, is the main threat to life on Earth. The European authorities, who consider themselves “the focus of civilization”, are not such as they connive at the goals of the United States to establish world hegemony. It is these goals that put the world on the brink of total extinction. The ideology that considers America to be “an exceptional and indispensable power”, called upon to dominate world politics, is the main danger for the whole world.

The complete or partial destruction of seven countries by Western countries at the beginning of the XXI century, with the help of “Western civilization” and the Western media, is a clear indication that the leaders of the Western world are completely devoid of morality and elementary human compassion. At the present time, when Washington has adopted the false doctrine of “nuclear superiority”, the prospects for the survival of mankind become very bleak.

Washington began to unwind the spiral of the Third World War, and the Europeans are also "in action". Most recently, in November 2012, NATO Secretary General Rasmussen stated that NATO does not see Russia as an adversary. Now, after the fool from the White House and his European vassals convinced Russia that they were her enemies, Rasmussen spoke of the fact that “we have to get used to the fact that Russia regards us as opponents” - after The West began to pump the military potential of Ukraine, as well as countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

In May, 2014, Mr. Alexander Vershbow, a former US ambassador to Russia, and now the Deputy Secretary General of NATO, declared that “Russia is our enemy” and that American and European taxpayers should scrape the last money for military modernization “not only of Ukraine, but also from Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan. "

You can, of course, consider these calls for increased military spending as the usual work of agents of the US military-industrial complex. Having lost the "war on terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan, Washington needs to launch a new campaign aimed at rebuilding the Cold War.

Perhaps this is exactly what the “captains” of the military-industrial complex, their “decoy ducks”, barkers, lobbyists, and part of the Washington establishment argue on. But neocons are more ambitious. They are attracted not only by the profits of the military-industrial complex. Their goal is US world domination, which means in practice the ruthless actions of the Obama regime and its European accomplices, creating threats to Russia in Ukraine.

Starting in the fall of 2013, the US government openly lied about events in Ukraine, accusing Russia of actions that were actually the result of Washington’s policies, demonizing Putin just as Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Assad, Taliban and Iran had previously demonized. Press-tituki from the media and European capitals meekly repeated this lie and endlessly repeat it until now. Accordingly, the attitude of the American public towards Russia quickly began to change in a negative direction.

And how should Russia consider all this? Russia observes how NATO concentrates right on its borders, violating all agreements between Reagan and Gorbachev. Russia states that the United States has trampled all the missile defense treaties and are building an anti-missile "shield" in space orbit, like in films about "star wars." (Moreover, this shield will be created or not - it makes absolutely no difference. Its goal is to convince politicians and US citizens that they are "completely safe"). Russia sees that Washington is fundamentally (also contrary to all the treaties) changing the military doctrine, turning nuclear weapons from a means of "deterrence" into an instrument of "preventive strike". And plus to that, Russia daily observes streams of lies that are pouring from the West, as well as the massacre that Washington’s Kiev vassals committed in the South-East of Ukraine in relation to the Russian population, which Washington calls nothing but “terrorists” and helps to destroy they have white phosphorus bombs (banned under the Chemical Weapons Convention) - and even a protest squeak is not heard in the "civilized" West.

Massive shelling and rocket-bombing of residential areas, schools, and kindergartens in Russian Ukraine from the air took place on the days when 25 was celebrated since the suppression of the student demonstration in Beijing, on Tiananmen Square - an event for which Washington and its puppet stigmatized Chinese authorities, and which actually was not. As it has now become clear, there was no “slaughter” on this square - it was another Washington lie, like the “attack” of the Vietnamese in the Gulf of Tonkin, as “weapons of mass destruction” by Saddam Hussein, like Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Iran’s nuclear bombs ", etc.

It is amazing that the whole world lives in a perverted, deceptive reality created by the lies of Washington.

The film "The Matrix" is an exact reflection of life in the West. The population lives in a false reality created for him by the rulers. Only a handful of people could escape from this lie and devoted their lives to the struggle for the return of fellow citizens to reality. They saved Neo, "number one", which is able to free people from the fetters of lies. Morpheus, the rebel leader, says Neo: “The matrix is ​​a system. This system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, and what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. We want to preserve and restore the very consciousness of these people. But as long as we succeed, they are part of this system and, accordingly, our enemies. You must understand that most of them are not ready to "disconnect" from the system. And many are so used to it, and so hopelessly dependent on it, that they will defend it with all their might. ”

I experience similar emotions every time after writing the next column of the editor. Protests from those who are resolutely unwilling to “disconnect” come in hundreds of e-mails are published on those websites where the authors engage in slander by submitting dwarf trolls from the government hostile to people. “Do not believe the true reality,” they instruct, “believe our falsehood and our lies!”

The matrix also captures a part of the Russian and Chinese population, especially those who studied in the West and those who fell into the net of Western propaganda, but in general the population understands where the truth is and where it is a lie. The problem with Washington is that propaganda that zombies people in Western countries does not affect Russians and Chinese.
How should China react, which sees the United States declaring the South China Sea a “zone of its national interests”, that 60% of its naval fleet are concentrated in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of China, that the US Navy and Air Force bases are everywhere from the Philippines to Vietnam?

Suppose that all this is done in order to force taxpayers to fork out and give the opportunity to unwind all the new arms race, paying for the crazy expenses of the MIC, giving profits to corporations, laundering money for politicians, etc. But can the leaders of Russia and China consider actions Washington in this limited way?

To date, the Russians have acted quite conciliatory. Foreign Minister Lavrov said: “At this stage, we are ready to give our partners a chance to calm down. And then we'll see. If absolutely groundless accusations against Russia continue, if economic pressure is attempted, we can overestimate the situation. ”

If a fool is from the White House, Washington media prostitutes and European vassals will convince Russia that war is a trump card in their deck, so be it. Since it is obvious that NATO is unable to concentrate ground forces against Russia, comparable to the Hitlerite armada before the attack in 1941, the war will inevitably be nuclear, which means the end for all of us.

Remember this when Washington and its media starts to beat the drums of war. Remember also that for many years everything that Washington and its press-titled borzopisty says from beginning to end is a lie that serves the interests of a handful of rulers. You are unable to influence the situation through elections by voting for Republicans or Democrats.

Thomas Jefferson gives us a solution: “The tree of liberty should be irrigated from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants. This is his natural fertilizer. ”
In Washington, there are few patriots and many tyrants.

Paul Craig Roberts
American social activist, economist, political scientist, director of the Institute of Political Economy.
Republican, former Deputy Secretary of the Treasury (1981 – 1982).
Ph.D., worked as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.
Former editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Washington Times. After he criticized the policies of George W. Bush, he has not been allowed to publish in the country's main newspapers since 2004.
Author of the books: “The collapse of the free market and the economic decay of the West”, “How we lost America.”
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  1. +11
    3 July 2014 06: 49
    Americans for a long time
    Prevent people from living.
    They don’t see anyone point-blank
    Their goal is to pit people.

    I got them outrage,
    Well, how much to endure,
    The whole world has seen them for a long time,
    Where Washington is - there is death.
    1. +1
      3 July 2014 08: 17
      Quote: ya.seliwerstov2013
      Americans for a long time
      Prevent people from living.

      Nobody knows the true military potential of China except the Chinese leadership itself. The Chinese leadership also knows that no “flirting” by Washington will benefit anyone except Washington itself. Even if the result of a strike with the use of nuclear weapons on Russia is the first to bring a result close to what the Americans are counting on, no one guarantees them from the complete destruction of everything that remained after Russia's response - by the Chinese - in order to avoid the fate of the Russians. And in general: it is almost impossible to deliver a first strike on the other side of the conflict alone, without the participation of a third party. And - alas, the alignment may be the most incredible ... But, nevertheless, the union of Russia and China is the most possible. The article is useful for "political education".
  2. +3
    3 July 2014 06: 50
    The article is correct. Only we all know it ourselves. Let him explain it to his citizens. And we will continue to strengthen the defense of the MOTHERLAND !!!!!!!!
  3. +1
    3 July 2014 06: 51
    article-rubbish .. negative
    1. 0
      3 July 2014 08: 41
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      article is rubbish.

      And what is the billiard? Any warrior is approaching gradually, but begins with graters of diplomats, then shooting. For all this, there is always a part of people who say that there will be no warriors. For me, 80% are so.
      By the way, the professor considers the nuclear warrior a fantasy, you are nearby. wink
      1. +1
        3 July 2014 13: 00
        Sanya, do you seriously think that they will use nuclear weapons? who needs a non-residential planet? as long as we have the potential, who the hell will risk. dissolve ....
        1. 0
          3 July 2014 14: 26
          war will inevitably be nuclear

          As for the nuclear one, at first they will try to avoid it by inflicting a preventive "Global Strike". Further depends on our government and the ability of the remnants to overcome the problem. It is possible to destroy all known stationary mines, boats and strategists in the basing places. But the presence of tactical nuclear weapons remains. unknown

          Since it is obvious that NATO is unable to concentrate ground forces against Russia, comparable to the Nazi armada before the attack in 1941.

          And this is not necessary - with the destruction of infrastructure: power plants, factories, transportation hubs, the inevitable chaos in the country will begin
          Yes, we don’t forget about sanctions if the US persuades the EU to include global sanctions - in 10-20 years, the country will completely degrade. Well, let’s not forget that Pu is not eternal, and who is Medvedev, I hope everyone knows?
      2. +1
        3 July 2014 20: 22
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        By the way, the professor considers the nuclear warrior a fantasy, you are nearby.

        Americans even 15 years ago did not dare to play this game, and then there was a mess in the army, Mama don’t cry! They cut both the "stilettos" and "Satan" (though not all, as we recently saw), but the "perimeter" system was not touched, and they knew it! and now at all, after another modernization, it is like clockwork. Who needs guaranteed destruction of each other? There is an analogue of the "perimeter" both overseas and in Israel, so the article is yes, rubbish for fear ... and judging by the cons, 12 people scared! wassatand as for the Professor, despite the fact that he is your ardent opponent, Sanya sometimes writes the right and adequate things! hi
  4. +2
    3 July 2014 06: 54
    In one article they write "the US nuclear forces are worn out and will soon fall apart themselves," and now they are ready for a preemptive strike. I don’t understand anything.
  5. +4
    3 July 2014 06: 55
    The House of Representatives is already in the hands of the Republicans. If you believe the forecasts, in November the Senate will go over to them. So Obama will be on a short leash. He himself can not manage budget money, and Congress will only give him as much as he sees fit, and for specific expenses. And Obama will definitely not see the third term, the Constitution will not allow it. So it remains to wait only a little more than 3 years, and during this time, and without money, he will not be able to get much nerve. And who would not come to his place, in order to be worse than Obama will have to try very hard, and that is unlikely to succeed.
    1. +5
      3 July 2014 07: 11
      You might think Obama is deciding something. He is a puppet himself, for which the military-industrial complex will pull something and he will blur!
    2. 0
      3 July 2014 09: 05
      There is no limit to perfection. So they still have two years to find worse.
      1. 0
        3 July 2014 10: 21
        What is there to look for? Hilaya Clinton is already in line. After the first black president, the first female president will come. Here it will be worse than this monkey.
    3. 0
      3 July 2014 18: 19
      Quote: Nagan
      to be worse than Obama will have to try very hard

  6. +1
    3 July 2014 06: 59
    US leaders are all aware that they are sitting on the powder keg of the Yellowstone volcano, and it is clear why they do what they want around the world. It is necessary to clean the promising areas of residence, after this cracker works, it is necessary to live somewhere.
    1. 0
      3 July 2014 08: 34
      Quote: Truth
      after this cracker works, you have to live somewhere.

      You need to think and resettle before "this firecracker goes off," after it will be too late. And it may work tomorrow, or maybe in a dozen years.
  7. +6
    3 July 2014 07: 01
    History shows that there is only one way out of the global financial crises caused by the capitalist system of relations - war. Only the type of war and the time of its beginning are unclear. And what can a country offer whose economy is based on the export of dollars and wars ...
  8. +1
    3 July 2014 07: 06
    USA is an evil empire !!! All the troubles on earth come from them. This rhetoric continues for many decades! But the dogs will die first !!!!!
  9. +2
    3 July 2014 07: 09
    our swagger and so America will give up the country and it will not be necessary to bomb. sadly all of this, but alas, the authorities are eating fish, it’s like they say something and they don’t hear and it’s not clear
  10. +1
    3 July 2014 07: 11
    how strong the thirst for power is in people ... in bunkers they will sit like rats, but rulers of the remnants of the world. you can’t take trillions to the next world.
  11. 3vs
    3 July 2014 07: 19
    Paul Craig Roberts respect and respect.
    It would not be bad for him to speak on RT for the American public.
  12. +2
    3 July 2014 07: 19
    death is better than dishonor, hold your finger on the button comrade president, and if necessary, press without hesitation!
  13. 0
    3 July 2014 07: 25
    nuclear war is IMHO is unlikely - why, when the Americans and so win?
    Here's the news:

    “Ernest stated that“ the Russian-backed separatists (in Ukraine) did not respect the ceasefire agreement. ”“ A unilateral ceasefire does not work, at least as a long-term strategy, ”he argued.“ In this case, it only served to fuel violence with side of the separatists and gave them the opportunity for further advancement. "
    MOSCOW, 3 July. / ITAR-TASS /. The head of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, is perplexed about the US assessment of the reasons for the ceasefire in southeastern Ukraine
    “The US accuses Russia of (Ukrainian President Petro) Poroshenko's decision to end the ceasefire! It is strange that we are not accused there of the attack on Pearl Harbor and the murder of Lincoln, "- he commented on his Twitter statement by White House spokesman Josh Ernest."

    Pushkov is a humorist, however :), but otherwise you won't react to such nonsense! BUT, such official statements of America show that they do not care - and their own people, their opinion and support, and other countries. AND WE!!! RUSSIA!!! Yesterday I read what BB P said about Poros' order to shoot. Today I watched the results of the shelling of residential areas on TV. Ugh, I'm ashamed of the country and its head :( Everyone said - "schA, we are using diplomatic methods, but we won't succumb to provocations!"
    Her, you can at least accuse me of bloodthirstiness, shortsightedness, etc., but our grandfathers were oh, how right - "DEATH TO Fascists!" - the only way ...
  14. 0
    3 July 2014 07: 45
    After reading this article, the picture is presented as in Fallout3. The USA, China plus Russia converge according to the scenario.
  15. +1
    3 July 2014 09: 22
    the Yankees have degeneration and degradation of the nation, although even the language does not turn them into a nation ... bully
  16. ny4ulo
    3 July 2014 09: 39
    One officer said that at the start of a nuclear war, the best way is to take and bomb yourself. and the whole world will die long and painfully ....
    1. +5
      3 July 2014 12: 53
      Quote: ny4ulo
      One officer said that at the start of a nuclear war, the best way is to take and bomb yourself.

      and is this an officer?
  17. Grandfather Victor
    3 July 2014 12: 09
    In order to exclude aggression against Russia, one must not leave a single chance of survival for any of the "golden billion" in the event of its being committed.
  18. +5
    3 July 2014 12: 35
    Obama is shocked: –– I boycott them the Olympics, they have a victorious triumph, –– I bring them down the ruble - they buy up their shares and save 20 billion on it, –– I am a military coup in Kiev –– they are in this they are reuniting with the Crimea in the hustle and bustle, ––– I banned them from entering the United States –– they get lost and ask for more –– –– I threatened them with cruisers in the Black Sea –– they increased the Black Sea Fleet by one and a half times at the expense of Ukrainian ships ––– I bring them down “Russia” - so they not only do not take money out of it, but also opened new accounts, ––– I am an information war for them to demoralize society –– they have a rise in patriotism and an increase in Putin’s popularity !!! Well, at least don't move directly ...
  19. lord
    3 July 2014 14: 46
    "It is amazing that whole the world lives in a perverse, deceptive reality created by Washington's lies. "
    You should never say "never", as well as "all", "all" and other generalizations! Maybe the presstitutes from the USA would like so much, but to their regret, not the WHOLE world lives in their lies! They have already been lying so much that they themselves have begun to believe that they are balaboling! Thinking to fool others, they themselves were utterly foolish. But nevertheless, do not discount their power, they became dangerous, like a mad dog, or like a monkey with a grenade!
  20. lord
    3 July 2014 15: 22
    Quote: 3vs
    It would not be bad for him to speak on RT for the American public.

    First of all, it is for the American, well, for the European. In Russia, and so everyone understands as it should, at least the majority! Well, in my opinion, it is useless to explain to the poopers ...
  21. lord
    3 July 2014 15: 31
    Quote: Truth
    It is necessary to clean the promising areas of residence, after this cracker works, it is necessary to live somewhere.

    And to clean it with a vigorous weapon? Well, if only they are complete idiotos! Then to live in continuous Chernobyl ... an excellent prospect for the "golden" billion!

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