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Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 1-2 July 2014 of the year

Reports from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich 1-2 July 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 10: 28

Message from the militia

"Well, it looks like the ukrov offensive has begun.
A couple of hours ago, the Ukrainian ground attack aircraft inflicted a RBU on the village of Belenkoye near Kramatorsk.
In Donetsk, ukry broke through the militia checkpoints at Karlovka, and now the battles are taking place near Netaylovo (although they still resist in Karlovka).

In the LC, there are battles in the area of ​​the settlement of Zheltoe, in the settlement of Metalist (a suburb of Lugansk) and the Village of Lugansk,
there are also battles in the area of ​​the Red Guerrilla (near the Russian Gukovo).

Shelling of Snezhny and Saur-Graves began. Well, in the area Rubezhnogo similar. "

Yesterday at 10: 46

Militiamen report that Drying was shot down under Snow

10: 47 (MSK) Dill launched an offensive near Severodonetsk - the region of Voevodovka, fighting continues on the Russian border - Vlasovka, Krasny Partizan, Izvarino and the Ural-Caucasus

Also, the militia fired at Lugansk airfield.

Yesterday at 11: 30

Message from eyewitnesses:

"In Kramatorsk, the 24 school and the surrounding houses were badly damaged. A minibus got hit. The passenger 4 died, 5 was injured. The shells hit the Kramatorsk hotel.

Now a siren is working in the city, there are reports of a shootout from different parts of the city.

15 civilians were reported dead as a result of the shelling of the city by the Ukrainian army. "

Yesterday at 11: 39

Morning summary from the field

The night was tense, in the morning the situation was complicated and still heating up.
At night, maneuverable battles continued, in Slavyansk on Karachun they dropped the TV tower on the dill positions. Shootings go and in the early morning. In Donetsk, in the early morning there were gunfights in the Petrovka area.
In the morning (around 08: 00 MSC), the shelling and the Kirov roadblock began shelling with the use of MLRS in full packages. The fire is in the direction of Zakotyansky Mountains, Yampol, Krivoy Luka. There are also shelling of Snow. Around 09: 00 (MSC) opened armatogon in Kramatorsk.
There is information about entering the blood transfusion station. In Kramatorsk, as a result of yesterday’s and today's shelling, there are dead and wounded.
Automatic shooting is heard in Selidovo. In the morning there are battles in the area of ​​Karlovka and Maryino.
10: 00 (MSC). Drying downed in the Snowy area.
10: 30 (MSC) A column of ukropovsky units passed through Volnovakha in the direction of Rybinsk. There is a movement of ukropovsky units in other areas of the database.
10: 45 (MSC). From the landfill, artillery is opened in Slavyansk.
10: 50 (ISC) In the area of ​​Krasnodon fights are fought. In the sky link aircraft (Slavyansk region).
11: 05 (ISC) Northern part of Krasny Liman, opened howitzer fire towards the Raygorodk.
11: 15 (MSC) A forest is burning strongly in the Yampol area, fired at it from the Kirov roadblock.

Yesterday at 12: 18

Summary from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

At night, Slavyansk (Artema, Tselinny, Severny), Nikolaevka, Kramatorsk were subjected to intensive shelling. A lot of destruction and wounded among the civilian population, gas pipes were killed. There are no casualties among the militia.

In the morning, Kramatorsk bombed aviation the enemy. I don’t know the results yet - there is no connection with Kramatorsk.
Half an hour ago, "Grad" again fired Nikolayevka. On the victims find out.

There are battles near Donetsk - ukry went there on the offensive, which had long been prepared. There is no connection either.

There is evidence that ukry tanks went on the offensive to Seversk.
To us tanks, artillery and infantry. They will also prepare for the assault.
Ukry fired artillery Piskunovku-a small village, where there was no and there is no our garrison (it is in the "neutral" territory). There are numerous fires. The most interesting thing is that a couple of days ago the residents there took to the streets and did not allow our militiamen to pass - such as "get out of here - so that they would not shoot at us." Ours did not equip positions there. Did not help.

Yesterday at 12: 44

The message of the eyewitness from Kramatorsk

Killed 3 retiree.
The consequences of the morning shelling of Kramatorsk. Again, the long-suffering 17 district experienced the punishing hand of ATO. For some kind of smoke break on Karachun they decided that there was a militia base on one of the streets of the sleeping area. Where and put a dozen shells. A direct hit to the apartment of the second floor completely destroyed it, the ceiling collapsed and the floor seemed to have failed. In the neighboring houses flew glass. At this moment, a minibus was moving along the street, the projectile exploded in 2 meters from it. I personally saw 3 dead, all retired, by age over 60 years. Another elderly woman took the ambulance. The dead, according to people living in the area, are 7 people.

Now the Ukrainian army can boast of another victory over the "separatists" of old age.

Yesterday at 12: 58

Militias report:

"Under the Karlovka ukrov shot down 2 tank, after which they moved away."

Yesterday at 14: 33

Message from I. I. Strelkova

“The machine with humanitarian aid was just fired. It’s barely left on the broken slopes.“ They choked to crush the bony hand of hunger ... There are still 40 people left with thousands of people - all the supplies go exclusively from humanitarian aid ... Not to mention the wounded.

Ukry gathered strength in one of the directions. How to parade lined up. Apparently, they want to attack the attack ... And the cannons, cannons, cannons ... around the guns and the MLRS. Will start soon. "

Yesterday at 14: 47

Message from the militia

In Rubizhne damaged pipeline.
Saur-Tomb is covered in smoke - ukry set fire to wheat fields in the area (and the surrounding forest in Stanitsa-Luganskaya). It was difficult for their attack aircraft (2 units) to aim, and they ran down the Red Beam - in the area of ​​the old bridge (see - a spare target).

The junta began to use more actively MLRS, including the "Hurricane", is also the transfer of MLRS larger caliber (Smerch). There passes information that under the Snow the link of sushka was disabled, the second kind of left the wounded animal.

12: 20 (MSC) Mass artillery strikes continue. At the moment, there is still a howitzer attack on Nikolayevka from an artillery battery in the northern part of Krasny Liman. Continuing attacks on Saur-Grave. It has just been confirmed by another downed drying near Lugansk.
13: 00 (ISC) Donetsk, Dzerzhinsky Square, the ATC is fighting, intensive shooting.

Yesterday at 15: 33

Reports the press service of the DPR:

"In the area of ​​the town of Snezhnoye, it was shot down from anti-aircraft guns by the Ukrainian Air Force attack aircraft SU-25.
There was no tank battle near Karlovka. The positions of the armed forces of the DPR was hit from the Grad MLRS. There is no loss information.
No surrender negotiation weapons and the withdrawal of units of the DPR "through the corridors" is not carried out. It's a lie.
Three times, within 24 hours, the militia positions in Nikolayevka were shelled from the RS "Grad". On the positions of the enemy appeared howitzers "Hyacinth".

Yesterday at 15: 41

Commentary by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia on civilian casualties in Eastern Ukraine


The leadership of Ukraine continues to assert that the Ukrainian security forces, conducting the so-called anti-terrorist, and, in fact, punitive operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, do not allow themselves to use force against civilians and that they, allegedly, never shoot residential areas.
However, the real facts show the opposite. As a result of the regular shelling of cities and towns by the units of the armed forces of Ukraine, the National Guard, various territorial gangs, including the Right Sector, there are numerous casualties among the civilian population.
Recall in this regard, the criminal aviation shelling 2 June this year. By plane of the Air Forces of Ukraine of the building of Lugansk regional state administration, as a result of which 8 people were killed, 28 were injured.
Here are just a few other examples. 13 June this year artillery shelling of the suburbs of Slavyansk - settlements Semenovka, Cherevkovka and Khimik injured more than 10 civilians. 15-year-old girl died in Cherevkovka. 17 June this year near the village of Mirny, near Lugansk, the correspondent of the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Igor Korneluk and sound producer Anton Voloshin came under mortar attack from the Ukrainian security forces. I. Kornelyuk received a mortal wound and died in hospital. A. Voloshin died on the spot. On the same day, in the village of Vostochny (a suburb of Slavyansk), 3 civilians were killed in a shelling from the Uragan volley fire. 19 June this year The Resurrection Church in Slavyansk was shelled by Ukrainian security officials, and a church watchman was killed. 29 June this year in the Donetsk region as a result of the shelling by the Ukrainian military, the operator of the Russian First Channel Anatoly Klyan was fatally wounded.
Unfortunately, already in the first hours after the failure of 30 June this year. official Kiev from the cease-fire the number of victims among the civilian population has increased.
Throughout the night and morning of July 1 this year. Intensive shelling of peaceful cities and settlements from the heavy artillery continues. In the city of Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, a route minibus came under fire from the Ukrainian security forces. 4 people died, 5 injured.
That is the truth. And you can not hide it. For crimes against the civilian population will have to answer.
We demand from the Ukrainian authorities to abandon the shelling of peaceful cities and villages of their state, to return to a real, and not imaginary, cease-fire in order to save people's lives.

1 July 2014 year

Yesterday at 15: 45

War of Monuments Continues

In Druzhkovka removed the tank T-34-85 - will serve in the militia.

Yesterday at 16: 07

Comments and answers from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov

"In Kramatorsk, another 2 passenger of a broken bus died - a total of 6 + 4 people were injured in it.
The enemy is concentrating against us and Kramatorsk. "

- News on Lente: Ukrainian artillery crushed the militia training camp under Slavyansk, killing more than 250 people. With reference to the Ukrainian site. True or not?

I.I .: “Of course, it is not true! Not a camp was crushed, but a group of camps. It was not 250 that perished, but 2500 militiamen! The wounded — three times more ... The militia runs, throwing dozens of tanks and airplanes, and the mercenaries-terrorists go to the polls ATO ".

- about Donetsk:

I. I .: "Yes, in Donetsk forever -" then diarrhea, then scrofula. "Honestly, I have long been tired of hearing any news from there - they are constantly negative and completely about swarms, squabbles and" sharing the skin of an unkilled bear. " in the face of an attacking enemy, this is “the very thing.” We will not interfere. Personally, I don’t give a damn about who’s going to be in Donetsk’s “main”, if only there was ONE main. Although Bes, even Khodokovsky, even someone else. Medvedchuk somehow completely disagree ...
To bring order to Donetsk, we need another battalion (along with me). To remove such forces from the front is impossible. In addition, "restoring order" will result again in shooting and quarreling. And the consequences for the DPR will be the most negative both on the military and on the foreign policy front. "

Yesterday at 16: 54

Review of the combat situation for July 1

As it was supposed, the morning information attack for the most part turned out to be pure propaganda. Well, the punishers do not have so much strength to create what their hacks are attributed to them. So:

Donetsk The attack on Karlovka ended with the destruction of 2 tanks and the retaliatory punishment. Looks like an attempt to unlock Donetsk airport. As if the easiest operation in a way to achieve "victory." But a dead end strategically. This will absorb some of the forces of the ATO to ensure the corridor. And the Donetsk DPR garrison will be involved in battles. Before that, they behaved passively in relation to the punishers of the ATO. And this is from 2 to 5 thousands of fighters. There is a sweep of the regional Interior Ministry (militia).

Snowy According to the militia shot down (according to the junta only shot down) Su-25. There was no attack. Shelling only.

Slavyansk. Shooters reports that the punitive attack is being prepared. But while it is not.

Lugansk. So far, only shelling.

Rubezhnoye-Lysychansk-Severodonetsk. So far, too, only shelling.

"Izvarino". Mortar shelling. Two wounded. It looks like saboteurs.

"Dolzhansky". How was neutral, so it is. One BTR exploded. But, apparently, they are preparing the passage of the column, because they are trying to demine the territory.

That is, we see a large media average. Yes, the artillery works for the whole. But aviation, while trying to intervene, received a rebuff. Few real action. On the assault is not yet similar. More like creating an appropriate media image. But, as they say, it is not over yet.

PS And yes. Taki tower on Karachun shot down. Trifle, but somehow symbolic.

Yesterday at 17: 06

Message from the militia:

The artillery of the junta continues shelling the suburbs of Severodonetsk, as well as at the checkpoint at Shchedrishchevo. The batteries deployed in the Varvarovka area are firing. Under fire came a residential building on the street. Lomonosov 21 in Severodonetsk.

Yesterday at 18: 11

Summary of places in the last hours

"Above Donetsk in the lower front was dried, shooting heat trailers. During the day (for the last 4 hours), heavy shelling and MLRS were shelling. The strikes were struck at Severodonetsk, Semenovka, Nikolayevka. The MLRS used today was at least five times , there were “Grad” and “Hurricane” installations. In Izvarino, tensions remain, and the enemy’s subunits continue to move around the battlefield. ”

Yesterday at 19: 19

Transmits correspondent "KP":

"The militiamen reported that while trying to seize the post of Izvarino in Ukrainian, the military suffered losses: 1 BTR, 2 BMP and 2 of the Urals with guns.
From the position of the Ukrainian. army, for the village of Vlasovka, near Izvarino, go clouds of smoke. The equipment was hit there. "

Yesterday at 19: 33

Militias report:

"Over Lugansk, it seems like another Dryer (Su-25) was hit."

We are waiting for confirmation!

PS: During the day, 2 has already been destroyed. Drying: SU-25 near the town of Snezhnoye, SU-24 above Stanitsa-Luganskaya, as well as a drone above Gorlovka.

Yesterday at 19: 55

From the press conference of Valery Bolotov:

“The heaviest battles in the LPR go near the Metalworker, the Izvarino checkpoint at the border and in the Red Guerrilla area. During the battles, we didn’t even retreat a meter. All positions were saved. The enemy had 6 tanks destroyed and 8 armored personnel carriers. I can not say, waiting for confirmation of intelligence. Such information is. "

Yesterday at 20: 08

Summary and comments from I. I. Strelkova

"We have two successful hits on the Northern Front today:

The fighters of the Brain near Seversk repulsed the attack of ukrov on Seversk, defeating and dispersing the reconnaissance armored group. 2 BTR burned and left on the battlefield, 3 others disappeared "scatter". The enemy also suffered serious casualties.

Our "Nona" fired at the enemy convoy at the entrance to the feed post. With high probability we can talk about the destruction of 3 trucks with artillery ammunition and 2 tankers. In response, the enemy again massively fired at Slavyansk, Semenovka, Cherevkovka, inflicting regular damage to factories and the residential sector. There are no casualties among the militias. "

- About 2 None:
I. I .: "Restored the damaged and captured under Yampol."

- Ukry (National Guard under) report that took control Zakotnoe. Igor Ivanovich, is it serious?

I. I .: "Yes. But it was never occupied by anyone anyway. Only our patrols appeared there sometimes.
In Zakotny for a long time there was no militia.
And reports about hundreds of militants killed, as already noted by someone, are needed to:
- justify your own losses
- to report on "overpowering", with the occasional encouragement of shanny military leaders. "

Yesterday at 22: 18

Ukrainian military fired at the approaches to Nikolayevka "Grad", the fire was also fired from tanks and mortar shells

The representative of the militia with the call sign "Motorola" said that on July 1, the Ukrainian military subjected to massive shelling of roadblocks on the approaches to the village of Nikolaevka, which is located in 15 km from Slavyansk. The fire could be fought by the village. Red Lyman. According to Motorola, the shelling was fired from a Grad rocket launcher, tanks and mortar guns. Many locals spent the night in basements and bomb shelters.

- It was very scary. If we hear shots, we will immediately run to hide in the basement. I carry with me a fully assembled bag with documents. The main thing is not clear what to do - go home or hide in the basement again, - said a local resident.

The headquarters of the DPR militia also reported that the center of Slavyansk and its district Artyom, Semenovka and the city of Yampol of the Krasnolimansky region had been subjected to shelling. The shelling was carried out from Karachun mountain, as well as from a battery installed near the Krasny Liman. Ukrainian military used howitzers and self-propelled mortars.

After the expiration of the June 30 truce, despite agreements on extending the truce reached on the eve between the leaders of Russia, Ukraine and France, the president of the neighboring country Petro Poroshenko actually gave the military order to attack.

Yesterday at 22: 29

From the correspondence of the enemy:

"They are now sorting out the TV tower. Special equipment was installed on it, thanks to which artillery adjustments were made, reconnaissance and monitoring of the surroundings was several dozen kilometers. The loss of the TV tower frustrated all plans, the Ukrainian army is now again blind."

Yesterday at 22: 39

Message from local residents:

“Slavyansk has been showered with a large caliber. In one of the buildings of the district, Artem has torn up the entrance of the house. There are dead and wounded.
High-explosive beaten with feed milling. Boulevard 4, Free 7, 9 destruction. Killed woman, 3 injured. Poroshenko "hero".

From the words of the witness:
Freestyle 7 - 3-th entrance, 2-th floor - one dead, two injured; Boulevard 4 -3-th entrance from the first to the fifth floor is a huge destruction (apparently, they hit the gas pipe) - one wounded (grandmother was taken from the rubble) ... Free 9 - knocked out the windows. Also:
- Getting into school number 10
- Getting into the boiler room (Artyom’s mn. Behind the Salyut store)
- Hit the store "Salute" (roof)
There is also information that got into the 10 Boulevard.
As a result of the hostilities, Slavyansk is completely de-energized, according to DTEK Donetskoblenergo.

Yesterday at 23: 45

Summary of places in the last hours

18: 50 (ISC) From the Red Liman (northern region) shelling continues. According to updated information, a frog and drying (25) were hit on the Lugansk front, respectively; today, 4 air targets were destroyed.
19: 25 (MSC) A GO siren is turned on in Lugansk, drying in the sky comes to attack. Drying from the border of the middle front has worked for NARami in the Stanitsa area. Fire was opened on it - unfortunately, they did not reach it.
19: 35 (ISC) In the area of ​​hostilities by Artemovsk over Konstantinovka passed link dryers.
20: 05 (MSC) A heavy gun battery is operating from the Svyatogorsky turn, and information has been passed about another aircraft that has been sent for scrap over Rygorodok.
20: 25 (ISC) In the area of ​​Zakotnogo battle, you can hear the work of KPVT, explosions. In general, maneuvering battles are now enough in the LC and in the DPR, the main events unfold on the border with the Russian Federation, near Lugansk, Saur, in the area of ​​Krasny Liman-Yampol-Zakotnoe-Slavyansk. There are shelling of Hero-Cities from almost all types of weapons, tightened by dill to the database, there is an active use of aircraft. Yes, dog goats from the west in the amount of two buses (up to the company) arrived in Krasny Liman today.
22: 10 (MSC) Shelling by Metalist.
23: 00 (MSC) In the Shchurovo area, there is a maneuverable battle.
23: 30 (MSC) The southern side of the Red Lyman - explosion, automatic shooting.

Today in 0: 04

Summary from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"During the night from 30 of June to 1 of July, the enemy made a series of shelling of Slavyansk, Semenovka, Nikolaevka, Kramatorsk from howitzers, mortars and MLRS" GRAD ".
In all settlements there are numerous destructions and wounded.

In the morning, during the artillery attack on Kramatorsk, a shuttle bus was broken, 4 people died on the spot, two died from wounds in the hospital, 4 were injured, the city was also attacked by Su-25 aircraft.

During the day of July 1, the enemy continued shelling of all the mentioned settlements, two militiamen were injured. With a retaliatory strike on the enemy convoy advancing to the Feed Milling area, 3 trucks with shells, 2 tanker trucks were destroyed and damaged.

In the morning, the enemy attempted to attack the positions of the militia from the Lisichansk Battalion of the Brain in the area of ​​the city of Seversk. The attack was repelled with heavy losses, two armored personnel carriers were hit and burned, in retaliation, the enemy continued shelling of Seversk with heavy weapons. "

Today in 0: 23

Comments from I. I. Strelkova

[About Saur-grave] “Prapor” is commanding there - my close friend and ally since Transdniestria.

[About downed dryers] I’m not sure of either 1, 2 or 3, because I’m not reporting anything shot down today (if anything, I’m only responsible for what is written HERE on the forum, and not on some other resources, often writing "on my behalf"). Knocked or damaged, they were not on our site. Accordingly, I have no right to comment. APU confirmed damage to one machine - it means that at least one is really damaged.

VSU promptly confirm their losses only when they can not be hidden. With helicopters, this is the most difficult thing, but even here they “squeezed” a couple, as I truly know. If the militia failed to observe the crash of the plane, they would not say anything about it. As with the infantry - they lose killed every day, but only recently they began to voice significantly lower numbers of losses.

Today in 0: 54

Reported from Kramatorsk:

City under heavy shelling. Three volleys "gradov".

00: 15 (MSC). From the side of Svyatogorsk and Krasny Liman, she earned artillery in Slavyansk. In the area of ​​the Virgin signalka.
00: 25 (ISC) From the Svyatogorsky turn around Kramatorsk (Krasnogorka region), a salvo of MLRS was launched.
00: 35 (MSC) There is shelling full packages of Kramatorsk (village Vesely), Nikolaevka, the approximate location of the division - Shidlovka. MLRS tentatively "Tornado" or "Hurricane." In the area of ​​DB drone.
00: 50 (MSC) Heavy artillery was connected to the shelling.

Today in 1: 45

Comment from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov

“I can’t leave Slavyansk - it so happened that after the departure of the militia’s resilience it’s impossible (for now) to vouch, and we don’t give up our“ fortress ”in any case. We’re not too sweet here, but people have already gained experience, there is armament (although ukrov has superiority many times over all positions.) So you will have to rely on yourself and your commanders in everything.

But I still believe that Russia will come to the rescue at a critical moment. It gives us all endurance. I hope that the understanding of the need for intervention will still come before our units are ground in unequal battles.
And I beg you - hold on! Ukry does not seek to die. They are slow and indecisive, slow and unstable. And the abundance of technology in their hands often hinders them more than helps. "
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  1. Stypor23
    Stypor23 2 July 2014 06: 24
    Everything is in order with Ivanitch’s composure, he even teaches weeds.
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 2 July 2014 07: 09
      In the meantime, the State Department will have it through three rocker arms !!!

      US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf - President Porosenko is concerned about the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine, caused by clandestine Russian intervention and which began after the separatists started firing. There is no doubt about it.

      Regarding the number of refugees - in the situation with Syria, for example, we receive data from various sources. In the situation with Ukraine, the UN Refugee Commission receives all data from the Government of the Russian Federation, which, how to say, does not always provide complete data. Plus, the UN Commission doesn't say refugees, it says people who crossed the border. And this means that people just decided to visit their grandmother and then immediately come back "
      The female, cattle and her jokes are bestial. am

      And one more belly from Kiev screeches !!!
      Petro Poroshenko said to the President of the European Parliament that he was ready to stop the military operation in the east

      Today, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko held a telephone conversation with Martin Schulz, during which he congratulated him on his re-election as president of the European Parliament and announced his readiness to stop the military operation on the territory of the DPR and LPR.

      According to the official website of the President of Ukraine, Poroshenko said in a conversation that he had decided not to extend the ceasefire. However, he assured the head of the European Parliament of his readiness to issue a ceasefire again. According to Poroshenko, this can be done on condition of a bilateral renunciation of the use of force, restoration of control over the border during OSCE monitoring and release of all hostages.

      It is worth noting that on June 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a proposal to Petro Poroshenko to extend the truce between Kiev and the militias of New Russia. He also proposed to place at the border points Izvarino, Dolzhanskoye and Krasnopartizansk from Russia, observers from the border service of Ukraine and the OSCE.

      Original article:
    2. Polevik
      Polevik 2 July 2014 08: 19

      War of Monuments Continues
      In Druzhkovka removed the tank T-34-85 - will serve in the militia.

      Since childhood, I liked these monuments. I would never have thought that they would have to go into battle again. Yes, and against the Nazis, and even on our land.
  2. pensioner
    pensioner 2 July 2014 06: 30
    Good luck, Igor Ivanovich.
    1. kind
      kind 2 July 2014 10: 38
      Quote: retired
      Good luck, Igor Ivanovich.

      And we will continue to help! The next package with medicines and ammunition has already been collected!
  3. gandalf
    gandalf 2 July 2014 06: 31
    Meanwhile, behind enemy lines:
    Quote: "gwinplane"
    They counted - they wept ...

    July 1st, 18: 33
    our man counted ...

    1700 hryvnia will pay for heatingcounted with dad now.
    Hello !!! And compared to my mother’s pension 1080 UAH) For ** yes?
    And now for all services about 850UAH and this is a couple of 60m2

    Jump ... just jump ... again on the Maidan and bask there.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 2 July 2014 06: 49
      It’s immediately obvious that Grandfather Krylov’s fables were not read.
      1. Gomunkul
        Gomunkul 2 July 2014 10: 09
        It’s immediately obvious that Grandfather Krylov’s fables were not read.
        To paraphrase the classics, we can say: "Born to jump, he cannot read!" hi
      2. The comment was deleted.
  4. GRAY
    GRAY 2 July 2014 06: 32
    Poroshenko made a choice: blood, chaos and hell
    Posted by Customs on Today, 02:40 AM
    Hope, however, very, very small, still warm. The hope was that official Kiev (although what kind of officialities did the seized power coupists have ?!) would change their minds and extend the ceasefire.
    Yes, the ceasefire was useless, like a fig leaf, with which Poroshenko could cover only one eye, but he - this regime - demonstrated at least in words the desire of the world to solve the problem of the spreading Ukraine.
    Now the chance has been missed, the only chance that could be used by Ukrainians as evidence of their civilization and humanity.
    Blood, chaos, and destruction of hell are deliberately chosen. Gangster Poroshenko signed an obituary to his rule with a full-time ideology, with officials swearing, swearing and jumping like a herd of goats to the tune of a skilled shepherd, with parades of sex perverts who took Kiev with an attack worse than Batu.
    Again "Grads" are hitting Snezhnoye and Saur-Mogila, bombs are falling from a height on the trenches of the militia, powerful howitzers are crushing houses in Slavyansk, where the local population is mostly old people - those who have nowhere to go.
    The junta is preparing new operations in Lugansk, Donetsk, and will erase Slavyansk and Kramatorsk, who dared to rebel against Bandera’s dominance in this corner of the Russian world.
    Poroshenko covers with thick strokes of blood, covers his eyelids, ears, mouth, wide face, changing the image to an image, gradually depriving her of human features.
    What will pastry-president Valtsman-Poroshenko go down in history? With genocide against the population of the former Ukraine, as a killer of children along with pastor Turchinov, unconventional Russophobe Avakov and the recruited spy Nalivaichenko.
    Will he survive to the tribunal? Is not a fact.
    But it is clear that many of the pederastic and Nazi prides, mocking at the moment in Kiev, will flee, like their idol, Mazepa, under the threat of Russian bayonets, to the beloved West. But the West will not accept them, it will burp as an unnecessary, used piece of rags, suitable only in the stake of history.
    Well-known blogger and conflictologist El-Murid gave his assessment of what is happening in Ukraine. It is difficult to disagree: "Preparations for the genocide are over, why wait. Particular attention is drawn to the previously mentioned Lyashko's statement that the army will not undertake mass hostilities, but the" terrorists "will incur heavy losses. If taken literally, then speech can go only about the use of weapons of mass destruction or something little different from them.
    The already legalized "Grads", incendiary mines and chemical weapons directly indicate how the defeat of the enemy's manpower will be achieved, to which all living things are now attributed. The only thing that has not yet been used is napalm, which is even surprising given the special love of the Bandera people for fire shows. "
  5. Per se.
    Per se. 2 July 2014 06: 37
    Of course, time will put everything in its place, who was a hero, who was a coward, what was patriotism, and where was betrayal. Now, it is simple, it already hurts to hear and see all this. What is happening at our border, it turns out, is the "internal affair of Ukraine", the whole question of which Ukraine, the former Ukraine no longer exists, but there is Novorossia, unrecognized by us, allied to Russia, bleeding to death, and hostile to us, Nazi-Bandera power in the captured them Kiev, committing their crimes on our borders. So who is Russia with? It is impossible to imagine such lawlessness in the adjacent territory of not only the Soviet Union, but also tsarist Russia. Apparently, now are very different times.
    1. mojohed2012
      mojohed2012 2 July 2014 07: 03
      Putin leaked or not leaked Novorossia - these are just the opinions of forum users and people from analytics and the white tape.
      If there was a situation in which we would be an empire or the USSR, then Ukraine would be part of Russia.
      In the Southeast, not only the people of New Russia are fighting for their land, but also many field commanders with volunteers from all over the CIS, whose war goals are very different. So yesterday’s events in Donetsk with Bes are worth something.
      So bring in Putin troops today and for whom to fight? What are the boundaries of the "occupation" security zone to establish. There is no data that in Novorossiya for Russia 90%. A lot of its citizens go to Ukraine and not to Russia.
      In general, any news during the war is not the truth (Ukrainian media generally lied) and it is not necessary to put in the absolute what we broadcast from Russia’s TV, Putin’s own calculations. Apparently, when the time comes, and I think when the South Stream is launched, the USA and the EU will immediately forget about Ukraine and the Ukrainians will roll back.
      1. Horly
        Horly 2 July 2014 07: 45
        You yourself answered your question what our guarantor protects - not the Russian people, but the pipe! And it’s not worth all who criticize him to write down in the white painters. The betrayal of power is justified - this has already become a trend for many!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 2 July 2014 08: 11
          Quote: Horly
          You yourself answered your question what our guarantor protects - not the Russian people, but the pipe!

          And you can see the pipe itself, instead of the head.
          Quote: Horly
          And it’s not worth all who criticize him to write down in the white painters.

          Name the critics, otherwise it’s not clear who you wrote down in criticism along with your trumpet.
      2. Per se.
        Per se. 2 July 2014 07: 51
        Quote: mojohed2012
        So bring in troops today Putin and for whom to fight?
        I will answer you this way, for our national interests, for those Russians who believe in Russia. There are a lot of speculations and excuses, perhaps politics is both a dark and dirty business, nevertheless, there are morality and universal values, the presence of which the dirtiest and most greedy politicians have to reckon with. Finally, there is public opinion, primarily in Russia, and it does not care that our reporters are being deliberately killed, our embassy is being destroyed, our territory is being shelled, our relatives and friends in Novorossiya are being killed. No matter how the news is covered, there are obvious things - an anti-constitutional coup in Ukraine, which gave rise to Dill, hostile to us, on the one hand, and our friendly New Russia. Nothing will fall by itself, how much "percent" of support from the allies is needed and how many more crimes from the junta? There is a good saying on this topic - "The willing seeks opportunities, and the non-willing seeks reasons." So far, there are only reasons. Then tell the Russian people that the junta is our "partners" and their power is legal, like the coup, and the Russians in the southeast of Little Russia are "separatists" with their "wrong" referendums without our "polite people" and the "self-proclaimed" republics of Novorossia. Tell them that there will be no help from the DPR and LPR, that their people's militia will all die in battle and will be finished off and tortured in the dungeons of the Nazis. Tell them that the festive show with Crimea is a different topic, in vain they "fell for" it and believed in Russia, which "does not abandon its own people." In the meantime, look how these kibalchish boys fight, hoping for the "mighty Red Army", not knowing that bad guys and bourgeois are everywhere, eating their cookies and jam, the green grandmothers say.
      3. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 2 July 2014 08: 09
        Quote: mojohed2012
        So bring in troops today Putin and for whom to fight

        Yes, for no one! At a minimum, provide all the necessary assistance to peaceful people, take the children out of there and stop the warrior. And then let them agree at the negotiating table.
        1. Chiropractor
          Chiropractor 2 July 2014 09: 48
          and this is a UN affair, without whose mandate the RA soldier in the territory of the former Krajina is a conqueror!
    2. Vladimir-R
      Vladimir-R 2 July 2014 14: 01
      So the whole country thinks .., but at the top they think differently .. We and the power .., always lived in parallel worlds ..
  6. GRAY
    GRAY 2 July 2014 06: 40
    The junta is preparing to use the Tochka missiles for the first time
    Posted by Customs on Today, 03:33 AM
    Judging by the latest data, in the coming days, and possibly even hours, the Tochka tactical missile systems in the arsenals of the punitive forces will be used.
    According to various sources, Ukraine has about a hundred launchers, and recently they have been relocated to areas adjacent to the conflict zone. Missiles of this complex can be equipped with various warheads. So in one of the options, the mass of a high-explosive fragmentation warhead can reach almost half a ton. She is able to mow targets on an area of ​​three hectares, raining down on the enemy up to 14,5 thousand fragments. For a better defeat, an air blast is possible. But the most dangerous is a warhead with 50 fragmentation submunitions. The area of ​​damage can reach 7 hectares. Military experts note that the successful use of this weapon requires the presence of modern intelligence systems, with which the Ukrainian army is experiencing significant problems.
    In addition, the missiles themselves have long expired their warranty periods. Many in Ukraine remember the incident that happened in the city of Brovary when a faulty rocket hit an apartment building. 14 years have passed since that sad incident and the state of technology has only worsened.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 2 July 2014 06: 58
      Probably, when such a "fool" "by mistake" falls on our territory, our authorities will start to move ?!
      1. European
        European 2 July 2014 08: 21
        Yes, Putin will not do anything. He does not have leverage. Take at least a debt! I wonder what the Germans would do if the Ukrainians should have grandmothers ??? Petya Poroshenko in Berlin would stand quietly in front of Merkel on a rug. Putin himself got into a position and he wants and is pricking. he wants to promote the southern stream, but he’ll talk about Little Russia by itself. It’s worth recognizing the republics and helping, but no way. He must fight the Europeans for the pipe. He’s losing confidence, it’s obvious.
        1. Amper
          Amper 4 July 2014 12: 56
          Yes, the main thing is to recapture the money.
          Offshore accounts and real estate unlock.
          And the Southeast will collapse itself without support ..
          Moreover, concern about the situation was expressed by the leadership of the Russian Federation 9999 times, and they condemned the action of the same 9999, i.e. did everything possible.
          And the grandmother never gives up !!
          How will other people and our children look in the eye?
          The stigma will be on everyone, betrayed their blood brothers!
      2. Chiropractor
        Chiropractor 2 July 2014 10: 03
        No, as long as shells, mines and even missiles with a half-ton warhead fall down - not a single shot will be answered - because there is no generally accepted evidence that the shot was fired by UA, i.e. that this is aggression of a regular army of a neighboring state. The tricks of the DRG and irregular combatants are not taken into account as a declaration of war. Only the entry of the regular army of Krajina into the territory of the Russian Federation, moreover, recorded and documented, will finally give an occasion to conduct a combined-arms operation in the territory of another country.
        We will be realistic, no matter how we would like to use the full power of the RA, at the moment, we can only help with humanitarian aid, volunteers and ... yes, saboteurs.
        1. RONIN-HS
          RONIN-HS 2 July 2014 10: 39
          Kostoprava ...
          Are you completely ill ...? "Recorded ... Documented ... UN mandate ..." There is a war going on and Russians are being killed. How I would like you to be there - well, at least for a day! In order to feel on your own skin all these "... UN mandates." fool
        2. The comment was deleted.
        3. leon7591
          leon7591 2 July 2014 13: 05
          Kostoprav - this is the reasoning of those who do not want to do anything! Everything is much simpler! There is no need to "enter" Ukraine with your own troops. You just need to "help the friendly state" of Novorossiya !!! And for this it was necessary to do everything just like M-A-A-A-L-E-N-L-K-A-A-I did South Ossetia! - Recognize New Russia as a state and respond to their repeated requests for help !!! Then the introduction of troops will not be on the territory of Ukraine, but on the territory of New Russia! Although Ukraine, de facto, is still our administrative territory. But even troops do not have to officially enter there! To do this, enough "volunteer" battalions or "squads" and all-round assistance with weapons, ammunition, food, medicine! And yet! And no one will present anything to Russia more than what they accuse her of! We have long been accused of all mortal sins, although we have not done ANYTHING for New Russia! And the West and the States openly declare their support for the parachute regime! That is, one of the warring parties! There is no united Ukraine! There are dill junta and Novorossia! We can only clearly state the position and, as at all times, end up in a camp that is fighting against the Americans! Those. help the fighters of the ANTIFASCIST RESISTANCE! And yet! And if you need to document an "attack" on our territory, it has already happened documented! - The defeat of our embassy in Kiev is an attack on the territory of the Russian Federation! By all international laws, this is aggression! Damage to our consulate in Odessa! I'm not talking about the fact that our border checkpoint was fired from mortars and one of the border guards was wounded! And dill BMPs and armored personnel carriers generally ride on our land, as at home! And the Ukrop border guards simply "otmezhovayut" whole pieces of our land! How much more "proof" of aggression is needed? How much more blood do you need to shed innocent inhabitants? How many more humiliations Russia should receive so that our "upper circles" would finally understand that it is time to stand up for their HONOR ?! And not only for our compatriots in New Russia! And resistance fighters are fighting precisely for you and me, for RUSSIA! Or will we still wipe ourselves off of the junta's spitting (if nothing happened) and nurture a "secret plan"? With the political will of our leadership, Russia will not even need to send troops there, and by and large, if desired, even weapons would not have to be sent there if Putin wanted to - just declare a no-fly zone at our borders at a distance of 400-500 km! And the sanitary cordon - with modern electronic warfare equipment, we could easily blind all the dill equipment. And the resistance fighters themselves would deal with them! Even if our planes would destroy all the dill equipment, no detection system could detect them, and our planes would not even have to cross the border of the Russian Federation to strike! The range of destruction of modern missiles is 500 km. They could shoot over the territory of the Russian Federation! But this also requires DESIRE and the political will of the supreme! And they are not yet observed !!!
        4. Amper
          Amper 4 July 2014 13: 11
          The small, proud, strong, wise (cunning?), Well-armed country of Israel does not ask anyone for permission to give on the head or not for shelling its territory. It makes statements after being bombed at all suspicious and potentially dangerous objects.
          What is not in power of the Russian Federation? And her people are the same?
          What's true, brother?
          By the way, Israel is probably the only alliance country that quietly supports the Russians. Not Russia!
      3. Amper
        Amper 4 July 2014 13: 01
        Yes, they will begin to express concern and conduct investigative actions.
        It didn’t fall into rubles, it won’t reach anyone.
    2. NOMADE
      NOMADE 2 July 2014 06: 58
      That is inhuman ..., I wish that they would be blown up at the start!
  7. saag
    saag 2 July 2014 06: 42
    "... But I still believe that Russia will come to the rescue at a critical moment."

    I wonder what it should be, there are already full volleys of city in the city, there are also non-conventional weapons, aviation, tanks, artillery of all available calibers are used
  8. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 2 July 2014 06: 47
    But I still believe that Russia will come to the rescue at a critical moment.
    Hope tends to die last!
  9. Fox
    Fox 2 July 2014 06: 55
    Moskvich Strelkov is fighting for the Ukrainians ... and in Donetsk, Donetsk, they share power. It’s like that! I look at it all and quietly quietly: do such rotten people seize power, or is this the norm for Ukrainians? And the village where the militias drove away .... the rights of GDP, which makes it possible for the residents themselves to clean up the gamut behind themselves, or to live in the gamut.
  10. Same lech
    Same lech 2 July 2014 06: 55
    This is a war and no ATO ...

    The real war to exterminate the people ... a year ago, I said that I would have to fight with the Galician punishers

    in the West, but I didn’t think that the geography of the war would shift east ...

    I'm afraid now to predict the future .... as if my worst fears would not come true ... am
  11. Tanechka-clever
    Tanechka-clever 2 July 2014 06: 55
    ".... I cannot leave Slavyansk .." - simple words of a Russian officer, for whom "I HAVE HONOR" in life is not an empty phrase. And that's it.....
  12. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 2 July 2014 06: 56
    The way in which the Armed Forces are being restrained by what (as is known from the comments of Strelkov and other commanders, the leadership of the DPR on the Internet) is amazing how the militia still exists. But it exists precisely because of the professional actions of its members and commanders. The build-up of military equipment and weapons of destruction by the militia will entail in the future the defeat of the ASU group in the east of the former state of Ukraine.
  13. GRAY
    GRAY 2 July 2014 06: 59
    Quote: Fox
    and in Donetsk, Donetsk, they share power

    This lies ukroSMI already refuted.
  14. shishakova
    shishakova 2 July 2014 07: 00
    Tanks for peaceful people ?! Monstrous! A cynical "truce".
    Hold on, Igor Ivanovich! Victory will be yours! God help you.
  15. kr33sania
    kr33sania 2 July 2014 07: 03
    It is a pity that our leadership does not openly help OURS. From the fact that everything is being done quietly and somehow, the United States will not lift its sanctions, and the UkrOPs will be more and more scared, along the way screaming about "separatist atrocities".
    1. Vitynar
      Vitynar 2 July 2014 09: 12
      Quote: kr33sania
      It is unfortunate that our leadership does not openly help OUR

      Listen, you are generally interesting people! Starting with Putin, they have children in Europe and the USA. This is all of you some kind of wild naivety, to believe that leaders will do what against Europe and the United States, against those countries where they live, leaders, children!
  16. sv68
    sv68 2 July 2014 07: 09
    Igor Ivanovich, you and your militia have proved that the Suvorov proverb — to fight not by numbers but by skill — can easily be confirmed by life. GIVE YOU A GOD OF STRENGTH IN BATTLES WITH Fascism!
  17. sergio4232
    sergio4232 2 July 2014 07: 11
    Is Motorola alive? Something from him has not been heard for a long time.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 2 July 2014 07: 11
    Avakov proudly declared that he would end the "terrorists" in two weeks! Do not hope, American lackey. You can't defeat such militias in three months. The truth is behind them and God is with them! Also answer for everything!
  19. Front Night
    Front Night 2 July 2014 07: 11
    When Strelkov is sad, one plane falls wink waiting
  20. gandalf
    gandalf 2 July 2014 07: 19
    I will add:

    Quote: ""
    As of 15: 00 (Kiev), 16: 00 (Moscow time), the building of the regional main department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the center of Donetsk after the fighting completely came under the control of the militia.

    Volunteers of the army of the Donetsk People’s Republic and soldiers of the Berkut special forces made the pro-Kiev Donetsk police officers and the Sokol special forces soldiers who had arrived earlier to strengthen them surrender.

    The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Konstantin Pozhidaev and his deputies, were captured. This was reported by Ukrainian media with reference to sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Donetsk region.

    I hope that the head of the 5 column in Donetsk was cut off.
    1. Vitynar
      Vitynar 2 July 2014 09: 10
      Quote: gandalf
      I hope that the head of the 5 column in Donetsk was cut off.

      The 5th column is a saboteur, agents, etc. In Donetsk, people were armed and open for battle. This is "one of the 4 columns".
  21. azbukin77
    azbukin77 2 July 2014 07: 26
    May God grant Igor Ivanovich successes and victories as well as simple human luck!
  22. ambiorix
    ambiorix 2 July 2014 07: 32
    The commander of the Kramatorsk militia reports that the famous IS-3 in Konstantinovka has a working gun! They are going to install dynamic protection blocks on it)
    And here also in Druzhkovka the next iron veteran woke up.
    Hana Banderlog winked
    1. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 2 July 2014 08: 00
      Here he is handsome from Druzhovka! After so many years he will have to beat the fascist reptile again!
      1. Gomunkul
        Gomunkul 2 July 2014 11: 02
        Here he is handsome from Druzhovka! After so many years he will have to beat the fascist reptile again!
        I agree with you that it was in vain to stand when it was time again to defend the Homeland. As life shows, not all t-34-85 went to the scrap and to the monuments.
        T-34-85 - Soviet medium tank during the Great Patriotic War. It was created in 1943 on the basis of the T-34-76, using structural elements of the experimental T-43 tank. It differed from its predecessor in a significantly more powerful 85-mm cannon installed in a new, more spacious, triple tower and a number of minor improvements. Compared to the base tank, it had significantly greater firepower and a better distribution of duties of crew members, but its security compared to the T-34-76 did not increase significantly and was insufficient by the standards of 1944. In addition, the T-34-85 inherited many of its design flaws from the base machine.

        T-34-85 was produced in the USSR from January 1944 to 1950, before the T-54 tank changed assembly lines, the total output was about 80 thousand units. In addition to the USSR, 3185 tanks of this type were produced in Czechoslovakia in 1952-1958 and 1380 in Poland, in 1953-1955.

        It was one of the main Soviet tanks of the Second World War, and after its completion it formed the basis of the tank forces of the Soviet Army until the mid-1950s, when it was replaced by the T-54. Officially, the tank was withdrawn from service of the Russian army only in 1993. After the war, the T-34-85 was delivered in significant quantities to many countries of the world and participated in many armed conflicts, including the Korean and Six Day Wars and several others. As of 2007, the T-34-85 is still in service with a number of countries.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  23. Strashila
    Strashila 2 July 2014 07: 37
    It seems that someone is conducting research work on the evaluation of Soviet weapons and the development of its use in combat conditions.
  24. Vitynar
    Vitynar 2 July 2014 07: 48
    Victory to Igor Ivanovich!
  25. tokin1959
    tokin1959 2 July 2014 07: 48
    But I still believe that Russia will come to the rescue at a critical moment

    It is high time.
    how much you can talk about negotiations.
    some kind of criminal cases lead to the leaders of the junta.
    talking about something.
    and the result is zero.
    from the very beginning it was clear that the "truce" Piglet First needed only to regroup and pull up the forces of the junta.
    When will we wait from the Russian leadership for real steps to force the junta to peace?
    they don’t understand the words.
    1. Vitynar
      Vitynar 2 July 2014 09: 08
      Quote: tokin1959
      When will we wait from the Russian leadership for real steps to force the junta to peace?

      When the leadership of Russia will be different. Not earlier.
  26. a8h8
    a8h8 2 July 2014 07: 58
    Quote: B.T.W.
    Probably, when such a "fool" "by mistake" falls on our territory, our authorities will start to move ?!
    send a note
  27. Leprechaun
    Leprechaun 2 July 2014 08: 34
    I. I .: "Yes, in Donetsk forever -" then diarrhea, then scrofula. "Honestly, I have long been tired of hearing any news from there - they are constantly negative and completely about swarms, squabbles and" sharing the skin of an unkilled bear. " in the face of an attacking enemy, this is “the very thing.” We will not interfere. Personally, I don’t give a damn about who’s going to be in Donetsk’s “main”, if only there was ONE main. Although Bes, even Khodokovsky, even someone else. Medvedchuk somehow completely disagree ...

    It is not clear these words Strelkova I.I. , or disa? Although even without these words, it is clear that the DPR is a mess, military units in Donetsk itself under the control of Kiev stood until the last moment.
  28. vovan50
    vovan50 2 July 2014 08: 53
    Somehow it hit my ears when Putin, in his speech a couple of times called Parashenko the President of Ukraine. It ought to be something else, for example: "The so-called president" or "the President of the rest of Ukraine" or maybe something else. What suggestions will there be?
    1. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 2 July 2014 11: 08
      It ought to be something else, for example: "The so-called president" or "the President of the rest of Ukraine" or maybe something else. What suggestions will there be?
      Oh, this policy, oh, these policies. It is necessary to call a spade a spade: Poroshenko is the new Gauleiter of Ukraine! Here he is. hi
    2. The comment was deleted.
  29. Pazifist87
    Pazifist87 2 July 2014 09: 40
    - About 2 None:
    I.I .: "They restored the destroyed and captured near Yampol"

    I marvel at how many talented people were found in the militia. IS-3, T-34, amphibious transporters, small arms of the times of war are adapted. This is especially pronounced against the background of jumping dill.

    It’s a pity, but the best people die first. A svidomye with a swollen fat brain remain.
  30. bitevka
    bitevka 2 July 2014 09: 44
    And what: nedoprezik, half-prezik, eurorezik, torn prezik, very nice
  31. Tyumen
    Tyumen 2 July 2014 09: 45
    This is not a summary, this is a cry for help. It's a pity the men.
  32. Starmos
    Starmos 2 July 2014 09: 49
    "When there is no agreement in the comrades,
    In the mood their business will not go,
    And it will not work out of him, only flour.
    Once Lebed, Cancer and Pike ... ", - dear Igor Ivanovich, this does not apply to you, I appeal to the leaders of the People's Republics and the commanders of the Militia units: Brothers, reread Krylov and the History Textbooks of the USSR. Stop Makhnovism, stop pulling blanket on yourself "- it will not end well ... Do not force to speak platitudes like" one fist "or" twigs, broom ". Remember those who have already given their lives in the fight against Fascism, about civilians who died under shelling and at the hands of Nazi geeks.Power is in Truth, and Truth is in Unity ... All Russian People believe in your Victory.
  33. oxotnuk86
    oxotnuk86 2 July 2014 10: 08
    ] [/ center] Here he is handsome from Druzhovka! After so many years, he will have to beat the fascist reptile again! [/ Quote]
    I believe he will sing: Thundering with fire sparkling with the brilliance of steel ... and few dill will not be shown.
  34. Agent 008
    Agent 008 2 July 2014 10: 41
    Quote: B.T.W.
    Probably, when such a "fool" "by mistake" falls on our territory, our authorities will start to move ?!

    As usual: 1. 2 statement. 3 concern. And silence!
  35. sever.56
    sever.56 2 July 2014 12: 40
    In 1941, they already tried to make "Drang nach Osten" and we remember how it ended. Victory May 1945! Let the current Bandera remember this. Yes, it is hard now, people are dying, but we believe that Victory will be ours. Fortitude and courage to Igor Ivanovich Strelkov and all the soldiers of Novorossiya! soldier
  36. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 2 July 2014 13: 59
    One flyer still reached the base ..... but along the way, this trough is no longer a combat unit
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. mrFix
      mrFix 2 July 2014 15: 24
      The photos you posted are not from Ukraine. This is the 2008 war with Georgia.
  37. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 2 July 2014 14: 01
    Here's another - the second figure, it is a pity that not the last ....
  38. Petrik66
    Petrik66 2 July 2014 14: 34
    Su with damage - these are our planes damaged during the war with Georgia. Why give a reason to catch us-Russians on the cheats. When, according to reports, the planes of the ukroletchiks are knocked down in bundles, this also sounds true as Avakov’s tales about the losses of 1000 militias in 1 day. In Afghanistan, our average loss is 1300 people a year.
    Teach materiel
  39. Vladimir-R
    Vladimir-R 2 July 2014 14: 37
    From the time of the civil war, where N. Makhno still showed the advantage of maneuvering warfare, the experience of such actions has been successful in many countries to this day .. Tazha Libya .. and Iraq .., where they fully break out in open areas in the conditions of those. superiority of the enemy. Surely Strelkov perfectly understands this .. and on the other hand, the link to the cities, which can’t be abandoned for many reasons, as they hold him as an anchor .. There you can also see talented guys commanding ... they would need help from here .. and kick the hell out of ukrov quite real..
  40. Leshka
    Leshka 2 July 2014 17: 14
    Igor Strelkov is the new Suvorov good
  41. MrFox
    MrFox 2 July 2014 21: 35
    the center of Slavyansk and its district Artyom, Semenovka and the city of Yampol, Krasnolimansky district, were shelled.

    Hmm, why Yampol? Are there really any militias there?
  42. mikael
    mikael 2 July 2014 22: 10
    it’s time to send the diver group to the ballet ballet, after the explosion of art warehouses throughout Kharkiv it’s not enough, all the warehouses are tiled with dill zoltats, and there’s nothing to spare them