Klitschko: from athlete to Nazi

Klitschko: from athlete to NaziI am sure that most Russians, like me, have always been very sympathetic to the Klitschko brothers.

We all watched their matches, rooted for them.

We all considered them ours, or almost ours.

After all, these are our Slavic brothers, speaking and thinking in Russian, born with us in one big country, reading with us some books that grew up on some films, including about the Great Patriotic War.

When Povetkin-Klitschko was fighting, we were all rooting for Sasha, but we saw that Klitschko Jr. was stronger. And I think everyone understood that Vladimir Klitschko could have cut down Povetkin, but “regretted” and did not disgrace him in front of the whole country and the world. For this, I was internally grateful to Vladimir Klitschko.

Talented athletes, nice people, they could enter forever historyas a positive example of success in life. But...

I personally received the first bell when I heard that the eldest of the brothers, Vitaly Klitschko, decided to go into Ukrainian politics.

That Ukrainian politics is a circus of evil clowns has become apparent in 2004, and since then this political den over the last ten years has only developed. in 2014, clowns dropped their masks and turned out to be monsters that led to the beginning of a civil war in Ukraine.

It would seem, where does Vitali Klitschko?

The fact is that all the policies of the former Ukraine were very clearly distributed among the regions where they came from - from the Western or Eastern Ukarina. Their origins greatly influenced and influenced their political views.

Vitali Klitschko is a very conditional Ukrainian. As a matter of fact, he has no relation to Ukraine as such, since he was born in Kirghizia, in the family of a Soviet military, and only in 1985 did he move to the Ukrainian SSR. In his "justification" it cannot be said that he had been subjected to some ideological treatment in the style of Bandera since childhood.

Vitali Klitschko, the famous athlete and champion, respected and known all over the world could stand above the fight, be higher than the factor of belonging to a particular region with its specificity. Moreover, being a respected man in Russia, he could become a pro-Russian politician and, with the support of Moscow, could eventually replace Yanukovych, becoming president.

However, Vitaly went the easy way and preferred to join the gang of Westerners pursuing an anti-Russian policy. Is such a great way in the past champion worthy? God is his judge, and maybe not only God ...

The second bell rang when, in response to what Ukraine will earn after European integration and the break in relations with Russia, he replied: "We will sell black soil."

This is the most famous Ukrainian black soil, which has no unique analogues in the world.

A queue has already lined up on this black earth in the person of the American corporation Monsanto, which is engaged in the cultivation of genetically modified plants. They say that after the landing of GMOs, it is no longer possible to grow normal plants on such land. Soil pollution.

Also in line for the Ukrainian black soil are the Germans, who dream to get it since the 1941 period of the year. It is noteworthy that the Klitschko brothers have German citizenship.

Needless to say that, to put it mildly, the interests of Ukraine and ordinary Ukrainians do not smell if the resources are transferred to the ownership of Americans and Germans?

It turns out that Mr. Klitschko is acting to the detriment of the interests of the country he calls his homeland?

The latter is not a bell, but the bell alarm sounded yesterday, when the media reported that the Klitschko brothers allocated HN for the procurement of equipment for the Kiev battalion to more effectively destroy the DPR and LPR militias from their personal funds.

So, gradually, step by step, a great athlete in the past began to fan the Nazis and became a Nazi in essence.

And here I am watching TV and I think how, in less than a year, could things have changed so much?

How can I, a kindly person, be able to look at this more-not-respected person and wish him to be torn apart by a crowd of maydauns? ..

Remember, Acne, how much rope does not curl ...

Do not forget, do not forgive!
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  1. +8
    2 July 2014 06: 47
    There is only one solution - to catch and hang!
    1. +3
      2 July 2014 07: 31
      Quote: Sergey Sitnikov
      There is only one solution - to catch and hang!

      - Looking back at the past years, days, hours, seconds, squats, I understand that knowledge is the power of what was not worth knowing much. because our whole life is a game that we play, continuing to play life, and where? what? when? fucking. brother, think about what is said, because to say is one thing, and not to say is also one, but not so much as one.
    2. +1
      2 July 2014 07: 38
      Quote: Sergey Sitnikov
      There is only one solution - to catch and hang!

      By the example of this politician, you begin to understand the Russian rhetorical question: "Well .. Did you jump?"
      1. +6
        2 July 2014 08: 58
        One short remark of General Khludov is applicable to V. Klitschko (performed by the wonderful actor Vladislav Dvorzhetsky from the movie "Run") - The soldier started well, but he finished badly ... Hang up!
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. 0
        2 July 2014 13: 47
        By the example of this politician, you begin to understand the Russian rhetorical question: "Well .. Did you jump?"

        Jumped say !? Maybe ... maybe! But here it’s rather different - SO MUCH TO GET ON THE BASH ... AND STAY WITH A NORMAL HEAD? After all, after a knockout, doctors generally forbid doing sports for 3 months or more ... So he would have to be more involved in psychiatric clinics ... rather than engage in big politics ... EVERYBODY HAS BEEN KNOCKED AND KNOCKED .. .
        In Ukraine, you can see the air of "independence" affects athletes ... OLYMPIC CHAMPION SOCHI Al. PIDGRUSHNA - SNIPER OF THE MAYDOWN NATIONAL GUARDS ... Actively participates in hostilities ... This is what love does to a person - as soon as she married a Nazi leader from the Tyagnibok party ... immediately became different ... they changed their brains?
      4. The comment was deleted.
    3. Ujin61
      2 July 2014 09: 49
      To begin with, we did not all root for them, watched their matches and considered ours. There is no subjunctive mood in history - it could have cut Povetkin so. In the case of Klitschkov there is only one softening element - broken brains in boxing fights. Because of this problem with speech and their children, the same downs. Proto watch their videos on the Internet.
  2. Stypor23
    2 July 2014 06: 50
    Soon and Yunshova pull up. We all remember the operation in Munich in 1959, or as they say in the Donbass Klitschko at 21.
  3. +1
    2 July 2014 07: 01
    "... We won't forget, we won't forgive"
    As an athlete, they’ve almost forgotten already ... As a vile fascist creature, never!
  4. djtyysq
    2 July 2014 07: 07
    He was never Ukrainian and all his conversations are politicking!
  5. koshh
    2 July 2014 07: 11
    The bell rang for these brothers when they starred in a porn commercial. Two blue doves. And if these two sblevysh met with a normal fighter on the street, I think they would shake their head off so that "Mommy do not cry." Abortion victims, tfu ... on them. As athletes, they are dead and forgotten to everyone.
    1. suomi76
      2 July 2014 08: 05
      Do not bring nonsense, / a normal fighter on the street /. Stupidity should also have its limits. Klitschko has a hand the same length as your height.
  6. +2
    2 July 2014 07: 17
    Never sympathized with me, always somehow baggy and half-dead in the ring, however, as in the politics "between e.anyh"
  7. +4
    2 July 2014 07: 34
    The bell sounded when the brothers began to earn extra money as racketeers in the gang of the Kiev "authority". True, then they shouted that it was gossip. However, the pictures came out later. The second bell was when his "party" was financially supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Many have been overshadowed by the success in sports. But his statements and actions clearly showed that as a person he was a scoundrel.
  8. komrad.klim
    2 July 2014 07: 40
    Klitschko - werewolf mutants
  9. +3
    2 July 2014 07: 45
    Two friends Parkinson and Alzheimer, I hope to soon take the brothers into their strong arms!
  10. 3vs
    2 July 2014 07: 48
    "Today, tomorrow, not everyone can watch. Or rather, not only everyone can watch, very few people can do it." (C) Vitali Klitschko

    That would be the president !!! laughing
    1. +2
      2 July 2014 08: 19
      but today not everyone can root for Klitschko, or rather, not only everything, few can do it)
      By the way, he was never sick or sympathetic to them.
  11. +4
    2 July 2014 07: 50
    At the expense of the great boxers - I do not agree. The matches are boring, the technique is monotonous, emotionally too poor. In a word, business. So in "politics" they succeed. Only dumber and funnier, and now even more terrible. (The clowns dropped their masks and turned out to be monsters). More traitors and Judas.
  12. Saturn
    2 July 2014 07: 51
    How can he sleep when you realize that he betrayed more than 40 million people?
    1. +2
      2 July 2014 08: 11
      Quote: Saturn
      How can he sleep when you realize that he betrayed more than 40 million people?

      Where does he go - to sniff.
  13. +3
    2 July 2014 08: 21
    about the fact that he "regretted" Povetkin - so I would not argue
  14. +1
    2 July 2014 08: 29
    ... being a respected person in Russia ...

    and I have this mug for some reason visually associated with Otto Skorzeny - a faithful dog of the Fuhrer ...
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. Leprechaun
    2 July 2014 08: 54
    Quote: Akvadra
    At the expense of the great boxers - I do not agree. The matches are boring, the technique is monotonous, emotionally poor too. In a word - business.

    I completely agree with the frank business, and sometimes the facts that come up about clearly selective fights with a weaker opponent in advance did not go into any gates. And watching it especially recently has been boring.
  17. Alexan
    2 July 2014 09: 06
    Everything is very easy to explain: these guys are very good students. The trainers pointed out to them: use your atropometry (height, arm length ...), keep the jab at a distance, exhaust it with a weight when clinching - they learned it all clearly and did it unquestioningly. In the same way - there were other "trainers" - they taught all sorts of byaks. And so they are good guys, only the insides are rotten!
  18. +2
    2 July 2014 10: 18
    The brains were apparently completely beaten off, they do not understand that they have dishonored not only themselves. These brothers are a vivid example of what greed can do with brains ...
  19. Starmos
    2 July 2014 10: 30
    Honestly, for the life of me, but I do not understand what is going on in the "top church leadership" of the ROC, in particular, in the head of Patriarch Kirill ... What do I mean? Oh yes! The question is simple: why the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, instead of anathematizing the Kiev "authorities" and all other Russophobic and Nazi riffraff, wholesale and retail (including the "hero of the ring"), sends congratulations to the "chocolate president" ??? ... "Is the father really sold out?" (From the film "Born by the Revolution") ...
  20. +1
    2 July 2014 11: 03
    people who have adopted a second citizenship should automatically lose the first, the motherland should be one!
  21. 0
    2 July 2014 12: 12
    The version about the beaten off brains, of course, explains everything))) But I think everything is simpler. At all times, famous and popular people were used for political purposes, it’s easier and cheaper than "spinning" someone new. Another thing is that not everyone agreed to this, especially to act on the side of the fascist scum .. And this "we are not a comrade" sold out with giblets, who pays him and dances, is simple and banal.
  22. 0
    2 July 2014 13: 06
    But Klitschko is all the same - the Nazis, homosexuals, or even some kind of husky. If only there were grandmas. This is a man without principles, without morality and without a homeland. In a word - ch.m.o!
  23. Serg7281
    2 July 2014 13: 53
    It can be seen in the ring too shaken the brain (unless of course he has one). This is what the desire to do other things leads to. Kasparov accused Putin of the situation in Iraq, Klitschko is sponsoring the Nazis. And they would go about their business (chess, boxing) and would be respected not only in the "swamp" circle, but throughout Russia.
  24. +1
    2 July 2014 14: 05
    Dumb Ch.M.O
    1. +2
      2 July 2014 14: 43
      this picture can be called KliPSa
  25. 0
    3 July 2014 07: 09
    The author, before putting his thoughts on display, you need to check the text, typos a lot! It's hard to read.
  26. Nik.Nik.
    3 July 2014 14: 36
    They always said for Ukrainians that they would sell their mother for a penny or, if I didn’t eat it, I would bite it. So there is nothing to be surprised.

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