"Parties of war" created chaos and atamanism

"Parties of war" created chaos and atamanism

The chief editor of the Kiev Telegraph newspaper, Vladimir Skapko, in his article, analyzes the negotiation process between the Ukrainian authorities and the militias of the East of Ukraine, which cannot be fully started. In his opinion, the fact that the steps to peace talks allegedly agreed upon by the representatives of Ukraine, the DPR and the LPR are constantly undermined by hostilities on both sides should not surprise anyone.

By and large, the fact that the allegedly agreed by representatives of Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk "people's republics" ("DNR" and "LNR") steps to peace negotiations are constantly disrupted by military actions from both sides and no one wants to take responsibility for the breakdown peace settlement, should not surprise anyone.

Both on that and on the other side there are so-called "parties of war", which objectively, according to different (political, economic and even psychological) peace is not profitable. They may lose the political and material dividends, as well as the social status that many people have experienced as a result of the civil war. And they have long given birth to such a traditional for Ukraine since the times of the civil war of the beginning of the twentieth century and today, every day, a phenomenon gaining strength, like the atamanism. That is, the emergence of a huge number of militarized structures, which are localized by a separate region of action and do not want to obey anyone.

But not "DNR" and "LC" are the root cause of this phenomenon. There Ataman - just a consequence. A natural reaction to the actions of the Kiev authorities, who sent not only the regular army, special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service of Ukraine to pacify the rebellious regions, but also in haste created by the National Guard, territorial special forces, private military companies (PMCs) of all kinds of oligarchs, staffed by Maidan fighters and activists of all kinds of militias nationalist movements and parties. From them and, in the end, from the course of today's Kiev, on whose side paramilitar detachments act, and the residents of the “DPR” and “LPR” are forced to defend themselves, creating their militarized structures, replenished by volunteers from both the regions themselves and from abroad . In particular, from Russia, from where partially comes and weapons.

Atamans from both sides and met in the civil war in the Donbass. But it was on Maidan that the prototype of the current atamanism originated.

And it is precisely the active "party of war" and the ataman region - oligarchic and political - that is what got to the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, from the short period of rule of the "temporary worker". From February 22 to the May 25 presidential election of the year 2014.

All these "I. o." (President - Alexander Turchinov, Minister of the Interior - Arsen Avakov, Chairman of the SBU - Valentin Nalyvaychenko), who then had neither the strength nor the ability to cope with the rebellious Donbas, called for help from the oligarchs who in exchange for power in the regions promised to cope with the "separatists" ". That is, with the residents of the South-East, who expressed disagreement with the coup and the new course of the state.

Thus, the oligarch of the highest magnitude, Igor Kolomoisky, was actually at the mercy of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Sergei Taruta - Donetsk. As a token of gratitude, they, as mentioned above, created from among militants and mercenaries their private military companies (PMCs) or special battalions, armed them and sent them to the conflict zone. Then they were followed by other oligarchs and politicians, who are thus on the one hand. They secured political PR, on the other hand, they expanded the scope of business interests and implemented them with the help of automata mercenaries.

These figures make up today in Ukraine the “party of war”, which objectively does not benefit from any reconciliation in the South-East. And without which curbing President Poroshenko is difficult, but what’s difficult there will be almost impossible to fulfill its functions. Even if we assume that today the interests of the “party of war” and the president overlap. And now they objectively coincide.

For the essence of the “order” for which the seats were paid is that the US needs either the whole Ukraine - as a training ground for NATO tanks and missiles near the Russian border, or glowing in the fire of a civil war and thus representing a mutual problem for Russia and Europe, which the United States can offer itself as a "crisis manager" and get what they need. For example, selling in Europe your own or shale gas produced in Ukraine by American companies instead of the current Russian.

But Poroshenko does not need an ever-lasting civil war. In the end, it may prematurely cost him power. And therefore, as president, he is forced to seek a peaceful compromise. And here he objectively comes into conflict with the plans and intentions of the "war party".

But the “Party of War” now needs chaos. Total. And in the conflict zone, and throughout the country suffering from war. This is the muddy water where they, the oligarchs, the "chieftains", will catch their goldfish profits and dividends. And they create this chaos, in every possible way disrupting the agreements on a truce.

First, they discredit as much as possible the military, law enforcement and security officials involved in the ATO by exposing them to be incompetent and have little power in terms of “fighting terrorists”. Hence the inadequate supply of warring ammunition, weapons and technology. The scandal with the supply of fake bullet-proof vests to Ukrainian soldiers is a fact that is generally beyond good and evil, and those responsible for it must be punished under martial law in any country, and not only in Ukraine. But there is nothing like this in Ukraine - the “war party” works.

Hence the disobedience of the command of oligarchic special battalions and PMCs to the single command of the ATO and the accusation of it, the command, of “treason” and “work for Russia.” Only in this way will oligarchs be able to increase their relevance in the public arena, confirm their necessity and, so to speak, capitalize their participation in the ATO: they say, the military cannot, but we can. But we demand repayment and preferences for this - positions, business expansion, privileges when it is run, profitable government orders, etc. And then in general - non-interference of the state in matters of “patrimony” - areas, given, as in feudalism, at the mercy.

Secondly, the "party of war" in Ukraine suddenly became sharply patriotic up to a slide into neo-Nazism, racism and xenophobia. All these bred, like cockroaches in the crap kitchen, “Zhid-Bandera” and “Katsapo-Bandera”, are the most vivid manifestation of the insanely, but cynical exploitation of a national idea based on physiological Russophobia during the civil war. This is the creation of a trend (Russia is the main enemy) and work in this trend (such as the fight against "Russian aggression"). And all those who are against are “enemies of the Ukrainian people”, “not patriots”, “Kremlin hirelings”, “Russian agents” who need to be ruthlessly (forever) destroyed. For the sake of business and enrichment, these people today step over the blood and historical memory, supporting Ukrainian xenophobic neo-Nazis who consider their spiritual and political forerunners those who, for example, together with the Nazis organized the Holocaust and poured the blood of Jewish, Russian, Polish tribesmen.

Thirdly, the oligarchs continue to finance the warring old structures, create new formations that are not subordinate to anyone and recreate the special battalions defeated in the Donbas. The more such formations “work” in the conflict zone, the greater the chaos and confusion in which it is difficult to find the guilty, for example, in the breakdown of peace agreements. A case in point is the "Aidar" special-battalion, led by a few Maidan field commanders who were in charge of the self-defense centurion Sergei Melnichuk. As a military man, Melnichuk is a complete layman responsible for the defeat of the battalion. But as a person accusing everyone and everything, he is needed - he sows and multiplies the necessary chaos.

And the same Kolomoisky, recently announced by the Investigative Committee of Russia, is wanted on charges of killing more than 100 civilians during ATO, using prohibited means and methods of warfare, kidnapping, obstructing the legitimate activities of a journalist, is a mirror of oligarchic atamanism in the sense that his example shows why he needs it. On the one hand, he not only beats off grandmas and expands the spheres of influence in his region, but also grows with new territories and gets the opportunity and support in the fight against competitors. For example, the same Kolomoisky actually annexed the Odessa region to his Dnipropetrovsk fiefdom, pushing through Kiev the appointment there of "his" governor Igor Palitsa.

And now Kolomoisky asked Kiev to add to it three districts of the Donetsk region - Aleksandrovsky, Veliko-Novoselkovsky and Krasnoarmeysky. Officially, in order to prevent the threat of a “collapse of the social system”, which Kolomoisky is ready to help and prevent the population from suffering. In fact, Kolomoisky enters into the business domain of the richest man in Ukraine, the "owner of Donbass" Rinat Akhmatov. And, it is not excluded, he wants once and for all to decide in his favor a section of mining and processing plants (GOK), of which he and the Privat group own the South GOK and the Sukhaya Balka. And the rest are somehow controlled by Akhmetov (Central and Northern) and another now people's deputy, the “regional” and therefore the “loser willy-nilly” Vadim Novinsky (Inguletsky). And then there is such an opportunity - to take away, being allegedly in the service of the state.

Exactly the same development of events, it is possible, counts the governor- "patrimony" in the Donetsk region Sergey Taruta, who also does not like Akhmetov. But here both of them (and Kolomoisky in absentia) are hampered by the militia, which, as you understand, that is why it must be destroyed. And do not make peace with them.

On the other hand, proximity to power, the need for it has already allowed Kolomoisky to crank up some successful speculative transactions on the principle of "who is war, to whom mother is dear." As everyone remembers, he acted as a "patriot" who supplies the Ukrainian army sent to the ATO zone with fuel. A "patriot", it turns out, "cooked loot" as a speculator. According to experts, he deceived the armed forces of the country by selling them jet fuel at a price one and a half times more expensive - at a price of 17 280 hryvnia per ton. And the same “Ukrtatnafta” sells this fuel to everyone at the price of 11 350 hryvnia per ton ...

And President Poroshenko must either stop such affairs or beat out a share in it. It is desirable - the state, not just their own. And he will most likely do it. If you want to be president. And until Poroshenko does away with the ataman and chaos on his side, he is unlikely to be able to make peace (or end, as some members of his entourage require) with the rebellious Southeast in general and the insurgent Donbas - in particular.
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  1. +2
    2 July 2014 07: 53
    Poroshenko put an end to atamanism ??? !!! Do not tell my horseshoes laughing Parashik Zero, he is Fashington's talking doll, and as long as America exists, her slaves will exist. countries that bowed their knees to the most "exceptional" nation on the planet and became its slaves. After all, wherever a trace of the United States appears, death, humiliation, fear, poverty appear, called democracy, freedom, equality and brotherhood ...
    There is no such president Poroshenko, there is a speaking mouth of American politics on a specific territory.
  2. Leprechaun
    2 July 2014 08: 40
    And it is precisely the active "party of war" and the ataman region - oligarchic and political - that is what got to the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, from the short period of rule of the "temporary worker". From February 22 to the May 25 presidential election of the year 2014.

    My opinion is the key to the whole article. Poroshenko is white and fluffy, and all the other villains. Poroshenko apparently decided to start devouring the fathers of the revolution. Spiders began to eat each other. I wonder how far this will go?
  3. 0
    2 July 2014 12: 32
    Poroshenko was brought to power by this ataman, with the money of the same oligarchs and approved for quite specific purposes by the US State Department. And even if he decides to kick up who will support him, the “atamans” will have both strength and money, at best, and then they will quietly strangle them right in the presidential chair. So dear ones, this is all for a long time, it's a pity that innocent people are paying with blood for all this showdown and carve-up of money and power.

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