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There is no cool place in the boiling pot

There is no cool place in the boiling potOn Sunday, the outskirts of Khreshchatyk were again announced the favorite word of patriotic Ukrainians - Gan-ba! In any case, when you do not know what to say, shout ganba and hutinpuylo, and right there next there will be a good couple of thousands of the same alternatively gifted neighbors who will enthusiastically support you in this chant.

This time, President Poroshenko, our dove of peace with an olive branch in the beak good hands, which extended the truce until Monday evening. Even late Friday evening, the news of his decision dropped the best people of the country who abundantly littered the traditional place of struggle for the best — social networks — into the ideological faint. The truce, amicably declared the best feathers of the country, runs counter to European ideas and the good of Ukraine. All the highly spiritual agility, thus, works for the war party, which clearly wins, profiting from this war under the approving chant of yesterday’s violent oligarch fighters.

The hawks from among the most inappropriate journalists and public figures smashed news about the decision of the president on facebook and forums, and groan spread over the community. I do not dare to repeat the words that sounded to the address of President Poroshenko, because I do not want to dirty my own keyboard with vile vocabulary. Since Fahrion's texts are traditionally considered to be the benchmark for gayeness and maltreating war, we give only her commentary as typical: “Even 72 hours of retreat, murder, shame, disgrace and insolvency, to realize to the leaders of the army that one language is acceptable with Moskal - machine-gun. If our UPAvskie generals had fought like that, then Galicia would have been all in the frenzy of opportunist sadism and servility. And the Cossacks in the world would not exist. The Cossacks from the generals hopeless Cossacks have become. Unearthly sympathy to our soldiers who have become hostage to political powerlessness. It won't be like that. A nation that does not kill an enemy kills itself. ”. If you add obscene words through a word, you get something like what is written on the walls of sofa patriots.

In general, by the evening of Friday, when it became clear that the truce could be extended for negotiations, the passionary public had reached a boiling point. As usual, the drama with throwing shit on the fan turned on the air at Schuster. So it turns out that for ten years Savely Mikhailovich collects sour cream on our manure and mows his fees (I am not rich, but I can live for a month or so on accumulated) in our trouble, systematically and consistently scratching the wounds of our society and abundantly pouring them with molten lead on words, curses, threats, fights, hatred, which are produced by the guests of his studio, skillfully directed by the show host. Share, rating, advertising budget. Well, fame, of course, Savely glory.

And this time it was the same. The enthusiastic bloodthirsty speeches of the guests of the studio consistently received support in 85-92% of the audience, and the modest peacemaking efforts of losers from the former party authorities immediately reduced these figures to 35%. Whatever neatly packed arguments in favor of the world Shufrich carefully cited, whatever sensitive words said about the tears of mothers Ganna Mykolaiivna, the studio was implacable. Even a fiery speech about demons and demons to be killed did not soften the hearts of those gathered - now, in order to please “all Ukraine” ™, Herman should offer, at a minimum, to eat Moskal babies for breakfast. For I want to like it at any cost, but to surpass the aforementioned People’s Deputy Gritsenko, who declared that it was necessary to kill the president of the neighboring country, Hanna, with all her Galichan ingenuity and incredible political vitality, does not shine.

The spirit of hatred and madness that stood in this studio has driven the minds of new groups of television viewers, which the forward groups of Goebbels are systematically turning into cannibals. What to say about those who were present in this studio alive, breathing the miasms of permanent hysteria?

Of course, people who are at least somewhat familiar with the television kitchen have every legitimate reason to think that it’s not they themselves who control this little thing that the All-Ukraine ™ sitting in the studio are turning. That the remote control is in completely different hands, and the audience sees the notorious “thermometer” thoroughly trimmed in one direction or another. And if the support of a spiteful speech from the eternal obstruction of Gritsenko, whose son, by the way, did not join the National Guard under the battalions or the army participating in the battles in the Donbas, 90% reached other moments, then the question is who needs it so that the audience could see total readiness of Ukrainians to kill their own fellow citizens? So that everyone who is not ready will be ashamed and join the glorious ranks of those who are ready?

Who should be induced by the hatred of little Ukrainians? It is beneficial for everyone to instill in everyone the thought of what is right and beautiful, and it is wonderful for the country's prospects to accept the idea that there is nothing wrong with killing. other Ukrainians? And, on the contrary, there is only beauty in strengthening and toughening military operations, leaving the scorched territory in the east, killing its inhabitants or, at least, throwing them out of their native land.

Imagine that the buckwheat or kozopas will then want to go to the Donbass to extract coal or boil steel in hot workshops is absolutely impossible. So, it is a question of turning the desert in which shale gas is found into a desert, and giving this desert to the curators in gratitude for the cookies? Are there other versions?

In general, hatred was totally pumped up all the days of the theoretical truce, during which mortar shooting and the planned destruction of Slavyansk and Semenovka did not subside. Shot all-the army and the militia. How is it possible to secure a truce in the absence of third-party observers and supervisors?

Yulia Tymoshenko quickly and firmly forgotten gave her voice from a political dungeon - she also really wants to like the target audience, and in the name of love of these picky guys she is ready to pronounce any texts without any restriction, but the circles on the water from her appeal turned out to be insignificant. The worst words have already been spoken, all thresholds have been crossed, all taboos have been rejected, and I can’t imagine how the heart of a patriotic Ukrainians, who called burnt Odessa citizens barbecues torn by a Luhansk women’s bomb by Colorado females, and children shot dead as terrorist larvae, can be hurt.

Trying to dehumanize a hated enemy, the guys massively dehumanized themselves.

After the performance in the studio at Schuster Shufrich they wanted to lynch. Why? Well, he was not a determined enough cannibal. I did not sing a new national anthem of Ukraine lalala. He did not declare that all the troubles of Ukraine come from the neighborhood with the damned Raska and her bastard ruler Putin. That is, did not file all required identification marks in the “friend-foe” system. That was enough for patriotic-minded psychopaths to assemble under the walls of the studio, ready to otpinit Nestor Ivanovich and let them go naked down the street, as was evident from the plans spoken aloud.

Little people perlo from rudeness. Rudeness has always been the hallmark of post-Soviet citizens. At one time, dropping the shackles of the damned soviet upbringing and assimilating new formats - "It's your problems!" и "Is my fault in this?", the masses with pleasure dived into rudeness.

Maidan and the subsequent mass armament made rudeness a total discourse and agenda of the new time. This is a sweet, incomparable feeling of superiority, when you are in a crowd, shoulder to shoulder with accomplices, with a feeling of complete impunity, you can be rude and loud to anyone without limit - in word and deed. Such rudeness is possible only in the pack, which is a pig goes to the enemy, when all against one, when you know for sure that there will be no resistance. When you can whistle, ganbit, insult, kick, spit in the face, pull your hair - in ecstasy and delight by anyone and unrestrained self-will in a pack of people like you.

All the last meetings are held exactly in this vein. Rudeness-hysterical-ganba-get-ovations-rudeness ...

On Sunday, the militarist theorists, wound up with hatred and accumulated anger, were again at the rally. Speakers with minimal calls for peace were immediately whistled and fiddled, and only a hasty shout seems to be to blame for everything kill ... dokputinb..d the brave man saved from immediate reprisals. The boys in balaclava and shawls on their faces shook their fists and demanded blood. Middle-aged women and cheerful retired grandfathers shook their fists and demanded blood. Women's voices, perhaps, were heard louder than others - perhaps because of the hellish unnaturalness of curses emanating from women's mouths and appeals to burn and destroy.

Why are all these people not at the front, if they are ready for blood and murder? It is better not to ask a question of this kind, they can tear it to pieces. Meanwhile, there is no cool place in a boiling pot. When in Kiev they rob offices and steal dozens of cars in front of the silent and blinded and stalled militia at once, the peace officers, who regularly receive workdays, answer without a hitch what are we? We if that across, so we immediately to the front. Yes Yes. To object, of course, more expensive. Rob, therefore, rob and rape in the capital city of Kiev, as well as in other beautiful cities and villages of the homeland, is no longer forbidden ...

But now I want to ask - can the president in such an atmosphere, be he, theoretically, at least a hundred times a peacemaker, lead the matter to peace? Can not.

Do you want? Judging by the composition of the negotiators, not too much. To send an eksa Kuchma from me - whether trolling, or, speaking old-fashioned, simple mockery. book author "Ukraine is not Russia", by its traditional multi-vector cunning, it did not name a work with final and transparent directness - "Ukraine - Antirossiya" Interested in making peace? Don't, stop it. "We are waiting for Monday. Why lisp with them?", - said peacemaker Kuchma, refusing, this time, from parables and multi-vector tricks and clearly demonstrating where he sees his commission in this strange peacemaking.

In the evening of today, an additional truce expires. Peter Alekseevich during this time managed to support the sanctions against Russia / strongly condemn the sanctions against Russia; announce that the Ukrainian will remain the only state / to condemn the attempt to abolish Russian as a regional one; announce plan B with decisive military opposition to the gangsters / tell the distant French that the Donbass military operation cannot be subdued; and promised to restore the destroyed cities at the expense of the treasury.

The government does not take any radical steps towards the Donbas. No Russian had any regional status before, and is it just the case? The identity of the inhabitants of Donbass must be destroyed, and speck.

You say I'm exaggerating? Read the articles of leaders of public opinion, headliners of ukrsuchlit, mytstsiv different caliber and pahuchest. Nobody intends to freeze on the principles of compromise and mutual respect. The task - to finish off the reptile in her lair. The task is to continue the dehumanization of the Untermensch. The task is to show what shackles on the athletic body of a new country this fucking soviet Donbass hangs, which cannot be released, however, it cannot be - before pouring rivers of blood on it. Otherwise, the bearers of the great European liberal values ​​write, someone might think that we lost, that we accepted. No, they write the carriers of the great European liberal values, some of which are already stuck to the trough implanted into power, first burned, destroyed and killed, and only then, having won, maybe let go, so as not to prevent us from flying to a bright European future, many-sided and described in detail in the pages of the Association Agreement.

On Sunday, Lugansk participants also rallied. In their desert city, abandoned by tens of thousands of people, people came out to demand peace. They didn't scream "On the knives", did not demand blood, did not curse, did not insult and did not threaten. They only wanted peace in their own land. These people are generous, generous and peaceful.

Get away from them, bad people.

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  1. Stypor23
    Stypor23 1 July 2014 08: 06
    Gaza Ukraine-screaming jumpers, people sleep, we answered!
    1. nvv
      nvv 1 July 2014 08: 30
      Yesterday I visited the censor. That’s what Dasha Ivanova writes. Ukraine missed Crimea, now it’s getting ready to ban Donbass. Particularly gifted! Can you continue Dasha’s saying?
      1. Stypor23
        Stypor23 1 July 2014 08: 48
        Not . And who is Dasha Ivanova?
        1. nvv
          nvv 1 July 2014 09: 06
          I do not know. This is her comment on the Censor, but probably a pretty girl.
          Quote: Stypor23
          Not . And who is Dasha Ivanova?
          1. Stypor23
            Stypor23 1 July 2014 09: 18
            I myself came up with. And I learned about this censor, only at 8:30 Moscow time. Sometimes poems spontaneously appear in my head. This morning I came up with a cool comment, I will wait until the article appears laughing
            1. nvv
              nvv 1 July 2014 09: 23
              Ummmyyyyyy ........... hi
              1. Stypor23
                Stypor23 1 July 2014 09: 24
                Sometimes I notice this quality. Yes
                1. nvv
                  nvv 1 July 2014 09: 30
                  But I will have more advantages. fellow
                  1. Stypor23
                    Stypor23 1 July 2014 09: 34
                    And I have the rank of general lol
                    1. Cormorants
                      Cormorants 1 July 2014 09: 42
                      Let them jump, jump. First we will attach the East, and then you look and the rest of Ukraine will be cured of the Obala virus!
                    2. The comment was deleted.
                    3. nvv
                      nvv 1 July 2014 09: 42
                      I will definitely become a general drinks I will definitely be the general, if the corporal, if I survive the corporal !!!
      2. Panikovsky
        Panikovsky 1 July 2014 09: 44
        Quote: nvv
        Yesterday I visited the censor. That’s what Dasha Ivanova writes. Ukraine missed Crimea, now it’s getting ready to ban Donbass. Particularly gifted! Can you continue Dasha’s saying?

        and now will associate a member.
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 1 July 2014 12: 04
      How they all started! With a head. Without options, treatment is possible only by amputation.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 1 July 2014 08: 15
    Europe never had any values, and all that they have was brought in by SLAVERY. Even ancient Rome is a product created by the ETRUSIANS (for which the Romans later destroyed them). What kind of "universal" values ​​can the descendants of those who created their states on the fires speak about the inquisition, robberies and robberies, who now stubbornly ignore the thousands of killed civilians and who are strenuously trying to shift responsibility for their atrocities onto Russia. I always remember one European proverb: "... if you entered a country where cows are more beautiful than women, then you are in Belgium", this is the result of the Inquisition, which over the centuries destroyed the gene pool of the nation! Now they have come to Ukraine to complete what is not Poles, Hitler and Bandera were able to!
  3. anip
    anip 1 July 2014 08: 58
    Quote: kartalovkolya
    all that they have brought in by SLAVANIA. Even ancient Rome is a product created by ETRUSSKI

    In fact, the Etruscans are not Slavs.

    Quote: kartalovkolya
    (for which their Romans subsequently destroyed)

    Not destroyed. Cities conquered - yes. And so the Etruscans organically assimilated with the Latins.
    From the Etruscans, the Romans adopted a number of features of political organization, the structure and armament of the army, and signs of government power. The mythology and religion of the Etruscans had a significant influence on Roman mythology and religion. Apparently, through the Etruscans, the Italian tribes of Central and Northern Italy accepted Greek writing.
    1. mamont5
      mamont5 1 July 2014 13: 43
      Quote: anip
      In fact, the Etruscans are not Slavs.

      That is the trick that it is still unknown who the Etruscans are.
  4. Iline
    Iline 1 July 2014 09: 04
    In the herd and father is easier to beat. Now in Ukraine there is no society, there is a herd with herd instincts.
  5. asar
    asar 1 July 2014 09: 16
    The government does not take any radical steps towards the Donbas. No Russian had any regional status before, and is it just the case? The identity of the inhabitants of Donbass must be destroyed, and speck.

    Say I'm exaggerating

    On Sunday rallies and Luhansk. In their deserted city, abandoned by tens of thousands of inhabitants, people went out to demand peace. They did not shout “to the knives”, did not demand blood, did not curse, did not insult and did not threaten. They only wanted peace on their land. These people are generous, generous and peaceful.

    Get away from them, nonhumans

    What did they write about, Nyura ?! I misunderstood! Or nonsense or I drank a little! BUT DON'T UNDERSTAND! In my opinion - complete nonsense!
  6. VD chauvinist
    VD chauvinist 1 July 2014 09: 22
    Everything that is happening in Ukraine now resembles a booming inflammatory process. It is necessary to treat cold and hunger. And only then - surgery.
  7. Veteran of the Red Army
    Veteran of the Red Army 1 July 2014 09: 29
    As usual, the drama with throwing shit on the fan unfolded on the air at Schuster. It just so happens that Saveliy Mikhailovich for the tenth year has been collecting sour cream on our dung and mowing down his fees (I'm not rich, but I can live on the accumulated month or two) on our misfortune,
    1. Stypor23
      Stypor23 1 July 2014 09: 37
      Not my type, it’s painfully tanned.
    2. asar
      asar 1 July 2014 09: 43
      No! I DO NOT WANT "IT"! I LOVE MY FAVORITE WIFE! And let the West "mess around" with this "cockroach"! they have such "lamury" there! wassat
    3. Estet59
      Estet59 1 July 2014 14: 00
      Podvizatsya wherever you can cut the "dough" and earn the gratitude of the owners. Damn it, how tired these faces are.
  8. X Y Z
    X Y Z 1 July 2014 09: 41
    It is quite easy and simple to describe the horrors that Svidomo pronounce and are simply duped. You can laugh, you can be horrified, but there is a problem about which the authors of the articles speak little or not at all. This is the problem of reformatting consciousness first of all of Ukrainian youth, and the rest of the duped population. And it will still have to be solved sooner or later. There is also an ostrich position - they are not ours at all and let there suffocate in their nationalism. The trouble is that if we take this position, then we have already lost, because It was precisely on this result that the American operation was directed. It’s not the Americans who will have to live next to such a neighbor, and we won’t be able to isolate ourselves with an iron fence (even if it did, it’s a loss again). Therefore, we must think and do something in any situation in the struggle in the southeast. Better sooner than later.
    1. Anper
      Anper 1 July 2014 12: 55
      Quote: XYZ
      This is the problem of reformatting consciousness first of all of Ukrainian youth, and the rest of the duped population. And it will still have to be solved sooner or later

      From Western Ukraine.
      I wonder if there is anything in the reserve of the Russian government on this subject with such a talented and powerful detachment of social scientists?
  9. Comrade Bender
    Comrade Bender 1 July 2014 10: 30
    In dill, a complete decomposition of brain cells is observed. And this, unfortunately, is an irreversible phenomenon.
  10. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 1 July 2014 10: 42
    Let them jump, maybe feel better?
  11. Siberian
    Siberian 1 July 2014 11: 08
    AND THIS ARTICLE IS CALCULATED FOR READING ParAshenka and Farion. From the category: "snow is white" and "Volga flows into the Caspian Sea". We all who visit the forum about anything like this (text of the article) and had no idea ...
  12. nivander
    nivander 1 July 2014 11: 09
    Ukrainians deserved their Golgotha. After August 2008, the question is, will you shoot at Khokhla. Has lost relevance. Have new ones appeared, where? when? and how much
  13. Vend
    Vend 1 July 2014 11: 49
    Ukraine swept its own country.
  14. Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 1 July 2014 12: 47
    I propose a new name for Outskirts-Zombies Republic Umbrella laughing
  15. Wolka
    Wolka 1 July 2014 13: 01
    these pro-fascist geeks recognize only power, God forbid Donbass give strength and courage in the face of all this fascist scum, and so that the whole nose flowed out of his nose ... soldier
  16. dim242
    dim242 1 July 2014 13: 02
    it is necessary to bomb Kiev and the west of Ukraine all the anger will fly off at once, I wonder which way they are jumping
  17. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 1 July 2014 14: 21
    In central and western Ukraine, the level of psychosis rises, and in the east of self-awareness.
  18. AQUARIUS 65
    AQUARIUS 65 1 July 2014 15: 00
    Now in Poroshenko's Ukraine, after the "revolution of the dignity of the Ukrainian people", there is something like a strong intoxication as a result of a steep drinking binge, during which "well-wishers", at the request of the owners, regularly pour alcohol. And to think about the fact that after it there will definitely come a painful hangover is simply not up to that. But the "hangover" is just around the corner.