Kiev Maidan activists demand to stop the truce

29 June in Kiev Maidan passed the so-called "people's assembly", which adopted an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to introduce martial law in the country and destroy the resistance in the south-east, according to "Vesti". The rally was attended by militants of the battalions "Donbass", "Dnepr" and "Aydar", who first broke through to the presidential administration.

Kiev Maidan activists demand to stop the truce

According to representatives of the battalions, they wanted to gather at the administration and see Poroshenko in the eye. However, they were not allowed to enter the building, the road was blocked by officers of the special unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result, the rally was held at the house of the Writers Union

The protest was attended by several hundreds of Maidan activists who demanded an end to the truce in the east of Ukraine, announced before June 30, and martial law introduced in the Donbas. According to the fighters participating in the action, they are eager to open fire on the opponents of the unity of Ukraine. In addition, the representative of the battalion "Donbass" complained about the problems of supply and asked the citizens to help them with food and equipment.

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Gennady Zubko, who tried to explain the position of the Kiev authorities, approached the protesters. According to him, a peaceful settlement and a cease-fire is a competent attempt to resolve the crisis situation in the Donbas.

The performance of the official protesters did not like. On the arguments about the victims among civilians, they said that there was nothing, they say, to support the militia. The protesters handed claims to the presidential administration, after which the rally ended. Most of the participants moved to the national assembly on Maidan, where they again called for the resumption of fire.
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  1. +2
    30 June 2014 10: 04
    And even though one nation is now on opposite sides of the barricades, it was all invented by external puppeteers who destroy Ukraine in order to extend their rotten existence. Ordinary people have nothing to share and they can only survive by uniting.
    O_ligarchs in power (and in power!) - This is the corrupt part of society, which in fact is neither Ukrainian citizens (foreign passports, taxes are paid to the treasury of other states) nor representatives of the Ukrainian people (by nationality). And in Ukraine, these corrupt creatures only earn money by plundering the budget, loans and pushing citizens of one nation in a fratricidal war.
    1. +8
      30 June 2014 11: 03
      Maydauny is a diagnosis! Already verbally threatening Europe, as small children, by God! laughing

      27 June rally on the Maidan on the occasion of the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU. Speaking at it, the director of the Institute of National Remembrance Vladimir Vyatrovich said:

      "Old Europe" fell into insanity and is obliged for the sake of the European Ukrainian people to go to a possible confrontation with Russia, fraught with grave consequences for the European Union. We, as a European people, now have the right to remind Europeans that you have to pay for European values. "

      “Indeed, especially the so-called“ old Europe ”looks, perhaps, crazy, lost its mind and went into insanity, because it advises us to invite Medvedchuk to negotiations, signs some agreements on the South Stream and is ready, for example, France, to sell Russian warships that can be used against us "

      You, representatives of European states, will have to pay for upholding European values, possibly with certain conflicts with the Russian Federation. You may have to pay for a reduction in markets and an increase in unemployment, which will be associated with the introduction of sanctions against Russia. But we, Ukrainians, have the right to demand this from you, because for these European values ​​we paid with our lives in this place. ”

      No, well, you understand !!! wassat
      1. +3
        30 June 2014 12: 10
        I don’t understand something, they’ve completely demolished the tower there, or what they need to be senile to bawl like that. They still believe that Europe will strain because of these banderlogs, well, well laughing
      2. +3
        30 June 2014 17: 39
        wassat A masterpiece! Definitely a collection.

        Threat. That is the whole hohlosushchestvo. They are not that they have not yet been allowed into the yard. they were only shown with their finger where the boarded up gate is located. And they are already trying to pile their feet on the table.

        Threat 2: and yet what kind of nonsense are they kumar?
      3. +1
        30 June 2014 19: 40
        Of course you understand! What is called - the vector has changed. Previously, Russia-Russia had to-owe "for life", and now Europe.
  2. +7
    30 June 2014 10: 06
    Underlogs, the enemy needs every day, every hour, every minute! Otherwise, they will shoot each other! But they will start with their masters!
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 10: 15
      For them, time is money.
      To kill a person for them is, of course, not only a well-paid job (although in this case it is difficult to agree with this), but also receiving unhealthy pleasure from this.
      1. WKS
        30 June 2014 11: 20
        Quote: nikrandel
        However, they were not allowed to enter the building; the road was blocked by the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As a result, the rally was held at the house of the Writers' Union.

        How was it not allowed? Who could stop the fighting detachments of Beni Kolomoisky? It was necessary to pester the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and go to Poroshenko ... but the truth is that he has a "guard" or, more precisely, a convoy of American abreks. Apparently, they were very frightened, nevertheless, the United States is now leading in Kiev, no matter what happens.
      2. +1
        30 June 2014 12: 34
        Quote: nikrandel
        Killing a man for them is, of course, not only a well-paid job

        Yes, the thing is a bit different ... the fact is that these stupid head-to-toe deaths think that they are right ....
        The protesters did not like the official’s speech. To the arguments about the victims among civilians, they stated that there was nothing, they say, to support the militias.

        And if the inhabitants of the Southeast come to them and begin to kill their civilians with the words - and there was nothing to support the Maydan fascists!
        They will say - and for what ?! for their convolutions for more are not enough.
    2. +2
      30 June 2014 11: 13
      LifeNews publishes a translation of the instruction seized by the militia, which was produced by Ukrainian security forces in April 2014. As conceived by the manufacturers, it should help in the calculation of Russian "spies" on the territory of Ukraine. The manual consists of four sections, which describe how the alleged "saboteurs" can be dressed, their demeanor, modes of movement and speech characteristics.

      Appearance and special features:

      - look 25 – 45 years;

      - athletic build (military bearing);

      - lack of excess weight;

      - soft gait;

      - clothes of neutral tones (maybe out of season, warmer than necessary, not constraining movement, closer to the sporty style);

      - may have a sports backpack or shoulder bag;

      - can have a multifunctional sports watch (can not show Kiev time);

      - the presence of two mobile phones, one - necessarily a smartphone with elements of obscure software; may also have a walkie-talkie;

      - can have a multipurpose knife or a lamp, a map of the area, foodstuffs or cigarettes with a Russian marking (barcode 46);

      - Sport shoes or military style (high shoes);

      - A person may have a tan in the eye area due to wearing a balaclava;

      - hands and fingers may be dirty with traces of cream; as a rule, there are no jewelry;

      - phalanxes of the fingers are knocked down or deformed (consequences of strikes);

      - the skin on the inner surface of the index finger of the right hand has been erased (consequences of constant contact with automatic weapons);

      - may have a passport or other documents with a residence permit in the border areas of Russia or the Republic of Crimea on the territory of a military unit.

      - During the inspection, special attention should be paid to the legs of the legs, belts, hands on the subject of concealing cold weapons or firearms.

      Behavior model:

      - moves quickly and silently;

      - avoids visual contact with oncoming and tries to keep a distance of at least a meter;

      - when communicating, he follows the hands of the interlocutor and often looks from top to bottom and controls the legs of the interlocutor in order to prevent a possible blow or grip;

      - poorly oriented on the terrain, does not know the names of neighboring streets and settlements;

      - may have significant amounts of money.


      - poorly understands the meaning of Ukrainian words, sometimes tries to demonstrate proficiency in the Ukrainian language, but has an emphasis;

      - when speaking in Russian, his speech is distinguished by an accent;

      - often uses words from military slang (group, base, point, object, center, route, coordinates), uses short phrases.

      Places of stay, routes and modes of transportation:

      - the group consists of three subgroups of three people each and the commander;

      - single movements over long distances are rarely used; in such cases, it may be at a great distance from populated areas and stop the passing transport;

      - often uses rail transport (freight trains, commuter trains, and sometimes passenger trains);

      - uses motor vehicles: vans, wagons, other cargo vehicles and minibuses; on-site uses, as a rule, SUVs or minibuses;

      - lives in an apartment on the 1 – 3 floors or in private houses;

      - may impersonate representatives of the Russian media, little-known foreign news agencies, CIS observers or other international organizations;

      - during the preparation of the shares, he contacts with local activists.
      1. +2
        30 June 2014 12: 36
        Quote: stroitel
        in calculating Russian "spies"

        Just at least do not leave the house. recourse
  3. +7
    30 June 2014 10: 18
    I looked yesterday at the militia men. real wars and men will tear everyone. and these boiled activists want to fight them? Well, good luck lads. prepare coffins if there are no brains
    1. +4
      30 June 2014 10: 53
      Indeed, the difference between Maydaunas and militias is big !! The first make maximum use of heavy equipment with centimeters, and the militias (God grant them patience and good luck) without decent weapons make the enemy surrender en masse. Once captured, maydanutye look like they are. Crowd and loudness they can only exercise.
  4. His
    30 June 2014 10: 18
    And at this time in Moscow.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 10: 50
      And I want to say something, but no words!
    2. +2
      30 June 2014 11: 17
      They say that in Russia there is no democracy! Would these individuals try to get together somewhere on the square ... - their law-sector officials would spread it like a city wall.
      I looked at these truth-conspirator plotters, and:
      the smell of mothballs (and they say that someone threw something to them).
      And as a speaker did not want to speak in the presence of journalists, he, you see, is not ready.
      In a word - parasha (with Jewish content).
      And they will argue that they are fighters for justice: where are they opposed the use of heavy weapons in the South-East, which led to mass deaths of civilians and, in particular, 40 young children. Scum, scum corrupt ...
    3. +1
      30 June 2014 13: 53
      That's what is missing in this bunch, so it is pieces of 5 MONOK around the perimeter of the hall. That's honest, close and roll back a couple of fecal tanks.
  5. +6
    30 June 2014 10: 27
    29 June in Kiev Maidan passed the so-called "people's assembly", which adopted an appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement to introduce martial law in the country and destroy the resistance in the south-east, according to
    All this "verbal diarrhea" of the gathered "puppies" is reduced to one phrase (below in the picture).
    1. +4
      30 June 2014 10: 41
      Although the topic itself is not funny, you made me laugh with these naked asses - "puppies". Naked puppies - that's who all these brothers are, as precisely noted. And these puppies are used for their own purposes, like pawns, like cannon fodder, zh.i.d. oligarchs.
  6. kowalski
    30 June 2014 10: 27
    Yes, this is something for the "SPETS battalions", which the cops with rubber truncheons from the Maidan wrapped up ... Some kind of dandruff ...
    1. +2
      30 June 2014 10: 56
      Quote: kowalski
      Yes, this is something for the "SPETS battalions", which the cops with rubber truncheons from the Maidan wrapped up ... Some kind of dandruff ...

      Now they are already cautious. This is not the month of March when they felt themselves masters everywhere. Particularly clever people already realized that the carnival had gone to the cat.
  7. +2
    30 June 2014 10: 30

    To the arguments about the victims among civilians, they stated that there was nothing, they say, to support the militias

    It’s a completely logical statement for nonhumans .... Even if we take into account the fact that the militants in Chechnya when our solitary vehicles seized and saw children and women from a soldier’s cabin who were picked up along the road, they simply let him go in peace ... and our block wrote in due time about this two years ago, never hollowed because children were fed constantly and they still dragged home ..

    Nothing Europe will teach you to love your homeland .. universal values ​​I see have already instilled soon learn to trade. It’s a pity your girls will now succumb to everyone from St. Petersburg to Europe ... Yes, there was a joke the last time I wound there. I wanted a younger adventure companion ... dragged me to seek venal love. well, I’m more than enough on the drum of love (I don’t accept love for money), and I’m always drinking and having fun, and chatting with the girls for ... well, two of three from Ukraine turned out to be in the bar for work.

    So Sema ... so you lit up without a balaclava .... you have a great future ...
  8. Vtel
    30 June 2014 10: 33
    Hurry to get to the Hell Hundred, well, a feather in the ass. May God give strength and health to the soldiers of New Russia!
  9. 0
    30 June 2014 10: 37
    This offspring is guided by a hand not less than the brutal American Obama of the Monkey to continue the war - the more turmoil near Russia, the better he will feel. Yes, and this beast needs Maidan something to feed, and the bandits sitting in Kiev on the Maidan for no reason do not pay.
  10. thunder0255
    30 June 2014 10: 45
    "Whom God wants to punish, he deprives him of reason!" It seems that a significant part of the population of what was once Ukraine has completely lost its mind! Not only do you dominate yourself to the point of almost destroying your own country, but they still persist in their stupidity and stupidity, becoming more and more like some demons!
  11. +8
    30 June 2014 10: 57
    Also, near Slavyansk they did and ran to complain about the Independence Square))))
    1. 0
      30 June 2014 11: 22
      Such a notorious revenge "curse m-li" has not yet known! - What treachery!
  12. +1
    30 June 2014 11: 00
    Quote: Own
    And at that time in Moscow ...

    Meetings of political prostitutes are passing by.
  13. +1
    30 June 2014 11: 15
    A gang of killers of marauders craves to kill with impunity the citizens of their country to obtain trophies. They do not need peace, because in peacetime they have to work, and here, their mess is well paid by the oligarchs.
  14. genius310181
    30 June 2014 11: 15
    It was a warning from the oligarchy to Poroshenko. Everything suggests that the so-called "president" is not at all the supreme commander in chief and there are armies in the country that do not obey him. These armies exist at the expense of private capital and they obey whoever pays them money. Therefore, a rally in Kiev is a planned, paid action. What is a president for then? If no one is listening.
  15. 0
    30 June 2014 11: 38
    I am sorry that the son of the famous front-line poet Konstantin Simonov is getting dirty among this audience. "Wait for me and I'll be back, just wait really ..." - Eh! ..
  16. Everest2014
    30 June 2014 11: 55
    OSCE did not recognize the Russian Federation as "violating the territorial integrity" of Ukraine bully Well around trouble.
  17. KIRON
    30 June 2014 12: 01
    The pravoseks are getting their way. But some people with the help of SE are not delayed. In advance, these pros are already there.
  18. 0
    30 June 2014 12: 37
    YEAH! now and on these "patriots" pos ... sal ... and, rather:] As a result, the meeting was held at the house of the Union of Writers. [/ quote]
    PS I'm talking about "pravossyku ... sec"!
  19. +1
    30 June 2014 14: 00
    Fascist scum thirsts for blood, well, there’s nothing enough for you all, geeks. They don’t understand with their chicken brains that they are pushing the planet into the third world war.
  20. 0
    30 June 2014 14: 09
    Well now, Poroshenko will definitely send all the special battalions to the front line. In the heat. He just has to do it. Otherwise, in the event of an anti-terrorist operation failure (and it will fail), the pravoseki will appoint the president guilty and a traitor. With all the ensuing consequences.
  21. 0
    30 June 2014 14: 25
    Quote: nikolaev
    And even though one nation is now on opposite sides of the barricades, it was all invented by external puppeteers who destroy Ukraine in order to extend their rotten existence. Ordinary people have nothing to share and they can only survive by uniting.

    FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who will unite? With whom? Have you seen these ordinary people? Yes, there everyone is for himself! I would be farmer and pig! And tries nothing more!
  22. Leprechaun
    30 June 2014 14: 50
    Quote: Own
    And at this time in Moscow.

    The hall is half empty on video, they have collected signatures as many as 500 pieces. We are all the way to these liberals and not otherwise, by the way, the brother of Anatoly Chubais also spoke there ...
  23. 0
    30 June 2014 14: 59
    Dillings of radio dill are in a hurry to the other world, the world does not require them. There would be dear to them, only how many worthy and innocent people should die because of them.
  24. 0
    30 June 2014 15: 37
    it’s necessary to send these activists there and let the daredevils fight in Kiev sit out build themselves the most important cool peppers rats the corrupt ones sold their homeland for a pie!
  25. His
    30 June 2014 17: 51
  26. +1
    30 June 2014 18: 01
    Well, the first thing, "trial". a clash between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky took place ... Let's see what will happen next ... If Poroshenko was in place, I would now put these special battalions in the first line ... You see, the "hotheads" would cool down and their number would be significantly reduced.
  27. +1
    30 June 2014 19: 05
    Good comrade! Yesterday, the National Guards, Dnieper ,,,, Azov, and others held a picket in Kiev, are pleased, demanding to continue the special operation and introduce martial law in the southeast. Why are these clowns fighting to the end? Are they suicidal suicides? They’re ideological revolutionaries, they’re unassailable, but they don’t want to die for her, because they didn’t do anything for two months except they suffered losses, almost a hundred percent. Then the question is, why do they need this gimor? The answer is they don’t really want to die there, really, fighting there, artillery, irons, and aviation, all these are army units, at the beginning of the company they tried to shove them crumbled, thugs from, Aydar ,, recently showed how to die. The National Guards do not have the state status of army units, they are not combatants, they are generally nobody, that’s a dozen bastards that they won’t have fame, honor, or medals for genocide, or privileges, no free ride on the tram. Here they are stupid and realized that their heroes poems, those whom they brought to power, and heroes, nothing will break off at all and never.
  28. +1
    30 June 2014 19: 09
    I don’t understand something, dill in such a hurry to die? This is not masochism - I don’t even know what to call it. This is fucking ... hm.

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