Reports from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov 29-30 June 2014

Reports from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov 29-30 June 2014

Yesterday at 12: 19

Message from a resident of Slavyansk mara_beyka:

"Kramatorsk was under fire again. The city lived peacefully until the hour when they wanted to bomb the filter station from Karachun. How to explain it?
We have explosions again.
12: 38 Again brutal shelling of my area. Burning market "Forest". No strength".

Yesterday at 12: 46

Eyewitnesses report:

“At about an hour, the troops from Karachun were covered by Slavyansk. The houses were again destroyed, there were again casualties among the civilian population. Such a truce.
The shell hit the 9 floor of the house on the street. Olympic, Vera Kostenko, 53 of the year, perished. Her daughter and child hid in the bathroom and survived.
The shells were torn in the market, where people still had the opportunity to find food to survive. "

mara_beyka: "A woman lost her head in the area of ​​the Forest Market in her own apartment. My hands are shaking."

Yesterday at 13: 08

Local residents report:

"While in Kiev they are rally for the continuation of the ATO, in Slavyansk they consider corpses. The result of the shelling is by the army of Slavyansk: the 2 women and the 1 man died, many were injured."

Yesterday at 13: 17

Message from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"About half past nine ukry shelled the city with howitzers. Hitting the panel houses in the area Artem and railway station, as well as the market. There are civilian casualties."

Yesterday at 14: 11

Message from the militia:

"The night became relatively calm by morning. Again there were Drones in the war zone. Enemy units are moving. On July 2, fresh units of the national guards from the western regions are expected to arrive in Krasny Liman.

Around 10: 30 (ISC) Karachun began an intensive howitzer and mortar shelling in the area of ​​Artem, railway. Above Artem, Forest, near the Forest of black smoke clubs. The militia returned fire on Karachun, there is artduel.

12: 20 (ISC) As a result of more than hour-long shelling by the Ukrainian army of Slavyansk, a number of buildings in the residential sector suffered: trans. Novoslavyansk 12, near the store "Express", destroyed two residential buildings, under the rubble people, there are victims (Sobachevka area). Help is needed. Also hit the market - there are wounded and dead.
The district of Artyom and the railway were badly damaged, there are fires and destruction in the residential sector. "

Yesterday at 14: 18

Slavyansk. The house on the street Olympic after the shelling of the Ukrainian army from Karachun. People died here. Many wounded.

Yesterday at 15: 04

Appeal of the mothers of the dead militia to the mothers of Western Ukraine: "Mothers of Western Ukraine, take your invader sons from our land."

Yesterday at 15: 30

Summary from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"At about 10 in the morning, the enemy carried out shelling from howitzers in the area of ​​Artem, near the Railway Station and the Central Market. As a result, 2 civilians were killed and several were injured.

From 13 hours, the enemy makes mortar shelling on the village of Vostochny, Semenovka, the outskirts of Seleznevka, there are numerous destructions. "

Yesterday at 15: 36

Comment from Strelkov Igor Ivanovich

"Ukry were fought. There is shelling of the village of Vostochny and Semenovka - from mortars and howitzers.

At the stronghold of the feed mom the enemy drove three "Acacia" ... Very close to the city. It means that they will hollow with a semi-direct aiming.

From Rovenky (this is on the border with Russia) they transmit: ukry in huge columns close the last “window” on the border with Russia. 260 units of various techniques are a whole regiment ... Such is the "truce" ...

Yesterday at 17: 35

Message press service DNR:

"In Donetsk, the soldiers of the special division of the army of the Donetsk People's Republic seized the garrison of the rocket troops, the anti-aircraft missile regiment of air defense № А-1402".

Yesterday at 19: 14

Kramatorsk militia Maxim told on the air of "Russian service News»About the situation in Kramatorsk

"In Kramatorsk, hunger due to non-payment of pensions and salaries. The main problem in Kramatorsk is no longer bombing, but simply famine. At the same time, people cannot leave the city. They hoped that they would receive pensions, salaries, and sat here. And they stayed until the moment when they simply have nothing. Buses are organized, people are taken out, but people are afraid to go without money. They are promised to be fed, but a person cannot blindly believe, so for now people remain.

Humanitarian aid comes no more than 1% of what is required to Kramatorsk. The city is now half the population left, it's 100 of thousands of people, we need food. A ton comes a day.

The Ukrainian army blocked all humanitarian corridors three days ago, and if earlier we had at least “Gazelles” with cereals from Russia, now for several days this is not. Appeal grandmothers who say that they have been eating cherries and mulberries for a week. People are not paid for two months. It is good that it is not winter, otherwise it would be the second Leningrad. And in Slavyansk is even worse, at times.
At night, there was an exchange of fire in the area of ​​the airfield, from one to two at night they fired from the Cretaceous mountains around the city. There is no information about the victims. "

Yesterday at 19: 47

Summary of places in the last hours

14: 10 (MSC). During the shelling of Slavyansk, three civilians were killed. In Krasny Liman on the street. Pushkin in the direction of the TsRB passed a column of ukropovskoy technology as part of 10 machines with BP and one BTR-80.
14: 55 (ISC) According to Malinovka, from Karachun and Starobelyanki, artillery fire was launched from heavy artillery. In the area of ​​the White Mountains thick black smoke. Smoke is also observed on the northern side of Karachun, according to unspecified data the enemy firing point is suppressed.
17: 35 (MSC) In Krasny Liman, fresh units of the ND and NKGD arrived in an amount of not more than four departments to replace the old ones, the place of deployment is a gymnasium.

Yesterday at 20: 30

Comment from Igor Ivanovich Strelkov on the replenishment of his army-army new armored vehicles

“They will be taught. Do not consider the enemies more stupid than themselves. Pindos and their assistants react much more quickly, unfortunately, to the situation than some“ strategists ”think. Besides, do not forget that from the other side of the front, let the current“ national bombs ”fight but yesterday’s Russians. That is, people potentially talented and belligerent with appropriate motivation. I’ll say more: "headscarf sentiments" have already been badly damaged and continue to harm us so far. They have created "blissful confidence" at a certain stage that foe "and the special-assistance is not required - all" self-other "work.
As a result, we are sitting in a surrounded Slavyansk, unable to break through the encirclement, the enemy on the threshold of Lugansk and Donetsk, Mariupol is surrendered ... And the prospects are not to say that they are ideal-rainbow. "

Today in 1: 26

Photo commentary from Fedor Berezin, Deputy I. I. Strelkov:

"Ukrainian army team refused to fat. From now on, they eat only that. Because Ukraine is independent.

Today in 1: 47

Comments from I. I. Strelkova

“It’s not necessary to turn on brains and not there. In some places it’s time to turn off the people who for the last ten years have been the authors of all our victories in the CIS and, in particular, in Ukraine. But they continue to steer. The course has changed at 180 degrees, and people are still the same ...

[Foreign mercenaries] Not yet come across. Presumably, among the dead are. And live yet. We're defending, not attacking, so there are very few prisoners.

I read in LJ uv. El Murida is an interesting link. There, the use of a 240 mm mortar in Slavyansk is called into question. Well, I’m not arguing: it’s impossible to determine what is hammering on us so that the earth leaves under our feet, if you don’t see what’s firing (and there’s no way to see, as you might guess, aviation not gotten yet). According to the descriptions, that attitude that the locals saw in the movement seems to correspond. And what exactly is there - alas ... Maybe a 203 mm, maybe something else ... "

Today in 2: 34

Message from Fedor Berezin, Deputy I. I. Strelkov

"In Donetsk, military depots explode on Bosse.
An hour and a half from different angles observed the explosions of the warehouses of a part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Former military political school, at the Union. There is also a military lyceum across the road. Now everything explodes.
All around - I am about the militia of the Oplot detachment - they worry about people. But also for dogs. There, behind the fence dog kennel. The poor dogs are probably crazy about the noise of explosions.
The reason for what happened is the mining of warehouses. It is clear that a company of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has such a quantity of explosives that it is now taking off into the air is not supposed. Obviously brought to one place, under protection. Now, in order to avoid capture by the militias, all undermined.
I looked at these breaks - I remembered my "Ukrainian Front". Is there a moment about this military unit? I wish I was not a prophet.

In Slavyansk junta applies chemical weapon. Two militiamen were severely poisoned after the projectile was broken. Sent to Donetsk. Tomorrow I'll ask the doctors about the nature of the poisoning. "

Today in 2: 42

Urgent message of the press service of the DPR

“As a result of the shelling of journalists and soldiers' mothers near a military unit in Donetsk, one dead and two wounded. The operator of Channel One, Anatoly Glyan, died from a wound in the stomach as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian military.
Also in Donetsk, near a military unit, LifeNews journalists attacked a car with a grenade launcher. The journalists were not in the car and were not injured. "

Today in 5: 45

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

“This is my second homeland,” Dmitry Steshin wrote not so long ago about Slavyansk. I can imagine Steshina's longing for his native land from Moscow, where the editorial office has categorically recalled it.

It's easier for me, I'm much closer, and only a short-term business trip (dictated by the material needs of the militia) has recalled me, so my homesickness will be short-lived.

Already two times a month I leave and again with anguish and look forward to returning home to Slavyansk.

Do I miss my native Peter? For the first time in my life there. Fate bound me to Slavic forever. Probably, in my life there will be no other place where I so want to return again and again.

There is such an overwhelmed phrase, which seems to have migrated from the American cinema, or the political lexicon: "the world will never be the same."

For example, it was in 2008 that the phrase "The World after Tskhinval" was popular. Now Tskhinval serves only as a mute reproach to not sending troops to Novorossia ...

After Slavyansk we will not be the same. Russians will not be the same. Russia will not be the same.

We will stay in Slavyansk forever. Alive or dead. With victory or defeat. With or without Novorossia.
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  1. Stypor23
    30 June 2014 07: 41
    I really liked the photographs with the banner in the temple, immediately the paintings are recalled in which Dmitry Donskoy and Alexander Nevsky, on the eve of their famous battles, ask for blessings, very symbolically.
    1. +2
      30 June 2014 09: 07
      Hang on brothers, God be with you !!!
    2. +3
      30 June 2014 09: 26
      Quote: Stypor23
      Photos with the banner in the temple I really liked

      For some reason, the archaic holster at Strelkov was caught in my eyes.
    3. 0
      30 June 2014 09: 57
      Ukrainian war criminals should be punished, although their Western masters will try to save them from court, but this will not help them. A fair punishment should overtake them everywhere, no matter what crevices they hide in.
  2. +1
    30 June 2014 07: 44
    In Slavyansk, the junta uses chemical weapons. Two militias suffered severe poisoning after a shell exploded. Sent to Donetsk. Tomorrow I’ll ask the doctors about the nature of the poisoning. "

    AND THIS IS A truce ?! Scum!
    "the world will never be the same again."

    That's for sure! The world will never be the same, as there will be no "warm" attitude to dill!
    1. -4
      30 June 2014 08: 21
      [quote = asar] [quote] The junta uses chemical weapons in Slavyansk. Two militias were severely poisoned after a shell exploded. Sent to Donetsk. Tomorrow I will ask the doctors about the nature of the poisoning. "

      [/ Quote]
      AND THIS IS A Truce ?! Scum! [quote] "the world will never be the same again."

      [/ Quote]
      in general, if Beoezin’s emotional comments (as always, as always, not supported by any evidence) are left aside - there are no chemical weapons in Ukraine, its reserves were withdrawn to the territory of the Russian Federation in the early 90s (together with nuclear weapons), Ukraine ratified the convention on a ban on chemical weapons, etc. All of this has been confirmed and recorded, including by Russian inspectors,
      If someone says, they’ve hidden a couple - three shells - I’ll tell you a simple thing - not to mention the special conditions for storing and controlling these special ammunition, their use, etc. What do you think ukram needs now? the use of chemical weapons is easy - do they need it? accusations of using unconventional weapons - which in general they never even had - well, turn on the brain a little bit - nor hawta everything that is written all the more so by Berezin - 2 days ago he wrote about 300 gutted corpses (to organs), and there is no evidence
      1. RAA
        30 June 2014 08: 51
        Ukraine does not solve anything. What Americans recommend and give, then Ukrainians use it. There will be no hype in the media without a team, and therefore it can be used without looking back.
      2. +1
        30 June 2014 08: 55
        If you "turn on the brain", then you do not need to be a prize-winner of the chemical Olympiad, so that from phosphorus or its compounds, even in an artisanal way, they can spit a stink no less dangerous than AHOV and shoot at people. For this, it is enough to be a villain and a maniac.
        1. 0
          30 June 2014 13: 58
          Quote: Humpty
          If you "turn on the brain", then you do not need to be a prize-winner of the chemical Olympiad, so that from phosphorus or its compounds, even in an artisanal way, they can spit a stink no less dangerous than AHOV and shoot at people. For this, it is enough to be a villain and a maniac.

          Judging by your comment, you didn’t turn it on if you think that chem. weapons are so easy to create, start ammunition, etc., excuse me
      3. 0
        30 June 2014 09: 04
        Send you evidence by mail or you come to take a look. Phosphorus bombs, they were not in service with the USSR either. So all this is just a dream? So sleep peacefully dear comrade. Believe in the triumph of democracy and humanism overseas sidekicks.
        1. -1
          30 June 2014 14: 10
          Quote: Mahmut
          Send you evidence by mail or you come to take a look. Phosphorus bombs, they were not in service with the USSR either. So all this is just a dream? So sleep peacefully dear comrade. Believe in the triumph of democracy and humanism overseas sidekicks.

          Send evidence for now

          read, there is no ammunition laughing and there are certified carriers laughing
          and even as many as 24 types of ammunition containing white phosphorus
      4. GHG
        30 June 2014 09: 25
        You even have a piss in the eyes, everything is God's dew! Interestingly, Israel believed in the existence of nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons in Iraq after Secretary of State Powell rubbed a test tube with white powder in the UN Security Council and, moreover, helped to eliminate the largest player in that region! used to notice only what brings you dividends in the future! A similar situation was in Syria, everyone was running around with another "bomb" about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad against civilians. And somehow it all came to naught when the Syrian army captured the SSA militants components for the production of chemical weapons and the beginning of its elimination from Syria! I certainly understand the whole stupidity of using this weapon near Slavyansk, but the fact of the matter is that if it was used it was only to intimidate the civilian population and the mass exodus of the population and the method of physical pressure on the militia , in view of the lack of PPE in most. Chemistry is not a thermonuclear weapon and, if trained specialists are available, it can be produced in small quantities from the knee of the necessary components.
        You can use chemical reagents that are not chemical weapons to create panic in the population.
        I note for you, in Germany there were concentration camps in which there was a mass extermination of people carried out industrially and nevertheless a large part of the population did not realize what was really happening there. Until these camps were released.
        1. -2
          30 June 2014 14: 15
          You can use chemical reagents that are not chemical weapons to create panic in the population.

          you can throw shit on the fan, but even that doesn’t make it XO
      5. 0
        30 June 2014 09: 46
        And what prevented XO mattresses from sending ukram along with dry ones?
      6. 0
        30 June 2014 09: 49
        there are no chemical weapons in Ukraine, its reserves were withdrawn to the territory of the Russian Federation in the early 90s (together with nuclear weapons) Ukraine ratified the convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, etc. All of this has been confirmed and recorded, including by Russian inspectors,

        Oh, come on. The owners could have thrown a couple of dozen shells. Tell me, WHY do the militia lie? After all, it is already clear that Russian troops will not enter and they will have to finish off the dill themselves. To you - to the West, to use even chemical weapons. even though nuclear weapons do not care if it is used in your interests. I understand when you lie that Assad is transferring weapons to Hezbollah. To justify their bandit raids on Syria. But why should the militias lie? What kind of exhaust do they have from this "lie"?
      7. 0
        30 June 2014 10: 06
        You forgot about the very first ОВ-chlorine, which is not only in every country, but in every village only in different quantities.
        The simple substance is chlorine (CAS number: 7782-50-5) under normal conditions - a poisonous gas of a yellowish-green color, heavier than air, with a pungent odor. It was used as a chemical warfare agent, as well as for the production of other chemical warfare agents: mustard gas, phosgene .

        Next we look:
        PJSC Severodonetsk Azot Association (Ukrainian. PrAT Svvrodonetsk ob'dnannya Azot) is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, which is part of the OSTCHEM chemical holding. The production of mineral nitrogen fertilizers is the main area of ​​work of Severodonetsk "Nitrogen".
        The main types of products:

        Ammonia and nitrogen fertilizers;
        Ammonia liquid technical
        Ammonia water technical
        Argon gaseous and liquid
        Nitric acid
        Ammonium nitrate
        Potassium nitrate
        Sodium nitrate
        salts ugleammoniynye
        Carbon dioxide
        Fertilizer "AzotBio-S"
        Organic alcohols and acids
        Synthetic and food acetic acid
        Rectified vinyl acetate
        Polyvinyl alcohol
        Urea-formaldehyde resin
        Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion
        Copolymer dispersion
        Adipic acid
        Cyclohexane technical
        Cyclohexanone technical
        A mixture of dicarboxylic acids
        Phosphate Corrosion Inhibitor F-1
        Sodium Acetic Acid 3-Aqueous
        Anti-icing reagent AGR-1
        Ketone fraction
        Polyvinyl Acetate Varnish
        Household chemical goods, products from polymers and polymer films
        Household chemicals
        Polymer Products

        Well, in the same place next to Rubezhanskiy "Dye".
        In general, if you bomb Lysichansk, Severodonetsk, Rubezhnoye like that, the Ugro-Guard itself will be able to get there and get to other regions.
        1. 0
          30 June 2014 14: 13
          Well, why the whole list? In this case, the Moment glue can also be attributed to XO, there is an exact definition and classification of types, substances and types of XO, tell the rest to the grandmothers on the bench
  3. 0
    30 June 2014 07: 48
    "Russia will not be the same"
    And why should it change, from Russia they look at all this like a movie on TV, those who are there in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. near Lugansk, yes they will never be the same
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 08: 33
      Quote: saag
      "Russia will not be the same"
      And why should it change, from Russia they look at all this like a movie on TV, those who are there in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. near Lugansk, yes they will never be the same

      You said it right.
  4. +2
    30 June 2014 07: 51
    Novorossiya hammering urki, gouging the customs of Russia, and how many more intact shells in the Rostov region fell !? - hammering directly on our territory and we are silent.
    1. Tygyps
      30 June 2014 09: 13
      dill at such a pace can and Rostov Pope can fire on other border Russian cities - and it looks like nothing will happen for it, the situation is similar to the pre-war period of 1941 - "Do not succumb to German (in our case," Junta ") provocations." However, GUYS !!!! alarming lack of appropriate reaction-to strike back at the border grouping of the junta, and then let the svidomye figure out who delivered the missile and bomb attack - the militias, who else is there !!!!
    2. Tygyps
      30 June 2014 09: 28
      read the article - "Guilbeaux: No more than eight million people will survive in Ukraine", download Guilbeau's book "Post-industrial transition and world war", it will become clear a lot of what is really going on in the world.
  5. DPZ
    30 June 2014 07: 54
    and it’s impossible to bombard the Karachun point? sad
  6. +2
    30 June 2014 07: 56
    Dear heroes of New Russia, how hard it is for you ... God help you.
  7. +2
    30 June 2014 07: 57
    Stay in Slavyansk better alive and healthy, well, so that dill does not seem enough.
  8. NUR
    30 June 2014 08: 05
    No rules and laws, including international ones, apply at all. The killing of civilians is not condemned. Where is the UN criminal court and tribunal?
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 08: 26
      The UN, the criminal court and the tribunal - "will be pleased to rest"! "Weekends", and this is for the West - HOLY! "What kind of" halam-balam "- do not see - I bury!"
  9. +2
    30 June 2014 08: 05
    Yeah, a truce, wow, apparently hidden about him did not hear.
    1. +3
      30 June 2014 08: 13
      This is not ukrovoennye, as I understand it! These are "children of the father of Kalo Moishsky"! Which "on the drum" and guttroshenko "Bloody" and all the dill in general! "FURNISHED" from impunity!
  10. +1
    30 June 2014 08: 06
    I suspect that everything will be decided in the next three days.
    1. +2
      30 June 2014 09: 08
      I suspect that everything will be decided in the next three days.

      Or in the next 30 years. I don’t even ask you for arguments, since everything is clear from their complete absence, forgive me.
  11. +4
    30 June 2014 08: 09
    It's time to send instructors and weapons, I think the decisive battle is just around the corner.
    It seems that a peaceful solution prevails in ROSHEN’s head
  12. 0
    30 June 2014 08: 34
    What can I say ... words are not enough to express everything, the main thing has already been written - "After Slavyansk we will not be the same. The Russians will not be the same. Russia will not be the same."
  13. +1
    30 June 2014 08: 34
    The position of Russia is completely incomprehensible ... Previously, air was shaken at all levels: the UN, the Security Council, at all kinds of briefings and meetings .... They said that the Ukrainian troops were on their last legs. A little more and the militias themselves will put the logical point. And now ... There was a feeling that on our part, they are even afraid to speak on this topic. And the Americans ...
    1. +2
      30 June 2014 08: 45
      have fallen !? or again the oligarchs squealed. afraid of their honestly spiz *** e crap
  14. -1
    30 June 2014 08: 46
    "Ukrainian army men have given up on lard. From now on they eat only that. Because Ukraine is independent. I am - yum

    I wonder if the deputy minister of defense of the Russian Federation would leave a similar comment? how would they react to its adequacy? I’m not in essence, but in terms of presentation-- especially this - Yum - yum - I have a 10 year old nephew who writes similar comments
    1. -2
      30 June 2014 09: 11
      So maybe your nephew will also become deputy minister when he grows up.
      1. 0
        30 June 2014 14: 31
        Quote: andrewvlg
        So maybe your nephew will also become deputy minister when he grows up.

        If she continues to write in the same way, she won’t, she doesn’t live in that country wink Om-Nom-nom laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  15. -3
    30 June 2014 09: 33
    Request to the residents of Kramatorsk: Please do not die of hunger, be patient! A man without food can survive on the water for a month! Putin has a "cunning plan" for you that is about to work! But you, the inhabitants of Kramatorsk, will be included in the "White Book" where you (posthumously) will be proof against the atrocities of the punitive, so you are not dying in vain! And Russia will help ... Maybe ... Someday ...
  16. -2
    30 June 2014 09: 40
    Judging by the photographs, Strelkov hopes more for God than for Russia! God will help Strelkov, but Russia does not seem to ...
  17. Grigorich 1962
    30 June 2014 09: 43
    God grant you guys the strength to resist this fascist dishonesty
  18. +3
    30 June 2014 10: 52
    Yes, while cunningly darned Ukrainians will flee to Russia, while his fathers defend his freedom with weapons in their hands, to get a cop or a fireman. it will not go for him, while the miners just go to rallies, where they will give a couple of days to the rippers, and a week goes by, and they forgot about what and why they went out to shake their tongues, it will continue until they really realize that they have no other way as they stand shoulder to shoulder and say their weighty word to the junta, Kiev.

"Right Sector" (banned in Russia), "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" (UPA) (banned in Russia), ISIS (banned in Russia), "Jabhat Fatah al-Sham" formerly "Jabhat al-Nusra" (banned in Russia) , Taliban (banned in Russia), Al-Qaeda (banned in Russia), Anti-Corruption Foundation (banned in Russia), Navalny Headquarters (banned in Russia), Facebook (banned in Russia), Instagram (banned in Russia), Meta (banned in Russia), Misanthropic Division (banned in Russia), Azov (banned in Russia), Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Russia), Aum Shinrikyo (banned in Russia), AUE (banned in Russia), UNA-UNSO (banned in Russia), Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People (banned in Russia), Legion “Freedom of Russia” (armed formation, recognized as terrorist in the Russian Federation and banned)

“Non-profit organizations, unregistered public associations or individuals performing the functions of a foreign agent,” as well as media outlets performing the functions of a foreign agent: “Medusa”; "Voice of America"; "Realities"; "Present time"; "Radio Freedom"; Ponomarev; Savitskaya; Markelov; Kamalyagin; Apakhonchich; Makarevich; Dud; Gordon; Zhdanov; Medvedev; Fedorov; "Owl"; "Alliance of Doctors"; "RKK" "Levada Center"; "Memorial"; "Voice"; "Person and law"; "Rain"; "Mediazone"; "Deutsche Welle"; QMS "Caucasian Knot"; "Insider"; "New Newspaper"