Rostislav Ischenko: Will Novorossia go from defense to attack?

Rostislav Ischenko: Will Novorossia go from defense to attack?

Weigh forces - our own and punitive

The Kiev regime has practically exhausted its resources - this is evidenced by the situation that has developed today on the front lines in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Vigorous actions on his part bear the character of the last desperate attempt to snatch a tactical victory, regardless of losses and possible strategic consequences. So in November 1942 of the year, on the eve of his own environment, Friedrich Paulus threw in the attack of the last forces of the 6 Army (arriving recruits went into battle directly from the wheels) in order to still fully occupy the line of the Volga River in Stalingrad.

Even the pause, which Poroshenko tried to take, declaring a truce that had not yet begun to act, was needed solely for the regrouping of forces and the urgent preparation of recruits. Their quality is evidenced by the fact that Kiev has increased the age of being in the reserve (that is, the possibility of being called up for active service) to 60 years for soldiers and to 65 for officers. In addition, he tried to send to the front two hundred officers of the military space agency (this is a priori people who never held a machine gun in their hands, that is, "cannon fodder"). There were also hastily formed new illegal battalions like the “Right Sector” battalion of the name of Alexander Muzychko, the creation of which Yarosh announced in due time with pomp. The massive attacks of Kiev troops on the positions of the militias brought a small advance, which had not only strategic, but even tactical significance, but was accompanied by heavy losses in personnel and equipment.

Rumors of a possible appearance on the front of thousands of mercenaries from various PMCs are no more than a clumsy attempt at psychological pressure. Such a number of hired infantry can not be hidden, and this leads to the internationalization of the conflict. Yes, mercenaries and do not like to pretend to be living targets. They can fight and fight as specialists: headquarters, snipers, possibly pilots and crews of individual armored vehicles.

About the lack of qualified drivers, gunners and commanders tanks, as well as tank units is evidenced by the fact that Kiev has never tried to use its overwhelming superiority in tanks (the ability to exhibit at least a thousand serviceable combat vehicles) and air supremacy. After all, he could easily organize a deep breakthrough of a large tank formation, capable within a few hours, a maximum of days, of dissecting the territory of the DPR / LPR, reaching the border and further splitting the militias into separate isolated groups, which even the not very professional infantry of the National Guard could handle . I think it is clear to any observer that neither now, nor even two or three months ago, the militia could not oppose anything adequate to a tank ram of 150-200 vehicles with the support of 1500-2000 infantry, which also relies on the support of long-range artillery and covered from the air, even 3-4 helicopters and attack aircraft, which could simultaneously conduct reconnaissance in the interests of the advancing group.

Let me remind you that the distance from the front line to the border, as well as to the main political centers of resistance (Donetsk and Lugansk) is 200-500 kilometers (one, maximum two tank refueling). In addition, the tanks are designed to make off-road crossings, and the militia controls the roads, relying on settlements. That is, the rejection of the massive use of armored vehicles is caused not by the fear of a negative reaction of the international community (to artillery, “hail” and assault strikes aviation it does not respond) and is not afraid to introduce armored vehicles into areas of urban development. Firstly, they still introduce it, only in small groups, which are much more difficult to count on success than convoys of hundreds of military vehicles with appropriate support, and secondly, the region has enough open steppe spaces, as if specially designed for deep maneuver by large tank and motorized connections.

The only reasonable reason for the use of armored vehicles by exceptionally small groups can only be the lack of a sufficient number of trained crews. As well as lower and middle-level officers who would be able to exercise command of tank units in the battalion-company link directly on the battlefield. It is not enough to have a technique - you need to have people who can use it.

This means that the overwhelming advantage of Kiev in technology has almost become a fiction. At present, only a couple of dozen helicopters and attack aircraft still able to rise into the air are able to provide the punishers with an advantage on the battlefield. And then in one or two local cases, and not along the entire front line. At the same time, we note the constant increase in the work of the air defense of the militia, which quite successfully displaces the aircraft of the punitive forces from the battlefield - they began to fly much less and much higher than before, and they try to replace the air strikes with massive shelling.

Finally, it should be noted that the number of armored vehicles captured from the enemy in battle, as well as at storage bases and in surrendered garrisons (including heavy ones) held by the militia, significantly increased compared with the first six BMDs surrendered by paratroopers in April. Today, we can confidently talk about at least ten tanks (maybe more, we are talking only about vehicles, the movement of which was clearly recorded), as well as dozens of units of infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers of various modifications. Armed with the militia also recorded mortars, artillery guns and at least two installations of volley fire "Grad".

In recent days, a substantial increase in the manpower of the militia began (the formation of at least three new battalions was announced). Roughly, the militia forces that are on the line of contact with the punishers can be estimated at 7 — 10 thousand people, while considerable forces in the already formed units are in the rear, in reserve. In general, today, the total number of militias can be estimated at 12 — 15 thousands of people, and it is rapidly increasing.

If there are enough specialists to form armored vehicles, artillery systems, and trained commanders in the detachment-battalion (from junior sergeant to major or lieutenant colonel), the militia is able to increase its number at least twice equal in this indicator with punitive. And also to reduce to a minimum the nominal lag in armored vehicles (in reality, in terms of active units, it is even possible to achieve a certain preponderance).

Assessment of the dynamics of ongoing processes:

• increase in the number, combat readiness and equipment of the militia; stagnation of the punitive operation;
• moral decomposition of troops subordinate to Kiev, their heterogeneous composition (national guard, oligarchic battalions, remnants of personnel units, parts of mobilized recruits), causing internal friction, often turning into armed confrontation;
• unwillingness even of Western Ukraine to send men to the conflict zone (acutely manifested since the coffins went from the South-East);
• the inadequacy of the Ukrainian command and internal squabbles in the political leadership of the Maidan government.

All this gives reason to believe that for one or two weeks not only strategic (which is already favorable), but also a tactical situation must be in favor of the militia.

In contrast to the punitive troops, the Donbass fighters have a clear uplift, a desire to dislodge the enemy from their native land as soon as possible and stop violence against their families. Donetsk and Lugansk are not the only cities in the southeast of Ukraine capable of revolt, therefore a successful attack by the army of Novorossia on any large city in the operational rear of the punishers will almost inevitably cause an uprising in it. All this, undoubtedly, is taken into account in the leadership of the Resistance, so that we can confidently predict the transition of the army of the South-East to the offensive during the next two to three weeks. It will be impossible to strongly tighten the start of the counteroffensive, so that Kiev does not have time to gather any additional forces or reinvent another “peaceful” initiative in order to paralyze the actions of the militias. In addition, delaying time will cause misunderstanding and unnecessary suspicions in their own ranks. Therefore, the offensive must begin at the moment of achieving the minimum readiness.

The lack of a serious numerical or technical superiority of the militia dictates the tactics of the initial powerful single strike, which would lead to the defeat of a large group, which would immediately change the balance of forces. At least one more regional center should be liberated, which will join the militia army and allow for a deep flank of the further offensive.

After the first victory, you can predict the beginning of the rapid collapse of both the punitive army and the political structures of Kiev. The offensive itself can develop in two directions: with access to Kiev or Odessa, cutting off the Dnipropetrovsk "principality of Kolomoisky" from communication with the Center and the West of Ukraine. The approach to the Dnieper line and the occupation of Odessa are real within ten to fifteen days from the moment the attack begins. After that, it will be necessary to make an operational pause, the duration of which will depend on how quickly it will be possible to ensure the loyalty of the Chernihiv-Sumy region, as well as eliminate the resistance of Kolomoisky in the Dnipropetrovsk-Zaporozhye region. An important role will be played by the ability to control Kiev at the expense of the internal resource (local anti-fascists).

It should be noted that the relatively small forces of the opposing armies, as well as the habit of both the citizens of Ukraine and external observers to assess control over the territory on the basis of control over regional centers, they should be the primary goal of the offensive. In addition, the attack on large cities is dictated by the fact that they, as places of high concentration of population, have the greatest mobilization potential. But we must understand that the Nazis on the eve of their escape from the respective city may well arrange a massacre of resistance activists, anti-Nazi-minded intellectuals, and even just the Russian population. Therefore, you need to act quickly.

In any case, the duration of the operational pause should be reduced to a minimum. Given the fact that rapid and complete collapse of both the armed forces and the political system of Kiev is assumed, the possibility of pursuing outgoing punishers on the Right Bank by relatively small maneuverable groups, whose task will include the occupation of regional centers and the approval of the new government there, is not excluded. It will establish control over the regions at the expense of the internal resource (the anti-fascist underground and the security forces that traditionally side with the winner). With this scenario, the offensive, without a visible operational pause, can continue to Zbruch. Further, the decision will have to be made depending on the mobilization potential of the liberated regions, the level of resistance of the Nazi detachments remaining in the liberated territories, as well as the international situation and the general political situation inside the country.

The political danger will be represented by possible attempts by Kiev after the beginning of the offensive of the militias to propose new “peace initiatives” in order to pause the fighting, regroup the troops or achieve more or less suitable terms for a truce by involving their Western backers in the negotiation process.
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  1. +13
    30 June 2014 08: 20
    It will definitely pass. As soon as they form their army, the liberation of the entire Southeast will go.
    New Russia has good potential, and faith in victory is great.
    1. +7
      30 June 2014 08: 57
      Quote: Moment
      Will definitely pass. As soon as they form their army

      Yes, but not only will not be enough to form. It is also necessary to arm, train at least a little, organize all types of support. In full, Donbass is hard to do. Yes, with the help of the Russian Federation.
      Here is the hope that "God is not in power, but in truth."
      The main positive points from a military point of view for the militias are the first, that Donbass is a highly urbanized region, one settlement smoothly passes into another, tank strikes will not help here, even if Kiev has trained crews. To achieve acceptable control, at least for the normal supply of fuel, ammunition and food and other "tank wedge", which is not clear where to hammer, you have to go, figuratively speaking, into every house. And these houses are tens of thousands.
      The second thing is that dill forces in the masses do not want to fight and die, which, in fact, is natural.
      You can, of course, just bomb and destroy cities much more strongly than now. How Stalingrad, Dresden and many others were destroyed.
      But for this, too, you can get a couple of hundred OTR and air strikes of the Russian Federation on punitive forces. And 100% cease the existence of Ukraine as a state in the modern sense of the word. Such a policy does not slander in the world, albeit a very frightened USA. And Kiev wants to continue eating at the expense of the industry of Donbass.
      So, banderlogs and their leader have a rather difficult choice.
      It is necessary to choose from two evils.
      In its place, most likely, you will have to act like a Fox in a famous fable:
      they say the grapes are green, not tasty, i.e. Donbass is not good, not geyropsky zovsim.
      He must be abandoned, he says, he will regret that he has come off from Nenko crying and all the EU toilets wash if they hire, of course.
    2. 0
      30 June 2014 09: 18
      Hmm ... There will be a RESPONSE !!! Spilled BLOOD ... TALKS !!! The Nazis ... DO NOT SAVE EVEN IN THE WEST !!!
      1. +1
        30 June 2014 09: 23
        (News from the fields) In the meantime, the first harvest of cucumbers is being harvested on the "Maidan" ... By the way, it's true, this is what the country can be brought to in five months ...
    3. +1
      30 June 2014 09: 28
      The article is not bad, the situation is critical for the SS troops, perhaps because of powerlessness in the hostilities against Novorossia, the punitive forces will begin between strife, they will blame each other for failures, Poroshenko Kolomoisky will begin to pull the ropes, expelling someone by damn, the turnaround in Novorossia is not far off, spiders will soon begin to devour each other, the New Russia nation needs to hold out a little.
  2. +3
    30 June 2014 08: 21
    Sitting in a defensive defense not in Slavic, the attack and the subsequent victory of New Russia is inevitable, as well as the kaput junta ...
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 09: 20
      Quote: mig31
      To sit in a defensive defense not in Slavic

      In a defensive defense, they would have defeated it, but they could not cope with the active one, due to a lack of technical resources and a shortage of military personnel at the junta. There are many options for conducting an attack, so you can talk for a long time about how the militia will smash the junta and make a mistake.
    2. +1
      30 June 2014 09: 32
      The militia will repulse the next attacks of the Maidan, accumulate a little strength, then you can conceive and carry out a counterattack, because this is not done with the air distribution, you need to carefully study it.
    3. 0
      30 June 2014 09: 32
      The militia will repulse the next attacks of the Maidan, accumulate a little strength, then you can conceive and carry out a counterattack, because this is not done with the air distribution, you need to carefully study it.
      1. +1
        30 June 2014 16: 43
        Quote: Thought Giant
        this is not done with the kondachka, careful study is needed.

        Or, in general, a situation is possible as in that joke - "it is better to wait half an hour than to persuade two hours."
        They themselves will conquer and throw banderlogov.
  3. +6
    30 June 2014 08: 22
    Of course it will! But, there is no need to rush. Haste is needed when catching fleas, and ......
    Not to make mistakes, they can become disastrous! Everything is at stake!
  4. +7
    30 June 2014 08: 33
    Interesting, but not devoid of contradictions (or fantasies). If this "system analyzer and forecaster" sees everything exactly like that from the windows of the Kiev office, then Strelkov clearly does not share his optimism. As the saying goes, don't say gop until you jump over.
    1. +7
      30 June 2014 08: 47
      Quote: piter-tank
      Strelkov clearly does not share his optimism. As the saying goes, don’t say gop until you jump over.

      Here Strelkov "gop" does not speak! Or should he report everything here? laughing
      1. +4
        30 June 2014 09: 02
        Quote: Egoza
        Here Strelkov "gop" does not speak!

        But another says, Strelkov: the Ukrainian army finished off its own infantry near Slavyansk

        And more news from Europe! From the focus of European integration!
        The presentation of the investigative book "Neo-Nazis and Euromaidan - From Democracy to Dictatorship", dedicated to the bloody events in Kiev, which led to the change of power in Ukraine in February, took place on Saturday in Belgium.
  5. zzz
    30 June 2014 08: 34
    The political danger will be represented by possible attempts by Kiev after the beginning of the offensive of the militias to propose new “peace initiatives” in order to pause the fighting, regroup the troops or achieve more or less suitable terms for a truce by involving their Western backers in the negotiation process.

    Exactly. As soon as the Army of Novorosia moves to Kiev, Poroshenko will immediately call on the State Department. But I hope that by that time both Kharkov and Odessa partisans will help. Just obliged to help already!
    1. +3
      30 June 2014 08: 39
      Will it help if they don’t help now? Something I doubt.
  6. +4
    30 June 2014 08: 35
    Well, if you understand, then in the best Russian traditions - beat the enemy to the last reptile, and in order to be sure of a complete victory, you must get to his lair. And there, at least on the Reichstag, at least on the parliament to be noted necessarily.
  7. +4
    30 June 2014 08: 35
    Of course, it is necessary to expel the troops of the opposing side from their territory, only carefully and thoughtfully, without a hat-tapping mood.
  8. +1
    30 June 2014 08: 36
    The one who has the truth will win, here we have the truth, but the truth should bring to Kiev anyway. So Strelkov will still clean the Maidan from ukrobomzhey.
    1. +3
      30 June 2014 09: 00
      Quote: Pollang
      The one who has the truth will win, here we have the truth, but the truth should bring to Kiev anyway. So Strelkov will still clean the Maidan from ukrobomzhey.

      Now, if you add weapons to the TRUTH. And PEOPLE who know how to use it.
  9. +3
    30 June 2014 08: 46
    The second article of one author on the topic of the offensive. It is clear that something is brewing.

    In general, everything seems to be correct, but in my opinion, the author greatly overestimates the significance of the underground and the mood of the population in places of future battles. I can still believe in Odessa and Kharkov, but Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava have a very big question. And the exit to Zbruch is generally wishful thinking. IMHO.

    Here about Raisins in the previous article, this is real.
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 10: 39
      but Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava are under a very big question.

      You can’t count on Chernihiv, you just have to TAKE it.
  10. +2
    30 June 2014 08: 50
    I think that the militia did not lose time in vain! God forbid that they would succeed! And they will reach Kiev !!!!!!!
  11. +4
    30 June 2014 08: 56
    Through the lips of the author, the honey would be grabbed. Although, suddenly, yes, he will be right ?! But honey is still good ...
    1. +3
      30 June 2014 09: 30
      one to one that I wanted to write! :)

      the junta has an overwhelming advantage, so it was early to start beating the fanfare.
      I personally rely on God alone. Moreover, the Church of the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky is located in Slavyansk.
  12. +2
    30 June 2014 08: 58
    It is necessary to take Warsaw. Give the banner of New Russia over the Sejm!
  13. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 03
    The shooters can go on the offensive, but only after they have "consulted with their comrades," and if our competent commanders have not yet died out, there will be no rash steps.
  14. +3
    30 June 2014 09: 07
    One thought occurred to me that if the exercises of the Russian army were needed in order to drag the fighters of Novorossia in controlling heavy special equipment with the same beech, for example, they learned and didn’t, they took military unit with the settings of the beech. Militia tank crews are training in Russia? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
    1. +1
      30 June 2014 16: 48
      Quote: aleksey056
      maybe in the middle of the trainings in Russia train tank crews of the militia? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

      So they will report to you! You know less (write) - wider than Harya. Well, or the farther into the forest, the thicker the partisans. winked
  15. +4
    30 June 2014 09: 08
    New Russia, of course, really needs such a counterattack .. (like Kovpak’s raid) The junta has now practically pulled all its forces under Sloviansk (if it would have arranged for them a small Stalingrad ..)
  16. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 10
    Very reminiscent of the development of the General Staff of the USSR during the liberation of Ukraine. Even the activities of the underground in captured cities are taken into account. But, in my opinion, too illusory. I don’t hear anything about this underground. Communicating with Ukrainians did not notice anti-Poroshenko's moods.
  17. Tanechka-clever
    30 June 2014 09: 11
    "... the lack of a sufficient number of trained crews. As well as low and middle-level officers who would be able to command tank subunits in the battalion-company link directly on the battlefield ..."

    I think not every officer in the Ukrainian army is ready to die for the American values ​​of the Kiev junta and the American occupation of Ukraine - after all, the officers took the oath to the people, not the State Department, Kolomoisky and Klitschko personally.
    Strelkov noted an important point in this confrontation:
    "... do not forget that even the current" national bombs "are fighting on the other side of the front, but yesterday's Russians... That is, people are potentially talented and belligerent with appropriate motivation. I’ll say more: "shapkozakidatelny mood" we have already very badly damaged and continue to harm to this day. At a certain stage, they created a "blissful confidence" that the militia would not need any special help to "overcome the enemy" and that everything would "by itself" work out.
    As a result, we are sitting in the encircled Slavyansk, unable to break through the encirclement, the enemy on the threshold of Lugansk and Donetsk, Mariupol is surrendered ... And the prospects are not to say that they are ideal-rainbow. "

    Precisely ".. yesterday's Russians .." - and therefore difficult. We have one character and we think the same way. Only here is one Russian with Russia and his people, and the other Russian with the United States.
    And it is time for many Ukrainian officers to realize that today it is not a civil war in Ukraine, but a Patriotic war in Donbass - the invaders have long been in Kiev and Donbass is fighting them today for all of Ukraine. A Russian man today will fight on the side of the army of Novorossiya, and military medics will go to Slavyansk, and not to the rear - there is a woman now at the head of a military hospital - a disgrace to military medics who fled to Russia or hiding in the rear. Such military doctors went to such schools for "military allowances" and state flags, and then suddenly a war and not every peasant could do it.
    Some who like Tarzan prefer public STRIPTIZ to MEN'S WORK.
    Before the war, many spoke beautifully, but as for business, they climbed under a woman’s skirt.
  18. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 11
    The people of the Southeast have long decided who they are. And they are only waiting for a signal to blow up the Polomoisky nest from inside, and then everything will begin.
  19. 0
    30 June 2014 09: 12
    Yeah, where is there a hurry, for me the author is running ahead of the engine, I’m certainly not a military specialist, but as I understand it, there’s no question of creating larger formations than a battalion capable of carrying out such large-scale operations, and the militia, as I understand it, considering the strange the story of the release of observer observers is not a homogeneous structure. It seems that the militia does not control Donetsk, judging by the latest news release, there are some military units on the territory of the city, there are no forces for the deblocade of Slavyansk-Kramatorsk, the entire border with Russia is not liberated, Mariupol is captured, and then there is a campaign to Odessa and the defeat of certain enemy groups .
  20. A40263S
    30 June 2014 09: 14
    With Novorossia it’s true, the protection of their lands, their families, their homeland — God grant them victory!
  21. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 15
    I would also add a point about the speedy release of Mariupol, the port is urgently needed to ensure maritime supplies of militias and humanitarian supplies to civilians.
  22. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 24
    In Donetsk, militias took control of an anti-aircraft missile garrison of air defense "
    Complex "Buk" is capable of hitting ground targets at a distance of 3-12 km
    So on Karachun and shy away tomorrow.
    And they will advance, they will not decide not for us.
    These Ukrainians are already using chemical weapons. It’s completely overgrown. What is the truce?
  23. 0
    30 June 2014 09: 25
    Everything is so wonderful, rosy, triumphantly ceremonial. Another hat and flags of victory over the Washington Regional Committee.
    But from the comment Strelkova:
    we are sitting in surrounded Slavyansk, unable to break through the environment, the enemy is on the threshold of Lugansk and Donetsk, Mariupol surrendered ... And the prospects are not to say that they are perfectly rainbow-colored
    And there are many similar comments from Strelkov, and from his entourage, and from people from the front.
    Maybe I don’t understand something? Explain!
  24. Palych9999
    30 June 2014 09: 25
    We must "live" until the fall.
    It is already clear that the "militia" flickers in their hands and sniper rifles, and belt grenade launchers, and RPGs, etc., "found" in cities.
    To take care of people and wait for everything in Kiev to get sick of it too and it will be said: "Yes, to hell with him, with the East, we will live like this."
    And Akhmetov in Donbas is not our Abramovichs: he raised Donbas himself, for his own money, he did not take his capital anywhere. That is why there are no really mass demonstrations in Donetsk, but 2-3 thousand "activists2" run around the outskirts, and the rest 300.000 go to work.
  25. 0
    30 June 2014 09: 35
    It seems to me that a decisive offensive should begin in the fall. Just by the fall, the majority of the population will be sobering up under the influence of rising prices and lowering temperatures. In the meantime, it is necessary to exhaust the enemy with positional battles. I, of course, are far from Zhukov and Rokossovsky, but that the enemy will be defeated and VICTORY will already doubt us. soldier
  26. Freeway
    30 June 2014 09: 35
    The sense to "move" somewhere will be when there are all the prerequisites for success, but for now it is quite good to grind punishers in defense too .. and one more thing: what if during the offensive, in the end, there is not enough strength? superiority of the enemy in firepower, it is like death ..
  27. +1
    30 June 2014 09: 42
    Strategist of the local spill. The plan is good. But who will hang the bell? And what will happen if Russian Strelkov gets tired of pushing valiant Donetsk squads in the ass? Ishchenko will become the head of the advancing armies?
  28. 0
    30 June 2014 09: 57
    Polite Donbass Guy!

    Looking in the Donetsk steppes and in Lugansk,
    Near Kramatorsk, in the region of Slavyansk.
    The enemy has already offered money,
    If only a guy caught someone!
    There is even a list of special signs:
    A guy about 25 years old,
    Above average growth, fathom in the shoulders.
    Polite. Brought up. Restrained in speeches.
    He doesn’t like to say an extra word.
    The eyes turn blue above the balaclava.
    A bold heart in a strong chest.
    More often - with friends, less often - alone.
    In berets shod. The rifle in the hands.
    Who is he, where is it from is not clear yet ...
    Maybe he came to us from the Crimea,
    And there are Crimeans upset and shock?
    Maybe he came to us from Russia?
    If caught, they would immediately ask.
    Only Crimea did not recognize his
    And Russia does not know him ...
    Suddenly his homeland is the proud Donbass?
    Suddenly he was born and raised among us?
    Suddenly next to him is his dad a miner?
    Mother leads a squad of nurses
    Grandfather could not restrain himself, he took out a berdank,
    I’ve taken a position next to my granddaughter,
    At the checkpoint is his polite brother,
    Sisters feed the soldiers millet porridge,
    On the barricade, the wife is next to him,
    Only my grandmother stayed at home with the children.
    He sees relatives around him.
    Here is a classmate, there is a friend from the army,
    Football coach, neighbor in the country,
    The school teacher came, like everyone else ...
    Kiev, look, you missed everything -
    Each of us has already become polite.
    And each of us will confirm to you:
    Polite Guy is Donbass!
  29. +2
    30 June 2014 09: 57
    And now they reasonably thought ..... It turns out that in Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities, a lot of Ukrainian Armed Forces are right in the city .................. What is the offensive? ... From the beginning, it is necessary to clean up under your nose, again the airfields in whose hands? .... The militias are on the attack, and these guys calmly go out and take everything into their own hands? .......... And I’ll easily draw a scheme for capturing Paris (Kiev – Lviv) now on the sofa!
  30. The comment was deleted.
  31. +2
    30 June 2014 10: 05
    I see a very big danger from the former Party of Regions and its agents, which, in the case of the course of events described by the author, will try to crush everything under itself and lead everyone. These grasping guys will immediately declare themselves the winners who have made the greatest contribution, and will want to build another "milking machine" of Russia according to the behests of the unforgettable Yanukovych. It is very important to build a political structure that would be able to prevent all this.
  32. +2
    30 June 2014 10: 05
    minus the author. Wishful thinking, sitting on the couch with a cup of tea ,,, pah, disgusting. Helped better financially, there was more sense. The author is new to real TVD. The militias, like the civilian population, do not need advice, but concrete help, in order to survive and give further resistance. Residents are already starving without water, light and gas are sitting, and you are dreaming of attacks. The correlation of forces will soon be 20 to 1. One needs to think about real humanitarian and military assistance and not fly in the clouds.
  33. 0
    30 June 2014 10: 05
    not only weapons are necessary .. it is correctly said that they also need to be able to use .. not all militias are also professional military .. although we wait and see
  34. +1
    30 June 2014 10: 18
    "grief koloma" continues to pay huge sums of money to the Nazis, the right-wing sector and other gangs that are hastily created or are already being rebuilt, such as "aidar", they collect money on the Maidan, they are generously paid by Western and European sponsors ...
    And who is helping Strelkov- PEOPLE, who gives the last bread to a soldier in conscripts from the regular army, whose reservist was mobilized 4 months ago and still manages to feed those gangs who themselves take away everything from the people, rob ...
    Who, besides the common people, helped Strelkov?
    Yes, I don’t argue there are people who help, but their units ...
    Nobody calls for everyone to buy a tank for everyone and send them to Slavyansk, but before you call to go on a counteroffensive to Kiev, sitting at the expensive monitor with a glass of good beer, think about how you helped people who in the next day don't even go on the counter otaku, but at least generally survive in this hellish ring, without food, water, medicine, there is not enough of everything!
    You scribble your comments and appeals very quickly, and so, if you really want to help people in whom you so loudly believe, type also quickly in the search line HOW TO HELP THE RESIDENTS OF SLAVIC AND THOSE WHO PROTECT THEM FROM Looting, violence .....
    And only after that you with a clear conscience can say - they will survive, stand, they all get!
  35. +1
    30 June 2014 10: 24
    And the capture of Berlin according to the plan when, before the winter time?
  36. 3vs
    30 June 2014 10: 29
    I don’t think everything is so rosy.
    If there was such a will, they would have cleared everything a long time ago.
    But at what cost, how will Europe look at it, in which they are so eager.

    Then, look who in the army are conscripts from the same Lugansk and Donetsk regions.
    They are not at all eager to shoot their own.
    Only mercenaries, sadists frostbitten all over their heads, young men with
    brainwashed and poisoned with drugs in porridge on the Maidan.
    Do not be surprised if dry. psychotropic substances will be found on American rations.
    These can do any atrocities.
    In principle, the Kiev authorities and profitable to merge them like cannon fodder - fewer problems.
    See how many loafers have grown!
    These are thousands who don’t want to work, they want to hang out on the Maidan and receive
    money for it.
    What do they want - on Friday evening to rush to the Czech Republic, drink beer, then to Germany,
    eat sausages, and on Sunday to Spain, belly warm on the local beaches.
    Only here for all this we need to work and work, and for Maidan youth,
    as I understand it, there isn’t such a desire, someone should provide all this to them.
    Yes, take the same guy who escaped from the army, so as not to shoot at your own.
    Father in the militia.
    And he wants to either serve in the army or the police.
    He doesn’t want to grow bread or a loaf.

    State Department strategists concluded from events in South Ossetia.
    If the South-East is brutally cleaned, Putin will have to implement "peace enforcement"
    that is, the destruction of clusters of armored vehicles, the destruction of military aircraft at airfields,
    destruction of power lines to deenergize defense plants ...
    The Americans do not need this.
    But we must quietly squeeze out the local population from their land, let them flee to Russia,
    they will have nowhere to return - housing and infrastructure are being destroyed slowly.
    And the more refugees - tens, hundreds of thousands, or better, millions will flee to Russia,
    all the better. By doing this they will strain our budget very well.

    Julia with a scythe is now happy, probably - if there was her will, she is the whole Southeast
    would shoot from atomic weapons, but here and without it, the land is cleared for the "correct"

    But, let's not forget that a person believes
    but all is in the hands of God.
  37. 0
    30 June 2014 11: 10
    To move the army of New Russia towards Kiev, you need to exhaust all attempts at a peaceful settlement, strengthen the information attack on the Kiev authorities and Ukrainian Nazis and play on the greed of the United States. Then learn. Yes, and there will be no war as such, they will simply pass to the western borders, squeezing the National Guard from Ukraine, into neighboring Western countries.
  38. elk
    30 June 2014 11: 38
    Well, why do meaningless but very loud statements cause such a huge number of pluses and comments?
    Where is common sense, logic and knowledge? What is the attack on Kiev? What is the storming of Odessa?
    Watch the movie "If Tomorrow is War" and drown in a sea of ​​applause ..
    After reading the article, the morale of commentators rises to a historic maximum, by the end of the reading, Ukrainian Armed Forces degrade and crumble before our eyes, and automatically the large-caliber machine-gun forces of the planet march through black holes and then capture Saturn's rings ...
    The war is on, comrades. All possible reserves are pulled to the confrontation line and no matter how fragmented and trained the troops are — when all this moves in several directions, not counting the losses — let our God be prepared for layered defense and grammatical maneuvering with the withdrawal of combat units ....
    The backfill question - when moving the DPR troops towards Kiev, describe the assessment of the UN Security Council on the current situation in Ukraine and subsequent decisions following this decision?
  39. 0
    30 June 2014 11: 50
    Therefore, the offensive should begin at the moment of achieving minimum readiness.
    I wonder whom?
  40. 0
    30 June 2014 11: 51
    Therefore, the offensive should begin at the moment of achieving minimum readiness.
    I wonder whom?
  41. 0
    30 June 2014 14: 10
    The article is correct. It's a pity Russia "harnesses for a long time."
  42. 0
    30 June 2014 15: 01
    Donetsk and Lugansk are not the only cities in the south-east of Ukraine capable of rebellion, so the successful offensive of the army of Novorossia on any large city in the operational rear of the punishers will almost inevitably provoke an uprising in it.

    I'd love to believe in IT. But is it really ?? I understand that all the preparatory work is carried out in secret and even its slight stirring in the SSMI is enough to guarantee the failure of the enterprise. And yet: there must be some signs of impending events! Well, they cannot but be. Not all organized ...

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